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Welcome. This newsletter is unusual. In 2012, a group formed that consists of millions of beings who live on and around planet earth. We were told that we could help the planet and would receive protection if we follow certain rules.

The group has observed that if we follow the rules, we remain safer from a certain group of souls called the troph, the negs, the otros or the rogues. In the Bible, they are called Satan. They cause many problems on earth. For more details, read the Rogues.


THE COVENANT. I am told that these rules, taken together, form a new covenant with the Creator of all life. It is an agreement that applies to all the inhabitants of the earth and the rest of our solar system. The COVENANT is not a religion. It is a set of rules. If the people follow the rules below, they will receive the protection of their Creator.

 1. Obey the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai and the Golden Rule.  The latter can be stated as: Think and behave toward others as you would have them think and behave toward you.

Clarification. The people are to follow these rules strictly.  To clarify, the commandment “Do not to bear false witness” means do not lie or exaggerate.  The commandment “Do not steal” means do not rape. The commandment “Do not commit adultery” means do not have sexual intercourse unless there is a marriage contract. 

2. The people are to learn and behave with the understanding that all beings are loved equally by their Creator.  All beings are also needed, and all beings are to be respected equally.

However, this does not mean to avoid eating meat or vegetables, since these involves killing.  Some animals and plants have as their role to be food for others.  Killing them for food and eating them in no way damages the souls inside of them.  In fact, it helps the souls mature.

Also, if a being physically attacks another, it is acceptable only in this instance to kill in self defense.  This applies personally and in a situation of war. 

3. All beings are to develop themselves.  This means to follow a specific program of mainly diet and lifestyle.  This, and this alone, causes the unfolding of the full potential of each being.

The purposes of development are for one’s safety and to fulfill one’s full potential and the full potential of the planets.

The development program.  The development program, as described only on this website and not others at this time, is a rapid method of development.  Those giving this information require this method due to its safety and because it works well and fast.  For more details, see below.

 4. All beings are to seek out, and love, and speak the truth.  The only exception is in rare situations in which speaking truthfully directly endangers one’s life or the life of another.

A very damaging and false teaching on earth at this time is that there is no truth.  This is a pernicious teaching that needs to be exposed and stopped.

The original covenant in the Bible also includes at least three more requirements:

5. Everyone needs to follow the kosher food laws. We like these, but we recommend a few changes and have added to them with the development diet. At this time, we do not believe one needs two sets of dishes for meat and dairy meals or that these two types of foods must be eaten at separate meals. The Bible does not specifically say this. We believe these rules are interpretations that came later. For more details, read The Biblical Food Laws.

6. All male children needed to be circumcised. This is for the protection of women because it reduces rape. It is also for cleanliness to reduce the spread of disease. For details, read Circumcision.

7. All men need to marry. This is for the protection of women. This requirement is now less important because today women can live and work fairly easily on their own.


More About Development. Development is a precise process that requires a particular diet and lifestyle, and is greatly aided by taking certain nutritional supplements and doing certain detoxification procedures. We call this the development program on this website.

Following this program only, and no other health program, grows the size and brightness of the energy field of the body and builds excellent health and longevity of the body.

Other healing methods - medical, holistic, naturopathic and others - may alleviate diseases and reduce symptoms. However, they do not cause development to nearly the same degree. For this reason, we recommend them only rarely. Otherwise, they are best avoided altogether. For details about development, read Introduction To Development. For details about the development program, read Introduction To The Development Program.

Those in charge of this newsletter, we are told, are a group of souls who have lived on earth a long time. These souls are now able to make themselves known more directly through this newsletter and website.

The author does his best to relay information from them through this website and newsletter because, at this time, they are not in charge of the mass media or many websites. In fact, this site is one of very few that they control. We hope this will soon change, but we don’t know when that will occur.

Disclaimer. All information on this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition.



A feature of

All information in this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

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1/17/22. We improved and updated the website article about massage. Although at times helpful, massage is not a part of the development program of too many problems associated with it.

This is especially true of professional massage and other types of bodywork. We hope this will change some day. For details, read Massage.


1/16/22. My guidance is that Russian troops are on the move around the world in an attempt to take over a number of nations. Opposing them are forces from many Western nations. Most of this is not reported by the controlled media.

The Russians are using high-tech weapons including force fields around themselves that make them difficult to shoot.

