by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health conditions.

WARNING. 4/1/21. Someone may be putting something in the peroxide that makes the peroxide burn more after it has been opened for more than a week. To avoid this problem, replace your bottle of 3% peroxide about once a week, even if that means wasting a little of it. Peroxide can be stored provided the bottle is sealed tightly.

NOTE. 1/1/21 - We do not recommend Degasa brand of 3% hydrogen peroxide. It has a strong chemical smell. Hydrogen peroxide should not have a smell, so this product is obviously not pure. This brand is made in Mexico and sold in the United States and perhaps elsewhere.

WARNING 12/2020. Regular hydrogen peroxide sold in the stores can be too strong. It is supposed to be 3%, according to the label, but it can be 6 percent, or more. This can cause a painful burn!

At first, try only a few drops of peroxide. If your peroxide implant causes burning, dilute the peroxide just until the burning stops!

UPDATE - 11/2020. This article formerly contained instructions for the peroxide procedure for men. These instructions are now in a separate article, Peroxide Implants For Men.












The hydrogen peroxide implant procedure and the more extensive peroxide process have quickly become one of the most powerful and most essential parts of the development program.

For women, in particular. So far, all women with whom we have consulted need the peroxide implant procedure. This is not true of men, some of whom do not seem to need it, or it is not too important for them.

We theorize that the reasons all women need it are: women have a lot more delicate organs in the pelvic area than do men. Also, women’s genital organs are much more prone to infection because they are difficult to clean properly, hidden from view, and are literally a breeding ground for infection.

In addition, women are much more prone to molestation, rape and other abuse that leaves traces and traumas to this area of the body. Finally, women - particularly their reproductive organs - are a major target of the Rogues, who want all women diseased, terrified and humiliated. Men are often attacked in other ways by the rogues.

The procedure. One puts a small quantity of dilute hydrogen peroxide (usually about 3%) into the vagina. This quickly and thoroughly cleans up many infections in this area.

However, the procedure does much more than this! It seems able to clear deep traumas to the whole body. This is somewhat mysterious, but very safe and very effective. Some women say it takes a little courage to do this procedure, but it is well worth it!

The peroxide process. We are finding that a woman moves through stages of cleansing and purification of the entire body and mind when one does the peroxide implants each day or at least a few times a week for a few months. We call this the peroxide process or stages of cleansing. It is quite amazing!

WARNING. If you are sensitive or have severe infections in the vagina or in the anal region, begin with only a 1% solution or less of hydrogen peroxide. This is not only to avoid a burn. It is also to avoid powerful purification reactions.

Also, begin with only one drop of hydrogen peroxide. Some women have no problem with peroxide, while a few others must begin very gently and work up slowly.


For example, in some instances, a one-hour peroxide implant will end brain fog for a woman permanently! Without this procedure, getting rid of brain fog might take months or much longer. A number of people also report feeling much, much happier after even one or a few peroxide implant sessions.


The reason the peroxide therapy works so well is that peroxide today contains special souls. They are quite advanced and they may speak to you during the therapy sessions. Several clients have reported this.

These advanced souls decide the order in which traumas will be retraced. They base the order on the seriousness of the trauma and what they believe the person can handle.


Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. When applied to the body, if the peroxide encounters an infection or dead tissue, one of the oxygen atoms dissociates from the peroxide molecule and burns up the toxin or dead tissue. This causes a bubbling of the peroxide. The end product of peroxide breakdown is water (H2O).


The procedure is to keep adding a solution of about 3-6% hydrogen peroxide to the vagina until it stops bubbling up. As explained above, some women need to begin with a much weaker solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Two procedures. There are two ways to do the procedure. One can either pour peroxide into the vagina or one can soak a washrag or soft cloth in peroxide and stuff it deep into the vagina. The pouring method is a little better when one begins doing the procedure because the peroxide will usually bubble out and it is easier to add more with the pouring method.

