by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition Of Detoxification


The Century Of Toxins



Definitions Of Toxins

Types Of Toxins

            Environmental (from outside) Entities, EMF

            - Metals

            - Chemicals

            - Biological

- Entities

            - Electrical

- Mental And Emotional Toxins 

- Geopathic Toxins


Born Toxic – Congenital Toxicity

Imbalances That Favor Toxicity

Autointoxication or Endogenous Toxins (those made inside the body)

The Colon – Our Most Toxic Organ

Toxicity As a Cause Of Disease





The Autonomic Nervous System And Detoxification

Detoxification Requires Energy

Yang And Yin Methods Of Detoxification

Replacing Toxic Metals With More Preferred Minerals

Toxic Metals And Chemicals Can Remain In The Body For Decades


The Organs of Detoxification

Other Ways The Body May Eliminate Toxins

Autonomic Imbalances And Toxicity

Toxin Removal Is Never Enough

“Layers” Of Toxicity



Methods Involved

Stages Of Detoxification







28 Methods Of Detoxification Used With Development Programs



Hair Mineral Patterns Of Toxicity

Other Testing Methods




Breast Feeding



Older People

When Very Ill

Detox Methods To Avoid



Genetic Detox

Trauma Release

Infections As Cleansers

Mineral Cleansers

Menstruation As Detoxification

Development And Detoxification

Significance Of The Colors Of bodily Discharges During Detoxification

Article from - The Six Major Detoxification Pathways

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Main Article




            Definition. Detoxification is the removal of waste matter or toxins from the body.  It is one of the most critical of the body’s natural functions. 

It goes on 24 hours a day, rain or shine, and we soon die if anything goes wrong with this function.  This article is introduction to the large topic of detoxification – how it is done well, how it affects health, and more.




The concept of detoxification is as old as humanity.  In fact, it was one of the mainstays of health care until the rise of drug medicine in the past 100 years.  Here are some of the historical methods that heavily employed detoxification.

Herbalism.  This is the oldest type of health care, dating back many thousands of years.  Detoxification of the body is one of the main methods of healing in traditional herbalism.  This is very clear from the words used to describe the action of herbs.  They may be called the language of detoxification, and include:

Emetics – cause vomiting

Diaphoretics – cause sweating

Purgatives – cause elimination through the bowel

Laxatives – soften the stools

Cholagogues – increase bile flow

Alteratives -  cause cleansing of the organs

Anthelminthics – destroy worms

Vermifuges  - expel worms

Astringents  - peels off the top layers of mucus

Carminatives – expel gas

Cathartics – violently expel contents of the stomach and upper intestine

Demulcents – soften hard mucus

Drawing herbs and salves – cause toxins to come out through the skin and mucus membranes.  Black salve is one example used with nutritional balancing programs.

Emmenogogus – cause menstrual blood flow

Expectorants – expel mucus from the throat and lungs

Lithotropics – expel gall and bladder stones

Lympthatics  - cause lymph to flow

Rubifacients – cause increased blood flow

Sialagogoues – cause more saliva to flow


Homeopathy.  This 175-year old science contains the idea of miasms and diatheses.  These are toxic conditions of the body that are remedied with homeopathic pills or drops.


Modern allopathy.  Present-day medical care has many fewer words for detoxification, but still uses some.  One of them is kidney dialysis.  This is a forced cleansing of the body using a special machine that filters the blood.  Doctors also occasionally do peritoneal dialysis, cleansing the body tissues by running pure water through the abdominal cavity.

They also employ some emetics, purgatives, laxatives and other cleansing products, usually drugs, today.

For more about these healing arts, and others, read The Healing Arts on this site.




            While toxic metals have always been around, as have biological toxins such as bacteria and viruses, the latter half of the 20th century and the 21st century on planet earth have seen an increase in toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the food, air and water that is unprecedented.

The levels of toxic metals, thanks to industrialization, are 1000 times higher than in any previous century in many areas.  In addition, over 10,000 toxic chemicals have found their way into our air, water and food supplies.  We also contact them through our skin on a daily basis.

            In addition, the advent of atomic bombs and nuclear power plants has added a tremendous amount of ionizing radioactive particles that float through the air and water, and find their way into the food supply as well.

            In addition, the advent of cell phone technology, along with large-screen televisions and computers, has added a large amount of toxic electromagnetic fields to the atmosphere of many nations on earth.

For this reason, the topic of detoxification is far more important today than it was 100 years ago, for example, when so-called modern medicine was established.  While bacteria and viruses are still very important, conventional medical care is far behind nutritional balancing and other healing modalities that recognize and regularly deal with the 21st century problem of metal and chemical toxicity.


Medical system problems. Conventional medical methods of healing, and even holistic and naturopathic methods of healing, are not solving some of the disease crises of our time such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autism, attention deficit disorders, birth defects, infections and other problems. 

They are not designed for the current toxic situation with the bodies.              A focus of this article is to address these concerns with some newer approaches such as nutritional balancing science.




            In order to understand the need for detoxification, and what it requires, one needs to know about toxins.  So this short section introduces toxins and toxicity.


          Definition of toxins.  In our bodies, toxins can be of at least five categories.  This may seem to be nitpicking, but all of them are important in nutritional balancing


1. Anything that does not belong in the body.  These include obvious poisons.  However, sometimes these are not exactly what one may imagine, as explained below.


2. Less preferred minerals.  Toxins may also include  “inferior” or less preferred minerals that the body can use when no better materials are available. 

For example, if the body does not have enough zinc, because the diet is deficient in zinc, the body can sometimes use other minerals in its enzymes and proteins instead of zinc.

Cadmium.  One of these is cadmium.  This mineral is located just below zinc on the periodic table of the elements.  This means it “looks” very much like zinc in its outer electron shell.  For this reason, it can sometimes substitute for zinc in certain enzyme binding sites.

An analogy.  A good analogy is to imagine a car factory that must produce 1000 cars per day.  They order all the parts, and they hope they all arrive on time.  However, sometimes the “factory original” parts are not available.

In this case, since the factory must produce the cars (just as our bodies must produce its chemicals), the factory workers call upon other suppliers and tell them “Send us your parts, even though they are somewhat inferior”.  This is what happens in our bodies commonly, because most people do not eat properly!


3. Less-preferred mineral compounds.  Another type of toxins are inferior or less-preferred compounds.  These contain the right mineral such as zinc, but it is in a different compound or molecule.

For example, this toxic situation definitely occurs with magnesium.  The body can use a magnesium chloride, for example, but is it not ideal.  Some magnesium acetates are superior and less toxic.

Another example is a group of minerals we call the “amigos”.  The group includes iron, manganese, copper, boron, and chromium.  The amigos are oxide forms of these minerals.  They are not the best forms of the minerals for our bodies, but in the face of deficiencies of better forms of the minerals, the body will use them.   For details about them, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum.

            4. Too much of a good thing.  Toxicity can also have to do with the amount of a mineral, vitamin or other substance, even the best of them.  For example, we find that meat such as lamb or wild game is an excellent food.  However, eating too much causes too much acidity and gives the body too much iron.


            5. “Older” versus “newer” minerals.  This is an unusual concept.  However, as bodies develop, a very important idea in nutritional balancing science, they must eliminate certain minerals and substitute others that we call the “newer” ones.  We promote this process with the diet and with nutritional supplements.

            For example, older minerals include most of the toxic metals with which everyone is born today.  These include mercury, cadmium, aluminum and others.  For development to occur, these need to be replaced with more zinc, selenium, silicon, lithium, iodine and others.

            As a rule, the “newer” minerals have a lower molecular weight, but not necessarily.  Two older minerals that are highly toxic, for example, are aluminum and beryllium, both of which are lighter-weight minerals.  




These may be naturally-occurring or man-made.  They may come from outside the body (environmental toxins) or may be generated within (autointoxicants). 

As explained above, they may include simple poisons, but they may also be nutrient substances that are simply present in excessive amounts.  They may be vital minerals, for example, that are compounded in ways that they are now poisonous.

Even too much water, or the wrong type of drinking water, can become a poison in the body. 


Toxic substances.  Toxins can be:

1. Chemical elements.  These include the toxic metals and other toxic elements such as chlorine, fluoride, bromine and many others.  For details, read Toxic Metals on this site.

2. Chemical compounds.  Thousands of toxic chemicals exist.  Some are naturally-occurring.  Some are made inside our bodies.  This phenomenon is important and discussed below in the section entitled Autointoxication.

 Others are man-made industrial chemicals such as solvents, sealants, paints, adhesives, lubricants, pesticides, and others.  For more about them, read Toxic Chemicals on this site.

3. Living or biological toxins.  These include bacteria, molds, yeasts, fungi, viruses, parasites, and cancer cells.

4. Entities or discarnate souls.  These are unusual, but very real.  They are souls who are no longer in living bodies.  They can enter another body or energy field and cause many problems for a person.

5. Electrical toxins.  These include stray electromagnetic fields from cell phones, cell phone towers, computers, television sets and other applicances.

            6. Mental and emotional toxins.  Harmful beliefs, and negative attitudes and emotions can be as deadly as any virus or bacteria.  Harmful beliefs include selfishness, negativity, elitism, fixations, hatred for anyone or anything, and even excessive seriousness.

Toxic emotions include uncontrolled anger, lust, greed, resentment, anxiety, and severe depression.

7.Geopathic and other suble toxins.  The earth generates magnetic fields, geopathic fields, and other subtle energetic toxins, at times.

            Etheric Toxins.  These are very subtle, very fine, high-frequency energies that are finer than electromagnetic radiations and therefore hard to detect.  They emanate from people, from the earth, and from outer space.

They can play an important role in human relationships, marriages and sexual relationships and can make a lot of difference as to whether one is happy or not in a male-female relationship, in particular.

            Etheric toxins are also generated by certain energy weapons that, when directed to a person, can make a person ill or even kill a person at a distance.  This topic is explored more in the article entitled Psychotronics on this website.




            Most children born today have excessive levels of many toxic metals and many toxic chemicals.  This is not an exaggeration.  In fact, it is obvious from the hair mineral analyses of hundreds of babies.  The toxic metal levels are high, even when the baby has never ever touched regular food. 

Congenital toxicity.  This condition is called congenital toxicity.  The word congenital means present at birth, but not caused by defective DNA.  Instead, the toxicity is caused by toxins in the mother’s body that find their way into the unborn baby.    Congenital mineral deficiencies and congenital metal toxicity should become household words because they are so important and common. 

All toxic metals and many toxic chemicals pass right through the placenta from mother to child during pregnancy.  This is a major, and generally ignored, cause of autism, ADD, birth defects and many cases of delayed development as well.


Mothers-to-be need assistance.  All teenagers, especially girls, would be very wise to start a nutritional balancing program before becoming pregnant.  If that is not possible, then at least begin a program once you become pregnant.

This would help replenish hundreds of nutrient compounds and reduce the body’s load of toxic metals and toxic chemicals greatly.  This can undoubtedly help prevent birth defects, as well as make childbirth safer and reduce illnesses in their children. 


            True prenatal care.   Thus far, in all cases, when a pregnant mother follows a nutritional balancing program carefully, compared to their previous pregnancies, the pregnancies and the births have been easier, and the health of the babies far better than that of their previous children.

I hope that our prenatal care system will change, as it is one of the worst features of “modern” medical care.  It is simply too little, too late.  It is just not enough to make sure a woman does not have diabetes or some other serious disease and then to hand her a simple diet sheet and a pre-natal vitamin that is often not correct for her metabolic type.

Prenatal care needs to begin earlier than when a woman becomes pregnant.  It takes several years to remove dozens of toxic metals and toxic chemicals from her body.

