by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction


A Very Brief History

II. Details about the rogues

III. Dealing with the rogues

IV. Other topics

Can this be real?

Why Is It Allowed?



Warning.  This is one of the most scary articles on this website. If this bothers you, don’t read it.  It can sound like pure paranoia or another “conspiracy theory”.  However, it is not theory.  It is real.

This is also one of the most unusual topics on the website. We include it not to shock people, but because it is true, no matter how unpleasant it is.

We ask that you read the article with an open mind.  It will help you understand corrupt politics, chaos, disease, pollution, wars, social upheaval, and other problems on earth. For example, pollution is planned and keeps the people of earth sick and weak and easier to control.

How does the author know about the rogues, who are very secretive? Those who know about the rogues are not permitted to speak about them. We know about them because I am able to tune into souls, who know all about them. I seem to be able to write about them and survive, so I do it to help people understand our world.


The rogues, as the word is used on this website, are a large group of brainwashed, technically advanced, criminal beings of many types. They roam the universe beating, raping, poisoning and, in this way, controlling activities on many planets.

Conquerers. They consider themselves leaders and our superiors. They consider us stupid and unfit to rule ourselves. They are very clever liars and know how to infiltrate and take over entire planets.

Satan. The Bible calls this group Satan. The word satan means full, as in full of oneself or egotistical. Similar words in English are sated, satiate and satisfy. For details, read Satan.

The rogues themselves use the word satan or sat to describe a disgusting hybrid human-angel creature that they “build” or forge. They are robot-like but look and sound thoroughly human. They are very hard to kill. We discuss the satans or sats in a separate article, The Sats.

Psychopathic. The behavior of the rogues is thoroughly psychopathic, meaning they have no regard for the law or for human dignity. They do what they please. They are highly organized and follow the orders of their leaders. We don't know where the leaders are, but they are not on this planet.

Secretive. The rogues are very secretive, at times. However, at other times they want women, in particular, to know who they are and that they are in charge.

Rapists. The rogues use rape for many purposes and we recently learned that most all women on earth have been raped and beaten by them. It begins in childhood or even before.

They acquire a type of energy they call yin energy by raping women. They also use rape to filth up women and deplete them nutritionally so as to weaken their future children. They also use it to terrorize, mix up, humiliate, dominate and hurt women in many ways.

We believe they are responsible for most rapes on earth. For more details, read Yin Energy, The Rape Planet, Rape and Healing Rape.

Beatings. The rogues beat people. They do this to deplete their nutrition, inflict pain, damage the brain and nervous system and for other reasons.

Poisoning. The rogues are experts with poisons. They poison our food, our water, our air and all bodies. This is done to weaken the bodies and brains to make people easier to control. It is also used to cause disease and to kill people that do not go along with them.


1. Toxic and deranged body chemistry.  Humans, animals and fine matter beings such as souls and others who are or become part of the group called the rogues all tend to have a low tissue sodium/potassium ratio.  They also have higher hair tissue levels of toxic forms of iron, manganese and aluminum.

These affect the brain in specific ways that cause criminal behavior. For more details about fine matter beings, read Bodies In Space.

2. The negs. Some people who know about the rogues call them the negs. This is because their behavior is decidedly negative and destructive.

3. The scav. Some who know about the rogues call them the scav or scavengers. They mean that the rogues live off dying worlds. This is interesting because it is true that the people of earth are unhealthy physically and spiritually.

We also know that if one follows the development program as taught on this website, one will have fewer problems with the rogues. This program drastically improves physical and mental health. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

4. The troph. The rogues sometimes call themselves the troph. This is short for trophoblast. This is the name of a body tissue. The word in Latin means to nourish the baby.

The trophoblast is an aggressive, invasive and destructive cell type. Its role in our bodies is to invade the lining of the uterus of a pregnant woman and literally steal blood and nutrients to nourish a fertilized egg.

