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I. Introduction

II. How The Open Position Assists Healing And Development

III. More Details About The Open Position

IV. Combination With Other Therapies and Procedures

V. Examples Of How To Use The Open Position

VI. Cautions

VIi. Other Topics




The open position procedure is a newer healing and development procedure. It consists of placing the body in an “open” position, as explained below.

The importance of posture. Good posture and correction of structural imbalances are a very important part of development science and the development program. Most everyone has structural imbalances that impair their health and slow development.

For example, most all young women have experienced beatings and rapes from the group we call the rogues. These intentionally damage the alignment of the spine and many other structural aspects of the body. For details, read Rape and The Rape Planet.

All boys also experience beatings from the rogues. The rogues purposely damage intervertebral discs, ligaments and other structures.

Other reasons for structural imbalances are widespread malnutrition and poisoning with toxic metals and chemicals, also usually due to the activity of the roues

Tensegrity. The above results in cringing posture and loss of the tensegrity structure of the spine. This is a very important structural arrangement of the human spine that is rarely functional today. For details, read The Tensegrity Mast And Body Structure.


The purposes for doing the open position procedure are many:

- Healing. Opening the body will assist healing and development.

- Broadcasting. It also is the best posture for broadcasting, which means radiating loving energy outward from oneself to the world. For details, read Broadcasting, Women And Broadcasting, and Maturity For Women.

- Retracing. Assuming the open position can remind one of traumas such as rapes and beatings that most people have experienced from the group we call the Rogues. This can be scary, at first. However, it can be extremely helpful to retrace and undo these traumas.

- Opposing cringing. The open position helps counteract the opposite position - called the cringing posture. Many, if not most people have this posture to some degree. The cringing posture is the result of malnutrition, bad habits, or physical or emotional traumas.

The group we call the rogues want the people of earth to walk around in the cringing posture. It is a fearful, sad and subordinate posturing.


The basic idea. Lie down on your back and position the body so that the joints are open:

The arms and hands. The arms are spread – either out to the sides or above the head. The elbows are straight, the wrists are open, and the fingers are spread apart. Arms are also turned outward.

Head and neck. The head is tilted back so the neck is open.

Legs and feet. The legs are apart, the knees are straight, the feet turn outward and the toes are spread apart.

Arching. The body is slightly arched from left to right and from the head to the feet.

Variations. There are several variations possible such as how far to spread the arms and legs apart. One can also lie on one’s side or stomach, rather than on one's back.

Combinations. One can easily combine this procedure with a coffee enema, deep breathing, the neck pull, the spinal twists, pulls, pops and kicks, vaginal coffee or peroxide, massage and other healing procedures.

Where to do the procedure. The open position can be done in bed, on a massage table, on the floor, or perhaps elsewhere.

Sexy. The open position is somewhat sexy. This website is not sexy, but we want to help people retrace rapes and other traumas. Assuming the open position is helpful for this purpose.



Most people have structural imbalances:

Cringing. This is a common posture with the shoulders up and tense, the body arched with the chest inward and compressed. The head is stuck forward and the neck is tense just in order to hold the head up. The hips are often tilted forward and too closed.

Bent over or arched inward. Many people do not stand up straight. They walk slightly bent over (kyphosis) or hunched.

Twisted. The neck, back and hips are often somewhat twisted or arched sideways (scoliosis).

Tight tissues. Some people’s chest or entire body looks like it is shrink-wrapped. We call this Tight Tissue Syndrome.

Adhesions. Often, the tissues are adhered to one another. For more details, read Adhesions. This is an important article for understanding certain health problems.

Compressed left to right. In some people, the shoulders are compressed inward. At times, the hips are also turned inward or compressed.

Compressed vertically. In most people, the spinal column is contracted vertically. This is due to trauma and stress. It impairs the nerve energy flow to the organs, and often throws the spine out of alignment.

During the development program, the spine relaxes and releases. This occasionally causes temporary back pain.

All these structural imbalances impair the flow of subtle energy through the body, compress the organs, and damage the body in other ways. The open position can help relax, straighten and expand the body to correct the structure.


The open position is relaxing and freeing. One reason is that there is a natural flow of subtle energy starting at the fingertips and moving up the arms to the trunk and then down the body to the feet. The open position aligns the body with this flow.

One can assume the open position and then visualize opening the body in many directions while breathing deeply. One can visualize stretching out the body vertically, horizontally, front to back, arching the back a little, and visualize expanding the tissues. One way to assist this is called bone breathing. One breathes into the bones, feeling them expand a little. One can also breathe into any or all of the organs.


In addition to helping one correct one’s structure, the open position can help a person to remember to breathe deeply, do the neck pull often, do the spinal twists, relax, and more. In other words, it helps facilitate doing a number of other healing and development procedures.


The open position slightly opens and stretches the breasts. This is excellent for both women’s and men’s breasts. The reason is a little unusual.

We recently learned about special souls that reside in the breasts. They explain that the breasts of most women, in particular, are compressed by poor posture, fear, lack of appreciation, and tight clothing - especially tight bras.

For improved health, happiness and development, these souls strongly suggest assuming the open position every day. Along with this, do some deep breathing, and do the twists, pulls and pops.

Also do gentle massage of the breasts to release and tonify the breasts. The massage needs to include the underarm area and around the collarbone and even somewhat above it. It also needs to include the middle or midline of the chest. There is some breast tissue in all these areas. For more details, read The Breasts.


The open position, especially when combined with wearing little clothing, can help one overcome shame and humiliation that stems from rapes, beatings or other traumas.

At first, assuming the open position might seem scary or embarrassing. This may deter some women from doing this procedure. However, if one persists and relaxes with it each day, it becomes easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable.