In contrast, teenage girls and young women are allowed and often encouraged by the media and even parents and friends to:


* Eat junk foods that contain toxic chemical additives.

* Indulge in other toxic habits such as smoking, drinking coffee and drinking alcohol.

* Take dangerous medical drugs such as birth control pills, the patch and others.

* Adopt loose morals that cause sexually transmitted diseases in at least 25% of young women between the ages of 16 and 25.  These are biological toxins that always damage one’s health.  For more details, please read Prenatal Care on this site.




            In addition to exposure to toxins and congenital toxicity, certain imbalances in the body predispose one to becoming much more toxic.  These include:

1. A sluggish oxidation rate.

2. A very fast oxidation rate.

3. A low sodium/potassium ratio.

4. Sympathetic dominance.

5. Four lows pattern.

6. Aging or low etheric energy.

7. Impaired digestion or absorption of nutrients.

8. Other problems with the liver, kidneys, bowel or skin (the eliminative organs).


            More details about these imbalances are discussed in the section of this article entitled Assessing Toxicity.




This is toxicity produced within the body.  All bodies produce some toxins due to digestion of food.  However, there are numerous reasons for endogenous toxicity or autointoxication.



1. Normal metabolism. This produces some toxic chemicals such as carbon dioxide from energy production, and lactic acid in the muscles.  The body also naturally produces ammonia and a number of other toxins.

2. Digestion.  Digestion always produces some toxins.  Some of these are fermentation products such as alcohol, methane gas, acetaldeyde and a number of others.  Those with the best digestion produce less, but still produce some of them.

Rotting or putrefaction of protein also produces some toxins in everyone.  With a proper diet and healthy digestion, less is produced, but always a little.  Parasites in the intestines of some people also produce powerful toxins.

To minimize toxin production in the intestines, separate meals by 5 hours, do not snack, do not overeat, do not drink with meals, go to bed early, and do not eat in the middle of the night.  Also, always have relaxed, sit-down meals with pleasant conversation only.  This will minimize toxicity that occurs due to digestion.

3. Toxins produced when healing occurs.  Whenever healing occurs, diseased tissue and perhaps tumors are broken down by the action of macrophages and enzymes such as lysozymes.   Usually, the body handles these well but they can be a problem, in a few cases.

4. Infections.  All of these produce some endo-toxins and exo-toxins when they die.  Some are extremely powerful and poison the liver, kidneys, heart and other organs.

One of the worst sources of infection are infected root canal-filled teeth.  Almost all of these produce very harmful bacterial toxins.  You may not be aware of it at all!  This is the reason why I never suggest having a root canal procedure, and I suggest removing all root canal-filled teeth.

However, many other bacteria, viral and parasitic infections anywhere in the body are also sources of toxins. 

Cancer cells, of which most people have some, also produce toxins inside the body.  If their numbers are small, they are not too important.  As the number of these cells increase, the effect of their toxins increases dramatically.


Effects.  These toxins are a common cause of liver toxicity today.  They also often cause foul-smelling stool or gas, intestinal bloating, bad body odors, bad breath, fatigue, headaches, weakness, and many other symptoms of toxicity.




People just assume that the large intestine or colon must always be a smelly cesspool of toxic waste matter.  This is not true.  The stool can be more like horse manure, which smells but is not overly unpleasant.

The reasons why the colon is usually a person’s most toxic organ are improper diet, poor digestion, improper intestinal flora and infections in the intestinal tract, stress, ignoring the call of nature, and constipation. 

These usually take a few years to correct on a nutritional balancing program, even with the help of coffee enemas, foot reflexology, and red heat lamp therapy on the abdomen.  However, when, the colon is no longer a source of toxicity, and bowel movements and body odor improve.




The concept that toxic substances cause disease is very ancient.  It is mentioned in Greek and Roman medical texts, and even older writings as well.  Ancient Chinese medical books speak of ‘harmful chi’ and contain other references to toxins that cause illness.

Natural healing methods such as nature-cure have emphasized toxin removal for thousands of years.  Baths, enemas, poultices, emetics, laxatives, purgatives, skin brushing, cleansing diets, sweating and other methods for eliminating poisons are integral parts of these sciences.

Conventional or allopathic medical care emphasizes biological toxins such as bacteria and viruses as causes of disease.  However, they overlook and often deride the broader concept of toxins and their role in all illness.  Unfortunately, many of their remedies and procedures, including drugs and surgery, are very toxic themselves.  As a result, they contribute to ill health by making the bodies even more toxic.

Nutritional balancing strongly emphasizes this cause of disease and advises people eat pure food, drink pure water, and breathe pure air.  In addition, detoxification of the body is given great importance. 




Increasing toxicity of the body tissues is a very important cause of aging.  In some cases, it is a primary cause.  In others, toxicity is secondary to low etheric energy in the body, or to something else such as infections or a disease such as cancer.

I hope that toxicity will be given more attention in the medical world as a primary cause of aging in plants, humans and animals in the years to come.






The concept of detoxification is that poisons that get into the body cause its dysfunctions.  Removing those toxins will help restore the ‘body machine’ to a better state of functionality.  This is similar to the way one maintains an automobile or other complex machine.

Prevention.  This philosophy tends to be preventive because it logically follows that to avoid problems in the body, one should avoid getting toxins inside the body.  This can be done through one’s diet, drinking water, air one breathes, and avoiding contact with toxic substances.




An important cause of poor detoxification is excessive activation of the sympathetic or fight-or-flight branch of the autonomic nervous system.  This severely reduce detoxification in the body.  Here is what occurs:


1. Activation of the sympathetic nervous system causes blood and nerve energy to be shunted away from the liver, kidneys, bowel, and skin.  Blood is moved toward the brain and the muscles so that one can better fight or run away.


2. The liver, kidneys, bowel and skin are the eliminative organs.  As a result, they do not function as well when there is activation of the sympathetic nervous system.


3. The effect on these organs is quite pronounced and profound.


4. Even worse, in many people and some animals on earth, the sympathetic nervous system is activated most of the time.  This is a serious health problem that causes anxiety, depression, and even diseases such as cancer. 

We give this condition two names in nutritional balancing science, depending upon the oxidation rate:

A. A sympathetic state of body chemistry.  This is the same as fast oxidation.  It means that the entire body is stuck in a fight-or-flight mode of operation.

B. Sympathetic dominance.  This is a more chronic imbalance of the autonomic nervous system found in some slow oxidizers.

An analogy.  These imbalances are somewhat like having everyone in a nation preparing for war and training in the army.  As a result, there are not enough people available to collect the garbage, so the trash builds up!

In other words, the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system is the clean up branch whose activity is required for proper detoxification.  For more details, read Fast Oxidation and Sympathetic Dominance on this site.

Nutritional balancing is one of the few healing sciences that addresses these nervous system problems that are directly responsible for many illnesses related to toxicity.




Doctors often overlook this critical idea.  A healthy, high-energy, balanced body detoxifies itself all the time, and does so with ease.  Sick bodies cannot detoxify properly because they are low in adaptive energy.  This is the reason why babies often have high fevers, eczema, and colds.  These are often symptoms of the elimination of toxins from the body. 

Adults have fewer of these, but not because they are healthier.  They have fewer because they have lower energy levels, and therefore they do not detoxify as well.

Analogy: A clogged toilet.  When clients begin a nutritional balancing program, their adaptive energy level is often low.  As a result, detoxification proceeds slowly.  This is similar to having a clogged or poorly-functioning toilet.  It just does not flush well.  As one’s energy improves due to balancing body chemistry, detoxification proceeds much faster.




All methods of detoxification are either more yang in nature or more yin.  This is a vital topic, although it is not commonly discussed.


Yang methods heat the body, and may compress or contract the body.  They may also have a drying effect on the body and may activate the body in order to remove toxins.

Examples are diets with cooked food, kelp, sea salt, bone broth, some meats and eggs, a small amount of grains, and no fruits, or sweets.  One must also limit juices, alcohol and almost all herbs. 

Fever, thermotherapy, or heating up the body is a wonderful yang method for cleansing the body.  It has been used for thousands of years to rid the body of infections.  The reason are:

1. Many bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites and cancer cells are heat-sensitive.   They are more delicate than good tissue, and do not survive when the body temperature goes up.

2. Raising the body temperature even one or two degrees increases the white blood cell count.  This means it activates certain parts of the immune response.  

Older methods of raising the body temperature are the use of a very hot bath, along with one or two cups of ginger or cayenne tea, and wrapping oneself in blankets after the hot bath.  This will usually get rid of a cold in one afternoon.  Some cancer clinics use heat therapy to reduce tumors in which they raise the body temperature very high.  This must be carefully supervised.

Other examples are the use of saunas, especially the red heat lamp sauna.  This raises the body temperature several degrees, in addition to having many other benefits for detoxification.

Other more yang methods are yang herbs such as coffee, rubbing the feet (reflexology), and the Pushing Down exercise.  All of these are part of all nutritional balancing programs.  Chiropractic tends to be more yang, as well.


Yin methods cool the body and may expand the body.  They tend to relax the body and often flush it with water.

Examples of yin detoxification methods are vegetarian diets, “cleansing” diets with a lot of raw food, fruit, and juices, and little cooked food.  They also include chelation, homeopathy, baths, clay treatments, relaxation exercises, and most vitamin and herbal therapies.  They particularly include high-dose vitamin regimens, IV vitamins, vitamin C therapy, and the use of powders, smoothies and shakes.  Acupuncture tends to be yin, as well.


Why is the idea of yin and yang important? The reasons are: 


* The balance between the complementary opposite forces of yin and yang are most helpful to maintain and achieve health.  They are also important to promote the fastest, safest and most effective detoxification.

* Today, almost all bodies are too yin, in our experience.  This is due to our diets, toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the environment, medical drugs and vaccines, recreational drug use in some cases, radiation poisoning, electromagnetic toxins all around us, and because we are born this way due to toxicity of our mother’s bodies.

* Therefore, we find that using yang detoxification methods work much better and are much safer than yin methods because they also tend to balance the body better.

For this reason, herbal methods are not as safe or effective today as they were 100 years ago when brilliant people such as Jethro Kloss, author of Back To Eden, wrote about them.

Chelation therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy, some hyperbaric oxygen therapy and many others are also more yin as well.  It means there will often be side effects from them, even if they are not obvious.  For more on this topic, read Yin And Yang Healing.




This is a somewhat esoteric topic, but a very important one.  Some toxic metals are just occupying space in a body compartment or organ and need to be removed.  However, many toxic metals are lodged in enzyme binding sites where they actually perform a function, albeit poorly.

Removing the latter always requires replacing them with more modern, more physiological and what I call preferred minerals.  This is sometimes called the concept of preferred minerals.  It means that many enzymes and other body systems will function, to a degree, using toxic metals in critical enzyme binding sites.  However, some minerals in these sites are preferred, and function much better.

For example, zinc, selenium, chromium, magnesium and manganese are among the most preferred minerals in enzyme binding sites.  Less preferred minerals might include lead, cadmium, nickel and aluminum.

The implication of this concept is that one must never simply attempt to “pull out” toxic metals using powerful methods such as chelation.  This tends not to work that well.

One must always attempt to assess which preferred minerals are needed, and to supply them in bioavailable forms.  This is not always easy.

Simply administering a general mineral supplement, or adding minerals to an IV bottle containing a chelating agent is not sufficient in most cases.  It is not exact enough, and usually does not contain the required amount and type of minerals needed.




This is the truth, although most people do not realize it or they would be much more careful with medical drugs, toxic chemicals and everything else they touch or ingest.  Toxins that are easily retained include all prescription, over-the-counter and recreational drugs, along with most toxic chemicals such as anesthesia drugs, recreational drugs, pesticides, solvents and others.

