by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

Warning #1. IT IS HARMFUL FOR MEN TO LOSE SEXUAL FLUID, AND THIS CAN OCCUR WITH DOWN SEX.  If this occurs more than once a month, start with down hugging, which is safer in this regard.

As a man develops more, he will automatically be more able to hold on to his sexual fluid.

The woman must help her partner not to have accidents (orgasms)!  Instructions are later in this article.

If a man has an accident, he must rub the sexual fluid on his groin area and penis.  This will save some of it.

WARNING  #2.  All women have sexually-transmitted diseases, no matter what they say.   At this time, we believe that most all women experience beatings and rapes by the alien group, the rogues or Satan in the Bible.

Some women will lie about this.  Don’t believe any woman who says she does not have diseases.

The more one has any type of sex, the worse the problem.

Men must use plastic bags as condoms and take other precautions to prevent the spread of disease.  Wearing clothing is also better for this reason.

We believe the development program will heal all sexually-transmitted diseases.  However, it may require years of following the program carefully.

WARNING #3.  All women are somewhat dangerous.  They are all brainwashed and all are trained in how to kill a man.  This is also due to the rogues

 The best defense against this is to tie the woman’s hands and feet for down sex sessions.

Another defense against disease and violence is to do down sex at a distance by visualization, rather than in person.  This is much safer, though slower and less enjoyable.  We discuss this option later in the article.

WARNING #4 for women.  Any time you are intimate with a man there is danger of rape, disease, humiliation, other violence and even death.  So be careful with down sex and down hugging.

WARNING #5.  This is a somewhat sexy article.  This website is not sexy!  However, we include this article because down coupling is an extremely powerful healing therapy when done correctly. We advocate sexual relations of any kind only with one’s traditional marriage partner and with no one else.


I. Introduction

Definition And Three Variants


Down Sex Versus Ordinary Sex

II. Down Sex

Summary Of A Session

The Biggest Hurdle

For Women

What To Expect

For How Long?

Who Can Do Down Sex, And How Often?


III. The Enhanced Procedure

IV. Down Hugging


V. Visualizing Down Sex Or Down Hugging



VI. Related Topics

Activities During Down Sex or Down Hugging

The Pulling Down Exercise

Deep Breathing

Red Heat Lamp

Listening To CDs


Spinal Twists

Healing Traumas



Gender Dysphoria



Warning.  At first, down sex is not easy for men. It may only work if it is a team effort of both of the partners. It is easier for men if the partners face the same direction. This usually means the man lies behind the woman.

At times, the couple must wear some clothing, which some people do not like, but it may be needed to have success.


Down coupling is an extremely powerful healing and Development method. It greatly improves health quickly, easily and with very few if any adverse effects or reactions. It is very unusual, mysterious and most helpful for both partners in all cases. It is an empathic healing procedure, meaning it involves two people.

Planetary healing. I am also told that down coupling (either down sex or down hugging) is extremely helpful for the healing of our planet at this time. This is another reason to do it, and we encourage everyone to do this procedure at this time.

The embrace. Essentially, a man and a woman hold an embrace, with or without sexual intercourse, for about three hours.  They can take short breaks during this time.  However, they need to remain within about 10 feet or 3 meters of each other to complete a session.

Position. The partner's heads and feet must line up. The partners can face each other or the partners can face the same direction. This is actually better because the energy centers spin in the same direction, the dantiens spin in the same direction, the organs are in the same locations and the orbits spin in the same direction.

The embrace with the bodies lined up properly causes blending of the subtle energy fields of the partners and this has excellent healing effects on both people. It is quite mysterious and one of the most powerful healing and development procedures!

The procedure is very ancient, but it is not taught much. We are helping to bring it back to public awareness.


Ways down coupling can be done are:

1. Down sex.  This is an embrace with insertion of the penis in the vagina.

2. Down hugging. This is an embrace without sexual intercourse.

3. Visualizing either down sex or down hugging.  One visualizes down sex or down hugging with another.  It works best if the person one visualizes is fairly close by, such as in the same home, although this is not necessary.