However, the stuffing method may be more comfortable because you don’t have to angle your hips and for maintenance later in the process, the peroxide won’t bubble up as much and the cloth can remain inside and you can walk around the house with it. Here are the details:



1. A way to angle your hips so the vagina is vertical. Women need to position the body with the hips elevated so that the vagina is more or less straight up and down. The hips tilted up in the air to some degree.


Several methods are:

A. Foam rubber wedges. A newer method that is working well is to buy one or two wedge-shaped pillows at Walmart or another store. These are made of foam rubber and are usually used to elevate a person’s head and back when lying in bed.

For the vaginal peroxide implant procedure, the thin side of the wedge will be near your head and the thick side will be at your hips. This will elevate the hips. You can then lie comfortably and cover up in bed.

Some women will need two wedges in order to elevate the hips enough so the vagina is vertical and the peroxide will stay inside.

B. The bathtub. Put a yoga mat in the bathtub. Lie down on your back with your feet up on the front corners of the bathtub. Then elevate the hips with an inflatable pillow or some thick towels.

C. The slant board. Use a slant board to raise the hips.

D. A massage table. Lie on a massage table that has one end higher than the other. In fact, you could use any surface that is slanted such as a large piece of plywood. Be sure it is fastened securely so that it is safe to lie upon.

E. On the floor. Lie on the floor on your back with a towel or yoga mat under your back for comfort . Then raise your legs and place them against a wall. You may still need a foam rubber wedge, a high pillow, a pile of books or some towels to put under your hips.

2. 3% peroxide from the drug store. The peroxide should not have a smell. We do not recommend Degasa brand of peroxide, which has a strong chemical smell.

An alternative is to buy 35% food grade peroxide and dilute it down to about 3%. This requires mixing together 1 part 35% peroxide with about 11 parts water.

Be careful because 35% peroxide is very corrosive. If you spill it on your hand, it will burn your skin. It can also burn and damage any painted surfaces. So work with it slowly and carefully.

WARNING. Some 3% hydrogen peroxide sold in the drug store or supermarkets is too strong. It can burn you. Always test your peroxide at the beginning of each session by starting with a very small amount. If it is too strong, add a little water just until it does not burn.

If you have extensive infection, begin with a 1% solution and increase the potency slowly. To make a 1% solution, buy 3% peroxide in the drug store and mix one part peroxide with two parts water to make a 1% solution.

3. Something to pour or implant the peroxide solution into the vagina. You can use a plastic measuring cup to pour the peroxide into the vagina. An alternative is to place the peroxide solution inside an enema bag or enema bucket. Then hang the enema bag or bucket on the wall or somewhere else nearby at least 1 foot above your body.

The douching tip. If you use an enema bag or bucket, use the larger douching tip that comes with most enema bags. It works better for putting things into the vagina than the smaller enema tip.

Another alternative is to use a plastic syringe designed to implant solutions in the vagina. These are inexpensive. See

If you are very sensitive, begin by using an eye dropper and start with just a drop or a few drops of peroxide at a time.

4. Several towels to soak up the peroxide that bubbles up and comes out of the vagina. We suggest using light-colored towels because the peroxide might bleach the color out of dark-colored towels. Besides, we never recommend dark-colored anything! For details, read Color. Peroxide is very clean so the towels will stay quite clean.


Position the body. Lie down with your hips at the proper angle so that the vagina is straight up and down. Put a towel under your hips to catch the peroxide that will spill and bubble out of the vagina.

Test your peroxide. Some peroxide sold today is too strong! Slowly place a few drops of the peroxide solution into the vagina. This is a test to be sure the solution is not too strong and that it does not burn you. If the vagina feels okay, then proceed to the next step.

If the peroxide burns you, you must reduce the potency by adding a little more water to the peroxide solution. After adding the water, test it again. You might have to do this a few times until the peroxide just does not burn you.


Add more peroxide. Now slowly place more hydrogen peroxide solution into the vagina. When it starts to spill out or bubble out, stop adding more. Just let it bubble up until the bubbling stops. Then add more peroxide.

Repeat this step, adding more peroxide until it stops bubbling up. This will mean your session is over. Sessions can last 10 to 60 minutes.

