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Development is a genetic change in the body that improves all levels of functioning and helps a person fulfill their full human potential. For a more detailed and comprehensive definition of development, see the article Introduction To Development.


Development is not well known on earth. The reason is that the group we call the Rogues don't want it known. It is taught in a few monasteries and convents, but it has not been allowed to be taught to the public.

For whatever reason, we are blessed to be able to teach it publicly. This article is one of a series of articles about development and discusses reasons for developing oneself.



Much better health. As the body develops, the activity of all body systems improves. There occurs more life in the body. This increases one's ability to cope with all types of stressors.

As a result, the body becomes less prone to all illness – physical, emotional and mental.

Wellness. One gains a greater resistance to all illness increases. Some authors call this greater wellness.

This means less disease, longer life, less dependence upon physicians, drugs, hospitals and the entire health care system.

Faster regeneration of the body.  This is important because the body is always in a process of being torn down by stress, and having to rebuild.  Rebuilding of the body slows as one ages, and this opens the body to all diseases.  Development causes much faster and more accurate synthesis of proteins, enzymes and all vital body chemicals.

A better immune response. A stronger immune response means fewer infections.  Normally, the thymus gland and other immune structures in the body begin to weaken and atrophy around the age of 30.  Development slowly restores the thymus gland, the Peyer’s patches, and other immune structures.

Better toxin elimination through the thymus gland and the Peyer’s patches.  The thymus gland regenerates as one develops more.

The Peyer’s patches are small lymph glands located along the wall of the small intestine.  They allow the body to eliminate certain toxins directly from the lymph fluid into the small intestine without having to pass through the liver or kidneys.  The Peyer’s patches tend to atrophy after about age 40.  Development slowly restores them.

Improved digestion. This improves nutrition of the body, which in turn allows the body to rebuild and produce better tissues.

Telomere lengthening.  The telomeres are little tags on one end of a chromosome.  As we age, they shorten.  This is associated with more errors in copying our DNA and more illness. Development reverses this aging process.

A better and larger brain. As we age, brain cells die and are not adequately replaced. This is one cause of diminished mental capacity in older people – and even in some younger ones today.

Development causes the replacement of some of the glial or supporting cells in the brain with neurons. The latter are the cells required for thinking and memory.

The result is an improvement in cognitive skills, memory, coordination, personality integration and improved overall brain activity.

Better physical abilities. A better body and brain leads to improved athletic, work, and other abilities.

Longer life. As a result of the above, the body lasts much longer. I am told that with enough development, one can remain alive for hundreds of years, as it is written in the Bible.


More happiness and joy in life. This is due to better health, improved brain activity, more ability to do things, better understanding of life, and more.

Instead of the body aging and becoming diseased, the body and mind slowly de-age. This leads to more enjoyment and fun in life.

Better sexual function. This is an important area for many people. As one develops, sexually-transmitted diseases clear up and the sexual organs function much better.


Greater control over your life. This is due to improved health, more abilities and better brain activity. One no longer feels as much like a victim of life.

As one develops further, even greater control over the body and mind occur and one's influence in the world also increases.


Better friendships and relationships. This is a great benefit of development. It is due to better health, more understanding of yourself and others, more maturity and more ability to do things with others.

This leads to reduced feelings of social isolation, social anxiety, abandonment or social overwhelm.

Better able to help others.  Many people want to help others, and are not sure how to do it.  Development is the best way possible.

As one develops, one automatically assists everyone else on the planet to heal and to develop themselves. 

The reason this occurs is somewhat esoteric, and has to do with resonance and induction.  Basically, as one develops, one’s vibration changes, and this assists others to change in the same way.


A More creative life. As one develops, one is more able to express oneself in creative ways. This can be through one's speech, actions, work, hobbies and in other ways. This is primarily due to better brain activity and more energy.

Better partnerships. As one develops, marriages, business partnerships and other partnerships improve because one functions better in these relationships.


Much better ability to think. The thinking part of the brain improves dramatically with development. Brain improvement is the major change that occurs with development. For details, read Brain Fog and Getting A Brain.

Much greater understanding of yourself, others, and life in general. This is the result of having a better-functioning brain. One can learn more, learn faster, read faster, remember better and process information much better.


Development is the spiritual path. It is the growth of conscious awareness, sometimes called the golden path. It slowly leads to the unfolding of spiritual abilities and a growing feeling of closeness with spiritual beings and oneness with the divine.

Feeling closer to God. For example, one will feel closer to God or Source. One will understand the Bible and other holy books much more deeply.

Receiving more protection and guidance. As one develops, one will receive much more personal guidance and protection.

Special Abilities.  As one develops, one develops unusual abilities such as telepathy, ability to see the energy field around a living being, and many others.

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