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1. Most all bodies are malnourished and toxic today.  We know this sounds unusual.  However, we find this is true.

Reasons for depletion. The food supply of the earth is depleted of minerals due to the Ògreen revolutionÓ and modern N-P-K agriculture.  For details, read Organic Agriculture and Superphosphates. 

Also, minerals have been processed out of the foods many people live on.  Among the worst are the Òwhite foodsÓ – white flour, white sugar, white rice and refined table salt.

Proper nutrient absorption requires correct cooking and this often does not occur.  Human beings cannot absorb minerals well from eating raw vegetable salads. For details, read Cooking.

Most all human beings, especially women, have experienced beatings, rapes and tortures that seriously deplete nutrients.  For details, read Rape, Beatings and The Rape Planet.

Most peopleÕs digestion is weak.  This impairs nutrient absorption.  For details, read Digestion.  Excellent digestions requires development, a special condition of the body discussed below.

Physicians, the mass media, the governments of the world and the prevailing education system do not emphasize and teach excellent nutrition nearly enough.  In fact, the laws of most nations permit and even encourage the sale of very poor quality food.  For details, read The Food Story and The FDA Menace.

Many people do not have good eating habits.  They eat in their car, or at their desks, or on the run.

Reasons for toxicity.  Planet earth is thousands of times more polluted with toxic metals and toxic chemicals today than ever before.  This is due to the industrial revolution of the past several hundred years.

It is also directly the result of the activities of an alien group that have a lot of control over the planet.  For details, read the Rogues.  This group also takes vital minerals away from the planet.

Medical drugs and many herbal remedies add to the toxic load of the body.

When nutrient minerals are depleted, toxic minerals replace them.  For details, read The Concept Of Preferred Minerals.

Commonly used methods to detoxify the body such as chelation do not work well enough.  For details, read Chelation.

To counter this situation requires a special diet that is more work, unfortunately.  It also requires a special program to remove toxic substances from the body.

When one follows these, most health problems disappear on their own.  For details, read Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic.

2. The wellness definition of health.  Most physicians believe that health is the absence of disease.  The wellness point of view is different.

Instead of defining health as the absence of disease, we define health as a special and somewhat uncommon condition of the body.  This condition requires superior nutrition and the release of toxic metals, toxic chemicals and traumas from the body.

Using this definition, most every girl and woman is in need of healing of the vaginal area, even if she has no symptoms or diseases.

3. Whole system rather than a remedy perspective.  We always look to the whole person when discussing healing.  This is very different from most physicians of all kinds.  They focus on remedies.  We find remedies are rarely needed when one corrects the whole system of the body.

4. The path concept is very important for healing.  Rather than giving remedies, the first thing we recommend for all women and girls is to change the life path you are on. 

We recommend the development path.  It will lead to healing of most vaginal problems.  For details, read The Path Concept and The Sevenfold Path Of Development.

5. The planetary situation.  A sad fact, we find, is that most all women have experienced molestation, rape and beatings.  We are forced to begin with this fact about our planet.  For details, read Rape and The Rape Planet.

6. Development is a key to healing all vaginal health conditions.  Development, as we define it in this article, is a specific physiological and genetic process that strengthens the tissues of the body, allowing deep healing that otherwise would not occur.

This is ancient knowledge but has not been allowed to be taught widely.  For details, read Introduction To Development.

7. Non-toxic methods of healing.  We recommend mainly food, nutritional supplements and other very low toxicity methods of healing.  On a few occasions drugs, herbs, and other somewhat toxic products are needed, but only rarely.

This works very well, although some people would say it is not possible.

8. Hair tissue mineral analysis.  We find that this simple test is often needed to assess how to proceed with balancing of body chemistry.  We hope it will be more widely understood and used.

A warning. Most who offer hair mineral testing do not use it correctly.  Its main use is not to identify toxic metals and it should not be used for replacement therapy.  This is recommending minerals that are low on the test and avoiding foods and other products that contain minerals that read high on the test.  This method does not work!

Also, sadly, most laboratories that offer this testing wash the hair.  This wrecks the readings of some minerals such as sodium and potassium.

We teach the proper method of performing and interpreting the tissue mineral test.  The interpretation is somewhat involved and complex.

9. Most health conditions can be healed.  This is not the perspective of most healers.  However, with the vaginal therapies discussed in this article, most vaginal health conditions can heal.

10. Make the body yang.  This is a fundamental therapeutic principle.  It is known in traditional acupuncture and Macrobiotics, and we teach it.  For details, read  Yin Disease, Yin And Yang Healing and other articles on this website about this topic.

11. The reversal process.  This is another therapeutic principle.  We donÕt ÒkillÓ diseases as do most physicians.  We focus on reversing the process that led to the problem.  For details, read Retracing.  Also read Trauma Retracing.

12.  Move subtle energy downward.  The proper direction of flow of subtle energy is from the head down to the feet.  The development program encourages this direction of flow of subtle energy using diet, supplements, lifestyle and healing procedures.

This includes a deceptively simple mental exercise that is central to development.  Done forcefully every day, it opens millions of tiny energy channels that conduct life-giving energy through the body.

The effect is to align, heal, balance, ground and center the body in a way no other practice can do.  It also brings a new, life-giving energy into the body that is necessary if one wishes to live a long time.  For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.

13. Make the body more parasympathetic.  For details, read Autonomic Health.




The following may be very upsetting. However, writing about it hopefully is the first step to stopping it.

One of the nastiest aspects of the Rogue beatings, rapes and brainwashing of most all women on earth is they make sure the woman's vagina is too open and active. They achieve this through through special rapes and beatings, and by placing a small vibration machine inside the vagina for an hour or more.

No memory. Most women have no memory of this torture. The rogues use high-tech methods of hypnosis and brainwashing to cause most women to forget what was done.

The effects. The torture causes women to lose some of their natural inhibitions about having sex. They then go along much easier with sex on a date, for example, and will object less to a rape. This is the goal.

Some women develop a craving for sex and may become sexually aggressive.

Opening the vagina also damages women's balance and thinking.  It instills great fear, shame and anger.  Other effects are to make women much less self-confident and to cause them to hate their parents and hate God.

Vaginal torture also has a powerful cooling or yin effect upon the body. To understand this, read Yin Disease.

It also causes womenÕs subtle energy to move upward instead of downward, the proper direction.

It also damages the central energy channel of the body, also called the conception vessel in acupuncture. This slows a woman's development and impairs her general health and well-being. For details, read The Central Channel.

Vaginal torture and rape also damage the subtle energy center called the lower dantien.  For details, read The Dantiens.

The larger picture. Open vagina syndrome is also part of a larger, highly secretive rogue effort. Its goals are to condition women to sex, harden the vaginal tissues, deplete the bodies of nutrients, and completely filth up women's bodies.

This spreads dozens of diseases to their sexual partners to weaken men. It also weakens all the women's future children. It is also a campaign to terrorize women, ruin all their relationships, turn women into liars, and they are forced to become enemy agents.

Who does this affect? We are researching this, but so far the torture is done to ALL girls or young women. It occurs as early as age seven or eight.  In some women, it occurs during the teenage years.

Where is it done? Many girls are taken to special rooms that have been set up in schools. This is an important reasons we recommend keeping girls out of all schools at this time. Also, girls must be closely watched and supervised at all times!

The rogues also use high-tech methods to enter women's bedrooms. They also use trickery to lure girls and women to parties, beaches, camping trips, overnight visits with friends, fake dates and other places where they are raped and tortured.

Cell phones and long hair. The cell phone system is rogue technology! If one carries a cell phone, it automatically tells the rogues where you are at all times, making you much easier to assault and rape. Keeping the cell phone turned off with the battery out may not affect this. The phone would have to be kept in a specially shielded box to avoid tracking.

Wearing your hair long also makes grabbing you much easier.

Reversing the damage. The development program is most helpful.  For details and to begin it, read Introduction To The Development Program.

The pulling down procedure is particularly good to correct the direction and force of subtle energy flow.

Coffee enemas are very helpful because they move energy correctly and for other reasons. The Genital Bath done several times daily is also excellent to undo the damage.  For more details, read Rape, Beatings and The Rape Planet.




The vagina is often one of the least healthy areas of a womanÕs body.  This has to do with its anatomy and other factors.  Healing the vagina can be divided into three stages:

1. Becoming familiar and comfortable with the area.  This is difficult for some women due to trauma to the area and for other reasons.  Becoming familiar and comfortable with the vagina involves learning about it and being willing to work with it.

2. Healing problems of the vagina.  This is the implementation of the vaginal therapies listed in this article.  It will go on for some years, in most cases, so relax and just get to work on it.

3. Integration.  As you begin to do the healing work on the vagina, you will slowly begin to integrate this part of the body into the wholeness and sacredness of your entire self.  This is a wonderful step and completes the process of healing.

