A powerful accelerator with many benefits, and the most healthy sex

by Dr. Lawrence Wilson And Friends

© May 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Warning: Down coupling with someone you do not know very well is dangerous.  It can result in disease, rape or even your death.


Warning:  This is a sexy article.  This website is not sexy.  However, we include this article because down coupling is a powerful healing therapy when done correctly.




I. Introduction


Three Variants


Down Sex Versus Ordinary Sex


II. The Down Sex Procedure

Summary Of A Session

The Biggest Hurdle

For Women

What To Expect

For How Long?

Who Can Do Down Sex, And How Often?



III. Down Sex Activities





For The Most Powerful Sessions


IV. Benefits

How Does It Work?

Other Benefits Of Down Sex


V. Cautions


VI. Other Topics

Down Sex Marriage


The Energy Centers 8 through 14

Hair Analysis Patterns With Down Sex

Rape And Down Sex

Down Sex For Rapid Development


VII. Down Hugging






Warning – Read This First. 

At first, down sex is not easy for men.  It only works if it is a team effort of both of the partners.  At times, the couple must wear some clothing, which some people do not like, but it may be needed to have success.


Definitions.  Down coupling is a healing and development method in which a man and a woman hold an embrace, with or without sexual intercourse, for about two and a half hours.  They can take breaks during this time.

When done properly, this has very powerful healing effects.  It also greatly speeds up Development. 

Adding other visualizations or procedures such as the Pushing Down Exercise tremendously enhances the healing and development effects even more.

Other terms.  Down sex is sometimes called yang sex because it has a significant yang effect on the bodies.  Ordinary sex is also called up sex or yin sex because it has a yin (and harmful) effect on the bodies.




The three variants of this procedure are:

1. Down sex.  This involves regular sexual intercourse.  It is the fastest and most powerful of the three variants.

2. Down tube connecting.  In this variant, the penis is not inside the woman.  Instead, a straight tube connects the two.

3. Down hugging.  This is only an embrace with no sexual component.




We received these email messages regarding down sex:


            ÒDown sex has revived my marriage.  Sex had become routine, an obligation, and somewhat boring as I entered my 50s.  Not any more!  We have the best time together ever, and my wife is so happy it is amazing.Ó –RS, USA



            ÒI experienced a severe rape at age 16.  I started a development program, and am better.  However, problems remained that I could not solve quickly.  I cried most every day, and could not think or function in the world.

Someone suggested trying down sex, and it is the only thing, in addition to the development program with Dr. Wilson, that has worked to heal my body and brain.  I highly recommend this procedure. – Jane, USA


My husband and I tried down sex about one year ago.  It is wonderful.

However, he had a difficult time with it.  Holding his erection was difficult after about ten minutes.  I helped by tickling him on his back.  That was good, but not good enough.  Then we read below about the WomanÕs Techniques To Help Hold An Erection.  They work!  Now we are very happy.

- Margo, Phoenix, AZ, USA 




Most people are not familiar with down sex. It is enjoyable, intimate, fun and healing.  We believe this is the only type of sex one should have.

In contrast, ordinary sex, also called up sex, is always harmful for both women and men.  The reasons are:

1. It moves subtle energy upward through the body.  This is the reverse of the way subtle energy should flow through the body.

2. It almost always irritates the vagina because it is too rough, even if it is done gently.  A womanÕs vagina is much more delicate than a penis, in all cases.  You must instruct your sexual partner about this!

3. It often leaves points and scars in the vagina, again because it is too rough.  Points are explained later in this article.

            4. Receiving sexual fluid of a man is harmful, even if it feels wonderful.  It is full of toxic metals.

5. Ordinary sex spins a womanÕs energy centers backwards, giving her pleasure but depleting her body energetically.

6. The muscular contraction of ordinary orgasms always causes some nutritional depletion of women.  Men do not experience this nearly as much.

7. A womanÕs energy field opens wide during ordinary orgasms and she picks up the energies of her sexual partner.  This is usually harmful for women.

8. Many women get diseases from ordinary sex because it is somewhat rough and causes tiny cuts and bruises in the entire vaginal areas, thighs, abdomen, lips, mouth and elsewhere.

9. Unwanted pregnancy is much more likely with ordinary sex than with down sex.

10. The usual position for ordinary sex puts women at a disadvantage.  They are mainly pinned down, passive and rather out of control.  Down sex is much more even in this regard.

11. The chance of rape is far greater with ordinary sex than it is with down sex.  The reasons are that with down sex the woman is much more in control of her own body and in control of the overall sex act.

12. Ordinary sex is not particularly healing for the body or mind.  Down sex, by contrast, involves blending of the subtle energy fields in unusual ways that greatly speed up healing and development of the bodies of both partners.

13. Ordinary sex causes women and men to lose much more sexual fluid than does down sex.  Losing sexual fluid is always harmful for women and men.