If it becomes active anywhere or at any other time in the body, it is called cancer.  For details, read The Trophoblast.

It is possible that the rogues are a type of cancer of the universe, destroying whatever they touch.

5. In terms of politics, the rogues are left wing, communist, socialist and authoritarian. They are completely irreligious, liars, deceivers and destroyers.


The rogues damage people and our planet at every level, from the souls to the planet herself.

- They damage at the physical level with rapes, beatings, poisoning and general mix-up.

- They damage at the emotional and sexual level with the rapes and causing unhappiness.

- They damage at the the ego level by dominating and forcing people to behave the way they wish.

- They damage at the social level with fake friendships and destructive social movements such as teaching that society is racist when it is not.

- They damage at partnership and work levels by corrupting businesses, forcing women to live as their wives, and more.

- They damage mentally because they lie about everything and force all women and some men to lie.

- They damage spiritually by corrupting our religions and interfering with development and the seventh energy center that should connect a person with the Father energy.


I am told the rogues have been present on earth for at least the past 50,000 years. In the past 100 years, they are exerting more and more control over affairs on earth.  This may have to do with the advancement of technology on earth.

They have infiltrated most of the mass media, the education systems of the world, the entertainment industry, most large corporations, and most governments on earth.



We have known for some years that iron poisoning is a huge problem on earth. We are learning that one cause is that the rogues want to poison the people of earth with certain forms of iron. Here is how they do it:

- Iron in foods. The rogues spray toxic forms of iron on many fields, streams and in the ocean. It finds its way into our vegetables, fruit and dairy products. It is one reason we only recommend goat dairy products – they are lower in iron.

In addition, the governments of many nations require that iron be added to white flour. More recently, we found that some restaurants are adding iron to their food, particularly fast food chain restaurants.

Eating too much red meat or too many eggs also gives one too much iron. One should only eat a four-to-five ounce portion of red meat (beef, lamb or goat) twice a week. Some people can eat a little more if one is in late pregnancy or if a woman has very heavy menstrual periods.

We find that women can eat only up to 6 eggs per week and men can eat only up to 8 eggs per week. Otherwise, they accumulate an iron-containing toxin in their livers.

- Medical iron pills and shots. Most people who are anemia do not need iron. They have a copper imbalance. They need a corrective development program to heal the anemia. However, physicians often recommend iron, which just poisons the person more. For details, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome and Anemia.

- Vaccines. Newer vaccines contain iron. The covid-19 vaccines contain graphene oxide. This is a fancy word for a form of iron. Some authorities say all they contain is iron. It is quite toxic and contributes to the disability and death that the vaccines are causing.

- Iron in vitamins. This is a common source of excessive and often poor quality iron. Among the worst are prenatal vitamins.

- Black or dark colors of everything. This includes black or dark colored clothing, appliances, machines, packaging, and more. Iron is in the black pigment and dyes. Some rubs off on your hands when you touch anything that is dark in color. Do not wear dark colored clothing and, whenever possible, do not buy things that are dark in color.

- Tatoo ink. Iron is in the ink, especially dark-colored tatoo and other ink.

- Blood used in rapes and beatings. When women experience rapes and beatings, rogue men at times pour blood on them. They tell the women it is their own blood, but it is not. It is blood meal sold as plant food. The men buy it and mix it with water. The blood is that of cows or pigs. It is very high in iron, which the women absorb through their skin.

- Slowing or stopping menstrual bleeding. Menstruation helps protect young women from iron poisoning. The rogues are able to reduce or stop some women's menstrual periods with drugs. This puts the women in more danger of iron toxicity.

Why poison people with iron? Too much iron weakens the brain and other organs such as the liver and the heart. Iron also supports bacterial growth and in this way filths up our world. Iron is also an electrical conductor and the rogues use the iron in common objects to enable them to monitor, spy, communicate and condition the people of earth.