Full cleanup often requires 5 to 20 years on a complete development program.  This sounds like a long time, but it goes quickly and there are plenty of benefits along the way, so it is not uneventful or tedious.

Women, more than men, love cleaning up and fully healing their genital organs because having it clean is a wonderful, very happy feeling.  Also, cleaning up this area helps to make having a baby easier, safer and cleaner.




Women need to understand that bleeding each month is a powerful method of detoxification.  It is a gift that men do not have and one reason why women live longer than men.

Some women become upset because their menstrual blood is dark in color, perhaps a little clotted, and perhaps smelly or otherwise ugly.

Please do not let this bother you.  It is detoxification and you are getting rid of toxins.  If menstruation is painful or very unpleasant, a development program is superb for correcting this problem.  It is much better than getting a hysterectomy, which does not correct a toxic body.

WomenÕs burden.  The vagina is sometimes called a womanÕs burden.  This is because she may worry about:

- molestation and rape

- picking up sexual diseases

- getting pregnant

- various odors and discharges

- monthly bleeding if she is younger and sometimes other bleeding

- cancers and other diseases

- effects throughout the body that originate from vaginal conditions

- sexual desires that are not always proper




This article contains many healing procedures.  This may seem very confusing.  You may:

- Just try the procedures, one by one.  However, this is time-consuming.

- If you are following the Development Program, we can guide you as to which procedures we believe you need the most.

- Some women tune into their souls.  You may ask which procedures would be best.






The vagina is basically a tube through which a newborn baby passes during birth.  It connects the cervix, which is the bottom of the uterus, to the outside world.

The vagina is an extremely delicate organ made largely of very stretchy, spongy tissue.  In fact, it is so delicate that we find that normal sex always irritates it and traumatizes it to some degree.  Down sex is better.


Anatomy of the vagina itself


The fascia layer.  This covers the entire vagina on the outside and keeps it compact and tight.  If the fascia is too tight, the vagina has trouble stretching for delivering a baby, and this increases the pain of childbirth.  As health improves, the vaginal fascia will loosen.


The lining or mucosa.  This is the innermost layer of the vagina.  It is very delicate and has a lot of nerve endings for both pain and pleasure.  It is like thin skin.


Stretchy tissue. This is located in between the fascia layer (outside of the vagina) and the mucosa or inner lining.  It is very spongy and expandable.

Most of the tissue of the vagina is stretchy or elastic.  This allows the organ to stretch so that a babyÕs head will fit through it.  Then it contracts again afterwards.  This anatomy is important in a number of ways:

- During sex and particularly rape, the vaginal walls stretch and bend and this causes some pleasure but also contributes to points, becomes a home for diseases, and is the site of other types of trauma.

- For healing the vagina, coffee or other substances must come into contact with as much of the stretchy material as possible.


The rings.  The vagina has two very important raised areas that are in the shape of rings.  This means they go all around the tubular shape – on the top, sides and bottom of the vagina.

One of the rings is larger and corresponds to the ring at the base of the head of a manÕs penis.  Both are angled at about a 45-degree angle and during sexual intercourse, they touch one another and line up perfectly.

The other ring is much smaller and located near the very back of the vagina. 

Their purpose is that they are black holes.  Black holes are cleanup devices that are found throughout space and in our bodies.  It is a detoxification system that is very excellent when it functions correctly.

Black holes are not what they seem.  They are a group of creatures who clean up space.  Anything close to them is sucked inside and moved through the hole.  Most black holes in space destroy matter.  They convert matter to energy.

The black holes in the vagina (and the penis has one, also) serve to purify, but not to destroy, the sperm on their journey from the penis to the ovaries.  If the sperm are very poor quality, the vaginal rings can destroy them, but this is not their usual activity.

The vaginal rings do more than this.  They clean up all infection that gets into the vagina.  This is very important for all women to know. 

We believe this is the only reason that a woman survives a dirty rape, for example.  The rings clean up much of the infection and she survives.  Otherwise, she would develop a severe infection and it could kill her, yet this does not often occur.

Childbirth fever, which used to kill many women, is something different.  It occurs during the birth of a baby if a doctor or anyone reaches into the uterus to clean out the placenta and the personÕs hand is not clean.  This causes an infection in the uterus.  The uterus does not have rings, as does the vagina.

The ring frequency.  A womanÕs rings operate at a very high vibration or frequency.  This is needed for reproduction.  The manÕs ring operates at a slightly lower frequency.

One effect of this is that men can use what we call an attractor beam machine.  It is an amplifier and with it, a man can draw certain matter to toward himself.

Women cannot do this.  However, women very effectively draw men and penises to themselves.  This is necessary for reproduction.

The rings actually help clean up a man, for which reason some men enjoy sex, although they donÕt understand exactly why they feel cleaner afterwards.

The manÕs ring also cleans up the woman.  They operate at different frequencies, so each helps the other.  This is one reason women can feel cleaner after sex, even after a rape.

The manÕs ring helps get rid of certain little creatures that collect in the vagina called Prongs.  Women always pick these up any time they go out in public.

The penis ring also helps clean out the Wells, an area of the womanÕs body between her upper legs where certain energies collect.  Cleaning up the prongs and the wells are reasons some women really enjoy sex.


The glands.  The vagina has two primary types of glands.  The BartholinÕs glands are near the opening of the vagina and secrete a whitish, mucosy liquid that lubricates the vagina during sexual intercourse, and during childbirth.

The SkeneÕs glands are located around the urethra and secrete a fluid very similar to menÕs prostate fluid or semen.

It is best for women to hold on to their sexual fluids.  For this reason, down sex is much better than ordinary sex.  It may help if having regular sex to  either raise your buttocks or put blocks under the feet of the bed.  This will tilt your body with your pelvis higher than your stomach so that your fluid will tend to stay inside your body and be reabsorbed.


The hymen is a flap of skin that partially closes off the vagina.  It is present at birth and helps protect the vagina from infection and insertion of objects.  The first sexual intercourse breaks it.

An intact hymen is the common sign of virginity.  However, we also have a different definition of virginity.  For details, read Virginity.


The cervix is the bottom end of the uterus.  It pokes downward into the top of the vagina about 2/3 or the way from the front to the back of the vagina.

The intrusion of the cervix creates a narrowing of the vagina about two-thirds of the way down its length.  This is very important to know about.  For example, the manÕs penis should go beyond the cervix to satisfy a woman fully. 

Also, when stuffing, implanting, douching or painting the vagina, one must go beyond the cervix or you will miss part of the vagina.  You have to push past it with your hand if you are inserting something for example.  The vagina will deflect and it is not dangerous at all.

Women sometimes worry that they will ÒloseÓ a tampon or something else inside the vagina.  What occurs is that the object goes behind the cervix.  If the woman does not put her hand in deeply enough, she will think that the object is lost, which it is not.  In fact, there is no place for it to go to be lost. 


The G area.  This is behind the cervix.  It is extremely sensitive tissue.  It is also the base of the first energy center.  It gives a woman a lot of sexual stimulation, for which reason it is ideal but not necessary that the manÕs penis is long enough to penetrate there.


The communication buttons.  We will mention one other unusual structure inside the vagina.  It is a series of little bumps deep inside, near the large ring and the G area.

These bumps are inactive in most women.  They are malnourished and toxic.  The Rogues like them inactive.

The communication buttons can become active in many women using a combination of the vaginal peroxide implant procedure and the entire development program.  When this occurs, a woman begins to communicate telepathically with other women.

Women report to us that this is absolutely wonderful and amazing.   Also, unlike development, cleaning up and rejuvenating the communication buttons takes only an average of six to to ten months if one does the vaginal peroxide procedure faithfully every day for half an hour or longer.

In fact, it is an aspect of early development in a woman.  However, we want to emphasize that it requires the peroxide implant procedure and a full development program, in most cases.


The clitoris is a small piece of sensitive, erectile tissue near the front top of the vagina.  It corresponds to a manÕs penis, but is much smaller.  During sexual arousal, it expands a little and becomes very sensitive.


The urethral opening.  This is located near the clitoris at the top of the vagina.  The urinary bladder is directly above it and the urine flows downward through the opening during urination.  Due to its location, some women develop urinary incontinence, usually after having children.


The labia.  These are flaps of tissue on either side of the vagina at the opening of the vagina.  They protect the vaginal opening somewhat. 

Many infections occur on the labia because they are the most exposed part of the vagina.  However, many women are not aware of infections on the labia because they are not a very sensitive area of a womanÕs body.  As a result, many women infect their husbands with sexual diseases via the labia, so it is important to heal the labia. 

Healing the labia.  The development program will heal most infections, although it may take a few years or more.  The low body procedures can also help a lot.


Anatomy of the area around the vagina


The lymph nodes.  These are located in and around the vagina, and all along the leg creases.  They are a critical aspect of vaginal anatomy and physiology.  They protect it from infection, drain the area to prevent the spread of infection from the vagina to the rest of the body, and may have other functions, as well.