14. Ordinary sex is often tiring or even exhausting for women, and sometimes for men.  Down sex actually rests and energizes the partners.

15. Ordinary sex has a significant yin effect on the bodies.  This is harmful.  Down sex has a significant yang effect on the bodies, and this is very beneficial.

16. Ordinary sex releases some negative or yin energy.  This occurs because the motion of the penis in and out cuts the etheric energy field of the woman in a particular way.  This depletes the partners, a little.  Down sex does not cause the release of this energy.

 In summary, compared to ordinary sex, down sex is safer, gentler, cleaner, more protective against infections, more enjoyable, and causes intense healing and much faster development.

This is a very important topic, and one that few people know about.  Please read about it and talk to your partner about it.




A variant on down sex is to connect the penis and vagina with a straight tube.  This method requires about 15 minutes longer to have a full session, but it does work.

Advantages of this method are:

- Extremely helpful if the man and woman are of different heights and want to be lie down.  The tube allows them to have their heads at the same level so they can talk, kiss, and rub each otherÕs neck.

- If the couple want to use the sitting position for down sex, the woman must sit on a low stool slightly above the manÕs legs.  Otherwise, the tube will not work.  There is an advantage of using a tube for the man if they are sitting.  Her head can be at the same level as his.  This way they support each otherÕs heads and nestle together.  This is more enjoyable and more restful for the man, in particular.

- Cleaner, since no sex is involved.

- No penetration.  Some women love penetration.  Others do not like it because at a subtle level the penis cuts through her etheric energy field and some women feel this as a cut.

- Less sexy.  Some couples prefer things a little less sexy, while others will not like it as much.

- Safer to avoid pregnancy and to avoid any possibility of transmitting disease between the partners.

- No need for condoms and other contraptions to prevent pregnancy.  If he ejaculates, just stop and wash out the tube.

- Makes things easier if, for some reason, down sex occurs between two who are not married or in a relationship.  This might occur if one person agrees to help another with an illness or to speed up development.  With this method, no sex is involved so it is more private.  The two could just do down hugging, described later in this article.  However, this method is more powerful than just hugging.


- Less sexy, which some people wonÕt like.  The man may not feel like he is conquering his woman and she wonÕt feel as conquered.

- A little slower than using full penetration.  If there is a serious illness to correct, for example, a couple will want to begin with regular sexual intercourse for slightly more power.

- More trouble holding his erection.  The couple will probably need the techniques described below at WomenÕs Methods Of Helping A Man Hold An Erection.

- Slightly less comfortable having a rigid tube between you.


Details of the tube.  We believe the tube needs to be made of metal, but we are researching the use of a more comfortable plastic tube.  If metal, it is best made of iron or copper rather than aluminum.

The inside diameter of the tube needs to be about 1-2 inches or 3-4 centimeters to fit over the penis fairly closely.  You may need to try various sizes to find the right size.

The length of the tube should be enough so that it goes all the way into the womanÕs vagina to the very back.  It does not have to cover the entire penis, but this is probably best.

It also works best if it is straight, with no bends or curves.  The length of the tube varies with your heights.  If he is much taller than she is and you want to lie down together, then use a longer tube.

Cleaning the tube.  One cleans the tube thoroughly with soap and water or with hydrogen peroxide, 3 to 5% solution.

Getting started.  Put the tube in the woman first.  This works best.  Lubrication with a little soap is okay, if you wish, but usually not needed. 

Breaks.  Ideally, each time the couple takes a break, rinse out the tube with a little soap and water.

Clothing.  Clothing is optional for all down coupling.  With tube connecting, for maximum privacy and cleanliness, the man and/or the woman can wear a pair of menÕs underpants that have a fly.






Positions.  A man and woman, preferably married, either:

- Lie down comfortably together, facing one another.

- Lie down with one on top of the other.

- Sitting with the woman facing the man and sitting on the manÕs lap.

Clothing is optional.  More clothing makes it more sexy, which is sometimes good and sometimes causes the man to have an orgasm, which is not desirable.  If needed, the couple can wear tee shirts or even shorts or pants.

              Depth of insertion.  With the insertion method, the manÕs penis must be inserted at least one inch or more inside the vagina.  Inserting it deeper helps prevent the man from having orgasms, which is helpful.  There can be little or no motion of the penis for the same reason.

With any of the three variants of the procedure, about 5-6 minutes, both people will notice a slight tingling throughout the body.  This will continue for two to two and a half hours.  Then it will suddenly stop.  This is the end of the session.

Repeating.  For maximum healing and development, repeat down sex several times per week.  One can do it more often, such as once daily.  This will provide some other benefits.  However, the extra blending of subtle energy will occur only about three times per week.




Down sex is wonderful, except that it may be a balancing act for a man.  He needs to maintain an erection, but not have an orgasm.

