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One of the most mysterious parts of the Bible occurs in the Book Of Ezekiel, Chapter 1.  Here the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel describes a vision he had as a young man.

Scholars have debated its meaning for several thousand years.  Some even think he was just mentally unbalanced when he had the vision.  However, several articles on this website can help one understand EzekielŐs vision.




We believe Ezekiel was shown some of the very special winged creatures that surround people.  These are called the guide creatures.

They are very intelligent and advanced fine matter creatures that are small (about the size of your index finger).  Everyone is born with a set of these creatures around the body.  They guide the person from birth. 

They also do healing on the body and help in many other ways.  For many more details about them, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.




This is very important today because an important goal of the activity of the group we call the rogues is to have the guide creatures leave peopleŐs bodies.  This is the only way they can take control of a person and brainwash the person to be a good slave.

The rogues are an alien group that has been largely in control of the earth for the past 20,000 or so years.  The Bible calls them Satan.  For details about them, read The Rogues.

The rogues know that the guide creatures require or prefer healthy bodies.  As a result, they use hundreds of methods to deplete the bodies nutritionally and filth the up with toxins and diseases.  Then the guide creatures donŐt want to remain with the bodies and they leave.

Chief among the rogue methods of damaging bodies are rape, molestation and beatings.  Other favorite methods are lying, scaring, terrorizing and confusing people.

These activities quickly deplete many nutrients in the body.  They also make it much easier to poison the body with toxic metals, in particular, that are present in the environment, food and other places.

Beatings and rapes also cause emotional and psychological damage.  They cause intense anger, fear and a victim mentality that is extremely unhealthy. 

Rapes and often beatings also spread sexually-transmitted diseases that cause much damage to the body and brain.  For details, read Rape, The Rape Planet, Molestation, Beatings and Sexually-Transmitted Diseases.

The rogues are very active at this time on earth.  This entire website and the development program is an effort to counter their activities.  The development program will slowly heal all infections in the body.

Following the development program diligently also causes the return of oneŐs guide creatures.  It can even cause the addition of extra guide creatures – a wonderful benefit of this program that does not occur with other healing program of which we are aware.




Ezekiel 1 also discusses the merkaba.  This word appears a number of times in this chapter of the Bible.  Scholars disagree about its meaning.

The standard translation from the Hebrew is that the merkaba is a vehicle or chariot.

I am told that that this is not exactly correct.  I am told that the merkaba is a spherical field of energy that grows in layers around a personŐs body as that person develops.  It can look like a soap bubble that is a little larger than the height of the physical body.

The merkaba contains special souls who help protect the body and heal the body.  Later in development, it gives birth to other structures that increase a personŐs health and abilities.  For more details, read The Merkaba.



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