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Welcome. This newsletter is unusual. In 2012, a group formed that consists of millions of beings who live on and around planet earth. We were told that we could help the planet and would receive protection if we follow certain rules.

The group has observed that if we follow the rules, we remain safer from a certain group of souls called the troph, the negs, the otros or the rogues. In the Bible, they are called Satan. They cause many problems on earth. For more details, read the Rogues.


THE COVENANT. I am told that these rules, taken together, form a new covenant with the Creator of all life. It is an agreement that applies to all the inhabitants of the earth and the rest of our solar system. The COVENANT is not a religion. It is a set of rules. If the people follow the rules below, they will receive the protection of their Creator.

 1. Obey the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai and the Golden Rule.  The latter can be stated as: Think and behave toward others as you would have them think and behave toward you.

Clarification. The people are to follow these rules strictly.  To clarify, the commandment “Do not to bear false witness” means do not lie or exaggerate.  The commandment “Do not steal” means do not rape. The commandment “Do not commit adultery” means do not have sexual intercourse unless there is a marriage contract. 

2. The people are to learn and behave with the understanding that all beings are loved equally by their Creator.  All beings are also needed, and all beings are to be respected equally.

However, this does not mean to avoid eating meat or vegetables, since these involves killing. Some animals and plants have as their role to be food for others.  Killing them for food and eating them in no way damages the souls inside of them.  In fact, it helps the souls mature.

Also, if a being physically attacks another, it is acceptable only in this instance to kill in self defense.  This applies personally and in a situation of war. 

3. All beings are to develop themselves.  This means to follow a specific program of mainly diet and lifestyle.  This, and this alone, causes the unfolding of the full potential of each being.

The purposes of development are for one’s safety and to fulfill one’s full potential and the full potential of the planets.

The development program.  The development program, as described only on this website and not others at this time, is a rapid method of development.  Those giving this information require this method due to its safety and because it works well and fast.  For more details, see below.

 4. All beings are to seek out, and love, and speak the truth.  The only exception is in rare situations in which speaking truthfully directly endangers one’s life or the life of another.

A very damaging and false teaching on earth at this time is that there is no truth.  This is a pernicious teaching that needs to be exposed and stopped.

The original covenant in the Bible also includes at least three more requirements:

5. Everyone needs to follow the kosher food laws. We like these, but we recommend a few changes and have added to them with the development diet. At this time, we do not believe one needs two sets of dishes for meat and dairy meals or that these two types of foods must be eaten at separate meals. The Bible does not specifically say this. We believe these rules are interpretations that came later. For more details, read The Biblical Food Laws.

6. All male children needed to be circumcised. This is for the protection of women because it reduces rape. It is also for cleanliness to reduce the spread of disease. For details, read Circumcision.

7. All men need to marry. This is for the protection of women. This requirement is now less important because today women can live and work fairly easily on their own.


More About Development. Development is a precise process that requires a particular diet and lifestyle, and is greatly aided by taking certain nutritional supplements and doing certain detoxification procedures. We call this the development program on this website.

Following this program only, and no other health program, grows the size and brightness of the energy field of the body and builds excellent health and longevity of the body.

Other healing methods - medical, holistic, naturopathic and others - may alleviate diseases and reduce symptoms. However, they do not cause development to nearly the same degree. For this reason, we recommend them only rarely. Otherwise, they are best avoided altogether. For details about development, read Introduction To Development. For details about the development program, read Introduction To The Development Program.

Those in charge of this newsletter, we are told, are a group of souls who have lived on earth a long time. These souls are now able to make themselves known more directly through this newsletter and website.

The author does his best to relay information from them through this website and newsletter because, at this time, they are not in charge of the mass media or many websites. In fact, this site is one of very few that they control. We hope this will soon change, but we don’t know when that will occur.

Disclaimer. All information on this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition.



A feature of

All information in this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

To receive a version of this newsletter by email, send us a request at Contact Us


5/26/22. Many of our clients report they are unable to follow the diet correctly, or take one or another supplement, or do one or another of the procedures.

They tell me they are “allergic” or “sensitive” to the food, supplement or procedure. However, when we ask the planning souls we often find that it is not an allergy or sensitivity.

Purification reactions. The problem is that the food, supplement or procedure causes an unpleasant purification reaction. This is actually a sign of healing, although it does not feel that way.

What to do. This depends upon the situation. Taking more lecithin, up to 15 grams daily, may help with anxiety and fears. More calcium, magnesium or omega-3 fatty acids helps a few people.

At times, the souls suggest avoiding the offending food, supplement or procedure for now and try it again gently in a month or two.

At times, one needs to just move through the unpleasant feelings and they will pass. The symptoms are part of the reversal process that everyone goes through on the development program.

The reversal process. At the risk of repeating myself, we are learning that everyone on earth has experienced trauma. It is due to the presence on earth of the alien group we call the Rogues.

They are very secretive and have very advanced technology. They beat and often rape children using young women posing as babysitters. They also molest, beat and rape many teenagers and adults. They do this to control the planet and for other reasons. For details, read The Rape Planet.

They also use hypnosis to cause people to forget the beatings. However, more and more people are having 'breakthrough' episodes in which they become aware of these extremely unpleasant experiences.

Also, when one embarks upon the development program, one may become aware of memories of these experiences. At times, one just experiences extreme anxiety, fear, sadness, anger or other unpleasant feelings. Often, a particular food, nutritional supplement or procedure triggers the reaction.

Warning people. Our helpers need to warn all clients that these feelings and memories are normal and will likely occur at some point during the program. And that they will pass.

We will keep writing about the situation as we learn more. Also, there are efforts underway to slowly free our planet from rogue control.


5/25/22. Laura was 52 when she began the development program a year and half ago.

Mental/emotional symptoms. On her intake sheets, she listed fears and phobias, anxiety, brain fog, confusion, depression, mind racing, panic attacks, poor memory, trouble sleeping and dylexia.

Physical symptoms. These were fatigue, yeast infections, tooth decay, gum disease, excessive plaque on teeth, kidney stones, headaches, bloating, hemorrhoids, overweight and tendency to gain weight, hot flashes, food allergies, muscle weakness, and muscle cramps.

Blood tests. Laura had visited a number of physicians – both conventional and alternative or natural. Her blood and other test results were mostly within the normal range. This was very frustrating for her because the doctors could not figure out why she felt so awful.

She tried many diets, drugs, and nutritional supplements without much results.

Mineral test - Poisoning. Laura's first hair mineral test revealed excessive levels of iron, chromium, aluminum, cobalt, lead and nickel. In addition, she had poor eliminator patterns for copper, cadmium and arsenic. This indicates that these minerals were also too high and her body is unable to eliminate them at this time.

A shell. Laura's mineral analysis also revealed a calcium shell pattern, a type of calcium imbalance that leads to bone loss, arthritis and heart disease.

A shell pattern is also associated with psychological withdrawal due to overwhelming stress or inability to cope with stress. This was a good description of Laura's situation.

Inflammation. The mineral test also revealed a double high ratio pattern on the first four minerals. This is a severe inflammation pattern.

Very slow oxidation rate. The oxidation rate is a set of mineral ratios and is a measure of adrenal and thyroid glandular activity, among other things. A very sluggish oxidation rate is associated with fatigue, depression and despair.

The program. She learned so much from her mineral test that Laura does not understand why most physicians do not use this rather inexpensive test.

With her new knowledge, she began her journey on the program. At first, she felt quite a lot better on the diet. However, soon healing reactions began and she wondered if she was really getting better. Her joint pain flared up and at times she felt on an emotional rollercoaster. However, these flare-ups passed and within five months she felt better than she had in years.

Second hair mineral test. A retest mineral analysis at this time revealed lower levels of iron, chromium, nickel and cobalt. Lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic levels were higher, indicating greater elimination of these toxic metals.

The test also showed a faster oxidation rate and much less inflammation.

Third mineral test. Laura's health continued to improve over the next six months. A repeat hair mineral test then revealed an elimination of toxic manganese. This is very common today because gasoline contains a toxic manganese compound. The test also revealed more elimination of lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, and cobalt.

Most recent mineral test. Over the next five months, Laura's energy level and stamina continued to improve. She reports less craving for sugar and better sleep. She retraced earaches, a symptom she had as a child. She has fewer headaches and less joint pain. Her most recent mineral test indicates the following:

Goalpost pattern. This is a visual pattern that indicates one has reached a goal and is passing on to a new stage in life. Laura reports she is “waking up” to her true self.

Coming alive. This is present when the levels of the first four or second four minerals all increase or remain the same. In Laura's case, all increased, an even more powerful “wakeup” pattern.

Seven anchor patterns. This pattern is present when the levels of certain minerals change very little. This pattern is associated with deep improvement in brain activity, specifically a deepening of the sulci of the brain.

This is a fundamental change in the architecture of the brain and very important for healing and development. We are learning that the beatings and rapes that most women and young boys experience have a flattening effect upon the sulci of the brain. This diminishes mental acuity and reduces the speed at which the brain operates. To understand what is going on, also read The Rape Planet.

All out pattern - with 10 minerals. Laura's test also showed ten minerals being eliminated in greater amounts at this time. This indicates much greater ability to eliminate toxins from the body – an excellent sign of deep healing.

Step down pattern – stepping into life. This pattern is present when the first four minerals form a visual pattern that looks like steps moving downward from left to right.

Step down pattern is associated with a new interest in engaging with the world. One might start a business, get married, reach out to a friend in need, renew an old friendship or in some way reconnect with this existence. It is a very interesting mineral pattern.

Brain transplant pattern. This is a newly-identified pattern. We think it is some combination of other patterns, but it is too early to say. Laura says the change in her is so profound that it is as though she is a different person.


5/24/22. The master group is a set of several hundred souls who guide and protect each person. The rogues target this group and damage them. As a result, most people are not in touch with this group of souls.

Most active in childhood. The master group of souls is more active in children up until around the age of ten. Then something happens and they fade in the mind of most people.

We have recently learned that at least part of the cause are beatings and rapes that the rogues inflict upon most, if not all human beings on earth during childhood. For details, read The Rape Planet.

The child archetype. Modern psychology, particularly the work of Carl Jung, recognizes the master group to a degree and calls them the archetype of the inner child. However, this is not quite correct.

The master group is not an archetype. It is a group of souls who are wise, loving and creative.

Activities. These souls offer advice and keep in touch with other important souls such as the planning souls. They can help a person keep a positive attitude and help one function in an intelligent way.

Finding your inner child. Most people are not in contact with this group of souls. This is due to damage from certain brain implants that most people have.

Our medical team will try to remove these bases from our development clients. However, there are ways to make contact with the master group.

Qualities. First, it is good to know what you are looking for. Qualities of the inner child souls group are that they are happy, honest, innocent, playful, smart, happy and they may seem a little sexy. This is because they understand the power of male-female interactions.

So if you hear a voice talking to you and wonder if it is the inner child group, you can notice if they have the above qualities.

Honesty therapy. This is an excellent way to wake up the master group. It consists of forcing yourself to be honest at all times. One might also be able to find a psychotherapist who would do honesty work with you. However, you can do a lot yourself and with friends.

Asking for them. You can also ask to know your inner child or inner child group. You simply ask in prayer in a quiet way and they may come forward.

Develop yourself. If you follow the development program, as you develop you will tend to wake up the inner child group. However, this may not occur early in development so this method is not as reliable.

Imitate their qualities. Imagine the inner child group and live in accordance with the qualities listed above. Once again, these are to be happy, honest, innocent, playful, smart, and mostly happy.

If you do the above, it helps this group of souls to “wake up” and participate more in your life.


5/24/22. Definition. A whole systems approach means that for each food, nutritional supplement and procedure that one recommends, one must check its effect upon the entire body, mind and spirit.

This method might sound obvious, but it is not the way most physicians and healers work. They focus much more on one's symptoms and they find remedies for the symptoms.

What are symptoms? Development science healing does not focus on symptoms or remedies. The assumption is that symptoms are expressions of a body out of balance or undeveloped.

What matters is to correct the balance or state of the body and most symptoms quickly go away on their own. This perspective sounds quite strange to most people.

What are remedies? This is anything that one takes or does that addresses a symptom. It includes special diets for certain diseases, medical drugs, most surgery, herbs, vitamins, adjusting the spine and much more.

Does this not describe the development program? No it does not. The development program looks like other nutrition programs. However, it is not set up to address symptoms so it is different.

Is this why many people's program is similar? Yes. The whole system of most people require the same basic diet, lifestyle, extra nutrients and procedures.

This combination we call the development path. For details, read The Path Concept and The Sevenfold Path of Development.


5/23/22. Making sure your body can fight off invaders and infections is one of the most important bodily activities. Most bodies today have a terribly weak immune response. This causes lots of physical and mental sickness, loss of work productivity, and premature death.

The souls are very angry that the bodies cannot defend themselves against even simple bacterial and viral illnesses. Even more frustrating is that the answer is not very complex.

Eating plenty of cooked, preferred vegetables is the only way to keep your immune response strong.

The preferred vegetables are all onions, carrots, rutabaga, daikon, green beans, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage and a little celery, ginger, horseradish root, golden beet.

Reasons. Eating these vegetables with every meal alone works because the vegetables contain plenty of anti-oxidant and other protective nutrients. Other foods just do not contain as much. Also, one cannot obtain them just taking tablets and capsules.

A second reason that eating plenty of the preferred vegetables properly cooked with each meal strengthens the immune response is it causes development. This is a unique shift in the body that only occurs with our program, not that of others. Other foods simply do not contain enough of the nutrients needed to cause much development. For more details, read Introduction To Development.

A third reason that this method alone produces the best immune response is that it helps the body eliminate more than a dozen toxic metals and thousands of toxic chemicals. Unless one does this, the immune response today will be weak.

Another reason this method alone works is that it gently balances the physics of the body. This is sometimes called the balance of hot and cold or yang and yin in some other languages.

Another reason this method works best is that it balances the acid-alkaline balance of the body. It increases the level of the alkaline reserve minerals in ways that nothing else can. This is vital today to prevent cancer and many other ailments.

Another reason the cooked, preferred vegetable diet is best is that it balances the metabolic or oxidation rate of the body. This is a subtle measurement only available using a hair mineral analysis that must be from a laboratory that does not wash the hair. Then the test must be interpreted correctly, which most physicians and other healers do not know how to do.

Another reason that eating lots of the preferred, cooked vegetables with each meal produces the strongest immune response is that it balances the electrical system of the body. This is also not easy to measure except via a properly performed hair mineral analysis. It is revealed on this test by normal ratios of sodium and potassium, in particular, and other minerals, as well.

Another reason that eating lots of preferred, cooked vegetables with every meal is the only way to have a strong immune response is that it balances the nervous and digestive systems of the body. This is not so easy to do!

We could go on, but space is limited in this newsletter. For more details, read one of the best articles - Fifty Reasons For Eating Loads Of Preferred, Cooked Vegetables.

You will notice we did not refer to the “immune system” of the body. The reason is that there really is not one immune system. The body uses many souls, chemicals and methods to defend itself and they all must heal. So we prefer the term immune response instead of immune system.


5/22/22. A new article on the website is an excellent introduction to the development program. It can help greatly to understand the development method of healing. Please read Healing Principles Of Development Science.


5/21/22. For accurate test results, hair must be sampled correctly. The hair should be washed with a plain shampoo ideally within 12-24 hours before sampling it.

Cautions. If you sweat a lot at work, cut the sample before going to work. Also, it is okay to send in hair that has been tinted or dyed. If you get permanents, ideally cut the sample before getting a permanent, although it is acceptable to send it at any time.

Cutting the sample. Cut several small samples. Cut each one as close to the scalp as possible. Measure about 1 inch or 2 centimeters. Then cut off and discard the long end of the hair. Only use the 1-inch piece of hair. This is the hair that grew most recently.

Weighing the hair sample. Place the hair sample on the paper scale that your Helper will provide. When the scale balances, you have enough (about 125 mg). Put this in the small envelope and seal the envelope.

The laboratory must not wash the hair. Almost all hair mineral testing laboratories wash the hair samples when they arrive at the lab. This damages the accuracy of the test because it washes out the water-soluble minerals. For this reason, we only use Analytical Research Labs for hair mineral testing. For more details, read The Hair Sampling Procedure.


5/20/22. These two procedures are simple and very helpful for health and development. Each day, if possible, do deep breathing for at least one half hour and learn to breath deeply as a habit. We recommend the three-part breath.

Also, sunbathing for about ten to twenty minutes each day is very helpful. It charges the body with an energy that is extremely helpful for healing and development. For details, read Breathing and Sunbathing.


5/20/22. I am told that Duck duck go is not as private a browser as it was previously. Instead, a better choice is


5/19/22. I am very busy so there will be no extensive message today. We will only say this is a time to remember that only love heals.

This is because love is the force that keeps the universe going. This love is a radiance or energy that emanates from a place in space. For details, read Love As Radiance.


5/18/22. The lack of privacy on computers is shocking and should be illegal. Spying on your computer or phone is very easy and by design. We feel it is thoroughly illegal and an aspect of rogue control over our planet that needs to end.

To help stay private, do the following:

- Never keep passwords, bank account numbers, social security numbers, driver license info or other private data on a computer.

- Turn off your connection to the internet when you are not using it. The best is to unplug the ethernet cable going to the modem or router. Turning off your network connection inside the computer or even turning off the router may not work as well.

- Do not use wifi. Use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet and a printer cable. This also reduces EMF emissions.

- Don't use Google. They track you more. Use Duck Duck Go as your search engine.

- Use Brave as your browser. It does not track you and will alert you to some websites that are often best avoided.

- On a Mac computer, don't use a firewire adapter to connect. Use a plain adapter from ethernet to USB.

- Clear cookies and do not accept cookies when you visit websites.

- Ideally, use one computer for email and website updating. Use another computer for internet browsing and surfing the web. This one should have nothing on it.


5/18/22. We are finding it is best to use non-organic coffee for coffee enemas. It appears the rogues damage the organic coffee more than they damage the non-organic coffee.

Also, use medium roast or dark roast Columbian coffee, if at all possible. Do not use Hawaiian or Kona coffee. The coffee you use should be a dark color. If it is too light, it is damaged.


5/17/22. Your thoughts determine your life. This is a basic spiritual truth.

If you don't like your life, look to your thoughts. This is another basic spiritual truth.

Purifying thoughts is a major theme of this newsletter and this website. It has to be because it is the only method that works. This is another spiritual truth.

The development program works better than many others because it powerfully helps purify your thoughts. It sounds odd, but the zinc and selenium in development diet and in the supplements help purify your thoughts.

The coffee enemas, and especially the pulling down procedure, also help purify your thoughts. Removing all the toxic metals also goes a long way to purify your thoughts. This is another spiritual truth.


5/17/22. There is a sacred language that is spoken throughout space by trillions of fine matter creatures. The language was given to Sahra or Sara, the wife of Abraham. This couple founded the Hebrew religion about 6000 years ago.

Sahra wrote down the language, which became the Hebrew language. However, over the next thousand or so years, it became mixed with other languages.

Ebre uses pretty much the same letters as the Hebrew language on earth. However, many words in Hebrew are not in the Ebre lanugage.

We plan to teach the original language at some point. For an introduction, read The Ebre Language.


5/16/22. The pulling down procedure is the most important single procedure for development. The other procedures such as coffee enemas also cause development. However, for the most rapid healing and development one needs to do the pulling down procedure every day for at least two hours.

Combining. You can easily combine pulling down with slow walking, a coffee enema, a sauna session, reading, or other activities. However, do not skip the procedure.

No substitutes. This exercise is not taught much to the public, but it is time that it be taught. It is not a gentle meditation, so do not substitute other mental or spiritual relaxation or concentration methods for it. It is a forceful emptying of energy downward out through the feet, the fingers and any other part of the body that is facing downward.

The feeling. There is a feeling to the procedure and this is the most important thing to experience and duplicate each day. I find the easiest visualization is of a magnet or vacuum cleaner under your feet. It pull everything downward and empties your body so you literally shrink or shrivel up a little.

Your chest should flatten a little. Your back should flatten a little. You should feel like you are on a heavy gravity planet and are being pulled downward everywhere.

Summary. Once again, do not forget, ignore or substitute for this procedure for optimum healing and development. For more details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.


5/15/22. To develop faster, all adults need to eat two black olives each week. The brand we like the most is Mediterranean Organic Black Pitted Olives. If you cannot find these, other brands will do. The olives should be in a jar packed in organic red wine vinegar.

Children. Children, age six to twelve, need one black olive each week. Children who are 13 and older need two black olives each week. Babies and children up to the age of six do not need any black olives.


5/15/22. One can greatly increase the effectiveness of coffee enemas by shining a reddish heat lamp on the coffee liquid just before inserting it. One must shine the light on the coffee for at least 15 minutes.

This may sound unusual, but it is an excellent addition to the coffee enema procedure. It moves development along quite a bit faster.

How to do it. First prepare the coffee – either boil for 12 minutes or pressure cook it for 14 seconds. Place the coffee is in a transparent plastic or glass measuring cup.

Then place the measuring cup with coffee in front of reddish heat lamp. Set it about one foot away from the lamp so as not to burn the measuring cup.

I leave it there while I do a distilled water enema to clean out the colon. We described this procedure in a recent post. You can use tap water for the clean out if you cannot obtain distilled water, providing the tap water is fairly clean.

By the time one finishes the distilled water enema, the coffee is nicely charged up using the reddish heat lamp and ready to insert.


5/14/22. Andrew is 11 years old. He has been on the development program for about six years. His main symptom was mental sluggishness. His mother also described his personality as hyperactive, frustrated, impulsive, irritable and angry.

The mental sluggishness is similar to many if not most children today. We now realize that some of this may be due to beatings that all children receive from the Rogues when they are babies and at about age three and older.

These are quite brutal. Some are done by nice-looking females posing as babysitters.

Many children on earth also experience the 'baby rapes'. The children are beamed out of their bedrooms at night and brought to locations, many underground. There they are molested, poisoned and beaten. Then they are beamed back to their beds. For details, read The Takings, Rape, and The Rape Planet.

Progress. Andrew felt better and was less often sick while on the development program. However, his mental sluggishness had not changed until the past few weeks. His mother reports better memory, better cognition and better emotional control.

Now, he says, his brain works at about ten times the speed and he is so smart he doesn't feel like it is his brain. The souls says “it feels like someone else's head”.

Most recent hair test results. Andrew's most recent mineral retest reveals the following:

12 anchor patterns. This pattern is present when the levels of certain minerals do not change at all or very little within certain criteria. Seven anchor patterns we call a new brain. Nine anchor patterns we call a wise person pattern. Andrew's new retest has 12 anchor patterns.

Anchors are associated with deepening of the sulci or ridges in the surface of the brain. For some reason, this greatly improves functioning of the brain. For details, read Anchors And Pivots.

10 all out pattern. The levels of ten minerals increased on this retest. This indicates much better elimination of toxic metals. It also implies better elimination of other types of toxic substances from the body.

Leaving the cult. This is an increase in certain mineral levels that are associated with the beatings and rapes that most children experience. They include iron, copper, manganese, chromium, lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum and nickel.

Three amigo dump. This is an increase in the levels of iron, manganese and aluminum. This reflects an elimination of very irritating toxic forms of minerals, usually oxides and carbonates.

When this occurs, most people feel much better with more energy and clearer thinking. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum, And Others.

Intense Maturing. Andrew eliminated four 'child minerals' – calcium, potassium, aluminum and nickel. For some reason, toxic forms of these minerals keep a person in a less mature state of mind.

When one eliminates even one of the child minerals, clients often report feeling more independent, more capable of handling stress, and other indicators of maturity. For details, read The Child Minerals And Maturing With The Development Program and Toxic Potassium.

Deep bowl pattern. This is present when the calcium/magnesium ratio is above 9.5 and the sodium/potassium ratio is less than 2.5. Andrew developed this pattern on the new retest.

In this instance, it is temporary and reflects retracing of his former sluggish mental state.

A trauma sodium/potassium ratio. The Na/K ratio decreased from 1.67 to 0.8. An Na/K ratio less than 1 we call a trauma Na/K ratio because it is associated with trauma.

Andrew is retracing his beatings that damaged his brain. The ratio really declined due to a large elimination of toxic potassium. This is very positive and the low sodium/potassium ratio is very temporary and not important.

NOTE: In these cases, one must not give a lot of the product Limcomin, which is used to correct a low sodium/potassium ratio. It is simply not needed in this instance.

Brain transplant – a new pattern. Our advanced acupuncturists tell us that Andrew has a rather rare pattern called the brain transplant. This is most likely simply a combination of the patterns listed above.

The name, brain transplant, describes the soul's impression or feelings. The brain is so different and so much better it is as though it came from someone else.


5/14/22. A Russian lawmaker stated today regarding Poland:

"By its statements about Russia as a 'cancer tumor' and about the 'indemnity' that we must pay to Ukraine, Poland encourages us to put it in first place in the queue for denazification after Ukraine," Morozov reportedly wrote.

In other words, destroying Ukraine is just the beginning for the Russians, who believe their forces and weapons are superior. they plan to continue their genocide, rape, and murder of Europe and the rest of the world.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote a column for the Telegraph criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin and the propaganda he is spreading about the war in Ukraine:

"Putin’s ‘Russkiy Mir’ (Russian superiority) ideology is the equivalent of 20th-century communism and Nazism. It is an ideology through which Russia justifies invented rights and privileges for its country," Morawiecki said.

"In the name of this ideology Mariupol and dozens of Ukrainian cities were razed as it sent Russian soldiers to war, convinced them of their superiority, and encouraged them to commit inhuman war crimes – the murder, rape and torture of innocent civilians."

"We cannot be under any illusions. This is not insanity but a deliberate strategy that has already opened the gates to genocide. ‘Russkiy Mir’ is a cancer which is consuming not only the majority of Russian society, but also poses a deadly threat to the whole of Europe," he added.

"Therefore it is not enough to support Ukraine in its military struggle with Russia. We must root out this monstrous new ideology entirely."


5/13/22. We have been writing about and learning more about the beatings and rapes from the Rogues. We believe that most everyone experiences these, although most people are unaware of them because the rogues have ways to make one forget they occurred.

Based upon more and more cases, we believe the horror can be stopped or prevented if young children follow the entire development program. Children would very much appreciate this!

Coffee enemas for children. As part of the program, children need to do daily coffee enemas. This might seem unsafe or difficult, but it is not.

Safety. Concerning safety, Max Gerson, MD has a case in his book, A Cancer Therapy – Results Of 50 Cases, about a 2-year-old child who recovered from cancer in part due to taking coffee enemas.

Getting a child to go along with coffee enemas. The child would need to understand that the alternative – the beatings and rapes - is far more painful and dangerous.

How to give an enema to a child. Use less coffee depending upon the weight of the child. For example, we believe a child who weighs 40 pounds or roughly one-quarter that of an adult would get about one-third the amount of coffee and water as an adult.

The best position is to have the child lie face down on a bed with a towel or two underneath the body. A parent very gently inserts the enema tip and administers the enema. Small enema tips are available on the internet for young children.

When it is time to expel the coffee, the child could turn over onto a bed pan or might be able to get up and go to the toilet. For details about coffee enemas, read Coffee Enemas.


5/13/22. Ivan is 74 years old and has followed the development program for about eight years. He followed the program fairly well, but not perfectly.

Symptoms. When he began, Ivan was very tired, burned out, achy, and had little interest in living. He figured he was old and life would soon be over.

Progress. He stayed with the program because his energy and mood were a little better if he ate the development diet and did coffee enemas. However, he was still tired much of the time. He passed through a number of healing or purification reactions that also convinced him he was making slow progress.

Most recent mineral analysis. Ivan's newest mineral test revealed the following patterns:

A Standard surge with doubling. This pattern is present when the levels of sodium and potassium both increase by 100% or more. This is a doubling of these levels.

The pattern is an elimination of toxic sodium and toxic potassium. We believe that this pattern always involves receiving new guide creatures. It is a very positive pattern.

A Three amigo dump with doubling. This pattern is present when the levels of iron, manganese and aluminum all increase by at least 100% (a doubling of the levels or greater). This is another excellent mineral pattern.

The pattern indicates an elimination of very toxic compounds of iron, manganese and aluminum from the body. These compounds are oxide and carbonate forms of minerals found in N-P-K fertilizers and other places. They are intense irritants and do oxidant damage to the body.

We call these toxic forms of minerals the amigos because they are often found together. For details, read The Amigos- Iron, Manganese And Aluminum, And Others. Getting rid of them is difficult and the development program is one of the few ways we know of to remove them from the body.

Crutches. A reason the amigos are difficult to remove is they act as crutches. They stimulate weak adrenal glands and tend to alkalinize a very acidic and therefore sick body – and can actually keep one alive. To remove them, one must first correct the problems with the adrenals and the acidity.

Leaving the cult. The three amigo dump pattern also generally indicates recovery from the rogue beatings and rapes. We call this leaving the cult.

Much more energy and joy. One usually feels much happier and more energetic when one experiences an amigo dump. Even more so, when the levels double, as in this instance.

A maturing pattern. Toxic potassium, along with nickel, copper and mercury, are child minerals. We don't fully understand why, but they seem to block maturity and are associated with immaturity. When one removes them properly from the body, one often feels more mature. For details, read The Child Minerals, Toxic Potassium and The Concept of Preferred Minerals.

Everything coming out. The levels of eight minerals increased on this retest. This is called all out or everything coming out. It is another excellent pattern. It indicates much better ability to eliminate toxins from the body.

The new pattern – feeling new again. We believe that when a standard surge is a doubling and the three amigo dump is a doubling, this combination is a rather rare pattern we can call feeling new again.

It is a letting go of the past and a maturing pattern. One may feel mystified by the way one feels – one feels younger when one thought one was just dying. We think this is an release or undoing of brainwashing or conditioning.


5/12/22. We need to repeat this advice often because most people do not eat enough cooked vegetables. There is an order of the universe or grand design. It includes eating plenty of cooked vegetables.

Cooked vegetables alkalinize the body, provide the minerals needed for thousands of enzymes, protect the tissues from oxidant and other kinds of damage, activate genes that cause development, and improve the activity of the brain and nervous system.

Do not have a meal without having some cooked vegetables. For details, read Vegetables.


5/11/22. Following the development program is helping women stop the “visits” from rogue rapists.

Another key to stopping the attacks is to become “a slave of God”. This means to follow the Second Commandment given to Moses very literally. This commandment states, You shall have no other Gods before me. Other gods that most people worship, whether consciously or unconsciously, include food, one's dress and appearance, money, friends, family, and work.

The correct attitude is to just keep asking daily, “Father in Heaven, what would you have me do?” By turning to God for everything at every moment, one acknowledges God as one''s master. Otherwise, the group we call the rogues seem to have a lot of power over the people of earth. For details, PLEASE READ Serving God To Oppose Brainwashing.


5/11/22. Lecithin is a safe nutritional supplement that helps reduce anxiety. We ALWAYS suggest it as part of the development program. We urge parents to include some lecithin granules or liquid every day in their children's development program.

How it works. Lecithin is an excellent source of the B-complex vitamin, choline. This vitamin is a precursor to acetylcholine, the primary calming neurotransmitter in the brain.

Two reasons for lecithin. 1) The Rogues put implants in many people's head that destroy one's lecithin, and 2) some women, men and children are experiencing a lot of anxiety due to rogue beatings and rapes.

Rubbing the feet, twisting the spine and coffee enemas sometimes help. However, lecithin in doses up to 15 grams daily also often helps. NOTE: According to the website,, up to 30 grams daily for six weeks (twice what we recommend) is likely safe.

Which kind of lecithin? We prefer lecithin made from sunflower or egg yolk. However, soy lecithin is definitely better than nothing.

Children. Children usually prefer lecithin granules because they look and taste like a cold cereal. These are only sold made of soy lecithin.

Use of liquid lecithin. One of our clients mixes liquid sunflower lecithin with some tahini to make a tasty vegetable dressing. For more details, read Lecithin.


5/10/22. A procedure used to make holding a coffee enema easier and more effective is to do a quick plain water enema first, just before doing a coffee enema.

Recently, we found that using distilled water for the plain water enema has an excellent detoxification effect. So we now recommend a plain distilled water 'purge' before doing a coffee enema.

For the most powerful effect, use at least two cups of distilled water. Put the distilled water in and then release it. There is no need to hold the distilled water.

Availability. In some nations, steam-distilled water is not available. Another option is to make distilled water with a home water distiller.

Distilled water for coffee enemas. It is also fine to use distilled water to make coffee enemas. At this time, we use a combination of about half distilled and half spring water for coffee enemas.

Charging water and coffee. We also found accidentally that shining a red heat lamp on the water or coffee just before inserting it in the rectum enhances its effects.


5/10/22. The latest fear-mongering is that there will be food shortages thanks to climate change, the Wuhan flu and the Ukraine war. Some point to recent fires at some American food processing plants and that supermarket shelves are not all full.

We think this is just the latest fake scare tactic designed to keep you off balance and sick. It is designed to keep you from expressing and radiating the love that you are. Please don't fall for it.

What to do. Focus on loving yourself and radiating love to the world. If you worry about food shortages, keep extra cans of sardines around and, if you can find it, several cans of Cole's Trout (see the post of 4/29/22.)

You can also keep several bags of blue corn chips around. Canned vegetables keep well, but are not as nutritious as fresh ones. We do not recommend frozen vegetables, but frozen meats are okay if fresh is not available. Dried food is usually not too good for development.

LOVE. Radiating love to a world steeped in fear is the most important thing you can do. As you feel better following the development program, this becomes easier and easier. It is also a lot more fun than worrying.


5/10/22. The souls tell us that listening to fun, happy, upbeat music is very healing and helpful for development. Here are some suggestions:

Big band. The souls love big band music from the swing era in America about 50-70 years ago. It has lots of clarinet, brass and drums. It is a little silly and sexy, but the souls love it.

Salsa and Tito Puente. Some salsa music is also fun. A man who popularized it and wrote many songs is Tito Puente.

I suggest keeping this music around and playing it when you feel like it, (not all the time). It will make you want to dance.


5/9/22. A few days ago someone leaked a draft US Supreme Court decision reversing the 1973 decision to legalize and protect abortion as a “right”. As a result, murdering babies is in the news once again in the United States. Here are a few comments about the situation.

The purpose of laws. One purpose of good laws is to protect the weak and those unable to defend themselves. An egregious breach of this principle occurred about 50 years ago in the United States.

Making up rights. In 1973, the US Supreme Court made up a new right that is not found anywhere in the US national constitution. It is the right to murder your children.

The purpose of the Supreme Court is only to check and make sure that laws passed by legislatures conform to the American Constitution. Making up rights is not the job of the Supreme Court or any court in the United States.

As a result, many people have been very upset with the 1973 Supreme Court decision.

No regard for context. In addition, the context of the US Constitution is the British common law. In this body of law, abortion is not permitted. This fact was ignored in the court decision.

A technical aspect. An argument used to justify killing babies in the womb is that they are part of the mother, so she should have control over them.

However, this is never true. Children in the womb are always separate from the mother. They are 'foreign objects' that happen to live inside the mother.

This is a fact of embryology that everyone needs to know. For details, read Abortion and Post-Abortion Syndrome. A more technical explanation of the relationship of the baby to the mother is found in an article about cancer, The Trophoblast Theory Of Cancer.


5/8/22. This is a key feature of the development program. They are confusing so let us explain how they work.

Chronic illness. This is the situation of most people today. Chronic illness means that the disease does not kill you immediately, but you cannot get rid of the illness.

Toxic metal poisoning has this chronic quality. The metals often do not kill a person right away. However, they are not easy to eliminate from the body.

The development program. This program may look like other nutrition programs, but it works very differently. It is the system of healing used by the souls.

The program boosts a person's energy level and dramatically improves the immune response and the body's ability to eliminate poisons. When this occurs, a person usually starts feeling better.

The purifying reaction. However, soon the souls obtain enough adaptive energy and healing to get rid of a chronic illness or chronic metal poisoning. So they begin a life-and-death fight.

Often, there will be inflammation, some pain, fatigue, swelling, rashes, headaches, upset stomach, nausea, anxiety, a sick feeling, or other symptoms.

This is actually very good! It is the body “waking up” and “taking action” against an old problem. It is a sign of deep healing.

The only reason these reactions seem strange is because they rarely occur if one follows the advice of most medical, natural, holistic or other physicians. Their methods do not heal the body deeply enough to cause the purifying reactions to occur.

The doctor problem. The truth about purification reactions is known in medicine – such as immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS) and Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions. The famous psychoanalyst, Dr. Sigmund Freud, called it the catharsis. Acupuncturists call the phnemenon reactions.

