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Definition. The development program is the method we recommend to cause the body to develop in the fastest and safest way.




Development is the expansion of the body’s energy field and it is the expression of the full genetic potential of a human being.  It causes much better health, a longer lifespan, improved thinking and often the arising of special abilities such as mental telepathy.

Development is natural to human beings, but does not occur much today because almost everyone is too malnourished and too toxic.  This includes those who “eat a good diet” and live a healthy lifestyle.  To develop today requires a specific program, the subject of this article.  For more details, read Introduction To Development and other articles about it on this website.




Lifestyle.  One needs to go to bed by 9 PM or earlier and get lots of rest and sleep.  Naps are also helpful.  Some gentle exercise is good, but vigorous exercise and ‘working out’ get in the way of development.

Holding on to some of one’s sexual fluid is necessary.  Sex with orgasm once a week or less is okay.  Much better is Down Sex, a powerful healing procedure that does not involve much fluid loss.

Working with your thoughts, your emotions and other aspects of lifestyle are also excellent.  For lifestyle details, read Healthy Lifestyle.


The diet. The core aspects of the program are and a specific diet.  The diet needs to be about 70% specific cooked vegetables eaten with each meal.  Pressure-cooking is the recommended cooking method because it is more yang in macrobiotic terms and is best to preserve certain nutrients in the food.  It is also fast, convenient, cleanup is easy and the food is tasty.

If you will not eat cooked vegetables three times daily, this program is not for you.  The reason is you will not make fast progress and you may quit out of frustration.

Some people want to skip the diet and just take nutritional supplements or do the procedures.  This is not safe and does not work well.  We never recommend it.


Nutritional supplements.  Development programs always include about eight or nine very specific nutritional supplements.  Babies require only about three supplements in most caess.

The products usually include a metabolic pack specially formulated for one’s metabolic type.  They also include supplementary calcium, magnesium, zinc, possibly other minerals, a digestive aid, kelp and trimethylglycine.  They may also contain a glandular supplement.

One must avoid all other nutritional products, homeopathy, herbs, intravenous vitamins, chelation and most other medical and natural therapies.  These are not needed and get in the way.  If you want to combine a development program with other natural healing programs, it won’t work.  You can take medical drugs such as insulin for diabetes, but only if absolutely required.  Quality chiropractic or osteopathic manipulative care, however, are compatible with a development program and highly recommended.

If a person cannot take the supplements, it is fine to begin a program with just the diet and the procedures outlined below.  In most cases, in a few weeks to a month or so, one will begin to be able to tolerate the supplements.


The detoxification procedures. The development program also includes several detoxification and healing procedures that greatly speed up development.  They are:

- Red Heat Lamp Sauna Therapy

- Coffee enemas

- The Pulling Down Exercise

- Spinal Twists

- Foot and Hand Reflexology

- The Neck Pull

- A few others are discussed in the Accelerators article.

Other detoxification procedures such as chelation therapy we find harmful.




Results. When one follows a development program, healing takes place at its own pace, and in its own order.  This is quite different than remedy sciences such as drug medicine, herbs, homeopathy and most naturopathy.  Results often begin within a few days or weeks, but may take longer if sub-clinical conditions need to be corrected first.


Retracing.  On a development program, everyone goes through flare-ups of old symptoms.  These are sometimes annoying, but are generally benign and pass quickly.  This process is called retracing.

We wish retracing did not occur, but it is part of the process of deep healing and occurs with all deep healing programs.  It does not occur when one uses drugs, most herbs, and most holistic and naturopathic methods.  The reason is these are remedy methods that do not heal the body as deeply.  For details, read Retracing.


Hair mineral testing.  For a full development program, choosing the proper diet and supplements requires a hair tissue mineral analysis.  This is a mineral biopsy. 

Controversy.  The test is controversial only because of an effort to discredit it by a few mainstream medical journals.  If widely used, it would reveal how deficient and toxic the bodies are today, and it would show that taking medical drugs often makes things much worse.

The test must be done properly and must be interpreted correctly, which is not always easy.  The hair must not be washed at the laboratory.  We have tried using blood, urine or other medical or holistic testing methods, but they do not work for development programs.