Swollen lymph nodes.  A swollen lymph node feels like a little bump under the skin.  If the swelling is minor, it is about the size of a pea.  A larger swollen node is up to the size of a marble.

A swollen inguinal or vaginal lymph node usually means that the body is fighting an infection.  The infection is in one of your legs, your feet or somewhere in the groin or pelvis. 

Less often, a hard, swollen lymph node is a sign of lymphatic cancer, so always have swollen lymph nodes checked by a doctor.  During a development program, lymph nodes commonly swell for a while as the body eliminates old infections.   


 The hips.  The vagina is connected to the hip bones on both sides.  The vagina should Òfloat freeÓ between the hip bones for perfect functioning.  This is rare, however.

In most women, the hips are too close together, often twisted a little, the pelvis is tilted backward or forward, and the pelvis is too closed.  This causes the familiar look of many women who have a rounded backside.

Also, the hips are very tight on some women.  This causes the familiar look of many women as they walk in which the hips rotate or twist with each step.  It looks a little like a swagger.  This is not normal.  The hips should not rotate or twist as you walk.

Certain exercises and bodywork such as Rolfing or Structural Integration can correct this.  However, we donÕt recommend these much because of some danger to young women.  The therapies are done in your underwear, which is not as safe.  There are other ways to loosen the hips, which also makes childbirth much safer and less painful.


Ligments and tendons.  The vagina is connected to the surrounding pelvic structures via a series of ligaments.  Often these become tight.  They are tight in most people for various reasons.  As a result, the vagina does not hang properly in the pelvis and cannot move around much.  This increases trauma to it.

A properly connected vagina Òfloats freeÓ in the pelvis and this contributes to the health of the individual.


Pelvic musculature.  The vagina is not a muscular organ.  However, there are muscles near and around it, such as the pubo-coccygeal muscles.  These, as they contract, close off the opening of the vagina and make the organ tighter.  The Kegel exercises strengthen these muscles and can give women better bladder control and a sense of well-being in this area.

The vaginal object procedure is also excellent to strengthen these muscles and is excellent for development.


The pubic bone.  This is a bone that is the joint between the hip bones.  It is located in the middle of the body, just above the vagina.


The bladder (urinary bladder).  This is located on the midline of the body, just above the pubic bone.  The bladder stores urine.  The urine is released through the urethra when a woman urinates.


The anus.  This is along the midline of the body, just behind the vagina.  It is the opening through which a woman defecates.  It is the opening to the outside of the large intestine, or colon.


The colon or large intestine.  This is a large-diameter tube that is shaped like an upside down U in the lower abdomen.  Its main role is to collect the feces and dry them somewhat and get them ready for excretion.

The colon is one of the most toxic and often damaged organs in many women. Problems in the colon can easily cause symptoms in the vagina because they are so close to one another.

Problems with the colon include constipation, diarrhea, diverticulitis, colitis, and colon cancer.  These are quite common among modern women.

Reasons for problems with the colon.  The most common reasons for constipation are not eating enough cooked vegetables and not drinking enough water. 

Holding on to negative emotions such as fear or anger can affect the colon.  Some medical drugs cause constipation or diarrhea, as do some other chemical toxins.




The functions of the vagina include:

- The longest part of the birth canal. The vagina expands greatly to allow a baby to pass through it, and then constricts again after the birth.

- An important sensory organ.  The vagina is quite sensitive to touch, warmth, pain, pleasure, inflammation and other things.

- A secretory organ.  The vagina secretes mucus to lubricate the area during sex and during childbirth.

- A major signaling organ. The vagina has cells that emit odors that can increase a manÕs sexual interest and may have other effects upon men and women.

- A subtle communication organ.  We are learning that the vagina can be used for communication.  This is discussed later in this article under the heading The Big Cleanup.


WomenÕs problems with up sex and orgasms.  (They are not problems with down sex.)  These are:

- Slow arousal.  By the time a woman becomes aroused enough to have orgasms, her partner has had one or even two orgasms, and is all done.  As a result, she doesnÕt experience any orgasms, or perhaps just one or two.

- Very fast arousal.  In some cases, he is slow to arousal, while she is quickly aroused.  As a result, by the time he has an orgasm, she is done and needs to stop.  He may want to keep going.  This is a serious problem for a woman, and must be worked out to avoid a divorce. 

- Exhaustion.  All orgasms are exhausting to a woman, even though they do not look exhausting.  Men do not have full body muscular contraction with orgasms, so they do not experience this physical exhaustion.  This puts women at a significant disadvantage to men.

- Spinning the energy centers in the wrong direction.  This always occurs with up sex, is always harmful for a woman.  It does not matter that it causes pleasure.

- Spinning the first center backwards.  Just inserting the penis for sex tends to spin the womanÕs first energy center backwards.

- Hitting the back of the vagina.  This is a serious problem, especially for women who are shorter in height or who have a shallow vagina.  The back of the vagina is not designed to be hit or banged.  It is somewhat delicate and it reflexes to the brain. 

As a result, if it is hit hard, it disorients the woman badly.  If it is hit too hard, it can rupture and the woman can easily bleed to death.

- Losing control.  If a woman continues to be stimulated sexually, orgasms occur more quickly and more forcefully.  At some point, she loses control of her body, meaning she cannot even beg him to stop or do anything else.  The orgasms feel and act like epileptic seizures.  If it goes on too long, she will die.  This is totally frightening for a woman.

A woman is somewhat difficult to stimulate sexually, at first.  However, once she is stimulated, stimulation is easy to continue.  This also easily leads to a loss of control.

- Less control during sex.  Usually, during sex, the woman is beneath the man.  She is also usually smaller, lighter, and less physically strong than her partner.  Due to the positioning and physical weakness, she is much less in control of everything to do with sex. 

If she has had enough, for example, the best she can do is beg her husband or partner to stop.  Men often do not realize how much of a problem this is for women.  It can seem like the woman is just trying Òto stop the funÓ.  This is not true.  She has had enough and knows it.

- Loss of precious fluids.  If he continues to stimulate her by continuing the sex act or otherwise, she loses precious sexual fluids that are not easily replaced.  This is extremely damaging to her health, although it may seem like she is fine with no outward signs of problems.  Even one such episode can ruin a womanÕs health.

- Too much blending.  With each orgasm, a womanÕs energy field opens, exposing her more to her partner.  Also, women are more sensitive than men to begin with.

As a result, she takes in the energy of the person whom she is with very deeply.  As a result, when the sex act is over, she often finds herself somewhat confused, dazed, and disoriented. 

In some cases, she thinks differently and this continues for several weeks, or longer!  This is a problem for married women, and an even more serious problem for women who have sex on dates.

It is a horrible problem when rape occurs because the woman cannot choose her partner.  During a rape, most often she is ÒpartneredÓ with a violent criminal and picks up his energy field or ÒvibrationÓ very deeply.  In part, this is the goal of rape, as it deeply upsets and disorients women to make them easier to control.  For details, read Rape.


Other physiological topics.


A long-term effect of sex.  The vagina stretches or expands somewhat if a woman experiences a lot of sexual intercourse.  It contracts a little if there is less sexual intercourse. 

This is the basis for parents checking the vaginas of their teenage daughters if they do not trust the child to tell them if they are having sex.  A larger vagina is an indicator that the child or adult is engaging in sex or experiencing sexual abuse.


Monthly cycle.  The quality of the vaginal mucus changes during the month in women who are menstruating.  This is the basis for a fairly good method of birth control that allows women to track their menstrual cycle by the dryness of the vaginal mucus.


Inserting a doctorÕs hand into the vagina and up into the uterus after a birth.  We do not like this practice.  Doctors do it to make sure that everything has been cleaned out of the uterus.

The problem is that the vagina is not a clean organ in most women.  Also, a gloved hand is often not clean, either.  Passing a hand through the vagina and into the uterus can easily introduce bacteria or viruses into the uterus and cause a uterine infection.  This occurs in almost half the births.  This causes chronic pain for some women and possibly other complications.

Often during a development program, women who have given birth retrace this infection.  The abdomen may swell a little, and there is uterine pain and perhaps a little fever until the infection heals.


Rape.  Rape usually damages the vagina a lot, especially if it is a hard or dirty rape.  Most rapes result in disease in the vagina, loss of souls from the area, points (areas of numbness or extreme sensitivity), tearing and scarring, toxic metal accumulation from the semen, and nutritional depletion.  For details, read Rape and Healing Rape.




Any woman can clean up the vagina and surrounding areas in quite amazing ways using a relatively new healing procedure - the vaginal peroxide implant procedure and process.

When one does this, it is possible to retrace, process and reduce traumas and the effects of all sexual experiences one has ever had.  One will feel much lighter, happier and cleaner in quite remarkable ways.

Tuning in.  Also, after a number of months doing this procedure each day for half an hour or longer, many women report that they suddenly can tune in to other women and communicate with them telepathically.  This is very unusual and we donÕt quite understand it.  However, it is a lot of fun and most helpful.