IRIS is described in medical books as 'unmasking' of a hidden infection OR paradoxical symptomatic relapse of a prior infection despite successful therapy.

However, IRIS and catharsis are not emphasized in medical education, so very few physicians know about it. As a result, if one consults a physician, most will assume you are ill, which is not true. The cause is purification, not disease.

We never tell people to not consult physicians. We just warn people that physicians rarely understand purifying reactions, even if you explain the concept to them.

Their remedies will either not work or may give symptomatic relief. However, they often slow the healing process.

When we ask the souls, they often say to please skip the remedies and let us finish the job. However, in a few cases, a drug or other remedy may ease the symptoms and help one to get through the reaction more easily.

Mental and emotional purification. One may also retrace an old fear, depression, or emotional trauma or event. The mechanism is the same as for physical illness.

One can even have a purifying reaction that is spiritual. This means it has to do with one's understanding and relationship with the creator or God.

These reactions are excellent, but can be frightening because all of a sudden horrible memories and emotions may surface as the body releases them. One often feels very confused and disoriented.

You can even think you are losing your mind. But this is not true. You are healing deeply. For many more details, read Retracing and Trauma Retracing.


5/7/22. Donna is 57 years old. When she began the development program six years ago, her symptoms were extreme.

The rapes. She was having regular rapes and had at least 25 of them. Strange men would show up at her home, even though she was married and had several children at home.

She and her family lived in a kind of altered state of consciousness. A voice in her head would announce that a “visit” would occur soon and to just follow orders to avoid trouble.

She seemed to have no choice when the “men” arrived. There were different men. They were all large, very strong, evil-smelling men with guns and a mean look on their face. They banged on the door and yelled that they needed a 'fix'.

Yin energy. Donna now understands that this means they needed yin energy. The group we call the Rogues require this energy and they obtain it by raping women.

They smelled of death and disease. The house would smell terrible for hours after they left. For more details, read The Rape Planet, Yin Energy and Rape.

Symptoms. Donna's physical symptoms were extreme neck and back pain, sharp pain in her big toes, osteoarthritis that was progressing, tingling in the extremities, and restless legs. She also had painful, sagging cystic breasts that hurt all the time. The “men” beat her breasts each time she had a rape.

Mental symptoms. These were absolutely bizarre. She felt as though she was constantly in an altered state of consciousness, like a hypnotized zombie, out of control of her life.

There was also a sense of unreality about her life that she did not understand. It began after her first rape when she was a teenager.

She felt brainwashed (and indeed she was) with a lot of anger, irritability, brain fog, and a constant feeling of impending doom.

Another unusual symptom was sleep paralysis. At times, she could not move when she awakened. It would take ten minutes or so before it cleared.

Nightmares. She also had nightmares of rape. She now realizes these “night terrors” were memories of rapes.

She was told at the end of each rape that she would remember nothing. However, at times, at night, memories would surface and were completely filthy and disgusting.

Also, at times, at night there were “demons” in the bedroom who attacked her. She could feel their breath and they pulled and tugged at her body. She had a feeling of impending death and a hopeless attitude.

She was following the Atkins diet. It allowed salads, but not cooked vegetables. She had followed many diets with little success.

The rape diet. The evil-smelling “men” had told Donna she must follow what we call the Cult Or Rape Diet. It included eating fruit and tunafish or salmon every day. The fish contain a lot of toxic mercury. Red meat was forbidden, as were most cooked vegetables. This diet is sort of the opposite of the development diet.

She also had to use antiperspirants, which contains toxic aluminum. They also insisted she drink a strange reddish tea every day that they brought with them. It is similar to rooibos tea and contains nickel and other toxic metals.

Consultation. She consulted many conventional and holistic physicians, nutritionists, a naturopath and a functional medicine specialist. She spent a lot of money, underwent lots of tests and received lots of diagnoses. However, she was becoming worse, not better.

When she stumbled upon Dr. Wilson's website she immediately started eating many cooked vegetables, quit her intense workouts, started doing spinal twists, and took up slow walking. She felt better within three days.

The spinal twists. The twists were remarkable to help the back pain. She had been to many chiropractors with little success.

Chiropractors were often afraid to adjust her back deeply because they said it was so out of alignment. She now realizes this was from the rapes. At times, the chiropractors fixed her back, but after another rape it was terrible again.

The Spinal Twists, Pops, Pulls and Kicks – all of them – slowly did what was needed and did it at a pace and timing she decided upon and could handle.

She also started the Pulling Down Procedure and Coffee Enemas. Within three days, she had more energy and her leg and foot pain were gone.

Also, amazingly, the rape visits also stopped and have not occurred any more in six years. We theorize that the development program puts a person through a type of stress that for some reason discourages the rapes.

First hair test. Donna's first hair test was frightening. But this was wonderful because for the first time a clinical test showed what Donna was really feeling.

She had gotten lots of blood tests that were “normal” or close to it. This made no sense to her . Several physicians had told her that her problems were “in her head”, which was not true.

Very slow oxidation. Donna had this important adrenal and thyroid “burnout” pattern. The nutrients are literally burned out and the glands do not function well. This is the case with millions of people on earth today!

A double low ratio pattern. The first hair test also showed an intense double low ratio pattern. We also call this pattern double give-up and a death pattern.

The calcium/magnesium ratio was 2 and the sodium/potassium ratio was 1.14. When combined with slow oxidation, this pattern is associated with victim consciousness, feeling sorry for oneself, brain fog, and a feeling of intense horror.

You would think Donna would be horrified by these mineral patterns, but she was ecstatic!Finally a test showed how she really felt. This alone was amazing to her.

The amigos. Donna's first test also showed high levels of iron, manganese and aluminum. We call these the three amigos because they are often found together. They alter the personality and eventually can turn a person into a criminal.

Other toxins. Donna also had high levels of lead, mercury, arsenic, and some nickel. She was very poisoned.

NOTE: This much toxicity is often not all revealed on the first hair mineral test or even the second or third test. The metals are often hidden deep in the bod tissues.

It often requires several years on the development program for them to be revealed. The test values rise as the metals are eliminated through the hair and skin.

Improvements and purification reactions. Donna stayed with the development program, though there were ups and downs. Slowly all of her symptoms improved.

She went through a number of retracings or purification reactions (a better term). These were sometimes intense. At times, her arms and legs went numb. At other times, her heart raced and she thought she was having a heart attack or panic attack. At these times, the night demons would attack even more.

Once she could not sleep for almost a month. A copper elimination caused a pounding headache and vomiting. She called Dr. Wilson and soon it went away. The guides had to remove tiny electronic devices that had been implanted in her brain. (They often do this automatically when someone sends in a retest hair analysis).

Swelling. Her ankles and feet swelled up several times. Once her hands swelled up. This was caused by some stress on her kidneys as she eliminated toxic metals. Each time, it came and then it went away.

Twice she visited a medical doctor thinking maybe she had a disease. But in all cases, the symptoms soon went away on their own.

She learned it is imperative to remain in touch with your Helper. At times, she also called Dr. Wilson directly and asked for help. This is also okay.

Slowly the anger, anxiety, night terrors, and pain went away. Her breasts became soft and healthy without pain or nodules. Eyesight improved and overall health became much better.

Most recent hair test. To save space, we will skip to Donna's most recent hair test, which is interesting.

13 all out pattern. The levels of 13 minerals increased on this retest. This pattern is called all out or everything coming out. It indicates much better elimination of toxic metals and all toxins. It is a wonderful pattern to which we are paying much more attention. It is an excellent sign of progress. Usually the person feels much better when it occurs.

Goalpost or window pattern. This is another exciting pattern. It is a visual pattern that is difficult to describe in words.

It looks like two goalposts that one finds on an American football field. For some reason, it indicates 'reaching the goal' and 'opening a window' to a happier future. It is another pattern we are seeing more often on retests after a person has followed the development program for at least three years.

Out of four lows. Donna had gone into a four lows pattern about a year ago. This means the levels of the first four minerals were all lower than their ideal values. This is an unusual and important mineral pattern that some call in the tunnel of death. For details, read Four Lows Pattern.

She could not seem to emerge from the pattern – until this retest. One day, about two weeks before doing the new hair test, she broke down and cried.

She realized that she resented her parents and this had gone on for years since she was a teenager. She blamed them for the first rape that occurred when she was 13.

We find that one must often go into a four lows pattern in order to forgive parents - and this is an important stage of healing. It reminds us of the Biblical Commandment to always honor one's father and mother, meaning that to do otherwise will cause problems for you.

Blaming parents is very common. Blame should be placed where it belongs – on the rapist. However, children and adults often blame their parents for not protecting them.

Hatred. The evil-smelling men encourage this hatred. They told her that her parents were bad and she should hate them, along with hating all men. Hatred is an important part of their doctrine or teaching while they rape and beat you.


5/6/22. I know this sounds alarmist, but on the chance it is correct I am passing it on. I am being told that forces defending the earth have found thousands of underground tunnels all over the United States. These connect to a worldwide tunnel system.

Inside the tunnels are Russian troops with advanced weapons preparing for attack all over the United States. Forces defending the planet are destroying as much of this as they can.

None of this is being reported, but that is what I am being told. I plan to keep you informed about it through this newsletter. It may sound crazy, but just a few days ago Russian television announced that World War III has begun (see World War III).

It is possible that the war in Ukraine is at least partly a distraction. The idea may be to draw attention away from the weapons buildup underground all over the world. Another possible goal is to use up weapons.

What to do.

- All women need to wake up. One awakened and activated, women have special abilities to help stop the fighting in Ukraine and what is planned elsewhere. See recent newsletter posts for details.

- Couples need to do down hugging or down sex. This is not only healing for the couple. It sends out very loving energy to the entire planet. For details, read Down Hugging and Down Sex.

- Do more of the development program, especially eat better. This will increase your ability to radiate loving energy to the planet. For details, read Food For Daily Use and Introduction To The Development Program.

- Do coffee enemas. There is something special about this procedure. We have written about it in this newsletter. They not only assist with cleansing the liver and colon. They help counter the Rogue influence at many levels. So ideally, do two a day. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

- The twists, pops, pulls and kicks. This procedure speeds up development and is excellent for health. It combines channel therapy, shiatsu, reflexology and massage in a wonderful way. This powerfully helps you to radiate loving energy to the planet. For details, read The Twists, Pops, Pulls and Kicks.


5/5/22. This post is a bit technical, but helps us understand changes in a person. This discovery concerns a mental change that often results in healing of the body.

We just discovered a variant of the pivot or twist pattern. It is called the big twist pattern – either left or right.

Twist or pivot patterns are present on a retest hair mineral chart from Analytical Research Labs when the levels of the first four minerals or the second four minerals change in a certain way. If one connects the tops of the graphs with a line, the line appears to turn or twist either to the right or to the left.

The new pattern is a larger version of the same thing. One looks at the overall height of the first four minerals and compares it to the overall height of the second four minerals.

If the first four mineral levels all increase or stay the same (called coming alive pattern) and the second four all decrease or stay the same (called a settling down pattern), the combination looks like a twist or pivot to the right. This is a big twist right.

The opposite situation is also possible. The first four minerals can all decrease or stay the same. The second four mineral levels can all increase or remain the same. This combination is called a big twist left.

Meaning. The big twist patterns have the same type of meaning as the other twist or pivot patterns – a change of mind, either about oneself (right twist) or about another person or persons (left twist). The big twist patterns are even more important than the smaller twist or pivot patterns and often result in a great improvement in health.

Related new patterns. If one has coming alive patterns on the first four minerals AND on the second four minerals, this is called a big rise. It is very good.

Similarly, if one has settling down patterns on both the first four and the second four minerals, it is called a big settling down. This is also an excellent pattern. For more details, read Anchors And Pivots.


5/4/22. Sardines are one of the most important foods for development. Please eat them on a regular basis. They provide many nutrients that are not available in other foods.

We wish we could recommend more fish, but so far all of them are not clean enough. They are too high in toxic metals and/or toxic chemicals. For details, read Sardines.


5/3/22. We are experimenting with adding a little sauerkraut to the development diet. Sauerkraut contains ferments that can help digestion. It may have other beneficial properties Here are details:

- Bubbie's Plain Sauerkraut seems to be one of the best brands if you can find it.

- Eat only two or three tablespoons of sauerkraut per week. Some people are eating much too much!


5/3/22. I do not like writing about this subject. It causes us to lose readers. However, a number of women and men around the world are feeling strange feelings, some sexual, some anger and a lot of fear and anxiety.

This can be disturbing but is part of retracing old traumas. We bring it to your attention so that if you experience it, you will not be as upset.


5/2/22. Roasted sesame tahini is an important special food for development. Here are details:

- Eat the white or light-colored tahini, not black sesame.

- Adults need two tablespoons of tahini each day. Children need less depending upon their size and weight.

- It is best to eat a little with each meal – 2 teaspoons with each meal for adults.

- It is a protein so it is best eaten with the protein part of your meals – near the beginning of the meal.

- You can eat is directly from the container. You can develop a taste for it. Or you can put it directly on chicken, beef, lamb or other proteins as a sauce or dressing.

- If you don't like it or for variety, you can eat it as hummus. In this case, eat 4 tablespoons daily of hummus. Hummus is a mixture of tahini and cooked chickpeas.

- If you really don't like it, you can at least get some of it by grinding up sesame seeds in a mortar and pestle or coffee grinder, mixing with a little salt, and adding this to your food.

This is not as good, but is better than nothing. Preferably grind the sesame seeds fresh or make up a batch for a day or two only – no longer. For details, read Sesame Tahini.


5/2/22. If you want to help out the earth at this time, here are projects:

­ There is a great need to clean up the pollution of the oceans of the earth. Also, there must be an end to the use of toxic agricultural chemicals, which now pollute all water supplies of the earth. They are also wrecking everyone's health.

- The development program on this website is helping clean up the bodies. This is very needed today to produce healthy children and improve many conditions on earth.

- Help end the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is getting worse. Russian weapons factories underground have been found all over Eastern Europe. Some people are aware of them and are helping to destroy them.

The Russians are also getting weapons from communist China. China is also beginning to infiltrate and attack a neighboring nation, India.

- Electromagnetic pollution is another huge problem on earth, led by cell phone towers and cell phones. Also, keep computers at least five feet away from you by using a remote keyboard and making the print larger.

- Women need to break through programming and conditioning. We are realizing that all or most women have been beaten by the Rogues, who do this very secretly to weaken and control the planet. Most women are unaware of what has occurred.

Women have great communication abilities. However, most women cannot use the ability because their bodies are too toxic and traumatized.

The development program, especially coffee enemas, the vaginal peroxide cleanup program, and the pulling down procedure can help a lot in addition to the basic program of diet, supplements and lifestyle.


5/1/22. Most people are somewhat dehydrated, including many of our clients. This makes everything worse and slows development.

Reasons for needing more water right now. Human beings on earth are sharing the water in their bodies with millions of fine matter creatures and plants that are being returned to the earth. This is a phenomenon called correspondence.

Also, the weather is warming up. This causes more water loss due to evaporation and sweating.

So please drink plenty of water. If you do not feel well, drink more water. For details, read Water For Drinking and Hydration.


4/30/22. An extremely interesting subject is the trophoblast theory of cancer. It states that cancer is caused by a normal cell of the body, the trophoblast, that arises at the wrong time and place.

We are updating and improving the article about the trophoblast. However, I wanted to bring this theory to everyone's attention. If one understands the factors that activate the trophoblast, then one can more easily protect oneself from cancer.

Factors that activate the trophoblast include elevated estrogen, an acidic pH due to low alkaline reserve minerals in the body, toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the body and negative emotions. The development program addresses all of these problems.


4/30/22. Some who are observing the attack on Ukraine believe they have a better understanding of Mr. Putin's strategy. He is moving ahead slowly, but is quite effectively destroying infrastructure and killing people in Ukraine. The slow pace keeps other nations from declaring war and becoming more involved.

Mr. Putin even makes deliberate mistakes and loses men, ships and other equipment to make it look like the Ukrainians are winning. However, they are not winning.

In fact, Mr. Putin has fairly unlimited forces. We have found underground weapons factories by the hundreds all over Europe and elsewhere. So he does not mind losing some men and equipment.


4/29/22. We cannot recommend most fish because they are all too high in mercury and often high in other toxic metals, as well.

However, we recently found a fish preparation that is clean enough to be eaten once a week. It is farmed rainbow trout grown in Chile that comes in a can. We would prefer fresh, but like sardines, canning preserves it and it is cooked when very fresh and cooked correctly.

The brand name is Cole's Smoked Trout. It comes in a gray, 3.2 ounce can and it is quite costly. They have other fish products, but we don't recommend them.

Adults may have one can per week. Children may have less depending upon their weight.


4/29/22. I do not like talking about bad news. However, we all need to focus prayers every day on Ukraine.

The Russians now say they may use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Their attitude is they have them, so why not use them. They also say any efforts of the United States or Great Britain to stop them will be “answered”.

A former commander of NATO, general Richard Shirreff said that all Western nations must gear up for a “worst case scenario” of war with Russia. This has the best chance of stopping Mr. Putin, who only respects power and who so far cares nothing for the lives and property of the people of Ukraine.

Another former NATO commander, admiral James Stavridis, just wrote in a new book that Russia is “on course” for a war with NATO that could go nuclear.


4/28/22. I am told that many more fine matter creatures are being brought back to the earth. We believe this is very positive and we hope it will help stop the Rogue takeover of the earth.

Also, we continue to learn more about the beatings and rapes on earth and how to assist women, in particular, to heal from these. We believe this will help the healing of our planet and all the nations.


4/28/22. We recently heard about a successful healing of cholera. Cholera is caused by a bacteria that usually lives in contaminated water supplies. It causes severe diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration that can be life-threatening. It particularly affects children in underdeveloped nations.

Cholera used to be common around the world and is still a major cause of death in parts of Africa and southeast Asia. It is now rare in industrialized nations thanks to better water treatment methods and much better food cleanliness in these nations.

The remedy. One of our clients contracted cholera and became extremely ill with diarrhea and dehydration, headaches and weakness. He drank over a quart a day of low-potency colloidal silver such as Sovereign Silver brand per day. This is a lot more than we usually recommend.

He also added 10-15 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to this quantity of colloidal silver each day.

As we learn more about this remedy for severe diarrhea, we will report on it.


4/27/22. The war in Ukraine is intensifying. Mr. Putin shot missiles over three Ukrainian nuclear power plants as a warning to surrender. (It did not work.) Meanwhile, Germany and other NATO members are sending heavy weapons to help defend Ukraine.

At least 400 cases of rape by Russian soldiers have been reported, including against children. Captured Ukrainians are being sent to Russia, where they are beaten, raped and brainwashed.

According to the Golden Rule, if we were in trouble we would probably want others to come to our aid. Therefore, we need to help Ukraine.

America, a nation with a powerful military, could probably stop the whole thing by threatening Mr. Putin. However, under the illegal president Biden, America is doing almost nothing. Please pressure the president, your Congressmen and your Senators to take action to support Ukraine.

And at least keep Ukraine in your prayers.


4/27/22. Coffee grounds can be used to enhance the healing effects of coffee enemas. The reason is they contain some nutrients and the carbon or charcoal they contain will absorb toxins.

How to use coffee grounds.

Method #1. You can add up to about one-fourth of a teaspoon of coffee grounds to your enema. The problem is that too much coffee grounds will clog the enema tube.

You may need to experiment. It is best if the grounds are small in size. If your enema tube has a filter on it, you must remove the filter or the grounds will clog the filter.

Method #2. Hold a teaspoon or more of coffee grounds in your mouth while you do your enema. This may sound unusual, but it works.

The nutrients in the grounds are absorbed in the mouth and the body will use the coffee grounds to absorb some toxins. When you are done with the enema, spit out the coffee grounds.

Fertilizer. Coffee grounds also make excellent fertilizer for a garden. So when finished with them, put them outside rather than throwing them in the garbage.


4/26/22. Up to 30% of babies and children at some point develop a rash on parts or all over the body. This rash is a detoxification, not a disease.

The cause. All children are born with toxins from their mother's bodies. Many babies and children will, at some point, eliminate some of these toxins through the skin. This is the cause of the rash.

What to do. Often, the rash is self-limiting. This means it will run a course and then go away on its own when the toxin elimination is complete. For this reason, no medical intervention may be needed.

However, the rash is often itchy and children will scratch it until they bleed. They may also cry, lose sleep, and it is unsightly. So many parents look for answers.

Drugs. Drugs are not much help. Physicians may suggest cortisone creams, but these often do not work well. They are purely suppressive and they are all toxic for the body.

No homeopathy. More recently, even conventional physicians are using homeopathic remedies for children's eczema. We do not recommend this method. The children tell us it is also purely suppressive and does not address the cause.

The development program. In our experience, the development program is excellent to end children's eczema without suppressing it. The program works by enhancing the elimination to get over it faster. Components of the program are:

#1. Correcting the diet. In many cases, the diet is incorrect and either causing or aggravating the rash. Foods that usually make things worse are fruit, salad, wheat, soy, cow's milk dairy, too much grain, and not enough cooked vegetables.

If a baby is breastfeeding, his or her mother needs to pay attention to the same dietary imbalances.

Reducing toxic chemical exposure. Foods. Chemicalized and refined foods add toxins and prolong the rash. They need to be removed from the diet of the child. If breastfeedng, the mother needs to stop these, as well.

Household chemicals. Many babies and children are exposed to detergents and, at times, other toxic chemicals. These are used to clean clothing, bedding, household surfaces such as floors, and other objects children touch. NO DETERGENTS. THEY ARE ALL TOXIC, EVEN THE ALL-NATURAL, FRAGRANCE-FREE ONES. (They also pollute the earth.) Also avoid synthetic clothing that touches the skin.

Use vinegar for most cleaning needs and use plain castille soap for laundry and dishes. We also like a product called Extreme 18X by Naturoli ( or in America 1-877-654-5433). This is a concentrate made of soap nuts. It may seem costly, but very little is required.

#2. Nourishing the body much better. This enhances the child's ability to detoxify through the skin and through all other routes, such as the liver, kidneys and intestines. Thus it speeds up detoxification. We find the main food missing in most children's diets is properly cooked vegetables, which need to constitute at least half of every meal.

#3. Detoxification procedures. These are powerful, yet simple ways to improve the organs of detoxification mentioned in the paragraph above. Used correctly, they can often end eczema very quickly. They are:

A. Red heat lamp therapy. This is shining an incandescent reddish, 250-watt heat lamp on the child's chest, abdomen and/or back each day. Newborns need about 5 minutes daily, and increase to 10 minutes around age 3 months, 15 minutes at age 1 year, 20 minutes at about age 3 or 4, and somewhat longer for older children.

Adults need about one hour daily of the frequencies this bulb and only this bulb emit. Sunbathing is not the same and nor are other lamps. For details, read Single Lamp Therapy.

B. Foot and hand reflexology. This is simple, yet very powerful to balance and heal the body. All babies and children need at least two foot rubs daily. Each foot rub should last for about 5 minutes on each foot.

Rub somewhat firmly. Ideally, get a foot chart such as this one so that you be sure to rub the reflexes to the spinal area (the arch of the foot), the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the intestines. For details, read Reflexology.

Also, learn basic shiatsudo this every day on your child. It is simple but effective massage of the major energy meridians of the body done with clothing on.

C. Twisting the spine. Many babies and children need chiropractic care. This allows nerve energy to flow to all parts of the body, which enhances healing and detoxification.

A problem is that we don't like any professional offices these days. Most are unclean and definitely not safe for children in other ways. The Rogues use them to implant devices in children's bodies and other horrors.

If you visit a chiropractor, don't do it more than needed. Also, never, ever leave a child alone in an examining room. Parents can learn to do basic spinal on their children. For details, read The Twists, Pops, Pulls and Kicks.

D. The Pulling Down Procedure. Children at about age 3 or older can and should begin the pulling down procedure. This is a powerful, yet simple mental exercise in which one moves energy from the head to the feet using visualizations to assist.

The exercise moves subtle energy properly through the body. It is a unique method that promotes healing and detoxification in dozens of ways. Do not substitute other mental methods, visualizations or meditations. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.

E. Coffee enemas. This excellent detoxification and nutritional procedure is somewhat more difficult to do with babies and children. However, it nourishes and helps remove many toxins from the body. Coffee enemas will often help end rashes quickly. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

#4. Balancing body chemistry using the development method. This method increases energy production in the body, reduces stress on the body, speeds up biosynthesis, and assists the eliminative organs.

This method also makes the body more parasympathetic, balances hot and cold forces (also called yang and yin) in the body, increases enzyme strength, and balances the electrical balance of the body cells. It does much more than this, as well, all of which speeds up detoxification and helps clear rashes.

The development method requires properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analyses. For details, read Introduction To Hair Mineral Analysis.

#5. Development. The program above activates genes that are not normally activated in children's bodies. This causes a unique set of changes in the body that we call development.

Development helps greatly with detoxification and all healing. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

Bewaremany nutritionists and physicians now offer similar-sounding programs. Some say they studied with me and know our system. The only practitioners we recommend are those listed on this website on the Find A Helper page.


4/26/22. The reason for this post is because children on the development program will experience healing reactions. Eczema is just one of them. Others are fevers, sore throats, coughs, runny noses, headaches and more.

These are good! However, many parents become upset. This is the wrong response. Please relax!

Remember that practically all symptoms that occur when a child is on the development program are due to healing and are benign. Just do the program and help your child to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible by relaxing yourself. Hugs are also always appreciated.


4/25/22. A number of our clients have an unusual pattern on at least three hair mineral retests, and often more than three retests.

They have a hill pattern on the first four numbers that repeats on subsequent retests. This is unusual because hill patterns are not that common to begin with. To have it repeat over and over is even more unusual.

What is a hill pattern? A hill pattern is formed by two ratios. The calcium/magnesium ratio needs to be five or less AND The sodium/potassium ratio needs to be five or greater.

The hill pattern is also often a visual pattern in which the tops of the graphs on a calibrated mineral chart from ARL have the shape of a hill or mountain.

It will not be visible, however, if any of the mineral levels are so high that the graph goes off the chart. So one cannot count on it as a visual pattern. One must check the ratios to determine if the pattern is present.

The hill pattern is not part of Dr. Eck's program or work. I learned about it after he passed on.

Meaning. A hill pattern indicates “reaching the top of the hill”. It is a celebration and happiness pattern. It is also a freedom pattern, meaning one has options. It is a wonderful indicator. It is also a karmic ending pattern.

Its opposite is the bowl pattern, in which one feels stuck, like a spider stuck in the toilet bowl or sink.

We believe the meaning of a persistent hill pattern is that the souls are very excited about the development program even if the person still has symptoms or a medical condition. For details, read The Hill Pattern.


4/24/22. This post is part of our new series of messages about beatings and rapes. A vital spiritual principle is to ask the Radiant One for assistance – and keep asking.

Most people do not do this nearly enough. Some believe it won't work. Others believe they don't deserve help. Both of these excuses are completely wrong.

Also, you must do the pulling down exercise at the same time that you ask for help. This is a type of fervor that is essential! Otherwise, it won't work.

Many people move energy upward when they ask for help. This will bring to you all sorts of evil. This applies particularly to women. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.

The principle of ask and you shall receive is how life works. If it seems like it is not working for you, usually it is because you ask for what you want, but when you are not paying attention, you ask for the opposite. The pulling down exercise helps train the mind to pay attention at all times.

Biblical references. This message is repeated many times in both the Old and the New Testament of the Bible. For example:

Psalm 34:4
I sought the LORD, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Isaiah 30:19
O people in Zion who dwell in Jerusalem, you will weep no more. He will surely be gracious when you cry for help; when He hears, He will answer you.

Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

Matthew 7:6-8

6 Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.

7 Ask and keep asking, and it will be given to you; seek and keep seeking, and you will find; knock and keep knocking and the door will be opened to you.

8 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

Please read the above passages many times. Begin to ask for help over and over, at home and at work, all day long, and at night when you are awake.

Do not doubt that this method works. It does.

The results may not be what you imagined and the timing won't be yours. The answers may seem unusual or difficult to do. Just keep asking, knocking and seeking - and pay attention to what is occurring in your life.


4/23/22. Most people do not realize a simple spiritual truth: Either one is a slave to the group we call the Rogues, also called Satan in the Bible OR one must become a servant or slave of God.

This is the only spiritual choice one ever has. THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN OPTION.

Why not just do as one pleases? The spiritual understanding is that this is always an illusion. We are always conditioned by our bodies, by the mass media, and by others.

In this sense, human beings are similar to railroad freight cars – they do not have their own engine. They must always be hooked up to a power source in order to move.

Therefore, “doing your own thing” is always an illusion. Even worse, these days when you think you are doing what you want, you are usually carrying out a Rogue agenda. For details, read Serving God To Oppose Brainwashing.


4/22/22. We are finally putting together many pieces of the puzzle concerning the rogue program for the earth and her people. Today's important messages summarize some of this new understanding.

Purpose of the program for the earth. The entire purpose is not yet clear. However, it seems to involve controlling, conditioning, brainwashing and damaging and limiting the brains and bodies of all people.

Methods. These can be arranged according to the 7 system:

1. Physical damage. This involves polluting and poisoning the air, water, food and objects people come in contact with every day.

It also involves introducing certain diseases into the population, many transmitted sexually but also by other routes. It also involves damaging the bodies in certain ways.

2. Emotional and sexual degradation. This involves instilling fear, terrorizing, making people angry, and more.

3. Disempowering and throwing people out of control of their lives. This is done in many ways – physically, financially, sexually, and more.

4. Social isolation and damaging friendships and relationships. For example, people are sternly warned not to tell their friends or family about their beatings and rapes.

5. Damaging marriage and impairing many forms of expression. This is done by enforced silence, spreading sexually transmitted diseases, teaching distrust of parents, men, women and much more.

6. Lies. It also involves teaching a set of carefully crafted lies about the planet, about men and women, about the nature of life, and more. This thoroughly confuses and deceives most people. Examples of the lies are in the next section below.

7. Substituting themselves as our “God”. They use electronic implants and other methods to communicate with people and they jam the natural channels that connect us with our higher self or the divine or holy spirit.


Food and nutrition. They teach that “good nutrition” includes eating fruit, salads, lots of raw food, smoothies, and even sugar and white flour. None of this is true, in our experience. This website contains hundreds of articles about this critical subject.

About the earth. They teach that the earth is just a hunk of rock from an ancient explosion in space. In truth, the earth is alive and was birthed by a much larger living being, and is an essential part of her fine matter and coarse matter body.

The interior of the earth. The mainstream teaching is that the interior of the earth is boiling hot, but this is not true. Many of the rogue operatives and directors live inside the earth and the temperature is very comfortable.

There they have built a large series of tunnels, elevators, apartments for themselves, and rape rooms where they perform all manner of torture and where the screams are never heard.

The souls. They also teach that souls are not real, an enormous lie.

About themselves. Another huge lie is that there is no alien presence on earth. They wish us to believe that the media, the education system, the medical system and more are under human control.

They wish us to blame our all of our problems on human nature, climate change, racism, or bad luck. In reality, there is a “hidden hand of the rogues” interfering with most of our mass media, governments, education system, health care, businesses and much, much more.

Disease and rape are “facts of life”. The medical profession is kept in the dark about the human potential for health and teaches that getting sick and needing drugs and operations is normal and “natural”.

No development. The rogues suppress the truth that all human beings are capable of the process we call development. This is a genetic unfolding of great potential in every person that strengthens the body, extends life and causes the appearance of abilities such as mental telepathy and many others.


4/22/22. At times during the development program, many people experience anxiety, fears, intense anger, hatred, disgust, and depression. We are learning that this is often the result of the beatings and rapes that most people have experienced as babies, children and as adults.


4/22/22. The beatings and rapes we are becoming aware of are deliberately done carefully so as to leave few marks or scars on the bodies of most people.

Marks in the energy field. However, the aura or energy field is full of marks due to the beatings. We did not previously understand all these marks, but their cause is slowly becoming clear.

Some are rape marks, beatings, brainwashing, terror and others.

Lies. The rogues spread lies as to the origin of these marks to confuse those who can see the aura. But slowly, we are learning the truth.


4/21/22. Most women and men have been beaten, and women raped or molested by the group we call the Rogues. The rogues carry out this secret program for at least 25 reasons. We list them in the Rape Planet article.

#1. Most people are unaware of the above. So we are going to discuss it more and more.

#2. Women and a few men are reacting to waking up by skipping parts of the program or deciding the program is no good, or worse. A few are drinking alcohol or taking drugs to dull their feelings.

#3. Most women and men are also unaware of the methods used to make sure they do not wake up. Not only have they been warned not to speak about them to anyone. In addition, special procedures were used to terrorize the women so they would never want to bring up the subject again.

However, the souls very much want the whole mess to be exposed and stopped. They are starting to help women retrace and process their beatings and rape experiences. This is very upsetting to some women, who are having dreams or flashbacks about these experiences. Others just feel miserable, or can't sleep, or experience strange symptoms such as nausea or disgust with themselves.

They tell us “I just don't feel well” when I do this or that procedure, or eat cooked vegetables, or take certain supplements. They think the program is flawed, when in fact it is working. However, they are beginning to wake up and retrace their beatings and rapes.

What to do. It is critical that women wake up and take action to save themselves and our world from the rogue plague. By talking about the subject enough, it will help so we will be doing this.

Fake blood. The rogues intentionally make the rapes and beatings very scary so that you will not want to wake up. For example, they often splash fake blood all over the women.

We learned that the blood they call yours is usually blood meal. They buy it at Walmart or another store that sells plant food. It is dried cow blood. They add water to it to make it look and smell like human blood.

Fake knives. Also, they show you sharp knives and say they stick them inside your vagina or anal area. In reality, they use a different tool that is not sharp or you would be much sicker from it.

Fake penises. In fact, they do not use penises nearly as much as they say they do. They show you a penis and have you feel it. But they really often insert rubber or plastic tubes, or even cucumbers inside you. The point is that some of the beatings and rapes are not as they appear.

Warn your clients. All or our Helpers need to warn all girls and women about our new understanding of the rapes and beatings. We hope this will not dissuade many from starting the program.

We will do all we can to assist everyone to wake up and free yourself from this brainwashing and slavery.


4/21/22. Most people do not love themselves enough. Evidence of this is that they do not eat properly, even though many know that it is best to avoid sugar, white flour, table salt, soda pop and other poor quality foods.

Those who love themselves indulge themselves in a way by taking the time to buy and prepare excellent meals containing properly cooked preferred vegetables at each meal. These people will live much longer and happier lives. For details, read The Food Story.


4/21/22. Meat broths. Do not eat or use meat broths such as chicken broth. They contain mostly toxins from the meat and are not healthful.

Tahini or hummus. This is an essential part of the development diet. Adults need two tablespoons daily of tahini or four tablespoons daily of hummus. It is best eaten early in your meal with other protein foods. For example, one could put some tahini on chicken as a sauce or dressing.

Swede or Rutabaga. Swede is the word used in Great Britain, Ireland and other British commonwealth nations for rutabaga. It is a superb root vegetable that is a special food for development. Please look for it and ideally eat a slice or two of it with each meal.

Some cookbooks suggest cooking swede by first cutting it into chunks and then boiling or baking it for a while until they are soft. We prefer that one slice it into thin slices. This way it will cook quickly, at the same speed as most other vegetables, in a steamer or pressure cooker. For more details, read Rutabaga.


4/20/22. We are learning more about the extremely high-tech and secretive alien group that some call the negs, the trof or the Rogues. The Bible calls them Satan. Hopefully, this understanding will help free our planet from their control.

They are responsible for a lot of chaos, war and horror on earth. For example, they are on Mr. Putin's side in the war in Ukraine and supplying all sorts of advanced weapons.

You can focus on the horror of their presence and their actions. However, there are some lessons to learn that lead some women and men to have protection against them.

A number of our women clients tell us that following the development program, including doing coffee enemas, has caused the beatings and rapes to stop.

For details, read the updated article, Lessons From The Rogues.


4/20/22. The Russians continue a campaign of total destruction in Ukraine. Most people alive today have not witnessed this pure brutality and pure intent to destroy a small nation by a larger aggressor nation. However, it is the sad truth of the history of the world.

The dictators always start the wars because of a sick desire for power and control over others. The democratic nations must stay strong to stop it, and I hope they will.

NATO nations, including the United States, are getting more involved. However, under president Biden, the US is doing very little. The United Nations, as usual, is so far impotent and of no help. The Ukrainians need our prayers and support.


4/19/22. We are continuing to research the all too common beatings and rapes of women, in particular, by the Rogues. We found a home in our area fully equipped with torture equipment.