We receive many email messages regarding the benefits and enjoyment of down sex.  Here are a few:

Down sex has revived my marriage.  Sex had become routine, an obligation, and somewhat boring as I entered my 50s.  Now  my wife is much happier and so am I.”RS, USA

I experienced a severe rape at age 16.  I started a development program, and am better.  However, problems remained that I could not solve.  I cried most every day, and could not think or function in the world.

Someone suggested that my husband and I try down sex.  It is the only thing, in addition to the development program, that has worked to heal my body and brain.  I highly recommend this procedure. – Jane, USA


Ordinary or up sex has certain components, whereas down sex has some that are different.

Components of ordinary sex.  These include orgasms with sexual fluid loss.  Ordinary sex is also done mainly for selfish reasons.  It is always somewhat harmful because orgasms spin the energy centers backwards and sexual fluid loss weakens the body.

Components of down sex.  Down sex does not include orgasms or sexual fluid loss.  Instead, it is a prolonged embrace for the purpose of blending male and female energies for healing of oneself, another and the entire planet.  It is always beneficial for the health of both partners and for the planet.


1. It moves subtle energy upward through the body.  This is the reverse of the way subtle energy should flow through the body.

2. It almost always irritates the vagina because it is too rough, even if it is done gently.  A woman’s vagina is much more delicate than a penis, in all cases.  You must instruct your sexual partner about this!

3. It often leaves points and scars in the vagina, again because it is too rough.  Points are explained later in this article.

4. Receiving sexual fluid of a man is harmful, even if it feels wonderful.  It is full of toxic metals.

5. Ordinary sex spins a woman’s energy centers backwards, giving her pleasure but depleting her body energetically.

6. The muscular contraction of ordinary orgasms always causes some nutritional depletion of women.  Men do not experience this nearly as much.

7. A woman’s energy field opens wide during ordinary orgasms and she picks up the energies of her sexual partner.  This is usually harmful for women.

8. Many women get diseases from ordinary sex because it is somewhat rough and causes tiny cuts and bruises in the entire vaginal areas, thighs, abdomen, lips, mouth and elsewhere.

9. Unwanted pregnancy is much more likely with ordinary sex than with down sex.

10. The usual position for ordinary sex puts women at a disadvantage.  They are mainly pinned down, passive and rather out of control.  Down sex is much more even in this regard.

11. Ordinary sex is not particularly healing for the body or mind.  Down sex, by contrast, involves blending of the subtle energy fields in unusual ways that greatly speed up healing and development of the bodies of both partners.

12. Ordinary sex causes women and men to lose much more sexual fluid than does down sex.  Losing sexual fluid is always harmful for women and men.

13. Ordinary sex is often tiring or even exhausting for women, and sometimes for men.  Down sex actually rests and energizes the partners.

14. Ordinary sex has a significant yin effect on the bodies.  This is harmful.  Down sex has a significant yang effect on the bodies, and this is very beneficial.

15. Ordinary sex releases some negative or yin energy.  This occurs because the motion of the penis in and out cuts the etheric energy field of the woman in a particular way.  This depletes the partners, a little.  Down sex does not cause the release of this energy.

16. Ordinary sex usually does not resolve sexual traumas, and may cause more trauma.  Clients report that down sex is a type of psychodrama that helps heal sexual traumas.

 In summary, compared to ordinary sex, down sex is safer, gentler, cleaner, more protective against infections, more enjoyable, and causes intense healing and much faster development.

This is a very important topic, and one that few people know about.  Please read about it and talk to your partner about it.



Two basic positions:

1. The partners can face each other.  They can do this in a sitting position or lying down.  They must take breaks about every 20 minutes for comfort.  During the breaks, they must remain within about 10 feet of each other at all times.

They can lie one on top of the other or side by side.  After a break, they can change positions or resume their previous position.

2. One partner can be in front of the other with both facing the same direction.  This can be done sitting or lying down.  Once again, they must take breaks every 20 minutes or so for comfort.

Preparation.  Most people brush their teeth before starting a session.  Some people like showering before starting a session.

Clothing: This is optional.  Nakedness is not required and may not be helpful because if the man is too stimulated, he may have an orgasm which puts an end to the down sex session.  If it occurs more than once a month it is very harmful for a man.