Many women find they can only tolerate 15 to 20 minutes of the procedure at first. Some can tolerate the procedure for up to one hour.

Renewing the peroxide. Every 10 to 15 minutes squeeze out any peroxide that is in the vagina and replace it with new peroxide. This is needed because peroxide that stays in too long will lose its potency.

Ideally, keep the peroxide bottle slightly open and nearby. This way some of the souls that live in the peroxide will go back into the bottle.


Rest afterwards. Most women report needing to rest for up to 15 minutes after doing a peroxide implant.

Cleanup. Some peroxide can remain in the vagina. You need not wash it out and it is best if it remains. You can take a shower to clean up if you wish, but it is not necessary.

Dressing. Put on clean underpants after doing the procedure.

Repeating. Repeat the procedure daily or almost daily to move through the cleanup process.


This alternative method may be a little faster because it does not require angling the hips. However, it does not work as well for three reasons:

1. You cannot keep adding peroxide as easily. You can drip more peroxide onto the cloth, but it won’t saturate it well. The only other way to get more peroxide in is to remove the cloth and spray or dip it in peroxide again.

2. You must get the cloth to go all the way to the back of the vagina. This is not so easy for some women.

3. If you have vaginal dryness or irritation, the cloth will irritate the vagina.

However, this method has the advantage that you can put a cloth inside the vagina soaked in peroxide and walk around with it for several hours.


Prepare the peroxide solution the same way as described above.

Then saturate a small washcloth with the peroxide solution and while standing, sitting or lying down, stuff it deep into the vagina. It needs to go all the way to the back. It is best to use a blunt object such as a piece of broom handle to push it all the way to the back of the vagina.

If the peroxide bubbles out a lot, it is best to keep adding more peroxide OR use the pouring method described above. However, at times it won’t bubble out much. In that case, you can put on a pad and underpants and walk around with the cloth stuffed in the vagina.

Cleanup, resting and repeating are the same as for the pouring method.


How often to repeat the procedure. The vaginal peroxide implant procedure is really a process. It begins with the cleanup stage and progresses through four stages, as explained above.

We recommend repeating the procedure many times to move through all the stages. This will require at least several months or somewhat longer. It is well worth the time and effort.

When starting a development program, most all women have some infection in the vagina and need this procedure. Also, at first the flora and other problems of the vagina will make it impossible to keep the area perfectly clean.

At times, you will know when to repeat the procedure because you will start to feel itchy, have brain fog, or feel sick or tired when the vagina reinfects. As you move the stages, and if you follow a development program, you will not reinfect nearly as easily.

If you are sexually active, you may need the procedure as long as sexual activity continues. Some women do this procedure after every sexual encounter. It is much more thorough and clean than just douching, which is washing out the vagina with water and perhaps with soap.


The effects of peroxide implants are striking and are listed in two place in this article. This section discusses some general effects.

The next section of the article, entitled Phases Of The Peroxide Procedure, discusses many more effects.


1. Local Healing Effects. This is mainly the removal of infection by the peroxide. This causes the healing of lesions and scars in and around the vagina. It also causes toxin release, at times with temporary discharges or some bleeding.

2. Reflex Effects or Effects Elsewhere in the Body. The vagina has a reflex system that connects with all parts of the body. For example, the back of the vagina reflexes to the head. This is why any sex that impacts the back of the vagina will affect the brain. This effect is used by the rogue rapists. The bottom of the vagina reflexes to the back.

As a result of reflex effects, during a peroxide implant session or at any time one may have sensations in any part of the body.

They tend to be mild feelings of pain or pressure. However, they can be unusual such as healing of a tooth or other problem anywhere in the body.

This is a type of retracing. Retracing is a temporary flare-up of old symptoms that can be annoying or scary, at times, but in fact is a wonderful sign of deep healing. We discuss retracing later in this article.


Introducing hydrogen peroxide into the vagina quickly floods the area with oxygen. Some is also absorbed in the vagina and travels through the blood and lymph to all areas of the body.

- Killing. Oxygen destroys many types of microorganisms that do not belong in the body.

