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The hydrogen peroxide implant is an extremely powerful healing and development procedure. Its purpose is to quickly and thoroughly clean up many infections inside the vagina, and in men infections on the penis and male groin area. It can also be used by men and women for infections in the anal region and surrounding tissues.

WARNING. If you have very severe infections in the vagina, on the penis or in the anal region, begin with a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide. This is not so much to avoid a burn, which can occur if you use a solution of about 6% or greater. It is to avoid powerful purification reactions.

In some cases, a one-hour peroxide implant session will end brain fog for a woman permanently! Without this procedure, getting rid of brain fog might take months or longer.

A vaginal peroxide implant is not the same as the peroxide bath. The implant is more powerful than the peroxide bath, more yang in macrobiotic terminology, and easier to do than a peroxide bath.

The peroxide bath is needed, however, if you want to clean up the outside of the vagina, the legs and the abdomen. After a rape or even after sex, a woman can acquire infections in all of these areas.

The peroxide bath is also not the same or a substitute for vaginal coffee implants or the genital bath. The coffee implants work on the lymphatic system, remove witchcraft that is used against women today, remove prongs and points, remove memories and sexual traumas, and more. The genital bath is used more for bladder infections and to move energy downward through the body, although all these procedures help to move energy in a downward direction.


Basically, the procedure is to keep adding a solution of about 6% hydrogen peroxide to the vagina until it stops bubbling up. However, as explained above, if you have a lot of infection, begin with a much weaker solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Two procedures. We believe the best method is to position the hips correctly and then pour a peroxide solution into the vagina until is stops bubbling up.

However, an alternative method is to soak a small, soft cloth with the peroxide solution and stuff it deep into the vagina. This method is described after the pouring method.



1. Something to elevate the hips. This can be done with some thick pillows. Instead, you could use a few foam rubber wedges that are sold to elevate the head of a bed. Another option is to buy a small inflatable beach ball or even a bean bag. You will put these under the hips to elevate them.

Another option is to use a slant board or a massage table that has one end higher than the other. You could use any surface that is slanted such as a large piece of plywood. Be sure it is fastened securely so that it is safe to lie upon.

2. 35% (food grade) hydrogen peroxide. We recommend buying a large container of this, such as one gallon, because it has many uses.

Standard 3% hydrogen peroxide sold in drug stores can be used if this is all you can find, but it won’t work quite as well because it is a little weak.

3. Water to dilute the 35% peroxide. You can use any clean water. However, some women prefer to use distilled water if you can buy it.

4. Something to pour or implant the peroxide solution into the vagina. You can use a large glass or plastic measuring cup to pour the peroxide into the vagina. An alternative that many women prefer is to place the peroxide solution inside an enema bag or enema bucket. Then hang the enema bag or bucket on the wall or somewhere else nearby at least 1 foot above your body. Implant the solution into the vagina by putting the enema tip into the vagina and opening the clamp.

5. Several towels to soak up the peroxide that bubbles up and comes out of the vagina. We suggest using light-colored towels because the peroxide might bleach the color out of dark-colored towels.


Preparing the hydrogen peroxide. Most people can handle a 5% or 6% peroxide solution in the vagina, around the penis and around the anal area.

To make this, mix together 1 part 35% peroxide with 6 parts water.

If you have extensive infection, begin with a 1% solution and increase the potency slowly. To make a 1% solution, buy 3% peroxide in the drug store and mix one part peroxide with two parts water to make a 1% solution.

You can use a plastic or glass measuring cup. You can also just combine the water and peroxide in an enema bag or enema bucket that you will use to implant the peroxide solution into the vagina.

Be careful because 35% peroxide is very corrosive. If you spill it on your hand, it will burn your skin. It can also burn and damage any painted surfaces. So work with it slowly and carefully.

Where to do the procedure. The procedure is quite clean. Some peroxide will bubble up and you will soak it up with a few towels. You can do the procedure in bed, on the bathroom floor, on a slant board or tilted massage table, or in the bathtub.

Positioning the body. You will need to position the body with the hips elevated so that the vagina is straight up and down. Your head will be down and the hips tilted up in the air to some degree.

Elevating the hips. To figure out exactly how much to elevate your hips, gently and carefully place a chop stick or other similar-shaped item deep inside the vagina. Then elevate the hips with your head downward until the object is perfectly vertical. This is the right angle for the hips.


Position the body. Lie down with your hips at the proper angle so that the vagina is straight up and down. Put a towel under your hips to catch the peroxide that will spill and bubble out of the vagina.

Test your peroxide. Slowly place a few drops of the peroxide solution into the vagina. This is a test to be sure the solution is not too strong and that it does not burn you. If the vagina feels okay, then proceed to the next step.