I am also told that India has a large somewhat secret military that is opposing China and Russia.

Also, on our side are millions of fine matter creatures, including souls, whose numbers are increasing on earth. This may not sound important, but it is very important.

The fine matter beings control the planet. Most people cannot see them because their bodies are made of less dense form of matter. However, they are real. For details, read Bodies In Space.

The souls. Souls are real and are the animating force in all living beings. Our bodies are DNA configurations that require many souls to operate them.

The truth about souls has been suppressed for thousands of years because this weakens and confuses people. The reality of the souls is a basic fact of our existence.

The reality of the souls is the true basis for concepts such as limited government, equal justice for all, self-government, and the free enterprise economic system. We are all truly “created equal” in the sense that we are all basically operated by souls.

Each human body contains about 100 trillion souls. Many are ill and malnourished because the human bodies are malnourished. All souls are needed to help a person to survive and to be happy.

Souls do not die when the body dies. They go free and move on to their next assignment. They may move into a different body of a human being, animal or plant.

Souls they also may remain “free” and move about easily. To move around, they have a 'power unit' in the middle of their chest that creates an energy field that interacts with the gravity of the earth. Some day the same technology will be used to power our vehicles and aircraft.

Souls are continuously learning and maturing. If you listen carefully, your souls will tell you what they want. However, beware there are others who often speak louder and grab your attention.

The 23rd Psalm. Saying the 23rd Psalm of David, in particular, is very helpful for your souls. This psalm contains a lot of truth. For details, read The 23rd Psalm Explained, Soul Science and other articles about souls on this website.


1/15/22. To succeed with development requires special attitudes:

1. Soul thinking. This is to adjust your thinking so that you think the way your souls think. For example, souls do not worry too much about money and survival. They don't need much food and survive quite easily.

They do want the body to survive if it is serving them, so they care about money for this reason, but they realized that there are many ways to solve the money issue. This is just one example of how to think like your souls.

2. God provides. Many people stay in bad marriages, bad jobs, bad locations, bad friendship and more because they believe they will starve to death if they leave them. This destroys many lives.

The truth is that if you give service and are careful with money, there are always opportunities you can avail yourself of. They may be unusual and they may require a lot of work, but they are there.

3. Living on. Open yourself to the idea that you will likely live a long time and will have plenty of time to study, work, learn, visit places, have children, get married, and more. The key is to develop yourself enough so that you survive. This requires getting to big stage 1 and small stage 150 or a higher stage.

4. Love. It is important to have an attitude of love for everyone, no matter who they are or what they do. Do not hold grudges and resentments, for this is extremely harmful for the body. The philosophy of this is that we are all connected at one level and so hating or resenting anyone is the same as resenting a part of yourself.

5. Get the big picture. Try to understand that we are part of a larger movement on earth and in the cosmos. If you see this, you will try to “go with the larger flow”. This tends to bring happiness because the souls want to progress and learn.

6. Don't be stoic. Stoic can mean to be unemotional and not influenced by pleasure or pain. However, stoic can also mean to remain in a self-destructive situation. This is extremely harmful. To survive one must learn when it is time to leave a harmful situation.

For many more details, read Healthy Attitudes.


1/14/22. In a partial victory for freedom, today the American Supreme Court voted against forcing workers at all companies with over 100 employees to be vaccinated for covid-19.

It was only a partial victory because the court upheld an executive order of the president forcing health care workers who receive government money to be vaccinated. This is wholly illegal, in our view.

There were also many things wrong with the rulings. Forced medical treatment has no place in a free society. It is a personal matter beyond the scope of government. However, that issue never came up.

Also, executive orders are all unconstitutional, as are all emergency powers laws. They are not found in the constitution and they negate the constitution.

The body is one's most intimate and important property and the government is supposed to protect your rights to your property, not violate them.

The attorneys on the other side cited a 1906 case in which a man was fined $5.00 for not being vaccinated, and this was used to support their case. However, it was completely different in that the man was not denied his job. Also, the disease in question was hundreds of times more serious than the Wuhan flu. Still, we don't agree with that decision, either.

Perhaps most important, there exists a right to work. It is part of the right to assemble, which is in the First Amendment To The US Constitution. That is basic to a free society. This came up but the judges dismissed it. This is truly disgusting.

