by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. The Biological Concept Of Space

III. Our Local Creator

IV. Other Levels Of Creation



This article introduces certain controversial ideas about god, about our universe, and about a new understanding of religion. I hope this article does not offend anyone. In our view, it does not contradict the Bible if one understands the Bible correctly.


The idea of living beings in space is called the biological concept of space. More and more astronomers are accepting this idea about the origin and nature of our universe.

The old idea is that we are the product of a “big bang” or giant explosion in space.  However, new evidence indicates that the big bang theory does not explain enough about our world.  The biological concept of space - that space is composed of living beings - is better.  For more details, read Outer Space.

In fact, space is alive with beings. We cannot see them because they are made of fine matter, which is less dense than our bodies, which are made of something called coarse matter.

Other fine matter creatures are souls, angels, elves and there are thousands of others. For details, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.


The local creator of planet earth is a very large, female, fine matter being in space. She created the planet earth, which is located in the area of her heart. We are part of the pacemaker of her heart.


It is a very important organ. We all have one and you can read more about it on the internet or in an anatomy book. It regulates the speed and quality of the heart beat.

To do its job, the pacemaker of the heart needs to communicate with all parts of the body. So the job of the people of earth is to communicate.

The pacemaker (the people of earth) are supposed to ask repeatedly if every part of the large being in space has enough blood. If they do not, the pacemaker (us) is supposed to signal the rest of the heart of the large being to pump the blood harder and faster.

This is basically how life is supposed to work on earth. However, the large being in space - our local creator being - says we do not do our job very well!

She says most people are too malnourished. Another reason is widespread rape and beatings, especially among women. This destroys the integrity, the nutrition and the ability of the bodies to do their job.


We are all inside of the large being in space. We are an essential part of her body. We belong to her.

She loves each one of us unconditionally and more than you will ever know. We are never separated or apart from her.

We cannot be separated from her any more than one's hand or your nose can live separate from the body.

We could expand upon this idea in many ways and will do so in the future. Right now, the basic message is that you are loved, no matter what has been done to you or what you have done or have not done with your life. This is her message to you!

Anyone who speaks differently, who calls you bad names, who harms you for any reason, who gets in your way of living your life peacefully and gracefully, is wrong and a murderer. End of discussion.



Our local creator, in turn, lives inside and is part of an even larger being. She lives (which means we also live) inside the top of the head of a being who is much larger than herself.

This larger being we sometimes call the brain, although it is a complete creature. We just happen to live in its brain, so that is why we call it the brain.

The brain also happens to be a female fine matter creature who also loves us unconditionally and would like us to do our job better.

To repeat, not only do we act as the pacemaker of the heart of the large being in space. We also help out in the brain of a larger female creature in space. We are located in a balance area of the brain. So we help keep things in balance.


The brain, in turn, lives inside an even larger. It, and therefore we, live in the in the heart or this larger level creator being. In fact, we are in the same area of the larger being – the pacemaker area of the heart of this enormous fine matter creature.


We just became aware of another, even larger fine-matter being, within whom we reside. That is, we and all the somewhat smaller fine-matter creatures such as the local creator and the 'Brain' live inside an even larger being.

All of these begins are also under attack by the Rogues.


We believe the next larger being is actually a couple, who are called the Father energy (both of them). They are called this because they have created our entire universe with its billions of stars and trillions of planets.

This is a short introduction to the idea that space is alive and how it works. We hope to expand this article in the future.

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