If desired, the couple can wear tee shirts or even more clothes.  Clothing will help reduce sexual excitement for the man.  This is sometimes needed to prevent him from having an orgasm.  In other instances, less clothing is better because he will be more stimulated and this may be needed to maintain an erection.

Depth of insertion.  It is best if the penis is placed at least one inch or more inside the vagina.

The feeling.  In about 5-6 minutes after beginning a session, one or both partners will notice a slight tingling in the body.  This will continue for two to two and one half hours.  Then it will suddenly stop.  This is the end of the session.

Orgasms.  The focus of the procedure is on the embrace, not on having orgasms.  Orgasms are harmful, particularly for men.  If they occur, shift to a down hugging session. 

This is difficult for some couples.  However, many men and women know that orgasms tire out the body.

How often.  The couple can repeat down sex up to about three times per week.  It can be done more often, but the tingling sensation will only occur about three times a week.

A balancing act for the husband.  Down sex is more difficult for husbands because they need to maintain an erection, but not have an orgasm.

The woman must help her partner to avoid accidents (orgasms).  Here is how to do this:

If the husband is too stimulated:

A. The woman can visualize pushing the penis out of her body as hard as she can.  It also moves subtle energy in the right direction for her.

B.  The woman can visualize cutting off the head of the penis. 

C. She may need to avoid moving around too much, giggling, wearing scents, tickling him and being completely unclothed.

D. An excellent method, though it sounds unusual, for the couple to use a piece of plastic tubing or pipe in the vagina such that the man’s penis fits inside.  First insert the tubing into the vagina.  It insulates the penis and can help prevent accidents.

E. The man can distract himself with stray thoughts.  Think of work, your children, or something else unrelated to the procedure.  This can oppose an orgasm.

F. Relax.  Many men are in a hurry when they have sex, or they think they must “perform” with a lot of in and out or other motions.  Skip all this effort and relax.

G. The couple can use a plastic kitchen-size (13 gallon) trash bag as both a condom and to reduce sexual stimulation.  It is much thicker than a standard condom so it reduces sensation for the man.

One partner, usually the woman, makes 4” holes in the bottom corners of a clean garbage bag.  Then she puts her legs through the holes and pulls the bag up to the waist.  There it can be tied. 

New plastic trash bags are quite clean.  However, you can spray the bag with peroxide or soap before using it if you wish.  A problem is the bag may become hot after a time.

If the man cannot maintain an erection.  If the man is too relaxed and the penis motionless, he may lose his erection.  In this case:

A. The woman can imagine in her mind playing with the penis and testicles.  She can visualize tickling it, twisting it, etc.

B. She can take off some clothing.

C. She or he can move the hips a little, moving the penis around.

D. She and he can think or talk sexy.

E. She can rub or tickle his back, arms or elsewhere.

H. She can visualize pulling the penis and testis into her body, as though she is pulling them off his body.  This often works.  However, it moves subtle energy in the wrong direction – upward toward her head, instead of downward toward her feet – so it is not recommended.

Signals.  It helps if the partners set up simple signals so that he can easily and quickly let her know that he is getting too stimulated or that he is losing his erection.  She can then quickly take the actions above to correct the situation.

Eventually, she will feel when he is losing his erection and perhaps she will even feel if he is getting too stimulated.


It is fine to take short breaks or rests during down sex and down hugging and visualization sessions.  These may be needed in order to:

1. Stretch and change positions.

2. Go to the bathroom.

3. Drink some water.

4. Other, such as eat some food or another chore.

Recommendations for breaks:

To get the most development out of your down sex sessions, during every break twist the spine, pop the toes and knees, and do a short foot rub.

The rules for breaks:

1. Do not go far from your partner.  Preferably stay within 10 feet of each other.  If you need to go to the refrigerator for food, bring your partner alongside of you so you are within 10 feet of her or him.  This has to do with the blending that is occurring during a sessions.

2. Keep breaks to less than 10 to 15 minutes long.  If they are longer, you may have to start the session over.  If this occurs, you have to wait about two days before the tingling sensation will occur again.

