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The 7 system is a way to organize material of many kinds.  It is based upon the organization of a human or animal body, which is built around 7 physical energy centers.  Here is a general explanation of how it works:


First Center = SURVIVAL 


The first energy center is located between the legs and points downward.  It has to do with basic survival, grounding, centering and one’s connection with the planet.

Survival issues often involve diet, lifestyle, rest versus activity, and cleanliness.  Living creatures also require subtle energies and frequencies. 

An important one that is rarely discussed is called the ether.  This is a subtle energy that is all around us.  We are born with a certain amount of it, and we can obtain more of it by eating good food and drinking pure water.  We also obtain some through deep breathing.  We can bring in a lot more of it by doing the Pulling Down Exercise recommended in all development programs.

For details, read The Ether Theory and Etheric Energy.  For a less scientific and more philosophical view, read What Is Life About?




The second energy center is located between the sexual organs and the belly button.  Problems here are common in human beings and in society.  The second center has to do with emotions, sexuality, and some ego issues.

This center also has to do with the balance of complementary opposite forces such as male and female, hot and cold, fullness and emptiness, contracted and expanded, and movement that is centrifugal or centripetal.

In ancient Oriental culture, this was taught as the concepts of yang and yin.  For details, read Understanding Yang and YinYin and Yang Healing, and Yang and Yin of Food.




The third energy center, located at the solar plexus area, has to do with the ego and mental control over oneself and others.  Problems here have to do with selfishness, narcissism, and feeling powerless or out of control.  Other issues are too strong an ego or a very weak ego structure.




The fourth center is located in the chest at the level of the nipples.  It is the first center that is not just about oneself.  It has to with basic relationships such as friendships.  

Problems in this area involve social anxiety, isolation, too much socializing to the exclusion of other activities, social media addiction and others.


Fifth Energy Center = EXPRESSION, CREATIVITY, WORK (especially teamwork) AND SERVICE


The fifth energy center is located at the throat, where the vocal cords are located.  The fulfilling life is one of service, in all cases.  It can be service to your family, community or nation.  

This center is also about teamwork, including that found in marriage. 

This center also has to do with business and creativity.  For details, read A Life Of ServiceGiving And The Life Of Service, and The Light Workers.


Sixth Energy Center = KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM


The sixth energy center is located roughly between the eyebrows.  It has to do with large ideologies, doctrines and beliefs that affect our attitudes and outlook.

Issues that arise involving this energy center are negative and false ideas that get in the way of health and healing.

An article on this site about some more unusual ideas is Advanced Sciences.




The seventh energy center is located at the crown of the head and points upward, away from the earth.  It is our connection to the Holy Spirit, God, higher realms, the high self, guardian angels, divine guidance and the oversoul.  This is a composite soul that supervises our souls.

Our culture does not understand this aspect of creation very well.  Yet it is critical for our mental and physical well-being and it distinguishes us from the lower creatures.

For details, read An Ancient Hebrew LanguageIntroduction To DevelopmentGuidance, and a number of other articles on related subjects.

Beyond the first seven energy centers are seven more, and then seven more.  Each has to do with an aspect of life.



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