Other toxins that remain in the body for years are mercury from amalgam dental fillings, aluminum from anti-perspirants or anti-acid use, and nickel from eating hydrogenated oils found in commercial peanut butter and margarine.  Others are cadmium from cigarette or marijuana use, manganese from breathing auto exhaust, and many others.

Even a parent’s cigarette smoke (contains cadmium and other toxic metals) and residues from contaminated work clothing are stored in the body for 20 or more years, especially if a person’s health is impaired, as is often the case.

Upon undertaking a nutritional balancing program, medications and other toxins from long ago will be eliminated.  One may smell or taste them, or even experience their pharmacologic or toxic effects to a slight degree.  This happens, at times, because, when liberated from storage tissues, they circulate in the blood a short while until they are excreted through the urine, bile or other routes.

This can give rise to odd symptoms.  For example, one may suddenly smell cigarettes, even though one has not been exposed to nicotine for years.  One may experience a caffeine-like rush if a stimulant drug is released, or feel extremely tired if a sedative is released.

This phenomenon is called retracing or purification reactions.




            One of the most interesting phenomena to do with detoxification is called retracing, healing reactions, purification reactions, or flare-ups.

            These are symptoms that occur as one eliminates toxic substances from the body.  Symptoms can be most anything such as rashes, headaches, upset stomach, runny nose, diarrhea, constipation and many others.  Most symptoms are benign and go away on their own.  However, they can be annoying and occasionally scary.

They can also mimic diseases, which confuses our clients and often confuses their doctors.  They often cause blood and other tests to be skewed, which also confuses doctors and their patients.  This critical topic is discussed in the article entitled Retracing And Healing Reactions.




Certain organs of the body are called the eliminative organs.  These are the large intestine, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.  While the idea of eliminative organs is very important, in fact the entire body is concerned with detoxification.

Each cell must continuously eliminate toxins in order to function properly.  Its ability to do this depends on how much adaptive energy the cell has, the condition of the cell membrane, the condition of other cell structures.

The circulatory and lymphatic systems play indispensable roles to carry waste products from the cells to the eliminative organs.

Glands such as the thyroid, adrenals, and others must also function well as regulators of the eliminative organs.

The autonomic nervous system also plays a critical role.  The parasympathetic nervous system enhances the activity of the eliminative organs.  In contrast, all sympathetic nervous system activity, which is often very exaggerated today, diminishes the activity of the eliminative organs.




Fortunately, our bodies have over 100 methods for handling toxins.  In addition to the organs discussed in the section above, they include the tears, ears, nasal secretions, lung or bronchial mucus, vaginal mucosa, and menstrual blood. 

The body occasionally also encapsulates poisons in benign tumors or swellings, in polyps in the small or large intestines or the sinuses, and in kidney or liver cysts.  Methods the body uses in the blood include encouraging phagocytosis by macrophages, destruction by lysozymes, chelation of metals, use of fever, and other means.  Some of these are discussed in more detail below.




            Detoxification is actually a complex process.  It always involves a series of steps:


Step 1. Dislodging toxins from the tissues.  Toxins are often stored or sequestered deep in body organs and tissues.  The first step in detoxification is to dislodge, mobilize or remove toxins from storage sites.

This is often not easy.  Some toxins are encapsulated, such as chronic infections.  Some are deeply hidden in the brain, for example.  Some not close to a major blood vessel or lymph vessel needed to carry them away.  Others are tightly bound to tissue structures.  In fact, many are part of tissue structures such as connective tissue, enzymes, and other chemicals.

Certain toxins are also extremely dangerous for the body, and must be handled with great care.  These come out very slowly, and may require chemical transformation so they will not damage the body too much if they are placed in the blood stream.

Cysts.  Occasionally, the body will prefer to move them into a cyst or capsule, rather than risk putting them into the blood stream.  This can be mistaken for a cancerous tumor, when it is really just an effort of the body to dispose of very poisonous substances.

For example, the kidneys often form cysts filled with toxins to move the toxins out of the way where they will not do damage to the body.  This is not a “disease”, but a method of detoxification.

This step requires plenty of adaptive energy.  It also may require the presence of nutrients such as more preferred minerals to replace some toxic material.  It may also require macrophages, lysozymes or other specialized cells that can help dislodge the toxins.


Step 2.  Once dislodged, toxins must be moved into the bloodstream or lymph channels.

This is needed to transport toxins to the eliminative organs for final removal.  This is often not an easy step.  The reasons are that many people have impaired circulation and impaired hydration.  This directly impairs the body’s ability to move toxins around the body.

Also, most people’s diets are low in omega-3 fatty acids.  This interferes with the integrity and permeability of the cell membranes.  Some people also have hardened arteries and veins that impair transport of toxins.

Methods that can help with this stage are improving circulation, hydration, and oxygenation of the body.  For example, near infrared heat lamp sauna therapy is wonderful to assist circulation. Some exercise is also helpful. 

Rest.  Plenty of rest helps all the steps by conserving energy for healing and detoxification that would otherwise be used up in other activities.  I cannot emphasize how important this is for detoxification.

This is one reason our clients often feel tired, and need to rest more.  Their bodies want to detoxify and it requires energy to do this. 


Step 3. Moving toxins out of the blood and lymph and into the eliminative organs.

This is a rather amazing step.  The body has 5 or more eliminative channels.  It must decide which one to use for each type of toxin in the body.

Liver.  For example, the liver handles hundreds of types of toxins.  It has dozens of methods of altering and breaking down various types of toxins so they can be safely excreted from the body through the blood or in the bile, which flows from the liver into the digestive tract and finally leaves the body with the feces.

Kidneys.  The kidneys handle other types of toxins.  They are amazing filtering systems that remove dozens of poisons through the urine.

Skin.  The skin is the largest detoxification organ.  Unfortunately, in most people it is congested and not too active.  This is due to wearing tight clothing, and the use of soaps, lotions, creams and other products that clog up the skin.  

Sympathetic imbalance.  Inactive skin is also due to overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system.  When the sympathetic nervous system is chronically activated, it reduces circulation and thus elimination through the skin.  This very important and common autonomic nervous system imbalance is discussed later in this article. Some toxins are moved to the skin and come out through the oil glands and sweat glands in the skin.  At times, toxins are removed through the skin by an eruption or rash.  These can be unsightly, but this is an excellent way to safely remove some toxins from the body.

For example, silver, a toxic metal, comes out this way and causes a bluish tinge to the skin.  Copper often causes rashes on the face, chest, back and abdomen.

Lungs.  Some toxins are “blown off” as gases.  The lungs take of these.

Peyer’s Patches.  When operational, which is usually only up to the age of about 30 to 40, these specialized lymph glands in the abdomen move toxins directly from the lymph channels into the small intestine for final removal.  This bypasses the liver, which may not be able to handle certain chemical toxins.

Direct elimination from the blood to the colon.  We have observed other unusual detoxification of the blood in which some toxins are moved directly from the blood to the large intestine for final removal.

At times, toxins may first go to the liver where they are chemically altered by such processes as methylation and others.  Then they may pass out of the liver and move to to the kidneys or skin for final removal.  In other words, more than one eliminative organ may be involved with just one type of toxin.

The eliminative organs also help each other in other ways.  In many people, especially as they age or become less healthy, one or another of the eliminative organs becomes weakened.  In this case, another eliminative organ can take over its job, at least to some extent.  If this did not occur, many people would die much younger.

Detoxification methods that are most helpful for this step of detoxification include all methods that nourish, restore, cleanse or otherwise support the eliminative organs.  These include proper diet, plenty of rest, and drinking enough good quality water that hydrates the body.

Other methods are procedures such as skin brushing, coffee enemas, sauna therapy, chiropractic and perhaps massage.  The Pushign Down Exercise recommended on this website helps every aspect of detoxification and is extremely beneficial.  Foot reflexology is also amazing, at times, to keep subtle energy flowing through the body and to remove toxins.

Also helpful are supplementary nutrients such as kidney glandular product and trimethylglycine to supply methyl groups.  Rarely, we use herbs such as garlic, milk thistle and dandelion.  However, most herbs are somewhat toxic and are not helpful for this reason.  I very rarely recommend baths because they are too yin.  One must not take more than two baths weekly at the most.


Step 4. Final elimination through the urine, feces, skin, and lungs.  This step has mainly to do with one’s lifestyle.  It is important to avoid constipation, and to breathe deeply and drink enough water every day.

Also very important is to maintain the health of the skin by avoiding contact with toxic chemicals.  Beware of toxic body care products, even those sold at health food stores.  These include soaps, shampoos, lotions, hair dyes, makeup, and other body care products that can poison or congest the skin.


As you can see, this is not a simple process.  This is the reason that anyone who claims to detoxify the body in a few weeks or a few months, or even in few years does not understand detoxification well, or is just lying.




  Understanding that toxins cause disease leads many people to undertake various detoxification regimens to heal themselves.  While helpful in theory, I find this harmful in almost all cases.  Here is why:


1. They are not needed if one follows a nutritional balancing program.

2. Most of them involve deficient and unbalanced diets such as vegetarian diets or raw food regimens.

3. Some involve fasting.  I find this is definitely dangerous today because the bodies are so nutritionally deficient already.

4. Some detoxification regimens also involve toxic methods such as the ionic foot baths, clay baths if done often, too many water baths, which is very yin, and the use of herbs that are somewhat toxic. 

5. Some methods involve chelators, which are also somewhat toxic and which always deplete some vital minerals along with the toxic metals.  For more on this, read Chelation Therapy, Cleanses and Fasting, and Detoxification Protocols on this site.


All the above can easily throw the body further out of balance and deplete it nutritionally, no matter what other benefits they provide.  Please beware of these problems today.

In contrast, a properly designed nutritional balancing program will remove all of the toxic metals, thousands of toxic chemicals, all biological toxins eventually, and much more.  It will do this faster than any other method I am aware of, in a gentler, safer way than other methods.

For this reason, I do not recommend ANY cleansing diets or detoxification regimens at this time. 




The idea that toxins cause disease is a critical one.  However, I find it must be combined with other concepts of disease or a person will be misled.  For example, low adaptive energy causes disease and is probably even more important, at times.  Without enough adaptive energy one cannot eliminate the toxins. 

An unbalanced body chemistry also causes disease and death in all cases.  Unless the body is balanced properly, once again it is impossible to remove toxins properly and adequately.  The balance of the body chemistry is complex, and involves mineral levels at the cellular level, yin and yang, mineral ratios, and more.

Nutritional balancing is one of the few modern biochemical sciences that addresses this balance in a delicate and precise way.  So while the idea that toxins cause disease is an important one, it is not sufficient of itself to understanding how our bodies work, in my experience.




An important concept in regard to detoxification is that some toxins in the body may be “layered”.  This means there can be some mercury, and a little deeper is a chronic infection, and a little deeper is some cadmium, and a little deeper is more mercury, and so on. 

We know this because, as an experiment, I have tried removing specific chronic infections with various methods.  It has not worked well.  It seems like the one must “work through the layers” to remove deeper toxicity.

This is one reason that nutritional balancing does not force toxins out of the body with chelators, for example.  Instead, nutritional balancing programs mainly support and renourish the body.  Then the body decides in what order to remove toxins, when, and how fast.

This is a major difference between nutritional balancing and other detoxification programs that are aimed at mercury, for example, or perhaps cadmium.  Their approach might be called allopathic.  By this I simply mean that one identifies a toxin, and then gives a remedy for it.  With a nutritional balancing program, one rarely needs to identify which toxin is present, and no specific remedies are required or used.  Also, the body decides the speed and timing of the removal of all toxins.




