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I. Introduction

II. Characteristics Of The Walking Dead

III. Sats, Black Masters And Black Master Groups

IV. Hair Mineral Patterns Of The Walking Dead

V. Reversing Walking Dead

VI. Other Topics




1. The walking dead is a way to understand the alien group called the Rogues on this website, or called the negs, crud, thugs or Satan in the Bible.

2. Anyone who is alive thanks to the use of artificial life support. This is an advanced technology in which tiny electronic devices are placed in key spots in the body. When turned on, they hold open key energy channels.

By so doing, the electronic implants can sustain life even though the body has been fatally damaged due to beatings, poisoning or rapes, or severely malnourished.

The alien group, the rogues, put millions of people on earth on artificial life support for the purpose of controlling them. It is a terrible crime.

They use rapes, beatings, starvation, poisoning, lying and other methods to severely damage the bodies, starting even before birth. They also weaken all women on earth. They then give birth to babies who are so weak that some soon need artificial life support just to survive. This is our current situation on earth.

Most people are unaware of this because the bodies can seem healthy.


1. Very low real energy. One may seem to have energy, but it is a stimulated or adrenal-based energy and not a true high energy level.

2. The body is not healthy. One may look healthy. However, it is a fake condition.

3. The body is very yin. This important condition today is called Yin Disease. It is discussed in a separate article on this website.

4. Reduced willpower. This is an important and consistent effect of all artificial life support, particularly the use of the implant. This is a major reason that the group we call the Rogues like it and want everyone on artificial life support. It makes people much easier to control.

5. A slight buzzing sensation may be present in some instances.

6. Thinking. One may seem distant, preoccupied, or spacey. Thinking is often of poor quality and superficial. One may have brain fog or inability to think logically.

7. Other. Some on a lot of life support squint.



This is a more advanced rogue damage to the body with more brain washing and alteration of the body. Parts of the brain are removed. The person has been killed entirely and is brought back to life using electronic implants. For details, read The Sats.


The black masters are women who have been forced to develop, usually very rapidly, to the stage of queens. This gives them powerful abilities, including the ability to kill others.

Then the rogues kill the person and bring them back to life using artificial life support. They also remove certain key parts of the brain. This throws the person completely out of control. Once the rogues control them, they use them to kill and wreck things on our planet. They are extremely dangerous.


An even worse method used by the rogues is to connect 50 or more black masters with very fine wires. They form an array and are then capable of doing much more damage.


1. Elevated iron, manganese and aluminum. However, this is often hidden so that one viewing the hair mineral test will not know it is that of one of the aliens.

It is easy to alter the tissue mineral test by shampooing the hair with a chelating shampoo just prior to sampling the hair.

2. Calcium/magnesium ratio greater than 13.5. This indicates an improper lifestyle. Often the walking dead are forced to live a criminal life or other improper ways.

3. Double low ratio pattern on the first four and/or second four minerals. This pattern indicates double give-up or death or a serious trauma has occurred.

4. At times, a extremely high calcium level. This is called a calcium shell. It indicates psychological withdrawal, usually due to trauma.

5. At times, a bowl or “stuck” pattern.

6. At times, a four lows pattern.

7. At times, a step-up pattern. This indicates impending death. More information about these patterns is on the Read Articles page.


To restore real life may or may not be possible. This depends upon the type and extent of damage that has been done to the body.

For example, if the main problems are chiropractic misalignments, problems of brain architecture and malnutrition, these can be corrected with a complete development program. However, if key parts of the brain have been removed, as occurs with the sats or satans, restoration of real life may not be possible.

To repair the body with the development program, one must usually remain on the program for some years and do it properly. Be sure to work only with one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website.  Otherwise, you will not be on the correct program and it won’t work at all, or it won’t work well.

Some advanced souls and creatures help by turning down the electronic implants as the body heals. If the implants are left on high power when not needed, one feels a buzzing feeling.


For more details, read Implants, Life Support, and articles about development on this website.

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