Continuation of session.   As long as the partners remain within about 10 feet or 3 meters of each other, the session actually continues during the break.  If the partners move further than about 10 feet or 3 meters from each other, it breaks the bond or connection between them.  The session is then over and one needs to start over from the beginning. 

However, if the session ends it takes about two days before the partners can have another session.  So for the most rapid healing, plan to stay within 10 feet or 3 meters of each other for two and one-half hours.


At first.  When you first learn down sex, it is helpful to have extra time.  We suggest beginning on a weekend, for example.

Odors.  Some couples don’t like smelling each other for as long as down sex requires.  In this case, take showers first or keep some lavender water or rose water and spray yourself and your partner so both of you smell good.

Infections.  Down sex is much safer than ordinary sex because there is much less movement of the bodies.  It is possible to transmit sexual infections through one or even two standard condoms.  For this reason, some couples prefer a thicker barrier between penis and vagina such as having the woman (or man) wear a thin trash bag.

Contraception.  If there is a possibility of an unwanted pregnancy, use birth control even though ideally down sex should not cause any orgasms.

The man can use a standard condom or two.  However, these will often fall off due to the long time it needs to stay on.

Other birth control methods.  The woman can use a diaphragm, but it may fall out due to the long time of the procedure.  We do not recommend birth control pills, ever!

Food wrap.  A large piece of clear plastic food wrap can be placed over the penis.  Use one or two layers.  It is quite clean, easy to see and feel if it is in place, and gives good protection.

A shopping bag.  Wash a clean plastic shopping bag from the supermarket or other store with soap and water.  Place it over the penis.  It is large, easy to see and feel that it is in place, and it won’t break easily.

A kitchen-sized garbage bag.  An unusual option is to use a medium-size plastic trash bag (about 5 to 8 gallon size or about 20-30 liters).  Use a new bag and make two cuts, each about 6 inches long, along the sides of the bag near the bottom of the bag, one on each side of the bag.

One of the partners slips the legs through these cuts in the bag, and then one ties the bag tightly around the waist.  There is enough slack so this will function as a huge condom.  It makes the procedure much safer and more modest.

A pair of incontinence underpants. These are plastic-lined floppy underpants designed to be worn over your underwear to keep your pants dry in case of incontinence. Wearing a large pair of these can serve as a type of giant condom.

The thickness of the food wrap, shopping bag, trash bag or incontinence underpants does not interfere with the healing effects of the procedure much, if at all.

Men who have trouble keeping an erection may not like using these contraceptive devices.  However, most men have the opposite problem – having orgasms. 

Jolts.  Occasionally, down sex may cause a different type of orgasm called a Jolt or down orgasm that begins in the head and moves downward through the body.  This does not cause fluid loss in either a man or woman.

The sitting position.  An older method for down sex is with the man sitting on a cushion and the woman straddling him, facing him.  The vertical position makes it easier to move energy downward, it is grounding, and condoms stay on a little better.

If a couple wants to use this position, the woman will need a cushion or small bench to sit on so her entire weight will not be on the man’s thighs.  A prayer bench will sometimes work well.  These are sold on the internet.  It is a small stool designed so that one can sit on it with legs folded backward to do prayers.

Couples often alternate positions between being one above the other, being side by side or a sitting position.

Pillows.  The side-by-side position requires a few pillows, not just one, to be comfortable, but it works well.

Other pillows.  Some couples use a thin pillow between their chests for greater comfort, especially if the two are slender and bony.  With memory foam mattress toppers, this is less needed.

Phones, children, televisions and other distractions.  Reduce distractions as much as possible.

Is it really sex?  At a purely physical level, it is.  However, the motivation, feelings and effects are very different.  As a result, some people don’t regard it the same as ordinary sex.  It is a healing procedure first and foremost.


Down sex is very easy and very enjoyable for women.  However, please assist your partner to keep his erection and to not have an orgasm.

This is usually not difficult to do, but you must be willing to help or the procedure often won’t work.  Ask frequently if he needs more stimulation or less.  You can also learn to feel how stimulated he is. 