One of the key advantages of nutritional balancing is its ability to safely, comfortably, inexpensively and often quite easily eliminate most, if not all, toxic metals, toxic chemicals, radioactive particles and biological toxins.

In addition, mental and emotional toxins, and psychological traumas of many kinds, are slowly brought up to the surface of the mind for processing and elimination as well.  


Methods used.  Nutritional balancing makes use of about 15 methods in a coordinated way to detoxify the body.  These include:


1. Reduce toxic exposures.  This is done via a healthful diet, proper drinking water and a healthful lifestyle.


2. Increase adaptive energy.  This comes from balancing the oxidation rate and the major mineral levels and ratios.  It makes far more energy available for detoxification and healing.  It is a key difference between nutritional balancing and most other approaches to detoxification.


3. Increase rest and sleep.  This is critical for maximum detoxification.


4. Remove the need for physical and emotional compensations.  Many toxins act as compensatory mechanisms.  For example, cadmium raises the sodium level.  Also, the “three amigos” (iron, manganese and aluminum, all in biounavailable form) appear to boost adrenal and perhaps thyroid activity in slow oxidizers. 

Removing the need for these compensations and adaptations is what appears to allow these toxic minerals and compounds to be removed so easily and quickly.  Otherwise, they are very difficult to remove from the body.

Removing the need for adaptations also helps prevent them from re-accumulating, which can happen with other methods.


5. Balance the qualities of yin and yang.  Balancing these subtle qualities strengthens the body and increases the available adaptive energy.  This is discussed later in this article.


6. Balance the autonomic nervous system.  Detoxification is primarily a parasympathetic activity.  It requires organs that are stimulated by parasympathetic nervous system activity such as the liver, kidneys, and intestines.  Any therapy that promotes parasympathetic activity or inhibits sympathetic activity will assist detoxification greatly.  Methods used with every nutritional balancing program are:


* A healthful diet free of stimulants.

* Supplemental calcium, magnesium, and zinc to help relax the sympathetic nervous system.

* Extreme care to avoid supplements, herbs and other substances that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, or that unbalance the body, increasing tension in the body.

* Sauna therapy, especially when done upon awakening in the morning or just before bedtime.

* Enemas and colonic irrigation.

* The Pushing Down Mental Exercise.

* Foot reflexology.  This simple technique is very relaxing.

* The Spinal Twist.  This procedure will reduce tension and misalignments of the spine.  This is also very relaxing for the nervous system.

* Removing toxic material from the body that irritates the central nervous system is very helpful.  For example, iron, manganese, aluminum, copper and other metals, when in oxide forms, act as irritants that help keep the body in a sympathetic state.


7. Reduce harmful stress of all kinds. Stress interferes with detoxification for several reasons:

a)  The body must use up a lot of energy adapting to stress

b) stress of any kind activates the sympathetic nervous system, which impairs detoxification.

c) stress depletes many vital nutrients such as zinc and magnesium needed for detoxification

d) stress weakens the body greatly, making detoxification much more difficult.


8. Replace less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals.  This is both a cause and an effect of detoxification.  In order for detoxification to proceed rapidly and safely, one must replace the less preferred or toxic minerals in millions of enzymes with more preferred vital elements such as selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium and others.


9. Support the eliminative organs.  Nutritional balancing makes use of at least a dozen methods to improve the activity of the eliminative organs.  These range from improving the diet, drinking the right water and resting more, to colon cleansing, saunas and other detoxification procedures.


10. Increase the body temperature to help normalize enzyme activity.  Many adults have a low body temperature due to fatigue, illness or decreased thyroid or adrenal activity.  Increasing the oxidation rate and regular use of a near infrared heat lamp sauna helps normalize this.


11. Deep cleansing of the liver and large intestine with coffee enemas.


12. The use of antagonists. These are specific nutrients or compounds that oppose or compete with toxic substances.  They antagonize in various ways:

a) Some compete with toxic metals for absorption.

b) Some antagonists replace the less preferred minerals in enzyme binding sites.

c)  Some, such as zinc, safely escort toxic metals out of the body, or in other ways facilitate their removal.

            d) Some replace toxic metals in various tissues, but not enzymes. 

e) Antibiotics and antitoxins may be considered antagonists for bacteria or other toxins.  For infections, however, nutritional balancing uses safer and often more effective agents such as colloidal silver and bee propolis.


13. Clearing emotional and mental toxins. Emotional blocks and traumas can reduce detoxification as badly as any other factor.  Methods that can help release them that are part of nutritional balancing programs include reducing the physical toxin level, enhancing overall vitality, improving memory and cognition, and what I call personality integration.


14. The right type and amount of drinking water.  This is vital to hydrate the body, and provide nutrient minerals, as well.  Pure water also helps reduce a person’s intake of toxic chemicals and metals.

Rarely, we use distilled water for a few days to assist detoxification.  Distilled water is often called “hungry water”.  It contains very few minerals.  As a result, it holds and helps remove from the body many minerals and other toxic substances.  It is not for long-term use, however, as it will remove many vital minerals, not just toxic ones.


15. Uncovering layers of toxins.  Many toxins are buried deeply within body organs.  Nutritional balancing slowly brings up the layers to be uncovered over a period of several years or more.  I know of no other method that can uncover and remove these deeper layers of toxicity.

            The allopathic concept of identifying a single toxic metal as the cause for a symptom is only partially effective, in my experience.  In fact, everyone has most toxic metals in their bodies.  In addition, they are layered and often the deeper deposits will not be revealed on any tests, even hair tests, until they begin to be uncovered.


            16. Eliminate many chronic infections.  Infections produce powerful toxins and they use up the body’s vitality in fighting them.  Eliminating infections thus frees up a lot of adaptive energy for detoxification.  Methods used to eliminate them include:


* Heating the body with saunas or hot baths. Many infectious organisms are sensitive to heat.

* Balancing the body chemistry to enhance adaptive energy.

* Removing toxic metals and replenishing missing vital nutrients. 

*Coffee enemas are very helpful to get rid of some infections.

* Improving the sodium/potassium ratio, in particular, along with other mineral imbalances.

* Improving circulation, oxygenation and hydration.

* Healing emotional traumas and other issues that weaken the immune response.

* At times, using specific anti-microbial agents such as colloidal silver, bee propolis, vitamin A, or rarely others.


            17. Parasite cleansing.  Some people have intestinal parasites that can produce toxic substances in the intestines.  They also interfere with proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.  These are all slowly eliminated on a nutritional balancing program.  Methods used to eliminate them with nutritional balancing are:


* Ox bile and pancreatic enzymes in the digestive aid we use weaken and even digest many parasites.

* Daily use of a near infrared lamp sauna enhances circulation and raises the body temperature.  This weakens some parasites.

* Coffee enemas can dislodge many parasites.

* Increasing the vitality of the body by balancing the oxidation rate and replenishing many minerals and vitamins helps greatly to make the body less hospitable to all parasitic organisms.


            18. Other therapies when needed.  Nutritional balancing is not intended as a complete healing system, and I do not know of any such system.  All healing arts have their place.  Methods such as bodywork, chiropractic, and biofeedback may all assist detoxification, at times.

Rarely, a person may require a medical drug for sleep or for something else until the body can heal enough that it is not needed.  However, the toxicity of drugs, surgery and other medical methods make them unsuitable for a healing method that emphasizes detoxification.  The only except is if all of the more natural and less toxic methods have been exhausted and are not sufficient.




            Some doctors and health authorities recommend many other methods of detoxification.  These include fasting, special diets, baths, clay packs, herbs, and others.

A separate article on this site discusses many methods of detoxification.  It is divided into methods we like, methods that are okay but not as good, and methods to avoid.  The article is Detoxification Protocols.




The methods below are always used together in nutritional balancing program, in an integrated combination, to remove all toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals, as well, from the body.  Full documentation as to why these methods work and how to use them is found in numerous other articles on this website.


1. Increase the amount of rest and sleep greatly.  Extra rest and sleep is critical for any detoxification program for several reasons:

a) Detoxification takes place mostly when we are resting or sleeping.  During the day when one is active, the body is mainly focused on the daily activities, not on eliminating poisons from the body.

b) Rest and sleep reduce sympathetic nervous system activity.  This is so important it is listed separately as a powerful method to enhance detoxification of all chemicals, metals and other types of poisons.

c) Resting and sleeping more conserves the body’s energy for healing.  Most people use up too much energy in their daily activities.  This slows progress tremendously.

d) The essential organs and glands, such as the adrenals, thyroid, liver, kidneys and others rebuild best when rested.

e) Sleep allows mental and emotional processing to occur.  This reduces stress, which helps release toxic metals.  Many people live in continual stress because they do not process each day’s events and traumas enough at night due to not enough resting time.


2. Inhibit the sympathetic nervous system.  This is another key to our programs.  Sympathetic nervous system activity reduces the elimination of all toxins from the body.  This is well known in medicine. 

The liver, kidneys, bowel, skin even the lungs are all associated with the parasympathetic nervous system.   They are also important organs of elimination.  Sympathetic nervous system activity inhibits these activities powerfully.  One can reduce sympathetic activity in at least six ways:

a) As mentioned above, get a lot more rest and sleep.  This is a primary method of reducing sympathetic nervous system activity.

b) Diet is important needs to be as nourishing and non-stimulatory as possible.  Lots of cooked vegetables provide the most minerals possible. 

The diet also needs to minimize chemical additives and other toxins.  One should also  limit caffeine, sugar, wheat, most beef, and other stimulating, irritating, allergic or sensitive foods in the diet.

c) Supplements used in nutritional balancing programs are carefully chosen to have a parasympathetic effect.  This means strictly limiting all stimulating products, including many herbs, as well.

d) The lifestyle must be restful in general.  This can have a big influence on the nervous system, even if one sleeps enough.  It includes one’s activities, relationships, job or career, thoughts and emotions.

e) The Pushing Down Exercise is very helpful to reduce sympathetic nervous system activity.  Regular prayer, certain affirmations, and always watching one’s “mental diet” can be critical to reduce fear, anger and negativity.  Too much that is on the television, the news and other information sources is harmful to the body’s delicate nervous system.

f) Other ways to reduce sympathetic nervous stimulation are to be careful with excessive exercise, reduce cell phone use, and avoid other radiation sources.  Far infrared saunas give off harmful EM fields and should not be used. 

Red heat lamp saunas, however, are excellent to reduce sympathetic nervous system activity.  Reduce noise levels, freeway driving and other more dangerous or unnerving activities. These and many other simple changes together can reduce your stress level dramatically.

g) Reducing certain imbalances on a hair mineral chart also can dramatically lower sympathetic nervous activity.  These include, but are not limited to, balancing a fast oxidation rate, reducing a high Na/K or a high Ca/Mg ratio, improving zinc, selenium and chromium status and lowering certain toxic metal levels.


3. Eat an excellent-quality diet of 70-80% cooked vegetables and some animal protein daily.  Avoid all fruits, fruit juices, sweets, most nuts and seeds and strictly avoid vegetarian and raw food diets. 

This diet is the richest in alkaline reserve minerals that I know of.  The body will absorb and utilize less toxic metals if it receives more of the preferred minerals.

A recent  study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition measured the mineral content of organic versus commercial food.  Results indicated that food labeled “organic” that was selected randomly from Chicago food markets had an average of twice the mineral content of standard supermarket food.

The famed people of Hunza who live to 120 years or longer in excellent health drink glacial runoff that was so mineral-rich the water was cloudy (see The Wheel of Health by G.T. Wrench, paperback edition, 2009).

            Other mineral-rich foods that are part of the diets we recommend are kelp, sea salt, and bone broth.