- Cleansing. Mixing chemicals with oxygen destroys most chemicals.

- Body healing. Oxygen helps heal all tissues of the body. It is needed for many chemical reactions involved in healing.

- Brain healing. Oxygen is extremely important for the brain. The brain uses a lot of oxygen for certain chemical reactions and other activities. There are at least a dozen positive impacts of oxygen on the brain and nervous system.

- A life effect. Oxygen is absolutely essential for human life. Flooding the body with oxygen has a “life effect” that enhances the overall vitality of the body.

- Time effects. Oxygen tends to retard aging and has a general rejuvenating effect. In this sense, it reverses time.

- Enhances reproduction. Oxygen helps promote egg and sperm formation and activity. It also improves the quality of many tissues associated with reproduction.

- Enhances the immune response. Oxygen is critical for the immune cells and the entire immune response of the body.

- Other body systems. Oxygen is absolutely required for all body systems.

- Causes the return of some souls to the body. This occurs, in part, because it improves the quality of the body tissues. However, other mechanisms are also involved.

- Spinning the energy centers correctly. It can help reverse an improper spin of the seventh and other physical energy centers of the body. Trauma often causes an improper direction of spin of the body’s seven physical energy centers.

- Heals the liver. Hydrogen peroxide can help cleanse, balance and undo other damage to the liver.

- Spiritual healing. Some clients report passing through a type of spiritual healing crisis or “spiritual pain” during peroxide implant sessions. It is an unpleasant, anxious feeling that some describe as an emptiness or agony.

Unfortunately, it causes some clients to stop doing the procedure. Please do not stop! We believe the feeling has to do with the correction of a reversed flow of subtle energy through the body - and it will pass. For more details, read the New Earth Blog post of 11/9/20.

- Other such as teeth. At least three of our clients reported that a painful abscessed tooth cleared up during a peroxide implant session.

The clients could feel the change occurring during the session and have had no further problems with these teeth since doing the peroxide session.

Healing a tooth with vaginal peroxide might seem to make no sense. However, recall that the vagina contains a reflex system. The reflexes go to all areas of the body. The back of the vagina reflexes to the head area. For this reason, it is entirely possible that if the peroxide cleaned up a lesion in this area that it could cause healing of a tooth.


The effects of peroxide implants can be divided into four phases:

Phase 1 - Basic cleansing. This is needed by all adult women and many children. It consists of a number of sessions in which the peroxide slowly clears layers of infection and, more importantly, clears imprints due mainly to sexual activity or molestation.

This phase requires 50 or more peroxide implant sessions. One will know it is complete when the vagina feels quite clean at the start of a session.

Phase 2 - Deeper cleaning. This phase is a continuation of Phase 1. It may be vigorous, especially if there has been a lot of sexual trauma. This is the situation with almost all adult women. For details, read Rape, The Rape Planet, and Beatings.

Phase 3 – Virginity? Some believe there is a third phase, while others think that Phase 2 just continues for a number of years with deeper and deeper cleanup.

Those who think there is a third phase say it is a higher level of cleanliness. We call this a kind of virginity. The vaginal area is fairly free of infection. Most women have never felt this way, even as girls. For details, read Virginity.

In this phase, ALL women and girls develop unusual abilities such as mental telepathy and others. Some women have the abilities much earlier, but those who believe in this phase of cleaning up say that in Phase 3, everyone gets the abilities.

There is also an increase in happiness and lightness of the body. One smiles more and it feels like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. It is as though sexual activity weighs one down and needs to be cleared with this procedure. Women report feeling like innocent little girls, no matter what traumas they have experienced.

The highest state of being. We believe this is the natural state of being for a woman!

Phase 4 – more rapid development. This phase is even more unclear at this time, in part because very few women have done the peroxide procedure long enough to experience it. Others don't think it is a separate phase, but just a continuation of the cleansing process.

Some say that in this phase the deep healing process called Development occurs faster. This is exciting because women develop slower than men. Any method to speed up development for women is excellent.