Equipment included metal frames for tying people up, rods and sticks used to beat people, and a variety of objects used to scare people. These included sharp knives, guns, and various poisons they rub on or force people to drink.

Also found were grease they rub on people, rubber snakes and tarantulas, “fake” blood made from blood meal that they splash on people, electric massagers, and even hair dryers used to burn people's skin.


4/19/22. The American Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has recorded 2,620 fetal deaths following Wuhan flu vaccination. This is more than the total fetal deaths from all other vaccines for the past 30 years!

According to a recent study, this works out to a fetal death rate of 82% to 91%. (reported in Health Freedom News, Winter 2021, Volume 39, No. 4.)


4/19/22. The rate of symptomatic cases of the Wuhan flu in fully vaccinated people has been reported each week in Germany, Great Britain and Israel. In all these cases, the infection rates have climbed and most cases are among vaccinated people.

In America, the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention has identified four of the five nations with the highest percentage of fully vaccinated people (84.3-99.9%) as “high transmission” countries. (reported in Health Freedom News, Winter 2021, Volume 39, No. 4.)


4/19/22. Someone is deliberately spreading false health information in order to confuse people. For example, a new book, Life Force, claims that new breakthroughs in “precision medicine” can transform your life and extend it.

The problem is that a significant amount of information in this large book is incorrect. Yesterday we reported on claims that giving blood is the best way to reduce excess iron and other inaccuracies in a popular online newsletter (see the post below on 4/18/22).

We are realizing that the problem of spreading false information is growing worse. Please beware!


4/18/22. A recent article about iron and copper in a popular online newsletter contains serious errors that we wish to correct.

Number 1. There is good quality iron and bad quality iron. One cannot just talk about iron or copper as though it is all the same.

This is why the development program focuses on diet, and not simply on taking lots of supplements. We are very careful with supplements because most contain somewhat toxic forms of minerals.

Overload with toxic iron is a problem today. Overload with good quality iron does not occur.

Reasons for toxic iron overload are that the body tends to conserve iron and toxic forms of iron are added to many bread products, fast food, other processed foods and vitamin pills.

Also, many of the Wuhan flu vaccines contain a toxic form of iron. In some people, overconsumption of red meat and eggs also causes iron overload because some of the iron in all food is in a toxic form.

Number 2. Giving blood to reduce toxic iron is a bad solution. The best method to reduce the level of toxic iron is the development program. The reasons are:

1. Giving blood causes a lot of nutrient loss. This is the last thing one wants. One loses hundreds of nutrients each time one gives blood.

2. Giving blood does not distinguish between good forms of iron and toxic forms of iron. You give away both when you give blood. Blood contains both of these. In contrast, the development program only causes the elimination of toxic forms of iron such as iron oxide and carbonate. We call these the 'irritant' forms of iron.

3. Giving blood exposes one to infections from needles and blood donor offices. This is a serious problem today. Some years ago, I visited a well-known laboratory to get a simple blood test. Although the nurse opened a “sterile” needle package, I became infected from the needle. It took six months for the infection to heal.

Number 3. We do not find that blood tests for iron, copper, ferritin or ceruloplasm are accurate ways to assess iron and copper metabolism. We wish they were more helpful.

We much prefer the hair mineral test, when performed and interpreted correctly. Measuring the red blood cell count and hemoglobin are good, as far as they go.

For details, read Iron Overload and The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum.


4/18/22. Dizziness or vertigo and other ear symptoms such as ringing in the ears, hearing loss and pain in the ears have several causes. Vertigo causes older people to fall and this leads to many people's death.

The most important cause is a chronic ear infection, usually the result of treating childhood ear infections with antibiotics.

Getting rid of these infections is not easy because the inner ear has poor blood circulation and the infections are subtle. Drugs won't work.

However, the development program is excellent for this purpose. It works very differently than remedy programs by strengthening the entire body, which enables the body to heal the chronic ear infection.

Our clients sometimes complain when they retrace old chronic ear infections. One may experience temporarily dizziness, pain, ringing or hearing loss. However, I tell them this is much better than leaving the chronic ear infection which, later in life, often causes a fall, a broken hip and worse problems.


4/18/22. Food prices are rising mainly because the price of oil has more than doubled over the past year. The problem began before the Ukraine war. High oil prices increase the cost of growing, transporting, processing and distribution of food.

Oil has doubled in price because of the treasonous actions of president Joe Biden of the United States. On his first day in office, he issued an “executive order” cancelling the XL Pipeline Project and cancelled oil drilling leases. This was completely illegal.

More than this, Mr. Biden's entire presidency is illegal because he assumed power while there were pending lawsuits challenging the election results. This is improper procedure.

The Congress of the United States is also guilty of treason because they certified the election results without waiting for the court cases to be decided.

Some are saying that rising food prices are due to the war in Ukraine. This is a factor, but not the main reason for rising food prices. In fact, Ukrainian farmers are planting crops at this time.


4/17/22. The souls of many women are telling us that during their rapes and beatings, women receive electronic implants in their heads. Using these tiny radio receivers, the rogues tell them what to wear, where to shop, what to eat, who to have sex with, whom to marry, and much more.

If women do not obey, they are beaten more. This is the secret life of millions of women.

What to do. Some women report that following the development program, especially with coffee enemas, is protective. We are still learning much about the remarkable effects of the coffee enemas.


4/17/22. Yesterday, speaking on Russian television, host Olga Skabeyeva said about the Ukraine conflict, “What it's escalated into can safely be called World War III – that's entirely for sure”.

This story was reported at Russian television broadcasts are heavily censored. For this reason, the above comment is likely very important to understand Mr. Putin's intentions.

This comment followed the sinking of the flagship of the Russian fleet, a guided missile cruiser, the Moskva. The ship was shooting missiles into Ukraine. It was hit by several Ukrainian missiles and sunk in the Black Sea.


4/17/22. We just added to the Rape Planet article a list of more than 30 reasons for the professional rapes and beatings. The list is near the beginning of the article in the section called Reasons For The Rapes. For details, read The Rape Planet.


4/16/22. Over the past few weeks, we have realized three horrendous truths about planet earth:

1. Almost all, if not all women on earth experience a series of violent, filthy, and thoroughly disgusting rapes, beatings and tortures from the Rogues. These begin about the age of eight. This is a most important breakthrough in understanding the problems of women and of society, in general.

2. Most, if not all children, both boys and girls, experience at least one violent, cruel and brutal beating from the Rogues and usually one or more violent molestation with poisoning and sometimes a rape of the girls. These occur around the age of one to three.

3. Everyone on earth has electronic implants in their heads and bodies, put there by the rogues. The rogues use them to monitor and control everyone to some degree.

These breakthroughs are helping us understand the development program and why it works. Taken together, they for a system of advanced brainwashing, hypnosis and ultimately enslavement of most, if not all people on the planet.

The insights have been slow in coming because amazingly, the souls are terrorized so they won't talk much or even admit they have experienced brutal rapes and beatings. Also, in many cases, the outer person does not remember the details.

This is particularly true of the baby beatings and rapes. The rogues want all women to remember just enough so that they will obey their commands for the rest of their lives. For more details, read The Rape Planet, Rape, Beatings and Healing Rape.


4/16/22. Recently, we have had a number of excellent recoveries from the beatings and rapes that we now believe most people on earth experience. This one occurred in Chase, a seven-year-old boy.

Symptoms. These included attention deficit disorder, sensory processing disorder, blindness in one eye, constipation and continued wetting of the bed. Others symptoms were fatigue and difficulty with all tasks that require concentration.

The development program. Chase began the development program about 3 years ago. He follows the diet fairly well, but does not do the procedures.

Most recent hair mineral test. This shows a four lows pattern, as was present before. The following joy or development patterns:

Working through four lows. This pattern is present when a four lows pattern persists from the previous test to the present test AND the oxidation rate slows down. It is a positive pattern indicating that one is working through the cause of four lows.

Coming alive on the second four minerals. This is an excellent pattern that we also call deep healing.

Out of four lows on the second four minerals. On the previous test, chase had a four lows pattern on both the first and the second four minerals. Now the four lows pattern is only present on the first four minerals.

That is, the four lows pattern on the second four minerals has gone away. This is another positive joy pattern. For details, read Four Lows Pattern.

Nine anchor patterns. Anchors are present when the levels of minerals remain the same or change very little within certain criteria. This indicates a specific type of healing of the brain. Nine of these on one test, as in this instance, is quite excellent and called a wise person pattern.

Right pivot on the first four minerals. This is a visual pattern that is somewhat difficult to describe in a quick way. It is another excellent pattern that indicates a change of mind.

A right pivot indicates a change of attitude or change of mind in regard to oneself. For details, read Anchors And Pivots.

All out or everything coming out. This pattern is present when the levels of at least six of certain minerals all rise on a retest hair mineral test.

In this instance, the levels of 11 minerals rose on the retest. This is superb and indicates an improved ability to detoxify and remove from the body toxic metals or toxic forms of nutrient minerals.

Leaving the cult. This pattern is present when the levels of at least three of certain minerals all increase on a retest. Beatings and rapes often leave a person feeling like they have a yoke around their neck and are not free. This is due to nutritional damage due to the beating or rape.

As toxic metals or toxic forms of nutrient minerals are removed from the body, suddenly the heavy feeling of having a yoke around the neck goes away. It is an excellent pattern.

A three amigo dump. This is an increase in the levels of iron, manganese and aluminum on a retest hair mineral analysis. It is related to leaving the cult pattern and is very excellent.

Toxic forms of these three minerals in the body are highly irritating and cause oxidant damage. Their removal is a milestone for development and much better health. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese, Zinc And Others.

Elevator pattern. This is present when the ratios of calcium to magnesium and sodium to potassium change very little on a retest hair mineral analysis. It usually indicates that a person is not doing the pulling down procedure. Unlike the other patterns, this one is not positive and not a joy or development pattern.

We believe a seven-year-old child can begin the pulling down procedure. He would need to be accompanied by an adult such as a parent.

Five more guide creatures. Beatings almost always result in the loss of guide creatures. We now believe every child or most children on earth experience a brutal rape around the age of one or two from the Rogues. It is done very secretly.

The guide creatures are small fine matter creatures that arrange themselves around everyone's body and help direct the person with wisdom and gentleness. They also help a lot with healing.

Those who follow the development program well will experience the return of their guide creatures. This is a cause for great celebration. For details, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

Symptom changes. Chase's mother reports that there are slow improvements in most of Chase's symptoms. Also, when he goes to a birthday party and gets off the diet his behavior and ability to learn decrease.

The souls tell us that Chase is much better, with higher energy and a better brain. This is true even if he does not feel it too much.


4/16/22. We just became aware of a secret effort to cripple America by hijacking tractor trailer trucks that carry food and other items. The same problem is occurring in other nations.

This is what we know, so far: The bandits all speak Russian. They may use high-tech methods to stop trucks and disable their radios. At times, bandits pose as police and may be men or women.

They usually kill the truck driver, and often destroy the truck and its cargo. The problem is being called a “supply chain problem” when it is really highway robbery. We consider it an act of war.


4/15/22. Thomas Sowell is a wise man among us, one of the greatest minds of the 20th and 21st century. He also happens to be a black man, born into extreme poverty and raised in a single-parent home. Please read the new article about him, The Continuing Importance of Thomas Sowell.


4/15/22. I added to this controversial and important article and welcome feedback about it. For details, read Who Or What Is God?


4/14/22. How one eats matters and matters a lot. The diets of most people are very deficient, especially in cooked vegetables. Please do not let this be your situation, as it weakens the bodies a lot.

We know it takes work to shop for, clean, chop and cook vegetables. However, it seems this is needed at this time. For details, read Food For Daily Use – The Diet For Rapid Development.


4/14/22. I hope the following is true. According to my sources, Ukrainian forces are doing fairly well. The mainstream news services may not be reporting this.

The reason is they have many fine matter creatures on their side. They also have a handful of women on their side who are tuned up and activated, and therefore helping a lot. Women are communicators and are helping track troop movements and guide counter-attacks. continues to be one of the best websites to follow the situation in Ukraine.


4/13/22. We updated a very short article that explains what I am told is the absolute truth about our creator. For details, read Who Is God?


4/13/22. Dear friends, if your toilet is very dirty after a coffee enema, it is because the toilet is not working correctly. Over time, especially in hard water areas, small holes underneath the rim of the toilet bowl clog up. When this occurs, the toilet bowl does not get cleaned when you flush the toilet.

The answer is either to buy a new toilet or one can clean the toilet immediately after each use. If you have a handheld bidet sprayer, this is easy.

One need not buy an expensive toilet. However, plumbers may charge one hundred to two hundred dollars to install a new toilet. Installing it yourself is not too difficult if you know basic plumbing, and there is help online.


4/12/22. Most people don't realize that they have an alien “voice” in their head. It can tease, threaten, tells lies and causes a lot of harm.

Most people also have implants that are electronic stimulators. These give them either pleasurable or painful sensations in the body.

What is going on. The group we call the Rogues have perfected the technology to implant tiny electronic chips or circuits in people's brains and bodies. They do this to millions of people in order to control the behavior of entire nations.

Operant conditioning. The technical name for what they do is operant conditioning. It is a well-known method of psychological control. The rogues just take it to a new level using high-tech electronic implants along with beatings, rapes and other methods.

The implants. The computer chips are radio receivers and transmitters, sensory stimulators, monitors, and can do other things as well.

The rogues usually beam these into people's heads and bodies starting early in life and then moreso during beatings, rapes and at other times. They very rarely show up on x-rays or other body scans.

The rogues use them to tell people what to do, where to go, whom to go out with, how to vote, whom to marry, when to have sex, and much, much more.

Example. Often, the rogues want a woman to get filthed up so she will have sick children. At other times, they want her to marry one of their rapists.

So they send around a rogue operative who asks her for a date. When he shows up, they activate stimulators inside her body that give her incredible feelings of love and sexual pleasure. They also speak to her and the “voice” says, “He is the one.”

The operative also knows all about her because for several weeks they have used another implant in her head to monitor her thoughts and her actions. So he knows just what to say and how to say it to impress her.

She mistakenly assumes he is good for her, and she accepts the date. He may rape her or they turn on the sexual pleasure during the date and she ends up having sex and getting filthed up, and perhaps marrying the man.

Meanwhile, when good men come around and ask her for a date, they activate another stimulator. This one gives her a headache and causes nausea. At the same time, the “voice” speaks to her telling her, “Stay away - he is no good”.

Threats. At times, the “voice” can seem to be your own. However, at other times it can be very nasty and threatening. The “voice” may talk about any subject at all.

What to do. I have the implants. I have trained myself that when I hear a voice telling me something or someone is bad or good, I automatically think the opposite. In other words, I question all such “guidance”. I also question my bodily sensations since I know they can “turn me on” or “turn me off” if they wish.

Then I do the pulling down exercise hard and, at the same time, I try to tune into the Holy Spirit, or God, or the One. I ask, “What is the truth about this situation or this person?”

Often, I ask many times to be sure I am getting the truth. It does not always work, but it helps a lot.

Also, the guides we work with always try to remove these implants from our clients whenever we review hair mineral tests. However, it is often not an easy task. For details, read Implants.


4/12/22. One key to letting go of the past is to focus on bringing in the new you using the pulling down exercise. Only this exercise (and no other meditations, visualizations or affirmations)

- Moves energy correctly through the body in the direction that opens and clears the channels.

- Nourishes the body with healing etheric energy from above only.

- Balances and opens the energy centers and dantiens.

Hints to make it work better. Do not have your hands, arms, legs or feet cross the centerline of the body. Also, keep your spine fairly straight and do not bend your arms, hands, knees or ankles. Also, keep your head straight ahead, not turned either to the right or to the left.

Prayer. Prayer is wonderful but it is not enough unless it is “active prayer”. This is the same as doing the pulling down exercise.


4/11/22. This post is about how to overcome all difficult problems. The answer is not to focus on them, but rather to focus on what you want.

The way to do this is to use the pulling down mental exercise. As you do this procedure, you bring a new energy into the body. Eventually, you completely replace the old you with its traumas, diseases and other problems. It is that simple.

The most amazing procedure. The pulling down procedure is truly astounding. In this post, we will not discuss the technical reasons why it works – but it does.

Most people do not bother with the pulling down procedure. As a result, they miss the greatest benefits of the development program. Healing is slow and development does not occur to any great extent.

How to do the pulling down exercise easily. The key is to find a visualization that works for you. It also needs to be fun and enjoyable.

Try different ones because there is no “correct” visualization. When you understand the exercise you will realize that any of the visualizations presented in the article about the exercise can work.

An example. Lie down comfortably and imagine you are lying in a fast-flowing river. Your feet are against a large rock so you won't move. The water flows from your head to your feet.

Imagine you have a large hole in the top of your head. As a result, the water flows all around and through your body. It leaves your body through large holes in the middle of each hand and each foot.

Now increase the speed of the river until it is a raging torrent. You find it hard to lie still, but you persist as the water flows faster and faster.

Most important, the raging water washes out everything inside and around you that is impure, diseased or unwholesome.

Do this exercise at least two hours daily. The more you do the exercise, the better you will feel. For more details, read The Pulling Down Exercise.


4/11/22. Mr. Putin's military destruction of the much smaller sovereign nation of Ukraine continues. It is vital to realize the horror of what is going on there and throw your support behind Ukraine 100%.

Help out any way you can. Mr. Putin has already taken over two other areas or Europe – Georgia and Crimea. If not stopped in Ukraine, he will do the same to other nations, including the United States if he can. Do not doubt it!

It is the old fight between the forces of tyranny and the forces of liberty, and nothing less. It is a replay of the beginning of World War II, except with much more lethal weapons.

Another difference is that Mr. Putin does not have the support of most of the Russian people, despite his propaganda. Adolf Hitler managed to convince many German people that his military ambitions were for the best.

The Budapest Memorandum. America, Great Britain and Russia signed a treaty with Ukraine called the Budapest Memorandum On Security Assurances For Ukraine (1994). It promised military protection for Ukraine. In return, Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons.

The treasonous and illegal American president, Mr. Biden, is a Russian sympathizer. Though he speaks well, he brings great shame on America by not honoring the Budapest agreement.

Joining NATO. There is a movement to have Ukraine join NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) very quickly, and this would help. NATO is a military alliance of mostly European nations and the US and Canada, formed after World War II. If any member is attacked, all the NATO nations must come to the aid of the attacked nation.

If Ukraine is allowed into NATO, then 30 nations would immediately declare war on Russia. World War III is on already, but it would clarify the truth of the situation.

The United Nations (the UN) does not allow a member nation to attack another member nation. Both Russia and Ukraine are members. However, the UN is quite an impotent organization. Russia, of course, should be thrown out immediately for repeated violations of the the membership rules.


4/11/22. I updated and improved the Rape Planet article. It now describes what we believe is true about our planet – and it is very disgusting.

The rogues control the planet and her people using beatings, torture, rape, poisoning and molestation. It is done very professionally and quite secretly. They use advanced brainwashing methods to keep people from talking about it. For details, read The Rape Planet.


4/10/22. Coffee grounds that are left over when one makes coffee for a coffee enema can help make the enema MUCH more powerful. The reason is they absorb toxins, similar to the action of a charcoal cigarette filter.

Ways to incorporate coffee grounds into your coffee enema: 1. Add up to ¼ teaspoon of grounds to the enema water just before you put the coffee liquid inside yourself. This is excellent.

The clogging problem. The only problem is that if you add too many coffee grounds to the enema liquid, they will clog up the enema tube. To handle this problem, don't add too many and shake up the enema liquid just before you put the liquid inside yourself. This will distribute the coffee grounds more evenly in the coffee liquid.

If the enema tube clogs up, the blockage is usually at the enema tip. Just bang the enema tip in the bathroom sink while holding up the enema bag or bucket. This will unclog the tip. If you think the blockage is elsewhere in the tube, just squeeze all along the tube to break up the blockage.

2. Hold up to one tablespoon of coffee grounds mixed with a little coffee liquid in your mouth at the same time you are doing a coffee enema. When finished with the enema, just spit out the coffee that is in your mouth. If you swallow the grounds or coffee, it is not a problem, but we do not recommend it.

Holding coffee in the mouth is called the Oral Coffee Hold. It is excellent to help move coffee into all structures in the head.

These structures include the brain, nose, sinuses, hair, scalp, eyes, ears, teeth, neck and throat. Doing the oral coffee hold with coffee grounds while doing a coffee enema is highly recommended if you have any problems with any of the structures above. It is also excellent for Head Congestion Syndrome.

In fact, everyone can benefit from the oral coffee hold because enhancing brain activity is needed by everyone today. The brain is also very involved in the process of Development. The oral coffee hold definitely enhances the speed of development.

Cautions. While holding the coffee in the mouth, keep it away from the back of your mouth so you don't choke on it. Also, coffee in the mouth might darken your teeth a little. If you wish, brush your teeth when you spit out the coffee.

Another advantage of this method of using coffee grounds is that the souls will use the coffee grounds to assist you to hold the coffee enema longer. For more details, read the Oral Coffee Hold.

3. Add up to 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds to a vaginal coffee implant. This is also excellent and will enhance the vaginal coffee implant.

Caution. The grounds are somewhat gritty. This can be a little uncomfortable, but it is not too much of a problem.

Washing out the vagina not recommended. After holding the coffee implant with coffee grounds, one may want to wash out the coffee grounds with a little water. This is okay. However, it is best not to wash out the vagina after a vaginal coffee implant because the coffee that is left inside will continue to soothe and heal ad area. So if possible, don't wash out the coffee and grounds.


4/10/22. To make it easier to search for articles, I put the entire list of articles that are on this website in a document. They are in alphabetical order according to their internet address or URL.

Some of the articles are old and need work, so please be patient. Here is the link to the Server List Of Articles. The same link to this list is on the home page of


4/9/22. Patricia is 69 years old. She experienced a series of rapes starting at age 15. These quickly caused an array of symptoms including insomnia, constipation, anxiety, bladder infections, heart palpitations, low thyroid (Hashimoto's thyroiditis), weight gain, hair loss, allergies, food sensitivities, water retention and fibrocystic breasts.

The “visits”. For the past 49 years, Patricia was also periodically “visited” by very large and mean men who all carried a large gun. The man would demand to see her and would proceed to beat and rape her, and then quickly leave. All of them were directed and seemed to know all about her.

It took her a whole day to clean up the blood and greasy substance he rubbed all over her body. Her husband had to step aside and allow these “visits” - about two each year - or the man said he would kill the husband. The perpetrators of these very professionally-done rapes are the group we call the Rogues.

The development program. About five years ago, Patricia read about the development program and began doing some of it. Soon after starting it, she had another “visit”.

However, she has had no more “visits” for the past five years. We believe the program with the coffee enemas, in particular, is somehow protective. It is even possible that doing the program is like doing penance that gives one more protection.

Over the past five years, some symptoms improved somewhat, but none went away completely. However, in the past two weeks, suddenly most of her symptoms are gone or much better!

Most recent hair mineral test. Patty's new mineral analysis has many excellent joy or development patterns:

Working through four lows. This pattern is present on a retest when one remains in a four lows pattern AND the oxidation rate slows down. It is an indicator of progress.

Settling down pattern. The levels of the first four minerals all decreased. This is an excellent joy and development pattern. Usually, one feels more comfortable and relaxed.

Coming alive. The levels of three of the second four minerals increased and the fourth stayed the same. Coming alive is another excellent joy pattern. It indicates more life in the body.

Everything coming out. Nine of certain mineral levels increased on this retest. When six or more of certain mineral levels increase on a retest it is called all out or everything coming out. It indicates much better toxin elimination.

Leaving the cult. When the levels of three of certain minerals rise on a retest, we call the pattern leaving the cult. Patricia says the feeling of this pattern is like lifting a heavy yoke off your neck.

At her first rape, beating and poisoning 52 years ago, she was told, “You are now one of us”. It felt as though someone had put a yoke around her neck. Now this feeling is gone, however.

Eleven anchors. Anchors indicate an improvement in the depth of the sulci of the brain. Seven anchors we call a new brain. Nine or more anchors on one test we call a wise person pattern because there is so much improvement in the brain.

Forward flip of the sodium/potassium ratio. This ratio is very important. A forward flip means that it went from less than 2.5 up to 2.5 or greater. This indicates a better electrical balance of the cells.

Double low ratio pattern. When the ratios of the first to the second mineral and the third to fourth mineral are low, it is called a double low ratio pattern. This was present on the second four minerals.

When a person is following the development program, this indicates that one is retracing and healing an old trauma. Patricia had this pattern on her previous retest and it continued on this retest.

Paralleling. Paralleling is an unusual phenomenon in which two people who live together keep their hair mineral readings very similar over a period of time. This enhances healing.

In this case, Patricia's husband is paralleling with her very closely. We know this because we reviewed his new test at the same time we reviewed her test. He has a number of the same patterns as she does.

The idea of paralleling is similar to what occurs with Down Sex and Down Hugging. There is a blending of the etheric bodies that speeds up healing. A difference between paralleling and down sex is that the former can occur between two men or two women. NOTE: Patty and her husband do not do down sex or down hugging.

Seven guide creatures. Our medical team learned that Patty received seven guide creatures. These are small, very intelligent fine matter creatures that arrange themselves around one's body and assist healing in many ways. They come around based upon merit. One needs to follow the development program faithfully. For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.


4/9/22. A most interesting sleep remedy is breathe hydrogen peroxide all night long. To do this, place a bowl with one-half-inch of 3% hydrogen peroxide from the drug store in it as close to your head as possible when you sleep. The peroxide must be within three feet or one meter of your head when you sleep.

I put the peroxide on a night table that is near my head when I sleep. I tried putting the bowl on the bed itself but I spilled the peroxide and it puts holes in the sheets. I have to refill the peroxide every few days because it evaporates. We welcome feedback about this remedy.


4/8/22. The group we call the Rogues force some earth women to send long-distance messages for them.

Rogue operatives identify teenage girls who have certain personality and other qualities. They are fed certain foods to develop them somewhat. Then a special fine matter creature is brought in and somehow connected to the woman. Then she is told she can send messages deep into space.

The women are raped and beaten until they are so afraid they do what they are told. They also have brain implants that are stimulators. These give them headaches and many other symptoms if they fail to send messages quickly, correctly and clearly.

They are taught techniques to broadcast their messages long distances into space. They are also directed where the messages need to go.

They are forced to eat certain foods and their lives are carefully directed to ensure they will do as they are told. For details, read Rape, Broadcasting and Maturity For Women.

If you are being used in this way the forces defending the earth can stop it. This may help get rid of the rogues.


4/7/22. Thousands of tiny electronic or etheric (not physical) tubes or energy channels run from our heads to our feet. They conduct ether, a subtle energy in the universe, and this nourishes the body. Without enough of this energy, we sicken and die.

The acupuncture meridians. These are nothing more than important groups of these energy channels.

The pulling down procedure. This amazing healing procedure directly opens and heals the body's energy channels. It is very important for this reason. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.

Hand and foot reflexology. This procedure also works with the energy channels. The channels turn around in hands and the feet. For this reason, one can influence them more easily at these locations.

The spinal twist. The energy channels have the most difficulty passing through the joints of the body. The spinal twist procedures make sure the joints are aligned correctly because this enables much more subtle energy to flow through the energy channels.

Poisoning, beatings and rapes. The Rogues use these methods to damage the energy channels to make people easier to control. Malnutrition also damages them.

Artificial life support. Rapes and beatings often cause severe damage to some of the energy channels. This would normally cause a person's death.

However, the rogues have placed implants in most people's bodies that can keep essential energy channels open. After a rape or beating, they activate these devices and amazingly, one continues to live and even to have energy. For details, read Implants.

The walking dead. When the above occurs, one becomes what we call the walking dead. This is the condition of many people today.

The Rogues love it and want all of us to be this way, especially women. This way people are much easier to control, women will go along with sex and rape with anyone, and one does not think very well. For details, read Life Support And The Walking Dead.

The development program. This is the best method we know to restore the body's energy channels and help one to get off artificial life support. When this occurs, one feels much better.

For details, read The Channel System Of The Body and Introduction To Life Support Methods.


4/6/22. Love is not romance or sex. Love is much more. Love is the force of good in the universe and it is power and it is protection. Never doubt this and act accordingly.

Many people think “I must be selfish to get what I need.” This is not loving thinking and it does not work well.

With this thinking, you may accumulate a pile of money, or friends, or a big house. However, much more powerful is to love everyone and want to help everyone.

With loving thinking, you will get much more. You will live a long and happy life free of worry and fear. Even better, you mature and God or the One can use you to carry out projects that are fun and productive and will help establish Heaven on earth.


4/5/22. One of the few websites to discuss the election fraud in the United States is

Russian propaganda. So far, I have not read Russian (really Rogue) propaganda on this site about biolabs. The Russians own hundreds, if not thousands of websites where they print their propaganda.

You can often tell a Russian propaganda website if it mentions biolabs. Another way to tell is if the site is soft or favorable to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I would stop reading such sites at once, even if everything else on them looks good. Otherwise you pollute your mind.

Beware! In reality, the Russian attack in Ukraine is genocide and a complete atrocity.

Election fraud. We have brought this severe problem to your attention many times. We will continue to do so because until it is stopped around the world, the nations are in peril.

Mail-in ballot problems. Not only are voting machines rigged with computer viruses, but mail-in ballots are easily rigged as well. These must end. Sadly, so far I have not read on or other sites about this problem.

Women and voting. Also, many women have been raped and during the rapes are told they must vote liberal or Democratic if they want to avoid another rape. They are also given this as a post-hypnotic suggestion. This is another common type of voter fraud all around the world.


4/5/22. We are also learning that much of the homosexual movement is not “genetic”. It is the result of very secretly and very professionally-executed beatings and rapes.

We knew that some homosexual activity is caused by aberrant body chemistry. However, much of it, we now see, is due to beatings and rapes.

Hitting the leaders. The rogues are “converting” (to homosexual) religious leaders, political leaders and military leaders around the world. They do it to both men and women.

More election fraud. Those who are beaten into the homosexual lifestyle are also told they must vote Democratic or liberal. This is another aspect of the voter fraud problem. For details, read Homosexuality and Why Not Homosexual Marriage?


4/4/22. We know that the diet for rapid development leans heavily toward cooked vegetables. We just learned that one reason it works is that it compensates for a general low sodium/potassium ratio that characterizes our world at this time.

The reason for the low sodium/potassium ratio in the world, we believe, is not our fault. Rather it is due to problems at higher levels of life in the universe, of which we are a part. As a result of these problems, we find we must compensate if we want optimum health and development.

To change our sodium/potassium ratio, the food we eat has a large impact, as follows:

Sodium Foods. We're learning that vegetables are sodium foods. They all contain sodium-raising compounds the body requires. Eating more of them raises the sodium/potassium ratio and this assists healing and development.

Fruit is the potassium food. We find that fruit is not as healthful as most physicians claim it is. One reason is that it is a high-potassium food. This is okay, except that eating too much potassium will lower the sodium/potassium ratio.

This is not beneficial for health and definitely not helpful for development. Therefore, we recommend avoiding most fruit. The exceptions are a few olives per week and green beans, which are a type of fruit pod.

I am hoping this understanding of diet will help us to eat the amount of cooked vegetables we all need at this time to balance our bodies.


4/3/22. Black Salve is an ancient Native remedy used to remove skin cancers and even internal cancers from the body. It works well when used properly.

It is sometimes called a drawing salve because it can draw poisons out of the body. It can also heal many, if not most infections on the skin and some inside the body.

Not a stand-alone remedy. Black salve is sold as a stand-alone remedy. This means those who sell it may tell you it will work all by itself without needing to follow any diet or other healing procedures.

We don't particularly like this advice, but we understand that those who sell the salve don't know about our healing program. In our experience, you will fare much better if you combine black salve with the development program and not other diets or programs. This is what the souls tell us.

An old tradition that is returning. Black salve is part of an ancient tradition on earth that is re-emerging today. Certain souls are returning to the earth and working through specific foods and herbs to bring deep healing and development to the people of earth.

Please give us feedback. Writing about black salve is somewhat difficult because the instructions for its use vary depending upon the product you buy. For this reason, please give us feedback about your experience with black salve. We will add it to the article with the details - Black Salve.


4/3/22. Black salve is an example of the re-emerging tradition of special or protected products on earth. Other examples are what we call the special foods for development.

These are the foods we suggest everyone eat each day. You are not just eating food. You are taking in special souls that perform deep healing on the body.

Coffee. One of the most important special 'foods' is coffee, used in an enema. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

Proteins. The special foods for development include certain protein foods. These are sardines, chicken, lamb, high-quality beef, soft goat cheese and a little goat yogurt. Also, men can have up to eight soft-cooked eggs per week. Women may have up to six eggs per week.

Also, eat about two tablespoons of roasted almond butter daily. Also, eat two tablespoons of roasted sesame tahini daily or four tablespoons of hummus daily (preferably without sweetener or too much lemon).

Overdoing. The balance of the foods is very important, so do not overdo! Eat only a total of four ounces daily for adults of all dairy products combined. Meat is also easy to overdo. Eat only one or two 4 to 5-ounce portions daily of all meats combined.

Among grain foods the main one is blue corn tortilla chips. However, eat only up to eight to ten blue corn chips per meal. We are researching other grains and it appears that a 50/50 combination amaranth and steel-cut oats have special properties, as well. However, eat it only once or twice a week.

Blue corn is far more important. If you don't eat it, you will not move fast with development. We know the chips are greasy and salty, but the oil and salt helps lock in certain nutrients.

Special vegetables. Among special vegetables are fresh and cooked (NOT FROZEN AND NOT SALADS) green beans, rutabaga, broccolini, Brussels sprouts, daikon, orange carrots, all onions including leeks, shallots, and chives, and a few finely-chopped slices of celery.

In addition, each day eat a little finely chopped ginger root and horseradish root. Several times a week have a small slice of golden beets.

Newer additions to the development diet - olives. Each week, eat about two dried botija olives OR 2 kalmata olives that have been marinated in red wine vinegar. The vinegar they are in needs to be eaten as well, as it contains special souls needed for healing. Do not eat other fruit, which we find has a harmful effect on the bodies!

Sauerkraut. Also, each week have three tablespoons of Bubbie's brand of plain sauerkraut, not the spicy one. Be sure to shake the bottle vigorously for at least 20 seconds before eating. If you cannot find Bubbie's brand, other brands of plain sauerkraut may work.

We do not recommend most other fermented foods, which often contain poisonous Aldehydes. The only other fermented foods we recommend are miso and some goat yogurt and soft goat cheese.

Another new food for development we are researching is royal jelly. The best appears to be sold in honey and one eats about one-half teaspoon of this once or twice a week. However, if all you can find is capsules, that is okay, too. Have about three capsules per week.


4/2/22. Roughly, half of our client are dehydrated. This is due to 1) not drinking enough water, 2) drinking the wrong kind of water, or 3) following the dehydration diet.

We find most adults need about three quarts or three liters of drinking water each day.

We know that drinking enough water means you will use the bathroom more often, and many people don't like this. However, drinking enough water is essential for detoxification and rapid development.

What to drink. The types of water that we find hydrate the body the best are carbon-only or sand-filtered only tap water and good quality spring water. At times, one must try several kinds of water to find one that hydrates the body well.

NOTE: Chlorine, fluoride and aluminum added to drinking water are harmful and best avoided. In some nations, one cannot drink the tap water because it is contaminated. For details, read Water For Drinking.

Water to avoid. Water that hydrates less well includes reverse osmosis water. This water also lacks minerals.

We also suggest avoiding distilled water because it is too low in minerals. We also don't recommend designer waters in which someone has started with reverse osmosis water, usually, and then added minerals or other substances. This also does not usually hydrate the body as well.

The dehydration diet. This is when the diet contains sugars, caffeine or alcohol. Sugars includes eating fruit or fruit juices. Caffeine means drinking soda pop, coffee, or regular tea.

Symptoms. The most common symptoms of dehydration are pain in the back, in the area of the kidneys. Others are leg cramps, finger cramps, twitches, and a dry mouth.

At times, dehydration will cause stomach pain or other symptoms. Another symptom is slow development. For details, read Hydration.


4/1/22. In the past few days many women are realizing they have been raped and then brainwashed into believing they have not been raped. It is done very professionally and very secretly.

The aliens. Those who do this are not from this planet. I call them the Rogues. They also torture the bodies by hitting, burning, twisting, breaking limbs or fingers, and much more. This is a big topic we will discuss in more detail in the future.

For example, done properly, the women are less angry, at least consciously. They also condition women to enjoy sex with any man so they are much easier to rape in the future. They do this because the aliens need a certain energy that women give off called yin energy. For details, read Yin Energy.