The ideal solution.  If a man has a cooperative partner, she can learn to regulate his erection during down sex, and he can just relax with it.  Here is how to do this:


Avoiding orgasms (the scourge of this procedure for men).

A. The wife or partner can visualize pushing the penis out of her body as hard as she can.  For some reason, this helps more than anything else if the man is about to have an orgasm.  It also moves subtle energy in the right direction for her.

B. Other things for the woman to avoid are moving around, giggling, squealing, wearing scents, squeezing the penis, tickling him and being completely unclothed. 

C. The man can distract himself with stray thoughts.  Think of work, your children, or something else unrelated to the procedure.  This may oppose an orgasm.

D. Relax.  Many men are in a hurry when they have sex, or they think they must ÒperformÓ with a lot of in and out or other motions.  Skip all this effort and relax.

E. Try using a plastic bag as both a condom and to reduce sexual stimulation.  Most women will go along with this if you wash the bag thoroughly with soap and water.


WomanÕs methods to help a man maintain an erection.  During down sex, if the man is too relaxed and the penis motionless, the man may lose his erection after a time.  In this case:

A. She can imagine playing with the penis and testicles.  She can tickle, spit, bite, massage, squeeze, twist, lick, and rub it in her mind.  This is very powerful.

B. She can imagine spraying his penis and testis from above with Tiger Balm or cayenne pepper. This way she is moving energy downward from her head to her feet, which is very helpful for the procedure.

C. She can take off some clothing.

D. She and/or he can move the hips a little, moving the penis around.

E. She and he can think or talk sexy.

F. She can rub or tickle his back, arms or elsewhere.

G. She can visualize pulling on the penis and testis in a sucking motion, as though she is pulling them off his body.  This often works.  However, it moves subtle energy in the wrong direction – upward toward her head, instead of downward toward her feet – so it is not recommended.




At first.  When you first learn down sex, it is helpful to have extra time.  We suggest beginning on a weekend, for example.

Odors.  Some couples donÕt like smelling each other for as long as down sex requires.  In this case, take showers first or keep some lavender water or rose water and spray yourself and your partner so they smell good.

Teamwork.  Down sex requires teamwork between partners.  This is make sure the man 1) maintains his erection and 2) does not become too stimulated and have an orgasm, as this usually stops the procedure.  The woman must help with this.

Signals.  For down sex to work, the man and woman need to set up simple signals so that he can easily and quickly let her know that he is getting too stimulated or that he is losing his erection.  She will then take various actions to correct these issues.

To begin.  Drink some water and relax.  Shower off if you are sweaty and your partner wonÕt like being close to you.

Infections.  It is possible to transmit sexual infections right through one or even two intact condoms.  This is partly due to the long time of the intercourse.  This is also why a thicker barrier between penis and vagina may be better.

Contraception.  If there is a possibility of an unwanted pregnancy, use birth control even though ideally down sex should not cause any orgasms.  It may cause a different type of orgasm called a Jolt or down orgasm that begins in the head and moves downward through the body.

Condoms.  The man can use a condom or two.  However, it will often fall off due to the long time it needs to stay on.

Other birth control methods.  The woman can use a diaphragm, but it may fall out due to the long time of the procedure.  We do not recommend birth control pills, ever!

Food wrap.  A large piece of clear plastic food wrap can be placed over the penis.  Use one or two layers.  It is quite clean, easy to see and feel if it is in place, and gives good protection.

The shopping bag. Place over the penis a clean plastic shopping bag from the supermarket or other store.  Just wash one out with soap and water.  It is large, easy to see and feel that it is in place, and it wonÕt break easily.

The garbage bag.  An unusual option is to use a medium-size plastic trash bag (about 8 gallon size or 30 liters, and about 21Ó by 22Ó or 55 cm by 56 cm).  Use a new bag and make two cuts, each about 6 inches long, along the sides of the bag near the bottom of the bag, one on each side of the bag.  A larger bag would work, as well.

The man or the woman, or even both, slips the legs through these slits in the bag, and then one ties the bag tightly around the waist.  There is enough slack so this will function as a huge condom.  It makes the procedure much safer and more modest. 

The thickness of the food wrap, shopping bag or trash bag does not interfere with the healing effects of the procedure at all.

Men who have trouble keeping an erection may not like using these contraceptive devices.  However, most men have the opposite problem – having orgasms.

The sitting position.  An excellent position for down sex is with the man sitting on a cushion and the woman straddling him, facing him.  The vertical position makes it easier to move energy downward, it is grounding, and condoms stay on a little better.

If a couple wants to use this position, the woman will need a cushion or small bench to sit on so her entire weight will not be on the manÕs thighs. 

If they want to use the tube method, it may require a slightly higher bench.  An advantage of this method if he is taller is that their heads can be positioned near each other and they hold each others heads up by leaning against each otherÕs necks.  This is more relaxing for the man.

