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The planning souls are a group of several hundred highly developed souls that are in every person and every other living creature. They are found throughout the body. They monitor the mineral levels of the tissues very closely and they guide many other souls and creatures that keep the body alive.

About 20 years ago I found I could contact these souls and ask them questions about a person's health.


We now realize that the development program is essentially a way to support the efforts of the planning souls. This is a new understanding of the development program. We are learning their method of healing.

We do our very best to give them whatever they tell us the bodies need in terms of food, nutritional supplements, and healing and detoxification procedures. They also tell us when a person needs help with lifestyle or other matters in order to promote healing and development.

Implants, witchcraft and more. For example, they often tell us that a person is heavily implanted with electronic devices. This is unfortunately very common today and wrecks many people’s health. They also tell us about other unusual conditions such as attacks using witchcraft that they say are also common on earth. Coffee enemas are one of the few ways to combat this problem.

At times, they tell us that a person must have a change of location, for example, or that a marriage or other relationship is needed, or is not working out. The planning souls offer all of this and more.

The planning souls are thrilled that we know about them, can find them, and that we are willing and able to work with them. They say it is a unique way of doing healing that is unsurpassed on earth.



To do their job, the planners literally keep a list of all of the body’s health problems. Then they prioritize which ones are most important to handle first. Based upon this, they set up a schedule of healing activities. The planning souls base the order of healing primarily upon five factors.


These are:

1. The severity and/or danger of a person’s illnesses and traumas. Some symptoms, although they may be annoying or scary, do not threaten one’s life too much. They are given a lower priority, even if you, the outer person, believes they are your main problems. This is very confusing at times!

When one embarks upon a development program and sees little change for months or even a few years, it is because healing is occurring inside that is not visible or noticeable. Most people need a few years on the program before they really notice that they are much stronger and healthier.

2. The person’s nutritional condition. This is usually the limiting factor that slows healing the most. Unfortunately, most nutritional advice people receive today is wrong!

People are told to eat salads, fruit, smoothies, whole nuts, seeds, other vegetarian proteins, too many dairy products and much too much wheat and other grains. According to the planning souls, none of this is good advice!

They tell us that 60 to 70% of the diet today needs to consist of about 22 properly cooked vegetables. They call these the preferred vegetables. Everyone needs at least 10 of these with each meal. They also tell us that the bodies all require a few blue corn tortilla chips with each meal. If you can’t find these, then yellow corn chips have some of the same chemicals in them, but not as much as the blue corn chips.

The bodies also need a medium-sized portion of high quality animal protein twice daily – both beef and lamb, but not any pig products, which are all of lesser quality and contaminated with parasites even when thorougly cooked. They also need about 8 ounces per week for adults of goat yogurt or soft goat cheese.

The bodies also need about 2 tablespoons daily of roasted almond butter and roasted sesame tahini. These are the basic food requirements, they tell us. Children all need the same proportions of food, but less quantity.

They also tell us to avoid all fruit, sugars, smoothies, shakes, food bars, most beans, whole nuts and seeds, non-preferred vegetables except on occasion, and avoid all chemicalized or so-called junk food.

Is it an unusual diet? – yes it is. The planners say it is needed in our polluted and mineral-depleted world at this time. For more details, read Food for Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use and Forbidden Food.

3. The person’s vitality level. This critical healing factor is largely dependent upon the amount of subtle energy or etheric energy that is available for healing.

This energy declines with age unless one does the Pulling Down Exercise enough to move more of this energy into the body. Procedures that move subtle energy downward through the body such as all the Low Body Procedures also help.

4. The toxicity level of the body. This is a serious problem in everyone today. It is almost completely ignored by the medical profession, which makes the toxicity problem much worse with their vaccines, drugs, and x-rays. The planners say the current health care systems on earth are a horror. This includes both the mainstream medical system and the naturopaths with their herbs, homeopathy, intravenous vitamins, and chelation therapy.

5. The person’s rest level. This development factor is fairly easy to correct, but most people do not rest enough.

6. The person’s attitude and mental state. This is another serious problem in many people. The majority of people today live in extreme fear and have no faith in God or any higher power that is truly loving. This is terrible for health and for Development!

Everyone needs the spiritual principles of living contained in the Ten Commandments given to Moses and the Golden Rule. These principles are absolutely required for deep healing and development.

7. The willingness of the person to follow advice. This is another huge problem. The group we call the Rogues (or Satan in the Bible) has infiltrated all the bodies, and do so before birth. After birth, their influence usually just grows and grows. As a result, most people are 1) stupid, 2) stubborn, and 3) egotistical. As a result, they are not too interested in their health and their nutrition, no matter what they claim. This slows the work of the planners greatly.


The planning souls want everyone to know that what is called health care on earth is truly a failure. A few primitive societies have decent health care systems, but very few.

The problem is that most Western and Eastern health care systems do not address the real needs of the body. These are proper nutrition, rest, activity or lifestyle, and the need for nutritional supplements and healing procedures.