Also, the government agencies such as OSHA (Occupational Safety And Health) which proposed the forced vaccination are wholly illegal in America. We have explained this in earlier posts. There are 47 of these in America. They combine executive, legislative and judicial powers into one agency staffed by unelected bureaucrats who are basically accountable to no one – the worst possible situation!

For more on vaccines, read Vaccines – A Medical Abomination.


1/13/22. Most people do not drink enough water. This slows their progress on the development program and can cause illness, as well.

How much? Most adults need two to three liters or quarts of water daily. Water is needed in the blood and in all body tissues to move nutrients into the cells and to help move toxins out of the cells.

The kidneys also need a lot of water in order to function properly. Otherwise, a type of toxicity sets in that shortens life.

This is an area in which we disagree strongly with the macrobiotic teaching, for example. They do not recommend drinking much water. We observe that everyone who follows this advice is toxic in a certain way.

Excuses for not drinking water. These are many. Please do not excuse not drinking water. It only creates more problems.

Rotate drinking waters. Do not just drink one type of water. It is best to rotate between several types, if possible. The best water for drinking is usually either a quality spring water or carbon-filtered tap water if your tap water is safe to drink. These tend to hydrate the body the best.

Tap water often contains aluminum and chlorine, so this is not optimal. However, there is a project to keep people alive that involves tap water around the world, so this type of water is not too bad.

Spring water is costly, but some brands are excellent. We particularly like Purely Sedona spring water, although most people will need to buy it online because it is not in many stores.

Babies may need water, in addition to breast milk. This is because some mothers are dehydrated, so their milk is a little too thick. It is good to offer babies a bottle of water during the day, especially if a woman thinks her milk may be a little too thick.

For more details, read Water For Drinking, Alkaline Water And Why Avoid It and Hydration For Healing.


1/12/22. Parasitic infections are a huge worldwide problem that destroys the health of millions of people. Most everyone has some of them today, even if tests cannot detect them. There are about 300 types, consisting of various worms, protozoa and other small creatures.

Sources. Parasites make their way into our bodies from water, food, breathing in their eggs or touching contaminated objects. A little known problem is that dogs pick up parasite eggs on their fur rather easily.

If your dog then comes into the house the parasite eggs are spread around the house. The problem is much worse if you walk around barefoot or just wearing socks, so always wear shoes with socks if you have a dog.

Effects. Parasites can invade any organ of the body. They commonly interfere with digestion and can cause difficulty thinking and many other symptoms. When there are a lot of them, they can easily cause death.

Often doctors misdiagnose them as something else. This occurs, in part, because the doctors fail to look for them, and also because detecting them is often not easy.

Parasites love bad health. If the body is weak and toxic, it will make a good home for parasites. If the body is too yin or cold, it is easy for parasites to live in it.

Interestingly, if a person has thoughts of victimhood, it is much easier for parasites to live in it. If a body does not have enough digestive enzymes, it is much easier for parasites to enter through drinking water or food.

Contagious. Parasites spread easily from person to person when people live together or even if people just touch the same objects such as chairs or office equipment.

Healing. Medical and holistic personnel handle parasites with drugs, herbs and other remedies that kill them or help force them out of the body.

However, all the anti-parasite drugs and herbs are somewhat toxic. Also, often parasites will come back because the drugs and herbs do not build health. As a result, there is still plenty of debris and toxins in the body that the parasites can live on so they come back.

The development program. The development method of healing is a much better way to handle parasites. The way it works is to slowly clean out and strengthen the body. This makes the body less attractive to parasites so they leave or are killed.

Development can be a slower method to heal parasitic infections than drugs or herbs, but not necessarily. It is much better than other methods because it is non-toxic, it does not require expensive testing to detect the parasites, it protects from re-infection, and it gets rid of ALL parasites, even those that are difficult to detect. For more details, read Parasites.


1/11/22. An excellent website is This first appeared in Dr. Mercola's website.

We don't agree with Dr. Mercola when it comes to dietary matters and most nutritional supplements. However, we agree wholeheartedly that one way to win against the present tyranny, at least in America, is to legally challenge the idea that there is any emergency at all.

The phony police powers doctrine

We would add to the above that the emergency law (called the police powers doctrine) is thoroughly unconstitutional. It needs to be exposed for what it is – just a way to destroy the nation.

The police powers doctrine states that if there is an emergency, the government can just suspend the constitution and do whatever they wish. This was never the intent of the founders of the nation and nullifies the entire idea of limited government, self-government and a nation based upon laws, not the whim of men.