Couples often alternate positions between being one above the other and being side by side.

Pillows.  The side by side position requires a few pillows, not just one, to be comfortable, but it works well.

            Other pillows.  Some couples use a thin pillow between their chests for greater comfort, especially if the two are slender and bony.

Phones, children, televisions and other distractions.  Reduce distractions as much as possible.  In theory, one could do down sex while speaking on the telephone to a friend, but it is not as easy.




Down sex is very easy and enjoyable for women.  However, you must assist your partner to keep his erection and to not have an orgasm.  This is usually not hard to do, but you must be willing to help or the procedure wonÕt work.  Ask frequently if he needs more stimulation or less.  You can also learn to feel how stimulated he is. 


Dry vagina.  With little stimulation, the womanÕs vagina may become dry, especially when the session goes on for more than an hour.  If this occurs, use a safe lubricant, such as some butter or cooking oil.




After about 5 minutes, both partners will begin to feel a slight tingling sensation in the entire body.  This will build a little and continue for up to two and one-quarter hours.  Then, suddenly, the tingling will stop.  This completes the extra special blending that occurs with this procedure.  The ÒtreatmentÓ lasts about 2 days, and then the tingling will start again if you come together for down sex in two or three days.


Retracing.  Occasionally, other sensations occur.  One partner may become very sleepy, cold, sweaty, or an ache or pain may occur in an organ or tissue of the body.

Emotional symptoms such as fear, anger, sadness or something else might also occur.  An old memory may come up, or one might begin to sob softly. 

These are retracing or purification reactions.  This is a very important concept to understand if you do down sex.  For more on this topic, read Retracing and Healing Reactions on this website.




Any sexually mature adult can do down sex.  Old age or ill health are not a problem because it is very gentle.  For example, an older man with erectile dysfunction can safely use a penis ring or other device to maintain an erection long enough to do it.  We do not recommend drugs for this purpose. 

Down sex can also be done by a woman with severe vaginal dryiness because there is no movement of the penis.

Better with age.  In fact, the healing effects of down sex works are greater when it is done with an older person than with a younger one.  The tingling sensation is stronger, and the sessions move along faster.

The reason is that success depends upon a developed etheric energy field of both participants.  Older people tend to have a more developed etheric energy field.  Therefore, the exercise works better for and with them.

Height, race, skin color, and nationality.  It does not matter if the partners are the same height, nor does race, color or nationality seem to matter.  However, it does not work with two people of the same sex.

How often?  Down sex can be repeated as often as you like.  However, the special etheric blending only requires sessions every two or three days.  Other benefits of blending the energies of two people occur any time two come together this way.

Health status.  One can do this procedure even if one or both of the participants is very ill.  In fact, this procedure is excellent for healing.

A participant will not ÒcatchÓ the other personÕs disease, unless it is a contagious virus, perhaps, and neither participant is weakened by the procedure at all, in our experience, even if he or she does it with another who is quite ill.

Cancer.  For some unknown reason, the procedure is very helpful to slow down or stop the progress of cancer.




The types of activities are:


1. Those that involve touch.  These include:




This is very helpful to renourish the body when one begins development.  Most people can benefit from kelp wraps for up to one year when beginning a development program.

It fits well with down sex because both procedures require about two hours.  One can apply kelp and then, if desired, wrap the body with clear food wrap for neatness.  Then do a down sex session. 

After finishing the session, shower off.  For more details, read Kelp.




During a down sex session, a couple can do massage of the head, face, ears, nose, chin, neck, shoulders, chest, back, and arms.  This feels very good and is relaxing.




This is fun, helps sexual stimulation, if needed, and is bonding for a couple.  It also moves more subtle energy downward if one does down kissing.  For details, read Kissing.


2. Visualizations

 These are best done by both partners together:




This is not required, but it combines beautifully with down sex and makes its effects much more powerful.  When one or both partners move energy downward, there is a compounding effect that each will feel.  Also, each will help the other push down harder. 

This exercise builds power and causes more healing and development.  To learn about it, read The Pushing Down Exercise and Power. 

Other visualizations:


For the man: Imagine that the penis is a large, hollow soda straw.  Visualize moving energy from the tip of the penis down toward the base of the penis.  If it helps, visualize pulling all of your partnerÕs organs out of her body, downward through the penis.


For the woman: Imagine pushing your partnerÕs penis downward, out of your body, as hard as you can.  Women can also visualize having a baby, since this also moves the energy downward.

If the woman pushes downward through the vagina, it also helps her husband not to have an orgasm. 

Also, to help move energy downward forcefully, imagine:

1. Putting on a pullover dress or nightshirt.  Imagine it is very tight, so you have to pull it down hard all around you.

2. Water flowing very fast in the top of your head and out through large holes.  These are in the palm of each hand, on the bottoms of each of your feet, and a large hole between your legs near the anal area.  The water also flows all around your body from your head down to your feet.

