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The biological theory of creation. This website teaches the idea of biological creation. This means that outer space and our planet were created by large beings who live in outer space. More and more scientists are beginning to adopt this view.

They are abandoning the other view, sometimes called the big bang theory. This is the idea that creation is just the result of a huge explosion in space.

The biological theory of creation is important for many reasons. One of them is that many earth religions have to do with the large beings in space who gave birth and help sustain our planet.

The fathers. For example, one set of these beings are called The Fathers. (They are both male and female). Is it possible that the Hebrew and christian religions use the term the father in heaven to refer to these beings?

I believe it is possible and true. In fact, the religions are ahead of our scientists. Scientists have not yet caught up with the truth expressed in our religions because large fine matter beings are difficult to see with today's telescopes.

The grandmothers and grandfathers. This article is about another set of extremely large fine matter beings who live in outer space. They are very old, wise beings who love all the people of planet earth. I am told they are mentioned in the Bible but the reference is vague and confusing.

I am told that our planet is actually inside one of the grandmothers and that she guides and communicates with many on earth.

Names. The large beings have different names, depending upon their level and age. Grandmothers and grandfathers are general names they use. In this article, I will call them the grands, for short.


Importance. The grands are care greatly for planet earth and her people. They say they have watched the development of our planet for thousands of years.

Asking for help. I am told the grands guide the people of earth and that anyone can learn to communicate with them. Anyone can ask for their help. You don't need to join any group or religion. They say they know most people on earth and they want to help everyone.

Native religions. Many older and Native religions on earth include reverence for and, at times, worship of the grandfathers and grandmothers. This is sometimes called ancestor worship.

However, this is incorrect. The correct understanding is that one reveres the large beings in space.

Size. The grands are absolutely enormous. They are much larger than the size of our planet or our solar system, or even our galaxy. They are about the size of two galaxies.

Galaxies. A galaxy is a collection of billions of stars and planets that rotate together and form a spiral pattern in space. We live in what is called the Milky Way Galaxy in space.

Our galaxy has that name because it contains so many stars clustered close together that it looks milky white when viewed through a large telescope. Outer space contains thousands of galaxies similar to our own. This gives you an idea how large is outer space.


The method they recommend is the following:

1. Work on healing the body using the development program on this website and no other. This is most important because most bodies on earth are so out of balance that communication with the grands and others is quite difficult for many people.

It is very important to follow the development diet and eat loads of cooked, preferred vegetables. It also means get plenty of rest and sleep.

It also means do the healing procedures discussed on this website, especially daily coffee enemas. These will assist your communication with the large beings.

2. Sit quietly with your back straight up and down. Make sure your back is supported by pillows or cushions so you relax completely. We suggest doing this each day for a month, at least. It may take that long to establish communication.

Close your eyes and ask sincerely to be connected with grandmother. She is easier to contact because our planet is within her huge fine matter body. After communicating with her for a while, you can ask to communicate with her twin or husband, the grandfather.

In fact, there are several grandmothers and grandfathers. When you ask to communicate, you will first communicate with the smallest of them. Later, you can ask to speak with a larger and older one.

The simplest way to begin is to ask a simple question. For example, ask: Am I in communication with a grandmother?

To be continued ...

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