1. The death cycle. If a woman has experienced rape, when one retraces the experience with the peroxide implants one will go through a “death” process. The process takes about 10 to 20 minutes. The feelings are:

- a tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing. It can feel as though you have a body on top of you.

- the eyes may roll up into the head a little. You may feel dizzy, as though you will pass out.

- you become immobile for a minute or so.

- the heart slows down and breathing slows down.

- there is a feeling of terror, as though one will die.

- you may feel like you are being invaded and there is a man’s body on top of you.

These feelings can frighten one and discourage one from continuing with the implants. However, it is important to continue. After the experience, all women report feeling stronger and happier. It is as though you take back your essence and get rid of the essence of another person.

If one has had multiple rapes, then one goes through several “death experiences” until one retraces them all.

The peroxide souls. The retracing is not necessarily in any particular order. Apparently, advanced souls in the peroxide decide the order in which traumas will be retraced. They base the order on the seriousness of the trauma and what they believe the person can handle.

One can have this experience even if one has no visible sexually-transmitted diseases.

2. Warm feeling, usually for about 5 or 6 minutes. This is the feeling that occurs if one has recently had ordinary sexual intercourse. After Down Sex, one can have this feeling during a peroxide session, as well.

3. Warm and loving feeling, lasting up to one hour. This feeling may occur after having a down sex session. Later on, however, when one is Stage 3 or Stage 4, even down sex feels a little invasive and unclean. We discuss this problem at the end of this article under Other Topics.

4. Cold feeling. This may occur if one is clearing the effects of a molestation. It can also occur if one clears the imprints of multiple rapes. It can also occur if one clears a disease or infection in the vagina. In this instance, the cold feeling is fairly mild.

5. Very cold feeling, like someone has put an ice cube in the vagina. This can occur when clearing the effects or imprint from more serious molestations, such as deliberately placing an object or finger in the vagina against someone’s will. This may occur on a date, for example. It is more serious than simply touching the area, which is a more mild molestation that can occur by accident.

6. Mild hot feeling. This occurs if one is clearing the effects or imprint from causal sexual activity when one is single - not married or in a committed relationship. If one has had several relationships or experiences of this type, one must clear all the imprints of each sexual experience one has had. Therefore, one will experience warm or hot feelings with each peroxide implant until all such imprints have been cleared from the vaginal area.

7. Very hot feeling, often with a burning sensation. This occurs with adultery, meaning sex with someone besides one’s husband. Burning can also be due to using peroxide that is sold too strong. In this instance, dilute your peroxide just enough so it does not burn.

8. Hot feeling accompanied by fearful thoughts. This occurs when clearing the imprint from witchcraft such as a spell, a hex or voodoo that someone placed upon you. Such spells are much more common than one might imagine.

In fact, many people have them. The group we call the rogues use them often and extensively. They affect health, causing negative thoughts, cause illnesses and they can even cause suicidal feelings.

Clearing them is important and very helpful for general health and well-being. For details, read Witchcraft and The Rogues.

9. A hot, sore feeling over a large area of the pelvis. This occurs if you retrace a generally loose sexual past.


These are the same as the feelings described above. However, they are often milder and last for a shorter time.


Soapy feeling. This feeling occurs when one reaches the condition we call virginity. Women report that they literally feel like someone is washing out the vagina with soap and water. It is a happy feeling that is mild and lasts only for a few minutes. You can miss it for this reason. There are other ways to tell if one has reached Phase 3 or virginity, so do not be concerned if you miss this experience.

Slightly dirty feeling. This will occur in Phase 3 if one thinks sexual thoughts that are not wholesome. For example, if one thinks about having sex with someone other than one’s husband. It can also occur if one watches a sexy movie or television show, or even if one reads about fornication or casual sex in a book or on the internet.

The duration of this feeling varies from a few minutes to up to one hour if one has indulged the mind in illicit or unwholesome sexual thoughts.

Very dirty feeling. This occurs if one has a rape fantasy or even just worries too much about rape. The feeling can require up to one hour to clear using the peroxide implant. This feeling has to do with disempowering oneself.