If you want to experiment with a dozen more visualizations during down sex, read The Pushing Down Exercise.

3. Toe breathing.  Imagine you take in every breath through your toes, and you exhale down out the toes, as well.  This keeps your attention on your feet, which is very good.

            4. The V.  As you move energy downward from the head to the feet, move the energy not only downward, but slightly inward along the path of the V. 

Also, move the energy in a spiral downward and to the right at the same time.  This means from the left front side of your bodies to the right front sides of your bodies. 

The effect of this is a feeling of moving the hips of the couple closer together and locking the penis inside the woman.

This visualization may help the man to reduce the chance of orgasm, and it feels sexy.




This speeds healing and development, and feels very good.  Visualized spinning the three energy centers in a forward direction as fast as you can. 

Ideally, both parters should do it together.  For details, read The Three Energy Centers.




This visualization will enhance the effects of the down sex session.  Both partners imagine that their bodies are melting together, like melting chocolate until they merge completely with one another.  They then remain this way during the entire session.  After taking a break, they need to do the visualization again to melt together again.




This visualization enhances the effects of the session.  Both partners visualize that their bodies fade away and die, leaving only the down energy moving inside and around both of them.  There is a profound peace and quiet, and nothing separates them.  This is a very powerful exercise that definitely speeds up healing.

3. Doing Development Therapy




This is helpful for development and for improving health.  We suggest the three-part yoga breath: 

1. First one breathes into the stomach, which should rise up if one is lying on oneÕs back. 

2. Then one breathes into the ribs, and the chest should expand outward on each side.

3. Then one breathes into the upper chest, which should rise up and out as one inhales.

Each of the three parts can be done to a count of about 3 seconds.  Then hold the breath for about 2 seconds and then exhale.

The best way is for the couple to breathe together, inhaling and exhaling at the same time.




A red heat lamp or two can be positioned shining on the legs or elsewhere during down sex.  This is needed for fastest development.  Note that wearing clothing blocks the infrared energy from the lamp.




This is relaxing and studying the right material, such as articles on this website, will speed up development and healing.  Computers can be programmed easily to read articles to you out loud.




One can do a coffee enema or oral coffee during a down sex session, although it is a little tricky.  For details, read Coffee Enemas and Oral Coffee.




This is excellent to do during breaks.  For details, read Reflexology.




These are excellent to do during breaks.  For details, read The Spinal Twists.




These are two powerful therapy exercises that will greatly speed up healing and development.  They can be done during a session or during breaks.  For details, read The Neck Pull and The Jolt.


4. Other Activities


The couple can talk, listen to music, or fantasize together.  This is very helpful for some people to overcome traumas and fears, to relax, to laugh, and as distractions.

Down sex can be done with an assistant, if needed, to help make sure it is done correctly.




Down sex can be continued for as long as one lives.  It will never stop assisting the health and development of both partners.  In this regard, it is a particularly powerful and mysterious procedure.




Down sex with the pushing down exercise is very helpful for development.  Early development (moving into Stage 1 or Stage 2 of development) is often slow, especially for women.  Down sex is helpful to overcome this.  The reasons for womenÕs difficulty are explained in the article entitled Women And Development.




- You can do down sex anytime.  However, couples report that it is best in the morning between about 6 and 7 AM.  This is when you are most rested and least tired. 

- It will work even if the penis just touches vaginal area and is not inserted.  However, it takes an extra hour to complete a session.  This may be helpful for a man with erectile dysfunction.  It is also excellent if the woman is virgin and wants to remain so.

- It works a little better if the lips touch.




- Both partners follow a complete Development Program.

- Both partners push down hard.

- Both visualize the 7 movements: move subtle energy inward, spin energy to the right, move subtle energy downward, relax, wobble back and forth, impact (do jolts or neck pulls), and wobble up and down.

- Breathe together, with lips touching or kissing.

- Both have eyes closed and take the other person in.

- Spin the Three Energy Centers or dantiens.

- Die together (visualize melting together until the bodies are gone and there is only the down energy).




1. Etheric energy field effects.  Down sex causes blending of three of the partnerÕs subtle energy fields to overlap more.  These are the etheric field, the 4 body or field (2 small spheres) and the 5 body or field (1 larger sphere). 

Some people can feel three different pulses while doing down sex.  The etheric pulse occurs about every half second.  The 4 body pulse occurs about every 1/4 second and the 5 body pulse occurs about every 1/8 second.

This has a strong healing effect.  To learn about the etheric energy fields, please read The Human Energy Field on this website.

2. Effects on the seven energy centers on the physical body.  The seven physical energy centers of each partner interact in a healing manner during down sex.  This helps to balance and realign the energy centers of both partners.

3. Effects on the three dantiens.  The procedure seems to help the dantiens.  For details, read The Dantiens.

4. Sixth subtle body interaction.  Down sex causes the two oblong bodies (subtle bodies #6) to vibrate or pulse together.  This is what one feels during the procedure.