We consider this topic so important that we want to describe it in some detail.  The following is taken from the Vaginal Peroxide Implant Procedure article.




Who can do it?  Any woman or girl can do the big cleanup.  If the vagina is very damaged, one just needs to begin very gently with very dilute hydrogen peroxide.  As the vagina heals, one can increase the potency of the peroxide up to about 2 to 3%.

Who needs the procedure?  At this time, we believe all women need it.  The vagina is a difficult area to keep clean and becomes infected early in childhood, in most instances, even if one has no symptoms at all.

Also, in our experience, most all women have experienced molestation and many have experienced rape.  The big cleanup helps clear all these traumas, and perhaps others.

Is it helpful for girls?  Yes, we are finding it is excellent for pre-teen girls.  They become smarter, happier and healthier in many ways.

How long does the process take?  One must do the vaginal implant procedure for about 30 minutes each day for several months, at least.  The more damaged the vagina, the longer the cleanup process takes.

What will a woman or girl feel?  The sensations will vary depending upon the condition of the vagina.  There may be little other sensation other than the peroxide bubbling up. 

At times, there may be some warmth, or cold, or a tickling sensation.  At times, an emotion or memory comes up and then usually fades away quickly.  At times, one may not want to continue, but it is important to just continue the procedure.

For many more details, read and begin the Vaginal Peroxide Implant Procedure.  According to our clients, you will be very glad you did.






              A very important concept for vaginal health is to observe the commandment about adultery.  Women are to have sex with their marriage partner and no one else.  This also means no sex without marriage.




              The process we call development is required to deeply heal the vagina.  Benefits of development include:

- Better healing of infections.

- Opening the central channel, which goes right through the vagina and brings ether or subtle energy to this area.

- Faster and better biosynthesis, meaning ability to make all the chemicals the body needs.

- Much better ability to receive help.

- Better ability to heal traumas.

- Ability to have the return of souls that have been taken away due to traumas.

            For details, read Introduction To Development.




            The vagina contains an important reflex system.  This is somewhat similar to the reflex system found on the feet and the hands.

            The back of the vagina corresponds or reflexes to the head.  (This is why rapists often hit the back of the vagina hard to condition a woman and damage the brain).  The bottom of the vagina reflexes to the back of the body, while the top reflexes to the front of the body.

            Lesions in a particular area of the vagina will affect other parts of the body as a result of this system.




Keeping the vagina free of all infection and toxicity is very difficult.  In fact, unless a woman develops herself, we believe it is impossible.  Therefore, development is very important for all women.  To understand this, read Virginity.




Regular sex is always harmful for women and men.  Down sex is much cleaner, safer, more enjoyable, and much more healing.  It also speeds up development tremendously.  

The reasons regular sex is more harmful are:

1. It moves subtle energy upward through the body.  This is the reverse of the way subtle energy should flow through the body.

2. It almost always irritates the vagina because it is too rough, even if it is done gently.  A womanÕs vagina is much more delicate than a penis, in all cases.  You must instruct your sexual partner about this!

3. It often leaves points and scars in the vagina, again because it is too rough.  Points are explained later in this article.

            4. Receiving sexual fluid of a man is somewhat harmful, even if it feels wonderful.  It is usually high in toxic metals.  This occurs less with down sex.

5. Regular sex spins a womanÕs energy centers backwards, giving her pleasure but depleting her body energetically.

6. The muscular contraction of regular orgasms always causes some nutritional depletion of women.  Men do not experience this nearly as much.

7. A womanÕs energy field opens wide during regular orgasms and she picks up the energies of her sexual partner.  This is usually harmful for women.

8. Many women get diseases from regular sex because it is somewhat rough and causes tiny cuts and bruises in the entire vaginal areas, thighs, abdomen, lips, mouth and elsewhere.

9. Unwanted pregnancy is more likely with regular sex than with down sex.

10. The usual position for regular sex puts women at a disadvantage.  They are mainly pinned down, passive and rather out of control.  Down sex is better, especially because to fall asleep during down sex (the best) requires that the woman be on top of the man.

11. The chance of rape is greater with regular sex than it is with down sex.  The reasons are that with down sex the woman is more in control of her own body and in control of the overall sex act.

12. Regular sex is not particularly healing for the body or mind.  Down sex, by contrast, involves blending of the subtle energy fields in unusual ways that greatly speed up healing and development of the bodies of both partners.

13. Regular sex causes women and men to lose much more sexual fluid than does down sex.  Losing sexual fluid is always harmful for women and men.

14. Regular sex is often tiring or even exhausting for women, and sometimes for men.  Down sex rests and energizes the partners.

15. Regular sex has a yin effect on the bodies.  This is harmful.  Down sex has a significant yang effect on the bodies, and this is very beneficial.

 In summary, compared to regular sex, down sex is safer, gentler, cleaner, more protective against infections, more enjoyable, and causes intense healing and much faster development.

This is a very important topic, and one that few women know about.  Please read about it and talk to your husbands or partners about it.  For details, read Down Sex and The Down Sex Marriage Contract.




 This is one of the important vaginal procedures we highly recommend.  It will significantly speed up development of any woman.  For details, read Faster Development For Women. 




Women need to know that some souls that live in the vagina communicate with the brain, and they have a weakness - they like sex.  They often get women in trouble by suggesting she enter a sexual relationship with a man when it is not best for her in other ways.  This is important for women to know.

For example, if she meets certain types of male predators, the man may be able to cause her to feel sexual stimulation when she is around him.  She may misinterpret this as ÒloveÓ, and enter into a relationship with him.

This is why strict standards and no sex outside of marriage is always best.




            A new finding is that most women have been molested, raped and beaten, usually in childhood.  The reason is to disable women and men later in life and stop the process of development.

            We now (2022) believe that the earth is influenced by an alien group that we call the rogues.  The Bible calls them Satan. 

We also believe that healthy women can have very unusual abilities that would threaten rogue control of the earth.  So the rogues disable many female babies, children and adults using rape and beatings. This is done very professionally and very secretly by babysitters, in schools, at home and elsewhere.

            We know this sounds very paranoid and scary, and we are researching it carefully.  Some women tell us about it, and others have had their memories hidden.

For details about this awful subject, read The Rape Planet, The Baby Rapes Or Takings, Rape, Beatings, Healing Rape and The Rogues.




This section contains several topics related to marriage and relationships.




Some women would like to be married.   However, they do not want a constant sexual relationship due to damage to the vagina, trauma or for other reasons.

The answer for these women is a marriage of friends.  This is a marriage in which the couple agrees that there will be no regular sexual activity.  There can certainly be intermittent sexual activity, if desired.  For details, read A Marriage Of Friends.




We consider seduction of a woman equivalent to rape.  This is because women are at a serious disadvantage when a man starts to seduce her.  

She is usually smaller, much weaker, and more frightened.  Her body is very sensitive. If the man knows how to stimulate her, she will orgasm and soon lose control of her body.

Also, many men mix threats and grabbing with their seductive tactics, causing more fear and causing many women to go along and have sex when that is not what they want.  For more details, read Seduction.




Women and men both will experience the most pleasure during sex if the penis and vagina are about the same size.  This is not too well known, so we bring it to your attention.  It is not a substitute for love, however, so do not just enter a relationship for this reason.  However, it will add to a sexual relationships.

The same size means that the head of the penis needs to contact the back of the vagina.  Also, the womanÕs and manÕs rings, special structures on the genital organs, need to be in contact with each other.

Measuring the vagina.  This requires placing a blunt object inside the vagina.  It could be the blunt end of pencil, for example.

Measuring is not always easy because the vagina can be tight or twisted.  Also, the object can become stuck at the cervix or at the womanÕs large ring.  The latter is deeper inside but it is not the back of the vagina.

Due to these difficulties, a woman and man may want to experiment on a date before marrying.  For cleanliness and modesty, the woman can wear a kitchen size trash bag.  She punches two holes in the bottom, one on each side, and puts her legs inside. 

This forms a pair of shorts and a super condom, but one can still test whether the lengths of the genital organs match up.

This is a newer research topic for us and we will update this article as we learn more about it.  However, we believe that when the genital organs match up and the couple does Down Sex, both partners benefit greatly.




            Infections.  Most women of all ages have some infections in the vagina.  These can be viral, bacterial, fungal (yeasts) or parasitic.  A problem with infections in this area is they irritate the vagina and increase a womanÕs sexual desire.  They can also spread to the entire pelvis and beyond, causing other health problems.  Some also predispose a woman to contract cancer and other more serious conditions.

            Common ones are sexually-transmitted diseases.  For details about these, read Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

            Condoms.  Unfortunately, condoms do not prevent all vaginal infections, although they help.  The reasons are that condoms do not cover up enough area, they are too thin, and they can break.  Even a microscopic tear is enough to allow bacteria or viruses to pass from one person to another.  Abstinence is much better.