Vaginal dryness.  With little stimulation, the woman’s vagina may become dry, especially when the session goes on for more than an hour.  If this occurs, use a non-toxic lubricant, such as a little butter or cooking oil.


After about 5 minutes, both partners will begin to feel a slight tingling sensation in the entire body.  This will build a little and continue for up to two and one-half hours.  Then, suddenly, the tingling will stop.  This completes the energetic blending that occurs with this procedure. 

Retracing.  Occasionally, other sensations occur that are retracing or purification reactions.  One partner may become very sleepy, cold, hot, sweaty, or an ache or pain may occur in an organ or tissue of the body.

Emotional symptoms such as fear, anger, sadness or something else might also occur.  An old memory may come up, or one might begin to sob softly.

Some women become very sleepy and may fall asleep. This is fine and can enhance healing.

Retracing is a very important concept to understand if you do down sex.  For details, read Retracing and Healing Reactions.


Any male-female couple can do down sex.  Old age or ill health are not barriers because it is very gentle.  For example, an older man with erectile dysfunction can do down hugging, or safely use a penis ring or other device to maintain an erection long enough to do it.

We do not recommend drugs for this purpose.  Such a couple can also just do down hugging, described at the end of this article.

Down sex can also be done by a woman with severe vaginal dryness because there is very little to no movement of the penis.

Better with age.  In fact, the healing effects of down sex works are greater when it is done with an older person than with a younger one.  The tingling sensation is stronger, and the sessions move along faster.  This is because an older person tends to be more developed, and this is helpful. 

Otherwise, age does not matter and the partners can be of different ages.

Height.  Down sex and down hugging work a little better and are more enjoyable if the partners are about the same height.  However, this is not necessary.

Race, skin color, and nationality.  It does not matter if the partners are the same race, color or nationality.

Homosexuals. The procedure will not work with two people of the same sex.

How often?  Down sex can be repeated as often as you like. Many people do it daily. However, the buzzing that accompanies sessions will only occur about three times per week.

Health status.  One can do this procedure even if one or both of the participants is very ill.  In fact, this procedure is superb for healing.  It is one of the most powerful development science procedures.

A participant will not “catch” the other person’s disease, unless it is a contagious virus, perhaps, and neither participant is weakened by the procedure at all, in our experience, even if the partner is quite ill.

Cancer.  For some unknown reason, the procedure is very helpful to slow down or stop the progress of cancer.


Down sex can be continued for as long as one lives.  It will never stop assisting the health and development of both partners!  It is quite an amazing procedure.


Breaks. These are needed every 20-30 minutes to change position, drink water, perhaps eat and to stretch.

Coffee enemas. Down sex and down hugging will work better if the partners do daily coffee enemas. The enemas help move subtle energy downward, help detoxify the bodies and have many other beneficial effects. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

Comfort. This is important.  Four or five memory foam mattress toppers work well.  Change positions every 5-15 minutes or so, (set an alarm if you will forget), take breaks about every half 20 to 45 minutes, and keep some pillows handy, as well.

Diet. Following the development diet described on this website only will greatly enhance down sex and down hugging sessions. For details, read Food For Daily Use – A Diet For Rapid Development.

Remaining well-fed and well-hydrated will enhance the beneficial effects of sessions.

Disease.  Cleanliness is always important.  The couple can spray themselves with hydrogen peroxide to kill germs on the skin.  Wearing a little clothing also helps to prevent spreading disease.

Group Down Sessions. Another way to do down sessions is with a group. Each person at a church service, for example, pulls down. Each one will influence and assist the entire group to pull down. Each person can visualize hugging the others if they wish.

For a group session, if the people are sitting, it is helpful if everyone in the group faces the same way. If the people are lying down, it is best if everyone's heads and feet point in the same direction.

Healing reactions. These can occur during down sex sessions. Most are mild and end quickly. One may feel a sore throat, headache, upset stomach, or perhaps pain in a part of the body.

Most reactions can be ignored and they will go away on their own. If needed, rub the reflex area of the feet and/or hands that corresponds to the area that is having the reaction, and this usually speeds up getting over the reaction.