This cuts the ether field in a beneficial way that brings energy into the physical bodies in a fairly yang manner.  This is a key to the success of down sex.  For details, read The Aura.

5. Psychological effects.  Down sex will provide a sense of intimacy, love and is very gentle, as well.

6. Down sex is much more healthful than ordinary sex.  To understand why, one must know that:

a) Movement of subtle energy.  Ordinary sex tends to move energy upward (from the feet to the head).  This may feel good, but it is unhealthful, whereas downward movement of subtle energy is extremely beneficial.  This is explained in the articles entitled Downward-Moving Energy and Healing and TÕai Chi.

b) The energy centers.  Ordinary orgasms spin the energy centers backwards in both men and women.  In contrast, down sex spins the centers correctly and helps correct any problems in their motion.

c) Safety.  Down sex is safer in terms of spreading infection because it involves less in and out motion of the penis.

 Down sex also carries less risk of pregnancy because there are no orgasms.  However, pregnancy can still occur, so take precautions.

 7. The technique preserves sexual fluids in both the man and the woman.  Not having orgasms is the hardest part of the procedure.  However, no orgasms for men means that there is no fluid loss for the man, and this is very good.  Fewer orgasms for the woman also means she maintains her fluids better and does not become fatigued or spin her energy centers backwards.

8. Down sex is less strenuous for men and for women, which is helpful for many couples. 

9. Down sex tends to bond the man and the woman in love and honor much better than ordinary sex. You will come to see that ordinary sex is more of just an animal mating ritual, with little intimacy, at times, even if the couple is naked and Òin loveÓ. 

By comparison, down sex is much gentler, quieter, and gives a couple time and space to talk and bond with each other.

10. Down sex causes cleansing of the womanÕs wells.  The wells are special areas of a womanÕs body near and below the hips that collect negative energies as a woman goes through her day, especially if she interacts with other people.  When the wells are congested or ÒfullÓ, a woman feels somewhat dirty and contaminated, even if she just came out of the shower or bath.

Cleansing of the wells does not occur with ordinary sex, most of the time.  In fact, ordinary sex often makes the wells more congested.  For more on this topic, read The Wells.

 11. For all the reasons above, down sex de-ages both peopleÕs bodies, and helps regenerate them. In contrast, ordinary sex tends to age the body.




1. Trauma.  If any type of sex is not done gently, one can be traumatized or re-traumatized, especially if one has experienced rape or molestation.

This can usually be avoided by always treating the other person gently and respectfully, and going slowly.

2. Disease.  Cleanliness is important.  The couple can spray themselves with hydrogen peroxide to kill germs on the skin.  Wearing a little clothing also helps to prevent spreading disease.

3. Pregnancy.  This can occur with down sex, though it is much less likely than with ordinary sex.  This is because there are few, if any orgasms.

The couple must take precautions to prevent pregnancy if the woman is menstruating.

4. Boredom.  Down sex must be repeated for months or years to cause development.  A couple can become bored with it.  Most couples need to do the activities listed in the Down Sex Activities section to avoid boredom.  If you do these, including the fantasies, boredom will not be a problem!

5. Picking up energies.  The person you choose for down sex should be of high integrity, and you should like the person a lot.  This is also because you will pick up their energies.

It is also best if the person is more yang.  Avoid people who live on fruit, juices or raw food, for example.  Their bodies will be more yin and the procedure wonÕt work as well.

Doing down sex with someone you do not know well is not recommended.  It always presents dangers such as getting diseases, getting pregnant, rape and more.

6. Development.  It is best if your partner is on a development program, but it is not essential.  The program will cause development and healing to occur much faster.

7. Healing reactions.  These can occur during down sex sessions.  Most are mild and end quickly.  One may feel a sore throat, headache, upset stomach, or perhaps pain in a part of the body. 

Most reactions can be ignored and they will go away on their own.  If needed, rub the reflex area of the feet and/or hands that corresponds to the area that is having the reaction, and this usually speeds up getting over the reaction.

8. Keep it up.  Some people think that doing down sex a few times or for a few months is enough.  This is not true.  Its benefits continue as long as you do it.  Also, you can do down sex as often as you like, for as long as you wish.

9. Practice.  For men, especially, down sex requires some practice.  Usually, there will be slips.  Do not let this discourage you.

10. Cooperation.  The woman must help the man to keep an erection and not to have an orgasm.  Otherwise, down sex usually wonÕt work!

11. Comfort. This is sometimes a problem.  To avoid it, we suggest using a thick memory foam mattess if you lie down, change positions every 5 minutes or so, (set an alarm if you will forget), take breaks about every half hour or 45 minutes, and keep some pillows handy, as well.