The hair test is repeated every 3 to 6 months to monitor progress, and to change the development program in order to keep the body chemistry properly balanced as it heals.  For more details, read Introduction To Hair Mineral Analysis.


The free or basic program.  Anyone can begin a general development program at no charge.  It is called the free program.  It is intended as a starter program, but many people report significant health benefits from it.  To begin this “free development program”, click here.


The full program.  A much more powerful program involves contacting one of the Approved Helpers listed on this website, who will assist you to begin a complete and individualized program.  It is better because it is individualized and because you will be assisted by our development team.  It is usually required if you are unwell. 

Cost.  Most of the practitioners charge $150 to $250.00 US dollars for the hair mineral test and a long consultation or two to set up the program properly.  This fee usually also includes responding to questions that arise during the program. 

The other major cost is the nutritional supplements, which often cost about $160.00 to $200.00 US dollars monthly for adults and less for children.  One can reduce the cost to about $120.00 US dollars per monthly by taking the supplements twice, instead of three times daily.  Results may be slower.  If you are interested in starting a complete, and individualized development program, click here.


Commitment.  Development programs involve some self-discipline and commitment of time and energy to learn and follow the diet, take the supplements, and to do the procedures. 


Babies and children.  They do extremely well on development programs, which can prevent and heal many conditions of childhood.  Babies can all benefit greatly, and can begin a program around age 4 to 6 months, while still breastfeeding.

Development programs usually get rid of autism, attention deficit disorder, and many other conditions of children without requiring expensive testing or a lot of products. 






Development is more than a science or a program.  It is a path.  This means that to move along most rapidly and easily, one needs to integrate the program as much as possible into one’s entire lifestyle.  For details, read The Healing Path.




A development program may appear similar to other nutrition programs.  However, a development program differs markedly from holistic health care and naturopathy in the following ways:

Development programs do not involve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  These are not necessary with development science.  This is very different from most holistic, naturopathic, herbal or regular medical care.  This is quite unusual, although it parallels the therapeutic method used in some ancient sciences such as acupuncture.

Instead of diagnoses, development science relies upon normalization and correction of the diet, lifestyle and nutritional status of the person.  In addition, the detoxification and development procedures help heal and develop the body in a variety of ways.

Development science requires a properly performed and properly interpreted hair mineral test to assess certain important imbalances in the body.  Blood tests don’t work for this purpose, although they may be helpful for other purposes.

Development programs do not focus on symptom removal.  Instead, they use various methods to remineralize and balance the body.  When this is done properly, symptoms go away on their own.  This was quite remarkable to us when we began learning it.

Development programs rarely involve the use of remedies.  These are rarely needed if one rebalances and renourishes the body properly.




Development programs utilize the stress theory of disease and principles of systems theory, both 20th century theories of how complex systems operate.  

From this perspective, most disease is simply evidence of a whole body system out of balance.  When the whole body system becomes remineralized, balanced and strengthened at deep levels, most “disease entities” disappear on their own without a need to know all about them, without a need to name them, and without needing to take remedies for them.

Development is also based on ancient teachings that assert that human beings have the genetic capacity to enjoy far greater health and longevity than they presently enjoy.




The concept of development has been known on earth for thousands of years.  However, it has not been taught much in modern Western societies.  The Bible makes reference to it when it discusses people who lived a long time, those who had special abilities, and in the vision of Ezekiel, Ezekiel Chapter 1.

The development programs we offer trace their origin to a number of scientific breakthroughs that occurred during the twentieth century.  For more details, read The Development Science Pioneers.

Dr. Paul C. Eck synthesized a lot of 20th century science and designed the first ‘mineral balancing’ programs beginning around 1975. 

The author was fortunate to work closely with him for 14 years.  Starting in 2002, we introduced a number of changes to the mineral balancing programs including:

- Much more specific diet information.

- Much more emphasis on lifestyle

- Discovery of many new hair analysis patterns.

- Supplement program changes, including the addition of kelp, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, trimethylglycine and most recently, lecithin for some people.  We continue to research the process of development and how to promote it safely and in the most convenient and cost-effective way.



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