A book review

by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This is a short and easy-to-read book that had a profound effect upon this author.  It was definitely a step in my Activation Process.  This means it helped me wake up to reality, without which this website would not be possible.

Mutant Message (we are the mutants!) is the story of an American woman who becomes disillusioned with her life.  So she decides to spend some time in Australia helping the native people or aborigines. 

Things go well until one day she is told she will receive an award for her work.  She dresses up in a nice dress and high heels.  An aboriginal man picks her up and drives her into the interior of Australia to receive the award.

She is thoroughly unprepared when the aborigines tell her to take off her fancy clothes and put on a smelly old smock.  They then throw her purse and her clothing into a fire and tell her she will accompany them on a walkabout – a trek through the desert with them.  It is the beginning of an amazing initiation experience!

The aborigines appear primitive, but she soon finds out they are experts at communicating telepathically, healing the sick and injured in amazing ways, talking with wild animals, finding food and water where there appears to be none, and much more.

I do not want to ruin the book by telling you of the many incidents and teachings in this little book, but it is absolutely fascinating and eye-opening.  I came away feeling let down by our modern society because here were people who literally did not need cell phones and all our modern technology.  They were also much more loving than many people in the modern world.

At one point, she asks the aborigines if they ever heard of Jesus.  They replied, “Yes, of course.  We know all about him”.  “However, they added, “he did not visit us because we don’t need him”.

Anyone who wants a glimpse into a different way of living will enjoy this very simply written and very interesting story.  Some people say that not all of the incidents were true, and that the author put the book together using some incidents that she just heard about.  Even if true, in my mind this does not diminish the book one bit.  It will still open the mind of anyone who truly reads it without judgment.

This book, along with a few others, can remind one that some of our ideas of “civilization” are not quite as advanced in some ways as we may think.  Cultures that have been on earth for literally thousands of years have much to teach us if we will listen.  In our haste to keep up with the latest news and gadgets, the modern world has forgotten the wisdom and beauty of Native people all over the world.

For an enjoyable reading experience and perhaps much more, read Mutant Message Down Under (1991) by Marlo Morgan.



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