1/10/22. The disease. Negativity is a disease that wrecks your health and stops development.

Causes 1 – 7. Negativity can be due to physical factors such as nutritional deficiencies and toxic metals. It can also be due to emotional imbalances, egoism, social isolation, improper work or study, false beliefs or spiritual problems such as feeling separated from God or hating God or believing that God hates you.

Pay attention to it. Overcoming negativity is absolutely essential to success with the development program, so it is worth figuring out why you are negative and letting it go.

The truth. The truth is that you are loved more than you can ever imagine. However, some people just will not allow and accept that love into their lives.

As one of my teachers once said, “Many people will give up their Coca Cola and donuts, but they won't give up their negative thoughts”.

What to do. Do something fun each day such as listening to happy music, reading something uplifting and spiritual, or talking about happy spiritual matters to your children or others.

Also, keep up your development program but do it because it is fun to become healthy and developed, not because you feel “you have to”.

For more details, read Letting Go, The Real Sel(book), The Real Self (audio program), My Past Is Perfect, Resentment, I Choose, Victimhood, Rules Of The Society Of Loving, Lighthearted Warriors, Qualities Of The Warrior, and The Light Workers.


1/9/22. One of the finest foods to speed up the process we call development is fresh and preferably plain goat yogurt. It helps because it contains special souls.

This is true of most brands of fresh goat yogurt at this time. It is a special plan to help the people of the earth develop faster.

The development souls. The yogurt contains what are called development souls. These souls know the many unusual and sometimes difficult changes that need to take place inside the brain and the body of a person in order for development to occur.

The pulling down procedure. Normally, development souls only enter the body when a person does the pulling down mental procedure forcefully and repeatedly. However, most people don't even know of the procedure. The few who do know about it often do not do it forcefully enough.

Therefore, a decision was made by some advanced helpers to move some development souls into the bodies through foods. Goat yogurt is one of the those foods.

The foods must be easy for the development souls to live in and they must contain certain nutrients needed for development. Foods that fulfill these requirements are goat yogurt, goat cheese and, to some degree, other yogurts and cheeses.

So please eat these foods on a regular basis. Some goat cheese or yogurt each day is best. It does not require a lot. A small amount of one or the other is all that is needed. We know these foods can be difficult to find and we are working on this problem.

Also, please do the pulling down mental procedure every day for at least one hour, and do it forcefully. The exercise is not a contemplative meditation. It is to be done with as much force as you can apply.

Think of a powerful tornado tearing through the body moving energy downward from the head to the feet. Alternatively, think of a powerful magnet or vacuum cleaner just below the feet pulling you downward.


1/8/22. This post continues the general topic of maturity. A common immature behavior is the personality quality of being resentful.

The word resentment, from the Latin, means to feel again and again. It is the mind in a negative rut and it always slows development and causes illness, especially cancer.

Resentment is very common and worth rooting out of oneself. For details, read Resentment.


1/7/22. This newsletter and website discusses development, which is mainly a physical improvement of the body. However, this must be balanced by maturity.

Maturity can be defined as correct thinking and proper behavior. We believe that development will not be allowed on our planet without a corresponding increase in maturity.

This is a large and important topic, so we will discuss it in more detail in the future. For more details, read How To Mature And Grow Up Faster, Integrity, The Young Person's Manual and Women And Maturity.


1/6/22. This post is about the fine matter creatures of the universe. Examples most people know about are souls, angels, and elves. However, there are thousands more species of them.

Most people have not heard of them because most cannot see them. A few people do see them and write about them. The Hebrew Bible is the most common source of information about them.

Differences. Fine matter creatures have DNA just as we do. They eat, drink, and eliminate just as we do. However, they don't eat very much and their food is fine matter substance of plants and animals.

Fine matter creatures also have a brain similar to ours and organs that are somewhat similar. The appearance of the bodies is also similar to that of some earth creatures, including human beings.

They also speak, move and do all that we do. However, unlike humans and other coarse matter beings, they almost all speak telepathically in a language not found on earth at this time.

This language is called Ebre. We want everyone to know about and learn this language, so we will be teaching it in this newsletter. For details, read Ebre and Bodies In Space.


1/5/22. There is a wonderful alternative way to live and organize your life. Most people live from the outside in.