If the peroxide burns you, you must reduce the potency by adding a little more water to the peroxide solution. After adding the water, test it again. You might have to do this a few times until the peroxide just does not burn you.

Add more peroxide. Now slowly place more of the hydrogen peroxide solution into the vagina. When it starts to spill out or bubble out, stop adding more. Just let it bubble up until the bubbling stops. Then add more peroxide.

Repeat this step until the peroxide spills out of the vagina without bubbling up. This will mean you have killed off the infections in the vagina and your session is over. This can take 5 to 60 minutes, depending upo how much infection is present. Repeat sessions are usually a little shorter in length, although not always.

Cleanup. Some peroxide can remain in the vagina. You need not wash it out and it is best if it remains. You can take a shower to clean up if you wish, but it is not necessary.


This alternative method may be a little faster because it does not require angling the hips. However, it may not work as well and you must get the cloth to go all the way to the back of the vagina. It is also not as good if you have vaginal dryness because the cloth will irritate the vagina.

With this method, you prepare the peroxide solution in exactly the same way as described above. Then lie down in the bathtub or anywhere and put a towel under you to catch the peroxide that will spill or bubble out.

Then saturate a small washcloth with the peroxide solution and stuff it deep into the vagina. It needs to go all the way to the back.

Allow the peroxide to bubble out. When it stops bubbling, remove the cloth, rinse it off and put more peroxide on it and repeat the procedure. Do this several times until no more bubbles appear. Then your session is over.


How often to repeat the procedure. When starting a development program, most women have some infection in the vagina and need this procedure. Also, at first the flora and other problems of the vagina will make it impossible to keep the area perfectly clean. Therefore, you will want to repeat the procedure.

Sometimes you will know when to repeat the procedure because you will start to feel itchy, have brain fog or feel sick or tired when the vagina reinfects. We suggest doing it once a week or so, at first. Later, if you follow a development program, you will not reinfect nearly as easily.

If you are sexually active, you may reinfect more quickly if your partner has infections and you don’t use condoms. Some women do this procedure after every sexual encounter. It is much more thorough and clean than just douching, which is washing out the vagina with water or some other product such as soap and water.


If you have vaginal dryness. In this case, be sure to test the peroxide solution. You may have to use more dilute peroxide so as not to irritate the vagina. A development program eventually ends vaginal dryness.

Parasites. Occasionally, a woman will see worms or other parasites come out the vagina. This is a bit scary, but of course it is best to get them all out. If this occurs, just keep doing the procedure.

Young girls. This procedure is safe for women and girls of all ages. For young girls, begin with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. However, some can tolerate a 5 or 6% solution without pain and this is more powerful.

Little girls sometimes put dirty objects into the vagina during play. The peroxide implant is excellent to clean them up if they develop an infection. We think it is far less traumatic than going to a doctor’s office.

Burns. If your peroxide solution is too strong, it can burn the vagina. In this case, immediately rinse out the vagina with plain water. You can apply some aloe very get to the vagina to soothe the area.

We have never heard of someone experiencing a bad burn if you remember to always test the solution by using just a drop or two at first before pouring in the rest of the peroxide.


When beginning a development program. When starting a development program, we believe ALL women should do this procedure. We think it will jump start your program, sometimes in an amazing way.

Most women have some infections inside the vagina, even if you have had no sexual contact at all. This area of the body is just prone to infection because it is warm, moist, and difficult to keep perfectly clean.

For infections or irritation. For getting rid of infections inside the vagina, the vaginal peroxide implant is much more powerful than vaginal coffee implants, peroxide baths or genital baths. If one needs to get rid of infections on the outside of the vagina or on the legs or abdomen, then peroxide baths are needed. The latter is common with a rape or possibly with other sexual encounters.

Vaginal coffee implants are excellent after at least one vaginal peroxide implant. The coffee cleans up the lymph system, removes prongs and witchcraft that is used against women, helps heal infections, and does many other things as well. For details, read Vaginal Coffee Implants.

After sex, molestation, rape or even after swimming in a lake or pool. The procedure is excellent to do after any experience that might introduce infection into the vagina.

During childbirth. Many babies pick up infections as they pass through the birth canal. A vaginal peroxide implant at the beginning of labor can reduce this hazard of childbirth.

For cancer prevention. Many women worry about cervical and vaginal cancer. Peroxide implants will help keep this area of the body much cleaner and therefore may help prevent some cancers.

For abnormal pap smear results. At times, an abnormal pap smear test is due to infection in the vagina. Clearing the infections will correct the test. We don’t believe this test is needed if one follows a development program. In fact, it can introduce infection into the vagina.

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