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            This article is a basic description of outer space.  The primary qualities of outer space are:

1. Space is vast!!!!!  Its size is unimaginable.  Our telescopes show us only a tiny, tiny fraction of space.  One could travel for ages and still not reach its end.  We donŐt know the boundaries of space, in fact, or what it is made of, exactly, or how it came to be.

2. Space is old.  It has existed for at least 10 trillion years, much longer than the earth has existed.

3. Space is dark and cold, except near stars, also called suns. 

4. There is some, but very little oxygen or air pressure in space.  For this reason, space is not a place where human beings can live unless they are inside a ship or enclosure that provides warmth and air to breathe.

5. Space is quite dangerous for reasons other than those above.  This is explained below.

            6. The ether.  Outer space is permeated by an energy that is called ether.  It is generated by the thoughts of the beings that live in space, including ourselves.  One cannot see the ether, but some can feel it. 

We require some ether as a type of nutrient in order to live.  In general, having more of it around is best.  Ether is a type of energy that can also be used to power ships or anything else.  Some day, we will have automobiles, ships and homes that are powered by ether.  For details, read The Ether.






These include souls, elves, plants, creatures of many descriptions, human-shaped beings, angels, and others.  Their sizes range from microscopic to absolutely enormous.  Some can hold the earth in the palm of their hand and one would have to look closely to see the earth, so large is their hand.

All these beings share a type of body called a fine matter body.  It does not have a bony spine and it has a plasma material in its arteries and veins, rather than blood.  This is necessary in space. 

All have organs, some of which look very much like our liver, kidneys, lungs, genitals, eyes, ears, nose and more.  Most reproduce with eggs, including the human-looking ones. Their bodies are of a lower density than our bodies, and as a result most people cannot see them.

Space contains trillions of fine matter plants and trees.  There are also trillions of creatures that look similar to our birds, fish, worms, spiders, dogs, bears, human-shaped, dragon-like, spider-like, bug-like and more.

One reason for discussing them is that if you ever see one, it can be scary because some are absolutely enormous. 

Fine matter bodies easily tolerate the cold of space, and they donŐtŐ need much to eat, so they can survive well in space.  They all breathe a little oxygen, but they do not need much and space provides what they need. 

Also, they all have a way to move around in space using a power unit that is part of their body located in the middle of their chest.  Many also have legs, as we do, with which they can move about.

Smaller fine matter beings travel to planets like ours to rest and eat.  At times, they help the people of the planet, and sometimes they interfere with the activities of the planet.  Those found on earth include souls, elves and angels, but there are many others who either live on earth or visit.  For more details about fine matter bodies, read Bodies In Space.




            Coarse matter bodies are the type of bodies we have.  Millions of planets have some human beings on them, along with physical animals and plants.

            The humans speak many languages and have a wide variety of customs, traditions and cultures.  Some are happy, loving people while others are unfriendly and warlike.

Some have visited the earth.  A number of books describe encounters with them.  We can divide them into several groups:

Scientists.  These are researchers from other planets who travel around to learn about our planet or others.

Advanced beings.  These are helpers who oversee our planet, protect our planet from predators and destroyers, and some visit the planet to teach us how to live better.  They may start religions or leave books for us to read. 

Rogues.  This is a group of beings that are very powerful and want to control all planets and all who live on the planets.  They have been on earth from the beginning and are still a problem.  Many are human/angel hybrid creatures that are called satans or sats, for short.  They start wars, corrupt governments, beat people, steal, rape, murder and do other things in order to take control of the planet.  For more about them, read The Rogues.

Prisoners.  This may sound odd, but at this time space contains a lot of prisons.  They contain fine matter and coarse matter beings, including human beings and many other creatures.  Space has quite a few prisons because the rogues either kill or lock up anyone who does not cooperate with them.  The prisons may look like planets, asteroids, metal domes or other structures.






            Outer space contains trillions of planets of various sizes and description.  Some are very old, while some are newer.

Some planets are alive, meaning they have fine matter creatures inside them.  Ours is one of this type of planets. 

Most planets do not have life on them.  However, some planets have a special design that allows them to support life.  The first thing such as planet needs is an atmosphere.  This is a collection of gases that remain with the planet due to gravity.  If the mix of the gases is correct, this favors the existence of plant and animal life.

