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It is a word that describes a man or woman who has achieved a certain level of development.  Development is the long process of increasing the brightness and complexity of the electromagnetic field around the body by activating genes that are inactive in most people.

Usually, one must be at least at Big Stage 5 of development to be considered a master.  This requires at least 30 years or much more of following the development program described on this website.  For details about the stages of development, read Stages Of Development.

Some people refer to masters as ascended masters because some can fly through the air using the merkaba as a vehicle.  This is a little esoteric, but completely true.  For details, read The Merkaba.

For example, a commentator on Catholic television a few years ago reported that when Mother Mary appears to the children of Fatima and elsewhere, she arrives inside a Òbubble of lightÓ.  This is the way a merkaba appears to those who can see it.




The life-path of development is a wonderful focus and path for any woman (or man).  It is especially excellent for women.

It is lengthy.  However, the effort brings great rewards in terms of health, much longer life, and the appearance of special abilities that are quite remarkable.  For more details, read Introduction To Development.




The purpose of this article is to let women know that developing yourself is not unusual in any way.  In fact, it is an ancient way for women to succeed in the world that is better than anything you can possibly imagine.

At this time, the article does not discuss the work of individual women masters, but we will be adding this.

This life-path is rarely taught.  It is certainly missing from the elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities of the world, where it truly belongs.

Developing oneself today is easier than it was in the past.  In addition, anyone who wishes to develop herself (or himself) will receive a lot of help from more developed women who very much want to ÒgraduateÓ more women masters, especially.




The path of development is open to anyone.  It is best to start young – even as a child.  However, even a middle-aged woman or man can develop enough to sustain her body and go on to more advanced development.






There are at least 5000 women masters.  Few are known, however, because they work quietly and donÕt want a lot of attention.  You may have even met one because one may appear to people and can look and sound much like any other person on earth.

Some hints that you are with a master are that she is likely to have very short hair, most likely she will dress modestly in light colors, and she will have a kind face.




Among the Catholic saints are many women.  Some, though not all of them, are women masters.  The most famous of these is Mary, the mother of Jesus.  However, at least 50 and perhaps 60 other women saints are masters, as well.

The reason is that some Catholic nunneries or convents train women to be masters.  This still occurs today in a few of them, but not many.  We discuss life in a convent below.


This section will be expanded in the future.




A woman who wishes to develop herself as rapidly as possible needs to do the following:


1. Rest a lot and care for yourself very well.  This means follow the development program described on this website – the diet, the nutritional supplements, and the procedures.

Do this as well as you can.  Following the program very well will move you along rapidly toward becoming a master.

In addition to the standard development program, do the following:

1) Eat properly cooked adzuki beans at least three servings per week.  This is new advice and very helpful.

2) Begin the Vaginal Peroxide Implant procedure and continue this procedure for at least one year.

3) Use a vaginal object every day.  For details, read Faster Development For Women. 

4) Cut your hair short.  This is sometimes called a boy-haircut.  It can still be very cute and, for some reason, it speeds up development a lot.  It is also much safer for women and saves a lot of time when washing the hair.

5) If you are married, practice Down Co-creation (co-creation is a better word than sex) or Down Hugging.  Be sure to add to these procedures falling asleep during the procedure.  Women develop extremely fast this way.  The articles have been updated to include this.

These additions to the program will speed up your development a lot.

Broadcasting.  All women need to learn about broadcasting and practice it.  For details, read Broadcasting and Women and Maturity.

Dress.  Caring for yourself also means dressing modestly in light colors and thinking about your safety at all times.  Unfortunately, all women must consider their safety at all times.  Make this a top priority.

If you can, stay at home most of the time because a developed woman is definitely a target of the rogues.  One rape can set a womanÕs development back for years.

As a woman develops, she becomes even more attractive and this is another reason to stay home most of the time.  Developed women draw men much more than other women.  This is definitely a problem because most of this attention is not helpful and it is all somewhat dangerous for developed women.

2. The pulling down problem.  Women need more instruction than most men about doing the pulling down procedure.  This procedure is absolutely needed for rapid development. 

The vaginal object and the lower body procedures such as coffee enemas are extremely helpful.  Walking slowly and saying ÒdownÓ with each step is also very helpful.  Focusing on your feet is another key.