Hydration. It is extremely important that down sex or down hugging partners keep themselves very well hydrated during sessions. Take frequent breaks if needed to drink water.

If the penis falls out. The penis can be reinserted and this will continue the down sex session. Alternatively, if this occurs, the session converts to a down hugging session. This works fine, but is not quite as powerful.

Liking the other person. Down sex and down hugging will work with anyone of the opposite gender. Liking the person is not necessary. However, it is helpful if you like or love the other person.

More than one partner. It is possible to speed up the healing and development that occurs with down sex and down hugging by using two partners or even more. For example, one woman could be surrounded by two men or more and they can all pull down at the same time to enhance healing and development.

This is less safe and it may be difficult to relax in this situation.

Perversion of down sex or down hugging by the alien group called the Rogues or Satan in the Bible. The negs, crud, rogues or Satan use down sex to quickly develop women up to the stage of queen and men up to a similar development stage in order to use them for criminal purposes. This is a terrible abuse and there are efforts to stop it.

Practice.  For men, especially, down sex requires some practice.  Usually, there will be slip-ups, which means orgasms.  Do not let this discourage you.

Pregnancy.  This can occur with down sex, though it is much less likely than with ordinary sex.  This is because there are few, if any orgasms.  Take precautions to prevent pregnancy if the woman is still menstruating.

Rape with down sex. We strongly advise against down sex on dates. The reason is that one usually does not know one’s partner very well and lying down and taking off clothing makes a woman extremely prone to rape.

Reddish heat lamp use. Shining a reddish heat lamp on unclothed parts of the bodies during down sex or down hugging will enhance the beneficial effects of sessions. For details, read Single Lamp Therapy.

Reflexology. Rubbing or pressing on the reflex points on the hands and/or feet can help partners relax and is excellent to enhance the beneficial effects of down sex or down hugging sessions.

Relaxation. A down sex or down hugging session for the purpose of healing and development will work best if the partners are relaxed. This is very important. Playing soft music, making sure the bodies are clean and smell good may help, relaxing conversation can help, or some tickling or massage during the session can all help.

Trauma. Anything to do with sex can cause trauma if it is not done gently and respectfully. However, when done properly, down sex and down hugging are excellent to help undo many types of traumas.

Twisting the spine. Doing the procedure called the Twists, Pops, Pulls and Kicks is very helpful before and perhaps during breaks. It can help the partners relax and enhance the flow of subtle energy through the bodies.

Warmth. The partners must remain warm enough during sessions to obtain the best results.


The following exercises done during down sex or down hugging will greatly enhance the healing and development effects:

- Pull down.  For the greatest effectiveness, both partners need to move energy downward from their heads to their feet during every down sex, down hug or visualization session. This will greatly enhance the healing effects.  For details, read The Pulling Down Exercise.

- Join the energy centers. There are seven major subtle energy centers on the body. Above these are many other subtle energy centers.

Visualize lining up the first energy center of both partners. When you feel this occurring, then line up the second energy center. When you feel this occurring, then line up the third energy center, and so on. Keep doing this for all seven of the energy centers that are on the body.

Then do the next set of energy centers (8 through 14).  Then do even higher energy centers 15 through 21 and beyond. If you are sensitive, you will feel it when you and your partner’s centers line up together.

This exercise is easier if the partners use the back sex or back hug position (one partner sitting or lying behind the other). The reason is the centers will then spin in the same direction. For details about the centers, read The Energy Centers.

- Spin your energy centers and that of your partner to the right. Begin by spinning the seven main energy centers of the partners together very powerfully to the right.  The centers should look bright and of a vibrant color.

Then do the same for other, smaller energy centers such as in the breasts, shoulders, head, elbows, knees, feet, toes and more.

- Move subtle energy around the bodies from the left to the right. This exercise is sometimes called the robe because you can imagine a robe around both people that is spinning to the right.  It is a very powerful healing exercise that is highly recommended when you do down sex or down hugging.

Visualize subtle energy moving around both bodies from the left to the right.  Imagine the energy moving as fast as you can.

- Visualize and spin the orbits of the partners together. There are two orbits.  They are pathways of subtle energy through the body.  Both are in the shape of a bicycle chain.