The fiber from cooked vegetables and whole grains reduces bowel transit time and reduces constipation, which help limit the absorption of toxic metals.  For much more on diet, please read the Slow Oxidizer Eating Plan and other articles on diet on this website.


4. Other dietary considerations.  These include;

a) Avoid all restrictive and extreme diets.  These include strict vegan and vegetarian diets, for example. These are almost always deficient in zinc and many other essential nutrients.  Read Vegetarian Diets on this website. 

Raw food diets do not work well today because no one is able to extract enough minerals from raw foods.  The minerals are not available because they are bound up with tough vegetable fibers that we cannot properly digest, even with a digestive aid.  Raw food is also much too yin for general consumption.  Read Raw Foods for more information about them.

Cooking does not reduce the mineral content of food and usually makes minerals much more bioavailable by breaking down fiber.  Cooking also concentrates the food so that one ends up ingesting many more vital minerals.

b) Avoid living on protein powders and other processed supplements instead of foods.  For example, egg or whey protein powder is not a substitute for eating eggs or fresh goat milk.   The latter are whole foods that are much richer in many minerals.  Food supplements are never a substitute for an excellent diet.

c) Avoid most refined foods such as white sugar, white flour, table salt and white rice.   These are almost devoid of vital minerals and will cause the body to absorb and utilize more toxic metals.


5. Improve the eating habits, attitudes and other aspects of lifestyle.  Excellent eating habits include having regular, sit-down meals in a quiet place.  Also, eat quietly and slowly, and chew thoroughly.  These habits assist nutrient absorption and proper elimination.  Poor habits include skipping meals, snacking all day, eating on the run, and eating the same foods every day wit no variety.

Attitudes.  A relaxed and positive outlook greatly facilitates elimination and healing of all illness.  One’s attitudes can matter greatly as well.  They either relieve stress, or add to it.

I encourage an attitude of gratitude and avoidance of all victim thinking.  This include thinking that anyone else is a victim, either.  Such apparently small changes in one’s thoughts and actions can have a huge impact on general health and the body’s ability to heal and eliminate toxic substances.  In contrast, hopelessness and low self-esteem impair elimination.  These factors are too often overlooked by medical and holistic practitioners.

In some cases, other lifestyle patterns are destructive and must be changed, such as drinking too much alcohol, recreational drug use, spending time with negative or destructive “friends”, and other lifestyle issues.


6. Nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements called mineral antagonists can help reduce toxic metals in the body.  For example, kelp is an inexpensive source of iodine that can help remove fluorides, chlorides and bromides from the body by competing with them for absorption and for binding sites in the cells of the body.

Kelp also contains alginates that help bind toxic metals in the intestines so they will be removed.  Kelp also contains a wide range of other vital minerals to body needs to rebuild itself.  All act as antagonists to some degree to the toxic metals.

In addition to kelp, nutritional balancing programs usually involve supplemental zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals.  Calcium and zinc are cadmium antagonists.  Selenium and zinc are mercury antagonists, and so on. 

In nutritional balancing science, however, supplements must only be used in a way that does not unbalance the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios.  This is a major difference between this method and most other nutritional methods of healing.

The reason for this is that unbalancing the major mineral ratios decreases a person’s vitality, which will negate or at least reduce the effectiveness of the entire program.  Also, one must be careful not to use too many supplements.  This adds too much yin energy to the body and can confuse the body.  Also, many supplements subtly negate each other.  For example, copper and vitamin C are definite antagonists.  Therefore, supplementation must be kept simple and clearly follow these and other rules.


7. Support the eliminative organs.  This greatly facilitates toxic metal removal. Balancing the mineral levels and ratios on a hair analysis is a powerful support for the eliminative organs.

In addition, for the liver and bowel, we always give ox bile and pancreatin.  We sometimes use a kidney support formula to support elimination through the kidneys.

The procedures such as red heat lamp sauna therapy, coffee enemas, foot reflexology and the Pushing Down Exercise also support the eliminative organs.


8. General nutritional support.  In addition to the above, nutritional balancing programs always include general nutritional support such as vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients.  Food alone does not provide enough of these to replenish our demineralized bodies.


9. Improve adaptive energy.  Increasing the amount of energy available to the body cells is a great key to toxic metal and toxic chemical elimination. The body must produce plenty of biochemical energy in order to eliminate toxins. This is sometimes overlooked by physicians, even holistic ones.


10. Balance the oxidation rate.  The primary way to enhance adaptive energy using nutritional balancing science involves a properly performed and properly interpreted hair mineral analysis.  With it, one can identify the oxidation type and the oxidation rate.

One can then use foods, lifestyle, diet and other methods to balance the oxidation rate. This gentle balancing procedure, done in all nutritional balancing programs, greatly enhances the body's ability to eliminate toxic metals.  For more on this topic, read Fast, Slow and Mixed Oxidation.

One must also avoid any supplement or procedure to remove toxins that upsets the oxidation rate.  I teach this science to anyone who is interested.  Click on the link, Training, for more information about learning this method.


11. Reduce exposure to toxic substances as much as possible.  This includes exposures in foods, such as pesticide residues on foods, and chemical additives in foods.

It includes pure water, if possible.  However, I differ from some health authorities on this issue.  The only water I recommend is either spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water.   To understand why, read Water For Drinking.

I also suggest reducing the toxins one acquires by contact.  This includes soaps, lotions, cosmetics, creams and all skin products.  It also includes dental amalgam removal, except in the case of active cancer, which can be made worse by amalgam removal.  Wait until the cancer is under control before doing this and preferably be on a nutritional balancing program to help reduce the side effects of amalgam removal.

Some people also need to reduce occupational exposure to toxic metals.


12. Improve circulation, oxygenation and hydration.  This is done with sauna therapy, deep breathing, the correct type and amount of drinking water, mild exercise (more is not needed and just wastes energy), and improving general health.  Also, inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system assists with circulation.


13. Balancing yin and yang qualities in the body, and in one’s life, in general.  The concept of balance between opposite forces is one of the most ancient teachings on planet earth.  I find it is also critical for detoxification of heavy metals.  For more, read Yin and Yang Healing on this website.


14. Distilled water, on occasion, but only during healing crises or purification reactions.  Drinking distilled water will remove some loosely bound toxic metals.  However, it can deplete essential minerals in the body because it is mineral-free water.  Therefore, I only recommend it during a healing reaction and when a person is already following a nutritional balancing program.  At these times, it can be used for a few days or perhaps a week to reduce elimination symptoms and speed up the removal of certain toxins from the body.


15. Remove the need for compensations and adaptations. This is a little more technical.  Often, toxic metals perform an adaptive role in the body.  They can support the activity of the adrenal glands, for example, and they can actually be used in some of the body’s millions of enzyme systems to a limited extent.

By balancing the body chemistry delicately, the need for a toxic metal in an adaptive role can be removed.  This makes possible the removal of many toxic metals.

This methodology is built into nutritional balancing programs that are correctly designed.


16. Reduce all stress. Stress of any kind will slow the removal toxic metals.  Therefore, reducing all stress on the body and mind greatly enhances toxin elimination.  Read Understanding Stress for more on this important topic.


17. Replace less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals.  This is also a somewhat more complex topic.  For each metallo-enzyme in the body, there is one or perhaps two preferred metals or minerals that will cause the enzyme to function optimally.

Nutritional balancing programs always seek to replace less preferred minerals in enzyme binding sites with more preferred minerals.  This is required for all deep healing.  It is done by giving the appropriate foods and supplementary nutrients, avoiding the others, reducing toxic exposures and stress, conserving energy for healing with more rest, and other methods.


18. Increase the body temperature when it is low. This may not seem important, but it is a very powerful method of enhancing many body activities, including elimination.

Indeed, all the body’s enzyme systems function optimally when the body temperature is ideal.  However, most people have a low body temperature today, due in part to toxic metal accumulation in the thyroid and adrenal glands.  Other reasons are fatigue, a low thyroid for other reason, nutrient depletion and others.

One can use a sauna to heat the body a few degrees every day.  Even if it is only for 30-60 minutes at a time, this can have a tremendous effect of normalizing enzymatic reactions in the body that, in turn, promote healing and detoxification.


19. Eliminate infections and parasites of all kinds. This may not seem related to toxic metal removal, but it is.   Most people have several dozen chronic infections in their bodies.  Common sites are the eyes, ears, throat, bronchials, intestines, teeth, and bladder.

Each of these infections uses up adaptive energy or vitality in the body.  As they are cleared using nutritional balancing – and never antibiotics that tend to be toxic – a person’s vitality increases and his ability to then eliminate toxic metals increases, at times drastically.


20. Emotional and mental cleansing.  This is an unusual concept, but can be vital to detoxify the body.  We find that cadmium, for example, is associated with what may be called ‘macho’ styles of thinking.  If a person will do the pushing down exercise, or just read the Bible, for example, it will help to release negative and violent thoughts.  This will help remove some cadmium from the body.

Similarly, copper toxicity is associated with fearful thoughts.  If one reduces fearful thinking, then this will help reduce copper overload in the body.


21. Bridging over damaged enzymes.  This is a very important mechanism whereby by giving higher doses of some vitamins, especially B-complex vitamins, one can bridge across enzymes damaged by the presence of toxic metals.  These enzymes are needed to help remove the toxic metals.


22. The use of a powerful digestive aid for everyone.  No matter how good the food one eats, if digestion is weak, and it is weak in almost everyone today, one will not absorb enough minerals and other nutrients.  Insisting on a powerful digestive aid is therefore essential for many people to facilitate proper mineral absorption.


23. Integrating all of the above methods in a way so that none interferes with the others.  This is essential.  A problem with many medical and holistic approaches to toxic metal removal is that the methods of detoxification get in each other’s way, which negates some or even all of the benefit.

For example, chelation is effective to remove some metals.  However, most chelation, even natural chelating agents, remove some vital minerals along with the toxic ones.  This is extremely harmful, and it is not an easy problem to solve.  Simply taking minerals does not seem to work adequately.  One reason is that minerals are complex, are found in many forms, and are best absorbed from food, not formulated products, in general.

Another problem with chelation is that the chelators are often slightly toxic, which damages the kidneys, liver and other organs, interfering with metal elimination.

Chelation may also mobilize toxins from relatively harmless areas of the body and redistribute some in the kidneys, and this is harmful, as well.


24. Release traumas.  This is most helpful for detoxification.  It is a large subject, but the main idea is that when traumas are present, they directly interfere with elimination in the body because they affect the nervous system.  Nutritional balancing releases most traumas fairly easily.  For details, read Trauma Release on this site.


25. Release toxins in the body’s own sequence, order and its own timing.  This is extremely helpful to make the process of toxic metal removal as safe as possible, and more effective, as well.  It is accomplished in nutritional balancing programs by focusing on raising the body’s energy and vitality level, rather than focusing on pushing out particular toxic metals. 

As the body’s adaptive energy level rises, the body decides which metals to remove first. Neither the doctor nor the client make this decision for the body.


26. Correct latent diseases and disorders.  Nutritional balancing causes the healing of latent or sub-clinical health problems.  This is an unusual ability of this program and depends upon raising the adaptive energy level of the obdy.  Once these heal, the body is more capable of thorough detoxification.

For example, many people have slightly damaged livers or slightly damaged kidneys.  Yet the damage is sub-clinical or latent, meaning it does not cause any symptoms.  When a person begins a nutritional balancing program, often these sub-clinical conditions are corrected first because they are the basis for later healing.


27. Other natural and balancing therapies.  Therapies that combine beautifully with nutritional balancing include gentle chiropractic, osteopathic manipulation, Rolfing, structural integration, and foot and hand reflexology.  These can help to reduce stress, improve vitality, support the eliminative organs, improve circulation and more.