3. Resolve traumas.  Send out the thought to the universe or to God that you want to retrace and resolve all of your old traumas.  Most women have experienced traumas.  The faster they are gone, the more quickly you will develop.

You can just say ÒGod, please help me resolve all my old traumas as rapidly as I can.Ó  Say this at least 10 times a day out loud.  You may be surprised what happens next.

4. Think lofty thoughts at all times.  If you find yourself thinking about things that are not spiritual or elevated, immediately reach for a spiritual text such as the Bible or something else to change your thinking.

This is most important.  Many women think mainly about their friends, their animals, money, boyfriends and husbands.  Others spend a lot of time worrying about their appearance, gossip, social standing, popularity, and how to look better.

Still other women focus much too much on their clothing or their gourmet food and drink.  Many women also fantasize about co-creation (sex), food, animals, and other topics that are not particularly spiritual.

Also, do not get involved with family arguments, gossip, social media and the like because most of this is also not elevated thought.  Make this a priority.

Instead, think about God, higher love, grace, faith, hope, service and development.

5. Be careful with casual co-creation or sex.  Ordinary casual sex mainly spreads disease.  It can also cause unwanted pregnancies, reduces your self-esteem and tends to wear out the body.  It is also the most dangerous type of sex or co-creation for all women.

Marriage or a thoroughly committed relationship is much better.  However, be sure to find a man who want to develop.  Otherwise, the children soon arrive and your life is soon taken over caring for the children and for your husband.  This leaves most women little time to follow the development program.

Your husband also must assist you by not demanding ordinary sex and only wanting Down Sex Or Down Hugging three times each week.

If you cannot find such a man, and there are not many around today, the women masters suggest avoiding intimate relationships with men until you develop to a high degree.  When you achieve this, you will be given a partner, assuming you want one.  These men, and these alone, make the best husbands.

The topic of men and marriage trips up many women who say they want to develop rapidly.  So be careful here.  Many wonderful women would love to share their lives and receive the support of a good man.  However, if needed, wait until you develop because too often, marriage slows development and worse, results in pregnancy that ties one up for 20 years or more.

Children when you are developed.  Women who develop often have children later, when they are several hundred years old and older.  We know this sounds unusual, but it is true.

Having children once you are developed to a significant degree means waiting many years.  This is difficult for some women.  However, it is well worth the effort as it will bring you great joy and is a true privilege of development.

The children will be born developed and will be more advanced and much healthier.  They are truly a joy to raise, unlike the much less healthy children of those who are not developed.  Pregnancy and childbirth are also much easier and safer for both mother and child.

6. On joining a religion or other spiritual group.  Very few religious or spiritual groups understand or practice the development program as it is taught on this website. 

Religious groups can provide social and other types of support that some women like, but they can take up your time, which is not helpful for development.  Instead, spend your time doing more procedures on the development program.

7. Entering a convent is not necessary and may also slow you down.  While convents have some advantages in terms of support, safety, privacy and discipline, very few of them understand the newer development methods discussed on this web site.  Some are also rather depressing places.

Many of earthÕs women masters were raised in convents in centuries past.  However, many convents were better in the past.  Today, many have sadly become corrupt and even dangerous.  So, in general, this is not a good option for women today.

8. Stay happy.  This is important for women.  Following a full development program will help with this.  The vaginal peroxide implant procedure and process can help immensely.

Women often feel restricted in what they can do compared with men.  Also, women tend to feel depressed more than men for other reasons such a their slower oxidation rate.

Depression can also occur because, in the beginning, development progress is slow and one can think that nothing is happening and that it will take forever.  This is not true, but it can feel this way.

For help, read the article on Depression.  The article entitled Women And Development may help you understand why this occurs.  However, if you find yourself very depressed, be sure to seek help.  For example, you may find a womenÕs study group or other group that can help.

9. Pray often and ask for guidance.  All of the women masters guide beginners.  A few specialize in helping those who are just starting the wonderful journey of development.  They listen to prayer and, in every case, they answer.

For example, you can pray, ÒAdvanced women masters, please work with me and guide me each day and each hourÓ. 

Beware that help may arrive in unusual ways.  Do not presume that help must come in a certain form or way.

10. WomenÕs special issues.  The following are general qualities of many women that we need to bring up because they can block a womanÕs development.  They are:


1. Weaker, smaller and less coordinated than most men.  This is known, but it is good to remember.  It influences womenÕs thinking and behavior in many ways, some of which are listed below.  It makes women less independent and can slow her development for this reason.