Iron removal. The development programs we set up slowly remove toxic iron from the body. Other healing programs do not do this nearly as well, and often not at all.

Beware of others offering “nutritional balancing”, “functional medicine” or “hair analysis”. They often say they know our work. Sadly, some are malicious and most do not set up programs correctly.

For more details, read Iron Overload and The Amigos – Iron, Manganese And Aluminum, (and others).


The rogues are liars, cheaters, murderers and will do anything to gain and remain in control of the earth.  Some would call this amoral.  Others would say it is a morality of survival.

Anti-Biblical, anti-soul, anti-God, anti-Christian, and anti-Jewish.  The true concept of the soul and the teachings in the Bible get in the way of their agenda.  So they hate the Bible, and oppose Biblical teachings any way they can.

From the Judeo-Christian perspective, the rogues are the same as Satan referred to in the Bible – a liar and destroyer at every level.  The word Satan means the adversary in Hebrew.

They say we don’t need God and they are our superiors, here to help human beings and souls “mature” and “work off karma”. They say they are our leaders and supervisors.  They want us to go along for our own good.  They say they know best, including when to steal, murder, torture and rape people.

Sexuality.  They encourage sexual activity, homosexuality, bisexuality and other aberrant sexual behavior with loss of sexual fluid because this weakens the bodies.  They do not want people to know about Down Sex, which strengthens the bodies.

Stopping development.  The rogues cause physical, emotional, mental and spiritual damage to the souls and other bodies that effectively stops development.

Development is a specific process of completing the genetic potential of a human being, creature or plant.  They don’t like it because developed beings are more powerful and threaten their domination.  They say that people cannot handle the power and wisdom that it brings.  For details, read Introduction To Development.

Imprisoning people.  Those who do not go along with the rogues plan of slavery for earth humans they either kill or maim. The horror is beyond most people’s imagination. In the future, we hope to have the time to write more about it.

This is a major reason to always oppose efforts to restrict people’s freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to contract and freedom to associate.

It is also a powerful reason to always oppose gun control laws.  These prevent people from defending themselves.  There will be a few crazy people who will shoot innocent people, but this is much better than taking away people’s weapons.

Guns and more advanced weapons in the hands of law-abiding people is an essential check on government power.  Guns also prevent thousands of rapes, robberies and murders every year.  However, the gun grabbers won’t tell you about this well-documented fact. 

They also don’t tell the truth that the cities in America with the most gun control laws have the highest crime rates.  Also, when other nations such as Great Britain and Australia banned guns, crime rates increased.

The reason is simple – criminals don’t obey gun control laws (or any others).  A disarmed population is easy prey!  And beware of fake or rigged studies that show the opposite, when it is not true - like the rigged medical “studies” that “prove” that sugar is a good food.

The way rogues treat people is also the reason to never allow a government or other authority the power to lock up people without formal arrest procedures and due process of law, meaning a trial by a jury of your peers.  Recent changes in hospitals around the world, for example, must be opposed.  For details, read Hospital Horror.

Advanced weapons. The rogues use much more advanced weapons such as lasers, disrupters and electromagnetic rail guns. They are far superior to our weapons and are not permitted in any nation on earth, to the best of my knowledge. Some of their weapons are truly amazing and horrifying.


The rogues eat the best food on our planet.  The poorer quality food is for the “earths” or “children”, as they sometimes call us.

They have their own farms to produce superior food on earth and more in space. It is similar to biodynamic agriculture – food grown without superphosphate fertilizers.  It gives them superior strength and intelligence.

Rogue operatives often have their food delivered to them.  They tend not to go to supermarkets, but they do sometimes go to health food stores.


The rogues sometimes use underground rooms for rapes, beatings and other tortures. This way they don’t worry about the screams. The forces defending the earth destroy these rooms when they find them. Equipment found in these rooms may include:

Fixed equipment: The room is quite plain with a drain in the middle so it can be washed down easily.  There are cameras placed high around the room.