28. Avoiding other therapies.  This is also important to remove toxic metals.  For example, many herbs, most natural hormone therapy, most vitamin and mineral regimens, homeopathy, and most medical drug therapy, unless needed for a life-threatening condition, can and will impair toxic metal removal in various ways by unbalancing body chemistry, adding toxins, or otherwise altering the body chemistry.

For example, vegetarian diets are too low in zinc and in sulfur-containing amino acids and this impairs detoxification.  Raw food diets do not allow the body to absorb enough minerals from vegetables, and this inhibits detoxification.  Both these methods are also very yin, which strongly inhibits detoxification.




Many toxic metals accumulate in these organs.  In most Americans, in particular, who have used pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter remedies, healing these organs takes time.

Fortunately, the liver has great regenerative ability, especially when one is less than about 65 years old.  We use every method possible to enhance liver functioning.  This includes:

a)  A clean, healthy diet and pure water to drink, as explained above.

b) A healthful  lifestyle, especially going to bed by 9 Pm and lots of rest and sleep.  The liver does its main work during rest and sleep.  Missing this single factor is often a key as to why some do not succeed in restoring the liver.

c) Nutritional support for the liver includes milk thistle, dandelion root and perhaps other herbal products that are superb.  Be careful with some herbs, however, such as burdock root and others, as they are somewhat toxic.  They may be used for a short time, but are not for ongoing use as milk thistle and dandelion can be used.

d) Other procedures for the liver are a daily coffee enema, or even two per day for very toxic conditions, colonic irrigation to reduce debris and fermentation and putrefaction in the colon, castor oil packs over the liver and the use of a near infrared lamp sauna.

Of these, the coffee enema or really a coffee implant, is the most powerful and wonderful procedures that I have seen.  I cannot say enough good things about the effects of this simple, though slightly unpleasant procedure.  More about coffee enemas is found in an article on this website, Coffee Enemas, and in the Detoxification Procedures article.

Using a near infrared sauna on a daily basis, or better twice daily, is also very helpful for liver detoxification. Traditional saunas and far infrared saunas may be okay, but do not seem to work as well.  Far infrared types may emit harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

e) Attitude change is critical for the liver in some cases.  The liver is associated with a “bilous personality”.  In modern language, this means anger, resentment, hatred and other harmful emotions.  For some people, this is the key to their liver regeneration.  Meditation, relaxation and forgiveness are thus important for the liver.

f) Other healing modalities may help, especially body work such as Rolfing, acupuncture and acupressure.  For instance, we recommend everyone to rub their feet each day.  This seems simple and maybe silly, but can have beneficial effects, particularly if one is skilled at it.  The technique is easy to learn and to practice.


The kidneys.  To restore the kidneys, many of the same items are critical.  These include an excellent diet that is balanced for the oxidation type, along with a very healthful lifestyle and reducing your exposure to all toxins.  Other items include:

a) Herbs for the kidneys.  Uva ursi, parsley and other herbs are helpful to a degree.  We also use kidney glandular substance with excellent results.

b) Drinking plenty of spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water or sand-filtered tap water is critical for the kidneys. Be sure to drink enough pure water (2-3 quarts daily for all adults).  We don’t recommend other types of water.

Strictly avoid reverse osmosis water, “drinking waters”,  most “purified water” and alkaline waters.  Carbon-only filtered tap water is okay and second-best, but not as good, in most cases, as a good spring water.  Drink an hour after meals or up to 15 minutes before meals, rather than with meals.  Read Water For Drinking for much more on drinking water.

c) Rest is also critical for the kidneys, which are close to and associated with the adrenal glands.  This, in Chinese terminology, is related to the kidney meridian, a meridian that is very weak on most people.  Rest cannot be overestimated to restore the kidneys and the adrenal glands.


The skin.  This is the third most important eliminative organ, and most doctors pay no attention to it whatsoever!  In most people, today, including most children, it is toxic or congested and for these reasons quite underactive in its job of eliminating many toxins from the body.

This even applies to newborns today.  Vaccines affect the skin and can cause it to become less active, as can overdressing infants.  Read more about the vaccine abomination in the article on this website entitled Vaccination.

Bathing in toxic bath water harms the skin, as can tight clothing and some synthetic clothing.  The use of toxic lotions, skin creams, and body care products also harms the skin of many people.


Sauna therapy.  Improving the skin requires a lot of work in most cases.  Even with two saunas daily, plus all our other efforts, just restoring the skin will take six to twelve months in most adults.  Children require less, as their skin is usually in far better condition due to more sweating and fewer toxic exposures.

Saunas draw blood to the surface, powerfully stimulate circulation and decongest the internal organs.  Infrared saunas penetrate more deeply and are often more comfortable as they work at lower temperatures.

I find the best saunas are those powered by infrared heat lamps.  Far infrared saunas are okay, in most cases, but are not as good as a near infrared lamp sauna.  Almost all far infrared saunas emit stray electromagnetic fields that affect some people.

Steam baths and other procedures such as skin brushing, sitting in hot tubs or others may be used, but are not nearly as good.  Sweating during exercise is also not nearly as good, but better than nothing.

As an example of what saunas can do, The New York Rescue Workers Project has reported on the success of sauna therapy to help over 900 firemen, police and other rescue workers.
            All of them were ill from breathing toxic fumes at the 2001 World Trade Tower bombing.  No other therapy was able to help these brave men and women recover their health.  Refer to the articles on this site about Sauna Therapy for more information.


The large intestine.  This is also an important organ of elimination and one that is in terrible condition in the vast majority of people.  Fortunately, it is easier to correct than the skin, liver or kidneys.  Diet, of course, plays a critical role in rehabilitating the intestines.  Eliminating sugar is most important, even the sugar found in too much fruit or juices.  Fiber is critical, as is enough protein for the intestine to rebuild itself.

In addition, lifestyle is important and coffee enemas can greatly speed the elimination of toxins from the large intestine and liver that often lead to bowel problems.

We recommend for most people a digestive aid, usually GB-3 by Endomet Laboratories in Phoenix.  This not only assists digestion.  It also kills many parasites in the intestines over time and helps eliminate poisons from the liver as well.

Other aids for digestion are other digestive aids such as Betaine Hcl-pepsin, bromelain and others.  However, they are not as good.  Deep breathing, some exercise and adequate rest and sleep are important for digestive strength as well.  Staying warm in winter is important as well.




Even with an excellent quality diet, healthful lifestyle, and consistent daily use of red heat lamp sauna therapy, coffee enemas, toxic metal removal at the deepest levels continue.  Repeated hair mineral analyses keep revealing more and more of the metals coming out of the body through the hair and skin.

NOTE: This is not because the program is slow to remove the toxic metals.  In fact, it is faster than any other method of removing toxins from the body such as chelation therapy, herbs, clay baths and other methods.

The main reason it takes years is that development is a long process.  Other reasons are:


Š           Toxicity of the metals.  They are extremely toxic substances.  If they were removed too quickly, they could poison or even kill a person.  The body seems to know how to remove them at a pace that is safe, providing we keep balancing the body chemistry and supporting a person the entire time.  Otherwise, it just takes longer.  Rarely, a person will have a powerful toxic reaction as a heavy metal is released from a storage site, but this is not common.

Š           Location of the metals, in some instances. Some storage sites of the body are much harder to reach than others due to impaired circulation, or other difficulties such as the blood-brain barrier and others.  Toxic metals in the bones, for example, usually take longer to reach as well due to reduced circulation and just the depth or layer of the tissue where they are stored.  Sites that have suffered damage and some scarring such as often the ear canals, bronchials, lungs and other tissues may also be harder to regenerate and thus take longer.

Š           Incorporated into enzymes.  Toxic metals are often not just in deposits or floating free in the tissues, although this is true of some of them.  These are the easiest to remove.

            Unfortunately, toxic minerals also replace essential minerals in enzymes throughout the body.  They cannot simply be pulled out with a chelator or anything else.  The body must very carefully and slowly replace them with enzymes that contain essential minerals.  This is a much slower process, but a vital one that slowly increases a person’s energy level and restores functioning of all the body organs as well.

Š           Low vitality.  Energy is required to synthesize new enzymes, carry away toxic metals and activate the eliminative organs to remove them completely.  Most people, especially when they begin a program, have low cellular energy production that make this process much slower.

Š           Impaired eliminative channels.  All toxic metals must be flushed or removed from the body through the so-called eliminative channels or organs such as the liver, kidneys, bowel and skin.  Some can be removed through the lungs and elsewhere but these are the main routes.  Most people have very damaged livers, colons and skin, so this slows the process of metal elimination drastically, often for a few years until these organs can be rebuilt and function at their optimum levels.

Š           Impaired general nutrition.  As explained above, toxic metals must often be replaced by vital minerals in enzymes.  One may think that just swallowing some kelp capsules or other supplements and eating well will provide these replacements.
            However, the body has complex buffering systems, and it will only accept a certain amount of these essential minerals at one time.  This is even true even if one were to take minerals intravenously or intramuscularly (which we do not need or suggest).
            Each mineral must be bound to a mineral transporter to be properly utilized in many instances and the process of remineralizing and renourishing a body thus is a time-consuming process.  If we felt that IV or IM minerals and other nutrients were better, we would suggest it.  However, so far we have seen the opposite.  Other than very gross remineralizing of the body, these routes of administering nutrients seem to do more damage by upsetting the delicate balance of minerals in the body and bypassing the normal buffering systems of the body having to do with food absorption.  Exceptions to this principle may exist, but they are not many.




            This topic must not be forgotten in any article about toxic metals.  The elimination of heavy metals, as well as the removal of toxic chemicals and chronic infections, almost always will cause symptoms from time to time.  These symptoms are called healing reactions flare-ups, exacerbations, aggravations, crises of Herxheimer reactions in different natural healing arts.  They may include energy fluctuations, headaches, skin rashes and other symptoms as well.

Emotional and mental symptoms often occur as well.  These include feelings of depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia or mood swings.  All purification symptoms tend to be very temporary.  The best way to handle them is to rest more, reduce your nutrition program if you wish and do supportive therapies.

These include extra coffee enemas, drinking distilled water in larger quantities, short, rather than longer sauna therapy sessions, colonic irrigation, Epsom salt baths and others.  In almost all cases, this will suffice to move the toxic metals out of the body a little faster and the symptom will disappear.

At times, more vigorous or severe healing reactions occur.  Almost any symptom can arise, from a cold or flu to various aches and pains or other types of symptoms.

Usually only supportive, natural methods  of care are needed to see a reaction through to completion.  However, if you are not sure, always contact a person knowledgeable in healing and purification reactions.  For more information, read other articles on this website such as Retracing and Copper Elimination Symptoms.




              Assessing the toxicity of the body is difficult.  Reasons for this is that toxins can be located deep inside body organs, where they cannot be detected through most tests.

Also, there are many types of toxins.  A person may not have much metal toxicity, for example, but may have more chemical toxicity, or some other kind.

There are many methods to assess the toxicity of human or animal body.  Among them are symptoms, blood and urine tests, hair mineral tests, and electrical machines.


            Is testing needed?  In regular medical care, functional medicine, holistic care and naturopathy, testing is very important.  The reason is that the remedies given for different toxins are different, and must be applied carefully.  Testing can be costly, especially if one is searching for toxic chemicals in the body.


Blood tests.  The blood is a transport medium.  Toxins are removed from the blood as fast as possible because the blood touches all the body organs, and having toxins in the blood is very dangerous. 

