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The development program is not just nutritional healing. It is truly a path. The idea of a path is very important for safety and in order to arrive at your goal.

Hiking analogy. An excellent analogy is hiking. When hiking in the woods or elsewhere, staying on the path will keep you from falling off cliffs – or, in our part of the country, walking into rattlesnake dens. It also assures you that you will arrive at your goal without getting lost.

Staying on the path is also easier because you can follow in the footsteps of many others who have walked this way before you. Some others have tried other paths and come back to this one as the best. For more details about the idea of a path, read The Path Concept.


The path of development can be understood well in terms of the 7 system:


Physical safety and cleanliness. This aspect of the development program includes keeping the body and one’s home clean, living safely, and such things as dressing modestly in light-colored clothing.

Diet and nutritional supplements. It also includes the development diet and drinking 2-3 quarts or 2-3 liters of either carbon-only filtered tap water or quality spring water daily. It also includes taking the correct nutritional supplements to strengthen, nourish and balance your body chemistry. These are important for rapid development today.

Rest and activity. The physical aspect of the program also includes going to bed early and getting plenty of rest. Everyone also needs some gentle exercise each day.

The physical healing procedures. It also includes doing the physical healing and development procedures each day. For fastest development, these are most helpful. The basic ones are the pulling down exercise, the spinal twists, coffee enemas, red lamp sauna therapy, and pressing on the reflex points of the feet and perhaps the hands each day. The other Accelerator Procedures are also excellent to move things along faster.


Sexuality. This important aspect of the program includes sexual fidelity and holding on to one’s sexual fluid as much as possible. It can also include practicing down sex with your mate, which is far superior to ordinary sex.

It also includes avoiding homosexuality and other practices that weaken the body and mind. For details, read Homosexuality.

The emotions. This aspect also includes learning to control one’s emotional responses and keeping the emotions positive at all time. At first, this may require a lot of effort. The book, The Real Self, can help with this aspect.

Taking sides. The second aspect of the program also includes ‘taking sides’ or ‘spinning to the right’. This is an emotional aspect of life in which one becomes clear about one’s spiritual and even political beliefs and is not afraid to feel them and express them.

For example, recent events in the world have attempted to force people to say that black lives matter more than others and that all light-skinned people are oppressors. However, this is incorrect. In truth, all lives matter equally. One needs to be very clear about this and not go along with false beliefs of any kind.

The American Declaration of Independence expresses some proper beliefs quite well: All people are created equal in the eyes of God, all need to be treated equally under the law, all have rights that predate or exist regardless of the nation or government, and government must operate by the consent of the Citizens. In addition, everyone needs to lives by the Ten Commandments of Moses and the Golden Rule.


This important part of the development program permeates all aspects of it. One needs to live an ordered life in which the mind rules over the emotions and order rules over chaos and haphazard thinking and activity.


This aspect has to do with how one relates to and treats others, in general. To develop quickly it is quite important to learn how to be a friend to others, to care about others, to include others in your thinking and activities, and to become a good neighbor.

This aspect is also about becoming a worthy member of your community, nation and world.


This aspect of the development program has to do with how you develop and use abilities and talents. For example, some people overdo this part of life and do not have enough time to follow the program. Others just want to stay home and follow the program, but we find that working in the world at least to some extent is most helpful for people.

This aspect also has to do with teamwork and partnerships in business, marriage and family. One’s “team” either helps you develop much faster or it can get in your way. This is an important factor for some people who are in marriages or work situations that may need changing in order to permit and encourage more development.


Knowledge. We find that people who read and understand the program generally develop much faster. Knowledge about the program reduces fear and confusion. One becomes much steadier and faithful with the program. Knowledge also enables one to handle healing and purification reactions much better.

A deep understanding of development and the development program also greatly helps reduce temptations to stray from the program. Such temptations will come from friends, family members, doctors, books, the internet, or other sources.

Wisdom. Wisdom is different than accumulating knowledge. Wisdom is good judgment and learning to make good decisions in every area of life. It is how one uses one’s knowledge to navigate through life.

Sharing or teaching the program. One of the best and sometimes the only way to learn a subject is to teach it to others. Until you do this, some confusion and misunderstanding often remains in the mind that will slow you down. Explaining the program to others and answering their questions and objections forces one to clarify many things.

So when you ready to speed up your progress, share the program with others a little more and you will find you will move faster. Do not be discouraged when most people will respond with either a blank stare, all sorts of objections and counter arguments, or even hostility. We are reminded of the advice in the Bible given to the disciples of Jesus to teach the gospel and if people reject it, just wipe the dust from your sandals and move on to the next person.

We probably do not emphasize this aspect of the development program enough. Deepening your understanding of all aspects of the development program is a lifelong study that pays great dividends.


Religious. The development program is religious in nature because it enables you to become closer to God or, in Christian terms, to deepen your walk and your connection with Christ.

Spirituality. Development is a spiritual path because it connects the physical body and brain with the souls, the oversouls (supervisory souls), guides (those who are a little further ahead), the Father energies of the universe, and ultimately with the one Creator.

Transformation. The program slowly transforms a purely physical person into something quite different that some would call a Christ on earth or a master. This involves definite physical changes, not just psychological change.

Balance and integration. This aspect of the development program involves balancing all of the aspects discussed above and integrating them into a “development lifestyle”. This is not always easy, but well worth the effort.

The pulling down mental exercise. The Pulling Down Exercise greatly assists this aspect of the development program. Doing it for at least one hour daily, and preferably longer, heals the body, calms the brain and the emotions and improves awareness.

It also improves creativity and expression and brings more and more of God and the Father energy into your body and your life. It literally “brings Heaven to earth” and allows “Thy Will” to be done through you. Setting aside time every day to do this exercise is essential for rapid development.

This seventh aspect of the path of development is another that we probably do not emphasize enough. It has been of major importance for this writer. For years, whenever asked what I do for a living or just to keep busy, I say my real job is healing and development.

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