Secret election fraud. Waking up the women is very important because the women are also told under hypnosis to vote for liberal or Democratic political candidates. It is a form of cheating on elections that must stop!

Voting machines, mail-in ballots and not enough voter identification are bad enough. Adding the secret raped voting instructions are ruining our elections all over the world!! Until all women wake up, we must use some other method of choosing leaders so that we stop choosing the wrong people to lead us! For more details, read How To Influence People Mentally For Mind Control And Manipulation, The Rape Planet, Brainwashing and Hypnosis.


4/1/22. This is a continuation of the message above. To wake up, everyone (including men and boys) must do coffee enemas. Two coffee enemas a day or more, up to four or occasionally five, is best. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

They alone break certain programming. They also greatly speed up healing and Development - (An Introduction).


4/1/22. This is a technical message. I just learned an important reason to eat the foods we call Foods For Daily Use. They alone contain more of a compound called benzoquinone.

If you look it up, parabenzoquinone is just a chemical. But it is much more than this. When activated inside the body by other chemicals, it greatly speeds up healing and development.


4/1/22. This is an ongoing series about getting good guidance. Obviously, if one has been raped and brainwashed, guidance will not be good!

This is why we tell people that the development program is a PATH. It is easier and safer to just stay on the right path and you will arrive, or have a much better chance to arrive at your destination than if you wander around. For details, read The Path Concept.


3/31/22. The development diet, which means the diet that causes the fastest development, in some ways resembles the food laws found in the Bible and other holy books. This may not be an accident.

The moral laws in the Bible certainly help with development. Perhaps the food laws help, as well.

Both systems of diet avoid all pig products, all shellfish, and and the consumption of many other animals.

Fruit. The development diet also avoids fruit except for a few black olives a week and about one green bean per meal. The Bible does not avoid fruit, but begins with the creation story, which includes the story of the 'forbidden fruit'.

Maimonides, a famous man, also discouraged people from eating fruit. Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician, also cautioned against eating much fruit.

Cooking vegetables. The Talmud, another holy book, forbids eating raw vegetables and says one must cook all vegetables.

For details, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use, Forbidden Food For Development and The Biblical Food Laws.


3/31/22. The mainstream media has been reporting on the Ukraine situation fairly honestly. This is out of character for them. However, here are two possible reasons why this war is very important:
1. The Russian aggression reminds any informed person of the beginning of World War II. In 1938, German Nazi forces invaded a smaller neighboring nation. Within a few years a dozen nations were drawn into the war. Some estimate that as many as half a billion people died in that war.

2. The recent Russian invasion reminds one of the Russian attack on Ukraine in 1932-33. The Russian dictator Josef Stalin forcibly removed the people's food and starved between three and ten million people in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people call it the Holodomor. The word means deliberate man-made terror-starvation. It was designed to stop a Ukrainian independence movement, similar to what is going on now.


3/30/22. Red heat lamp therapy is central to the development program. I don't understand exactly why it works, but it is a powerful healing and development method. If you skip this therapy, you will not get well nearly as fast, and perhaps not at all.

Some people know that the same reddish heat bulb is used and known as a “chicken brooder lamp”, as a “reptile lamp”, and has other applications. It works! Please use it every day.

If you use just one bulb, use if for one hour each day. If you use a red lamp sauna, which has three or four lamps, half to one hour is good.

If you have cancer, and most people do to some degree, we recommend spending 2.5 hours a day in a red heat lamp sauna. It is a powerful, safe and simple therapy. Begin slowly and work up to this amount.

For more details, read Sauna Therapy, Single Lamp Therapy and the book, Sauna Therapy For Healing And Detoxification.


3/30/22. What are the agencies? Today, 99% of the “laws” in America and most nations are not made by the representatives of the people, as the American Constitution requires. Instead, they are regulations that have the force of laws. They are made by unelected bureaucrats in dozens of national and state government agencies.

History of the agencies in America. The original and proper method of regulating industries in America was through the use of basic criminal laws against fraud, misrepresentation and negligence. These are the basic crimes. The system worked very well in America for 100 years.

Then, beginning in 1887 (formation of the Interstate Commerce Commission), a new, illegal, unconstitutional regulatory system was put in place. Today, there are 47 national government agencies in the United States and dozens more at the state, county and local levels of government.


1. Unconstitutional and therefore illegal. The Congress of the United States does not have the power to regulate industries within the 50 states. They were only given such power over the territories and possessions of the United States. There has been an intentional confusion of these two roles.

Also, the agencies blatantly violate a basic principle of good government called the separation of powers. This is the idea that the people who make laws should be different from those who enforce them, who should be different from those who judge their constitutionality. The agencies do all three jobs, and this is called tyranny.

2. Great centralization of power and growth of government power versus power of the people. If government grows, the power of the individual diminishes. Always remember this principle of liberty.

3. Unaccountability. Those working in the agencies are not elected, do not take an oath of office to defend the constitution, and are difficult to fire.

4. Full of conflicts of interest. The following is adapted from a website called The Center For Effective Government:

Reformers, (many or all of whom were and are communists and socialists – my comment), spread the idea that “independent” regulatory commissions would bring greater expertise, specialization and continuity to bear on economic problems than Congress could, and would operate in a dispassionate, nonpolitical environment.

However, many regulatory commissions had dual and sometimes contradictory objectives: To control and direct a specific industry and to promote those same industries. It was not long before many "independent" regulatory commissions were being accused of being "captives" of the industries they were supposed to regulate.

In some cases, industries themselves supported the creation of regulatory rate commissions as a way to help end competitive practices.” (THIS IS VERY TRUE – my comment).

5. Easily infiltrated. It is very easy to control an industry if one regulatory agency is in charge. Special interests infiltrated the agencies right from the start. For example, in the case of the Food And Drug Administration or FDA (founded in 1906), there is an excellent book about infiltration of this agency within six years of its founding. This book is The History Of The Crime Against The Food Law by Harvey Wiley, MD.

6. National security threat. More recently, US government agencies have been infiltrated by Chinese and Russians using high-tech methods of brainwashing, rape, beatings, electronic implants and more. This is treacherous and destroying the nations today.

For example, cell phones and cell phone towers are dangerous for your health. Does the agency that regulates them care? Absolutely not!

Similarly, white flour, white sugar, white rice, table salt and thousands of chemicals added to food are bad for your health. Does the agency (the FDA) that regulates food care about this? Obviously not!

Also, vaccination is horrible for your health. Do the agencies that regulate the medical industry care? Absolutely not! (The agencies are the FDA and the state medical licensing boards – both unconstitutional and therefore illegal).

For more details, read The Regulatory State and a recent book, Death By Regulation by Mary Ruwart.


3/30/22. Technically, no. We need and have some good spokespeople.

The spokespeople do not really lead. They tune in fairly well to the ONE, which is very difficult for most people. Then they transmit messages from the One. The spokespeople do not necessarily do this consciously.


3/29/22. The basic procedure. Relax, have your spine straight, and make sure you are not hungry, thirsty, tired, or upset. Then put your attention below your feet and pull down. While doing this, ask your question to the One.

Safety. If you want to be safe, keep asking the One for guidance at all times, and never stop. This is the most important advice for everyone at this time.

The One will tell you where to go, what to do, with whom and why. The One will tell you more than that, such as what is going on with the Rogues.

Who am I? The One will tell you who you are. The One will tell you what to eat and when to do coffee. The One will tell you why, as well, so you are not confused or angry about anything.

Fear. One will also tell you about fear. Fear is a lack of Love. That is all it is. It is not a separate thing. It is a lack. So if you are in fear, then you need to ask the One, What do I need? You will get an answer.

What if you cannot hear the answer? Then you need more of the pulling down exercise and more coffee enemas. These two, more than anything, will help you to hear the truth. The spinal twist also can help, especially if your spine is not perfectly aligned. The One will tell you all this, if you will ask.

Until you can hear the One, do the program – with the spinal twists, twist the fingers and toes, do coffee enemas, eat correctly and do the pulling down procedure and use a red heat lamp one hour every day or less if you use several lamps.

More of the heat lamp is often better because it helps reduce cancer in the body, and all the bodies have some today.

Is the One ever incorrect? Yes. The reason is that the One has many, many humans, creatures, plants and souls to talk to. Therefore, if you have an idea what to do or where to go, it is good to ask the One if your idea is correct.

Ask again. Also, if you tune into yourself and you are not sure about the advice of the One, then you must ask the One again, perhaps asking many times the same question. This is also because the One is very busy.

In the Bible. You will find this exact advice in the Bible. It is in the Book of Kings. It says the Hebrew people, which is all of us today, must have no kings (no leaders).

What is happening today? The same part of the Bible tells what will happen if the Hebrews choose to have leaders. The women will be raped and the men will be beaten and often killed in wars. That is what is happening today, but it need not happen. Just follow the Bible. Tune in to the One and do not have leaders.

Tomorrow's topic. Don't we need good leaders like Mr. Zelinskyy in Ukraine?

NOTE: Anyone who calls Mr. Zelinskyy a thug or a bad leader is on the wrong side, just as anyone who makes any excuse for the Russian attack on Ukraine is totally wrong and stop listening to them. It would not matter if they had 10 million neo-Nazis living in the area (which they don't have).


3/28/22. A logical question is, if development is as good as we say it is, why is it not taught more on earth? For example, why are there not more websites that explain it?

The answer is it is not in the interest of those who control our planet to have it taught. We know this sounds paranoid. However, anyone who searches deeply will find that there are powerful forces on earth that do not want you healthy and well-informed.

In fact, some that we call the rogues want you beaten, raped, sick, fearful and depressed. We recently improved the summary article about this group entitled The Rogues.

Development leads to the opposite of all this, so it is not allowed to be taught widely. Development is taught in a few monasteries and convents, and the Bible definitely teaches some aspects of development. I am not sure why I am allowed to teach it. For details, read Introduction To Development.


3/28/22. A very good organization that we recommend all Americans join is AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens. You don't have to be older to join and they send out a fiarly good magazine.

They lobby for conservative causes and need the support of as many people as possible. For details, go to


3/28/22. Today, Fox News had an excellent story discussing how both Russia and the United States are violating the Budapest Memorandum On Security Assurances For Ukraine (signed in 1994). Here are details:

When the Soviet Union broke apart in 1991, Ukraine “inherited” the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world with 1900 warheads. In an effort to limit the number of nations with nuclear weapons, Ukraine made an agreement to give up all her nuclear weapons. They were given back to Russia (and are probably still there).

In return, America, Russia and Great Britain agreed to protect the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine in case of any military attack against that nation.

NOTE: I do not believe the agreement was a formal Treaty voted upon by the US Congress. For this reason, Ukraine should never have signed the agreement.

Russia grossly violated this agreement by invading The Crimea in 2014 and now invading the rest of Ukraine. The Russians have broken many international treaties in the past and this is just the most recent example.

However, America and Great Britain are also obligated to defend Ukraine and are not doing so to any great extent. This means America and Great Britain are violating the agreement, as well.

Please pressure your representatives to honor the Budapest Memorandum of 1994. One of many websites that explains this in more detail is


3/28/22. The price of gold rose an average of nearly 6% per year over the past six years. It rose an average of 10% annually for the past 20 years.

I am told that gold will continue to do well because gold is not just a metal. It is an accounting system that tracks spending by governments.

We suggest putting one's savings into gold at this time. We think other investments are much more risky.


3/27/22. Suicide is increasing around the world and is a terrible problem. The development program can help both to understand it and to stop it!

Meet Sandra. Sandra is 59 years old. She has been plagued with suicidal thoughts for at least 30 years. Psychotherapy, drug therapy and other methods have not been effective in relieving the problem.

Other symptoms were receding and inflamed gums (periodontitis), arthritis, asthma, allergies, fatigue, muscle pain, weight gain, intense craving for sweets, craving for starches, and at times, no hunger. Other mental/emotional symptoms were depression, fear, anger, anxiety and panic attacks.

An overall view. We will discuss more technical aspects of this case. However, there is another understanding of suicidal thoughts that is very valid.

When one is unhealthy, the cells send negative messages to the brain. They essentially say “We are a mess”, “We need better food”, and perhaps “We don't want keep living this way”. These message influence our thoughts.

As one becomes healthier with the development program, the messages change to positive ones and the thoughts of suicide fade away.

The development program. Sandra began the development program about five years ago. For the first three years, she had more energy, but most of her symptoms improved only slightly.

However, in the past six months, she has noticed dramatic improvements. Her suicidal thoughts are gone, which is the most remarkable.

Most of her other symptoms have either disappeared or are much less. Her gum disease is going away, she is much less depressed and has fewer food cravings. She can now lose weight if she stays on the development diet and she is much less anxious.

Mineral patterns on recent hair mineral tests.

Caring pattern. This is present when two ratios are near their ideal values: the calcium/magnesium ratio near 6.7 and the sodium/potassium ratio near 2.5. This is a spiritual pattern.

Getting help. Our medical team tells us that Sandra received five guide creatures. This is a lot of help!

The guide creatures are small, very intelligent fine matter creatures that align themselves in and around the body. They assist one based upon merit.

This means you will get their help provided you follow the development program well. They know at least a dozen unusual methods to help heal and develop the body.

In our experience, they will not assist nearly as much if you follow other healing or medical programs. However, they sometimes reward any effort one makes toward healing. For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

Coming alive. This pattern is present when all four of the first or second four minerals increase or remain the same. This case is somewhat unusual because:

- The coming alive pattern is present on the new retest AND on the previous retest, as well. We call this a persistent pattern. It is even more intense than if it just shows up on one retest.

- All four of the first four mineral levels increased. This is the most intense way that coming alive pattern can look. In some cases, only one, two or three of the mineral levels increase and the others stay the same. The latter is not as intense a pattern.

- The first four mineral levels increased a lot. This is also more intense. At times, the mineral levels may just increase by one or two mg%. However, all of Sandra's first four mineral levels doubled or nearly doubled.

- The coming alive pattern is present on the first four AND the second four minerals. We call this a double or doubling pattern. It is definitely more intense. It means the pattern is present at a more conscious level AND at a deeper level of existence, as well. Also, all four of the first four AND the second four minerals increased on both the new retest AND on the previous retest, which is even more intense.

This combination of intensity might be called a super coming alive situation. For details, read Coming Alive.

It takes energy to feel feelings. Coming alive indicates better adaptive energy. A principle is that to heal one's traumas requires adaptive energy. This is a basic physiological concept.

A note about fatigue. Fatigue can have many causes when one follows the development program. It can simply be due to biochemical imbalances. However, it can also be due to the process of development and maturing, and to temporary changes that occur in body chemistry as one heals.

Leaving the cult. This is an increase in the levels of a number of minerals that are associated with traumas such as rapes and beatings. This pattern is also intense because many of the “cult minerals” increased AND the same pattern was present on Sandra's previous hair mineral retest.

An amigo dump. This pattern is present when the levels of iron, manganese and aluminum increase or stay the same on a retest hair mineral analysis. We are not sure why, but this is a very positive pattern. Perhaps the reason is that it is a powerful leaving the cult pattern.

Once again, in this case the amigo dump pattern is very intense because:

- The amigo dump pattern was present on the new retest AND on the previous retest.

- All of the levels increased, rather than merely staying the same.

- The levels increased a lot, nearly doubling on all the three minerals.

Intense maturing pattern. Maturing pattern is present when the levels of all or any of the following minerals increase: potassium, nickel, aluminum and copper.

When one follows the development program and these mineral levels increase, it indicates an elimination of toxic forms of these minerals. Many people report feeling more mature when this occurs.

Sandra's newest retest reveals an increase in three of these four minerals, so it is another quite intense pattern.

The pattern is more intense because it was present on the new retest AND on the previous retest. For details, read The Child Minerals.

Seven anchor patterns. Anchor patters are present when the level of a mineral does not change or changes very little, according to specific criteria. One must also be following the development program for the pattern to be valid at all.

Seven anchor patterns on one test we call a new brain because it indicates significant brain improvement.

More intensity. To add to the intensity, on her previous test she had ten anchor patterns. This we call a wise person pattern because of the improvement in brain activity.

Anchor patterns indicate deepening of the sulci of the brain. These are the curves or folds on the surface of the brain. Rapes and beatings tend to flatten these folds and this damages the brain significantly. This is a primary way the Rogues control most women and some men on earth.

All out or everything coming out. This pattern is present when the levels of at least six of most minerals increase on a retest. On this retest, 11 mineral levels increased, making this a rather intense all-out pattern.

All out indicates a great improvement in a person's ability to remove from the body toxic metals or toxic forms of nutrient minerals. It is another excellent pattern.

More intensity. Sandra's previous hair mineral retest revealed 13 all out or everything coming out patterns. All this intensity can be called waking up from the dead OR rising from the ashes.

The souls tells us this is an accurate description of Sandra. The outer person does not feel it all yet, but knows she is much happier and healthier.


3/26/22. We believe Ukraine is an important place in the world because it is over an energy center of the earth. A number of wars have been fought over this territory. Notice the pattern of who is fighting whom.

The Crimean War of 1853-1856. In 1853, the Russian dictator, Czar Nicholas I, invaded the Eastern part of Ukraine, called the Crimea. A number of nations including France and Great Britain intervened to stop the Russian invasion and were successful. However, 650,000 people died in this war!

The Crimean War of 2014. In 2014, the Russian dictator, Putin, viciously attacked the Crimea with a huge army. There was an intentional media blackout about it, so most people know very little about this awful attack.

The Ukrainians fought back, but did not have the support of the rest of the world and the invaders are still there. The Russians have completely ruined the area. Fighting still rages there today, although it is not reported in the controlled media.

Russia sponsors thousands of pro-Russian propaganda websites, so it is difficult to get accurate information. However, an excellent article about this war is at

War in 2022. Today, the same Russian dictator wants to take over and destroy all of Ukraine and is busy doing so. Ukraine has appealed to the United Nations and over 100 nations have pledged troops to stop the destruction of this peaceful nation. American and other international troops are already there, but this is not being reported, either.


3/26/22. Another story of the Crimean War of 1853 involves a very important woman. She worked in a field hospital as a nurse during this war.

Everyone needs to know the story of Florence Nightingale. She was a pioneer of natural healing and an early founder of today's development program.

The world knows her as the founder of modern nursing, but did much more than this. She designed hospitals and wrote a lot about nutrition, lifestyle, and more. For details about her fascinating life story, read Florence Nightingale.


3/25/22. In yesterday's post about coffee enema detoxification mechanism, we omitted a helpful extra method of detoxification.

The preparation enema. Doing a quick water enema before a coffee enema achieves the following:

- It prepares the souls of the body for the coffee implant. This is quite important and assists the efficacy of the coffee enema.

- Helps remove intestinal gas. This can help one to hold the coffee enema for 20 minutes.

- Cleans out the colon. This makes it easier to hold the coffee enema.

- Removes feces that would absorb coffee that should be absorbed by the body.

If possible, use distilled water for the water enema. If you have it, use of distilled water for the preparation enema will cleanse the colon even better. However, using tap water is fine if you llive in a nation that has drinkable tap water.

No need to hold prep enema. Just put water in and then expel.

One prep enema usually enough. Some of our clients do several prep enemas to fully clean out the colon. We don't recommend this because introducing a lot of water into the colon is more yin and not helpful. It also takes extra time.

Another hint for better detoxification - almonds. Eat four almonds just before doing a coffee enema. This signals the body that the coffee enema will follow. It may also help maintain blood sugar, which can decrease due to a coffee enema.

We do not usually recommend eating nuts of any kind. This is an exception.


3/24/22. Coffee enemas are superb for detoxification and for development. Here are ways to enhance the detoxification effects of coffee enemas:

1. Distilled water. Ideally, use at least half distilled water with coffee enemas. Distilled water absorbs many toxins. We don't recommend drinking distilled water for more than a day or two because it lacks minerals. However, for enemas is works well. It also helps extract more nutrients from the coffee.

2. Coffee grounds. It is excellent to have a few coffee grounds mixed in with your coffee for enemas. These act like a charcoal filter on a cigarette, absorbing certain toxins.

NOTE: Too much coffee grounds will clog up the enema tube. ¼ teaspoon is plenty.

Note about holding the enema: If the coffee in your enema absorbs a lot of toxins, you may not be able to hold the coffee for the full 15 to 20 minutes. That is fine. Sometimes it is best to just hold it for 5 to 20 minutes and then do another coffee enema right afterwards. The fresh coffee will absorb even more toxins. At times, this is necessary to feel better.

3. Rub the reflex areas to the liver and kidneys on your hands and/or feet while you hold your enema. This is very helpful!! For details, read Reflexology.

4. Breathe deeply while you hold the enema. This is easy and relaxing. It also helps if you get a cramp while holding the enema. For details, read Deep Breathing.

5. Do your best to relax fully while doing the enema. Make the location warm and comfortable. This makes the body more parasympathetic, which greatly assists detoxification.

6. Shine a red heat lamp on yourself while holding the enema. The frequencies of the reddish heat lamp are needed and will assist detoxification.

Often it is not difficult to clamp a red heat lamp bulb so it shines on your skin while you do an enema. For details, read Single Lamp Therapy.

7. If possible, get a bidet toilet attachment. It is excellent to clean up your bottom when you expel the coffee after the enema. In addition, he water striking the anal sphincter stimulates a powerful reflex system.

Aiming it a little further forward for a minute or two spins the first Energy Center. This is also excellent for detoxification. The bide can do more than this. For details, read The Bidet.

8. Do the Pulling Down Exercise while holding the enema. This means to move subtle energy downward from your head to your feet. You can do this by being aware of your right hand, one finger at a time, as you look straight outward. Do not roll your eyes upward. This is the older method I used.

The other method is to first move your attention below your feet and then imagine a magnet or vacuum cleaner pulling energy downward from your head down to your feet.

NOTE: While holding the enema, do not put your hands together in a prayer position and do not put your feet or knees right together. For some reason, this moves subtle energy upward, which is not desirable.

9. Tilt your body so that your hips are higher than your head. This will help move coffee to the top surface of the transverse colon. This is the reflex area to the brain and to the liver, and greatly assists detoxification of these important areas.

You can do this by putting a firm pillow under your hips. If you are using a massage table or bed, you can tilt the entire table or bed.

10. Do the Open Position Procedure while holding the coffee enema. This will assist detoxification in some people. It involves spreading your arms and legs outward.

This is also a form of psychodrama for some people that is very helpful to help retrace traumas such as rape. To understand this very powerful healing and detoxification method, read Psychodrama.


3/24/22. One issue in the Ukraine War is that Europe and America require oil and Russia has some to sell. Under president Trump, America became independent of Russia and other nations for oil and was also supplying other nations.

Mr. Biden became president illegally because there were Supreme Court challenges to the election that were not resolved. One of his first treasonous acts was to cancel an important oil pipeline project, the XL Pipeline. It was almost completed and stopping it was a completely illegal act in our view.

He also canceled oil drilling permits. As a direct result, the price of oil around the world almost doubled, even before the Russian attack in Ukraine! It sounds harsh, but Mr. Biden needs to be arrested (citizen's arrest) and tried for treason right away.

NOTE: Washington, DC, the once beautiful and historic capital of America, has been turned into an armed camp because the current administration knows they are imposters.


3/23/22. Look up the word holodomor. It means death by starvation in Ukrainian and is related to our word holocaust.

In 1932-1933, Russian dictator Josef Stalin intentionally starved at least four million Ukrainians. It was the crime of genocide.

Sadly, the Russians are at it again. This is one reason the Ukrainians are fighting back against the present Russian dictator, and why they need our help.

This story should be explained by our media. However, they are mostly controlled so the truth is difficult to find.


3/23/22. One of our clients recently had an MRI scan. He was feeling very good on the development program, but now he is very unwell. The problem is the toxicity of gadolinium. This is a toxic metal that is used as a contrast medium to make certain body structures more visible on an MRI scan.

Our client's physician says the gadolinium caused a lung infection. So they loaded him with antibiotics that not only did not work, but made him much sicker. Now they want to do surgery on his lungs.

He finally contacted me. He prefaced it by saying that he knew the development program could not help him and maybe he needs chelation therapy.

My comments. In fact, we have helped others with gadolinium poisoning. For details, read Gadolinium Toxicity.

Our approach is to reverse or undo the situationmeaning to remove the gadolinium – rather than to palliate symptoms with toxic drugs or surgery. This is an important difference between the development program and most other healing methods.

As for chelation therapy, it is dangerous because the drugs are somewhat toxic and it removes good minerals along with the toxic ones. It also does not remove toxic metals nearly as deeply as the development program. For details, read Chelation Therapy.


3/23/22. We are carrying stories about the war in Ukraine because few other media outlets are paying enough attention to this serious conflict. This hospital story has been reported by only one American media outlet that I could find - It is a disgrace.

In most wars, disease, starvation, and other problems cause as much or more death as do bullets and bombs. This war is no exception. Millions of people have been forced from their homes and the weather is freezing. Mr. Putin just seems to want to kill as many people as possible.

The Russians are bombing hospitals and other humanitarian facilities. As a result, there is a great need for hospital facilities.

The first nation that has set up a hospital in Ukraine is Israel. They have opened a field hospital in the Ukrainian city of Mostyska, Lviv region. It is a group of insulated canvas tents.

The field hospital is set up in an elementary school playground. It has 66 beds and 60 staff members. Seventeen tons of hospital equipment were flown from Israel to Poland and then brought by truck to Ukraine. It is costing $66 million dollars, supported by grants from a few Christian and Hebrew foundations.

The hospital can service 150 patients at a time and includes a triage area, an emergency ward, men’s, women’s and children’s wards, labor and delivery facilities, imaging and telehealth technologies, mental health services, a lab, a pharmacy and an outpatient clinic.

Israel has set up hospitals before. In 2010, they set up a field hospital in Haiti, after a bad earthquake. A field hospital was also set up in Japan in 2011 after the earthquake and tsunami. They also set up hospitals in the Philippines in 2013, and in Nepal in 2015.

Israel. Another aspect of this story that few talk about is that the Rogues spread lots of misinformation about Israel. They do this because they hate the Bible and anything connected to it. For clarification, read The Nation Of Israel.

For details, see


3/22/22. At this time, I am told that many fine matter creatures are being returned to the earth. They are being freed from Rogue prisons in space. Some have been there for thousands of years. Fine matter beings can live a long time.

This process has been going on for a few months. We have reported on it before. However, it seems to be speeding up, so much so that it is like an airlift.

These creatures belong on earth and help maintain our planet. So this is a very positive event. For example, they are starting to help limit the war in Europe, among many other activities.

My understanding is that the fine matter creatures are in charge of events on earth, not human beings. Most people cannot see fine matter creatures because their bodies are of a lower density than ours. A few of them that are known on earth are angels, elves and souls.


3/22/22. There is a lot happening in Ukraine. It is a very important conflict between the forces of tyranny and the forces of democracy and decency.

Yet if you go to most news services, even supposedly conservative ones, you will find very little about the war. The exception is, which is pro-Ukraine and has a lot of news stories.

I am told that Russia continues firing rockets and other vicious attacks on Ukrainian cities. Ukraine is holding on and fighting well to defend their nation. Many nations are sending weapons and supplies to Ukraine. Germany is sending a lot of aid to them.


3/22/22. Many people do not know that when Rogue operatives rape and beat women, which they do across the world, they tell the women they must vote liberal or Democrat. The women are extremely frightened, and often brainwashed, so most go along.


3/21/22. Mary is 59 years old. At 15, she experienced several bad rapes and beatings, as have most women on earth. For details about this horror, read The Rape Planet and Rape.

The perpetrators, who are the group we call the Rogues (called Satan in the Bible), put toxic grease all over her body that contained toxic metals. After those incidents, she was always tired and her brain was foggy. She also had back and shoulder pain, depression, nausea and chronic anger.

The development program. Twelve years ago, Mary found the development program. For the first few years, she did not follow the diet too well, although she took the supplements.

She experienced many small improvements but her energy level remained low – until recently. Now she feels much happier, lighter, and has much more energy. All her symptoms have lessened or disappeared.

Most recent hair mineral test. Mary's new hair mineral test revealed the following patterns.

Peak. On the second four minerals, Mary has a very steep hill pattern, which is called a peak. A hill pattern signifies reaching the top of a hill or celebration and is very positive. A peak is even better. For details, read Hill Pattern On A Hair Mineral Analysis.

Hilling. On the first four minerals, Mary has a hilling pattern. This means that she is moving toward a hill pattern. This is also a very positive mineral pattern. This situation is explained in the Hill Pattern article.

All coming out. Twelve mineral levels increased on Mary's new mineral test. This is an all out or everything coming out pattern. When 12 or more minerals increase, the pattern is called I am new again in advanced acupuncture.

This pattern indicates much better elimination of toxins from the body and is very positive. For details, read All Out or Everything Coming Out Pattern On A Hair Mineral Analysis.

Maturing. Mary's new mineral analysis reveals that she is eliminating some of the 'child' minerals. The child minerals include potassium, aluminum, copper and nickel. In our experience, when the levels of any one or more of these minerals increases on a retest, a person often feels more independent and mature. For details, read The Child Minerals.

Leaving the cult. Mary eliminated several of what we call the cult minerals on her new mineral analysis. These include copper, iron, manganese, chromium, lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, nickel and zirconium.

During all rapes and beatings, vital minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium leave the body as part of the fight-or-flight reaction.

In their place, the perpetrators put the cult minerals into the bodies. They do this by rubbing a grease onto the skin, through the secretions of the rapist, and at times, the woman is forced to drink a vial of liquid.

Once there, a woman's thinking is cloudy. The rogues often tell her “you are now one of us”. She may find herself thinking about, wanting and strangely drawn back to more rapes and beatings. For details, read Leaving The Cult Pattern.

Zirconium. Analytical Research Labs does not read the level of hair zirconium. However, our medical team told us that Mary recently eliminated a lot of zirconium. This is very important.

Zirconium is an unusual cult mineral. It seems to make girls and women much more interested in sex and less aware.

Eliminating this toxic mineral is excellent for women. They often report feeling much happier, freer and more 'normal'. It is not easy to eliminate and usually requires some years on the development program. For details, read Zirconium.

Goalpost or window pattern. Mary's new test reveals a goalpost pattern. This looks somewhat like two goalposts on an American football field. It is a positive pattern that indicates a person has reached a goal of theirs. For details, read The Goalpost Pattern.

Four highs pattern. This is a secondary alarm reaction and associated with inflammation. In this instance, it probably has to do with toxic metal elimination through the kidneys that we call kidney stress. This can temporarily raise the level of sodium and potassium in the hair tissue. For details, read Three Highs or Four Highs Pattern.

Weight gain. Mary recently complained of weight gain. The four highs pattern with elevated sodium may be the reason.

Also, whenever the body is mobilizing toxic metals for elimination, it may hold some extra water weight to assist the metal removal. The souls report her weight is decreasing just in the past few days.

Chiropractic helpful. Mary was not feeling well during this elimination until she went for a chiropractic adjustment. Then, suddenly, all of her symptoms improved. This requires explanation.

Mary has received chiropractic care for years. However, we observe that one must continue to align the spine every day because it can lock up or becoming misaligned easily during the development program.

This is why we recommend the basic spinal twist procedure every day. Mary did not do this procedure often enough. Instead, she just visited her chiropractor once a month or so. This is not enough! For details, read The Twist, Pop, Pull and Kick Procedures.


3/21/22. Warning. This post is going to sound scary, but there is hope and many positive events are occurring. We report on it all to keep you informed.

The communist Chinese, in particular, are stealing thousands of companies, buildings, land, and more all over the world. It is part of the 'axis of evil' that is becoming clearer each day.

The axis of evil. Russia is the main military force with at least a million-man army with units all over the world. Iran and other Arab nations are the main ones handling matters to do with the fine matter world.

China is handling economic matters. They manufacture everything imaginable and they have been taking over, usually fraudulently, companies, land, and all kinds of economic resources. They have also infiltrated dozens of government agencies that regulate product.

The rogue connection. All these nations have become stooges for the Rogues, who are aliens. The Bible calls them Satan. This is important to know. Most of the people living in these nations are not the perpetrators of the crimes.

Fraud. Those defending out planet view all this economic activity as fraudulent. The Chinese, Russian and Arab methods often include rapes, beatings, murder, replacing people with look-alikes, implants in the head and other illegal methods.

This has been and is being done very quietly so that few notice it. Things seem okay except products may change according to what the new owners want.

For example, the new washing machines don't clean the clothes very well. The new cars spy on you and cost too much.

The internet companies such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and hundreds of others now blatantly censor anything and anyone they don't like. The colleges and even elementary schools no longer teach traditional values. Now they teach critical race theory, systemic racism, gender dysphoria and other lies.

Solutions. We don't like to report negative news. However, this is the situation and more and more people know it. In the event that this axis is defeated, which we hope will occur, there will be a need to redistribute the world's economic assets to the people of the earth.


3/20/22. One needs to be very clear in one's moral position regarding the war in Ukraine.

The people of Ukraine, a rather small and weak nation, were not and are not threatening the existence of Russia. Therefore, there is no moral justification for invading and bombing millions of innocent people and destroying their lives and billions of dollars worth of property. This behavior is wholly unacceptable and is called genocide.

This is a completely different issue from whether you like Ukrainians versus Russians, or whether there is corruption in Ukraine, which of course there is all over the world.

I am shocked that some of our readers don't understand the above. There is something dreadfully wrong with their moral compass and they certainly don't understand the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.

The same situation exists in regard to the nation of Israel. One may not like Hebrew people. If so, don't marry one or don't buy their products. However, calling for the destruction of their nation, as some do, is not morally acceptable. They are threatening no one.


3/20/22. Young people are taught in the sick, corrupt American schools and the lying media that America is racist. Some even teach the nation should be destroyed. The truth is that America is the least racist nation in the world.

More racial and ethnic groups live close together in harmony in America than anywhere in the world. This fact is called the melting pot, and it is the truth. So-called “systemic racism” and “critical race theory” are completely false.


3/19/22. I am told that Russian forces have attacked the Northeast tip of the USA. The news is not being reported. Mr. Biden is the real traitor for not opposing Mr. Putin.

The Russians use advanced beaming technology to steal weapons and men from the armies of the Western nations that oppose him, and have been doing so for some years.

The Russians also have very advanced laser weapons, disruptor weapons, digging machines and more given to them by the group we call the Rogues. There is very little reporting of this. They are also using atomic bombs, exploding them and cloaking them above Ukraine to “soften up” the opposition.

Fortunately, there are also unusual forces opposing the Russians. They include many fine-matter creatures such as angels. One cannot see them but they help out. To read about fine-matter creatures, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.


3/19/22. I am told that Mr. Putin has effectively kept from the world the presence of huge amounts of forces he brought to Ukraine on cloaked ships and lots of forces underground. He is using enormous advanced laser digging machines to tunnel under Ukrainian cities.


3/18/22. Love is real, and is the force that unites people all over the world and stops dictators in their tracks. Never doubt this. Stay in a loving vibration at all times and consciously send out this energy to heal the world.

For details, read Self-Love, Kinds Of Love According To The 7 System, How To Love According To the 7 System, Love As Radiance and Meaning Of the Letters L-O-V-E.



Broadcasting. A key benefit of development is that one will automatically have more of a positive influence on others. It is an important reason to remain on the development program and do more of it.

Why this occurs. One's influence grows because as one develops, one's aura or etheric energy field expands. As it does so, it touches more people until it is so large it will touch everyone on earth.

Also, as one develops one's power or voltage increases. This is an increase in the density of the etheric body or energy field. As a result of these two changes in yourself, you become a more powerful force in the world.

You become less of an effect of others or victim and more of a cause.

Learning to radiate. The above occurs naturally as you do the pulling down exercise and follow the development diet and supplement program. You can also consciously learn to radiate energy outward. This is a wonderful activity because it helps others, yet can be done at no cost and from the safety and privacy of your home.

An exercise. A simple and powerful exercise to learn broadcasting is to sit or lie down comfortably. Imagine a powerful light bulb in the middle of your chest. Imagine it is shining light out to the world in all directions. Make the light shine brighter and brighter. This is wonderful training for broadcasting.

For details, read Broadcasting, Women And Broadcasting and Maturity For Women.


3/17/22. This post will sound very unusual. Please keep an open mind.

Summary: I am told that our planet is located inside an enormous, female, fine-matter being. More specifically, we are located in the area of the pacemaker of her heart.

The group we call the Rogues want control of the earth because they want control of the pacemaker of the heart of this large being.


The biological concept of the universe. The idea that outer space is alive is called the biological concept of the universe. Some astronomers believe in this theory.