Therefore, in general, the blood is only useful to detect acute toxicity, not chronic toxicity.  For example, it can detect if a child is eating old paint off the walls that contains lead.

However, most toxicity about which we are concerned is chronic, not acute.  Blood tests are generally too accurate for this assessment.


              Nutritional balancing.  This detoxification method uses hair mineral testing, but not primarily to assess toxicity.  Instead, we assume that everyone is toxic.  This is accurate, in my experience.

Also, with nutritional balancing there is no need to figure out which toxin is present because the program is designed to remove many types of toxins, including all of the most common ones.  These are important differences between nutritional balancing and methods such as functional medicine, naturopathy, environmental medicine and other common approaches to detoxification.




Without spending a lot of money on blood and other tests for toxicity, here are some symptoms that indicate toxicity:


Bad breath

Bad body odor

Gas or bloating


Bad skin color and skin eruptions

Brain fog

Mood swings





            Why use hair?  Recall that hair, an outgrowth of the skin, and is an eliminative tissue.  This means that it will be cut off the body, and anything in the hair will be permanently eliminated from the body.  For this reason, the body often tries to eliminate toxins of many kinds through the hair.


Does the hair test reveal the “body load” of a toxic metal?  No.  It only reveals what is being eliminated through the hair.  This is often related to the total body load of a toxic mineral, but not necessarily.

For example, often on an initial hair mineral test, few toxic metals are revealed.  This usually means that the body is having difficulty removing them.  It does not mean that they are not present.

We know this because when the person undertakes a nutritional balancing program  designed to eliminate toxic metals, the hair levels often rise very high on subsequent hair tests.  This occurs because on the program the body gains enough energy to remove more toxic metals through the hair and through other routes.


Hair mineral testing is my specialty area.  This test can assess toxicity in two overall ways:

I. Specific indicators for excessive toxic metals in the body.

II. General bodily toxicity indicators.

Here are examples of each type of indicator:




1. A slow oxidation rate.  All slow oxidizers are more toxic.  Slow oxidation is like having the motor in your car run too slowly.  Gunk builds up in the motor in this situation.

Another analogy is that it is like having water flowing too slowly through a pipe.  Eventually, sediment always builds up in the water pipe in this situation.

A more yin state of body chemistry Slow oxidation is also a more yin condition of the body.  This means weak and expanded, which makes it easier for certain toxins to build up.  For details, read Slow Oxidation on this site.


2. A very fast oxidation rate, especially with a low sodium/potassium ratio.  This indicates a strong sympathetic state of body chemistry.  This condition powerfully inhibits elimination in the body.  For details, read Fast Oxidation.


3. Sympathetic dominance.  This indicates a chronic activation of the sympathetic nervous system in a slow oxidizer.  The sympathetic nervous system strongly inhibits toxin elimination by driving blood and nerve energy away from the organs of elimination.  For details, read Sympathetic Dominance.


4. Four lows pattern. This is usually an exhaustion pattern, that is always associated with excessive toxins in the body, even if none of them are revealed as elevated on the hair mineral chart or on other types of tests.

            The reason that high levels of toxic metals may not be revealed on the hair chart or other tests with this pattern is that the body’s adaptive energy level is too low too push out the toxins.  For details, read Four Lows Pattern.


              5. Four highs.  This is a somewhat deceptive pattern that always indicates an underlying slow oxidation pattern.  As explained in #1 above, slow oxidation is always associated with high toxicity.  For details, read Four Highs Pattern.


6. Bowl pattern.  This is an indirect indicator.  The pattern indicates nutrient deficiencies.  When the body is nutrient-deficient, it tends to pick up more toxic metals.  For more details, read The Bowl Pattern.


7. A low sodium/potassium ratio.  This is a weakness and electrical discharge pattern that also predisposes one to accumulate toxins.  For details, read Low Sodium/Potassium Ratio.




            1. Elevated hair levels of the toxic metals, and of some nutrient minerals, as well.  This pattern usually means the body is dumping a lot of these minerals into the hair in an attempt to eliminate them.  This is especially true if one is following a nutritional balancing program.

            Elevated nutrient minerals.  One might ask, why would the levels of iron, manganese, copper and other nutrient minerals be elevated on some people’s hair tests?

The answer is that these can be in a toxic form, such as oxides, carbonates and others.  Then these become toxins, as well, and our bodies must eliminate them.

              Rarely, a high hair level of a mineral occurs because a person has just put a mineral on the hair, such as using Selsun Blue shampoo, which contains a lot of selenium.  This is on the hair, but the mineral is not necessarily present throughout the body.


2. Poor eliminator patterns.  These indicate that a person cannot eliminate toxic minerals properly.  This is a more recent finding on hair mineral tests, and is quite reliable.  The criteria is a very low level of a mineral.  For the exact criteria, read Mineral Ideals, Ranges, Toxicity And Poor Eliminator Patterns on this website.






            I receive many emails and phone calls from people who are in trouble because they decided to take herbs, or decided to do coffee enemas, saunas, or other detoxification programs on their own.  Here are my observations:


1. Not all methods are safe.

2. Coffee enemas and near infrared lamp sauna therapy are very powerful and will cause healing reactions.

3. The correct diet is very important along with any detoxification procedure to minimize intense reactions.  Without the diet, the body simply cannot properly eliminate many toxins.

4. One can begin with the ‘Free Program’ on this website.

5. It is definitely best to work with one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website at this link.  This is so that it is done correctly, and you have someone to consult when healing reactions occur.  Otherwise, deep and effective detoxification can be scary, and sometimes unsafe.




Cautions with newborns and infants.  Babies are generally less toxic than adults.  However, many are ill, even if they seem healthy. 

The main cause is nutritional deficiencies and toxic conditions in their mothers.  The babies’ condition is made much worse by vaccinations, antibiotics, and other drugs used today on babies and young children.

All babies need to be breastfed for about three years if they accept it.  In some instances, the mothers’ milk is not of good quality and the babies may reject it earlier.

Telling mothers to stop breastfeeding after the baby is 6 months or 1 year of age is among the worst advice that many doctors offer.  Mothers who follow a nutritional balancing program improve their milk quality very quickly.

Infants and young children do exceedingly on nutritional balancing programs.  Most of them handle healing reactions easily.  Most need just two or three supplements. 

The diet needs to be mainly cooked vegetables and some animal protein, with no fruit, no juices, no junk, and no shakes or smoothies.  Babies also benefit from foot reflexology, and ten to fifteen minutes of red heat lamp therapy on the abdomen.


Cautions with children and teens:


* Children are growing fast.  Never deprive them of protein, and plenty of cooked vegetables.  This means avoid “cleansing diets”, which we find are not needed.

* Children over the age of about 6 need extra omega-3 fatty acids, a vitamin D supplement, calcium and magnesium supplements, and iodine in the form of kelp. 

* If children won’t eat vegetables alone, set a good example, use toppings they like, disguise them, cook them in thick soups, and give them about 2-4 ounces of carrot juice.

They can also be given Veg-Easy or Juice Plus dried vegetables in a capsule.  Green “superfood” powders are not as good because they must be mixed with something sweet in a smoothie, they form bad food combinations, and because, unlike capsules, they go rancid much faster.

* Avoid herbal products, as children are much more sensitive to them than most adults. 

* Be careful with vitamin doses.  Some doctors give babies or children adult doses of vitamins or worse, herbs, many of which contain small amounts of toxic metals.

* Nutritional balancing supplement programs from the computer at Analytical Research Labs often need adjustments for children.  They are much more difficult for a computer to design.

* Children over the age of 5 or 6, and teens benefit greatly from saunas.  The sauna clears their acne, relaxes them, and removes many toxins easily and painlessly.  It may also assist their maturing process.

* Most healing reactions are benign.  Rashes in children are a very common healing reaction, as is fever.  With a proper program, these go away on their own.  Try not to give children drugs for healing reactions.

* Most fevers can be handled naturally.  Other articles on this website such as Infections discuss how to handle healing reactions and retracing in children.


            Detoxification programs during pregnancy and lactation.  Some are rightly concerned about placing pregnant women on detoxification programs.  I suggest avoiding most detoxification regimens at this time.

Initially, I was very skeptical about placing pregnant women on a nutritional balancing program because it is a powerful detoxification method.  However, after 36 years of personal experience, as well as checking with other nutritional balancing practitioners, the programs appear to be very safe.

Additionally, the health of the mother and child are much better if the mother follows a nutritional balancing program before, or even just during her pregnancy.

The breast milk is also of much better quality and there are fewer problems with breast feeding.  Often, the baby will continue to want the milk for a longer period of time, which is very beneficial.


          Breastfeeding and detoxification.  Nutritional balancing programs while breastfeeding are superb.  Very rarely, baby will develop colic due to one of the supplements or due to the elimination of a toxin that finds its way into the breast milk.

In these rare cases, you may have to try each product one at a time to discover if one or another of them is causing the reaction.  Another idea is to take one’s nutritional supplements soon after breastfeeding so the supplements will be thoroughly assimilated before the next breastfeeding.


Detoxification in older or very ill people.  Older people have less ability to remove toxins due to lower vitality and often due to a more sluggish oxidation rate.  Therefore, begin slowly and gently with them.  Those over the age of about 83 usually need fewer supplements.




Avoid all fasts, especially any over about 2-3 days.  These are quite unsafe, in my view.  I worked as the medical director at a natural hygiene fasting spa for several years.  I found that the bodies are so toxic, so yin and so depleted today that books written about fasting 50 years ago, as most were, no longer apply.  Clients who consult me after fasting are often more depleted and worse off than before the fast, although some symptoms may have improved.

Avoid most herbs and herbal cleanses.  Among products that can be somewhat toxic are cloves, wormwood, black walnut, yellow dock, bugleweed and other commonly used herbs.  Even safe herbs may contain small amounts of toxic metals and other impurities that are hard to trace, but cause problems eventually if used continuously for more than a few weeks.

Avoid putting salt of any kind into drinking water.  This removes some toxins.  However, it also unbalances the macrominerals and causes subtle mineral losses that may take months to notice and are difficult to correct.

Cleansing diets and other cleanses.  These are not needed with nutritional balancing and slow a person’s progress in almost all cases.  Fruit diets and juice fasts, for example, are okay for a few days, but are very incomplete and cause more nutritional deficiencies.  They are also too yin, similar to fasting, and they slow the metabolic rate in most cases.  If you must do them, limit them to a few days at the most.

Clay baths. Some doctors like these.  However, clay is high in aluminum and other toxic metals.  Once in a while they are fine and will pull certain toxins from the body.  Definitely avoid long-term use and preferably use other methods.

Ionic foot baths such as the Q2, Biocleanse and others cause some detoxification.  However, they are harmful and should be avoided altogether.  They seem to spin the energy centers improperly.  They may be okay for those who are over 75, but no one else.

Alkaline water. Avoid all alkaline water.  Symptomatic improvement may occur.  However, they make the body yin and may have other problems.  Two people contacted me recently who slowly developed severe metal poisoning from this type of water.  Read Water For Drinking for more details on the problems with alkaline water.

Swishing oil in the mouth. This Ayurvedic method was great when the world was not totally polluted, as it is today.  It will do little for modern toxic mankind, as it is just not powerful enough.

Detox foot pads from Japan.  These are an older herbal detoxification method.  They are fine, but not very powerful.

Chelation.  This has been discussed earlier.  It is not needed and usually harmful in subtle ways.  All chelators remove beneficial minerals along with toxic ones.  There is never any need for a “metal detox” product or program if one is using nutritional balancing science because all the toxic metals will gently be removed in a natural sequence without the problems these products can cause.






An important purpose of detoxification of the body is to permit better manufacturing or biosynthesis of all body chemicals.  This helps prevent some genetic defects, and can greatly improve anyone’s health.