Down sex is much better than ordinary sex in regards to spreading infections.  It involves much less movement of the penis.  This reduces cuts, bruises and broken condoms – all of which spread infections.

Causes.  Vaginal infections arise due to a combination of several factors: 

1. The vagina is an excellent breeding area for germs.

2. It is difficult or impossible to keep the area perfectly clean.

3. Girls and adult women are exposed to germs daily through clothing, bathing water, swimming pools, hot tubs, sexual foreplay and intercourse, inserting objects in the vagina, and occasionally from unclean medical examinations.

4. Most girls and women are extremely nutritionally depleted and toxic with heavy metals and poison chemicals.  As a result, their bodies cannot maintain the correct vaginal flora or microbiome.  Certain ÒfriendlyÓ bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus that are supposed to be plentiful in the vagina and help stop the growth of other bacteria, viruses and fungi.  When they are not present in large enough quantity, harmful bacteria and other germs flourish.

5. The diet of most girls and women contains sugar in various forms that feeds yeasts and harmful bacteria and thus makes it easier for these microorganisms to flourish inside the vagina.

Pain.  This can be of several types:

Pain on intercourse.  This can be due to:

A. Inserting the penis before the woman is aroused.  As a result, she has little to no mucus to lubricate the vagina.

B. Vaginal dryness.

C. Rough handling.

D. Old traumas or infections that make the tissues sensitive.

E. Improper movement of the vagina.

Other pain.  This is usually due to chronic infections, irritated tissue, malnourishment, parasites, or trauma to the area.

Yin.  This is a Chinese word that means cold, expanded and not dense or compact enough.  This is very common in bodies today and affects the vagina.  It becomes flaccid, enlarged, hypotonic and diseased.

The cause is the diet, primarily, although faulty attitudes such as shacking up also contribute to the problem.

Hardening of the vagina.  The vaginal tissues are supposed to be very soft, elastic and flexible.  This is necessary so the vagina will expand properly during childbirth.

However, in some women the vaginal tissues are hardened.  This is common among women who have had a lot of regular sex, among prostitutes, and among those who have had repeat rapes.

The cause is a replacement of the proper minerals in the vagina with toxic metals such as cadmium, nickel and chromium.  These are called hardeners in development science.  For details, read Hardeners, Plating And Tempering.

Prongs.  These are energetic ÒdartsÓ or thought forms that men send to women when the men are interested sexually in women.  They cause irritation of the vagina, and sometimes cause excessive sexual desire.  For details, read Prongs.

            Congested wells.  The wells are two etheric or subtle energy areas of a woman located just beneath the vagina and anal region between her legs.  They become filled with certain energies as a result of daily living.

Being married and having sex at least once a week helps clear them out.  For details, read The Wells.

Lymphatic congestion.  Many women have some degree of lymphatic congestion in the vaginal area.  The symptoms can include swollen lymph nodes in the leg creases or in the abdomen.

A development procedure that is extremely helpful to reduce lymphatic congestion of the vagina is the Vaginal Coffee Implant.  These can be done daily or done overnight safely and excellent results.

Trauma.  Most women have some trauma in the vagina.  Trauma means damage that does not heal easily.  Vaginal trauma arises from:

1. Physical injuries, such as from sports like horseback riding, bicycling and other sports.  Physical injury can also occur from molestation, rape, and other causes.

2. Emotional and mental trauma.  This can occur due to bad relationships, incidents and more.

3. Energetic trauma occurs due to prongs and points. 

 The methods described below under Vaginal Therapy will help clear traumas in and around the vagina.  For more details, read Healing Rape, Molestation, Trauma Release and Trauma Retracing.

Toxic Discharges.  At times, the body eliminates a poison through the vagina.  This causes a discharge, or perhaps a rash, swelling or some other symptom.

The poison may be in the vagina, or the poison may come from a nearby organ or tissue of the body.

Discharges during a development program.  Some women report that when they follow a complete development program they will have a vaginal discharge for a few hours, days or perhaps weeks.  This is normal and in all cases, it passes.

Toxic conditions.  The vagina can become quite toxic.  The most common types of toxins are toxic metals and toxic chemicals.  (Bacteria, fungi, parasites and viri can also be considered toxins, but are discussed separately.)

The most common sources of toxicity are improper diet, contaminated bath water, having sex, toxic clothing, trauma to the area, products inserted into the vagina and toxic body care products. 

Toxicity of the vagina can cause pain, odors, inflexibility, discharges (see above) or other discomfort.  A medical checkup will not reveal the presence of infection.

A development program will correct toxic conditions. 

            Scarring.  The vaginas of most women, contain some adhesions or scarring.  This occurs for several reasons:

1. Up sex or regular sex is often damaging for the vagina.

2. Rape.  This is extremely damaging for the vagina.  For details, read Rape.

3. Forceful sexual foreplay (such as a finger inside the vagina).   Sexual predators often use this tactic to seduce women.  It always leaves scars and gives women infections, whether or not they end up having regular sex.

Girls and women must avoid all predatory men if possible, and must immediately stop the finger in the vagina scheme to avoid:

1. Becoming diseased from filthy fingers.

2. Vaginal scarring.

3. Rape, although it may not be called rape but rather seduction.

4. Pregnancy

5. Becoming so angry and ashamed that it stops their development.

Foul odors and itching.  This is usually due to bad nutrition, infections, and improper vaginal flora.  Some of these, such as yeasts, emit foul odors that can be most annoying.  The answer is to use the vaginal therapies listed below.  This will take care of all of them.

Yeasty odors.  Many women have a somewhat yeasty odor in the vagina.  This is due to the presence of candida albicans or other yeasts within the vagina.

Copper imbalance is almost always present in these instances.  Eating sugar or sweets in any form, including any fruit and most juices, tends to make this worse.  Other sweet foods are drinking milk, or almond, soy, hemp or other nut and seed milks.  Coconut products are also too sweet and thus harmful for the vagina.

Vaginal dryness and thinning of the mucosa or lining of the vagina.  This afflicts many menopausal women (over the age of about 50).  It is related to a low estrogen level, but we find it may also be associated with a low thyroid.  Rarely, the cause is something else such as an infection or too much douching.

Replacement hormones.  We do not recommend replacement hormones, either by mouth or creams.  There is danger of cancer with hormone replacement.  For details, read Hormone Replacement.

A development program will raise hormone levels to a degree, even in post-menopausal women.  However, it may not correct the problem quickly. 

Some women find that buckthorn oil capsules – 1 or 2 per day – help the problem.  They contain omega-7 fatty acids. 

Natural lubricants can also be used, such as oils, butter or aloe vera gel.

The process of development slowly restores estrogen levels to pre-menopausal levels.  However, this takes some years to accomplish.

Points.  Some women have an unusual type of trauma of the vagina and surrounding area called the points.  These are spots that are either ultra-sensitive to touch, or they are somewhat numb.  They are the result of rape or even vigorous sex, in most cases. 

The points can be healed or removed using massage, mainly.  For details, read Points.

Cancers.  Cancers of the vagina, cervix, uterus and ovaries are quite common.  They arise from unhealthy bodies, unhealthy lifestyles, unhealed sexually-transmitted diseases, and trauma to the area. 

Most of these cancers can be prevented rather easily with a complete development program.  Natural therapies can help many of them.  Surgery, such as hysterectomy, is also a good option for some cancers and is less damaging than chemotherapy or radiation.

Fistula.  This is an uncommon situation in which there is an opening between the vagina and one of the organs surrounding it such as the bladder, urethra, colon, or intestine.  It usually occurs as a result of trauma, infection or radiation therapy.  It may require surgery to correct.

            Childbirth issues.  For details, see Prenatal Care.

            Vaccines.  Teenage girls and adult women are told today to get the Gardasil vaccine for HPV or human papilloma virus, a sexually-transmitted disease.  This is extremely foolish advice.  We help many girls and women who have been seriously injured by this vaccine.      We suggest avoiding all vaccines, as they are all dangerous. 

            Surgery.  Surgeries involving the vagina, uterus and ovaries are extremely common, such as Cesarian section and hysterectomy.  Most of these can be avoided if a woman follows a development program. 

Healthy babies are very small – 4-5 pounds.  This is much easier on the uterus and vagina and usually permits a normal vaginal delivery of the baby.

Systemic problems caused by vaginal dysfunctions.  These often include bad posture such as a hunched back with head forward, small breasts, cringing posture with bowed or twisted legs, closed or tight hips, rounded buttocks, tilted pelvis, and a collapsed chest or pigeon breast.  These, in turn, are common causes of back and shoulder pain, and weakness.

Other systemic problems caused by vaginal trauma in some cases include malnutrition, impaired digestion, heart problems and poor circulation.  Another is effects throughout the body of sexually-transmitted diseases that spread from the vagina to the rest of the body and to the brain.  These affect mainly the nervous system, but can also affect every other body system.


