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I. Introduction

II. Principles Of Liver Detoxification

III. Liver Symptoms During The Development Program





If you can detoxify your liver, in most cases you will improve your health drastically, and it may well save your life if you are ill.  This is a wonderful principle to recall at all times.

The development program is the best way we know of to improve the activity of the liver.  This article focuses on how this is done using development science.




This is a quick method if you ever feel toxic:

1. Drink water.

2. Twist the spine and your fingers.

3. Rub the feet all over.

4. Do a coffee enema.

5. Shine a red heat lamp on your skin.

6. Take a little milk thistle tincture from Nature’s Answer – low alcohol.

7. Take a quick shower.  Toxins can be on the skin and need washing off.

8. Do the neck pull a few times.

9. Take some deep breaths.




1. BEGIN AND REMAIN ON THE PATH OF DEVELOPMENT.  This may sound like an unusual way to begin an article about detoxification.  However, it is a key principle in development science.

The path of development consists of a diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements and healing procedures.  It also includes emotional control and mental balancing and proper thinking.

The rest of the steps below are details or explanations of particular aspects of this path.


2. BALANCE THE MAJOR MINERAL LEVELS AND RATIOS ON A PROPERLY PERFORMED HAIR TISSUE MINERAL ANALYSIS. This critical step is needed to drastically improve cellular energy production throughout the body.  This assists with liver detoxification along with most other body functions.


3. INGEST MORE SULFUR.  The mineral sulfur is needed for the cytochrome P450 detoxification pathway in the liver, to bind toxic metals, and for other purposes in the liver as well.  Most people do not get enough organically bound sulfur in their diets. 

Two types of sulfur are needed.  Non protein-bound sulfur is found in most cooked vegetables.  The cabbage family (red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, brocollini and cauliflower) is particularly good.  The radish family is also excellent (daikon root, rutabaga and perhaps a few others).  Also, some greens are high in sulfur, such as a little cilantro and brocollini.  Onions and garlic are also excellent.

Protein-bound sulfur is found in meats and egg yolks, providing one does not cook the egg yolk very much.  This is why we recommend soft cooked eggs only so the yolks are runny.  Raw eggs may contain bacteria that are harmful. 

Therefore, we suggest soft-boiled eggs cooked for up to about 3 minutes in most areas of the world, or poached eggs or even very lightly fried eggs or very soft scrambled eggs only.  Avoid hard-boiled eggs and hard scrambled eggs, as these are much more difficult to digest and the cooking damages the fat and sulfur compounds in the delicate yolk.


4. INGEST MORE OF THE RIGHT TYPE OF SELENIUM. This is also critical for glutathione synthesis in the liver and breakdown of certain toxic compounds in the liver.  The correct form of selenium is important.  It is found in blue corn tortilla chips, organic yellow corn chips if you cannot buy blue corn, but not other corn products.  It is also found in sardines and in some meats and other fish.  Most fish, however, are too high in mercury to be recommended, so sardines and other very small fish like smelt, anchovies and herring only are best.  Of these, the sardine seems to be best.

Other good sources of selenium include chicken meat, and a little turkey meat.  Do not waste money or fill up on selenium supplements or Brazil nuts, as the type of selenium is not as good as the foods above.

Save your stomach capacity for the cooked vegetables described above and the foods that contain the proper selenium.  Read more about this in the article Selenium on this website.


5. OBTAIN MORE METHYL DONORS. We find that everyone needs more methyl groups.  They are critical for liver detoxification and much more.  For more details, read Methylation. 


6. IMPROVE CIRCULATION, HYDRATION AND OXYGENATION OF THE BODY.  These functions are related, and all absolutely needed for liver detoxification.  Learn to breathe deeply. Drink 2-3 quarts or liters daily of spring water or carbon-only filtered water.

To improve circulation, gentle exercise is excellent.  Also excellent is the use of a red heat lamp sauna on a daily basis.  A standard sauna will also assist circulation.  However, a red lamp sauna has other advantages.  We do not recommend far infrared saunas.