Most astronomers think that our universe with its stars and planets originated from an explosion. This is called the big bang theory.

However, some astronomers say that the arrangement of the heavenly bodies does not support this theory. They say it makes more sense to believe that the planets and stars were created by a birth process, just like our bodies give rise to various structures. This is the biological concept of the universe.

Meet our local creator. The being in whom we are located says she is very large and very old. Her name is Aram, (emphasis on the first syllable).

She is about a million times the size of our planet and a few trillion years old. Fine matter beings have few size limits and they live a long time.

Her name means one who loves.

The local creator. She gave birth to our planet and the others in our solar system, along with the sun. In this regard, she is our creator.

However, she was given life by an even larger male and female couple who go by the name of The Father.

Is it male chauvinist? She says this sounds male-chauvinist, but it is not. The male being of the couple provides a spiritual spark of life and the female then gives rise to the body. This is true of all species everywhere. To emphasize the spiritual nature of life, she and others use the male word Father.

Love. She also wants us to know she loves us totally and unconditionally. So unconditional love is real and does exist. It is the love of the creator (no capital c because she is not the big Creator).

Sickness. She also wants us to know she is not well. She has a disease that you call Satan in your Bible (or that we call the rogues). It is severe and there is a fight at this time for her life. She appreciates all our help, and our love for the planet. It helps.

The cause of the disease is a faulty lifestyle and diet. She says she is working to correct this. We will see if it is enough to save her.

Enough. She says this is enough information for now. She knows it is hard to imagine, but it is true. Just remember you are loved always and totally by your creator

Seeing her. We cannot see the large being of which we are part for two reasons:

1) She is made of fine matter. This is less dense than our coarse matter bodies and most people cannot see fine matter.

Angels and elves are fine matter beings. Some people – mostly young girls - can see them, but most people cannot see them.

2) She is so large that if we could see her, we would only be able to see a tiny part of her and not her entire form. However, there are souls and creatures in space who can see at very long distance and they tell us that we are indeed in the heart of this large being.

Implications for the earth. If we are part of a large being, one might ask, what do we do for her? What is our role or job?

Communication. The answer, I am told, is that human beings, when healthy, are excellent communicators. We are capable of advanced speech (unlike the animals). Also, some humans can do long distance mental telepathy.

The pacemaker of the heart continuously communicates with all parts of the body. It does this to decide how fast and how vigorously the heart must beat to move the blood properly throughout the body.


3/17/22. In yesterday's post (Case History-Leukemia) I mentioned that if one is following someone else's healing program, then the hair mineral patterns are often not accurate. I will elaborate:

There are two main types of patterns on a hair mineral test: 1) Those that appear on an initial test and 2) Those that can be discerned only from a retest because they require a comparison of two mineral tests. (There is a third type of pattern, which we call a progression. It requires comparing three or more successive hair mineral tests.)

Regarding initial test patterns. If a person is not on any healing program, usually the initial hair mineral patterns will be accurate.

If one is on someone else's healing or medical program, the diet, supplements, herbs or drugs of the program may influence the initial hair mineral readings.

It would help to stop other programs before getting an initial hair test with us, but it is not required to begin our program.

Regarding retest patterns. These are only valid if one is following the development program set up by one of the Helpers listed at Find A Helper. If one is on someone else's program or no program, then the retest hair mineral patterns are usually not valid.


3/16/22. Kristin is 65 years old. Ten years ago she was diagnosed with chronic lymphatic leukemia or CLL. It is a disorder of the nuclei of the bone marrow cells that produce white blood cells or lymphocytes. We will use these two terms interchangeably in this post.

When this part of the bone marrow becomes toxic with certain copper and other toxic compounds, the body cannot produce effective lymphocytes. To try to keep up the activity of the immune system, the body then produces many more lymphocytes. This is okay, but does not solve the problem of the toxic bone marrow.

The condition not only causes a high number of white blood cells. It often impairs the production of other substances in the bone marrow.

CLL is considered a blood cancer. Things go from bad to worse and usually the condition kills the person after a number of years.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is a very important condition that is quite common in older people today. Physicians often fail to identify it because in its early stages it produces few symptoms. One may have an elevated white blood cell count, but even this may not be present early in the condition.

If physicians find it, they use standard cancer drugs to slow down CLL. However, the drugs only slow the progress of the condition. They do not heal it.

NOTE: With the development program, we don't need to diagnose and we don't do it. It is technically illegal to diagnose if one is not a licensed medical or other physician.

Instead, we put a person on a Path that will slowly improve most health conditions.

Latent or sub-clinical conditions. In fact, many of our clients over the age of about 30 have the beginning of leukemia and dozens of other serious health conditions. They are filthy inside! (Now you know why the development procedures, especially coffee enemas, are so needed.)

We don't discuss this because it would just cause alarm. It would also cause many people to run to doctors for toxic chemotherapy and other medical procedures. We find these are not needed if one follows the development program.

These conditions are called latent or sub-clinical. A problem with medical and natural health care is the difficulty finding these conditions until they are fairly advanced. By then, it is more difficult to correct them.

In contrast, the development program begins at once to address latent and sub-clinical health conditions that most people have.

The development program. Kristin found the development program two and one-half years ago. She was told the program might help the CLL if she follows it carefully and adds a few items to the program.

The extra program for Kristin. If one has a diagnosis of CLL, it means the condition is advanced. This is one of the rare instances in which knowing the diagnosis helps us. In this situation, we recommend a more intense development program.

The additional protocol. This is 2-4 coffee enemas daily, 1.5 to 2 hours in a red heat lamp sauna daily, and three extra EPA-DHA capsules daily.

For some months we recommend no red meat and no eggs. Both these foods are high in a dangerous form of iron for these people. We also suggest three or four cups of taheebo tea from, and no glandular products.

In addition, for Kristin we suggested the Budwig protocol (but not the Budwig diet). We do not recommend this for everyone and must check with the souls of a person to see if it would be helpful.

This is quite an involved program, but that is what is required to reverse this more advanced degenerative condition of the body.

Improvements. Kristin reports: “More energy, and my arm and shoulder pain improved. I am happier and clearly enjoy life and relationships.” She also wrote down many fewer symptoms than on past retests.

Most recent hair mineral test. Kristin's new hair mineral test revealed the following:

Coming alive. The levels increased of three of the first four minerals (calcium, magnesium, and sodium) on the ARL hair chart. The level of the fourth mineral, potassium, remained the same.

When all four of the first or second four minerals (iron, copper, manganese and zinc) on an ARL hair chart either increase or remain the same, it is called a coming alive pattern. It is very positive. The numbers rise because there is more life in the body. For details, read Coming Alive Pattern On A Hair Mineral Analysis.

Out of four lows. Kristin's body chemistry had been in a four lows pattern ever since she began the development program. Four lows is also called 'two feet in the tunnel of death'. Emerging from four lows is another excellent joy or healing pattern.

Forward flip of the sodium/potassium ratio. The ratio of sodium to potassium changed from 1.75 (low) to 6.5 (elevated). This is called a forward flip of this ratio. It is a very positive joy pattern.

On the development program, all ratios have meaning. One of the most important is the sodium/potassium ratio. It indicates the electrical balance of the cells, something that is most important with CLL. It also indicates improvement in the immune response.

Often, one's attitude also improves when this ratio improves. It indicates much more, as well. For details, read The Sodium/potassium Ratio.

Eleven anchor patterns. Anchors indicate a special type of healing in the brain. The folds or ridges of the brain or sulci become deeper. A person becomes more able to think clearly and deeply. One also may develop special abilities.

An anchor pattern is present when the level of a mineral remains the same or varies only slightly on a retest. This is unusual, but seems to be related to the healing of the brain sulci.

Kristin has eleven minerals with this pattern, which is excellent. It is one reason she is happier. We say she got a brain. For details, read Getting A Brain, Brain Fog and Anchors and Pivots or Twists.

Rape and the sulci. The cause of slightly flattened sulci of the brain can just be nutritional. More commonly, it is due to trauma such as beatings and rape.

We find that most all women have been beaten and usually raped. We discuss this horrible problem in The Rape Planet and Rape articles.

All or almost all women (not yet sure about men – as of 2/17/22) on earth are subjected to disgusting beatings and rapes, usually beginning in early childhood. They seem to be random, but they are thoroughly professional and conducted by the group we call the Rogues.

Their operatives can look like junior-high school boys, old men, and even school girls who trap a girl in the school bathroom and beat her. Do not send girls to school! We cannot say this often enough.

Beaches. Rogue operatives often use beaches to molest and later to rape girls and young women. We suggest avoiding bringing little girls to the beach unless the girl stays very close to several adults all the time!

Too often, mother or father fall asleep at the beach. The rogues can even signal parents to go to sleep and signal the girl to move away from her mother.

Everything coming out. Kristin has another excellent pattern that indicates better elimination of toxic substances from the body. It is an increase in at least six of certain minerals (not zinc). Kristin's levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium, copper, chromium and selenium all increased on this retest.

Right twist or pivot. On the first four minerals, the first three increased while the fourth remained the same. Visually, this change looks like a twist to the right.

A twist to the right indicates an insight and change of mind about oneself. Kristin's souls say this definitely occurred in the past three months. She is happier and more content with her life.

Left twist or pivot. On the second four minerals, the first one decreased. The second, third and fourth minerals remained the same or increased. Visually, this is a twist to the left.

A left twist pattern indicates an insight and change of mind about someone else. Kristin's souls report that this occurred, as well, in regard to her children.

Twist patterns are excellent healing patterns provided that one is following the development program. If one is following someone else's program, none of the mineral patterns may apply.

I will elaborate on the above statement. If a person is not on a healing program, often the initial hair test patterns will be accurate. However, if one is on a healing program, the program can influence the readings.

Inflammation. The elevated sodium/potassium ratio indicates an inflammatory process in Kristin's body. This is an important stage of healing of CLL.

Trauma retracing. Kristin also has a double low ratio pattern on the second four minerals. This indicates a deep retracing of a trauma.

Poor eliminators. Very low levels of iron, copper, cadmium and manganese on this retest tell us that Kristin is not done with her healing. The low readings indicate an inability to remove toxic substances from the body.


3/16/22. Regeneration of the liver is a priority with the development program. Milk thistle, a common garden herb, can help with this task.

We now recommend that adults have one-fourth of a dropper of milk thistle tincture from Nature's Answer once daily. It must be the tincture that says 'Low alcohol'. Children need less, depending upon their weight and size.

About milk thistle. Milk thistle as an herb that helps regenerate the liver. This is due to its nutrient content. It is a source of good quality selenium, iron, copper and manganese.

Milk thistle also contains a set of souls that can assist one to decide which development foods and how much to eat. For details about the liver, read The Liver And Its Problems and Steps To Liver Detoxification.


3/15/22. I am told that implementation of the 5G phone system has been stopped, at least for now. The thousands of satellites it requires are not in the sky. The rogues are trying to put them up there.

This is important because earth has certain shields for protection against intruders. Satellites, even the ones we already have, damage the shield system. The ones we have are the GPS system, the satellite television system, military, cell phone and other satellites. For details, read 5G.


3/15/22. Our clients in Finland report that people are driving cars to the Ukraine-Poland border and perhaps other borders and picking up stranded women and children. It is a long drive - a day and a half or longer. We thank you!


3/15/22. I am told that the Russians are having a few problems. The people of Ukraine are supposed to just roll over and give up.

However, it is not occurring. In fact, the entire world is taking up the Ukrainian cause and supporting them.

This even includes Chinese, Russian and some Arab people. Their nations are not able to keep the war quiet. They are able to talk with friends in other nations and some can visit websites such as that discuss the real news.

I am told that much of the war is being fought underground. The Russians have up to 100 destructive projects in progress underground in Ukraine.



The planetary. Every true planet has two large, fine matter beings inside of it called the planetaries. It is a couple – a male and female being who are soul twins. For details, read Soul Twins.

The energy centers. The planetaries of the earth have seven physical energy centers along the midline of their bodies. We have these centers, as well.

There is no word for these energy centers in our language. Some call them the chakras, a Sanskrit word that has found its way into our language. This word means the funnels the Sanskrit language.

Indeed, the energy centers look like spinning funnels. The spin is extremely important to maintain the integrity of the earth.

The Rogues, who control the Russian forces, want this energy center badly damaged. This will make the earth easier to control. The rogues are having some difficulty taking over the planet and so they are risking a world war to damage this area of the earth.

More about the third center. The third center is the will center. On a human being, it is found near the belly button or navel. It is your “gut” and gives you 'gut feelings'.

It is also a power center. In some languages it is called the hara or power center. Some consider the third energy center to be the center of the body and this is true, in some ways.

It is associated with the adrenal glands, found just on top of the kidneys. The adrenals are your stress glands. They also produce many essential hormones to the body.

So you can see that this conflict is about more than just territory.


3/14/22. I am told the Russians have advanced technologies to capture enemy soldiers and equipment. They brainwash the soldiers and repaint the equipment and use the enemy's personnel and equipment against them.

Also, they continue to use banned weapons in an attempt to kill as many people as possible. Fortunately, the fine matter creatures of earth and others are joining in and are helping to minimize the loss of life. This is frustrating to Putin, who is a killer.

Also, the war is widening. More reports are surfacing about Chinese troop movements in Asia. They are moving convoys through Tibet toward India, another democratic nation. Also, Mr. Putin has asked China for military help in Ukraine.

There are also reports of Arab convoys in the Middle East moving in the direction of Israel. Fortunately, Israel recently found a lot of stolen equipment and men in a prison area in Saudi Arabia and has taken them back.


3/14/22. We worked more on this article, adding a few more topics. For details, read The Vagina.


3/14/22. All the article on our website and this newsletter go through a fact-checking and a rating process.

If an article or post is not over 99% accurate and if it is not over a certain rating level, it does not remain on the website. Newsletter posts do not go up unless they also meet these criteria. Some day, this system will be applied widely to articles and news stories around the world.


3/13/22. I am horrified that the Russian socialist dictatorship continues its barbaric, genocidal attack on a much smaller, democratic nation. Be very clear - Russia was not provoked or threatened by Ukraine in any way except that it offers liberty for its people. A good website to read that reprints various news items is

The Russian war criminals are using filthy weapons such as vacuum bombs and cluster bombs that violate well-established rules of warfare. I am also told the Russians are using nuclear or atomic weapons, but the news is not reporting it.

Russia is a member of the United Nations, but is completely violating their rules not to attack another UN member.

America used to intervene in such conflicts to help stop them and preserve the sovereignty of all nations. As an American citizen, I am very ashamed that the present (and illegal) government is doing very little to stop the conflict.


3/13/22. Martin just turned three years old. He was born with a learning disability and other developmental delays. This became worse after he received several vaccinations. This situation is extremely common today.

The development program. Martin began the development program about two years ago. He eats cooked vegetables three times daily and he eats most of the foods on the development diet.

He eats no fruit, no salad, and no junk food except a little fruit and bread served at a day care center where he spends some time daily. He also takes supplements, gets two foot rubs and sits in front of a red heat lamp every day.

Healing developmental problems. The development program is quite unique in its ability to heal developmental problems of infants and children.

This requires deep renourishing of the body and balancing body chemistry. It also requires deep removal of several dozen toxic metals that many babies and children are born with today.

Toxic metals are passed on to babies through the placenta from the mothers' toxic body. This is a problem for all young women today.

Mineral patterns on Martin's most recent hair mineral test.

Out of four lows. Martin was in a four lows pattern on his previous test, but not on this retest. Four lows means the levels of the first four or second four minerals are all equal to or lower than their ideal levels.

Four lows is an exhaustion pattern that is sometimes called “two feet in the tunnel of death”. Many children today are in this situation at age two or three! Leaving this pattern is very good. For details, read Four Lows Pattern.

Coming alive. This pattern is present when all four of the first four or second four minerals on an ARL mineral chart remain the same or increase. Martin has this pattern on the first four minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium). It is excellent an indicates better overall health. For details, read Coming Alive.

Settling down. This pattern is present when all four of the first four or second four minerals remain the same or decrease. Martin has this on the second four minerals – iron, copper, manganese and zinc. The second four minerals are a deeper level of the body.

Settling down is also called 'coming home'. It is primarily a nervous system pattern in which the person is more relaxed and parasympathetic. This is one of the important goals of the development program because healing occurs best when the body is most parasympathetic.

Zinc is still at 5 mg%. Zinc is absolutely required for growth and development of all life forms. It is a spiritual mineral, as well, needed for higher brain centers to function properly. Criminals always have less of it.

Martin's zinc level is very low. This is associated with developmental delays, learning problems and other developmental problems of childhood.

NOTE: Some physicians use replacement therapy and would give Martin a large amount of zinc to improve the zinc level. In our experience, this does not work.

In fact, it would make the hair zinc level move lower because it would further unbalance the sodium/potassium ratio, which is already low. Instead, the product Limcomin is a formula that contains zinc along with copper, manganese and other nutrients. It works better to cause the zinc level to rise. For details, read Zinc.

Maturing. This is present when the level of any of the 'child minerals' increases on a retest mineral analysis. These are potassium, aluminum, nickel or copper. A higher level indicates greater elimination of these minerals through the skin and hair.

We have observed that when these minerals come out of the body during a development program, often the person reports the brain works better, one is able to function more independently and feels more mature. For details, read The Child Minerals.

The oxidation rate increased. Martin had a slow oxidation rate. This is not normal for a three-year-old child. The retest indicates a faster oxidation rate, which is more normal for a child this age. For details, read Fast Oxidation.

Eight anchor patterns. Anchor patterns occur when the level of a mineral remains the same or change only slightly. The criteria for an anchor varies with each mineral.

Anchor patterns indicate better 'folding' of the sulci of the brain. This is a particular type of improvement in brain functioning.

Martin has eight minerals with the anchor pattern. We call this situation 'a new brain' and it is excellent.

Two twist or pivot patterns. Twist patterns are present when the direction of movement of the first or second four minerals on a retest visually appears like a twist or turning to the left or to the right.

For example, let us imagine that on a retest the first two minerals (calcium and magnesium) increase and the second two minerals (sodium and potassium) decrease. This indicates a slowing of the oxidation rate.

However, it has another meaning. If you draw a line across the tops of the mineral graphs and compare the old and the new tests, the line twists to the right. This is a right twist or right pivot.

Twists indicate an insight and change of mind. Left pivots primarily have to do with other people. Right twists have to do with oneself.

When twist patterns appear on both the first and second four minerals it is called a double pattern. Doubling of any mineral pattern strengthens the pattern. Martin's souls report that Martin has a much better understanding of his family in the last few months. For details, read Anchors And Pivots or Twists.


3/12/22.This is an awful subject to have to write about. However, there is much confusion on the subject and it is a critical matter at this time.

Legal definition of a war crime: A war crime is an act that violates the international laws, treaties, customs, and practices governing military conflict between belligerent states or parties.

Summary. The leaders of Ukraine and many others have called the behavior of Mr. Putin's army war crimes, crimes against humanity and/or genocide – all of which are illegal.

If one conducts a war, which can theoretically be for one's defense, as Mr. Putin claims, there is a more humane way to do it. This method is established in international law.

The method is to target military installations such as weapons and weapons factories. At the same time, one must be careful to leave the civilian population alone.

Mr. Putin has said that his goal in Ukraine is to remove the present leader and government. In its place, he wants to install a leader and a government that are more friendly to his nation.

However, events in the past few days make it clear that Mr. Putin is doing much more than his stated goal. He is committing atrocities against innocent civilians. This is the definition of a war crime, crime against humanity or genocide.

His crimes. These include bombing a children's hospital and stopping about 400,000 Ukrainian refugees from reaching safety outside the country. Intercepted messages from Putin to his commanders indicate he wants the refugees to starve or freeze to death.

Cluster bombs. Other crimes against civilians are the use of weapons forbidden by international treaties because they mainly harm civilians, not military targets. Mr. Putin uses cluster bombs that deliberately spread small pieces of metal or shrapnel far and wide, far beyond military targets. This deliberately kills civilians and has nothing to do with military targets.

Vacuum bombs. Mr. Putin uses these horrible weapons. They create a very high temperature blast, as hot as an atomic bomb. They mainly kill people, not military targets such as a warplane or a factory. This weapon is also forbidden by some international treaties.

NOTE: Vacuum bombs and atomic bombs kill, in large part, with heat. If you happen to look in the direction of an atomic bomb detonation from hundreds of miles away, it will burn out your eyes.

Again, what is the proper way to conduct a war? The proper way is to target military installations, but not the civilian population. The civilians are innocent people who usually have nothing to do with the actions of their government.

Example: The Israelis are very careful about this because they often accused of war crimes when they defend their nation. When the Israelis discover that a home or other civilian building is being used to store or fire weapons into Israel, they place a phone call to the home or building.

They announce that this building is being used for war and will be bombed at a precise time. They ask that anyone living or working in this building leave to avoid their death. They document the date, the time, and with whom they spoke.

This is the proper way to conduct military campaigns. Mr. Putin is not conducting the war in Ukraine this way. He is doing the opposite, deliberately targeting civilian housing, hospitals and more.

NOTE: Militaries have access to cell phone numbers. This is an outrage because the public is not given this access. In the past, you could just look up people's phone number in the phone book, but not any more.

History of the concept of war crimes. Human culture on earth has at times been very violent and cruel. Starting in the 1800s, standards for conducting warfare were established.

The most famous war crime trial was the Nuremberg Germany trials of the Nazi leaders after World War II. Their crime was the holocaust or religious genocide against the innocent Hebrew population in the German-occupied nations. There have been about a dozen other war crime trials.

For a decent, short overview of the concept of war crimes, we suggest reading a recent article from USA Today:


3/11/22. Conditioning and brainwashing are alive and well on earth! That is what we are learning. We now believe that everyone is somewhat affected by this disgusting activity of the Rogues who have been on earth for the past 20,000 years.

The rogues use a number of methods to prepare the bodies and then implement brainwashing. Preparation includes damaging all the food and water on the planet, and lying and scaring people (such as the present activities of the Russians in Ukraine).

To implement brainwashing they use beatings, rapes and terror tactics such as holding a loaded gun to a person's head. This is all done quite secretly, professionally, and thoroughly.

The development program is one of the best ways that one can oppose brainwashing. Here is why:

The development program restores hundreds of nutrients to the body.

The development program, more than any other activity we know of, brings back the guide creatures. The guide creatures are very intelligent and powerful fine-matter creatures that surround bodies and protect and guide them.

Beatings and rapes cause them to leave the area of one's body. Losing them makes a person stupid and unable to make good decisions. It is a key to brainwashing. Bringing them back opposes brainwashing.

For details, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures. Also, there is a description of them in the Bible in Ezekiel 1. For details, read The Vision Of Ezekiel.

The development program is the best method we know to remove thousands of toxic substances from the body safely and deeply. Rapes and beatings filth up the body with diseases and open the body to toxic metals.

Coffee enemas have a powerful effect of breaking programming. The coffee souls help out and some of the chemicals in the coffee help as well. Drinking coffee might help a little, but not much.

The mental part of the development program – learning and living the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule – also oppose brainwashing.


3/10/22. History is repeating itself in Ukraine. Mr. Putin is just the latest dictator to start a war.

This fact is not taught much today, so I will summarize what has been going on for the past 100 years:

Japan: In 1910, the emperor/dictator of Japan invaded Korea and ruled this nation until the end of World War II.

Germany: In 1914, Kaiser Wilhelm II, the dictator of Germany, started World War I.

Russia: In 1917, the socialists under Lenin took over Russia in a bloody war that killed nearly a million people.

Germany, again: In 1938, Adolf Hitler began World War II by doing exactly what Mr. Putin is doing today – invading his neighbor. This war cost an estimate of half a billion lives.

Japan, again: On December 7, 1941, the dictator of Japan attacked the United States, killing thousands of Americans at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Russia, again: (1945-1965) Some say the greatest mass murderer was the Russian leader, Josef Stalin. He started out as an ally of Hitler. Then Hitler turned against him.

When World War II ended, instead of taking his army home, Stalin attacked his neighbors and took over some 18 nations. In Ukraine alone, he starved at least 9 or 10 million people.

Arabia. In 1948, there were over a million Hebrew refugees from Nazi Germany and other European nations who had no place to go. The new United Nations voted to set up a new democratic nation called Israel for the refugees. It is a tiny strip of desert the size of New Jersey, USA (0.2% of the land area). It sounded like a good plan.

The day after its formation, five much larger Arab dictatorships declared war to destroy it. America intervened on behalf of Israel and the nation was preserved. Since then, the Arab dictators invaded about another six times to destroy this tiny place.

NOTE: Wikipedia contains a complete lie about this war. In its entry on the 1947-1949 Palestine War, they write: https://en.wikipedia.orgwiki › 1947–1949_Palestine_war, The war culminated in the establishment of the State of Israel by the Jews, and saw a complete demographic transformation of the territory the Jews occupied, with the displacement of around 700,000 Palestinian Arabs and the destruction of most of their urban areas.”

THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE. There were few Arabs living in the area and many remained there and are there today. There were few any urban areas and the Hebrew people did not destroy any urban area.

Mainland China. In 1949, dictator Mao Tse Tung led a communist revolution in China. He killed between 49 and 78 million people when he imposed a socialist/communist government there.

North Korea. In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea in a very bloody war. North Korea was supported by the communist Chinese and communist Russian dictators. South Korea was supported by the United Nations and a 21-nation UN force led by the United States.

Vietnam. Communists in North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam in 1955. The war lasted 20 years and killed over 2 million.

NOTE: The internet is full of lies about rapes by US soldiers. The American and Israeli armies are prohibited from raping anyone, unlike most of the world's armies. For example, when the Russian army entered Berlin, Germany at the end of World War II, they immediately rounded up German women and 'celebrated' by raping them all. For details, read Rape.

Cambodia, Laos, and Grenada: These nations also saw socialist/communist-led invasions during the twentieth century.

Russia, again, in Cuba. In 1958, with Russian support, Fidel Castro took over the island nation of Cuba, murdering many people.

NOTE: A very common lie on the internet is that Castro overthrew the “brutal dictatorship” of Fulgencio Batista. THIS IS COMPLETE LIE. Life was not that bad under Batista. It is terrible under the Castro brothers.

If you don't believe this, ask the many Cuban refugees who live in the United States. Many are still fleeing this communist hellhole, often risking their lives in small boats hoping to reach the United States – about 90 miles from Cuba at the closest point.

There was a botched attempt to get rid of Castro organized by the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It failed because the CIA sent in 1000 Cuban exiles while Castro had a 30,000-man army. Also, the American president, John Kennedy, refused to openly support the effort.

Russia, again. In August, 2008, Russian dictator Putin invaded and took over the nation of Georgia in Eastern Europe.

Russia, again. In February, 2014, Russian dictator Putin invaded and took over the Crimea, a part of the nation of Ukraine.

We hope you are getting the picture of recent wars and how it is repeating itself today.

NOTE: Another prominent lie on the internet is that the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) “dissolved” in 1989. It did not. Anyone living there will attest to that fact. It was weakened, but its principles remain to this day and the Russian dictator Putin has considerable power over many of the nations of Eastern Europe.


3/9/22. I continue to notice that the clients who do coffee enemas make considerably faster progress with development. The reason seems to be a combination of nutrients found in coffee and its ability to detoxify and remove toxins from the body. For details, read Coffee Enemas.


3/9/22. Many people in America spend a lot on health insurance. A lower cost alternative that I used for about 10 years is a Christian sharing program.

It is technically not an insurance program so it is less bound up with government regulations, but it works well.

You don't have to be a church-going Christian to join, although they will ask you to have three people send them emails that you are a moral person. I joined one called Medishare or visit a clearinghouse agency, ChristianPlans.


3/8/22. The following is rather shocking and very upsetting. We want to report it now, but we are researching it further.

So far, asking about 100 women in America and a few in Europe, ALL have experienced rapes and beatings.

Also, in all cases, the beatings and rapes began early in life, often around age four to seven.

NOTE: Some are not concsiously aware of this. The information came from asking a number of souls inside the woman and not from asking the outer person.

Shocking. If true, this is shocking for many reasons. First, it may mean that all women are not just raped, but in a way trafficked. Trafficked means beaten, as well.

Second, it means the Rogues, who are the perpetrators, are much more organized than we thought. They literally know every girl and woman.

Third, it means that our planet is under siege in an unusual and rather gruesome, awful and cruel way.

Fourth, it may mean that the entire planet is enslaved, at least to a degree.

NOTE: Our medical team has not asked as many of the souls of men if they, too, have experienced beatings. However, from what we know, many boys and men have experienced vicious beatings, as well.

Implications for relationships. If the above is true, it would contribute to problems between men and women. Women are very angry and have trouble trusting men.

The men may suspect something is wrong with women, but very few women want to talk about it. It appears to be another instance of the old military tactic of divide and conquer. For details, read The Rape Planet, Rape, Beatings and Human Trafficking.


3/8/22. In the past several weeks, the price of gold has risen more than 10%. This is due to inflation and the war in Europe.

Our guides say the price of gold will rise higher and they recommend it as an investment. One can buy gold coins or put money in a gold stock fund, GLD. One can also buy the stocks of gold mines, but that is much more risky. A website that tracks gold is


3/7/22. This is a very important post. Each of the following aspects of the development program require work and bring great rewards. I also believe it is the only weapon that will work against the current and planned attacks on many nations. Here are the seven levels (based on the 7 system):

1. Physical. This includes eating properly, taking supplements, rest, gentle exercise, sexual habits and other aspects of lifestyle.

The opposite: not paying much attention to your diet, supplements, rest, exercise, or sexual habits.

2. Emotional. This includes simple emotional control, but more so working with your attitudes and beliefs to limit those that lead to negative emotions and to encourage or cultivate those that result in joy, happiness, laughter, and other positive emotions.

The opposite: allowing the mind to go negative or to dwell on harmful emotions such as blame, resentment, anger, guilt, fear, sadness or grief.

3. Ego or lower will level. This includes controlling the ego self and channeling its energy in healthy directions. In spatial terms, that direction is downward, as in doing the pulling down exercise.

The opposite: allowing the ego to run your life. This is always Arrogance and can take many forms, such as a focus on money, a focus on your appearance, a focus on being sexy, or a focus on taking advantage of others to get what you want.

4. Social. This includes taking care of others. Some of our articles say it means just associating with others, but it is more. This part of the program is to realize you are not alone here and we are here to take care of each other.

The opposite: This is selfishness or uncaring about others.

5. Teamwork and all work. This is partnerships and work in the world. It is very helpful for one's mental health and to get rid of blemishes on the souls. It can be done from home.

The opposite: This is laziness.

6. Brainwork. The sixth energy center is in the head. This aspect of the program is to learn, understand and apply brainpower to your program and to all aspects of your life.

The opposite: This is mental laziness, which results in a mechanical and superficial way of doing things.

7. Connection with the higher self or divine. This is working on your relationship with your higher self or God. Ways to do this are to pray a lot, have conversations with God or your high self and your souls, and think about God or your relationship to your Source or Creator.

The opposite: A materialistic belief system and focus of your life. It means a lack of spiritual qualities in your life such as faith, hope and love.


3/7/22. We are learning that women, when mentally healthy, have interesting powers. They can literally stop a tank or aircraft, and some are doing it in Ukraine and elsewhere.

We think this is a deep secret that we want everyone to know about. It is quite wonderful. It also helps explain why the Rogues rape and beat all the women that we check. Sometimes it is done mentally or 'virtually', but it affects all women, so far.


3/7/22. A petition is circulating to get rid of voting machines. These machines are simple computers that can easily by hacked or attacked by computer viruses. We must get rid of them (along with mail-in ballots). Until we do, there are no fair elections.

Please sign the petition at:


3/7/22. Remember, if you care for yourself, do not carry a cell phone around. It is a weapon of amazing power to monitor you, condition you and destroy you.

A real example: The rogues can tell from the cell phone in a girl or woman's pocket that she has not been raped and beaten sufficiently. She is not afraid enough and might be hard to control.

From the phone, they also know where she lives, works and travels. They can even talk to her and tell her where to go to meet her rapist.

The above is not fiction!! Do not carry these phone around. If you need to call 911, borrow someone else's phone.


3/7/22. If you want to see good video coverage of the Ukraine situation and protests in Russia, go to: and Another good site is


3/6/22. While the main purpose of the New Earth Newsletter is to spread excellent nutrition, we find ourselves having to explain a very confusing world situation. This post is one example.

To a degree, the activities of the Russians in Ukraine is a distraction. I am told that two other fairly large military operations are underway.

Toward India. I am told that China is moving large convoys of military equipment through Tibet, heading for India. India is a Western-style nation, like Ukraine, with a moderate government. They tend to be an ally of Western Europe and free nations around the world.

Iran. Also, Iran is moving military convoys (mostly Russian weapons) through Saudi Arabia toward Israel. Israel is another Western-style nation that usually votes in the United Nations with Western Europe and the United States.

These are the areas of the world to watch, not just Ukraine.


3/6/22. Most people overcook meat. This definitely slows development. Poor quality meat needs to be cooked thoroughly to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites in the meat.

However, good and excellent quality meat has much less bacteria and other filth in it, so less cooking is required. Overcooking destroys a number of critical nutrients in meat.

We believe a Rogue plan is to make all meat of poor quality. This forces people to overcook it, which harms our nutrition and slows development.

Buy quality meat. This is possible in many nations. You will pay more, but it is worthwhile if you can afford it. Lamb is particularly excellent to eat at this time.

Cooking meat properly. For ground lamb, the method we recommend is braising. Form the ground lamb into patties about ½ inch thick. Then place the patties in a pan that has about ¼ inch of water in the bottom.

Cook on one side until the edges turn gray. Then turn the patties over and cook for 5-10 seconds or less. The meat is now ready to eat.

It should be quite raw in the middle, but not cold. It takes some time to get used to the taste and consistency of meat cooked this way, so be patient with yourself. For more details, read Cooking and Food For Daily Use.

If possible, buy fresh meat rather than frozen. We are finding problems with all frozen foods.


3/6/22. Retouched photos. I am told that most photos of Mr. Putin on many websites and on television have been retouched. This is an old trick of dictators to make people think he is a good person when he is not. Let us explain how this works.

The energy field. Photos, either taken with a traditional camera or a television (electronic) camera, capture not only a visual image. They also reveal the image of the person's energy field or aura.

While most people cannot consciously see the energy field, they are aware of it and it affects their judgment of a person, place or situation.

I am not too developed, so I don't see energy fields. However, several of our medical team and many of the trillions of fine matter creatures who are arriving on earth easily see energy fields around people.

Mr. Putin's real energy field. The medical team tells me the real energy field of Mr. Putin is very dark, ugly and repulsive. Older photos reveal this.

Recently, in photos of Mr. Putin, his energy field has been replaced with a rather beautiful aura – that of a sage. This adds a lot of confusion in people's minds to the conflict in Ukraine.

The anti. He also has a mark in his energy field called an anti. Some would call it an anti-Christ. It is a psychopath and military dictator. Some people know that Mr. Putin's former job was as the head of the Soviet secret police, the KGB.

Photos of Mr. Putin also usually show him well-dressed, clean and relaxed. I am told none of this is accurate. I am told he is a filthy, stressed man who is a killer.

Evil on earth. The same is true of the leaders of China, Iran and two other nations – North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Mr. Biden in the United States is not good, but his energy field is not quite as bad as the leaders above.

I am told the rogues wanted an even more evil president for the United States. However, someone protected the nation from the worst scenario of total dictatorship, at least for now.

Meanwhile, the energy field of Mr. Zelenskyy, president of Ukraine, is quite nice. It is one of the best among leaders in the world. For more details, read The Energy Field or Aura.

Website addiction. I urge everyone not to spend a lot of time reading websites. It easily becomes an addiction. Too much of the information is wrong, and you can't tell who really owns the websites. Instead, do an extra coffee enema or other healing procedure.


3/5/22. I suspect someone is deleting a few emails from our email list. If you have been deleted without your permission, please try to let me know.


3/5/22. The guides reviewed hair mineral tests in Romania and Czech Republic today. They asked many people about the situation in Ukraine.

Stalin is back. Everyone said the Russians are attacking just like in the 1950s when Josef Stalin took over Eastern Europe by force. In that horror, many historians say that Stalin murdered more innocent people than anyone else in history, even more than Mao Tse Tung (about 70 million).

The Bio-labs. They also said there are no bio-labs and no Nazis in Ukraine. That is pure propaganda – a Russian specialty. In fact, the Ukranians are among the most Christian and finest people in Europe.

Nuclear terrorism. Today, Russian troops attacked, set on fire and took over a Ukrainian nuclear reactor - the largest nuclear plant in Europe.