Things to avoid for vaginal health.  According to a recent article, ÒenemiesÓ of a healthy vagina are regular soap (too alkaline), antibiotics (damage the vaginal flora), harsh deodorants (irritating), bleached toilet paper (irritating for some women) and food sensitivities (such as wheat).

The vagina should have an acidic pH.  If the vaginal flora need replenishing, some recommend a douche with plain yogurt or eating a tablespoon of sauerkraut with each meal for a week or two.

Avoid tight clothing, which can irritate the vagina.

Bacterial vaginosis is the most common complaint in sexually active women between 15 and 44.  It is not considered a sexually-transmitted disease but we think it is.  We recommend always using a condom during sex.  It wonÕt protect against all sexually-transmitted diseases, but it helps a lot.

Other diseases such as diabetes and others can cause vaginal problems.  The development program helps resolve these conditions, especially with the help of the Low Body Procedures. These include the Genital Bath, Vaginal Coffee Implants, Coffee Enemas and the Vaginal Peroxide Implants.     




            INTRODUCTION.  The therapies below can retrace and clear traumas, get rid of infections, rebuild the tissues of the vagina, reduce lymphatic congestion, and more.

            Damaging the vaginal flora.  In our experience, the therapies listed below do not damage the vaginal flora.  In fact, they often help restore it.

            The development program.  The therapies discussed below can be used on their own.  However, it is definitely best to combine them with a complete development program.  Otherwise, they will not work as well.

The main reason this program is much better than other healing programs is that it causes Development.  This, we have found, is the only way to completely eliminate vaginal infections and some traumas to the vagina.

We have not found a comparable program anywhere.  Please consider this program to greatly improve your overall health and mental state.  It will vastly improve vaginal and reproductive health, as well.  Without it, progress will be slow.  For details, read Introduction To Development.



            THE VAGINAL COFFEE IMPLANT.  This is an excellent daily cleanse and healing therapy for all women and girls.  It helps all heal infections and many other problems in the vagina, including emotional and sexual traumas of all kinds.

It can even remove memories of sexual experiences.  It is also excellent to heal uterine fibroid tumors and ovarian cysts.  For details, read Vaginal Coffee Implants.

VAGINAL PEROXIDE IMPLANTS. These are extremely powerful.  Their use is described in the section of this article called The Big Cleanup – WomenÕs Transformation.

The best way to do these is to angle the hips properly and pour some peroxide into the vagina.  However, it can be done as a peroxide stuff:

The peroxide stuff.  Buy some 3% hydrogen peroxide.  You will also need a soft wash cloth or rag, and a chopstick or wooden dowel.

            Pour some peroxide into a bowl or pot.  At first, dilute it with water to make it about 1-2%.  Bring it next to a stool or the bathtub.  Sit down comfortably wearing just a shirt.

            Dip the wash cloth in this solution.  Ring it out a little so it is not dripping.  Then stuff the cloth all the way into the back of the vagina.  You will need a chopstick or the blunt end of pencil to help push it all the way to the back of the vagina.

            Leave the washcloth with peroxide inside the vagina for at least one hour, and preferably longer.  You can walk around with it inside.  Wear a pad if you are afraid of dripping.

An alternative if the cloth is too rough or irritating is to put a Tampon in the vagina and then pour the peroxide in.  This will soak and expand the Tampon, which will hold the peroxide inside.

            You can repeat the procedure several times a day, if you wish.  To get rid of STDs, we suggest at least three applications in one day.  Getting rid of a chronic vaginal infection might require more applications.

            Very important:  For best results with all stuffing procedures, one must stretch the vagina a little to expose more of its surface to the wash cloth and the substance in which it is soaked.  To do this, stuff the washcloth with a little force.  This will cause the vagina to swell or expand, a little, and this is desirable.

            It may seem like one could never fit an entire washcloth inside the vagina.  However, this is false.  By expanding the vagina a little, a whole washcloth will easily fit into any womanÕs vagina and the stuff will do a better job this way.

            For girls.  Girls, even young girls, can do this procedure.  The best way is usually to have the girl lie down on her back, with a towel under her bottom.  Then elevate her hips above her abdomen with a rolled up towel.

Dilute some 3% hydrogen peroxide with a little water to make it 1-2%.  Put this into an enema bag or enema bucket.  Use the enema tip, not the douching tip, to gently insert the peroxide into the vagina.  You can cover the area with a dry washcloth.

            The peroxide should stay inside because of the angling of the hips.  Have the child remain there for an hour, if possible.  Then ideally position a cup to catch the peroxide when she sits up.  Otherwise, she could just sit up and the towel will absorb the peroxide.  You can experiment with the strength of the peroxide in a child, but start with only 1-2%.

            Effects.  The peroxide stuff is excellent if you have contracted a sexually-transmitted disease within the last few days.  It will help get rid of most infections in the vagina.

            If your STD is old, it will help in the vagina.  However, it will not get rid of infections that have spread to the rest of the body.  For details, read Vaginal Peroxide Implants.

VAGINAL OBJECTS.  This is an excellent idea for rapid development.  Many women consider it a must.  Like the Big Cleanup discussed above, working with a small vaginal object is a kind of rite of passage for women.  For details, read Vaginal Objects.

THE GENITAL BATH.  This is a very simple, very powerful and very safe method that greatly enhances circulation to the vaginal area to help heal many imbalances and conditions there.

The basic procedure is to splash cold water just on the vaginal area for about 10 minutes.  It can be done while sitting facing into a bathtub or it can be done in the shower.  If repeated six or seven times daily, it is very powerful and it speeds up development.  For details, read The Genital Bath.

VAGINAL MASSAGE.  This is an excellent procedure.  It is not too sexy and can be very therapeutic.  Some women prefer it once a week instead of having sex because they donÕt worry about pregnancy, diseases, rape, going out of control or embarrassment.

Vaginal massage may sound unusual, but is very helpful for many women.

You can do it yourself by putting on a surgical or other thin glove and pressing into the vagina deeply to release points and tightness.  However, it is difficult for most women to reach all the way to the back of the vagina.  Having a friend or partner do it with you is more comfortable and necessary to reach deep inside the vagina.

Warning.  We do not recommend professional massage.  It is dangerous for women and often spreads disease.

Benefits.  While it is not well known, vaginal massage is extremely helpful to clear points and other traumas in the vagina.  Its only problem is it can be a little sexually stimulating, but not if done slowly.

For proper results, it is important that the vagina be stretched a little in all directions.  The vagina is a very stretchy and flexible organ, and points and scars can hide in the folds of the tissue.  Stretching does not harm the vagina at all.  Nor does it cause pain.

The vagina must be stretched side to side, back to front, up and down, and diagonally in all ways.  This is the only way to find adhesions, traumas, points, sore spots and even some infections.

Procedure.  Always wear a glove.  Begin near the opening of the vagina.  Work your way all around the opening at the labia.  Then work your way inward in a spiral motion.

If you find a sore spot, numb spot, excessively sensitive spot, or a bump or lump, spend more time there.  It may take a number of sessions to clear all of these, but it can often be done.

If a sore or painful spot does not clear, most likely there is some infection in the area.  In this case, you will need a complete development program and perhaps other vaginal therapies in this article. For details, read Vaginal Massage.

FOOT AND HAND REFLEXOLOGY.  This method is very powerful and sometimes amazing!  It is also clean and simple, and requires little training. 

The reflex area to the vaginal area on the feet is just below the inside or medial side of the ankle bone.  Be sure to rub this area on both feet.  It is quite a large area.  For details, read Reflexology.

HIP MASSAGE.  This can be beneficial for problems in the vagina.  The entire pelvic area is often very tight and sometimes twisted due to traumas.  Hip massage may help.

NOTE: We do not recommend visiting a professional for massage.  It is not safe or clean enough.  For details, read Pelvic Syndrome and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

THE SPINAL TWISTS, POPS AND PULLS.  These are wonderful for all vaginal conditions.  The simplest one, which we recommend several times every day, is to assume a resting position.  Lie down on oneÕs back on the floor, or on a bed or couch with your legs straight down and arms straight out to the sides.

Lift one leg until it is vertical (perpendicular to the floor) with your knee straight. Then swing it over the other leg until the raised leg reaches the floor.  Then return to the resting position.  Now do the procedure with the other leg.  For details, read The Twists, Pops, and Pulls.

DISTRACTION THERAPY.  This is a very simple and safe, yet effective psychological method to help bring up issues that need attention.  For details, read Distraction Therapy.

PSYCHODRAMA.  This is a psychological therapy that is basically play acting.  It is used to act out and resolve traumas in a playful and very gentle way.  It can also be used to handle  fears, desires, and more.

Psychodrama combines very well with all the therapies in this section.  For details, read Psychodrama and Psychodrama And Development.

MAKE THE VAGINA MORE YANG.  A secret for healing the vagina is to make it more yang.  Yang is an Oriental and Ebre word that means warmer, more compact and usually much healthier.

