By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            This website strongly favors keeping children away from schools, especially public schools.  This is for reasons of physical health, mental health, safety, and learning is much slower in schools, as a rule, than when children are home-schooled.

We strongly favor home schooling for all children.  The massive amount of money now spent on public schools would be used to pay a parent to stay at home and teach their children at home.

The following feelings and thoughts that children have upon going to school is divided into positive feelings and thoughts, and negative ones.




            Some children like school.  They are the less sensitive ones.  They like the noise, the crowds, the attention they may get, and the hustle and bustle.  They may like the many activities, making new friends, showing off, and other things.  However, even these children often experience the negative feelings described below.

            A relatively few children like school because their home life is very dysfunctional, and often violent and unsafe.  However, we believe this is a relatively small number, unlike the impression that the schools often give to parents and to the public.




- My mother has abandoned me.

- A lot of strange smells and strange sights.

- Too many people, both young and older.

- Too much noise.

- Strange rules, such as making me sit all the time and not speak, and even perhaps having to raise my hand to go to the bathroom.

- Making me learn things I donŐt have the slightest interest in, and if I donŐt learn them to their satisfaction, I am punished.

- Bells ringing at odd times, in many schools.

- Scary times going to the bathroom.  There are other kids who are bigger than me, that sometimes push me around or hit me.  (It can be much worse.)

- Boys stare at girls and sometimes girls stare at boys.  Boys do other things like pull girlŐs hair, smile too much, make stupid jokes with the girls, and worse.

- At times, strange exercises such as what to do if there is a fire or if someone bombs the school.

- Bullies are always around.  The teachers may try to prevent bullying, but they cannot be everywhere at all times.  Many children are hurt badly by this problem.

- We are given often dirty, thick textbooks and must carry them around in backpacks like a slave.

- We are not allowed to play, but just to work.

- Many are scared to death of breaking the rules, which are many.



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