Dirty feeling that is different – smelling like horse manure. This occurs if one is in Phase 3 and has ordinary sex with one’s husband. Ordinary sex is animal sex and perhaps this is why it smells like an animal. It takes up to one-half an hour to clear with the peroxide implant.

Mild dirty feeling that has a nice barnyard smell. This occurs if one has down sex with one’s marriage partner or within a committed relationship.

Dirty feeling that stinks and takes longer to clear. This occurs if one has down sex with someone who is not a committed partner or husband.

Very dirty, disgusting feeling. This occurs if one experiences rape when in Phase 3. This can vary from a simple date rape to a violent rape. The more violent and lengthy the rape, the longer it takes to clear the imprint. However, so far, in all cases, one can clear the imprint. This is very important to know for women that want to live in the state of virginity.

Dirty feeling that may smell of burnt paper. This occurs if one does not follow Thy Will or the higher will of God in one’s life. In other words, one will feel a dirty feeling when in Stage 3 if one asserts one’s own will in a decision of any kind. We know, this can be tough!

This is an amazing feedback system that can tell a woman when she is following the higher Will and when she is not.

Dirty feeling that smells like old rags. This occurs if one wears unclean clothing. It is a somewhat unusual feeling that passes within about 15 minutes.

Old fish smell. This occurs if you eliminate mercury from the body.

Old car upholstery smell. This occurs if you clear or eliminate cadmium from the body.

Lead smell. Some know this smell because lead weights are used in fishing. It is an elimination of lead from the body.


The peroxide implant procedure definitely causes plenty of retracing. Symptoms can include fatigue, pain, vaginal discharges, a little bleeding, memories can surface, and flu-like symptoms. Almost any symptom can occur during retracing.

In our experience, these symptoms are all benign and are not a reason to stop the procedure. If they are too intense, reduce the duration of the sessions and be sure to rest after each session for about 15 minutes.


Bleeding. Two women have reported a little bleeding during a peroxide implant session. The bleeding was slight, and soon stopped. It only occurred in one session and not again.

The cause is likely healing of an old lesion or disease. The symptom appears to be completely benign and not a reason to stop the peroxide cleanup process. So far, we have not had men report this symptom.

Burns. If your peroxide solution is too strong, it can cause a burn. In this case, immediately rinse out the vagina with plain water. You can apply some aloe vera get to the vagina to soothe the area.

We have never heard of someone experiencing a bad burn if you remember to always test the solution by using just a drop or two at first before pouring in the rest of the peroxide.

Cramps. It is possible to have menstrual cramps when doing the vaginal peroxide procedure. Menstrual cramps are contractions of muscles in the wall of the uterus. The muscles contract in order to push out a baby.

The muscles may also contract during the vaginal peroxide procedure if there is something inside the uterus that does not belong there. This occurs somewhat often, especially if a woman has given birth.

For example, a little placental tissue can be left inside the uterus from a past pregnancy. In other instances, a fibroid tumor, cyst or polyp can be inside the uterus that needs to come out. One might notice what looks like blood clots coming out.

The solution is to just keep doing the peroxide procedure. When the uterus is clean, the cramping stops.

Degasa brand of peroxide. Avoid this brand. It smells like alcohol and peroxide should not have a smell.

Dryness. One client who has Sjogren’s syndrome reported that the peroxide implant caused more dryness and she had to drink more water.

Pain. If there are infections or rogue equipment in or around the vagina, which are common, you may feel a little pain during or after a peroxide implant session. This goes away when healing occurs.

Parasites. Occasionally, a woman will see worms or other parasites come out the vagina. This is a bit scary, but of course it is best to get them all out. If this occurs, just keep doing the procedure.

Probiotics. We do not find it necessary to use probiotics by mouth or vaginally after doing the vaginal peroxide procedure – provided that you at least follow the development diet while doing the peroxide procedure.

If one does not at least follow the development diet, and preferably the entire development program, then the vaginal peroxide procedure just becomes a remedy and will have limited effectiveness. The program is necessary to heal the vagina in other ways that most all women need.