The microcosmic orbit goes down the front of the body from the head.  It turns around at the pelvic area and then goes up the back all the way to the top of the head and starts over going down the front of the body.

The macrocosmic orbit also goes down the body from the head. However, it continues to the bottom of the feet. Then it turns around and goes up the back of the legs, and up the back to the top of the head.

Visualize subtle energy in these two orbits spinning forward very fast.

- Connect other parts of the bodies. Visualize various body parts of the partners lying close to one another.  Then imagine subtle energy swirling to the right around a body part such as the legs, arms, feet, neck and head.  The swirling energy joins the body part of the two people. This is a very powerful blending exercise.

- Visualize the three dantiens spinning together. The dantiens are three balls of subtle energy on all bodies.  Each is about the size of a large grapefruit.

One is in the head, one is in the chest and one is in the abdomen.  In most people, they spin slowly and are of a dull color.

Visualize them spinning in a forward direction, spinning very fast and very brightly.  For details, read The Dantiens.

- Kissing. All of the above blending exercises will work a little better if the couple holds their mouths together.  This is not necessary but it is helpful.


If one of the partners is at least somewhat developed, the other person will develop faster using down sex or down hugging.

Development is an amazing genetic upgrade of the body that occurs by following the development program described on this website. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.


During down sex or down hugging there is a tendency for the woman to fall asleep. Several women noted that this occurs even if one does it early in the morning when one is not tired.

The reason this occurs is that it is not a normal sleep. We have learned that during down sex or down hugging, if the woman relaxes, she will often quickly and easily move into a special state of consciousness that is a light trance state.

In this ‘sleep’, she will heal and develop very rapidly, much faster than her husband. Then she will help him heal and develop much faster. Both participants benefit greatly! Even better, the procedure can be done as often and for as long a time as you wish.

Comfort. The main problem is keeping the woman comfortable enough to remain asleep. Some women can lie on top of their husband and remain asleep. Others prefer to lie on their side. Some prefer to lie on their back. One will need to experiment to find the best position.

Breaks. If the husband wants to take a break, the woman will easily wake up. Then, she can usually fall asleep easily again when the break is over.

Harder on men. The only difficulty with this procedure is that while the woman is asleep, the couple so far cannot speak to each other or interact in other ways. For example, she cannot help him maintain his erection without ejaculating. This is a little more stressful for the husband.

Cautions. So far, the procedure is completely safe. One of our clients has done it every day or even more often for the past six months.

Important! We consider this enhanced procedure a critical breakthrough in development science. It greatly speeds up development, and this is very important today. Please consider doing this procedure. If you are not married, please consider marriage just so that you can do this procedure.

The contract. Formal marriage is not needed in order to do the procedure. If one is not married, we strongly recommend a written contract between the partners to clarify what they are doing and to aid communication.



Down hugs are a powerful healing and development procedure. A man and a woman hold an embrace for about three hours and 45 minutes. After about five minutes, a tingling sensation occurs, just as with down sex.

Sessions take a little longer to complete compared to down sex. Also, down hugging may not be quite as powerful as down sex, but it is still a very powerful healing procedure.

With whom? Down hugging requires a male body and a female body. Age, size, race, or other factors matter little or not at all.

Children. An advantage of down hugging is that it can be done with a child, even a baby. In fact, it is powerful healing procedure for a sick child. It is best to keep some clothing on when working with children.

Clothing. The couple can be clothed or unclothed.  If you are clothed, we suggest wearing light-weight clothing only and light colors only.  Natural fibers are better.

Breaks. This is the same as with down sex.  The couple can take breaks, but must stay within about 10 feet of one another to continue the session. If they separate further, the session ends and they can begin again if they wish.

Positions. Most people prefer lying down, usually on their sides. The heads and feet must line up. One can do down hugging in the sitting position, as well. The bodies can face each other or one body can be behind the other (a back down hug.)

Activities during down hugging sessions.  These are the same as during down sex sessions.