Also, in general, women are less grounded and less centered than men.  This is due mainly to womenÕs anatomy.  Their feet are smaller than those of men and menÕs genital organ helps them to be grounded. 

It is also due to the way womenÕs energy centers spin.  It can make the pulling down exercise more difficult, at least at first, for many women.

2. More emotional than men.  This is often due to nutritional imbalances, but it may also be due to womenÕs physiological makeup.  This can get in the way of development in a number of ways, such as handling purification reactions that bring up painful thoughts and feelings.

3. Women operate from fear much more than men.  This is a critical issue for women.  The reasons for it are that women are attractive, yet weaker and smaller than men.  As a result, all women worry about abduction and rape no matter what they may say to the contrary.

Fear colors all of womenÕs thinking much more than that of men!  It often has a bad effect upon their choice of men, their politics, their friendships and much more.  Women also tend to be afraid of development more than men for this reason.

Men all need to know this and women need to admit it and preferably talk about it.  This is better than trying to be brave, hiding, or compensating in other ways.

For example, if a woman is walking to her car alone in a parking lot, she should feel free to ask a decent-looking man to walk with her.  This is not a sexual advance and men should understand that women need this help.

Men must protect women and never rape or seduce.  This will become law in the future, with very serious consequences if it does not occur.

4. Women are more socially-oriented than most men.  This may be for protection or to find a husband, or for other biological or psychological reasons.  This can be a block to development because development often means not following the crowd and spending more time alone.

5. Women tend to be more focused on the body than most men.  Reasons for this are that womenÕs bodies tend to be beautiful to behold, especially when they are young.  Also, men and perhaps even other women are biologically programmed to look at womenÕs bodies.  This is one of natureÕs ways to continue the human race.

At times, the focus on the body is helpful such as focusing on oneÕs health.  However, many women spend a lot of time fixing their hair and their fingernails, shopping for clothing and putting on makeup.

Many women also wear toxic perfumes, which is all of them.  They also use toxic lotions and face creams, and focus far too much upon their appearance in ways that harm their health

We understand the reasons for this, but it is an improper and somewhat superficial focus, wastes a lot of time, and makes many women unhappy.

Showing off the body.  This is related to the paragraphs above.  Many young women and even some older women enjoy showing off their bodies and consider it just ÒnaturalÓ.

However, this is always improper behavior for a woman.  It distracts men in a harmful way.  It also makes other women angry and afraid because they may feel the woman is trying to steal their husband or boyfriend.

It is also dangerous because some men may go out of control.  Some men misinterpret showing off as a signal that a woman wants forced sex.

In other words, it tends to attract the wrong kind of male attention.  If a woman is seeking a husband, we believe there are much better ways to do so such as joining a social group such as a church or just asking friends and family for help finding a husband.

Also, during development, a womanÕs body may not look wonderful, at times.  Women need to realize this is temporary and not quit the development program because of it.  Eventually, and when healed, the bodies of developed women are extremely beautiful, much more so than those of other women.  This is a critical reason to follow the development program because it is good for women to be beautiful.  For details, read How To Be Beautiful.

6. Using the body to manipulate others for personal gain.  This behavior is so ÒnaturalÓ and easy to do that most women do it, at times.  Most women learn it when they are little children and continue this very bad habit throughout their lives.  It can lead to beatings, abductions and rapes because men and even other women do not like it.

It is a form of cheating that women can often get away with.  Please donÕt do it as it is very improper.

Development is the opposite of manipulation.  It is an unfolding process that requires honesty and integrity.

Also, some women have a certain mental laziness.  This comes from womenÕs intelligence, which is somewhat different than that of most men. 

Women often can intuit or feel the truth of situations faster than most men. This is wonderful and may have to do with the fact that women have a larger corpus collosum than men. This is the brain structure that connects the left brain and the right brain.

However, it often leads women to jump to conclusions without going through the tedious logical steps to understand the situation fully.  This is a type of mental laziness that is quite common.  Any laziness interferes with development.

Imprinting.  For the first year or two of life, all human babies are powerfully influenced by who takes care of them, who handles them, who talks to them and everything about these people.  This phenomenon has to do with the development of the brain and is called imprinting in biology.