 There is usually a metal table in the middle of the room whose height can be adjusted.  Often the table tilts and has bump technology – a rise in the middle of the table that exposes the vagina or penis and the breasts more.

The table usually has stirrups or ‘locks’, they call them.  They are metal hoops and you push a person’s leg or arm into the lock and it locks the leg or arm so the person cannot move.  They are adjustable.

Above the table they hang a shower sprayer with on-off and temperature control.  Lights are positioned around the table.

Other.  There is often a chair for dressing and undressing with a small table net to it.  On the table is a hairbrush and aloe very gel to dress wounds.  It may also have a plastic bottle of drinking water and a bottle of fabric cement to repair clothing that they tear when they take it off.  It might have a towel to dry oneself.

On trays along the wall are guns, knives, whips, an electric drill used as a torture weapon, a hair dryer for burning flesh, grease that they rub on the body and electrical stimulators.  At times, the trays also have small vials of poisons, paper and pens, long thin sticks for beating people and sometimes other objects.   


Politically, the rogues are an example of Exopolitics.  This means control of a planet by people from outside the planet.

Authoritarians.  The rogues are thoroughly authoritarian, top-down and promote authoritarian rule on earth.  The  doctrines they teach and promote are what are called extreme left wing and extreme right wing doctrines.  (The governments of America, Europe and elsewhere are called centrist, although the rogues want people to believe they are right wing, which is not quite correct).

Left wing means secular.  Examples of their extreme left wing doctrines are communism or Marxism, socialism, monarchy and dictatorship. 

Right wing means religious.  Examples of their extreme right wing doctrines are rule by religious leaders such as in Iran, Saudi Arabia and others.  Both right wing and left wing are simply euphemisms for tyranny of the government over the people.  For more details, read What Is The Political Right And The Political Left?.

The left-wing lies are now taught in our schools and colleges.  They thoroughly confuse and often brainwash the students, and this is the goal.

The rogues have no respect for the laws on earth, though they often claim otherwise.  Their motto is that of Karl Marx – “The end justifies the means”.  The end, for them, is control.  However, they prefer, if possible, to rule by stealth and deception because it is a little easier than ruling by pure violence.

They now control the Democratic Party in the United States and the liberal parties of Europe, Canada, Australia.  In many nations, they have even more control over the government such as Russia, Iran, North Korea and other authoritarian nations.

They use many gullible people and many groups to promote their agenda of control.

Energy vampires.  They steal vital force or energy from everyone by upsetting them.  For details, read Energy Vampirism.

Slave holders.  They believe they are superior to us and therefore have a right to do anything they like to us and with us.  They believe they “own” us and we are basically their slaves - useful for entertainment such as sex, and for “supply” – to make products and perform services for them.  Some of them also consume human flesh.

Ruthless and brutal.  They prefer to accomplish their goal of total control without using violence.  That is, they try to control us using electronic implants in the head, fine wires through which they speak with us, and other subtle methods.

When necessary, however, they are extremely violent and use violence to scare and control people.  They do not hesitate to use murder, rape, torture and other means to achieve and maintain control of governments, corporations, and other institutions such as colleges.


They are extremely intelligent, and are experts with electronics, especially micro and nano-electronics.  They are far ahead of us on earth in these areas.

They use a lot of brain implants, for example.  These are placed in most babies soon after birth.  They are beamed into the body, somewhat like the transporter system shown in the Star Trek television series.  They are tiny and very hard to detect.  For details, read Implants.

Meanwhile, they do their best to stop electronic technologies on earth that would threaten their control such as “free energy” technologies, which they use for everything.  This is just the extraction of power from the ether, which is everywhere.  Nicola Tesla and others on earth mastered this technology, but it is not permitted to be used at this time.

They like the oil technology because it filths up the planet and weakens the bodies of the people, making the people easier to control.  There is really no other reason for its widespread use on earth.