WARNING: Hugging anyone is not that safe these days. It seems innocent, but one can contract sexually-transmitted diseases even from just touching or from a kiss, and it can be a setup for rape. Do not be “huggy” and do not allow others to hug you unless you know the person very well.

The contract. Marriage between the partners is nice, but not necessary to do down hugging. If one is not married to one's partner, we suggest writing a simple contract to clarify what the couple will do and not do, and to facilitate communication.



Visualizing is a mental version of down sex or down hugging. Done correctly, the person visualizing may feel the same tingling that one feels during an in-person down sex or down hugging session.

Visualizing has some advantages. It can be done at a distance, and it is cleaner, safer, more private and often more comfortable. However, it is not quite as powerful as an in-person session.


When to use it. Visualizing is excellent if one does not have a partner or for safety, privacy or comfort.

Timing. A good time to do the visualization is when your absent partner is asleep. At this time, the person will be stationary and this helps make the visualization work better.

Two men or two women. The visualization procedure can be done between two men or two women. The person visualizing pretends to be the opposite sex of the one you are visualizing with.

Breaks. These can be taken, but stay close mentally to your absent partner to continue the session.

Shifting positions. This can be tricky with visualization because the bodies need to remain aligned properly for the procedure to work.

Do both partners need to be aware of visualizing? No. It is nice to inform the other person that you are visualizing down hugging with him or her, but it is not necessary.



The Pulling Down Exercise.  If one or both partners do the Pulling Down Exercise during the session, it will enhance the healing effects of the session.  We strongly encourage the partners to move energy downward during down sex sessions.  They can still talk, hug, kiss and relax together.  It just takes a little practice.

It is quite fun to both visualize together, such as visualizing a large magnet or powerful vacuum cleaner below your feet pulling off your toes.  Another fun visualization is to imagine you are lying together in a fast-flowing river that flows from your heads to your feet.  


Deep breathing.  This is helpful for development and for improving health.  We suggest a three-part  breath: 

1. First one breathes into the stomach, which should rise up if one is lying on one’s back. 

2. Then one breathes into the ribs, and the chest should expand outward to each side.

3. Then one breathes into the upper chest, which should rise up and out as one inhales.

Each of the three parts can be done to a count of about 3 seconds.  Then hold the breath for about 2 seconds and then exhale.

The best way is for the couple to breathe together, inhaling and exhaling at the same time.  However, you can alternate and this is more comfortable.


The red heat lamp.  A red heat lamp or two can be positioned shining on the legs or elsewhere during down sex.  This is needed for fastest development.  Note that wearing clothing blocks the infrared energy from the lamp.


Listening to tapes or CDs. This is relaxing.  Listening to the right material, such as articles on this website, will speed up development and healing.  Computers can be programmed easily to speak articles to you out loud.


Foot and hand reflexology.  The partners can do some hand and other reflexology on each other, such as rubbing the ears and the backs.  Many couples really enjoy this and it enhances the healing effect of the sessions quite a lot.

It is also excellent to do during breaks.  When combined with the pulling down exercise, this becomes a very potent healing, detoxification and development procedure.  For details, read Reflexology.

The spinal twists.  These are excellent to do during breaks, and some twists can be done during sessions.  They can also enhance the sessions greatly!  For details, read The Spinal Twists.


We have heard from a number of clients that practicing down sex or down hugging is excellent for marriages.  In fact, it gives a new meaning to marriage.

Marriage becomes not only an arrangement for raising children and having a companion.  It also becomes a very powerful healing and development asset.  We recommend down sex or down hugging for all married couples.


We don’t recommend sex before marriage.  A couple can do down hugging on a date.


Down sex is fabulous for anyone who has experienced rape.  In fact, it is a specific antidote for rape.  Women and men report that it feels loving, and it is enjoyable, it is safe, and it helps them retrace and clear the trauma of rape.

It is psychodrama. Down sex and down hugging involve psychodrama.  This means that one is placed in a situation that is somewhat similar to a trauma situation from the past except that the setting and situation are happy and fun.  This helps enormously to process old traumas.  For details, read Healing Rape, Rape and Psychodrama.


In combination with a regular development program, down sex or down hugging may be very helpful for those with gender dysphoria.

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