The basic way to make the vagina more yang is to strictly follow the development diet with plenty of cooked vegetables, no fruit, no sweets and very little raw food.  For details, read Food For Daily Use.

Other methods are getting more rest, avoiding baths more than twice per week, keeping your thoughts healthier, believing in God, going to bed early, and only having Down Sex, not regular sex.

Still other methods are vaginal massage, vaginal coffee implants, red heat lamp therapy, and red heat lamp sauna therapy.  For more details, read Yin And Yang Healing.

THE DAILY COFFEE ENEMA.  This is a powerful vaginal therapy.  It forcefully moves subtle energy downward into the vaginal area.  It also improves circulation, helps detoxify the area, and reduces infection around and in the vagina.

Reflexes.  The colon also has an area that reflexes to the vagina.  It is in the sigmoid colon, near the anus.  When the coffee touches this area, it is helpful for vaginal health.  For details, read Coffee Enemas.

VISUALIZE SPINNING THE LOWEST OF THE THREE ENERGY CENTERS OR DANTIENS.  This is in the area of the vagina, and this visualization is excellent for all problems of the vaginal area.  For details about how to do this, read The Three Energy Centers.

RED HEAT LAMP THERAPY.  This can be helpful for many vaginal problems.  It consists of shining a reddish heat lamp on the vagina for up to 10 minutes or so several times daily.  For details, read Single Lamp Therapy.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE BATH.  This is helpful, especially when one first begins the development program.

The peroxide bath is not as good as the peroxide stuff for infections inside the vagina because usually the peroxide is less concentrated, and the peroxide wonÕt penetrate into the vagina as well.

Also, one does not spend as much time in the bath.  Also, you cannot repeat it more than twice a week without harm because too many baths make the body yin and this is not helpful for health.

            The peroxide bath is very helpful, however, if there is STD or other infection on the legs or abdomen because the peroxide will come in contact with these parts of the body.

            Procedure.  Draw a warm to hot bath.  Get in the bath and start adding 35% hydrogen peroxide to the bath.  Stir the water around to distribute the peroxide.  Most women can tolerate about 2-4 cups of 35% peroxide before it begins to burn their skin.  The more peroxide you can tolerate, the better it is for killing infections.

            The bath must cover at least your legs.  However, more coverage of the body is better if you want to expose the entire body to the peroxide.  Remain in the bath 30-40 minutes.  Then get out and dry off.  There is no need to wash off the peroxide.

            Warnings.  Do not do more than two of these baths per week.  More exposure to water makes the body too yin, which is harmful.

            To get the most benefit from these procedures, do them in combination with a complete development program. For details, read about this in the Baths article.

PEROXIDE IN THE MOUTH.  This is used to get rid of recent STD infection of the mouth, tongue and lips.  One soaks a wash cloth with 1-2% peroxide, to begin.  If that does not burn, you can slowly increase the concentration.  Stuff it in your mouth and leave it there for at least one hour.  Be sure to have it touch your lips if there is infection there.

You can also just hold peroxide in the mouth.

GARLIC JUICE STUFF OR PAINTING.  This is sometimes helpful for recent vaginal infections.  For most infections, peroxide works excellently.  Now and then, it does not work well enough or it takes a long time – a month or more of daily peroxide implants is needed for deep infections, which can be any of them.

Garlic juice is very powerful.  However, it is also quite irritating for some women.

Procedure.  Buy garlic juice, which is sold as a plant spray to kill bugs.  Otherwise, make it yourself.  This is better, but more work.  To make it yourself, buy at least 10 large, fresh garlic bulbs at the supermarket.  They need not be organically grown, though they might be stronger that way.

You will also need a garlic press.  These are sold at supermarkets, or in the kitchen section of a hardware or department store.  You will also need a 1-cup or 2-cup measuring cup or at least a mug or glass to hold the garlic juice.

Once you press the garlic juice, soak a washcloth in it and stuff it all the way back into the vagina.  You will need to use a chopstick or the blunt end of a long pencil to push it all the way in.  Leave it in for two hours.  We suggest repeating the procedure several times a day.

COLLOIDAL SILVER STUFF OR PAINTING.  Good quality colloidal silver kills or disables many bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  You can soak a washcloth in it and stuff it in the vagina.

It is fairly non-toxic and it can be repeated several times daily, if needed.

Some people use it in a douche, though this is less effective because it does not remain long in the vagina.  The same is true of spraying it into the vagina.  All silver is somewhat toxic.  For details, read Colloidal Silver.

NOTE: We usually do not recommend olive leaf extract or grapefruit seed extract as much because they can be somewhat toxic.  We usually suggest starting with peroxide and coffee implants.  Vitamin A is also helpful for some vaginal infections.

OZONE.  Ozone is an unstable and highly active form of oxygen that kills most bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.  It also destroys cancer.  Its effects are very similar to hydrogen peroxide.

It can help to kill infections and help heal the tissues of the vaginal area.  Its advantages are it is non-irritating and completely harmless.  Its disadvantages are that you may have to buy an ozone generator, or you can buy a salve to apply to the vagina called ozonated olive oil.  You can make this salve yourself, but it takes an ozone generator and a few days to make it.

Procedures. Ozone gas.  One must buy an ozone generator, which costs at least $150.00 or more.  Then one places the output tube inside the vagina and just bubbles the ozone into the vagina.  One can close the entrance to the vagina with your hand to improve the penetration of the ozone.  A little ozone will go up into the uterus, but this is harmless.

Salve.  Buy some ozonated olive oil.  Rub it inside the vagina or apply it with a cotton swab that you make with a tongue depressor to which you glue a cotton ball.

Bath. One can add ozone to a peroxide bath to make its effects more powerful.  Place the ozone output tube inside the vagina while you relax in the bath.

RAPHA REMEDY.  This is made of oregano oil in a base of shea butter, with a few other ingredients.  It is helpful for healing some vaginal complaints.  For details, read Rapha Remedy.

MARRIAGE TO AN EXCELLENT MAN.  This is extremely helpful for the vagina.  It is more stable, safer and much cleaner than dating as a single person.  However, marriage must be to an excellent man, and not an ordinary man.

            Excellent is a level of manhood that is rare, unfortunately.  Efforts are underway to improve the situation, but there are few of these men around.  Women cannot always recognize an excellent man, either.  He may not be handsome or fancy.  So keep your eyes open.

            Unhealthy sexual relationships always harm the vagina.  Please avoid shack-ups, boyfriends, and one-night stands.  These are quite hard on the vagina, no matter how much fun they are.  Their problems are:

            - They almost always cause a lot of disease that you cannot control. 

            - Mixing your beautiful energy with random partners is traumatic, although you may not feel it.

            - They generally lower your self-esteem and self-respect. 

            - They greatly increase the chances of rape, which can ruin your life in the span of one hour.

            - They are not the safe and stable relationships that women need.


Less Recommended Therapies


            MEDICAL DRUGS AND HERBS.  These do not go deep enough, in many cases, to completely remove infections and other health conditions of the vagina.  They are also toxic to varying degrees and can easily worsen your overall health.

However, they will reduce the number of bacteria, viruses, or parasites in the vagina or surrounding area, and this can be helpful.  A useful principle of infection therapy is that if the quantity of germs can be reduced sufficiently, the body can handle the rest of the infection.

INSERTING GEMS.  Although this is not well known, women can benefit from inserting certain gems or stones into the vagina and keeping them there for a whole day or longer.  They give off energies that can help heal and tone the vagina and surrounding areas.

Among the best ones to try are jade, a smooth quartz, diamond, black tourmaline and amethyst.  Others are possible, as well.  Usually these are sold in the shape of a smooth egg.

Procedure. Insert the stone gently and make sure it goes behind the cervix.  This way, if it is the right size, it will not fall out.  Be sure to remove anything you put in the vagina at least once every 24 hours and wash it with soap and water to prevent infection.

VAGINAL STEAMING. This is the use of steam with herbs to cleanse the vagina and uterus.  One basically sits above a pot of boiling water and allows the herbs to be absorbed into and around the vaginal area.  This can be helpful and soothing for the vagina.  However, it is not as powerful as some of the other vaginal therapies.

OTHER.  Some women benefit from Epsom salt baths or salt and baking soda baths.

            A problem with baths is they can expose a woman to too much water and to the chemicals in tap water.  For this reason, we prefer peroxide vaginal implants instead of baths.  Please limit all baths to twice per week.


            Visiting Physicians.  Naturopaths and holistic doctors.  Be very cautious and avoid most physicians.  They do not offer development.  Instead, they use other methods that are often harmful. 

These include herbal medicine that sounds good but is toxic, homeopathy, medical drugs, intravenous vitamins, hormone therapy, and chelation.  None of these methods of healing the vagina are necessary or helpful.

            Conventional or drug doctors.  Be careful consulting any doctor for vaginal problems.  Too many use dirty instruments that spread infection in this area.  Also, drugs are rarely the answer for vaginal infections and just make the body more toxic. 

