by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is only the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


I. Introduction

II. Capture Activities

III. What To Do




A capture is a person whose life is almost totally controlled by another person. It is nothing less than modern slavery.

It is occurring commonly and quite secretly in many nations today. There are thousands upon thousands of them, which means there are thousands upon thousands of rapists who do the capturing.

Most captures are women - often attractive, younger women. However, a few are men and some are older women, as well.


This is mainly an activity of the rogues on earth. They are professional soldiers and are often very old, but look young, often about 30 years old.

The men are often sats. This is a hybrid creature that looks human, but involves a fine-matter creature, as well. For more details, read The Rogues and The Sats.


The rogues use the young women for sex, which they enjoy and seem to need a lot of. During sex, they 'dry out' the women, meaning to take a certain energy from them that they call yin.

They may use the women for other purposes such as stealing money, cleaning their homes, and whatever else they wish.


The capture can begin as early as 14 or 15 years of age and can last for 15 or 20 years, or longer. At times, the rapist “likes” the woman and they remain together for life. Some women are released sooner if the rapist tires of the woman.


The capture often takes place when a person is in her teenage years or twenties. Women are either asked out on a date or are just grabbed.

They are usually raped long and hard until they agree to be a capture. A few men are also grabbed and penis-whipped and beaten until they agree to go along.

The rapes and beatings cause severe nutritional problems, soul loss, disease and much more.  One becomes very weak and unable to think clearly.  For details about this, read Rape.


The rapist subjects the capture to hard sex several times a week and sometimes every day. There are also often beatings on a regular basis and perhaps other tortures.

The rapist also often rapes other women, adding to the filth. At times, a rapist may allow another rapist to rape his “toy”, which is what they call the women. This is often even worse for the woman because the other person cares even less for her.

The rapist may force the woman to participate in criminal activities. The rapists often cheat government agencies, cheat insurance companies, and engage in other illegal activities.


The rapist dictates most everything the capture does, including how she dresses. Often the rapist wants the capture to dress sexy to show her off. In one case we know of, the woman was forced to go naked at all times at the house because she had tried to run away a few times.


Often, the rapist insists the capture get tatoos, sometimes in embarrassing places. This is a kind of branding, like branding cattle. It is painful and ugly, but they like it and often have them, too. The woman may also be forced to undergo body piercing in the nose, ears, or elsewhere.


If the capture is a woman, she may be forced to live with her “master” in a rape marriage. Of course, it is not really a marriage because it is not with her consent.

She may be forced to tell others that the rapist is her “husband”. She may be forced to wear a wedding ring, and many are also forced to have children with the rapist.

In other cases, the man does not want the woman in the same house with him, perhaps for his safety or because she will learn about all his illegal activities.

In this case, he may insist that she live elsewhere, such as an apartment he provides.  He calls her on the phone when he wants sex or something else from her.


The capture often has to watch while the rapist eats good food and only lets her have poorer quality food, or no meat, or some other deprivation. Occasionally, they may go out to a restaurant together.

The capture is almost always forced to follow some variant of the cult or rape diet.  This means eating some fruit every day, some tunafish every day, avoiding red meat, using anti-perspirants, and often drinking the red tea or rooibos tea every day.

This diet keeps the person weak and ill, so they will have less chance of disobeying or running away. For details, read The Cult Or Rape Diet.



This is often difficult. The rapist usually implants electronic tracking devices in the woman's body. If she runs, he knows where she went and she gets a terrible beating when he finds her. The rapists are nasty and brutal.

The police. I am told the police are often no help. They are scared of the rapists, who are well-armed and very good shots because they practice shooting daily. Some have a gun range inside their house.

Some captures run home but the rapist will show up and aim his gun at the father or mother and say “get out of the way or I shoot”. Anyone who stands in their way is often shot to death.

How to resist. However, the rogues don’t enjoy dealing with people who resist. Therefore, resisting properly may help. One idea is to inform 20 people, usually in writing, of the name, address, phone numbers and other information of the rapist. Tell the 20 people that if anything happens to you, it is the doing of this person.  Include in the 20 people the local, county and state police. 

Prayer. Pray a lot – ceaselessly - every day, including saying the Lord's Prayer many times each day. The rapist may tell her that prayer is not allowed, but I would do it anyway.

Don't hate. Also, do not hate the rapist. Hatred binds a person to that which they hate. Just keep asking for guidance.

Decide that you belong to God, not to the rapist. This is very important. It must be a firm and constant decision.


This will sound drastic, but is the best:

- Girls and young women need to follow a complete development program with one of the Approved Helpers (beware of others who are fakes). In particular, doing coffee enemas, two every day, seems to help. Do them even if the 'men' say they are not allowed.

- Girls should never be sent to public schools, or to any schools, ideally. Educate them at home. They are prime targets, especially if they are at all pretty.

- Parents must keep a close watch on their daughters. It is best if girls and young women do not leave the home. If they do leave for some reason, a parent should go with them wherever they go.

- Young women, in particular,must not dress sexy, talk sexy or hang around anyone of low integrity. Young people must always obey their parents and use caution because the danger is everywhere.

- For many more suggestions, read the section entitled Preventing Rape in the Rape article.

- There are efforts to end the capture phenomenon. However, at this time (July 2022), planet earth is still under siege by the rogues and captures are very common.

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