Its nuclear material is enough to make plenty of bombs. Fighting over nuclear plants is one the worst problems with nuclear power.

Atomic safety experts said “a war fought amid nuclear reactors represents an unprecedented and highly dangerous situation”.

These plants are now in a situation that few people ever seriously contemplated when they were originally built,” said Edwin Lyman of the Union of Concerned Scientists in Washington. "No nuclear plant has been designed to withstand a potential threat of a full-scale military attack.”

Another world war? The Russian aggression reminds one of events in 1938. In that year, Germany attacked the neighboring nations and no one stopped them.

Many people think the Czech Republic, the first nation Hitler destroyed, is next on Putin's list of targets for destruction. The people of Prague, Czech Republic are very worried.

Shutting down free speech. Also today, Mr. Putin shut down Facebook, Twitter, and American and British news in Russia. He said the only news will be the government's point of view.

The golden rule. To me, particularly disgusting is the response of NATO and my own nation, the United States. The golden rule is to treat others as you wish to be treated. If the US were attacked, we would want others to come to our defense, so we need to do the same for Ukraine.

A hopeful note. So far, the Russians have not completely taken over Ukraine. Over one million people are now refugees trying to leave Ukraine. However, some people from other nations are going to Ukraine to help fight the Russians.

What you can do. It may sound strange, but you can help a lot by healing and developing yourself by doing more of the development program. This helps by changing the energetic quality of our world from one of sickness toward one of better health.

We also suggest pressuring the American and other governments to take military action immediately against Russia. Economic sanctions are not enough.

I am told so far the American sanctions are mostly fake. Mr. Biden, who took power illegally in the United States, is a Russian sympathizer who needs to be removed from office. We have written about this in earlier posts.


3/4/22. I have received some emails stating that I am on the wrong side of things and that Russia is the good guy and Ukraine is an evil place.

My guidance is that Russia is good old communist Russia. They are master liars and they fund thousands of websites full of propaganda and lies. They want to re-establish the old Soviet Union and Ukraine is not going along. The fighting has nothing to do with bio-labs or Nazis.

Also, it is obvious that the Russians do not love the Ukrainian people. Millions of Ukrainians are fleeing their country for their lives while the Russians blow up government buildings, hospitals, schools, apartment complexes and more.


3/4/22. The article about the vagina has a lot of new and very exciting information in it. It now discusses the vaginal rings and the communication buttons. We think everyone will find it interesting. For details, read The Vagina.


3/3/22. I am told that the Ukrainian people are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support for their fight. They appreciate any and all help!

A subtle but powerful way to help Ukraine is to do more of the development program, especially the diet. By healing and developing, you change the vibration of our planet, making attacks such as the current one less possible.

This is just one way that developing yourself helps. Another way is by agreeing to be connected to a projection creature. Our guides say more readers have been connected – about 30, so far, of the 60 of you who have agreed to be connected. There are no negative side effects and there are many benefits.

The United Nations. Russia needs to be expelled from the United Nations at once (not just kicked off the security council or a committee). If the United Nations cannot take this action, we fear it is a completely impotent organization.

So far, the United Nations does not follow their own rules in the case of the Palestinians. They continue to attempt to destroy another UN member nation, Israel. So we are not too hopeful about the ability of the United Nations to act properly in regard to Russia.


3/3/22. Thank you for the suggestions of news websites. I have not checked them all, but an excellent one is


3/3/22. A new type of man-woman relationship is to have as the focus of the relationship the desire of both partners to develop. To understand development, read Introduction To Development.

This is a research topic. So far, the main requirements for very rapid development are:

- The couple must do down hugging or down sex often, preferably three times a week or more.

- For the fastest development, the woman needs to fall asleep during down hugging or down sex.

- Other standard relationship factors matter much less or not at all, such as age and appearance.

For more details, read the new article, Development Relationships.


3/2/22. I want to introduce a word and concept that is central to development. It is a whole system behavior of all living beings or living systems.

TELEOLOGY can be defined as the love principle or life principle. One could say it is the will or desire of living systems to survive and thrive.

You may also read that it means the concept of goal orientation. In the field of ethics, it means judging or discerning based upon results, not upon process.

For example, life has goals. The first one is to survive. Others are to survive better or thrive, and another goal of life is to do what we call to develop. For details what this means, read Introduction To Development.

A second example. Murdering and injuring innocent people and destroying their property and possessions in Ukraine does not appear to advance the teleology or healing intent of life. So we condemn it and it needs to stop.

NOTE: Some destructive processes are necessary in life, such as destroying damaged and mutated body cells. In society, destruction of property is needed when an old building is no longer safe to use and cannot be easily fixed.

This might be called creative destruction. So it is not that destruction is always bad. Destruction can be part of life. However, destroying innocent people and good quality buildings in Ukraine does not seem creative or helpful to life.

For details, read Trusting The Process Of Development and Teleology.


3/2/22. I'm looking for an excellent source of news about Ukraine and other matters on the internet. If you have a suggestion, please let me know. Newsmax looks pretty good, but I would like other suggestions.


3/2/22. I hope I am wrong. However, my information is that Mr. Putin is using nuclear-tipped missiles in Ukraine. This would make him the first person in history to loosely use such horrible weapons that filth up the entire world.

History: Two A-bombs were used by the United States to end World War II. However, this was done only after much deliberation and discussion about what would be the fastest way to end the very deadly war that was dragging on in spite of many efforts to end it.


3/1/22. Development science uses the concept of metabolic typing to help assess a person's state of health. It is a very powerful concept that greatly simplifies assessment and correction of the body.

Based upon glandular activity. The metabolic typing we use is based upon glandular activity, especially the activity of the adrenal and thyroid glands. As one moves through the stages, one’s ability to adapt or cope with stress diminishes.

NOTE: Standard medical, natural and holistic health care does not use metabolic typing. We think this is one of their big problems. For details, read Metabolic Typing.

Typing systems used in development science. Three systems of metabolic typing are used in modern development science. They are:

- The oxidation types proposed by George Watson, PhD.

- The stages of stress proposed by Hans Selye, MD.

- The ancient acupuncture and taoist idea of yang and yin.

How the metabolic typing systems correlate with one another:

- Fast oxidation corresponds to an alarm stage of stress. This is also a more yang condition of the body.

- Slow oxidation corresponds to the resistance stage of stress and a more yin condition of the body.

- A four lows pattern on a hair mineral test corresponds to the exhaustion stage of stress. It is also an even more yin condition of the body.

NOTE: Dr. Eck believed that slow oxidation probably corresponds to both the resistance and exhaustion stages of stress.

Qualities of each metabolic type. In fast oxidation, alarm stage or more yang, the body is warmer, more moist, with a slightly higher temperature, slightly higher blood pressure, slightly higher blood sugar, more frequent bowel movements, more sweating, a more ruddy complexion, with larger moons on the fingernails and toenails, and no sanpaku (eyes rolling up into the head).

Fast oxidizer personalities tend to be more extroverted, anxious, and shorter in height with a more stocky build. They also tend to carry more weight on the upper part of the body.

In slow oxidation, resistance stage or more yin, the body is cooler, less moist, with a lower body temperature, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, a tendency for constipation, less sweating, a more pale complexion, with smaller moons on the fingernails and toenails and often a sanpaku look (eyes slightly roll upward).

Slow oxidizer personalities are more introverted, with more of a tendency toward depression. The body may be taller with more weight on the hips and legs.

In four lows, exhaustion stage and more yin, the glandular system is more deranged and physical characteristics are not as clear. To some degree, the person is in a type of shut-down sequence.

Each metabolic type or stage can vary, however, depending upon one's nutritional state, toxic conditions of the body, presence of infections and other health conditions, and genetic tendencies. For details, read Fast Oxidation, Slow Oxidation, Four Lows Pattern, The Stress Theory Of Disease and Yin And Yang.


3/1/22. Russian dictator Putin announced today that he is putting his nuclear weapon forces on high alert. This reminds me of the situation when I grew up. We had regular air raid drills both in our town and in school.

The willingness and desire to control and destroy the bodies and property of innocent people is a deep sickness that needs to be stopped. This is part of Marxism, communism and socialism.

Precautions. Besides their immense destructive power, the problem with nuclear weapons is that they spew toxic ionizing radiation all over the planet. This radiation kills every living thing on the planet.

(NOTE: This is why nuclear power generation is a most insane technology that is not needed. It is very dangerous at every stage – mining uranium, transporting uranium, power plants that can be bombed or sabotaged, and storing spent nuclear fuel for 50,000 years. I am very sad that many conservatives endorse nuclear power.)

In case a nuclear weapon goes off anywhere in the world, here are steps you can take:

1. Kelp. A-bombs give off radioactive iodine-131. It damages your thyroid and causes thyroid cancer. Kelp provides good quality iodine (iodine-127). This will protect you from absorbing radioactive iodine.

When the Russian nuclear reactor melted down at Chernobyl, physicians all over Europe recommended potassium iodide pills for the same reason. We think kelp is better – more natural.

2. Sauna therapy. Exposure to ionizing radiation increases cell mutations. Often these cause cancers. It is important to get rid of mutated cells before they start reproducing themselves. Sauna therapy is excellent for this. It is one reason our protocol for cancer includes spending 1.5 to 2 hours in a sauna every day.

The way this works is that the sauna raises the body temperature about 2 or 3 degrees. This does not harm normal cells. However, mutated cells are weaker and the heat tends to kill them.

3. Coffee enemas. These are excellent after radiation exposure. They help eliminate many types of toxic substances including radioactive isotopes such as iodine-131, strontium-90, cesium-134 and -137.

Coffee also contains nutrients that protect the body from the oxidant damage that occurs due to radiation exposure.

4. A high-mineral diet. According to the concept of preferred minerals, our bodies will absorb high-quality minerals first, in preference to radioactive ones. For this reason, eating loads of the preferred cooked vegetables, natural sea salt and the mineral supplements we suggest will help protect you from radioactive forms of minerals.

5. Development. The process we call development is excellent protection against radiation poisoning. The reasons are:

- Faster biosynthesis. This means the body can rebuild faster. For details, read Genetics.

- More yang. More yang bodies do not absorb as much radiation as bodies that are more yin. For details, read Yin Disease.

- Better elimination. Getting rid of ingested or inhaled radioactive particles proceeds better as one develops. For details, read Detoxification.

- Better battery performance. Our cells use batteries for biosynthesis. Radiation damages the batteries. As one develops, one gets better batteries that are less prone to radiation damage. For details, read Batteries Inside The Body.


2/28/22. Three days ago we discussed how the development program differs from other healing programs. This post is a clarification. To reread that important post, click here.

The path. We said one large difference is that we teach people about a special path in life. Other healers assume that your path is fine – you just need a little help on your path.

We have a different perspective and we teach the path of development.

This path specifically targets certain genes. The nutrients we suggest you eat and/or take in supplement form such as kelp cause the activation of these genes. As a result, the body becomes much stronger and healthier, and it tends to extend life.

Religion. Another part of the path of development is to correct your thinking. Otherwise, progress is slow. The word religion means to re-link one to one's Source or God. People need this, but most physicians don't bother with it.

The biological theory of space. I am told by the souls that our earth religions are not quite accurate. They say space is alive and contains Creator beings. Ours is a large, female fine-matter creature, much larger than our solar system.

Our Creator being literally gave birth to our planet and everything upon it, including our souls and the matter that forms our bodies.

You can't see the Creator being because fine matter is less dense than our bodies. For example, angels and elves are other fine matter beings. A few people see them and have written many books about them, but most people do not see them. To read about fine matter, read Bodies In Space.

We are forever with our Creator being because we are literally part of her body. We are inside of her. We could not exist separate from her and we are fully dependent upon her for our existence.

I know this may all sound very strange, but I encourage you to be open-minded about it. I am also told that the large Creator being is unwell, but she is healing and as she does, our planet will heal, as well.

Truth. Anther part of the development path is to live, seek and speak the truth. We need the truth. We love the phrase from the Bible - Know the truth and the truth will set you free. This can help greatly to heal all illness.

Other moral principles. The path of development also teaches that we need to obey the Ten Commandments given to Moses and The golden rule. It really helps many disease conditions, but most physicians ignore it and may not even believe it. It is also the key to mental health.

The golden rule. This is worth a short discussion. Very few people live by the golden rule. For example, if you would want people to help you if you were poor or sick or just lonely, then you must spend your life helping others in all these ways. Most people are selfish and it causes many illnesses and problems. Think more about the golden rule.

Remedies. The path of development is not a path of remedies. Some would say this is nonsense because everyone needs and uses remedies. Allow me to clarify.

We define remedies as methods that do not address the whole system of a person. Remedies target or affect mainly one symptom, or only a few parts of the body, such as the skin, the sinuses or something else.

We try to avoid these because too often they are not helpful for the whole system. They also often interfere and conflict with each other.

I will give an example. An important whole system concept and an essence of the path we teach is to make the body more yang in macrobiotic terminology. Yang is a physics term and our bodies are subject to the laws of physics.

We recommend foods, nutritional supplements, lifestyle and procedures to cause the body-mind-spirit to become more yang. As we define remedies, these recommendations are not remedies. The reason is they apply to the whole body system, not a part of it or a symptom.

More about yang and yin. This is a very ancient concept. It is very prominent in the Bible. In fact, it is in the opening pages of the Bible. To paraphrase Genesis 1: God created the light and the darkness, the heavens and the earth, the night and the day, the land and sea, male and female.

The Bible. You might wonder why I refer often to the Bible in a newsletter about health. It is because it is a source of wisdom and we don't have a lot of books of that type.

You don't have to agree with everything in the Bible. Some of it could be mistranslated, for example. However, it is a source of wisdom without which people live in random and unhealthy ways - like a ship without a rudder.

Back to yang and yin. There are no simple words in English for this concept. Some use the words warmer and cooler to mean yang and yin, but this is not too accurate.

Yang is when particles of matter move faster. Other qualities of yang are warmer, more compact, and more centripetal in direction. It has nothing to do with being a man or a woman.

The bodies today are all too yin. This is due to poor quality food and water that is low in vital minerals and contains too many toxic metals and toxic chemicals. That includes most of today's food.

More yin bodies also result from exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields. These come from cell phones, cell phone towers, computers, television sets, wifi and more. It is worse if you live in a city.

Ionizing radiation also makes bodies much more yin. This comes from exposure to radiation from x-rays, low-level radiation from nuclear power plants, and A-bombs that have been exploded on the planet. There is also some natural ionizing radiation.

A yin body-mind-spirit can also occur due to improper thinking such as victim thinking, not understanding our relationship to our Creator, and holding negative emotions such as anger, guilt, fear and resentment. For more details, read Yin Disease.

The truth is we are loved by our Creator more than anyone can imagine. That Love is always present, if only we will allow ourselves to receive it. Most people do not allow it due to faulty understanding and due to traumas such as rapes and beatings.

A final clarification. My intent and wish is to share our research for everyone's benefit. It requires comparing our methods with those used by others. However, I hold no animosity toward anyone.


2/27/22. Background - soul are real. This newsletter teaches that souls are real. This is not a well-accepted idea today.

The Bible. Information about souls comes mainly from the Bible and a few other older books. However, the information is quite vague.

Scientists today cannot see souls, so they do not acknowledge their reality. We think this will change in the future.

Soul blemishes and the Bible. Souls tell us that all souls have blemishes. These are stains or defects due to their past bad behavior.

The Bible discusses how this operates in phrases such as As you sow, so shall you reap” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” These are powerful statements about the intense consequences of ALL of one's behavior.

Souls want to release their blemishes. The souls tell us this, as well. To do so, they must suffer in certain ways. This requires suffering or hardship of some kind. Common methods are to experience injury, disease, disability, pain or even physical death of the body.

Creative release. However, there is a better way to release your blemishes or sometimes it is called karma. It is called creative release.

It means to engage in activities that count as hardship or work and are somewhat unpleasant. However, at the same time that they release blemishes they also build health.

The development program as creative release of blemishes. The souls tell us that following the development program is a powerful creative blemish release method. They further say that this is one reason coffee enemas are very effective for healing. They not only heal at the physical level, but also at the soul blemish level. Here are two examples:

Cooking your food. For best results with the development program, one must shop for, prepare and eat the correct food. All of this is work and not the most pleasant activity.

Most people would rather spend the time on the phone or doing other activities. However, the souls say that paying close attention to your shopping, cooking and eating habits actually undoes past transgressions of sloppiness, thoughtlessness and apathy in this important area of life.

Coffee enemas - an unusual example. Most souls have committed sexual crimes in the past.

NOTE: The past refers to the souls' past, not necessarily the past of your present body. Souls live a very long time and associate with one body after another.

The souls say that a very safe, but powerful way to release the blemish of a sexual attack is with coffee enemas. They cause one to experience many aspects of a rape, but in a safe and health-building fashion.

In other words, many events and feelings that arise during coffee enemas resemble feelings that occur during a rape. This is enough to release a lot of the blemish of a past sexual assault upon another. The souls tell us that creative trauma release is one reason coffee enemas work exceedingly well. Ways this occur are:

- One must spend time, energy and some money to shop for and prepare the coffee, and then to do the procedure and clean up afterwards.

- One must cook up what most people think is a pleasant, nourishing substance, coffee. But then it goes in the wrong way and is often somewhat painful and embarrassing. This is like rape – a complete mixup of what should be a loving, nurturing experience.

Other similarities to rape. One must take off some clothing. The body may be cold. Then one must lie down, often on one's back – a very vulnerable position. Then one must experience penetration of the delicate and private pelvic area of the body. There is often some tissue irritation.

One must inject a foreign substance deep inside the body and one must endure it for a time. During the procedure, most people cannot move around much. There is always the risk of deeper humiliation or other problems (making a mess).

The procedure causes some bloating and digestive upset and perhaps pain. This also occurs often with rape.

Then one must use the toilet, often in a rush, to release the substance as best you can. It often comes out mixed with feces and urine, and plenty messy.

Then one must clean up the body and the staging area. The whole experience is somewhat dirty, embarrassing and humiliating. Also, one easily feels scared of getting diseases and one may feel rather strange and ashamed about what one is doing. For these reasons, most people will not talk about the event, another feature of many rapes.

Psychodrama. One can say all of this is a method of play acting or psychodrama – a powerful psychological and soul healing method. For details, read the important article, Psychodrama.

How it is unlike rape. Differences between rape an coffee enemas are equally important for the souls because they need to undo everything they have done wrong.

You are not being held, grabbed, thrown down or threatened at gunpoint or knifepoint. You are not being beaten (although we sometimes add that to coffee enemas). You are not afraid of losing your life or becoming pregnant.

The experience is much gentler and more predictable. Of course, if you wish, you can increase the rape aspects for added psychodrama effect. The souls say this is helpful. It might include shining a red heat lamp on yourself, wearing less clothing, turning the body to one side, and more.

For details about the large and fascinating concept of soul blemishes and how to release them, read The Law Of Cause And Effect.

NOTE: This is not the same as retracing, which is about healing a trauma. Coffee enemas are excellent for retracing certain traumas, and rape is among them. This is also a use of psychodrama or play acting that is very powerful and another reason to do coffee enemas.


2/26/22. Tahini. We are finding that a little tahini with each meal is best. I put it on top of vegetables. One could eat it with blue corn chips or by itself, if you prefer. The total amount to eat daily for adults is still 2 tablespoons OR 4 tablespoons of hummus. However, spreading it out having a little with each meal seems to work best.

Garlic in enemas. Adding a little garlic to coffee enemas is helping some people. However, there is a possibility that it is slightly toxic, so we are no longer recommending it. We will change this in the Coffee Enema article.

Coffee enemas remain a superb healing and development procedure. Please do them. We know they are a bit messy, but nothing cleans up the liver as well as coffee enemas.

Healing and nourishing the liver is essential for rapid development and for general health. Anyone who tells you not to do coffee enemas is either very ignorant or often malicious. Beware!


2/26/22. So far, 60 people have asked to be connected to a projection creature. This is excellent and about 27 people have been connected. One must be doing the program fairly well, including the coffee enemas.

In the beginning, there won't be many effects because the creatures and you need to develop. However, in time the creature's projection becomes larger and larger and has more effect upon space and it is very beneficial for the earth.

Connecting up also benefits you because we can see more about you using the projection creature's image of you in space and this helps our guides to clean up problems we all have including rogue equipment on the body.


2/26/22. A reminder that an excellent healing procedure, especially for women, is the vaginal peroxide implant procedure. It cleans up this area of the body in very unique ways. It clears out sexual traumas as no other procedure can.

Some women who do it for at least 6 months daily are then able to tune into others who are doing the procedure around the world. For details, read The Vaginal Peroxide Implant Procedure and for men, The Penis Peroxide Implant.


2/26/22. We have spoken with many souls, especially in Europe. Many say that Adolf Hitler has returned – now named Putin.

Differences are that today many nations have nuclear weapons that can easily kill everyone on earth. Also, the rogues have weakened most nations, especially the United States.

The actions of the illegitimate, illegal, treasonous American president are despicable. You don't fight wars with sanctions. Biden is a friend of tyrants around the world, and Mr. Putin knows that. Most European leaders are little better.

It is notable that Putin invaded the Crimea in 2014 when America had another traitorous president – Mr. Obama. Now that another Democrat is in office, he is not afraid to invade again.

Rogues. Putin has very high-tech weapons such as laser rifles and electronic shields for his troops. This means the Rogues are firmly behind the effort.

I am told that while some of his troops are Russian, the leaders are Satans – alien psychopathic hybrid creatures.

Peace through strength. Spiritual technology is required. To defeat the rogues and their helpers on earth, the people of earth need to eat a lot better and develop themselves. They also need to follow Biblical values – the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.

Otherwise, the rogues, who are vicious scavengers, are going to take over and we will all be enslaved or just killed. They are doing quite well right now.

The people of earth are nutritionally depleted and very toxic thanks mainly to their improper diets, unhealthy lifestyles and secular thinking. This makes them weak, sick, frightened and easy targets.

Most people do not realize that the poisoned air, water, food, products and technologies such as cell phones, cell phone towers and more are an outright assault on your health. You must take excellent care of the body for it to survive the assault.

Mr Putin knows how weak most people are. He has spoken about it. It must change or he will win. While it sounds strange, if you want to help out with this situation, follow the development program better.

Targeting the planetaries. I am told that the earth has four enormous fine matter beings inside who are needed to maintain the planet. They are two couples – two males and two females. They are called planetaries.

I am told that at this time, Kiev, capital of Ukraine, is located at the center of the third energy center of two of these beings. The rogues want the area a mess because this will further damage the planetary beings. That is one of their goals.

Ukraine is also a very important nation of Europe, although we often hear little about it in America. For details, read Why Ukraine Matters.


2/25/22. To illustrate how the development whole system approach to healing works, I will compare how we would handle a client compared to the way a caring holistic, naturopathic physician handled it. NOTE: It is very dangerous to go to a licensed naturopath. For details, read Naturopaths – A Stern Warning.

Symptoms. The patient was a 50-year-old woman. Physical symptoms included fatigue, weight gain, sinus infections, constipation, low sex drive, menopause, loss of the sense of smell, and food sensitivities. Mental symptoms included anxiety, brain fog, memory loss, malaise and a sense of impending doom.

What to do next. The holistic physician then ran dozens of blood tests costing over $1000.00. They revealed a high TSH but normal levels of thyroid hormones, some thyroid antibodies, high cholesterol, high normal blood sugar, low normal vitamin D, low normal ferritin, normal cortisol, high DHEA, high normal pregnenolone, and normal levels of other female hormones.

The physician also did a physical examination and said the patient had thinning hair, slow mental processing and was anxious.

Based upon this, the physician diagnosed menopause as the basic “disease” and prescribed a gluten-free diet and keeping a 10-day food journal.

She also prescribed thyroid replacement hormones, herbs for constipation, inflammation and anxiety, vitamin D, pseudoephedrine (drug), steam, N-acetyl cysteine and guaifenesin for sinuses, swabbing her nostrils with grapeseed oil and essential oils.

She gave her acidophilus for her itchy vagina, and half a dozen herbs for sleep. She also had the patient buy and read a book about adrenal problems.

In addition, she planned on doing genetic testing and bone density testing.

The development approach. In contrast to the above, the whole system approach is not primarily about tests. We first put the person on the golden path to health and development.

The path concept. This is an old idea, described in the Bible and other ancient texts. But today, physicians – medical, holistic and natural - have forgotten about it and prefer running tests and giving symptomatic remedies.

An analogy. Getting on the golden path is like pulling out the manual that came with your car and doing what it says. You have to grease the car, put in the right fuel, change the oil, get new tires, align the wheels, check the battery, keep the car clean, and more. If you don't do all this, the car won't work well.

The golden path is the development diet, about a half-dozen basic supplements because the food is so depleted today, and the development lifestyle. This includes plenty of rest, low stress, going to bed early, holding on to most of your sexual fluid, and proper mental attitude.

You also must do the pulling down mental exercise, and at least the basic spinal twists. Most people need other basic healing procedures to balance, align and strengthen the body. These are described in the Healing Procedures Handbook and in more detail in separate articles on this website.

We call this the basic or free development program. It is enough to solve many health problems.

IMPROVING THE PATH. Most people do not realize that during the mid-twentieth century, our understanding of the body took a huge leap! However, the medical, holistic and natural doctors have not come on board.

They are using the latest tests and technologies, but within an old paradigm of healing. We are using a new paradigm.

Here are four aspects of the leap:

1. Systems theory. It began with systems theory. Norbert Weiner and others worked on this. A system is a group of items all of which are related to each other. Systems theory is the study of their behavior.

The body is an exceedingly complex, self-regenerative system. I am not talking about “body systems” like digestion or cardiovascular. I am talking about the body-brain-mind-spirit whole - one whole system. You have to view the body this way and stay with this understanding, which is not easy.

2. The stages of stress. Another part of the leap is the stress theory of disease. The scientist responsible was Hans Selye, MD, a Hungarian man who spent time working in Canada.

He figured out that all disease has similar qualities and that it occurs in stages. The stress theory of disease is valid, but mostly ignored by the medical and natural healing professions who don't know how to measure it accurately.

3. Modern nutrition, especially mineral nutrition. In the twentieth century, most vitamins were discovered, which was an amazing discovery. Even more amazing, millions of pages of research showed the importance of minerals in the body and how they control everything.

4. The mineral biopsy test. The reason for the mineral breakthrough was the development of a simple, accurate and inexpensive test for minerals. It is called spectroscopy. More specifically, it uses atomic absorption spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy and the ICP or induction-coupled plasm method of measuring minerals. We speak of this as the hair mineral biopsy or test.

However, most health personnel – medical and natural alike - are not taught this test, which is quite complex, and rarely use it. One reason is that those who control our planet don't want people to know the truth about their health.

5. Modern physics. Physics of the twentieth century teaches that the body has a fractal design and is holographic. Fractal means the body is constructed using simple repeating numerical patterns. Holographic means that the whole is contained in the parts. These are keys to understanding hair mineral testing. Otherwise, it just sounds totally weird!

How we would proceed with the 50-year old woman in menopause. Using the biopsy test, we first check the stage of stress, which is done by calculating the oxidation type and rate. This is a basic whole system behavior of every living organism.

This tells one about adrenal and thyroid glandular activity, the more yin or more yang state of the body, production of ATP or adaptive energy, inflammation, acute and chronic stress level, psychological information and much, much more.

The sodium/potassium ratio. Then we look at another whole system behavior. This is the balance between sodium and potassium in the tissues.

This is a critical reading that tells one about the direction of change of the stage of stress, energy production, inflammation, hormone activity, psychological information, electrical balance of the cells, tendency for infections and much more.

With these two pieces of information, one can begin what we call the full development program. The details have been worked out over the past 50 years, and we continue to research how to set up the full development program.

NOTE: The mineral test includes much more information such as the calcium/magnesium ratio. This indicates the impact of the person's diet and lifestyle upon their health.

The test also also has burnout indicators, poor elimination indicators, digestion and biosynthesis indicators and much more. For details, read The Path Concept, Systems Theory, The Stress Theory Of Disease, Introduction To Development, Introduction To the Development Program, Introduction To Hair Mineral Analysis and General Systems Theory And Healing. For theory, read Development Theory – Part I and Development Theory – Part II, Advanced Sciences.


2/24/22. Thyroid imbalances are very common. The usual remedy, according to medical, natural and holistic personnel, is the use of replacement thyroid hormones, either synthetic or natural ones.

The development program. Using the development program, normal thyroid activity can almost always be restored without hormones. The hormones actually get in the way and are a very unnatural therapy.

Most thyroid problems are the result of deficiencies in iodine, selenium, manganese and other nutrients. Also, the gland is toxic with copper, mercury, and the iodine antagonists - fluorine, bromine and chlorine.

If one corrects these problems, the gland begins to function properly and replacement hormones are never needed. They are only needed if the gland has been removed surgically or destroyed with radiation therapy, another awful therapy.

If you ask medical or natural or holistic personnel if the above is possible, they will say no. We say, this is arrogance.

I have learned that when a practitioner tells you some healing is impossible, it means only that the person does not know how to do it. For details, read: Thyroid Diseas And Its Healing

Quitting Thyroid Hormones Using The Development Program

Hyperthyroidism – An Interview With Dr. Wilson

Hyperthyroidism Or Grave's Disease

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis And Its Healing With The Development Program.


2/23/22. Another website offering hair mineral testing says that hair tells how much of a mineral is in the body. This is not true! The readings are influenced by many factors that make the readings much more complex.


2/23/22. No one else is saying it! We believe Mr. Biden violated the law in America by taking power while there were pending Supreme Court cases challenging the election results. This is treason and should be punished at once.


2/23/22. I haven't heard anyone else discuss the important truth that as long as we use voting machines and mail-in ballots, there are no fair elections in America and everywhere. These methods invite cheating.

There must also be careful checking of two forms of ID to even in order to have proper elections.


2/23/22. The Russians are invading Ukraine and the United States and European nations are not fighting back, so far. This is an exact replay of the beginning of World War II over 80 years ago.

Hitler did the same thing – invaded another sovereign nation. The Western powers did nothing and it grew into a world war. Tyrants must be stopped with force, not sanctions, and it needs to be done now.


2/23/22. About 24 readers agreed to connect to a projection creature. This will help.


2/22/22. There is a need for more people on earth to connect with special fine matter creatures called projection creatures. These creatures attach to your body in a special way and are able to send an electronic projection into space that looks like the shape of your physical body.

When they do this, they influence outer space in very positive ways. We have about 60 people on earth who have agreed to be connected to one of these creatures, but we need several thousand.

These projections are forming a shield of defense for the earth that is much needed at this time. Eventually, the earth will have her normal defenses once again, but not for a few months, at the very least, and perhaps not for years.

The requirements for having a projection creature. These are two, mainly. The first is to want to do it. The second is to finish a stage of the development program. This will allow the creature to grow much stronger and larger in space.

All of our clients are at the stage where they can sign up to have a projection creature if they wish. So we encourage this. If every one of our clients in all nations does this, we will be able to protect the earth.

If you are interested in this project, send us an email to

What if I am not an active client? That is okay. You can still sign up. For more details, read a new article, The Projection Creatures.


2/22/22. I am told that the forces defending the earth have located and taken prisoner the being who, in the Bible, is called Satan. If this is true, which I don't know for sure, it is a positive move for the healing of our planet.

This is what I have been told about the one called Satan. The name refers to a set of twin souls (a male and a female) who presently occupy the body of the type called an angel (not a human body). Angels are a common type of fine matter creature found everywhere in the universe.

At one time, this soul couple had a male human body and was a wonderful man. In fact, his names was Lucifer, which means the bringer of light. (Some people say the name has other meaning.)

Rabies. However, he contracted the disease called rabies. For those unfamiliar with rabies, it is a virus that destroys a certain area of the brain having to do with one's conscience.

As a result, a person becomes psychopathic and does not care about others. The same virus causes iron accumulation in the amygdala of the brain, which causes intense anger. This combination produces a violent killer.

I am told this being has been found and has been tied up. I am also told he will eventually be brought to earth for a trial regarding his crimes. I guess we will see if this comes to pass. To read a little more about Satan, read the new article, The Projection Creatures.


We continue to research what the bodies need for rapid development. A diet concept that is working is to have a little of every kind of food at each meal. We know this is the opposite of what we recommended about 15 years ago, but it is working better.

This means that at each meal have some protein, some vegetables, a little grain and a bit of fruit. Here are more details:

Protein. Begin with one or maybe two kinds of protein. The best protein foods are lamb, chicken, natural beef, sardines, soft goat cheese, goat yogurt, almond butter and/or roasted sesame tahini. Rotate these to avoid boredom and because they are all very good and needed.

Adults may have a 4-5 ounce portion of protein with less for children. This is not a large amount.

Cooking meat. Meat should be cooked only minimally. Most people overcook their meat. If you use good quality meat, there is little risk of getting sick from light cooking.

Excellent methods are braising, light steaming or pressure-cooking for perhaps 30 seconds, depending upon the thickness and type of meat. Add some natural sea salt before eating and you may add seasoning if you wish.

Vegetables. After the protein, eat about 2 cups or more of cooked vegetables. Very important is to eat a mixture or medley, or cooked vegetable salad containing at least 12 of the preferred vegetables.

The alkaline vegetable medley. Eating a medley of the preferred vegetables is the only way we have found to obtain many vital mineral compounds needed for early development. The vegetable medley is also very alkaline-forming and this is much needed today.

The preferred vegetables. These include all types of onions – red, yellow, white, green, pearl, shallots, leeks, scallions and chives. Have a little of three or four kinds of onions with each meal.

Also have some orange carrots, a green bean, a Brussels sprout, a few thin slices of rutabaga, a slice of daikon radish – white or purple or both, a little cauliflower, and a little red cabbage or savoy cabbage.

Also, have a few very thin slices of celery and a very thin little slice of ginger and horseradish root. About twice a week, have a clove of garlic and a thin slice of golden beet. Do not eat frozen vegetables – they don't work. Canned vegetables can be used if you cannot find fresh ones.

For children. You can eat the vegetables as a vegetable dish. Babies and children may prefer if you use a hand blender and puree them into a thick soup.

Toppings. Add some sea salt and a topping, if you wish, such as a little goat yogurt, a little goat cheese, a little almond butter mixed with water to become like salad dressing or a little sesame tahini.

Blue corn tortilla chips. This snack food is actually excellent for rapid development. They are often too salty and fried in refined vegetable oil. However, if you can tolerate them, having a few at the end of the meal is superb for development.

Our favorite ones in the United States at this time are Garden Of Eatin No Salt Added Blue Chips, Private Selection Blue Corn Chips (at Kroger company supermarkets), Organics brand Blue Corn And Sesame Seed Chips at Safeway supermarkets and Late July Blue Corn Dippers.

These are available where I live and test the best, although others are okay, too. Adults may have about 8 to 10 per meal.

If you do not tolerate corn. Some people cannot eat corn. It flares up their yeast condition or causes other symptoms. This will end when your digestion and body chemistry improve. Until the, go easy with corn chips and eat other grains, but not too much.

Other Grains. Ideally, do not eat a lot of other grains because they don't contain as much of the chemicals needed for development. However, some oatmeal, especially steel cut oats, amaranth, millet or quinoa are okay. Bread and all food cooked at high temperature is not good for development, so avoiding it is best. Cold cereal is not as good.

Other foods – nutritional yeast, wine vinegar and a little sauerkraut. A necessary addition to your diet for adults is a teaspoon of nutritional yeast each day. Children need less. It does not need to be fortified yeast.

Also, recently, we find that most people need a teaspoon or so of organic wine vinegar once or twice a week One tasty way to get this is to eat a few black Mediterranean type olives each week that are soaked in organic wine vinegar.

Probiotic foods. For better digestion, some people benefit from a little plain sauerkraut. A good brand is Bubbies. Be careful – some brands are acidic and hard on the teeth.

Other probiotic foods are miso, eaten as a small cup of soup and goat cheese or goat yogurt. The latter are required foods for rapid development.

Food to avoid. Ideally, eat no pig products at all. They all contain parasites, in our experience, even if well-cooked. Also avoid standard supermarket beef, which is not a healthy food today. Organic or free range beef is better.

Also avoid raw vegetables and nuts. They are very difficult to digest even if you chew them thoroughly. Another food that does not assist development is dried beans such as lentils, black beans and others. So eat these only as treats and only occasionally.

Vegetables with seeds. Also avoid vegetables that are technically fruits such as tomatoes, all peppers, cucumbers, pickles, okra and squashes. You can tell these because they contain seeds.

Fruit. Avoid most fruit. We know this is a difficult area of the diet for many people because many health authorities recommend fruit and it is tasty and convenient. However, we assure you development and health will be better without it.