Living from the outside in. This means that one looks around at what the world seems to offer and then takes steps to 'fit in'. One looks for a suitable job, a place to live, friends, perhaps a suitable partner, and more.

Life is a struggle in which one strives to get what one believes one needs. This way of living can be enjoyable, but is often a struggle or grind.

Living from the inside out. The alternative is to make oneself available to God or the universe to be of service. Ask many times each day: Father in Heaven, what would you have me do? How can I serve? Take me and use me this day to do Thy will and to be Thy will in action.

The pulling down exercise. Along with the above, one must do the pulling down exercise at least one or two solid hours daily. This changes who you are and brings a new energy into the Mind and body.

It also causes development, which heals and toughens the body. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure and Introduction To Development.

The development program. Also extremely helpful is to follow the entire development program to strengthen and balance the body chemistry. This makes one much more 'available' for service.

In fact, anyone who follows the development program is already being used to help nourish others who are nutritionally depleted. For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.

The result. Consciously living from the inside out connects you with your souls and with more advanced beings who will guide you.

NOTE: The guidance may be rather unusual. The advanced beings have many needs and jobs. You will be given various tasks that may seem unusual but are what is needed on earth at this time.

This method or procedure for living is one of allowing, rather than striving. It requires some discipline to do the pulling down exercise each day and then allowing or following the hunches or feelings one gets as to what to do and how to proceed.


1/4/22. Most people's body chemistry is too acidic. I am referring to the pH of the tissues, not the pH of the blood, urine or saliva, which can vary.

Symptoms. An overly acidic body chemistry causes fatigue, yeast problems, cancer, and hundreds of other health conditions.

The cause. The main cause of an acidic body is a deficiency of the proper forms of certain minerals. These include calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, manganese, chromium and selenium.

This is usually due to not eating enough cooked vegetables. Only cooked vegetables and vegetable juice provide a lot of these minerals. Other foods provide much less of them.

Preferred and non-preferred vegetables. Among the best sources of alkaline minerals are the preferred vegetables for development. These are all onions, shallots, leeks, carrots, rutabaga, white and purple daikon, green beans and chives. A little ginger root and celery are also excellent sources of alkaline-forming minerals.

Other preferred vegetables for development that are excellent, but not quite as alkaline-forming, are Brussels sprouts, cauliflower. These are higher in sulfur, an acid-forming mineral. Other more acid-forming minerals are phosphorus and iron.

Very important: If you cannot find some of the preferred vegetables, then eat more non-preferred vegetables such as broccoli, bok choy and others. They will still help make te body more alkaline. They just won't cause as rapid development.

Can you overdo on vegetables? Yes, but it is difficult. Most people do not eat nearly enough of them.

Why not just drink vegetable juices? Because raw vegetables ,and especially when in the form of a juice, are very cold or yin in macrobiotic terminology. This is quite harmful for health, regardless of the nutritional benefits of the juice.

What about using a salt and soda bath or rubbing a salt bar on the skin? These are okay and will help a little. However, we only allow two baths per week because soaking in water is quite a yin experience for the body. For details, read The Salt Rub or Salt Glow.

Rubbing kelp on the body also helps provide some alkaline-forming minerals. For details, read Kelp.

What about swallowing some baking soda? This might help a little, but is not nearly as effective as eating more cooked vegetables.

What about drinking alkaline water? This can help a little, but is not nearly as effective or as safe as eating plenty of cooked vegetables with each meal.

Also, machines that produce alkaline water often use platinum to make the water more alkaline, and platinum is a toxic metal. For details, read Water For Drinking.


1/3/22. During the past month, many fine matter creatures have been returned to the earth. This change continues. As it does, the planet is healing.

Also, in outer space around the earth many fine matter creatures have gathered. Many give off some light, so some people are noticing that the nights are a little less dark than previously.

The souls can see more and believe they have found some large fine matter beings whom they say are important.

The mother. One of these beings they call the mother. She is large – about the size of a large continent on earth - and has a human-like form. She helps maintain order in our sector of space and helps give birth to souls.

We will continue this discussion in a future post.


1/2/22. Breakthrough #1. Do plenty of enemas, up to four daily or even five if you don't become toxic with coffee (shaky). Use as much coffee as you can up to two tablespoons per enema.

Breakthrough #1. It is of critical importance during coffee enemas to keep the coffee touching the upper surface of the transverse colon. The transverse colon goes across the abdomen at the level of the navel.