An excellent idea is to use a sitting position for down sex.  Most people are not familiar with this position because it does not work with ordinary sex.  However, it is excellent for down sex.  The man sits on a cushion or bed or any surface.  The woman straddles him, facing him.  This position requires a small bench or cushion to keep the womanÕs weight off the manÕs thighs.  These are sold on the internet.

12. Respect.  Always speak and act with total love and respect for your partner so that down sex sessions are truly enjoyable in every way.

13. Distraction. At times, one or both partners may start thinking about their chores or duties for the day, or other things.  This is not ideal.  It is best if the couple focuses on each other for the duration of the session.

To avoid distractions, make sure the phone is off, children are occupied and supervised, and perhaps keep a pad and pen handy so if you think of something you must do that day, you can write it down and not need to remember it.






              This is a special type of marriage for those who are not already legally married.  Its purposes are to protect the woman, in particular – her safety, self-esteem, dignity and her health.

            One can say that marriage is not required to have sex of any kind.  However, it is still very wise, and it is Biblical.  The Bible forbids adultery, which, in fact, is the same as sex of any kind outside of the marriage vows. 

Many people mistakenly believe that the commandment about adultery only applies to people who are married.  This is not true.

To solve this dilemma, have a down sex marriage.  It need not be for life, but it will make down sex and your entire life work better.

Very few priests, rabbis, ministers and others know anything about down sex or a down sex marriage.  To help you with this task, read The Down Sex Marriage.




It is fine to take short breaks or rests during down sex sessions.  These may be needed in order to:

1. Stretch and change positions.

2. Go to the bathroom.

3. Drink some water.

4. Other, such as eat some food or another chore.


Recommendations for breaks:

To get the most development out of your down sex sessions, during every break twist the spine, pop the toes and knees, and do a short foot rub.


The rules for breaks:

1. Do not go far from your partner.  Preferably stay within 10 feet of each other.  If you need to go to the refrigerator for food, bring your partner alongside of you so you are within 10 feet of her or him.  If you go more than about 10 feet apart from each other, you will have to start the session over from the beginning.

2. Breaks cannot be more than about 10 minutes long.  If they are longer, you may have to start the session over.




This is a less powerful concept than down sex, but it is related.  It also heals and helps develop the souls and bodies.  To do this, couples must be within about 10 feet of one another for at least one hour at a time.

For example, they can sleep together, work together and/or live together.  They need not be in the same bed if the beds are pushed next to one another.  The heads and feet must face the same direction.  This phenomenon is one reason for attraction between men and women.

Children.  All children enjoy down intimacy, which is being close to parents, carried around, sleeping, breast feeding or anything.  It is one reason for bonding and a reason why children who do not get enough are sickly.




Ordinary sex does not involve the energy centers #8 through #14.  Down sex, in contrast, spins these centers correctly.  This is a great benefit for oneÕs health, although it is subtle and cannot be felt by most people.  For more on the energy centers, read The Energy Centers on this website.




Couples who practice down sex often have one of two interesting changes on their hair mineral analysis retests:

1. All or most of the hair mineral levels increase.  This is a combination of coming alive pattern and an increase in all or almost all of the mineral levels.  We call it a super coming alive pattern.

2. All or most of the hair mineral levels decrease.  This is a super settling down pattern, which is also excellent.




Down sex is wonderful for anyone who has experienced rape.  In fact, it is a specific antidote for rape.  Women and men report that it feels loving, and it is fun, it is safe, and it helps them retrace and clear the trauma of rape.  For much more on this topic, please read Healing Rape on this website.




Down sex can be used to greatly accelerate development.  To do this requires that one partner be a highly developed being.  The older and more highly developed, the better.

The other person need not be developed at all.  The undeveloped person will develop much faster when down sex is used as a therapy in this way.




WARNING: Hugging today is often almost as dangerous as having sex.  The reason is it is so easy to consent to a hug with a stranger or other person you do not know well.

It seems so innocent, but you can contract sexually-transmitted diseases when you get a kiss with it, and it can be a setup for rape.  Do not be ÒhuggyÓ and do not allow others to hug you unless you know the person very, very well.


Down hugging is the same idea as down sex.  However, it is without the connection between the penis and vagina.  It is helpful, but it is not as powerful as down sex or down coupling using a tube. 

Down hugs are hugs in which the two participants deliberately push energy downward from the head to the feet at the same time they are hugging each other.  If done correctly, both participants will feel the downward moving energy, and it will help them both to move energy downward harder, in a kind of cooperative multiplying effort that is fun and productive.  This will speed up healing and development.

If you have never experienced this, try it.  It is quite wonderful, especially if you are doing development and are learning to always move energy downward from the head to the feet.

Down hugging can also be used in a way similar to down sex.  In other words, two people can hold each other for about 3 hours.  They will notice a peculiar tingling sensation that greatly speeds up healing and development.  They should wear light clothing only.  Natural fibers are better.  They can take breaks but must stay within about 10 feet of one another to continue the session. 

