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I. Introduction

II. An Interesting Case History

III. How The Development Program Works




Colitis means inflammation of the colon or large intestine. Its exact description depends upon its cause. Physicians use different names to describe it such as ulcerative colitis, mucus colitis, Crohn's disease, microscopic colitis, psudomembranous colitis, allergic colitis, and ischemic colitis.


These can include infection with bacteria, viruses, yeast or parasites. Other causes are improper intestinal flora, trauma, nutritional deficiencies, and the presence of toxic metals or toxic chemicals. Colitis may be acute or chronic.


These include abdominal pain and often severe flare-ups of diarrhea. This may be bloody and very unpleasant. Other symptoms may include fatigue, depression, and irritability.


The development program, including the procedures, is excellent to reverse many cases of colitis. This is true even it the condition has been going on for years.

Medical drugs do not tend to work well and have side effects. Natural therapies such as diets may help, but often are not powerful enough.


Virginia is 53 years old and had severe colitis ever since a series of rapes and beatings that we call the rape process that occurred when she was a teenager.

Symptoms. She has had flare-ups of severe diarrhea on and off for over 30 years that nothing will stop. When they occur, she is basically tied to her home and must remain near a bathroom at all times.

The diarrhea is bloody and painful, and it feels as though her insides are coming out. She has hemorrhoids and has had rectal prolapse, as well, from the severe diarrhea.

She was also weak at all times, tired, achy, depressed, anxious, often mentally confused and irritable.

She visited many physicians and tried many medications. None helped much and several of them made her quite ill. One made her think she would die. It was a sedative and it was too powerful.

She also followed almost two dozen diets, with very little success. Some made her feel better for a short time, but then they stopped working.

Natural therapies. She also tried many natural therapies such as probiotics, prebiotics and more. Her tests showed her intestinal flora was incorrect with a lot of yeast and e. coli.

However, none of the methods she tried corrected the flora. This was very frustrating for her and her physicians. They did not understand why she did not respond.

The development program. About three years ago she came across a case history on our website, so she decided to try the development program.

The diet. At first, the development dietary program was a problem because it contained so much vegetable fiber. However, by cooking the vegetables thoroughly she found she could eat quite a few.

The other foods did not bother her much, and this was good. She did not experience immediate relief, but she felt stronger after following the development diet for about three months. This would be a key to her healing!

The supplements. She has had a difficult time with a few of the supplements, so she does her best to take them when she can.

Procedures. The idea of doing coffee enemas frightened her so she has never done too many. However, she has been surprised that she can do them when her intestines are not too irritated.

The pulling down procedure has been very helpful and easy to do at all times, even during a flare-up. The other procedures – the spinal twists, pops, pulls and kicks and foot reflexology have always made her feel better, and she can do them at any time. The reddish heat lamp therapy has also been calming any time she does it.

Mineral analysis results. The development program is the only one Virginia tried that offered tissue mineral testing. She found this unusual, since minerals are basic for life.

Toxic metals. Her hair tissue mineral tests over the past five years have consistently shown high levels of mercury and other toxic metals. At first they were present as poor eliminator patterns, so other physicians probably missed them. These patterns are very low levels of the mineral.

Mercury. Mercury is one of toxic metals that started out extremely low. We know this is not a good sign.

Mercury kills some germs, but not others. We believe the high mercury and other toxic metals made it impossible to correct Virginia's intestinal flora. On the development program, the toxic metal levels have slowly normalized. As they have, Virginia has felt better overall.

Other changes. She also noticed that she looked better and spoke better. She was less afraid to go out, a problem for people with colitis and sometimes a sign of mercury toxicity. She was also less irritable and easier to be around.

Chelation. Before finding the development program, Virginia tried chelation therapy for toxic metal poisoning, but it did not work.

We think it was not nearly powerful enough and it caused other problems. It further unbalanced her body chemistry and she felt worse after doing it. For details as to why we do not recommend chelation, read Chelation Therapy. This is very important because many physicians think this is a good therapy, but it is not.

Trauma retracing. Releasing trauma was a key to Virginia's healing. About two years into the development program, Virginia started to have flashbacks about several filthy, disgusting rapes and beatings. These were intense and scary. For details, read The Rape Planet, Rape and Beatings.

However, she had read about retracing and that it was a feature of the development program. She also read that most women have been beaten and raped severely, starting in late childhood by the group called the rogues.

When the memories arose, she cried a lot but was able to handle them and wanted them to surface and be released. This is a very unique aspect of the development program that she did not understand and no one could seem to understand how it worked.

Recent mineral test. Earlier this year, 2022, Virginia was still having flare-ups, but they were less frequent. In the past few months, however, they suddenly stopped except for a few very mild ones. Virginia's most recent mineral test showed a number of important healing or joy patterns:

A goalpost. This looks like two spikes - a little like the goalposts of an American football stadium. The pattern indicates reaching or achieving a goal.

Coming alive. This is present when the levels of the first four or the second four minerals on an ARL chart all increase or remain the same. The pattern indicates more vitality.

Nine anchor patterns. These are mineral levels that remain the same or similar on a retest. For some reason, they correlate with a particular type of healing of the sulci of the brain and nervous system. Nine anchors on one retest is called the wise person pattern because it indicates a lot of brain healing.

A 'three' dump or three amigo dump. This is an increase in the level of iron, manganese and aluminum. This is a significant healing pattern. Often a person with this pattern feels significantly better, with more energy.

When the patterns above appear together, the souls often call the situation a new person.


Retracing and healing with the development program occurs for a number of reasons:

1) improving the adaptive energy level and efficiency of the body,

2) balancing the major minerals,

3) a return of thousands of souls to the body thanks to the diet.

4) Making the body warmer and more compact. These are physics qualities that are very important. For details, read Yin Disease.

5) “Updating” the minerals in the body (very, very important). For details, see the post of 11/10/22,

6) using God's method to heal the body (explained below),

7) “Emptying the body” using the pulling down procedure and the reddish heat lamp. For details, read the post of 11/9/22.

8) Opening subtle energy channels using reflexology and the pulling down procedure. For details, read Channel Therapy,

9) “Wake up”, which means starting the amazing process called development,

10) More rest. Rest is a huge part of the development program, such as going to bed early and sleeping up to 12 hours daily, if needed. Other programs did not emphasize this key to healing.

11) The parasympathetic or “down” lifestyle of the program. For details, read Downward Movement Of Energy And Healing.

12) More love (in Virginia's case, her souls told us that her Helper and Dr. Wilson have a love that she has not found among most physicians.)

What is meant by God's method to heal the body? The method used to balance the minerals on the development program appears to be the work of William Albrecht, PhD and Dr. Paul Eck. However, a few years ago I began to be able to tune into the souls.

They say this method is ancient and is the one they use. They call it “God's method”.

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