by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© July 2021, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            The baby rapes are a particularly horrendous activity that is part of The Rogue Presence on earth.  Efforts are underway to end the takings, although they are still going on in some areas of the world.

To some readers, this article will seem totally insane and impossible.  We assure you it is not made up.  We write about it because some people have memories of their taking experience and need to know they are not crazy.




Thousands of underground bases have been set up throughout the United States, in particular, and in other nations, that contain advanced electronic equipment not from this planet.  Inside these bases, small groups of mainly women, who are also not from this planet, operate spying equipment.

With their equipment, they identify certain babies and children whom they target for  molestation, rape and other tortures.  These are mainly children who are above average in intelligence and considered more difficult for the rogues to control.  Their goal is to traumatize these children, and their methods are quite effective.

With other electrical equipment, they are able to teleport babies starting about age 1, children and teenagers into their base during the night while the children and their parents are asleep.

            Once inside the base, the childrenŐs pajamas are removed and groups of about 5 women molest, torture and may rape the babies and children.  After an hour or so, the children are cleaned up, made to forget the entire episode, and they are teleported back to their bedrooms.

            While the technology to do this may seem incredible, it is not too far ahead of some earth technology.




            Inside the underground bases, babies and children are laid on a large table, surrounded by about five women who are naked from the waist up.  For some reason, this has a particularly horrifying effect on the children.  Older children and teens are put in restraints, while younger ones are just held down by the women.  Bright lights are shined on the child. 

For about an hour the children are fondled, slapped, kissed all over, and poisoned.  Objects may be inserted in the vagina, and boysŐ penises may be pulled and twisted.  Older girls may experience a real rape, although this is not common.  All is done cleanly so that no one will suspect that it is occurring.

            At the end, young children are put in a bath to clean up.  Older children are sprayed with water and soap to clean them up.  Then they are all roughly rubbed dry.  Then the child is dressed and teleported back to his or her bedroom.




            We are told that there are photos of these bases, and these will be made public at some time.  There are also police reports of parents who woke up at night, went to check on their sleeping child, and the child was not there.  The parent panicked, but by the time they had awakened a spouse and gone back into the childŐs room, the child had been returned to the bedroom. 

Those who take the children have microphones in the home, and are listening for any problems.  If they hear a parent screaming, for example, they can rush the child back to the bedroom.




There are efforts to change the situation and get rid of the rogues and their underground bases.  Oddly, handcuffing a child or young adult to their bed before going to sleep works to stop the taking of the children. 

No other procedure seems to work.  The handcuffs can have a long metal chain so it is not too uncomfortable for the person.  Prayer may help, but it may not.

Other methods such as enclosing the bed in a metal cage or an electromagnetic field do not seem to work, so far.



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