Advanced fine matter beings first plan a planetŐs atmosphere and then bring in the gases needed for a planetŐs atmosphere.  They also monitor the atmosphere constantly and maintain it.

This is why the global warming scare or climate change scare is complete nonsense.  EarthŐs climate is carefully controlled by advanced beings and we couldnŐt ruin it if we tried.  Driving your car or burning fossil fuels have no effect whatsoever on the climate because the climate is controlled for the benefit of all creatures and beings on the planet.  This does not mean we should pollute the air, but it means we are in no danger of Ňkilling the earthÓ.

Planets all require a sun to warm them and perhaps to supply other frequencies of energy.  The climate must be mild to support life, and this is accomplished by moving a planet to the correct distance from its sun so that it becomes warm, but not too warm.

Once again, advanced fine matter beings plan and implement this, and monitor the distance to the sun so that the temperature is maintained correctly on all inhabited planets.

To support coarse matter beings such as ourselves, a planet also needs to have plenty of water and protection from predators who would destroy the lives of anyone living on the planet.  Advanced fine matter beings also take on this task and others to help prepare and maintain planets for habitation.

These same beings introduce various plants, animals and human colonists to colonize planets.  Some of the colonies work out better than others.  The story of Adam and Eve is one of the stories of colonists, according to what we understand.




Suns are gigantic gas clouds that are on fire.  Gravity keeps them together and increases the pressure inside so much that nuclear reactions occur, intensifying their heat and their light.

The color of suns varies from bluish-white to yellow to reddish.  The color is due to the heat of the sun.

Most suns are enormous and there are millions of them.  Occasionally one blows up, causing what is called a super nova.  Eventually, suns use up all the gas they contain and they go dark.

There are also suns that are not natural structures.  They are manufactured Ňgas burnersÓ, similar to a burner on a gas stove.  We know this sounds preposterous, but that is what we are told.  The rogues build these because they can control the frequencies of light they emit in order to better control life on the planets these suns light up.





            These are enormous ring-like structures in space that attract matter to themselves.  The matter is sucked in one side of the ring and as it passes through the ring all the matter is destroyed.  Bodies are destroyed.  Souls lose their bodies and the sparks revert back to their ŇfatherÓ to obtain a new body.  For details, read The Big Picture – Introdution To This Website.

In other words, black holes convert matter to energy.  That is their function.  Needless to say, they are very dangerous for space travelers, who must stay far away from them or be consumed by them.




            These are chunks of iron or other metals, mainly, that float around in space.  They range in size from the size of a pebble to huge things that are almost the size of planets. 

Asteroids usually do not have much life on them because most are too small to have an atmosphere.  However, they may have bacteria or other simple life on them.

They can be dangerous for anyone traveling in space.  However, since they donŐt move fast, they are easy to see from a distance so one can steer around them to avoid hitting them.




            These are made of the same material as asteroids.  The only difference is that comets move fast through space.  They often leave a trail of matter behind them that can be seen by us.  There are not too many of them, but they can be very dangerous for anyone living or traveling in space.

If a comet comes close to the earth, it may be drawn into the earth by the earthŐs gravity.  In this case, the friction of encountering our atmosphere heats up the comet so much that it usually melts or explodes, which saves us from the impact that occurs when one of them hits the planet.  Now and then, however, one hits, causing a massive explosion and leaving a crater.




Certain areas of space contain a lot of debris, which includes destroyed ships, garbage from ships, weapons, bases, electronic apparatus, and more.  Space junk  poses a terrible hazard for fast-moving ships and easily cause collisions that can wreck a space ship.




            At this time, outer space is not a safe place to travel for a number of reasons:

-  The temperature and vacuum of space are quite hostile for human beings.

- The rogues roam much, if not all of space and are very adept fighters.  They attack anyone and everyone who might threaten their control of space.  So far, they are everywhere in space.

- Space junk, asteroids and comets also pose some danger.

- Other dangers include black holes, stars that give off strong electromagnetic signals, and other harmful radiation coming from some objects or areas of space.


            Planets such as earth must have shields to protect the people and creatures from these hazards.  Earth has a lot of protection due to its atmosphere, ozone belt and more.  



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