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            Definition.  5G, or Fifth Generation, is the new cell phone system that is currently being set up around the world.  It offers faster connectivity and uses higher frequencies of microwave radio frequencies so that many more devices can be connected to it.

5G has been under development by the Chinese communists for five or more years.  2019 was to be one of the important years for the implementation of the system.  However, I am told it has been delayed.


Many more transmitters.  The higher frequencies donŐt carry as far and can be interfered with more easily by plants, walls and other things.  Therefore, the system requires many more cell phone towers.  They may be lower power, but they are everywhere.  

There will be twenty or more on every block, and perhaps several around every home.  They are small and easily hidden.  They are being put on light posts, telephone poles and many places all over town, usually without peopleŐs permission.

This is different from the old system, which uses a few large, powerful cell phone towers in a town.  The old technology will remain, however.  5G is just additional transmitters.

  Some technologies are wonderful, such as trains, electricity, telephones, weapons and everything else.  Some, however, such as nuclear power, GMO foods and cell phones are dangerous and not needed.  5G does not even replace existing cell phone technology.  It just expands it greatly and needs to be stopped.




The supposed rationale for the 5G system is that it will allow many devices in your home and your car to connect much more easily with the cell phone system.  The old system is becoming saturated, meaning they are running out of new transmission frequencies.

The new system is being heavily promoted by companies such as Qualcomm, Verizon and others who are building it.  You can read their propaganda on their web sites.  It is propaganda and lies, because it does not tell you the negative side of the story.  They also say it will generate trillions of dollars in new businesses.  However, those who will make the money will be the likes of Microsoft and Apple companies, not you and I.

Also, the public is not being given a choice about whether the system will be installed in their area.

            Proponents call it Ňthe internet of thingsÓ.  This means that many things such as cars, refrigerators, washing machines, light switches and all sorts of other things can be connected to it.  This, they say, promises a safer, better life for people.




These include:

1. Human health effects.  This is a new technology for planet earth.  The existing cell phone system is already associated with damaging health effects.  We have warned about avoiding cell phones for years.

Exposure to microwave radiation from cell phones makes the bodies more yin.  This is very damaging, even if you canŐt feel it.

Numerous medical studies indicate danger from exposure to microwave radiation, with more cancers, more birth defects and many other health problems.

5G is a significant expansion of the cell phone system.  There will be or are (as of January 2019) many more cell phone transmitters everywhere, including many very near peopleŐs homes.  So you can expect many more health problems.

2. Environmental effects.  Plants and animals absorb the microwave radiation and are affected by it.  Some studies show reduced seed germination and other problems for plants and creatures.

3. A power source for all sorts of electronic weapons and other devices.  This is the truth.  The rogues can use the transmitters as a power supply for thousands of electronic devices, including weapons.

4. Spying and population control.  This is a very serious potential problem described in the section below.




5G is a communication system.  However, it can also be used as a spy system and a weapons system.  We believe it is a project of the Rogues.  They set up the identical system on many planets when the planet becomes more technologically advanced, as is occurring on earth at this time.  They call the system total control.

            The network of cell towers and boxes, which they put in peopleŐs yards and anywhere they wish, connects to cameras and microphones they have put in the phones, the cars, the computers and in many newer appliances in your home.  It all connects by radio waves so that the rogue leaders will know everyoneŐs every move.  They can listen to all your conversations, and can spy on you at every moment.

            Out in space, and perhaps inside the earth, are large bases or buildings filled with people who monitor the cameras, microphones and other sensors.  They collect and monitor the information and build a profile on every person.

You may think this is preposterous and impossible, but it is not difficult for the rogues.  They have far advanced computers that can handle all this data, and they love collecting information about people because information is power.

Much of this is already in place.  For example, the newer cell phones spy on you, even when are turned off.  You have to remove the battery to stop this.

The newer cars also spy on you even when they are shut off.  They can report your position, if you are moving, your health condition, and more.