They can lie down and change positions often, or the sitting position with the man on the bottom and the woman straddling him and facing him works very well.  It is quite intimate, but not as intimate as down sex, and it is not as powerful as down sex.




Down hugging combines two critical concepts in development science:

1. Empathic healing. Empathic healing just means the use of another person to help both of them heal faster.   It is somewhat complex, and involves many mechanisms.  Basically, the energy field and the mental field of the two people blend together in unusual ways to cause healing. 

In more technical language, empathic healing depends upon processes of induction, resonance and entrainment that occur between two people, or even more, especially when they are in close proximity such as when hugging, and when they are in a relationship with each other.

Examples of empathic methods of healing include wishing people good cheer from up close or from a distance, praying for others, AND therapeutic touch.

2. Downward moving energy for healing. Our bodies are polarized and charged electrically, and the more we can enhance the proper polarization, the better and faster will be your healing.

When one moves energy downward, it enhances the aura or energy field, making it extend further out from the body.  Standing, sitting or lying next to another while pushing or drawing energy downward from the head to the feet enhances the induction or blending of energies that occurs between people.

Combining these two methods is very powerful and enjoyable, as well.  To understand how important and powerful it can be, please read Empathic Blending and Downward Moving Energy And Healing on this website.




1. Participants.  You can do down hugging with anyone, providing that both participants understand what they are doing, and agree to do it correctly.

Parents can do it with their children.  Two men or two women can do it as well, although the benefits are not as good as when a man and woman do it together.

2. Height.  Finding a person close to your height is somewhat helpful, but not necessary.

3. More than two?  For empathic effects, hugs are best between only two people.  However, just for fun more than two can hug together.  Children often like this, for example, hugging both parents at the same time.

4. Position.  Standing, sitting, lying down side by side or one on top of the other are all good.  An excellent position is for the man to sit and the woman to straddle him, facing him.  It can be quite comfortable if a pillow or bench is used to support her weight.

5. How long?  A quick squeeze is nice.  However, the empathic effects require that the hug last for at least 30 seconds.  The same effects as with down sex will occur with just hugs if the two people keep hugging for longer, up to about 2 hours.

This may seem uncomfortable, but not if you use the sitting position and take breaks.  We do not think it can be overdone.  Be sure to move energy downward as forcefully as possible from head to feet the whole time.

6. Clothing.  Loose, comfortable clothing is often best.  Hugging without clothes turns hugging into a sexual embrace.

Natural fiber clothing will transmit subtle energy better than synthetic clothing.  Some people notice the difference.

7. Back hugs.  This is where one person stands or sits behind the other person.  It works well.  For example, a child (or your friend or partner) can sit on the couch in front of you or on your lap while you watch television or talk with others.  Remember to always push downward at the same time as you hug.

8. While hugging, think happy thoughts and relax.




1. Be careful whom you hug.  Hugging can send a message to a man or woman that you are very attracted to him or her, that you want to have sex, or a similar message.  For women, giving a man a hug could lead to rape if you are not careful.  So do not give hugs unless you know the person quite well.

Also, be careful how you hug, especially those of the opposite sex.  Unless you know the person well as a friend, a powerful hug can easily be misinterpreted as a sexual advance.

ÒBear hugsÓ by men are also viewed as obnoxious by most women, so if you want a lady to like you, go easy and be gentle.

Also considered obnoxious are men who rub their chest against a womanÕs chest during a hug.

Some people want to hug everyone.  This is a mistake.  A handshake is much better if you donÕt know the person well, and even a handshake occasionally is interpreted as a sexual gesture.

2. It is possible to pick up diseases from hugs.  This may sound paranoid, but it is true.  So once again, be careful whom you hug and how you hug.

A reason that disease transmission is possible is that hugging puts your face in close proximity to that of another person.  The other person may give you a kiss, even a simple one, and this definitely can transmit disease.

Sexually-transmitted diseases are extremely common today, and many people have herpes sores and others in the mouth and on the lips.

3. Acting too warm and cuddly with children.  Children are very sensitive to all touch.  Children also differ in their interest in touch, bodies and body parts.  So this caution must be handled appropriately for your child or children.

The problem is that if parents or even siblings are too cuddly with children, it can easily arouse sexual feelings in a child.  This can lead to masturbation and/or a desire for more touch.

The end result can be sex too early, too much sex, teen pregnancy, sexually-transmitted diseases, low self-esteem and a greater chance for rape for girls. 

The problem is even worse if parents do massage on their children.  Foot massage, however, is quite non-sensual, should feel good, and is very therapeutic. 

Just quickly rubbing the shoulders is probably fine, also.  However, be careful with any massage done on a regular basis.  The child comes to believe that it is always safe because it is safe at home.  He, or especially she, does not realize that it is not safe at all with others. 



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