An ozonator/ionizer air purifier placed in the bedroom will increase the oxygen in your home as well.  For more on this topic, read Ozonator/Ionizer Air Purifiers.


7. DO MORE COFFEE ENEMAS.  Coffee is a somewhat toxic beverage.  However, when introduced through the rectum, the colon filters out many of the toxins, and just allows the nutrients in the coffee to be absorbed.  We know this because coffee drinkers are not that healthy.  Those who do coffee enemas improve their liver health quite dramatically.

The colon is actually a remarkable organ that can prevent toxins that are produced in the intestines from entering the bloodstream, while absorbing water and nutrients from food.  So we can use the colon for this purpose.

The coffee retention enema is one of the most powerful liver detoxification methods.  One to four of them daily will move out even the most stubborn of toxins from the liver in a rather painless and inexpensive way.  For details, read Coffee Enemas.


8. SIT OR LIE UNDER A RED HEAT LAMP DAILY FOR AT LEAST ONE HOUR.  The frequencies emitted by a standard 250-watt reddish heat lamp are excellent for the liver.  They tend to improve circulation, decongest the liver, assist with lymph drainage, and more.

Red heat lamp sauna therapy.  The best way to do this is by using a near infrared lamp sauna daily for about one-half hour to 1.5 hours.  This way you will also get the benefits of the heat, sweating, etc. 

However, if you cannot afford to build or buy a near infrared lamp sauna, then use a single heat lamp aimed at your chest, abdomen or back for an hour daily.  The heat lamp bulb is sold at most hardware outlets for about $10-15.00 dollars.  It must be reddish, not clear.

Combining a coffee retention enema with a red heat lamp on the abdomen is particularly powerful.


9. RUB THE FEET MORE.  Foot reflexology is quite amazing, and can be quite beneficial for liver activity.  There are three main reflex areas on the feet and hands for the liver:

- One is on the bottom of the feet, behind the third and fourth toes in the soft part of the bottom of the feet, near the ball of the foot.

- Another is on the top of the foot, in the web between the big toe and the second toe.  This area is often extremely painful to rub.

- A third liver-related area is behind the little toe alone the side of the foot.  It is related more to the shoulder, but this is often an area where liver meridian energy is stuck.


10. EXERCISE CARE WITH ALL OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS AND EMOTIONS. The liver is associated with the emotion of anger.  If you are spending time in anger, you will damage your liver.  If you let the emotion go, through forgiveness, in particular, your liver will heal much faster.  This is a secret for detoxifying the liver that most doctor forget.

Never hold anger, grudges or resentments against anyone for any reason.  Do not let people or situations “get to your liver”.  The word livid, and the phrases: I gave him a piece of my liver and He has a lot of gall are common linguistic references to the close connection between the liver and the emotions, particularly anger and rage.


11. MAKE YOUR BODY MORE YANG.  This is very critical.  The liver is what is called a solid or yang organ in Chinese medicine.  Today, all the organs tend to be too yin, including the liver.  This basically means it is very congested and toxic with metals and toxic chemicals. 

The situation is far worse than it ever was when Chinese medicine was set up thousands of years ago.  In those times, humans were not plagued with radiation poisoning, toxic chemicals and poor quality food.  These are all modern yin problems.

Making the body more yang, along with coffee enemas, supplements, red heat lamp therapy and sauna therapy, all help rid the liver of infections, which often plague it.

Parasites.  Most people, for example, have some liver flukes and other parasites that make their home in the liver.  However, do not take herbs or drugs to get rid of them, as most of these are toxic and harm the liver.  Instead, making the body more yang and a complete development program will slowly rid the liver of all of its infections and this includes parasitic infections.  For much more on this topic read Yin Disease and Yin And Yang Healing.


12. IMPROVE DIGESTION.  The reason for this is that if you do not, then you will generate extremely toxic compounds in the intestines due to fermentation and putrefaction of your food.  These pass easily into the liver where they poison the liver.  This is the case with everyone today, to some degree.

Ways to improve digestion include eating a much better quality diet.  AVOID wheat, fruit, fruit juices or any sugars or chemicalized foods. 