Fruit is very yin or cold in macrobiotic terminology and this is bad for health and development, no matter what nutrients it contains. Fruit also picks up much too much toxic potassium from the superphosphate or N-P-K fertilizers used on all our food today. For many more details, read Fruit-Eating.

Exceptions to the fruit rule are a few olives per week and a green bean with each meal. Green beans or string beans are technically a fruit.

Don't even think about eating what most people eat. This includes all white flour, white rice, white sugar products, table salt, and most packaged, canned, and processed foods and beverages. Also, stay away from all yin food such as honey, maple syrup, fruit juices and other sweets.

We would be happy if 90% of the supermarket shelves were empty of these foods. We know people would feel much better.

Beverages. Good quality spring water or carbon-only or sand-filtered only tap water is best in most areas of the world. Mild tea is okay made with good water. We don't like almond milk, soy milk or really, any milk at all. All is too yin for regular use.

Breast milk. An exception is that babies need some breast milk for 3 years – not just for six to twelve months, as many physicians recommend. Nursing mothers must be on our diet and supplements, however, or the quality of the breast milk will be poor.

Don't even look at the fast food restaurants along the road. Our medical team knows at once who eats at these awful places because their aura is gray and raggedy and sick. Once you change your diet and eat only quality food, you will likely throw up if you eat at one of these places.

The prevention diet. In our experience, the diet above, along with some basic supplements, will not only cause rapid development. It will protect you from all variants of the Wuhan flu and most all other illnesses better than any vaccine or remedy.

For many more details, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use and Forbidden Food For Development.


2/21/22. Living today requires courage. Some people just do what they wish in the face of danger, and this is a type of courage. The problem is that you may do something that is needlessly risky or foolish in some way.

Another way to have courage is that, when you are challenged or opposed, turn your attention to God, Source, the One or the Father In Heaven. Become quiet, pull energy downward from your head to your feet. Then ask: what is Thy Will for me at this time or in this situation?

With some practice, this becomes a habit and many people will receive an answer as a soft voice or perhaps as a feeling in the body. For details, read Courage.


2/20/22. Sam was born with very severe brain damage. The physicians call his condition autism and delayed development. However, this is really a catch-all diagnosis today. The problem is a malnourished, toxic and poorly developed brain.

His mental symptoms are an inability to concentrate, flashes of light in his eyes all day, and inability to speak correctly when he finally learned to speak. Others are anger, depression, confusion, brain fog, irritability, obsessive/compulsive, attention deficit and inability to learn.

Physical symptoms are muscle weakness and muscle cramps, constipation, difficulty healing wounds, trouble sleeping, and food cravings.

The role of copper. Note that many of these symptoms such as trouble sleeping, poor wound healing, and the mental symptoms are characteristic of copper toxicity. This is one of Sam's big problems.

Copper tends to accumulate in the brain and elsewhere when there is a deficiency of vital minerals. The toxicity may not be revealed on early hair mineral tests, as was the case with Sam.

The development program. Sam's parents found the development program about one year ago. They have been careful with Sam's diet and have done a few of the procedures in addition to the diet and supplements.

Sam's progress on the program has been slow and this is to be expected. Like building a home, one must first build a foundation and this is what Sam is doing right now.

Progress. Sam's parents notice that he speaks better, does not want to be treated like a baby any more, and has less trouble starting and completing tasks. He is also friendlier and stronger.

Sam's souls are completely excited. They say the program is working and Sam will have a good brain. He just has to stay with the program for at least a few more years. They are so excited they insisted that we write up this case, although it is early in Sam's healing.

Most recent hair analysis results.

Better ratios. The calcium/magnesium ratio and the sodium/potassium ratio improved. This is an important indicator on this mineral test.

The ratios of the minerals are often more important than the levels of the minerals. This is confusing for new practitioners.

Settling down into four lows. For the first time, Sam's body chemistry moved into a four lows pattern. Four lows pattern on a retest is an important retracing pattern. It is a particular posturing of the body needed to process certain events, usually having to do with one's parents.

Sam's pregnancy was very difficult for him because his mother was very unhealthy. A person can look healthy, but the body is weak. She had two terrible rapes shortly before she became pregnant with Sam, and she was not healthy even before the rapes.

Horrendous prenatal care. Sam would not have been born so toxic and depleted except that modern prenatal care is abysmal. Mothers-to-be are told they can pretty much eat what they want and to “just include some healthy food in your diet”. Then they are given a one-size-fits-all prenatal vitamin tablet that was completely wrong for his mother.

In addition, she was given or allowed a few over-the-counter drugs during pregnancy. These went directly into the baby and poisoned him further.

This is modern medicine at its worst. We feel all the baby-related practitioners should lose their licenses at once for this horror!

Ten anchor patterns. This is the most exciting finding on the hair mineral test. It is a rather strange pattern.

Several years ago, we noticed that there is meaning when a mineral reading did not change much when a person followed the development program correctly. It is a type of brain restoration.

The sulci. Sam was born with smaller-than-normal folds or ridges in his brain. These are called the sulci. One is called a sulcus. When the anchor pattern is present, the sulci deepen.

The mineral levels remain the same or similar when the sulci deepen because the sameness represents a high level of stability of the body chemistry. This stability is required for this type of healing.

Large right pivot. Pivots are excellent patterns on retest mineral analyses. They are newer patterns we identified just in the past few years.

They are not always easy to see. However, they are a sort of twist in the levels of the first four or second four minerals. The tops of the graphs either twist to the right or to the left.

They indicate not only insight, but also a turning around of one's attitude. A right pivot usually has to do with oneself. A left pivot usually has to do with others. For details, read Anchors And Pivots.

All out or everything coming out. The levels of six (usually toxic) minerals – copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel and selenium - increased on this retest. This is wonderful and indicates a greater ability to eliminate toxins and an elimination in progress.

The mineral levels rise because more of these minerals are coming out of the body through the hair and skin. For details, read an important new article, All-Out Or Everything Coming Out Pattern On A Hair Mineral Analysis.


2/20/22. Today on the radio there was an interview with a Ukranian soldier. He said the Russians are shooting at them with rockets and mortar shells. In other words, the war has begun – and the Western powers are doing nothing.

We don't mean to be alarmist, but this is almost an exact replay of the beginning of World War II. The only thing that is different are the nations involved.

The Germans began the takeover of Czechoslovakia in 1938 and completed it on March 15, 1939, and no one stopped them. They ruined that nation. Eventually, 500 million people lost their lives in the resulting war.

Please contact your representatives or MP. Tell them the shooting has begun and they must take military action to stop it at once to prevent another war.


2/19/22. A very important mental aspect of the development program is to learn to take responsibility for everything that occurs in your life. This is difficult for some people, but very important.

It means taking responsibility for disease, poverty, traumas such as rapes, and more. It even applies to events that occurred in your childhood.

The return to power. Taking responsibility grows your power. It is the opposite of being a victim, which is extremely disempowering. For more details, read Taking Responsibility.


2/19/22. Gold is rising and it is a good time to buy some. For details, read Financial Health.



Jane started out as a very modest and lovely little girl. When she was about 11 years old, a man came to the house and told her he would help her. She became frightened and tried to run, but he caught her.

He undressed her and rubbed soapy grease all over her. Then he raped her. She screamed, but her mother was on the telephone and did not come to her aid.

After that, Jane was very scared of everything and everyone. She was also full of sexually-transmitted diseases.

She also did not like people seeing her undressed, even her mother. She was withdrawn and sad a lot of the time, where before she had been a happy girl.

The next incident. About a year later a boy at school told her to meet him in the parking lot after school. When she arrived, three boys grabbed her and dragged her behind some bushes.

They took off her clothes and all three of them raped her. They also urinated and defecated on her and covered her with dirt and filth. She became infected with many more diseases.

She cried for hours. She visited the police, who were no help – just more embarrassment and poking around.

She had two more incidents of this type - rapes and filthing up. One was at a beach, and one at a party.

Then one of the boys at school told her that if she wants to prevent more rapes, she has to “help the young boys”. This means she approaches them and offers to teach them about sex. They told her which boys to approach.

She cried again, realizing she was now a filthy prostitute. She did as they said because she was so scared. Over the next three years, she “helped” and infected over 100 boys, mostly school boys.

The bad one. At age 15, one day a man grabbed her, put her in a car, locked the doors and took her to his house. He told her he did not like her lifestyle and he would end it. He said he would “kill her” so she would not sleep with boys any more.

She had no idea what he meant, but she soon found out. He undressed her and raped her very hard and long. It went on for a few hours. Her brain felt completely dead after that. When he left, she could not move for several hours and she was all bloody.

Oddly, the man told her she would soon marry and would live a fairly normal life. That turned out to be correct. However, Jane's brain hardly worked and she was always tired, depressed and had many fears and phobias.

She married at 17 and bore three children. The marriage was okay and the children turned out well.

The development program. Jane's husband died about 10 years ago, leaving her very lonely. But soon after, her daughter found the development program.

She urged her mother to change her diet and eat many more cooked vegetables and no fruit. Jane felt much better doing this and soon, at age 78, she wanted a hair mineral test and a full program.

Better energy. The first thing Jane noticed on the program was an improvement in her energy level. This was nice, but she knew she was full of sexually-transmitted diseases.

The vaginal peroxide procedure. So she began the vaginal peroxide procedure. Every day she lays in the bathtub on her back and poured a little DILUTED 3% hydrogen peroxide in the vagina. She dilutes it at least one part peroxide to one part water so it does not burn.

It always immediately bubbles up. When that happens, she just adds a little more peroxide and does this for half an hour or longer.

Happiness. Soon she started feeling much cleaner inside and much happier. It was amazing. Even more astounding, she began hearing a voice in her head that said it was the souls of the peroxide and they would explain what they are healing.

Retracing. The voice told her about her sexual experiences, many of which she did not remember. The peroxide and the rest of the development program enabled her to fully process and release these experiences.

We call this retracing. It is an emotional rollercoaster. At times, there are feelings of anger, fear, love, pleasure, hate and more. Then suddenly it ends and one is finished with that trauma. Then she moved on to the next incident.

Other women. The voice also told her that soon she would be in touch with other women who had had similar experiences. This came to pass.

Now she communicates regularly with a group of about 40 other women. All are following the development program. They call themselves “the peroxide women”. They can communicate telepathically.

Most recent hair mineral test.

8 All out. The levels of eight minerals increased on this test. Whenever six or more increase, the pattern is called all out or everything coming out. It is an excellent detoxification pattern.

Double double low ratio pattern. A double low ratio pattern means the calcium/magnesium ratio is less than 5 and the sodium/potassium ratio is less than 2.5. Dr. Eck called this pattern double give-up pattern. We also call it a slow death pattern.

When seen on a retest when the person is following the development program, it indicates a reversal of a death tendency.

Doubling. Jane has a double double low ratio pattern. This means the double low ratio pattern is on both the first four and the second four minerals. This situation is called a double double low ratio pattern. Doubling emphasizes or reinforces the pattern.

Step up pattern . Step up pattern is a special case of a double low ratio pattern. It is a combination of double low ratio, fast oxidation and some other criteria. It is a visual pattern on a calibrated graph from Analytical Research Labs that looks like steps going up to the right.

A step up pattern, when it appears on an initial hair mineral test, indicates a tendency for a quick and catastrophic death. In advanced acupuncture, the same pattern is called stepping out of life.

In this case, a step up pattern appears only on a retest when the person is following the development program. This indicates a reversal of a catastrophic death tendency. It is a back to life pattern.

On Jane's test, it is also on the second four minerals. This indicates a deeper level of healing or retracing.

Seven bowl or a big bowl. Jane's new hair test indicates a bowl pattern on the second through the eighth minerals (magnesium to zinc). A bowl pattern indicates that one feels stuck or trapped. It is a visual pattern in which the tops of the graphs of three or more minerals that are next to each other have the shape of a bowl.

When a bowl pattern appears on a retest when the person follows the development program, it can indicate retracing of an incident or situation in which one felt trapped.

Goalpost or window pattern. A goalpost pattern has two higher mineral levels surrounded by lower mineral levels. It looks somewhat like a goalpost on an American football field. In this case, magnesium and zinc are the two high posts.

This is a very positive pattern, as though one has scored a goal in life. In advanced Acupuncture, it is called a window pattern because it looks like a window and one is passing through the window to a better life.

The long rise. This is a brand new pattern for us! Jane's test shows six minerals that form almost a straight line upward to the right.

The long rise pattern indicates a long, slow climb to better health. It is an excellent pattern.

Note: To see this pattern, one must adjust the iron level on the graph from Analytical Research Labs. We believe their ideal iron level is too high (3.5 mg%) and should be at 2 mg%. I have brought this to their attention.

A complete shepherd pattern. This is another newer pattern and a very important one. Shepherding is a very basic biochemical mechanism the body uses to help remove toxic metals and toxic chemicals.

On Jane's test, the levels of calcium, magnesium and zinc all increased. The levels rose because calcium, magnesium and zinc are being used like shepherds to safely remove lead and other toxic metals.

For details, read a brand new article about this very basic mechanism of life - The Shepherd Concept.

Leaving the cult. This pattern is present when the levels of at least three of a group of certain minerals increase on a retest hair mineral analysis. The minerals include lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, copper, iron and manganese.

This pattern is very positive and indicates a return to a happier life.

Calcium and magnesium shells. Jane's calcium and magnesium levels are extremely high. We call these patterns shells. On an initial hair test, they indicate a type of protected condition of the body, a hardening of the body, emotional suppression, slow oxidation rate, low energy, calcium buildup in the tissues, a hardening of the body, lowered cell permeability, and more.

On a retest such as in this case, a shell often indicates an elimination of a toxic form of calcium and magnesium. For details, read The Calcium Shell.

Anchors. Jane's test also shows 4 to 6 anchors. These are certain mineral levels that remained the same or did not change much on the retest. It is an important pattern because it has to do with healing of the brain.

Right pivot. Jane's new retest also reveals a right pivot pattern on the first four minerals. This indicates a change in one's attitude as a result of an insight about oneself. For details, read Pivots And Anchors.


2/18/22. Natural vitamin A made from fish oil has not been available in the United States for several years. I am not sure about Europe.

I am told all the natural vitamin A is in China and the Chinese government gives it to all their people to prevent covid-19.

The only vitamin A you can buy in the United States is synthetic vitamin A, called retinyl palmitate. It is not as good as the natural product. The best I have found is a pill of cod liver oil (which contains a little natural vitamin A) that is enriched with synthetic vitamin A.


2/17/22. Most women experience rapes. It is among the most common traumas on earth. The development program is a recent, bioenergetic method of healing that can help in many ways:

- Eliminating diseases. The program is excellent to undo all sexually-transmitted diseases, of which there are over 100. Medical methods do not work nearly as well, in the experience of our clients. This is because the development program uses at least 20 methods all at once to heal the diseases, and does not require toxic drugs at all.

- Restoring one's energy. Rape is always a nutritional disaster. By balancing and renourishing the body correctly, one's energy comes back. This takes a few years, but is a consistent finding in those who stay with the program.

- Helping with forgiveness. Some women have more trouble than others with forgiveness, but it is a key to healing from rape. The program helps because you will feel better and realize that life is not hopeless. You will also be able to process your trauma much better.

- Better mental functioning. For many women, this is the most gratifying aspect of the program. The brain can be rebuilt after a rape.

One can think clearly again and one can regain full mental functioning and function even better than before the rape or rapes. We know this sounds impossible, but it it the truth. No other program we are aware of can accomplish this.

- Self-esteem and happiness. Most women report that if they remain with the program for at least five years, they find their self-esteem returns. If one does the peroxide procedures, one becomes very happy in unusual ways.

In fact, using the peroxide a woman can retrace and release all sexual experiences – quite a remarkable and amazing experience. One also becomes much less fearful and more psychic or aware.

All this occurs at low cost and can be done in the privacy and safety of the home. For details, read Rape, Healing Rape, The Rape Planet and Beatings.


2/16/22. This is meant to inform you, not to frighten you. Warning: We have discovered that the rogues are using babysitters and daycare workers to rape, beat and wreck the brains of children of all ages. Many of the babysitters are cute-looking younger women who are, in fact, aliens and satans. This means they are not fully human, they are very strong, and they are killers.

One day or evening with one of them is enough to cause severe damage to the brain of your child.

Ideally, do not to use babysitters and daycare centers. We know this is an imposition upon parents, but it is best. If you want to leave your child with someone, make sure you know the person very well.

Sadly, the rogues can take a nice high school girl and, by raping and beating her, turn her into one of their killers. So beware of even people you think you know. We are very sorry to have to report this.


2/16/22. This is an unusual post that ties together certain concepts that are not well known.

Slavery is an ancient system of social organization on earth that was very common. Basically, it means that some people have more rights and privileges than others. It is also called a caste system.

The Greek and Roman civilizations had slaves, as did many other ancient civilizations. Nations of the Orient such as India, China and Japan also had caste systems in which some people had more rights than others.

The Bible. When the Hebrew Bible was written, slavery was very widespread. However, the Hebrew people, who were the prototype of the new humanity, were told they must not own slaves.

Sarah and Abraham, the couple that started the Hebrew religion, were told very clearly that slavery is not acceptable for the earth. They were told they must never be part of that system.

It is true that the Hebrew people chose to become enslaved to the Egyptians at one time because they were starving. However, the new human beings spoken of in the Bible were never to own slaves.

The American Revolution. Now we will talk about more modern events. When America was founded in 1776, (not in 1619, as some now teach), her people were mainly religious, Biblically-oriented people.

Most of them had moved to America to escape religious persecution in Europe. This is not often taught in schools and is a reason to keep your children out of schools.

Most of the American colonists were thoroughly repulsed by the slave system that the British and other European powers had put in place in the Southern American colonies such as Virginia, Georgia and the Carolinas. Less than half of the American colonies had slavery.

The American Declaration of Independence. This famous document, written in 1776, is about slavery. The preamble states that:

We hold it to be self-evident that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

In the language of that time, the word Men above means both men and women.

Abraham Lincoln called this document “a rebuke and stumbling block to tyranny and oppression” (including slavery).

However, in order to keep the new nation in one piece, the American founders accepted a compromise concerning the slave system they had inherited from the British. The understanding was that in time, the system would be phased out.

This is very important. A modern left-wing fake teaching is that America was founded upon slavery. This is a terrible lie being taught in many schools today.

It is an important reason to keep your children out of schools, along with helping to prevent rapes and beatings of your children that are also occurring in schools. We know it sounds awful, and it is, but this is true today.

The Civil War in America. Most people in the South of the United States did not own slaves. This is important to know. Only a relatively small number of plantation owners owned slaves. The rest of the American people were horrified by the slave system, which clearly violated the Biblical prohibition against slavery.

However, the slave owners were powerful in the government and wanted the system to continue. They were firmly backed by British bankers who desired to split America in half to reduce her influence in the world.

This set the stage for the American Civil War. It began in 1860 and lasted four years.

Many schools today do not teach much about the Civil War that was fought to end slavery in America. This is another reason to keep your children out of the schools.

Do not be misled by left-wing historians who say the Civil War was about trade or other things. Abraham Lincoln, elected in 1860, was firmly anti-slavery and everyone knew it. The war broke out soon after his election.

Religious aspects of the Civil War. In fact, the American Civil War, a very bloody war, was a fight between the Biblically-based anti-slavery people and the secular people who supported slavery. The religious people won.

This is very important to know. This is also often not taught in schools and is a reason to keep your children out of today's schools.

Today's war. The people of earth are once again in the midst of a war. The Rogue forces that have dominated the earth for at least 20,000 years have decided to impose slavery upon ALL people of the earth.

To do this, they have infiltrated all major areas of society – education, business, government, the media and more. This is occurring in most nations of the earth.

They have superior technology, including a technology of rape, beating and brainwashing that is very sophisticated and kept very secret.

We are beginning to understand these technologies. For details, read The Rape Planet and Beatings.

The emergency mentality. One way the rogues get around the laws is to declare “emergencies”. We have been conditioned to accept the idea that in an “emergency” the laws are suspended. This is completely false and opposed to the intent of the founders of our legal systems around the world.

Governments declare emergencies due to rain, due to snow, due to heat, due to cold and more. It is all conditioning so you will give up your rights and your laws.

When I grew up, when there was a snow blizzard, it was just a “snow day” and the schools were closed. Not any more! Now it is an “emergency”.

The new system of justice. The Biblical system of the Ten Commandments and Golden Rule apply to everyone. This is called equal justice under the law. The rogues are rapidly imposing a two-tiered system of justice, which is a way to describe slavery.

Their system they call social justice or, at times, they call it environmental justice or racial justice. These terms all mean the same thing - some people have more rights than others.

This is taking us right back to the monarchies of ancient times and of Europe where there were laws for the king and a separate set of laws for the common people, who are called the “commoners”.

The battle lines. All around the world, people are lining up based upon their view of the Bible. Either you believe that slavery in all forms is wrong, as the Bible teaches, OR you accept the doctrines of the liberals and left-wing people that some should have more rights and privileges than others.


2/15/22. It is very difficult for me to write about babies and childbirth because I become angry at the horror and lies that is “modern medical (and natural) health care”.

A true story. I worked as a doctor in a remote rural village in Southern Mexico. There were no telephones, radio or other communication. They had just gotten a little electricity a few years before. The people lived in small adobe huts, most with dirt floors, thatched roofs, and no bathing or toilet facilities.

Very late one Saturday night a young woman knocked on my door and said she had a stomach ache. Her belly was slightly distended and she was having a few stomach cramps.

Upon asking a few questions, it became clear she was having a baby. Her water had broken and she was starting to have uterine contractions.

I told her she could have the baby in the village, but she insisted that I drive her to a clinic almost two hours away. So we drove off along bumpy dirt roads.

When we arrived it was early Sunday morning. Upon arrival, the clinic door was unlocked, but no one was there. I helped the woman into the clinic.

However, before I could examine her or even wash my hands, the baby popped out. We wrapped the baby in a few paper towels and drove back to the village, and all was well.

Babies in trouble. In contrast, the health of babies in the Western nations is terrible.

The major cause of death of babies is birth defects. The birth defect rate has more than doubled in the United States in the past 70 years. Today one of every 33 babies in the United States has a birth defect.

The United States is about the most disgusting nations for babies. This year America ranks #52 in the world in infant mortality!

Sudden infant death. This is a major cause of death of babies. Sudden infant death is a stupid term that means “we don't know”. It is exactly like the medical terms essential hypertension, intrinsic asthma and idiopathic purpura. Some day I hope doctors will be honest instead of disguising the truth with fancy words!

Congenital malformations, infections, and trouble breathing are other common causes of infant death. A few websites acknowledge that malnutrition has something to do with this.

Prenatal care. From my perspective, the main reason for problems is terrible prenatal care – most all of it. Mothers-to-be are told they are healthy when in reality their health is awful. The physicians just don't know how to measure health because they don't use or understand hair mineral testing.

Mothers-to-be are told it is fine to stay up late and carry cell phones around all day that give off harmful microwave radiation. This is very important!

They are also told that microwave cooking (nuking your food) is just fine when, in fact, it ruins the food.

They are told that “standard food” is okay, when most of it is junk, especially white flour, all sugar, soda pop, table salt, frozen vegetables and more. Feed it to your dog and you kill your dog!

Mothers-to-be are told to eat salads and fruit, both of which we find are terrible for health today. They are also told the lie that vaccines are okay or even good, and mothers-to-be are allowed or even given toxic prescription drugs. For more details, read Prenatal Care.

The development program. The development program is excellent to help prevent problems of pregnancy and birth. I did not know this at first, but have learned it over the years. We have had at least 100 babies born to mothers on the development program. Their Apgar score is much higher than average.

The Center For Development Foundation. Our foundation focuses on producing healthy babies by supporting young women and children who cannot afford the development program. Please contribute here.

CASE HISTORY: GETTING A BRAIN - The best valentine possible

2/14/22. Michael is 12 years old. His life has been okay, but he has always known that his brain functions at about half speed. He says that is true of most of the children he knows, including all his friends.

Michael's mother learned about the development program at least 10 years ago and began to change their diet. He has had hair testing and the complete program for at least eight years.

Michael often resisted, not wanting to eat so many cooked vegetables. His mother worked hard to make them tasty, making them into purees, putting tasty toppings on them, and more.

He also resisted taking pills – the nutritional supplements. This all seemed crazy. What is wrong with eating food, and food that tastes good like everyone else?

Michael's mother also insisted he twist his spine every day and sit with his shirt off shining a red heat lamp on his chest every day for about half an hour or longer. He resisted this, too.

However, his mother persisted, usually gently. This is what it takes, folks!

Progress. Over the past three months, a cloud seemed to lift from Michael's brain. The souls experienced happiness and delight like never before. The world seems brighter to Michael and he often finds himself happy, something that was not true before!

Most recent hair test. Michael just had his fifteenth hair test. He also resisted having his hair cut off for such a strange test. The test showed the following:

Coming alive. Michael's new mineral analysis reveals an excellent pattern on the second four minerals, called the second tetra. All four of the minerals either remained the same or increased.

This indicates an improvement in general vitality. That is why we call it coming alive.

Advanced acupuncture. Coming alive is a term taken from an advanced form of acupuncture that requires so much training and sensitivity in one's fingers that it cannot be taught at this time.

The development program is a modern and simplified, but very effective version of this ancient science of acupuncture. This may sound very strange, but it is true.

A deep trauma pattern. The second four minerals (iron, copper, manganese and zinc) formed a double low ratio pattern. This means the ratio of iron to copper was less than 0.58 and the ratio of manganese to zinc was less than 0.0015.

We call this formation double give up or a slow death pattern. One is not going to die immediately, but if it remains, the future is not bright. This is a good way to describe Michael's life.

You might ask, why is the pattern showing up now? The answer is because Michael is revisiting and processing his past and undoing it. It is called Retracing. It is a reversal process, which is true deep healing. It does not occur on most healing programs of any kind because they don't go deep enough. But it does occur on the development program regularly!

Forward flip of the sodium/potassium ratio. This is another wonderful mineral pattern. It means that the ratio of sodium to potassium in the body tissues changed from less than 2.5 to greater than 2.5.

This might not seem important, but it is very much so! The sodium/potassium ratio in the tissues is a major indicator of health or disease. In most people, it is too low. This is associated with low vitality, and illness of all kinds.

Mental illness. A low sodium/potassium ratio is also associated with persistent feelings of frustration, resentment and hostility. This is a good description of how Michael thought about the world!

Twelve anchors. Michael's mineral analysis reveals another excellent pattern that we call anchors. These are mineral levels that do not change or change only slightly, within certain criteria.

We formerly thought this just meant the person did not follow the program. However, in the past few years we realized that this little change pattern can mean something much different if a person eats correctly and takes the proper supplements.

Anchor patterns indicate a special type of healing of the brain that so far we have observed only with the development program and not with other medical, natural or holistic healing programs.

The sulci. Specifically, the sulci of the brain (the ridges in the surface of the brain) become deeper and the brain grows a little in size. The brain also functions much better in sort of mysterious ways that we don't really understand.

It is as though the architecture of the ridges of the brain has a lot to do with one's intelligence and awareness. When the ridges are flattened, the brain is sort of dead. When the ridges increase, so does one's intelligence, judgment, awareness, memory and other qualities.

Michael has 12 of these patterns on his most recent hair test. This is quite excellent! If there are six of them, we call it a 'new brain' pattern. If there are nine of them, we call it 'a wise person' pattern. We would say, twelve anchor patterns on one test means 'a new world opens up'!

An amigo dump. This is a somewhat unusual pattern, often seen in people who have experienced rape, which is not the case with Michael. It is an increase in the levels of iron, manganese and aluminum in the hair tissue. It is an elimination of toxic forms of these minerals.

We don't know why, but when these minerals leave, a person often feels much more relaxed and at ease. It is as though one has undone a deep trauma.

While Michael has never experienced rape, his mother did experience it, as have most women. For details, read The Rape Planet and Rape.

The rape planet. Michael says he was born with the taint or effects of rape in his body. Today, most children are born with this taint. It colors their entire world and causes a subtle negativity, stupidity, and anger in millions of children today.

The group we call the Rogues is responsible for the vast majority of the rapes. They rape very professionally and deliberately in order to wreck the lives of women and all of their future children. This is very important to know about. It is not paranoia. It is the truth.

Michael was one of these children and the amigo dump pattern and the other patterns on the recent hair test indicate that Michael is freeing himself of the taint of rape. We don't know any other healing program that can cause this change in the body.

Perking up. Michael's phosphorus level has been low and it increased. We call this pattern perking up. It means that biosynthesis (the formation of all body chemicals in the nuclei of the cells) increased in its pace and often in quality, as well. It is an excellent indicator.

Leaving the cult pattern. This pattern is present whenever one eliminates at least three of the minerals associated with rapes and cults. These include iron, manganese, aluminum, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and nickel.

This pattern is called leaving the cult because when one experiences rape or joins many cults, they put toxic minerals into your body by various means. This makes a person weaker and less able to think clearly. As a result, one is more likely to remain in the cult.

As healing and retracing occur due to the development program, the body eliminates the toxic metals. When this occurs, one often feels released or freed in some way.

Chronic to acute and hostility to anger. The combination of patterns on Michael's mineral analysis, especially the change in the sodium/potassium ratio, indicate a shift in his thinking from chronic stress (low sodium/potassium ratio) to anger and more action (high sodium/potassium ratio).

Indeed, Michael says he is dealing with this anger, which he doesn't understand on the outer level. But it is part of a healing process as one's energy improves and one's awareness and brain power improve.

The world is indeed a mess and who would not get angry, at times, at what is going on. However, anger is a lot better than wallowing in despair, hostility, frustration and resentment.

So as Michael “wakes up”, the anger is surfacing to be healed. What other test will show you this kind of change in a person's body and personality, he asks?

The trouble patterns – the need for more progress. Michael's mineral analysis also reveals areas that still need healing and development. This is important because they are warning patterns of possible future health problems if Michael does not stay with the program.

This is predictive healing and preventive healing. These are other wonderful features of the development program. For details about this critical subject, read Real Prevention.

His oxidation rate is still sluggish with a fairly low sodium level. This is an adrenal burnout pattern, meaning low adaptive or cellular energy production.

Also, he still has a four lows pattern on the second four minerals. This is a sub-oxidation pattern or shut-down sequence of the body at a deep level.

He also still has a sympathetic dominance pattern, which is a problem in his autonomic nervous system. He still has a bowl pattern on the first six minerals, meaning he feels trapped or stuck. He also still has poor eliminator patterns and he is armoring.

If we just pay attention to these patterns, one would become depressed and probably quit the program. This is why emphasizing the joy patterns – the set of patterns discussed earlier – is so important!!!

The imbalances on Michael's test indicate there is plenty of room for an even much, much better life! That is the potential of this program!

(Armoring usually means Michael needs to be doing the Pulling Down Procedure. The outer Michael does not understand this procedure at this time and his mother has not taught it to him. The reason is she doesn't understand how wonderful it is and because women have more trouble with it. For details, read Women and Development.)

Summary. Michael has a new life and will be forever grateful for the development program and for the gentle persistence of his mother. She still needs to heal her own traumas.

Michael is now helping her more with this since he has a better brain. Michael says: Never underestimate the importance and value of having children for your healing.


2/13/22. Many people ask why we use hair mineral testing rather than other methods of assessing the body. The answer is in two parts:

1. Ideally, development does not require any testing. To develop, one simply follows the correct lifestyle.

The development lifestyle is to eat the proper foods, take several nutritional supplements, do the pulling down mental exercise to move subtle energy properly through the body, rest enough, and hold on to most of one's sexual fluid.

Also, we find that certain other procedures will move things along much faster. These are the spinal twists including the hand flex movements, foot reflexology, red lamp therapy, coffee enemas, the neck pull, and a few others.

This is what we call the “free” or basic development program and it is a very good starter program.

2. However, we live on a very toxic planet with mineral-depleted food. To move much faster, an enhancement is to continuously balance certain tissue mineral levels and ratios in the body. We recently learned that this is how the Planning Souls heal and develop the body.

Balancing is a systems concept. The body is a very complex system. Like a car motor or any complex piece of machinery, if one keeps the machine balanced, it functions much better. For many more details, read The Balance Concept, Systems Theory And Healing and Systems Theory.

The souls tell us this balancing process requires knowing the levels and ratios of the basic tissue minerals. Hair is a body tissue that can accurately, inexpensively and non-invasively provides this information. Blood, urine, saliva, or medical scans are interesting tests, but do not directly measure the tissue mineral levels. So that is why we use hair.

The test must be performed and interpreted properly. When one does this, the results are excellent.

The critics. Those who criticize hair mineral testing are either ignorant or malicious. For those who want to learn it, we are happy to teach them.

Malicious means that those who control the medical and natural healing professions don't want it taught because it would heal people at very deep levels, which sadly is not their goal. For more technical details, read Introduction To Hair Mineral Analysis.


2/12/22. Retracing and healing traumas such as rapes can be one of the most difficult parts of the development program. It can cause a person to quit the program and to believe the program does not work. In fact, it is working very well, but there is a need to retrace a trauma.

For an excellent discussion of this topic, read My Healing Process by Marianne West.

The sequence of events. Typically, a person feels better on the program for a few years. Then, however, one begins to feel worse, often with odd symptoms that don't make much sense.

Updating the program and doing more of it does not solve the problem and might even make it worse. This is often what trauma retracing feels like.

How long? Retracing a trauma can go on for several months and occasionally goes on for a number of years. This depends upon the type, severity and duration of the trauma.

Unconscious. Very often, one is not conscious that one is retracing a trauma. The incident may have occurred when one was a baby, or for some reason the souls decide do not fully inform you of what occurred.

If you ask, we may be able to tune in and tell you what the trauma was.

What to do? Often, one must reduce the program during the retracing. Taking a lot of supplements, doing procedures or even following the diet, at times can bring up more trauma and make things temporarily worse. This can be very frustrating.

Happy endings. In our experience, most everyone who stays with the program eventually gets through their trauma retracing. You may never know exactly what occurred, but after a time the symptoms begin to go away and usually you will feel much better than before the retracing began.

You have to work closely with me, at times, and not presume that you have the answers and that the program is faulty. For more details, read Trauma Release and My Healing Process by Marianne West.


2/11/22. The neck pull causes much faster development and can also help align the spine and neck. It is also simple and takes very little time to do.

NOTE: The neck pull is also one of the more unusual development procedures. Some people say it causes neck damage. However, so far, after years of recommending it, we have not received any reports of damage from it.

In this post, we want to bring this procedure to your attention and urge you to use it every day. For details, read The Neck Pull.


2/10/22. I am being told that millions upon millions of fine matter creatures are returning to the earth at this time. I am told this is a very positive event.

These creatures belong on earth and range in size from microscopic to enormous. Each performs a type of work on our planet. For example, they regulate the spin and rotation of the earth, which controls the climate. They also assist the plants and animals on the earth in many ways.

Most people cannot see these creatures because their bodies are made of a type of flesh that is less dense than ours. However, they are real. For more details, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.


2/10/22. Not only are the American president and Congress in violation of the law, as explained in yesterday's post. The Supreme Court of the United States also failed to do their job, which was to quickly adjudicate many lawsuits that challenged the 2020 election results.

For this reason, all of the Supreme Court justices need to resign at once. By remaining in power, they are also committing treasonous acts.


2/9/22. We are continuing to research whether there is a problem with pyridoxine, a form of vitamin B6. A little is in Megapan, Limcomin and Stress Pak, and it is added to some nutritional yeast.

We think the problem may be something else. Let us know if you know about this.


2/9/22. We periodically remind everyone that the current American national president and Congress were not installed properly. The Congress certified the election and the new administration took power while there were many pending lawsuits challenging the election results.

For this reason, they are in violation of the law and committing treason. This applies to everyone in both houses of the US Congress. It also applies to some state legislatures and governors.

Is this alarmist? It may sound alarmist to call it treason. However, it is a very serious violation of American law.

Some readers remember that in the 2000 election there was a challenge to the election results and a court case, Bush v. Gore. Everyone had to wait for the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States before the results of the election could be certified.

The proper action now in America is for Congress to disband itself and the president and vice president to step down. The former administration and Congress need to take over until all challenges to the 2020 election are properly adjudicated.

Every attorney and concerned citizen should be very upset and speaking up about this violation of the law. Perhaps I am speaking up because I am better nourished.


2/8/22. The development program includes five basic healing and development procedures. They are The Pulling Down Procedure, Coffee Enemas, shining a Reddish Heat Lamp on the body or using a Reddish Heat Lamp Sauna, and Foot and Hand Reflexology.

