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Many women today have too much cadmium in their bodies.  Cadmium is a very toxic mineral.  The acceptable level of cadmium in a human being is lower than the acceptable level of any other toxic metal!




Cadmium is very hard and brittle metal.  On fact, it is used in industry to plate or cover up other metals that are softer.  A very common use of cadmium, for example, is in galvanizing, which is coating steel with a zinc/cadmium mixture.

Cadmium also hardens the body.  It hardens the tissues and it hardens the personality.  For example, it hardens the arteries.




Cadmium is a rather brittle metal.  It makes the arteries more brittle, and it causes a person’s personality to be more brittle.  In contrast, zinc is a much more flexible metal.  It causes more flexible arteries and other tissues, and it causes a more flexible mind.

Cadmium can be a problem for women because during childbirth, the tissues of the uterus and vaginal canal must stretch a lot.  If they are stiff or brittle, it results in a lot more pain and possibly tearing.  This is just one reason why getting rid of one’s cadmium is very helpful for women.




Psychologically, we call cadmium the macho or pseudo-masculine mineral.  It is associated with a toughness that one might associate with macho behavior. 

For example, it is associated with an ability to take risks.  Police and military personnel often have a lot of cadmium because they must take risks that the rest of us would not want to take.  More cadmium in the body helps them take those risks.




Very high cadmium in the body is associated with criminality, violence and psychopathic behavior.  For example, a study of Navy recruits found that the ones who had behavior problems had more cadmium in their hair.

You can understand this better by knowing that zinc, the main cadmium antagonist, is a spiritual mineral.  It is associated with higher thought and spiritual emotions and behavior such as love and compassion.  If a person is low in zinc and high in cadmium, the spiritual qualities will be lacking or deficient, and violence and psychopathic tendencies may prevail.

To produce criminals, all that is sometimes required is a severe trauma, beating or even a bad rape.  This will deplete zinc and can shift a person’s personality in a criminal direction.

The rogues, a criminal group on earth, know this well and use beatings and rape to “recruit” people for their cause.  For details, read The Rogues.




These include:


A certain hardness or toughness of the personality

Willing to take some risks

Able to work in the “man’s world”

Often angry

Unable to blend well with husbands

Later in life, they often experience heart disease such as hardened arteries and high blood pressure, and cancers.

Cadmium accumulates in the kidneys, where is can cause kidney disease, high blood pressure and kidney failure.




Most are born with some of it.  It is passed on from their mother in utero.

Other sources in the environment include the brake linings of cars, cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke.  Rolling papers used to make marijuana cigarettes also contain some cadmium. 

Male sexual fluid contains cadmium, especially if a man smokes or is a criminal type such as a rapist.  Cadmium is used in industry, but this source of exposure is less common.




Cadmium replaces zinc in the body. This means that when zinc is low, the body often takes up more cadmium from the environment.

Most people are born low in zinc today due to deficiency in their mothers.

Stress and traumas further deplete zinc.  Most food on earth is somewhat low in zinc today, which worsens zinc deficiency.




If one checks the periodic table of the elements, cadmium is found just below zinc.  This means that a cadmium atom “looks just like a zinc atom”, except that cadmium has an extra layer of electrons.  For this reason, cadmium easily replaces zinc in our bodies.

The problem is that cadmium does not activate the body’s enzyme systems nearly as well as does zinc.  Cadmium is like a key that fits into a lock that is designed to receive zinc.  However, cadmium does not open the lock nearly as well as does zinc.

This is a very important biochemical concept called the theory of preferred minerals.  Zinc is a preferred mineral.  Cadmium is a less preferred mineral that gets inside our bodies and causes problems.




Cadmium is a toxic yang element.  Most women today have too much copper, which is a yin or female element.  Taking on or “plating” with cadmium helps women who have too much copper handle their copper and maintain a balance of minerals in their bodies. 

However, it is not a great solution because of the toxicity of cadmium.  The best solution is to get rid of the copper, and then the cadmium is less needed.

Interestingly, in industry, cadmium is used for plating or covering up softer metals in order to protect them.  Plating is a very interesting concept in nutritional balancing.  For more details, read Plating.




Cadmium, in combination with nickel, forms a good rechargeable battery. Nickel-cadmium batteries are used in devices such as hearing aids and medical equipment.  Their use in industry is declining, however, due to the environmental hazard of these two toxic metals.

Every one of our body cells also use tiny nickel-cadmium batteries to assist protein synthesis and other cellular activities.  One is born with these batteries fully charged, and as the batteries wear out, more and more health problems occur.

Only if a person develops, as the word is used on this website, are the nickel-cadmium batteries in the cells replaced with less toxic and more durable batteries that help extend life and improve health.  For details, read Batteries and Introduction To Development.




            Cadmium is not easy to eliminate from the body.  The reason is that it acts as a powerful crutch or support for the sodium level and the sodium/potassium ratio. 

In fact, the half life of cadmium in a human body is about 27 years.  This means that normally, a person can only eliminate half of his or her cadmium in 27 years.  In practical terms, this means it is nearly impossible to get rid of most of it.

            A complete nutritional balancing program can greatly speed up cadmium elimination.  The key is that the program must powerfully support the sodium level and the sodium/potassium ratio.  This and this alone allows the body to remove the cadmium “crutch”.

            In addition to the diet and supplements, detoxification procedures that are very helpful to assist this process are Coffee Enemas and the Pushing Down Exercise.


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