Also, always take a powerful digestive enzyme with each meal, develop good eating habits such as chewing thoroughly and eating quiet, sit-down meals, not in your car while driving, or sitting at your desk on the telephone.


13. AVOID THAT WHICH HARMS THE LIVER.  This is one of the most important steps you can take.  It means avoiding:


 - All medical drugs unless absolutely needed, all over-the-counter drugs and remedies, all recreational drugs, and especially alcohol in all forms and all types.

 - All toxin exposure from the food, water, air and skin contact.  This includes all food additives and preservatives, dental amalgams, handling solvents, breathing fumes of all kinds, pesticides, and dozens of other chemicals.  It also means reducing your exposure to toxic metals in food, water and through contact such as amalgam dental fillings, jewelry and occupational exposure.  See the article Toxic Metals for more on how to avoid these powerful poisons.

 - Overdosing on herbs, vitamins and minerals.  Among the worst vitamins and minerals are niacin and iron, both of which are added to all white flour products today.  Many so-called health products also contain toxic metals, such as zeolite, azomite, montmorrilinite, fulvic acid, humic acid and most colloidal mineral products from the earth.  Most herbs are also somewhat toxic.  Do not take a lot of herbs.

 - Avoid other toxins. These are found in all large fish, all seaweeds except some kelp, pork and all pig products, all nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and all peppers), and certain other foods.  Unclean food, unwashed raw food and other often contains eggs and larva of parasites, which go to the liver in most cases. 

Also avoid fermented foods that produce aldehydes.  These include kombucha tea and most other fermented foods except for yogurt, good quality sauerkraut, miso and kefir.

 - Copper builds up in the liver and is found in copper intra-uterine devices, foods too high in copper (chocolate, avocado, shellfish, nuts and seeds, and even some organ meats).  For details, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome.

 - Iron builds up in the liver and is found in most refined white flour products, eating too much red meat (twice a week is fine for most people unless you have cancer, and then do less), iron pills and potions, eating a lot of black or red cherries, molasses and eating more than 6 eggs a week for women and 8 eggs per week for men.  For details, read Acquired Iron Toxicity.

 - Avoid all yin foods, supplements, herbs, and other products.  This is quite difficult because all fruit is very yin, all sugars are yin, drugs and alcohol are very yin, raw foods are more yin, and most supplements and herbs are quite yin.  This is one of the main reasons we limit or eliminate all of these in development programs.


By doing these things, all of which are part of every development program, you can often quite rapidly, improve the quality of your liver and your health.  More about the liver and its problems is found in the article entitled Liver Dysfunctions.




            The very rapid liver detoxification that occurs during a complete development program can cause pain in the liver and gall bladder area.  Often the entire liver area becomes tender to the touch, and painful, at times.

            This pain is fairly common in people on a full program.  It is due to an imbalance in the liver meridian, and not in the liver itself.  This is very important to know.

            The liver meridian is often stuck at the shoulder.  People with tight shoulders seem to have this pain the most.

            Some people think it is due to gallstones, or inflammation of the liver, and have had ultra-sound tests or even x-rays of the liver.  The tests usually come back normal.  Blood tests of the liver may or may not come back normal.  Any time there is an elimination of toxins, it will increase the liver enzymes slightly.  This is perfectly normal.


            What to do about liver meridian pain.  This pain slowly subsides as one continues the program.  In other words, the meridians balance themselves out.  Acupuncture does not seem to be too helpful.

Foot reflexology of the liver area and moreso the liver meridian area may be very helpful.  This area is between the first and second toe, on the top of each foot.  It is in the webbing, and it extends back toward the ankle from the toes.  The area will usually be quite tender.  Dig your fingertips in there, or even your fingernails, if you can tolerate it.  This may help balance out the liver meridian.

            More coffee enemas, and the Pulling Down exercise are also often helpful to speed up the release of this area of the body.

            Any therapy to loosen up the right shoulder can also help this pain.  This includes some of the Spinal Twists, Pops, Pulls and Kicks.  It might also include massage or deep bodywork.


            For many more details, read Detoxification.



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