However, adding a few other procedures can cause a person to heal and develop much faster. Here are several of them are:

The vaginal object. Our clients tell us that this simple and safe procedure for women can double one's speed of development. Most women report using a plastic packing peanut for this procedure. For details, read The Vaginal Object Procedure.

Down hugging, down kissing and/or down sex. If you have a partner, these procedures are enjoyable and help marriages. They also greatly speed up development, especially for women. For details, read Down Hugging, Down Kissing and Down Sex.

The neck pull. This procedure moves a lot of subtle energy through the whole body in the right direction and can greatly speed up development. For details, read The Neck Pull.

The trances. These require a friend and could be done safely on a date or even at a gathering. They are very effective to speed up anyone's development. For details, read The Toe Trance and The Hand Trance.

Sleeping with your body aligned with the etheric flow of the earth. Positioning your bed so that you sleep with your head toward the nearest pole of the earth speeds up healing and development.

For example, if you live in North America or Europe, position your bed so your head is at least partially toward the North and your feet are toward the South. For details, read The Sleep Alignment Procedure.

Genital Bath. This is another very simple procedure that is very healing and speeds up development in both men and women. For details, read The Genital Bath.

The bidet toilet attachment. This device attaches to most toilets and sprays one's bottom with clean water as a substitute for toilet paper. We found that used somewhat differently, it stimulates a reflex system and can be most helpful for healing. For details, read The Bidet Procedures.


2/7/22. Pfizer Company data has been released, including a study of 22,000 people who took their Wuhan virus vaccine. Of the 22,000, there was one less death due to covid-19, but there were four extra deaths due to heart attacks.

There are more deaths from the covid vaccines than from all other vaccines combined during the past 30 years. Stay away and resist the illegal tyranny.


2/7/22. I just found out that about 50,000 people gathered in Washington, DC on January 23, 2022. This was not reported widely. For one of the excellent speeches, go to


2/7/22. Fasting is a dangerous therapy that is growing in popularity because it is easy. It can help with some illnesses, often because one stops or reduces bad eating habits and because it rests the digestive tract. However, its problems far outweigh the benefits.

I was the medical director at a fasting spa for more than three years, so I have direct experience with it. Several ways fasting is done are:

- Intermittent fasting is when one skips breakfast or dinner and just eats two meals a day.

- Water fasting usually requires visiting a clinic. Clinic or spa personnel monitor the person undertaking the fast and assist to reintroduce food afterwards.

- Other. This includes juice fasting and other restricted diets.

The problems with fasting. A major problem is that all bodies today are malnourished. Fasting makes this problem worse.

Today's malnutrition is the result of eating mineral-depleted food. This includes most of our food, thanks to the use of superphosphate fertilizers and hybrid crops that are bred for high production, not nutrition. For details, read Superphosphate Or N-P-K Fertilizers and Organic Agriculture.

Malnutrition can also be due to eating refined and processed foods such as white flour, white sugar, frozen vegetables and refined table salt. It is also due to eating raw vegetables, which the body cannot digest well.

Improper eating habits and weak digestion also reduce nutrient absorption in millions of people, even if the diet and food are of good quality. For details, read Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic and The Food Story.

Another problem with water fasting is that it does not train a person in how to eat properly. The fast itself is rather easy for some people because one's hunger may go away after a few days. (We think this is bad, since hunger is a normal signaling system of the body). However, one cannot continue fasting for long.

Fasting not needed. We find that fasting is not needed to heal illness.

Fasting slows development. Development requires excellent nutrition, which fasting does not provide. In fact, fasting interferes with proper nutrition. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

Fasting is not a deep method of detoxification. Fasting is often promoted as a powerful way to detoxify the body. While it causes some detoxification, the bodies are so malnourished today that this limits detoxification. Also, deep detoxification that occurs on the development program requires years, not a few weeks.

Mental damage. Fasting can easily deplete essential brain chemicals such as omega-3 fatty acids and others. This damage can take years to repair.

Summary. Stay away from all fasting. It is a very dangerous “natural” therapy. Instead, learn how to eat correctly from this website and not others, and you will achieve all the benefits of fasting and much more. For more details, read Fasting And Cleansing Diets and Intermittent Fasting.


2/6/22. George is 64 years old. His symptoms included migraine headaches, low blood sugar, candida albicans infection, food allergies, anxiety, depression, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) with hyperacusis (extra sensitive hearing), cold in winter and frequent urination.

Copper imbalance. Note that a number of these symptoms are associated with copper imbalance. They include migraine headaches, yeast infections, anxiety and depression. These are quite common today. Many of these symptoms had gone on for years. For details about copper, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome.

The development program. George began the development program about four years ago. Progress was slow, at first, but George stayed with the program.

His hair tests often showed a four lows pattern. This is associated with nutritional depletion and exhaustion. It is also always associated with copper buildup in the liver.

Now George is reporting that all his symptoms have decreased. He is delighted.

Most recent hair test. George's newest hair mineral test revealed the following:

- Settling down pattern on the first four minerals. This is present when the levels of all four of the first four minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) either remain the same or decrease.

In advanced acupuncture that is not taught much on earth, this pattern is called coming home. One often feels a little better and more grounded when this pattern is present.

- Into four lows. George also moved into a four lows pattern. When one moves into a four lows pattern on a retest only, it usually indicates the person is processing a trauma or issue related to one's parents. This is true in George's case. It is reinforced by the next pattern.

- Double low ratio on the second four minerals. This is present when the iron/copper ratio is 0.5 or lower and the manganese/zinc ratio is low, as well. It is called double give-up or a slow death pattern. When one moves into this pattern on a retest it indicates one is processing a trauma.

- The zinc level rose by five mg%. This is very positive because zinc is so important for dozens of bodily activities including biosynthesis, digestion, reproduction, the brain, and more.

- 11 anchor patterns. Anchors are present when the levels of certain minerals either do not change or change very little. The person must also be following the development program properly for the anchor patterns to be valid.

Anchors are very interesting and indicate a specific type of healing of the brain in which the sulci or ridges of the brain become deeper and more pronounced. This improves brain activity a lot.


2/6/22. Parasites are very common. They can cause symptoms but at times, they just live inside our bodies and are difficult to detect and eliminate because the terrain or environment inside the body is too favorable for their survival.

Hidden health conditions. In the case above, George did not report having parasites. However, the guides say he does and the program automatically and slowly gets rid of them.

This is one of the greatest benefits of the development program compared to other medical or holistic health programs. The development program automatically goes to work to solve hundreds of health problems.

Blocking the program. In this case history, the parasites, who are intelligent, literally blocked George from doing some of the program. They caused intense symptoms when he does coffee enemas or uses the red heat lamp for more than about 10 minutes.

This client had to push through these negative symptoms, knowing that these therapies are excellent, regardless of what they feel like at first.

Victim thinking. We find that parasitic infections are associated with victim thinking. In some way, maintaining a psychological stance as a victim causes the body to secrete a chemical that the parasites can use as food.

Everyone needs to move away from victim thinking, mainly because it is incorrect. It is always a lie!

In truth, we do not know why events occur, so we should not judge ourselves or others based upon them.

Removing parasites. The development program is excellent to remove parasites and does it in a non-toxic manner that is completely different from the medical and holistic methods.

A cold or yin condition. The way it works is that parasites are a yin disease in macrobiotic terminology. By causing the body to become more yang, we “heat up” the body and at some point the parasites must either leave or die. For details, read Parasites.


2/6/22. I received one message from someone who is not on our program. She and some others cannot sleep and have other symptoms if they take the standard vitamin B6 (piridoxal phosphate) in Megapan and Limcomin.

Liver problems. The person wrote that she believes her liver is very bad, causing the problem. I would recommend two to four coffee enemas daily and frequent rubbing the feet, especially the liver areas.

I am grateful for the feedback about piridoxal phosphate and was not aware of this problem. It appears to be rare. We like the way these products work so we will continue their use unless I hear from many more people.


2/5/22. The development program is excellent to reverse and actually heal the utter horror of autism. This preventable problem needlessly cripples millions of children every year. Please work to stop the destruction of our children by vaccines.

Other healing programs may palliate symptoms, but rarely actually reverse and completely heal the condition. The reason is the development program can deeply remove vaccine toxins, the usual cause of autism.

Paul. Paul is 11 years old. He became autistic soon after his second birthday and very soon after receiving one of the many vaccines given to babies in America. He stopped speaking, withdrew emotionally, and began banging his head and other autism-related behaviors.

Therapy. Paul's parents tried at least five medical and holistic therapies including herbs, Chinese medicine, homeopathy and others. These helped a little, but did not reverse the condition.

The development program. About two years ago, Paul began the development program. His diet was not perfect, but he ate many more cooked, preferred vegetables and took the supplements.

He also received daily foot rubs and sat in front of a reddish heat lamp for about half an hour each day. (Adults need one hour daily).

Most recent hair mineral test. Paul's most recent mineral analysis reveals the following mineral patterns.

TWO WARNINGS ABOUT THESE MINERAL PATTERNS: 1. Testing must be accurate. At this time, we only use Analytical Research Labs for hair testing because the results from other labs are not consistently accurate enough.

Reasons for inaccurate tests are that almost all hair testing laboratories wash the hair before testing it, wrecking the accuracy of the test. A second reason is that many labs do sloppy, inaccurate work. It does not matter that they are licensed.

2. For these patterns to be valid, one must be following the development program under the care of one of our Helpers. If a person follows someone else's program, the patterns are not valid and usually mean nothing.

This is one reason we do not use or recommend computer programs to determine mineral patterns. They do not tell if a person is following the correct program.

Paul is functioning much better. Here are the mineral patterns on Paul's most recent hair mineral analysis:

Bowl to a hill. This is an excellent pattern. A bowl pattern indicates one is stuck. If one connects the tops of the graphs of the first four minerals on an ARL calibrated mineral chart, the appearance is that of a bowl.

A hill pattern is the opposite and indicates a celebration of achievement, like reaching the top of a hill or mountain. The pattern of moving from a bowl pattern to a hill pattern is unusual and very positive. It is sometimes called 'back in action'.

Eight anchors. Anchor patterns on a hair mineral chart, when the hair is not washed at the laboratory and the person follows the correct program, indicate a special type of healing of the architecture of the brain. They are present on a retest when the level of certain minerals does not change or changes very little, according to strict criteria.

Paul's new hair test indicates eight anchor patterns. The presence of seven or more anchor patterns we call 'a new brain'.

Everything coming out or all out. This excellent pattern is present when six or more mineral levels on an ARL hair mineral chart increase on a retest. This indicates an elimination of toxic minerals through the hair and skin.

On Paul's new mineral analysis, nine mineral levels increased, which is excellent.

Trauma retracing. Paul's new test also indicates that he is continuing to retrace an old trauma. The pattern is a combination of a very low ratio of iron to copper and a very low ratio of manganese to zinc.

In development science, this is called a double low ratio pattern on the second four minerals. It is a slow death pattern.

Trauma. When one suffers a trauma, a part of oneself dies. Usually some advanced souls leave and the body shuts down, to some degree. This is true of the trauma of vaccine-induced autism.

During the healing process, the trauma pattern often accentuates on repeat hair mineral charts as it reverses. On Paul's most recent retest the pattern is weaker, indicating that Paul is moving through and completing the healing his vaccine trauma.


2/5/22. America is nearing the next election to be held later this year. It is a good time to remind everyone that to have fair elections, there can be no voting machines and no mail-in ballots. These both invite cheating, which was quite extensive in the last election.

Also, everyone needs to present two forms of identification in order to vote. This is not racist or discriminatory. It is common sense.


2/5/22. A recent study published in Toxin Reviews points out a serious problem with cannabis products – all cannabis plants readily absorb toxic metals.

This is a very important study! Louis Bengyella, the lead author of the study, wrote “analysis of heavy metals in the smoke of cannabis revealed the presence of mercury, cadmium, lead, nickel and arsenic”. It applies to CBD as well!

For details, see Global Impact Of Trace Non-essential Heavy Metal Contaminants In Industrial Cannabis Bioeconomy, published October 28, 2021. (


2/5/22. Someone recently contacted our Helpers claiming to make a better substitute for Megapan. Please stay away. We don't receive complaints about Megapan.


2/4/22. The forces defending the earth have found new ways to see more clearly the problems on earth, particularly the problems of the people of earth.

They tell me the coffee enemas are particularly helpful for everyone's health and well being. We don't really understand all the reasons why. Drinking coffee does not have the same effect.

Those who do coffee enemas have much more light around them and are in better condition, even if one does not feel well, at times.

Retracing. Not feeling well on the development program is due to retracing, assuming you are doing the program correctly. Some of our clients have so much trauma to retrace and heal that it is just not fun until you get past it.

I call the process the rollercoaster to heaven – it is an up and down process. However, keep in touch with your Helper and, if needed, with me, and in our experience you will get through it and be free of your past.


2/3/22. Avoiding fruit is one of the most important and controversial parts of the development diet and development science. Other than the exceptions below, eating fruit is not necessary and very harmful for everyone.

One of the worst foods to feed babies and children is fruit. Fruit juices are even worse.

Fruit upsets the blood sugar, demineralizes the bodies, addicts people to sweets, and damages the teeth. It also contributes to numerous other health problems such as hyperactivity, ADD, infections, cancer and more.

What is wrong with fruit?

- Fruit is very yin in macrobiotic terminology. Yin is a physics term that means cold, expanded, and containing slow-moving particles of matter.

All the bodies today are too yin to begin with. Fruit makes this worse. The reason the bodies are yin are radiation poisoning, toxic metal poisoning, demineralized food and electrical pollution. This is an important reason why eating yin food tends to make a person feel much worse. For details, read Yin And Yang Healing.

- Fruit picks up too much toxic potassium and other toxins that are put on our food today. For details, read Toxic Potassium.

- The balance of the minerals in most fruit is incorrect. It contains very little calcium, zinc and selenium, which are vital minerals. It also contains too much potassium.

The above are the main reasons we recommend avoiding fruit. There are other reasons that are less important.

These are its high sugar content, that it is often unclean and contaminated with parasite eggs, and because it damages the teeth due to its content of sugar, fruit acids and its incorrect mineral balance.

Exceptions. There are a few exceptions to the no-fruit rule. We recommend eating about 3 botija olives per week and eating green beans every day. Green beans are a combination of a vegetable and a fruit.

Eating a little olive oil is also okay, but do not heat it! If you do, it becomes quite toxic.

Isn't it true we need fruit in the diet? Absolutely not. We have worked with thousands of people and no one has reported problems that are solvable by eating fruit.

Those with hypoglycemia may think they need fruit, but really they need to correct their body chemistry and the craving for sweets will go away.


2/2/22. Most everyone needs to eat more of the preferred cooked vegetables. In our experience, adults need to eat 2-3 cups of preferred, cooked vegetables with each meal, three or even four times daily.

Why so many vegetables? This is what the bodies are calling for, in our experience. We wish it were not so.

We wish one could eat fewer vegetables or just take a pill and get the same nutrition, but pills are not the same as food and it does not work for rapid development. Here are the reasons why:

Toxicity. The bodies are ALL filthed up today. Without lots of cooked vegetables to provide hundreds of nutrients, you cannot detoxify well. Read our post just below about your liver to learn more.

Sympathetic dominance. This is a very common condition of the autonomic or automatic nervous system. One of its branches, the sympathetic or fight-or-flight branch, is overstimulated and activated too much. This greatly reduces nutrient absorption.

The development program helps correct this situation, but it takes some time. For details, read Sympathetic Dominance.

Mediocre quality. Most all the food on earth is of mediocre quality today in terms of mineral nutrition. This is due to the use of superphosphate fertilizers and hybrid crops everywhere. This includes organic food, which is usually a little better if you can find it and afford it. For details, read Superphosphates and Organic Agriculture.

Mineral removal. The group we call the Rogues remove vital minerals from the earth such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, selenium and others. This reduces the mineral content of our food today. Some of these minerals are being brought back to our planet at this time.

Weak digestion. Most everyone has weak digestion due to general malnutrition and toxicity. As a result, one cannot extract enough nutrition from food. For details, read Digestion.

Stress. Stress, hurried lifestyles and bad eating habits reduce the absorption and utilization of nutrients. Please sit and relax at meals. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly in a quiet environment. Otherwise, your sympathetic nervous system activates and nutrient absorption suffers.

Feeding others. This is unusual, but true. The people of earth are so malnourished that when a person eats better, the soul is asked if he or she would mind sharing some of the vital quality of their food with others.

This may sound impossible, but it is not. It is an example of empathic healing. It is a vital and beautiful service to others. Do not underestimate its importance! For details, read Empathic Healing.

Which are the preferred vegetables? They include all types of onions, including shallots, leeks, pearl onions, green, yellow, white, red and vidalia onions.

They also include orange carrots, which are extremely important to eat with every meal. They also include rutabaga, Brussels sprouts, green beans, white and purple daikon, broccolini or baby broccoli, red cabbage and cauliflower.

The preferred vegetables also include a small amount daily of ginger, horseradish root, and celery. Others are - a few times a week have one small clove of garlic and a very thin slice of golden beet.

Eat at least 8 or 9 different vegetables with each meal. This works the best, much better than eating a lot of just one or two vegetables.

Cooking. Cooking vegetables is necessary. Do not believe the raw food crowd! In our experience they are wrong.

Humans cannot digest tough vegetable fiber. If you eat vegetables raw, you will not extract much nutrition from them.

How often? The more often you cook, the better. Cook at least once daily. Cook vegetables until they are soft, but they should retain their color or most of their color. If they fall apart, they are overcooked.

How to cook? Steaming or pressure-cooking are the best methods of cooking. Do not eat much food that is baked, fried, broiled, or grilled. These methods do more damage to the food or cause more formation of toxic chemicals in the food such as the As AGES.

Puree. You can puree them and eat them as a thick soup, if you prefer. Preferably use a hand blender to puree vegetables rather than a regular blender because the latter requires adding more water, which is not ideal.


2/2/22. A reminder from your liver that is trying to keep you alive and well. Please help by eating correctly, as explained above!

Coffee enemas and the other development procedures also really help the liver. Everyone needs them.

Do not listen to the fear-mongering and sometimes malicious folks who warn against coffee enemas. Our experience with thousands of clients is that they are very safe when done properly. For details, read The Liver And Its Problems, Healing Your Liver and Coffee Enemas.


2/1/22. There is a dire need on earth – to end rape. Most women experience rape in one form or another because it is a Rogue plan.

The damage to the physical bodies is just the start of the horror. The emotional, mental and spiritual damage is much worse, both for women and for society.

The damage to the women's future children is also incalculable. Everyone is born today infected, weak, frightened and angry due to the rape of their mothers.

The rogues plan. The rogues know all this and it is a big part of their plan to control and dominate the earth. They are intelligent, thorough and brutal.

However, conditions are changing somewhat, at least that is the way it appears at this time. As a result, I'm able to talk about the problem in some detail and we need more people to talk about it.

Regarding positive changes on the planet, we don't like to be too positive in this newsletter, lest people relax and cease to be vigilant about their health – both physical and mental. Here is more about the rape problem:

The baby rapes. Rape is a killer and it often begins with the 'baby rapes' done to babies and children the world over. We have written about these in the Rape article.

Babies are beamed out of their bedrooms at night and taken to special locations. Once there, they are molested and raped for a few hours and then returned to their bedrooms.

Many of us have experienced this. Occasionally someone remembers the trauma, although for most people the memory is so vague and no one talks about it. As a result, one ignores any inkling of recall of these horrendous traumas.

The big rapes. Another type of horrendous rapes are called the 'big rapes'. These are done to pre-teen girls, usually, although at times teenagers experience them, as well.

Often girls are taken during school to a doorway, where they are led onto a platform that is an advanced elevator. The girl descends to a torture chamber, basically, where she is raped, beaten, pleasured and instructed.

She is also infected with diseases and sometimes forced to drink toxic metals or chemicals. These underground rape centers are everywhere in the world.

The male facilities. The rogues also bring to earth thousands of professional rapists who are male slaves. Some look like high school boys, though in reality, they are usually much older.

Some live in underground rooms where they study their victims before and after raping them. When it is time for the rape, they beam to the surface of the earth and either grab or meet the one they have been assigned to rape.

He knows all about her – her habits, desires, clothing, etc. So the rape is easy and may be a date, for example, or a meeting at a party, or something else.

These are just a few of the 'professional' rape activities on earth at this time. The idea is not to scare you, but to let you know their plan. There is an effort to destroy the rogue rape rooms all over the planet.

What to do? The word is going out that all women must take special precautions if they want to avoid rape. The rules may seem harsh, but those who assist with this newsletter want to bring them to your attention now.

The rules. The basic rules will be that women will not go out alone until the earth is cleaned up, and that could take years. Women also need to keep their hair short and dress modestly and carefully.

Marriage can be good, but only if it is a true partnership. Women can also live with other women or even with a male roommate who is not her husband if both are mature enough.

Women must not take chances with their health. This is the most difficult part of the rules.

Women bear the children and so they need to eat very well and care for their health immaculately. Otherwise, the planet will never heal because the children are born so toxic and nutritionally depleted, no matter how cute they look.

Every so-called “primitive” culture on earth knows this. Western nations are clueless about it and the medical profession is largely to blame. What is called prenatal care and the care of girls is sickness and stupidity, and nothing more. For details, read Prenatal Care and Raising Girls. Also, read Rape Planet.


1/31/22. Infections are one of the most common health conditions. Here are some principles about infections that are different from the standard understanding of infections:

1. They are opportunists. This means they easily “move in” if the body is toxic or weak. Even if a person eats perfectly, most bodies are fertile territory for infections.

2. For the reason above, practically everyone has dozens of infections. Common sites are the eyes, ears, nose, throat, bronchial tubes, lungs, stomach, liver, pancreas, intestines, skin, legs and feet, the brain and more.

3. Physical Infecting organisms include bacteria, viri, fungi, and parasites. Most people have some of all of these.

4. Infections can also be mental or psychological. This means one can become infected with faulty ideas. For example, some people believe in a climate change crisis and systemic racism. These false ideas act just like physical infections, eating away at the brain and mind and crippling people.

Many people have also been falsely taught that government power is benign. This is another completely phony idea sometimes called socialism that destroys your brain and mind.

5. Congenital infections. Most everyone today is born toxic, nutritional depleted and infected from their mothers' bodies. From our perspective, prenatal care on earth is a horror. For details, read Prenatal Care.

6. Most infections are chronic. This means they do not kill you, but neither does your body kill them. It is a standoff. These infections often produce few symptoms. However, they always weaken you and may flare up if you are tired, malnourished or stressed.

7. Most infections are difficult to detect. Blood and urine tests, x-rays, scans and other methods cannot detect most chronic infections. They can hide deep inside the body.

8. Remedies of any kind often will not heal many infections. If the terrain of the body and mind are favorable for infections, they are very difficult to remove completely.

The only way to get rid of many of them is to change the terrain or internal environment of the body. This “starves” the infection and improves the body's ability to fight them.

To get rid of psychological infections, one needs a healthy dose of truth. A profound statement is the quote from the Bible - “Know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. - John 8:32.

9. For the reason above, remedies have a place, but are not the best way to get rid of most infections. Also, most medical and even herbal remedies such as antibiotics and anti-infective herbs can damage the body and are best avoided.

We occasionally use natural remedies such as colloidal silver, bee propolis, and vitamin A. These are much less toxic, but still will not heal most infections until the terrain or environment of the body is cleaned up and the body renourished.

When the body is fixed, remedies are rarely needed to heal infections. This takes some years on the Development Program.

10. Vaginal infections. The vagina is like an incubator for infections, so it is a common site of infection in ALL women, including girls.

Virgins. A woman who has gotten rid of her vaginal infections we call a virgin (see Virginity) Most any woman can achieve this. It requires the standard development program plus the Vaginal Peroxide Implant Procedure.

11. Infections move from chronic to acute as they heal. This is a process called retracing. It can be confusing because it can cause a temporary flare-up of symptoms. For details about this important topic, read Retracing.

12. Now for something shocking - many people have a spiritual infection. Many people are infected with doubt that there is a Creator being. Instead, the schools teach that life is just an “accident” - the depressing and false philosophy called existentialism.

In reality, outer space is not dead! It contains two very large living beings – a female and a male – who gave birth to our planet and everything upon it, including us.

Our mothers gave birth to our bodies, but our souls, which are real, come from the Creator beings in space. Scientists will someday prove this quite easily.

THIS MEANS: You are never alone. You are always loved, and you are completely dependent upon this Love. You cannot be separated from the Creator beings, no matter what you have done or failed to do. The love is always there or you would cease to exist immediately. This is the truth.

Furthermore, you can communicate with and know the Creator beings and have a close and wonderful relationship with them. In fact, this is always your primary relationship and the Love of the Creator for you is the true religion. For details, read Bodies In Space. Also read Boosting Your Immune Response.


1/30/22. We worked on the cleanliness article – a basic topic but very important.

For men – Always sit down on the toilet including for urinating. After urinating, all men and boys need to use a piece of toilet paper on the head of the penis and you must hold it there for at least 15 seconds.

Like frost-free hose bibs. The reason for this is that men are like frost-free hose bibs. The valve to shut off the flow of urine is deep inside, so when you shut it off, it keeps dripping for up to about 15 seconds.

The only solution is to hold a single piece of toilet paper against the head of the penis for 15 seconds and then there should be no more dripping. For details, read Cleanliness.


1/30/22. We recommend a browser called Brave. It claims to preserve your privacy and prevent websites from tracking you.

On my computer, it will not allow me to use their video conferencing – it says my connection is not secure. If anyone knows why this would be so, please let me know.


1/29/22. Martha is 49 years old and just received her first tissue mineral test. She listed many physical symptoms including joint pain, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, elevated cholesterol, impaired circulation, poor digestion, fatigue, eczema, hair loss, gum disease, easy bruising, weight loss, receding gums, tension in the body, and deterioriating vision.

Her mental and emotional symptoms are fear, anger, anxiety, brain fog, confusion, depression, irritability, a racing mind, trouble sleeping and impaired memory.

Tissue mineral patterns. Martha's hair mineral test revealed the following patterns. These are what we call burnout indicators. For more details, read Burnout Indicators On A Hair Mineral Analysis. Here are some of Martha's main patterns:

Four lows pattern. This is present when the first four minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) are all less than their idea values of 40 mg%, 6 mg%, 25 mg% and 10 mg%.

Four lows is an exhaustion pattern. It means the body is in a shut-down sequence, although it can last for years. In advanced acupuncture, this pattern is called two feet in the tunnel of death. It is quite common today thanks to a depleted food supply, toxins in the food, air and water, and too much stress.

Extremely low sodium/potassium ratio. This pattern is present when the sodium/potassium ratio is less than 1. It usually indicates trauma and is associated with many health problems. The sodium/potassium ratio in the hair is an important indicator of the electrical balance of the cells, fluid balance, and much more.

Doubling pattern. The second four minerals on Martha's mineral test (iron, copper, manganese and zinc) reveal the same patterns as the first four minerals – four lows and a low manganese/zinc ratio. This is called a doubling pattern. It reinforces the original patterns and indicates that the patterns are present at deeper, as well as more superficial levels.

First level energy production. Yesterday's post mentioned that there are seven methods of energy conversion. Each successive method produces more energy and is better than the previous one.

Martha only has the first and perhaps the second methods available to her due to malnutrition and toxic metal buildup. Thus her body cannot convert enough energy to keep her healthy. Improving energy conversion is a key to improving all of her symptoms.

High mercury. Martha's mercury level of 0.187 mg% is about nine times the ideal level. This is likely due to eating a lot of fish and seafood.

A very serious problem on earth is that all of the oceans, lakes and rivers are contaminated with mercury. I am told the Rogues bring it to our planet and dump it in the waterways. Mercury poisoning is associated with dozens of health conditions.

Poor eliminators. Martha also has at least seven poor eliminator patterns. These are extremely levels of toxic metals and some nutrient minerals.

Poor eliminator patterns indicate that Martha has too much of these toxic metals and is unable to eliminate them properly. This is also common today due to impaired liver, kidney and bowel activity, low overall energy and vitality, impaired circulation and other reasons.

Therapy. The development program is one of the very few ways we know of to handle such a depleted and toxic body. The development program will slowly renourish the body, balance the body, restore energy production, bring up traumas for healing, and will slowly remove all Martha's toxic metals and toxic chemicals.

NOTE: We do not recommend chelation therapy to remove toxic metals. It is not necessary and is less effective than the development method.

It is also dangerous for a number of reasons. It is somewhat toxic and it tends to remove some vital minerals along with the toxic ones. For details, read Chelation Therapy.


1/28/22. Two of my teachers, Drs. Eck and Jensen, emphasized that converting energy into a useful form is one of the most important activities of the body cells. Dr. Jensen said “fatigue is the basic disease”.

Converting energy. Our bodies don't actually produce energy. We convert it from one chemical form to another form that our bodies can use.

Plants begin this process by converting solar energy into starches, sugars, proteins and fats. Then animals and humans eat the plants and convert the food to coenzyme A and adenosine triphosphate or ATP. These are like our refined gasoline that we can use in our cells to power the body.

The car analogy. We are like modern automobiles that have power everything – power steering, power brakes, power windows, power door locks, power seats and more. If anything happens to the power system of the car, you're in big trouble!

The same is true of our bodies. The immune system requires energy, as do all the body systems such as digestion, respiration, the brain, and more. When there is a problem of low energy, which is very common, you're in trouble!

Burnout babies. Today, the energy crisis often starts early in life because mothers-to-be are so malnourished. In fact, most children today are burnout babies.

This means they are malnourished and toxic from birth or soon after, thanks to bad prenatal care, vaccines and poor quality food. Low energy is a huge problem for many children that causes dozens of children's health conditions such as depression, anxiety, learning problems and many others.

Many children are too active and yet they are exhausted – they just can't slow down. For a few more details about burnout, read Burnout Indicators On A Hair Mineral Test.

A huge failing of the medical and even the natural healing professions is overlooking the importance of energy conversion. It is a huge focus of the development program. Increasing a person's energy causes healing everywhere in the body.

This does not mean you will immediately have lots of energy with which to run around town. The energy needed is called adaptive energy, a term borrowed from The Stress Theory Of Disease (a favorite concept in modern development science).

How to increase energy. We use many methods to increase energy production:

Basic nutrition and thorough detoxification. One method is to powerfully renourish and detoxify the body using methods such as Coffee Enemas and red heat lamp therapy, either with a single lamp or Red Heat Lamp Sauna Therapy. This is vital today! Anyone who says these are not needed is either ignorant or malicious.

Balancing the body. Another method is balancing the oxidation rate, the sodium/potassium ratio and other mineral levels in the hair tissue. For some reason, this is very powerful to assist energy conversion. For details, read articles such as Fast Oxidation and Slow Oxidation.

More ether. Another method is to bring more ether into the body. One does this by eating better quality food, breathing deeply, relaxing and living in an oxygen-rich environment. Doing The Pulling Down Procedure directly brings more ether into the body.

The batteries. Every body cell has batteries and they are essential for health! Most people have poor quality batteries that don't charge up well. You can change them using nutrition and detoxification. For details, read The Batteries.

The energy pathways. Another method is repairing the energy pathways. These are all the biochemical steps needed to convert food to usable fuel.

The seven energy conversion methods. Many people know about some of these pathways, such as the glycolysis cycle. However, even our scientists are not too aware of all of them.

Development involves repairing and using them all. For details, read the newly updated article, The Seven Energy Conversion Methods. Also read Restoring the Body's Energy.


1/27/22. We will switch gears today and post a new warning about the Wuhan virus vaccines. Alex Berenson is a responsible vaccine researcher who appeared on television last evening to report what is going on in nations that are the most vaccinated. Here is the report:


1/26/22. Living life fully requires the religious life. The secular life is very sick, but it is what most people live.

The religious life requires courage. That is the message for today. I want to urge everyone to do the right thing.

The key is that you must stand up to the thugs from a religious perspective, which is a loving perspective, not from anger. If you are threatened with murder or rape or beating, you can learn to stand up to it and answer: Do what you want. I stand with God and I don't hate you.

For example, follow the Ten Commandments, especially Do Not Lie. Decide you will stop lying to yourself and to others – in business, in personal matters, and in everything else. It can be difficult, but at least make the effort and your success will grow.

When I think about lying, I think of lepers. I worked with some of these unfortunate people while in medical school.

A man came in for his medical visit holding a cigarette that was burning his fingers. However, he was unaware of it because the leprosy disease causes the nerves in his fingers to lie – not to tell him his fingers are on fire from the cigarette. That is also what lying does to the one mind we share, what some call the One Mind Of Christ.

Also, follow the Golden Rule - do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Most people would want the truth from others, so tell the truth.

Most everyone, if they were poor, would want others to share. So share your money. Don't make excuses.

This does not mean to give away all that you have, but most people are selfish in the extreme. For details, read The Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule.

Also, remember the spiritual truth that when the student is ready, the teacher or master appears. This means that if you feel lost, confused, sick, oppressed, or poor, maybe you are not trying hard enough to get answers to your problems.

The above is exactly the same as the sayings: Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened, seek and you shall find, and know the truth and the truth will set you free. These are among my favorite lines from the Bible.

Another favorite line is “Be Not Anxious - for I am with you always”. This means that if one becomes anxious, one is not living or thinking correctly.

Another favorite saying from Roy Masters is “Without danger there can be no courage. Without temptation, there can be no virtue.”

Does it help to join a church or other organization that teaches these values? Yes, for most people it helps.


1/25/22. What is retracing? Retracing is the interesting process in which one goes back into illnesses and other symptoms and clears them at deep levels. It is not well known because it rarely happens if one uses regular medical methods or most natural 'remedy' methods of healing.

Retracing occurs very often during development programs. It is also known in other healing arts such as chiropractic and in psychology, where it is called the catharsis.

Almost every symptom that arises during the development program is retracing. Please remember this truth.

Covid and retracing. About once every two weeks I receive a call or email from a client who thinks he or she has the Wuhan virus. So far, none of them have it, even if their blood test for it was positive. So far, they are all just retracing old infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia and others.

Why does retracing occur? One may not have an active case of bronchitis or some other condition. However, many people have chronic conditions that the body is unable to overcome.

When one embarks upon the development program, the body gains the adaptive energy to fully heal the old infection or other type of lesion or wound. When this occurs, there can be a temporary and usually mild flare-up of symptoms. For more details, read Retracing And Healing Reactions and Trauma Retracing Notes.


1/24/22. In order to give love, one must first receive the Love of the Creator being. This is a deep truth!

To receive the Creator's love, one must move more and more of it into and through the physical body. This is another deep truth.

The energy moves through thousands of tiny channels that run vertically from the head to the feet. In everyone, many of these channels are clogged, crushed or otherwise damaged.

The way one moves more of this energy or love into the body and heals the channels is by creating a vacuum. The energy then fills the vacuum. This is another deep truth.

The basic technique is one sits or lies down comfortably. Then one moves one's attention to below the feet. Then pull down mentally – as though one is emptying the body. This creates the vacuum. The entire process we call the pulling down procedure.

A line from the Jeshua material is “Empty of self, empty of (ego) striving, I am one with God”. This is the same idea.

A line from the New Testament of the Bible is “Of myself, I do nothing. The Father in me doeth all things”.

As you become empty in the proper way, which creates a vacuum, you will be filled with more and more of the Love of the Creator. After a time, it overflows onto others and onto this world.

Thus, doing the pulling down exercise every day as hard as you can is a “mental “workout” that brings in more and more of the Creator's love. This love, in turn, heals all things, both in the body and on the planet. This is another deep truth.


1/24/22. Something to try as a topping for your cooked vegetables is a combination of a little tahini and a little sauerkraut. Use about the same amount of both or a little more sauerkraut than tahini. We welcome your feedback about this topping.


1/23/22. Here are a few slight changes to the diet:

- More celery. Eat about a 1/2” piece of celery with each meal. Slice it into several thin slices so it will cook better.

- More ginger and horseradish root. Have a small, thin slice of ginger and a small, thin slice of horseradish root with each meal.

- Have winter squashes only occasionally. We are moving winter squash from the daily food list to the list of foods for occasional use only.

For the entire diet for rapid development, read Food For Daily Use.


1/22/22. We have become aware that some former Helpers speak badly about me and about our program. Often, these people have been threatened and just say what they are told to say.


1/22/22. One of our teams investigated cryptocurrencies, which are becoming more popular. They are owned and run by criminal organizations who often steal any money you make with them. It can be even worse, with beatings and rapes.

This happened to at least one of our clients. We think it was the same with several others.

Do not listen to Martin Weiss and others who promote cryptocurrencies, which are not currencies and not secure. Avoid them completely!