Another major technology of theirs is witchcraft, and they are absolute masters with it.  Witchcraft has to do with mental projection.  For details, read Witchcraft.

They are masters of poisons and have poisoned the air, water, food, and more on planet earth. 

They are also excellent at mental deception, lying, brainwashing and propaganda.  For more details, read Brainwashing.

Another technology they use for about 20 purposes is rape.  It is used for political control, to spread diseases, to weaken all the children, to instill fear in women, to ruin the brain and body, to weaken marriage, to remove advanced souls and put in inferior souls, to filth up women’s bodies with toxic metals, and more.  For details, read Rape.

The sats. One of their methods is to rape and beat a human being until they break the person’s will.  Then they have a way to blend the human being with a fine-matter creature and an angelic being.

This forms a hybrid creature called a satan or satine, in some languages.  The body looks human, but the being is much stronger, hardier, smarter, much more difficult to kill, and easily controlled by them.

They bring these beings to earth by the thousands.  They roam our streets, looking just like everyone else.  However, they rape and kill, and have no scruples.  Some are government and business leaders, others are housewives, and some are even children.  This word means the secret ones in their language.


One of the hallmarks of rogue control is the exploitation and oppression of women.  This is, in part, because the rogues fear women.  Women can help create and maintain planets, and this opposes the rogue agenda of complete control.

Also, women give birth.  The rogues need all the people weak so they are easier to control.  An excellent way to do this is to make sure the mothers are all malnourished, often depressed and angry or hateful, and toxic.  Then they will give birth to malnourished, upset and toxic babies.

Also, the rogues know they can spread mental weakness by infecting women with sexually transmitted diseases.  There are close to 100 of these, not the 10 or 20 that the medical profession knows about.  The women then infect the men.

The rogues also seem to need a certain energy that they obtain mainly by raping women.  They call it yin energy.  They know how to extract this energy during sexual intercourse.  Eventually, this practice kills the woman.


Many speak a corrupt version of the Spanish language.  They speak very fast and often abbreviate words and phrases.


1. The beatings deplete the body nutritionally.  They then infect the person with the rabies virus or a similar virus.  This unusual virus can turn a nice person or animal into a vicious, violent killer.

2. The beatings and rapes deplete vital minerals, which they replace with toxic metals including toxic forms of iron and manganese.  These toxic compounds can change a person’s behavior from normal to angry and psychopathic.


Each person must decide if he or she will cooperate with the rogues on earth.  I suggest you decide that you belong to God, not to the rogues.

This means that, in theory, you will not cooperate with them in any manner.  In practice, however, you will need to use your judgment and, if possible, tune into guidance as to what to do in each situation.


When faced with their actions and threats, I always do my best to get a “second opinion”. I become quiet. Then I put my attention below my feet and I imagine a giant magnet, vacuum cleaner or black hole (as exist in space) below my feet. I turn on the device and it powerfully pulls subtle energy downward from my head to my feet.

Then, and only then, I tune into the Father in Heaven, God, the One, or Highest Level. Then I ask what to do. Usually, I am told not to go along with them.

The reason I go to all this trouble is because I honor the rogues as an enemy. I don't want to be stupid and I don't wish to get into trouble with them if it is not wise or necessary. I just want to do the right thing in every situation.


The rogues operate by orders of their superiors.  This means they may leave you alone.  However, most encounters with them are very harmful.

They murder people with impunity.  They rape most all women.  (see the Rape and Rape Planet articles.) They beat people, which also happens during almost all of their rapes.

They torture people and are masters at torture and brainwashing.  They usually also threaten, because they thrive on fear and terror.

They may just lie, which they are also very good at doing.  They can persuade through lying and propaganda.


The following are helpful:

1. Prayer that is for the earth and her people, but not selfish prayer (prayer for yourself). Pray all day.

2. Do two coffee enemas every day. This helps a lot to keep them away. The coffee seems to change a person's energy in a way the rogues do not like. Even if they tell you not to do coffee enemas and not to pray, we suggest you do it anyway.

