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One of the most mysterious parts of the Bible occurs in the Book Of Ezekiel, Chapter 1.  Here the prophet Ezekiel describes a vision he had as a young man.

Scholars have debated its meaning for several thousand years.  Some even think he was just mentally unbalanced when he had the vision.  However, several articles on this website might help one understand EzekielŐs vision.




It is possible that Ezekiel was shown some of the winged creatures that surround people, as well as other aspects of a developed man. 

The description of the creatures closely matches the description we were given of the controller creatures and others that surround each of us.  They are small, winged, fine matter creatures that we ordinarily cannot see because their bodies are of our lower density than ours.  For more details about them, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

Later in the same article is a description of other creatures who assist the controller creatures.  Their appearance seems to match EzekielŐs description of wheels that move along with the winged creatures.

In addition, Ezekiel spoke of seeing a beautiful vault above the heads of the living creatures.  Here he is describing a merkaba.  This is a spherical bubble of whitish light that develops in layers around a developed person.  For details about it, read The Merkaba.

I believe that some versions of the Bible mistranslate the word merkaba.  The correct translation is a vehicle.  However, some translations call it a throne.  Ezekiel mentions that it moves, and that the living creatures move along with it.

We donŐt think Ezekiel saw the manŐs physical body that is always found within the merkaba.  Instead, he was shown a much larger body that he describes as God sitting on a throne, high above the ground.  This is most likely the etheric body of a developed man. 

When this energy field or subtle body develops, it has the appearance of and is about the same size as the physical body.  However, when it reaches full development, it grows much larger.  It retains roughly the shape of a man.  For details about this, read The Energy Fields.



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