Replacing your bottle of peroxide. Someone may be putting something in the drugstore peroxide, at least in the United States, that makes the peroxide burn more after it has been opened for more than a week. To avoid this problem, replace your bottle of 3% peroxide about once a week, even if that means wasting a little of it. Peroxide can be stored provided the bottle is sealed tightly.

Sex after doing implants. After you have done 10 or more vaginal peroxide implants, a woman may notice that regular sex is somewhat painful and could even cause some bleeding. This occurs because the vagina gets more sensitive from the implants. As a result, sex needs to be much more gentle.

A few women discontinued the peroxide implants for this reason. We believe it is best to continue with the implants because the process is quite remarkable.  However, you have to warn your husband that he needs to go more gentle and slow.  Usually, he will be able to get used to this.

Strength of 3% peroxide. Regular hydrogen peroxide sold in the stores can be stronger than it says on the label. It is supposed to be 3%, according to the label, but it can be 6 percent, or more. We don’t know why this is allowed, but it can cause a painful burn!

Therefore, when you open a new bottle of peroxide, always try only a few drops of it at first. If this causes a burn, dilute the peroxide just until the burning stops!

Vaginal dryness. In this case, be sure to test the peroxide solution. You may have to use more dilute peroxide so as not to irritate the vagina. A development program eventually ends vaginal dryness.

Young girls. This procedure is safe for women and girls of all ages. For young girls, begin with very diluted hydrogen peroxide, about 1% or 2% solution. However, some can tolerate a 5 or 6% solution without pain and this is more powerful.

Little girls sometimes put dirty objects into the vagina during play. The peroxide implant is excellent to clean up girls if they develop an infection. We think it is far less traumatic than going to a doctor’s office.



When beginning a development program. When starting a development program, we believe ALL women should do this procedure. We think it will jump start your program, often in an amazing way.

Most women have some infections inside the vagina, even if you have had no sexual contact at all. This area of the body is just prone to infection because it is warm, moist, and difficult to keep perfectly clean.

For infections or irritation. For getting rid of infections inside the vagina, the vaginal peroxide implant is much more powerful than vaginal coffee implants, peroxide baths or genital baths. If one needs to get rid of infections on the outside of the vagina or on the legs or abdomen, then peroxide baths are needed. These infections and injuries are common after a rape or possibly after other sexual encounters.

After sex, molestation, rape or even after swimming in a lake or pool. The procedure is excellent to do after any experience that might introduce infection into the vagina.

During childbirth. Many babies pick up infections as they pass through the birth canal. A vaginal peroxide implant at the beginning of labor can reduce this hazard of childbirth.

For cancer prevention. Many women worry about cervical and vaginal cancer. Peroxide implants will help keep this area of the body much cleaner and therefore may help prevent some cancers.

For abnormal pap smear results. At times, an abnormal pap smear test is due to infection in the vagina. Clearing the infections will correct the test. We don’t believe this test is needed if one follows a development program. In fact, it can introduce infection into the vagina.


Combining peroxide implants with vaginal coffee implants. Some women like this combination of procedures and may alternate the two procedures for a while, at least – one on one day and the other on the following day.

The coffee implant is more soothing, cleans up the lymph system, removes prongs and witchcraft that is used against women, helps heal infections, and does many other things as well. For details, read Vaginal Coffee Implants.

Combining peroxide implants with breast peroxide. This is a newer addition to the peroxide cleanup process. Some women who have experienced trauma to the breasts such as beatings during rapes find they need to apply peroxide to the breasts to heal these traumas.

Basically, one lies on one’s stomach on a shallow pan filled with peroxide. Or one can wrap the breasts with a cloth soaked in peroxide, or put on a bra soaked in peroxide for about half an hour. One can also lie face down in the bathtub while doing a peroxide bath so that the breasts contact the water. This is probably best.

Combining with other parts of the development program. Following a complete development program, or even just the basic or “free” program, is extremely helpful to increase the effectiveness of the peroxide implant procedure. It is also absolutely necessary to complete the peroxide process.