            Lest this all sound shocking, all dictatorships, such as socialist and communist nations, require a large spy system.  This is the only way they can be sure they will retain power.

For example, the old Soviet Union, (now just Russia), also called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR, was famous as a nation that spied on everything their people did in order to control them.

Germany under Adolf Hitler also had a vicious spy system by which they spied on all of their people.  Mao Tse Tung set up a similar system in Red China.

In other words, the idea of total control is not at all new.  The word totalitarian to describe a society means exactly this.  This is the only way a repressive government can control their people.




The founders of America were well aware of the tendency of governments and others to spy on people.  They put safeguards into the national and state Constitutions such as the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution.  It states:

ÓThe right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no (search) Warrants shall issue, but (except) upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the person or things to be searched.Ó


However, privacy rights have been systematically ignored and violated in America over the past 100 years.  Among the worst abuses are the income tax system and the HIPPA (Health Care Pivacy) Scam. 




With all the information gleaned from the 5G system, the rulers of society will easily know where everyone is at all times and what everyone is doing.  If they donŐt like what you are doing, we believe they can use the system to aim an electronic weapon at you to warn you to change your attitudes and behavior.

If that doesnŐt work, they can use the same system to maim or kill you.    With this method, they can influence everyone to do what they want.  In fact, they already do this without 5G.  The new technology just makes it easier.




            Possibility #1.  Verizon, Qualcomm and other companies just could not care less about peopleŐs health.  While this is possible, we doubt it.  We understand that investors in these companies have been warned of the danger of 5G, even though they do not warn the public.

Possibility #2.  5G has little to nothing to do with ÔsmartŐ refrigerators or cars.  It is just part of the invasion and takeover of earth by the Rogues.  They are very real and are criminal aliens who have a thousand ways to keep us weak and sick.  5G is just the latest one.

Philosophical possibility #3.  The souls on earth want to learn certain lessons and want to have certain experiences.  The rogues are just helping us to have these experiences.  To them (which is us, really), 5G is just another experience.  Souls donŐt die if they are irradiated, beaten, raped, etc.  They tend to be somewhat lazy if they are not challenged.  So 5G may just be another experience to help them mature. 

This is part of the teaching described in the Real Self book and a few other articles on this website.

Philosophical Possibility #4.  Perhaps the real goal is to get us to stop our superficial pursuits, and instead get busy resisting this incursion on our privacy. 

Many scientists have already called for stopping 5G.  Citizens need to do the same and can demand of their city and national leaders that the system must go or the leaders will be voted out of office or recalled or impeached.  A number of groups have organized to oppose 5G that you can join and support.

Philosophical Possibility #5.  5G is part of the Ôdrama of the end timesŐ.  In other words, this is part of a much larger plan.  God is in charge, and all is well.  DonŐt worry.  Pray, turn your life over to God, and start living what the Bible suggests: love God, love others, observe the 10 Commandments of Moses and the Golden Rule and you will be okay no matter what occurs.




            A few suggestions are:


1. Pray for guidance, though prayer alone is not enough.  For details, read Prayer, Turning Your Life Over To God, The LordŐs Prayer, Thy Will Be Done and The New Advice.  Also, pray for our leaders and anyone else who is resisting 5G and other nasty schemes.


2. Take very good care of your health.  This way you will be more able physically and mentally to handle whatever comes your way.  This we consider very important.  

For example, a development program strengthens the body and brain and makes it more difficult for others to influence you or harm you.  For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs.


3. Organize with friends and neighbors and join the groups fighting 5G.  Spread the truth and raise objections to the whole cell phone system. 

Most people are lazy and few are doing anything right now about the health problem of cell phones.  Beware that if you complain, those who want the system may remove a little of it that they really donŐt need.  They will tell you they have taken down the whole system, so vigilance will be needed.


An excellent article about EMF exposure  and 5G appeared in Dr. MercolaŐs newsletter on January 15, 2019.  We disagree with Dr. Mercola about nutrition, but this article is very good.  We donŐt know if it is still available.



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