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The biological concept of creation and space is the reality of how the earth came into being. Creation did not occur as the result of the “big bang” or some other accident in space. This teaching on earth is incorrect. More and more scientists are realizing this.

In truth, the earth and all the planets and suns were birthed by much larger fine matter beings who live in space.

This is part of what we are coming to understand as a greater concept that we might call the order of the universe. Let us explain further.


In truth, space is not mostly “empty”. It is populated by small and large fine matter creatures and fine matter plants.

Fine matter is less dense than the matter that makes up our bodies, which is called coarse matter. As a result, most people cannot see creatures made of fine matter, but they are real. For details, read Bodies in Space.


We have our existence inside or within a few of these enormous creatures. This is similar to the way our body cells have their existence within our human bodies.

The idea that life is the same on large and small scale is called the hermetic principle, expressed, “As above, so below”. Hermes was a Greek philosopher who lived about 11,000 years ago. For details, read Hermes.

The large being who gave birth to the earth and all that is within and on it is our local creator. She is a very large, female, fine matter being with whom we are now in touch and with whom we can now speak.

She tells us many things and has become a wonderful friend and an important source of guidance for us.

Interference. The group we call the rogues tried to hide her and separate us from her. However, we are now back in touch with her.


The truth of the biological concept of space we believe was in the Bible in a clear fashion, but this was removed. Subtle references to it include:

And I shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever.” - the 23rd Psalm. We believe this is a reference to the idea that we always dwell within the body of our local creator.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within. Seek it not outside yourself.” - . this means that one does not have to leave one's home and go somewhere else to receive guidance and speak with our local creator.

I and the Father are one” and “I am one with God”. We believe that the meaning of this passage is not that Jesus is God. He meant that he (and everyone else) is part of the body of our local creator. This can never ever change, no matter what one does, says or believes.

In this understanding, there can be no atheism (disbelief in God) or agnosticism (unsure about the existence of God).  It is also impossible to be separated from this being or God.  We explore this topic in a little more detail in the book, The Real Self.

We believe that the biological concept of space is deliberately withheld from the people of earth to confuse them and to instill the false idea that there is no God or that God is somehow distant from us and does not love us very much.

to be continued.

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