3. The development program we offer. This also seems to keep them away if you follow it faithfully, and you must include the coffee enemas – two a day or more.

It is not a matter of “liking” the program.  It is a necessity.  And I am not lazy about it.  It is first in my life and needs to remain first, ahead of making a living, seeing friends, and everything else.  It is a type of worship or religion, you could say, that so far seems to keep me and others safe. For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.

Clothing.  Sometimes you may need to run away fast and you should always wear shoes in which you can run – no flip-flops and no tight boots that prevent running.  Same with your clothing – you have to be able to run away.  Also, men and women need to keep your hair very short so they can’t grab it.  This could save your life.

My suggestion is definitely not to cooperate.  You don’t have to say it.  You have to act it.  They may tell you that you will come to a party, or let one of their rapists into your house, or you must go where they say to go.  Just don’t do it.

This may be inconvenient.  You may have to quit going to school or to a job.  You may have to live in a location or in a way that is unpleasant, but to me that is much better than cooperating with them and/or putting yourself at risk.

They may cut off your ears and gouge out your eyes or shoot you dead.  It is a risk you take and one that I take daily.  That is my recommendation and so far I am still very much alive.



A logical question is to ask how any group can do all of this?  The answer is that they can because:

1. There are trillions of them. 

2. They have millions of years of experience.

3. They have extremely advanced technologies, many of which we would find amazing.

Films.  Some of their methods are depicted in science fiction and horror movies such as Independence Day and “V”.  Others are the Blade series, The Matrix, The Manchurian Candidate (excellent), Brain Storm, and other films.


1. Some believe they are a kind of disease of our universe.  Diseases are usually due to some type of weakness in the structure of the universe, in this case.

2. Perhaps they are here to teach us various lessons.  These might be to seek truth always, to care better for our bodies and learn about health.  Others may be to learn patience and persistence, to be careful and clean, and to never give up.

3. Perhaps we project our violent and illicit thoughts, and they pick them up and act them out.  By so doing, they may help us learn not to project our negative thoughts. See below for more on this topic.

4. Perhaps we have sinned or acted badly in the past in some way, and the rogues mete out punishment for this.  This is expressed in the Biblical phrase, “You reap as you sow.”

5. Maybe they make life more interesting and exciting.  We know this sounds unusual, but souls want experiences and souls don’t die.  A beating, a rape, a poisoning or other horror is just another experience for them that may help them mature.

This website contains a section of articles about the rogues.  They are listed on the READ ARTICLES page, Section II, B(8).  For example, one of them is Rogue Communications.


A number of strange qualities about the rogues make us believe that in some way they are a projection of our ‘dark side’ or hidden desires, fears and other emotions.

For example, they do not strike randomly.  They always seem to follow orders from their superiors.  This, of itself, is not unusual.  However, they target some people, while others seem to have some protection from them.

Turnaround therapy.  They say they use a method of teaching called turnaround therapy to move souls and human beings toward greater maturity.  This is a teaching method in which one exaggerates a person’s faults so that the person will recognize the fault.  Hopefully, this causes the person to mature and correct his or her thinking and behavior.

For example, if a woman behaves in a sexy way with her clothing, hair, gestures, words or thoughts, a rogue man may rape her.  This is an exaggeration or extreme of her sexually alluring behavior.

The rogues say that the reason is to teach her to control her sexual and sensual behavior, and the thoughts behind it.  This is explained to some women when the rape occurs.

Of course, since the rogues are liars, it is difficult to trust their explanations.  For more details about this method of teaching, read Turnaround Therapy.

They use lying, fear and terror as weapons and they use them very well.  For example, currently they promote fear of climate change.   Anyone who studies history knows that the climate changes continuously and it always has.  But they want to use the fear to gather votes.


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