The planners tell us that only the planning souls’ method, and none other on earth, addresses these needs.


Our current development program, they say, can use some upgrades. At least six changes are needed right now:

1. We need retreat centers in every city and town to help people begin their program and to teach the program.

2. We need the governments of the world to support and promote this program, and to stop supporting the rather insane health care systems currently in place.

3. We need to completely re-educate all doctors, nurses, holistic healers, naturopaths, physician’s assistants, nutritionists, health department employees, and others who work in healing facilities of all kinds everywhere in the world. They are all terribly misinformed and doing more harm than good, in many cases. It is a terrible waste of time, money and lives.

4. They also tell us that people need far more nutritious and less toxic food if we are ever to really achieve a healthy population.

5. The entire education system, including all textbooks of medicine, nutrition, toxicology, biochemistry, physiology, psychology, microbiology, and more need to be revised because they are horribly incorrect. This website is an attempt to achieve this goal, but it needs much more support and assistance.

6. They also tell us that the laws against rape must be made much more strict. It must be punishable by death in all cases, and that includes seduction rape. Also, this law must be absolutely enforced or we will never have healthy bodies on earth.


People do not realize that almost all rape on earth is not random or due to hormones out of control. It is carried out very professionally and executed perfectly, although this is not easy to observe.

The professionals who do it are well-disguised to look like ordinary men and they use extremely high-technology and esoteric methods that we are just learning about. For example, they know how to drive out high-quality souls from a woman during a rape.

This leaves her depressed, terribly frightened, weak and very vulnerable to suggestion. They replace her advanced souls with brainwashed, sick, immature souls whom they easily control.

In fact, rape is a central part of a plan to control the earth. The plan is that of an alien group called The Rogues on this website, and which the Bible calls Satan.

Rapes and beatings are used to frighten, torture, weaken and infect women with incurable diseases. They know these women will later bear the children, who will be born nutritionally depleted, toxic, and infected with dozens of unusual diseases that are almost impossible to detect and difficult to heal.

They also know that the children will all be born weak and filled with fear and anger, which also comes from the condition of their mothers.

All of this serves the goal to control the earth, but is terrible for health and for society. For more details, and to understand why prohibiting rape is so important, read The Rape Planet, Rape and Healing Rape.


The planning souls want everyone to know that the system they use is not theirs alone. In everyone, the planners are in touch with even more advanced souls called oversouls who guide the planners.

The oversouls are many and coordinate the activities of the planning souls. There is a very fine wire that connects the oversouls to each body everywhere in space.

In addition, the planners obtain guidance from an even more advanced group of beings whom they call the Fathers. These are special fine matter creatures who tell the planners that they, in turn, are guided by even more advanced souls.

This hierarchy is critical to know about because it is the truth. It has to do with the concept that there is only one God, not multiple gods, as some teach.

Knowing about the hierarchy of souls also has to do with the concept of the Love of the Creator. This idea is real and extends to you, no matter how poor, sick, deprived, or wretched you think you are.


You can assist your planning souls, who want only to keep you healthy and happy, and who want to move your development forward as fast as possible. Here are four ways to assist your planning souls:

1. Follow the physical part of the development program as well as you can. This provides the body with quality nutrition needed today to counteract the low quality of the food. Stay away from salads, fruit, smoothies, shakes, chemicalized food and vegetarian diets.

The bodies also need plenty of rest and sleep, and they need the healing and detoxification procedures. A special note: We are learning that all women need the Vaginal Hydrogen Peroxide Implant procedure and process. It is quite amazing!

2. Follow the mental and emotional aspects of the program. This means work on keeping your thoughts positive and uplifting at all times. Avoid all negative thinking.

When negative thoughts arise, which occurs in everyone, have a “toolkit” of methods to change the thoughts. This can be reading material, listening material, viewing material, and other methods to help yourself. The Jeshua material sold by the Shanti Christo Foundation is very helpful for this, as is the small book called The Real Self. This book is also available in hard copy.

We know keeping thoughts positive is not easy if you have been severely traumatized, for example. However, it is critical for rapid development and healing.

3. Ask to connect with your planning souls. This is possible as you develop more. We, the planning souls, are learning more about how to connect consciously with the person within whom we reside.

4. Be very skeptical about health information. This is difficult because everyone is bombarded with information and often propaganda by the media, family, friends and professionals such as doctors concerning their health and other matters.

The planning souls want you to know that there is a much different life available for you that is far better than what the world offers. This website has numerous articles that describe development and its benefits. For details, read Introduction To Development.

You can have much better health than the average person with not too much effort if you follow the advice of this website and not others.

5. Have courage. Living today requires a lot of courage. To some degree, this has always been true. However, it is even more true today.

All those who choose life at its fullest are threatened and sometimes persecuted for their beliefs. Accept this reality and move ahead anyway. You will set the example for others and together with the Will of God we can succeed.

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