This will greatly improve the effectiveness of coffee enemas to rehabilitate the brain. It will also greatly speed up development.

The reason it works is that the upper surface of the transverse colon reflexes to the brain. Healing the brain in most people is extremely important and the coffee helps immensely. (Drinking coffee does not have this effect.)

Four methods to move coffee to the upper surface of the transverse colon.

1. Do the enema on a massage table or bed that has the rear legs of the table or bed elevated so the rear legs are at least two feet higher than the front legs of the table or bed. This is easy to do with most massage tables that have adjustable height legs.

2. If you are on the floor or on a flat surface, place pillows, bolsters or a beach ball under your hips to raise them so they are two feet higher than the rest of the body. This is not quite as good as #1 above, but it can be done.

3. Use an inversion table to invert the body. The body needs to be inverted to about a 45 degree angle. This can work very well.

4. Lie flat if this is all you can do, and tap or massage the abdomen so that coffee splashes against the upper surface of the transverse colon. This method is not as reliable and is more work to do during the entire enema, so we don't recommend it.

For details about coffee enemas, read Coffee Enemas.


1/2/22. Most recent hair test. Martin's most recent hair mineral retest revealed unusual patterns:

A much less toxic test. The levels of sodium, potassium, iron, chromium, lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum and lithium were all lower, and many were much lower, on this retest.

Less toxic. We all this mineral pattern less toxic. It indicates the completion of eliminations of all these toxic minerals. This produced a much more normal-looking hair mineral chart.

Forward flip of the oxidation rate. Martin's oxidation rate had been fast. It changed to slow on this retest.

A slow oxidation rate is more normal for an adult. Therefore, we call this change a forward flip or positive change of the oxidation rate.

In this case, and in most others, the previously fast oxidation rate was due to the presence of toxic metals in the body. These had a stimulatory effect upon the body. As these were eliminated, the oxidation rate slowed down. For details, read The Oxidation Types – Fast, Slow, Mixed And Four Lows.

Phosphorus decreased from 19 mg% (an elevated reading) to 16 mg% (a more ideal reading). An elevated phosphorus level often indicates rapid development. During the development process, the body breaks down certain tissues and builds up other tissues. During this unusual process, the phosphorus level may increase.

For example, during early development the glial cells (inactive support cells) in the brain decrease in size and number. The body replaces them with more neurons, which are active “thinking” brain cells. This improves a person's thinking ability, memory and brain capacity.

This is one of the major benefits of the process we call development. For details, read Introduction To Development.

Another possibility in this case is that toxicity with lead had displaced the phosphorus reading upward. As lead was eliminated with the development program, the phosphorus level decreased to a more ideal level. For details, read Phosphorus.

Zinc increased by 3 mg% from 15 mg% to 18 mg%. When zinc rises above the ideal level of 16 mg%, it usually indicates that zinc is acting as a “shepherd” or “escort”. This means that it is assisting the process of toxic metal elimination.

Zinc helps protect the body from the effects of toxic metals while the metals are being transported through the body during the process of elimination.

In this instance, the body eliminated cadmium, a very toxic metal. Zinc can help reduce the toxicity of transporting and eliminating cadmium through the kidneys and liver. For details, read Zinc, Cadmium and Cadmium Women.


1//1/22. Martin, age 25, became addicted to alcohol and marijuana at the age of 13. He learned about them at his school.

NOTE: This is an important reason we do not recommend sending children to schools today.

Symptoms. Looking back, Martin realizes that his health had been very poor for years as a child. His symptoms included fatigue, brain fog, chronic pain in the liver area, extreme anxiety, inability to concentrate and learn and frequent colds and infections.

His parents took him to nearly a dozen medical and natural health practitioners with little to no help. So he turned to alcohol and drugs, which at least gave him a sense of well-being.

Self-medication. This is called self-medication. It is common today because the methods offered by standard and natural or holistic practitioners are simply not working well today for many people.

The development program. This is a much more sophisticated healing program, although it may look like just another nutrition program. For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.

Progress. Four years ago Martin's mother heard about the development program and placed Martin on it. Within three months, he found he did not need as much alcohol or drugs to feel some relief from his symptoms.

He has stayed with the program and today many of his symptoms are gone. He still becomes anxious, at times, and uses alcohol at these times to calm down.

To be continued...

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