If you don't follow at least the development diet while doing peroxide implants, then the implants are just a remedy and this will not have nearly the amount of benefit as combining it with more of the development program. The supplements are also helpful, along with procedures such as the pulling down procedure and the others.

We may add more details to this section in the future.


The peroxide bath. This is a bath to which you add several cups of 35% peroxide. It is helpful if you want to clean up the outside of the genital organs, the legs and the abdomen. For example, after a rape or even after sex, a woman can acquire infections in all of these areas.

Vaginal coffee implants work on the lymphatic system, remove witchcraft that is used against women today, remove prongs and points, remove memories and sexual traumas, and more. For details, read Vaginal Coffee Implants.

The genital bath is used more for bladder infections and to move energy downward through the body, although all these procedures help to move energy in a downward direction. For details, read The Genital Bath.

Douching. This is washing out the vagina with plain water or a solution of water and something else such as soap. It is not nearly as powerful as the peroxide implant because peroxide is more powerful and because whatever you put inside the vagina does not remain there when douching.

For more severe infections, read Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.


Women who have reached Stage 3 of the peroxide process usually find they are less interested in having sex. This applies even to down sex, which we find is much healthier and more enjoyable than ordinary sex. For details, read Down Sex.

This is a dilemma for some women, particularly those who are married or in a committed relationship. Two possible reason for the reduced interest in sex are:

1. All sexual activity seems to leave an imprint on a woman’s vagina that interferes with the virginity or Phase 3 experience. In order to restore the state of virginity after any sexual activity, a woman must do another peroxide implant. Then the state of bliss or happiness returns.

2. Imprints, infections and other filth in the vagina irritates it and causes more desire for sex. When you clean up, there is less desire for sex. You will still enjoy hugs, but women say there is a lot less interest in ordinary or down sex.

Marriage. We highly recommend that all women, before deciding whether or not to get married, do the peroxide implant procedure enough to achieve the state of virginity. Then you will be in a much happier and clearer state of mind to decide if you really want to be married, since this usually requires regular sexual activity.


This will sound unusual. However, about 400 women and a few men (as of January 27, 2023) communicate telepathically with each other as a direct result of doing vaginal or penis peroxide implants.

Warning. So far, the communication ability will not develop if you are following a nutritional balancing or other healing program led by someone other than Dr. Wilson. So far, it does not matter if all of your diet, supplements and procedures are the same as those used by Dr. Wilson.

Exciting. This is very exciting because most of us are not that developed and do not have extensive telepathic abilities. It means the peroxide implants not only clean up the body deeply, but activate brain centers that permit telepathic communication. As one does more peroxide sessions, communication continues to improve.

Joining the group. To “join the group” usually requires doing the implants for half an hour or longer every day or on a near daily basis for three months, and occasionally it takes longer.

Then one day you will notice that you are “hearing voices” in your head. They are not random voices, however, and you are not schizophrenic! Try responding to one of the voices and you may find you can communicate with someone telepathically. This is fully conscious communication.

The group “meets” about once a day at around noon Pacific Time Zone (the California time zone). However, conversations go on all day and all night from people around the world. Some of us can also communicate rather easily with Dr. Wilson. Please don’t bother him too much with questions.

Sight. Another unusual effect of the peroxide implants is that after about six months of daily or near daily half-hour implants, one may begin to see at a distance. This is sometimes called remote viewing or clairvoyance. These are aspects of development, but they can occur even with someone who is just beginning the development program.

Projects. The peroxide group takes on projects. Right now a project is to explore adding a little fresh garlic to the coffee used for vaginal coffee implants and coffee enemas. This new procedure is quite exciting! For details, read Garlic in Coffee.

Beware. Any time you communicate with anyone, anywhere, predators can come after you. Therefore, do not give out your name, phone number or address telepathically.

Instead, the group members have ‘handles’, like truck drivers do. These are fake nick names they give themselves for identification. So you might hear from Sally Jo or Buster. These are not real names and you should make up a fake name, as well.

Most women don't know enough about their bodies. For more information for women, read The Vagina and The Breasts.

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