Imprinting affects women very differently than it affects men.  The reason is that women imprint to a person of the same gender, whereas men do not.  This strengthens womenÕs ego and blinds them a little to their own thoughts and actions.

7. Not quite as connected with the higher energy centers.  This is not well known, but it is true.  It has to do with the spin of the energy centers in most women, and it is due to fear and more focus on the physical body.

Some will not agree with this.  We present it because many women masters feel strongly that it is true.  One negative consequence is that women, in general, are less interested in development than men.  Women tend to be more interested in their health, but less interested in development.

WomenÕs dilemma.  This is a tendency of some women to want co-creation (a better word than sexual intercourse) indiscriminately, even when they know it is not best for them.  This is large topic that we will soon elaborate on in a separate article.

Here we will just repeat that just because you have a sexual disease does not mean you can Ôfool aroundÕ.  This is extremely stupid.  There exist over 100 sexually-transmitted diseases.  The more a woman has casual sex, the more of them she will get.  They wreck every part of your body.  Stop it now!

Also, do not kiss men!  Most have diseases of the mouth that are just as bad as diseases from sex!  Only kiss your husband and no one else, ever.


Fairness - MenÕs issues.  To keep this fair, men have some issues unique to them that keep them from developing.

The worst is that many men today are wimps, lack good principles or they know them, but are unwilling to act upon them.  For example, men could be spreading the truth about natural health and development.  Other ways men are wimps today is not standing up for the peopleÕs rights that are clearly being violated in many nations.

Men have plenty of wrong ideas, including being opportunists, seducers and sometimes even rapists instead of protectors of women and children – the less strong members of society.

Many men spend their days Òdoing businessÓ, which is okay except if it interferes with family time and spiritual time, which it easily does.

Socially, many men spend hours hiking, camping, skiing, or watching sports events, for example.  While fun, these social activities do little for the community, which desperately needs menÕs leadership and participation.  They also slow down or at least do nothing for a manÕs development, so they are largely a complete waste of time.

As women well know, many men, even decent men, want co-creation (sex) more than they care for their wives.  Men need to understand that marriage does not imply a right to sex any time you want it.




We will not discuss individual women masters at this time.  However, we want to tell you a little more about the women masters.  Most of the women masters on earth are so busy that we have little time to write, or we would write volumes about ourselves.  Here are just a few tidbits:


- Who we are.  We are of every race, color, and nationality.  There is no special color, race or nation on earth.

- Our age.  Most of us are between 1000 and 100,000 years old.  This probably sounds quite outrageous, but it is true.  Development extends the life of the body because one learns to bring in enough subtle energy or ether to sustain the body for a very long time. 

- Appearance.  We look very good.  As one develops, the body rejuvenates.  Every one of us looks between 25 and 40 years of age, even though we are much older. 

Even women whose bodies were not that attractive before development become much more so with development.  All undeveloped women are somewhat smelly and most are much less attractive than we are.

A hidden truth is that development makes you beautiful.  So, please donÕt spend your time in front of the mirror checking your wrinkles and other imperfections.  Instead, follow the development program and you will become beautiful.

- Languages.  We speak most of your languages fluently because we have lived a long time and have had plenty of time to learn them.  We love the languages of earth.  They are a treasure.

- Our work.  We work hard and long hours, but we love it.  Among our most common tasks are to guide younger and less developed women mainly through telepathy, a gift that all of us begin to have as we move along the path of development.

We also do many kinds of healing on human beings, animals, plants and the planet herself.  We are also involved in what are called councils.  These are planning meetings where we discuss how to proceed with the cleanup of the earth.  It may not seem like it at this time, but the earth is being cleaned up.

- Our living arrangements.  Many of us live in small groups hidden away on earth or on other planets.  A few live in massive palaces, but most do not.

- Marriage.  Most of us marry once we are developed.  We choose marriage for support, safety and companionship and we are helped to find a suitable partner.

A few of us prefer to remain single for various reasons that usually have to do with our work. 

Developed women are in short supply compared to developed men because women tend to develop more slowly.  As a result, there are many developed men from which to choose. 

We mention this because some women think they are doomed to celibacy or being single if they choose the development path.  This is absolutely false!

- Our mission.  We are writing this article because we want to assist many more women to develop themselves.  This is sorely needed on earth at this time.  Women have had a very difficult time and they are needed to balance our planet and to promote its healing.  Please help us by following a development program in full, knowing that you will receive help if you do this.



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