The DNA itself does not require detoxification.  However, the fluid of the nucleus of each cell, called the nucleoplasm, can benefit greatly from detoxification. 

The nucleoplasm or fluid in the nucleus of each cell is the site where all the chemicals in our bodies are manufactured.  When this fluid contains too many toxic metals and toxic chemicals, some of them can find their way into our body chemicals such as our hormones, enzymes, proteins and others.

Analogy.  This is exactly like making computers or cars in a filthy factory.  Some of the dirt and grime tends to get into the finished products, and damages them.

Similarly, the genetically defective chemicals, sometimes called pleomorphisms, cause many symptoms in the body.  They also have to do with aging and death.

The worst of these toxins for your genes and chromosomes are toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, antimony, beryllium, bromine and, less often, a few others!  Please remember this.




Traumas are a type of injury to the brain that act somewhat like a toxin.  They get in the way of normal functioning of the brain an cause symptoms such as post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias and more.

Releasing traumas is something like releasing toxins from the body.  For details, read Trauma Release on this site. 




Infections have a cleansing or detoxifying effect upon the body.  An example is a common cold.  One’s nose runs for a week, and this may eliminate some toxic substances from the nasal area.

This is part of the nature-cure theory that infectious organisms are not only opportunists.  They are also helpful for mopping up toxins in the body.  The theory is that infectious organisms only cause disease if there is present debris or toxins that need removal.

If this theory is correct, one should not suppress infections with antibiotics, herbs or other products unless the infection is life-threatening.  Instead, one should detoxify the body, and the infection will subside.

In fact, this is the preferred method of handling infections with a nutritional balancing program.  We do not like to use antibiotics, or even natural “germ killers” such as grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, olive leaf extract or other toxic products.

Instead, we recommend coffee enemas, infrared lamp sauna therapy, and foot reflexology to promote detoxification and balancing of the body.  We also recommend a diet of chicken soup or other mild food, along with plenty of rest.  In this way, most infections go away easily without a need for suppressive drugs of any kind.

Making things worse.  In contrast, using suppressive drugs, as shown in medical studies of antibiotic therapy for ear infections, for example, often causes a recurrence of the infection.  The reason is simple.  The drugs (or some herbs) kill the “bugs”, the toxic terrain of the body remains.  So another infection often follows.

Eventually, the drugs don’t work as well.  Doctors call this “antibiotic resistance”.  It can be due to mutated germs.  However, it can also occur because the body has become more and more toxic due to the suppressive drug methods of treatment.  As a result, there is just too much “food” (really toxins) available for the infection to feed upon.

Suppressive methods such as antibiotics also add more toxins to the body because the drugs, or even health food store remedies, are often somewhat toxic themselves.  This also can contribute to future infections.




Our bodies use three common minerals as cleansers.  These same minerals are used in industry for similar purposes.


1. Sulfur.  Sulfur is a fiery mineral, a direct copper antagonist, and a general cleansing mineral.  It grabs on tightly to toxic metals, in particular.

Sulfur is found in many foods including radishes of all kinds, and the cruciferous vegetables, especially cabbage.  Those who do not eat many cooked vegetables do not get enough sulfur, and this impairs their detoxification significantly.

The form of sulfur in meats and eggs is one reason we recommend these foods, as they help with liver detoxification.  Vegetarian diets lack this form of sulfur.  Too much meat, however, is not helpful.  One reason is that sulfur is an acid-forming mineral, so one must moderate the amount eaten as meat and eggs.


2. Chlorine.  This is a completely different kind of cleansing mineral.  It is an oxidizer.  This means that it causes oxygen to combine with toxins.  This destroy many types of toxins, especially toxic chemicals and some viruses, bacteria and fungi.  It is like putting bleach in your laundry because bleach kills many germs.

There is enough chlorine in sea salt so that most people are getting enough of this mineral.


3. Boron.  This is also a cleansing mineral, and works somewhat like chlorine.  It also kills some bacteria and viruses. 

Boron is a trace mineral found in many foods.  Excellent sources are broccoli, green beans and other vegetables and grains.  The best form to get it is from food.




            The loss of the menstrual blood each month in young women is a method of detoxification.  Many women notice the blood is a dark color, and sometimes smelly.  It is a benefit for these women, although they may not view it that way.




            Development programs are very unique among all healing programs in that they cause development.  This, in turn, causes the deepest detoxification of the body that we have seen.

The development process restores the thymus gland and later the Peyer’s patches, both of which become congested and less active in most people after age 40.  These are just two ways that development assists detoxification.  For details, read Introduction To Development.

UPDATE. 2016.  A recent finding is that Mellow White Miso by Cold Mountain can transmute or change mercury into a more benign substance and help eliminate it.




During a development program, we have observed eliminations of metals, chemicals, medical drugs and parasites by many routes.  These include through the urine, feces, bile, sweat, tongue, ears, nose, scalp, the vagina or penis, the skin, and the fingernails.

Here is a brief explanation of common colors of discharges.


Black.  Often this is an elimination of iron or manganese, which have a black color when oxidized.  Digested blood is also black, and sometimes a person will eliminate this, usually in the feces, if there has been bleeding in the upper intestines.


Red.  Nickel, in some forms, has a reddish color.  Iron and copper also have reddish colors, in some forms and these may come out on the skin or elsewhere in boils or other discharges.

Fresh blood, especially if it is well-oxygenated, is also a bright red color.  Blood that is less well-oxygenated has a purplish color.


Yellow shades.  Some infections produce toxins that are yellow.  These are common, for example, in discharges from the lungs and bronchial tubes.  Yeasts are sometimes a yellowish color, although they can also be a cream color.  Mucus can be yellowish, as well.


Green.  Bile is a bright emerald green color. Sometimes this shows up in vomit, for example, or in the stool when the body eliminates a lot of bile quickly.

Infections in the sinuses, lungs and bronchial tubes also often produce greenish mucus, which can be a dark or light green depending on the severity of the infection and the type of infection.

Copper oxide is a green or teal color.  Think of the statue of liberty in New York and other brass structures that have a greenish tint to them.  I once saw a greenish tint on a person’s eyeglasses that was due to a copper elimination.


Brown.  Some infections produce brownish mucus or discharges.  Partially digested blood or dried blood can be a brown color, as well.


Silvery.  Eliminations of aluminum, and perhaps eliminations of other metals such as zinc or cadmium can produce a silvery discharge.  Lead elimination can produce a grayish silvery discharge, as well.


Blue.  Two centuries ago, wealthy people often ate on silver plates and used silver forks, knives and spoons to eat on.  This was a status symbol, but it also reduced infection.  They were nicknamed “the bluebloods”, and the term is still used today to describe wealthy people.  

The term referred to the fact that ingesting ionic silver (not colloidal silver) tends to cause a buildup of silver in the skin, and it turns the skin a slightly bluish color.


Medical drugs are of all colors, and often contain artificial colors to give the pills a more pleasant appearance.  Many of these drugs and coloring agents do not biodegrade inside the body.  

Some will come out of the body during a development program.  When this occurs, they can turn the urine, the stool, the sweat or other discharges almost any color.


Parasitic organisms.  These are often a color similar to flesh, in my experience.  They are sometimes very difficult to distinguish from simply an elimination of intestinal lining, for example.  Some are a whitish or brownish color, as well.




We include the following article reprint because it helps one understand the need for eating lots of the preferred vegetables and cooking them well.  We believe there are more detoxification pathways than the ones listed in this article.  However, the six Phase II pathways are a good start.

The detoxification system of the body consists of three phases that process toxins for excretion from the body.  The Phase I detoxification pathway is responsible for breaking fat-soluble toxins down and then sending the metabolites to the Phase II detoxification pathways, which builds new substances from the metabolites by adding molecules to them, which is called conjugation.

The purpose of the addition or conjugation of new substances to the Phase I toxic metabolites is to convert them into water-soluble forms and make them easier to transport, more stable and more functional for the body to excrete.  Once the toxic metabolites are conjugated by Phase II substances, Phase III molecules transport the stable toxins out of the body through the urine and/or bile.

There are at least six Phase II detoxification pathways in the body.  Each conjugation pathway serves a specific purpose of detoxifying certain toxins and requires specific nutrients to function.  The six detoxification pathways include:

Š              Glutathione conjugation

Š              Methylation

Š              Sulfation

Š              Acylation/Glycation

Š              Acetylation

Š              Glucuronidation

These six conjugation pathways are found primarily in the liver and in various other locations within the body:


Locations of Phase 2 Conjugation Pathways

Conjugation System

Location in Body

Acylation/Glycation conjugation

liver, kidney

Glutathione conjugation

liver, kidney


liver, kidney, intestine, lung, skin, prostate, brain


liver, lung, spleen, gastric mucosa, RBCs, lymphocytes


liver, kidney, intestine


liver, kidney, lung, CNS

Source:  Liston HL, Markowitz JS, DeVane CL (October 2001). “Drug glucuronidation in clinical psychopharmacology”. J Clin Psychopharmacol 21 (5): 500–15. doi:10.1097/00004714-200110000-00008. PMID 11593076

In order for each conjugation pathways to function properly, they require specific nutrients.  These nutrients are listed in the Table below:


Phase II Conjugation Pathways









Glutathione conjugation

Glutathione is an intracellular antioxidant. It is synthesized from the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is synthesized from the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. Glutathione conjugation is used to eliminate toxins through the lungs, intestines and kidneys, as well as the liver. Exposure to high levels of toxins and heavy metals deplete glutathione faster than it can be replenished

Fat soluble toxins: solvents, herbicides, fungicides, hydrocarbons and lipid peroxides. Heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead). Nicotine and toxins from tobacco smoke. Alcohol

Cruciferous vegetables, Vitamin C, Alpha lipoic acid, whey protein, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Glutamine and methionine, milk thistle


Methylation conjugates toxins to methyl groups, particularly the amino acid methionine

Hormones: estrogen, melatonin. Neurotransmitters: Epinephrine and norepinephrine, dopamine, histamine, serotonin. It converts pyridine, sulphites and hypochlorites into compounds excreted through the lungs

Amino acid: methionine, B-Vitamins: B12, B6 and Folic acid, Choline, Betaine (TMG), Magnesium, Zinc, SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine)


Conjugates toxins to sulfur compounds. Sulfation requires sulphate and is limited by the amount present in the body. Sulphate may be ingested from food, but is also produced by the action of the enzyme cysteine dioxygenase on the amino acid cysteine. Sulfoxidation, a final stage of methylation, transforms toxic sulfites into sulfate

acetaminophen, Food additives: aspartame, Hormones and neurotransmitters: cortisol, thyroid, steroidal, Toxins from intestinal bacteria, Various environmental toxins, Xenoestrogens

Methionine and cysteine, sulfur rich vegetables, B Vitamins: B1, B2 and B12, Magnesium, Zinc, MSM, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Indole-3-Carbinol

Amino Acid Conjugation: Acylation/Glycination

Attaching toxins to amino acids glycine, glutamine and tuarine. Attaching toxins to glycine is also known as glycination

Benzoate, Salycilates (aspirin), Toluene (industrial solvent)

Protein-rich foods, Amino acids: glycine, taurine, glutamine, arginine, and ornithine


Attaches acetyl co-A to toxins. Poor acetylation prolongs the life span of drugs and other toxic chemicals in the body, thus enhancing their toxicity

Neurotransmitters: histamine, serotonin, Salicylic acid, PABA, Sulfa drugs, environmental toxins, tobacco smoke, exhaust fumes

Pantothenic acid (B5), Vitamin C, Thiamine (Vitamin B1)



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