The open position can bring up fear. By practicing using the position, it can help one to become less fearful.


Retracing is a deep healing process that occurs with the development program, but not with most healing therapies. In order to facilitate retracing of a trauma, it can be helpful to replicate to some degree the trauma situation and body position.

For example, putting the body in the open position will cause some men and women to recall a capture or rape incident. While this may bring up fear and other emotions, it can help one retrace these incidents.

This method is sometimes referred to as psychodrama, a psychological method of healing. For details, read Retracing and Psychodrama.


This occurs because the open position helps correct the structure, aligns the spine, relaxes the body, and facilitates trauma release.


Broadcasting means radiating subtle energy outward in all directions. It is the essence of who we are and why we are here. Learning to open the body using the open position procedure facilitates broadcasting. For details, read Broadcasting, Women And Broadcasting and Maturity For Women.


The open position is a power position, but also a surrender position. This is more so if the legs are spread wide, if the back is arched a little, if the wrists are opened, and if one wears little clothing.

Assuming the open position can help one learn to surrender to God and to do ‘Thy Will’.



The spine can lay flat on the bed or couch. For a greater effect, arch the back somewhat by placing a pillow under the upper back, mid-back and/or or lower back. The rogues call this 'bump technology'. These will cause different effects that may be helpful to retrace traumas, to relax the body, to undo embarrassment and more.

You can just relax the neck. Alternatively, placing a small pillow under the shoulders will cause the head to go back and the neck to be more exposed. ALWAYS BE GENTLE WITH NECK POSITIONS.

Another, more dangerous way to open the neck is to lie at the end of a bed so that your head hangs down a little off the end of the bed. We do not recommend this method.


To retrace certain traumas, one can lie on the left or the right side of the body. One can also turn over completely and lie on the stomach.

Also one can elevate the foot of the bed or massage table so that the body is somewhat inverted. An alternative is to use a back swing to tilt the body back or invert the body.


The arms can be directly over the head. They can also be at an angle out to the sides or at a 90-degree angle from the body out to the sides.

The arms can also be in the air near the head or out further to the sides.

Another possibility is that one arm will be behind the head or in the air while the other arm is out to the side.

The hands can be straight extensions of the arms. However, a greater surrender position is to bend the wrists backward a little.


The legs can be straight down and together. They can also be spread a little or a lot. Spreading the legs makes the position more sexy and increases a person’s feeling of vulnerability. It can help retrace a rape or a beating.

The feet can just relax. However, they can also be turned outward, which opens the hips more.

Another position for the legs is to spread the legs and then bend the knees so that the bottoms of the feet touch one another. We are told that this can help retrace some rapes and beatings. In addition, one can push down on the knees while in this position.

The legs can also be up in the air in front of the body or off to the sides and with the knees straight or bent.


The open position procedure can combine with most, if not all of the healing and detoxification procedures used with the development program. Here are examples:

Other healing procedures. These can include coffee enemas, deep breathing, the twists, pops, pulls ad kicks, the pulling down procedure, the peroxide implants, vaginal coffee implants using the stuffing method, massage, reflexology, shiatsu (massaging the energy meridians), the neck pull, a trance state, kelp wrap, red lamp therapy, down hugging, down sex, and perhaps others.

Other equipment. For example, you can shine one or more reddish heat lamps on the body, or listen to music.

Spraying or soaping the body.

Special clothing or nakedness. This may help retrace rapes or other situations.

An observer or partner. A friend or partner can help you assume and hold the open position. A helper can also do other therapies or actions while you are in the open position such as massage, hugging, slapping or other.


1. Before sleep to relax. Whenever I lay down to go to sleep at night or to take a nap, I usually put the body in the open position. Then I do several deep breaths, several neck pulls, and the spinal twists. Then I pop the knees, ankles and toes. This is most helpful to relax the body in order to fall asleep faster.

2. Upon awakening. Assuming the open position upon awakening before one gets out of bed is a stretch that can help one wake up.

3. During a coffee enema.

4. For retracing a specific incident. In this instance, one would add to the basic open position whatever was used or occurred during the incident. This might include special lighting, odors, sounds, items put on the body, and more.

5. A checkup. Lying down in the open position allows the souls to check a number of items in and on the body.


When done slowly and gently, the open position is perfectly safe for babies, children and adults of any age. Problems our clients encounter are:

- Placing the arms over the head can be a little uncomfortable.

- Arching the back and tilting the head back may also be uncomfortable and a little scary.

- One may feel vulnerable because the body is open and the breasts and genital areas are more exposed. However, producing this feeling can be one goal of the procedure.

- If one's structure is compressed or twisted, the open position can be uncomfortable or even painful, at first. As the body heals, this problem goes away.



Psychodrama is a method of psychological therapy used mainly to help undo traumas. It works by duplicating, to a degree, conditions that occurred during a trauma.

When done properly, it often takes a person back into the time and scene of the trauma. Then the person can remember better what occurred and can more easily process and release the trauma.

The open position lends itself well to psychodrama therapy because it can mimic traumatic situations such as rapes, molestations, beatings and perhaps other traumas. For details, read Psychodrama and Development And Psychodrama.

Also read Posture.


Methods to open it – Direct: massage machine on area, manual massage, water (bidet), shower, towel massage

Reflexes: ankle reflex area, head reflex area (manual or with massager), other reflex systems (ear, anal, etc.)

point to begin – middle of testicles and vag (not top or bottom)

both men and women damaged (beaten) from childhood to close and damage the area

has to do with 2nd center and intimacy

Also has to do with the central channel

Also, a low body procedure

Do a little at a time. You may get a slight headache and dizziness

very tan – meaning development and relationships between men and women, including children.

Needs nutrients – eating and holding red meat to the area, , especially beef, may help restore the missing nutrients

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