Natural preparations for vaginal problems are better, but still may be toxic.  Make your own remedies, if possible.

Surgery is rarely required to heal HPV and other vaginal infections if you know how to use hydrogen peroxide and herbs.

Doctors may also prescribe birth control pills, antibiotics and other drugs that are horrible for womenÕs health.  They may also tell you that sex, of itself, is healthy.  The reality is that down sex is healthy.  Regular sex is not good for the vagina, and not healthy.

Psychologists.  Do not listen to the modern psychologists who tell you to Òhave funÓ just like the men.  It does not work and such therapists are mentally ill.


Dating.  This is a large topic.  Be very careful with dating today.  A bad date can ruin your body, leaving you infected with diseases, pregnant and totally furious.  For details, read Dating.




Enema/douche bag or bucket.  This is an inexpensive item at many drug stores that is used for coffee enemas and for all douching.


Bidet, preferably the hand-held type.  This device is excellent to clean your bottom after urinating or after a bowel movement.  The hand-held type can be directed at the vagina for deeper cleaning.  Inexpensive ones are sold that bolt on to a standard toilet.  For details, read Bidets.


Shower massager.  This replaces a standard showerhead with a hose and massager.  It can be used to remove points and for deep cleaning of the body.  It is also excellent to do the genital bath.

For best results, buy one that has a pulse position.  You can install it yourself and does not require a plumber.  This device will not work as well if you have very low water pressure.


Washrags with pusher.  These are used for stuffing items inside the vagina.  You will likely have to make the pusher yourself from a thin wooden dowel or from a plastic or wooden chopstick.  Be sure to file down any sharp edges on the chopstick.


Vaginal sponges.  These are used by a few women who do vaginal coffee implants.  One first inserts the dry sponge.  Then one pours coffee over it and it expands and holds the coffee inside.

One can lie still with it for half an hour, but a much better method is to put on a pad and go to bed with it, leaving it on for 10 hours.  Then just pull out the sponge and wash it off.

Most women prefer a natural sponge, but any sponge will do.  You will need to carve or shape the sponge roughly in the shape of your index finger and the same length as the entire vagina, back to front.


Painting applicator.  This is basically a piece of wooden dowel or plastic rod covered with a hunk of cotton at one end.  A rubber band holds the cotton to the dowel. 

To use it, one soaks the cotton end in garlic juice or other salve item and then paints or swabs the inside and outside of the vagina with it.


Hydrogen peroxide and perhaps other salve materials.  Peroxide is used in a diluted form to implant in the vagina.  Several cups of 35% peroxide it can also be poured into a bath.

Salve materials are herbs used for healing.  Garlic juice is one of the best for any acute sexually-transmitted disease.  Some women apply it with a cream or an applicator after having sex with their husband if he is unclean.





            Many women are afraid to delve into the problems and issues related to the vagina.  However, the purpose of this article is to reassure you that it is safe, and there are answers.  So please do not run away and hide.

            Reasons some women do not enquire deeply enough about the vagina area:

1. The area is a little smelly and dirty. Keeping it clean is difficult.  In fact, unless a woman develops, we believe it is impossible.  It is just too warm, moist, deep, convoluted with hidden folds that hold bacteria, and it is not easy for her to reach with her hands.

2. Trauma.  Most women have some trauma in or around the vagina.  Even thinking about it, or worse, touching it, can trigger awful memories, post-traumatic stress, intense fear, anxiety, fury, hatred and other emotions that most women would rather not feel.

3. Ignorance.  We hope this article helps dispel this problem.

4. Medical propaganda.  Women are not encouraged to take an active interest in this area of their body.  Instead, they tend to leave it to the professionals, which is often a mistake.  See the section below about doctors.

5. Somewhat mysterious.  If you do the big cleanup we recommend, you will realize the vagina is very special and unusual.  It is not just the birth canal or anything else that medical science knows.  It is more than this!




              The void.  The vagina represents the void or vastness.  It represents that which receives everything into itself and converts it all to life.

            Like a planet.  The vagina is somewhat like a planet.  A planet receives ether, which is like receiving the semen of a man.  The planet then supports and gives forth life, in the form of the plants, the animals and the human beings.  Planets are generally spoken of as ÒsheÓ for this reason.




            First, doing down sex only and not regular sex helps all methods of birth control to work better.  Try to talk your husbands or partners into this method of sex.

Second, avoid birth control pills, patches and the birth control or hormonal IUD (Mirena and possibly others).  These are biochemical poisons that are horrible for your health.

Third, condoms do not prevent all sexually-transmitted disease.  They do not cover up enough area, and when put on, they stretch and this leaves tiny holes or openings in them.  This can allow some germs to pass through them.  If you use them for birth control, definitely use at least two at all times.

 The souls of the vagina enjoy direct contact between the penis and the vagina.  This is one reason some men and some women do not like condoms. 




            The vagina is most related to the first and second of the seven physical energy centers of a human being or animal.  These centers have to do with grounding, survival, and sexuality.

The so-called G-spot is located exactly at the base of the first energy center.  The back of the vagina is located at the base of the second energy center.  This unique location has to do with the intelligence of the vagina.

            Reversed centers.  A factor that contributes to some vaginal problems is that most womenÕs energy centers spin incorrectly.  When this is corrected, the vagina tends to become a little smaller, more yang or compact, and healthier.  For details, read Raising Girls.




This is an important understanding about people.  At least five levels of consciousness exist.  They are:


1. Rogues.  This is the worst level of consciousness.  These people do harm to anyone they do not like.  In the sexual area, they are players, prostitutes, predators, or cheaters.  All of them are filthy and will filth up anyone they meet, with no exceptions.  They donÕt care what mischief they cause, and they cause plenty.  Stay away completely!

2. Ordinary.  These are not as bad as rogues, but they are not good.  They are your typical man and many younger women, in particular.  They are unclean and often Òcheap-lookingÓ, with tight clothes and shorts that are too short.  They tend to lie and cannot be trusted.  Stay away completely.

3. Decent.  These are better than ordinary, though not great by any means.  They are cleaner, and lie less.  They are okay and are sincerely trying to be good people, which many are.

4. Excellent.  This is the next step up.  Here we find many Christian women and some of the men, although the men are not as good as the women in all organizations.  Women are generally better than men, overall, in this system of rating peopleÕs integrity level.

5. Great.  These are rare men and women.  They are very clean, they are real lovers meaning that they only wish people well, and they are all godly individuals.  That is, they want GodÕs approval for all their thoughts and actions.  You are lucky if you encounter one of them.




            What is intimacy?  Intimacy means a close relationship, deep familiarity, or a deep closeness between two or more.  A related definition is that intimacy means into-me-see.  This implies that one opens oneself to another without hiding anything. 

Intimacy can exist at many levels.  These include physical, sexual, emotional or even intellectual or spiritual intimacy.  For example, one may have intimate knowledge of a subject such as chemistry or history.  This article will help anyone move toward intimacy.


Sexual intimacy versus sex.  Sexual intimacy usually includes sex.  However, sex is not the only goal and intention.  Sexual intimacy also includes viewing, touching, holding, kissing, rubbing, and stimulating the body.  It is part of exploring physical bodies, especially the differences and similarities between the male and female bodies.

Sexual intimacy may be accompanied by physical intimacy, such as living with another person.  It also often includes emotional and mental intimacy, which is sharing feelings and thoughts with another person.

Down sex.  This is much more intimate, safer and healthier than regular sex, as explained earlier in this article.  We urge all couples to practice it rather than regular sex, which damages the health of both men and women.


Why is intimacy important, rather than just having sex or just getting married or being Òin a relationshipÓ?  Intimacy adds an important element of safety, especially for women.  It also usually adds pleasure. 

At the same time, it helps prevent needless pain, trauma and disease that often occurs in the sexual arena.  It also adds happiness and joy for most people, and makes for a much more fulfilling relationship.


What does intimacy require?  It always requires:

- A certain amount of knowledge and awareness.  This is where this article can help a lot.

- Enough time together.

- Honesty and openness with one other.

- Willingness and ability to communicate.

- Desire, intention, allowing and surrender.  These are called the four steps to action, and are discussed in detail in the article The Four Steps To Action.


Intimacy and love.  Love has to do with intimacy.  Love, as here defined, means caring for another person.  This, by itself, will bring a certain amount of intimacy.  Love, in this sense, is a requirement for intimacy.


Intimacy versus relationship.  People say they want a relationship such as marriage.  Often, what they really crave is intimacy.




            The vagina is often the focus of dates.  It should not be so.  Dating should be about getting to know another person, and not mainly about sex.  However, many men today think it is about sex, and so do some women.  For many more details about dating, read Dating.




            Vaginal health such as infections and having the correct flora in the vagina always affect a womanÕs ability to become pregnant.  Also, to help get pregnant, the penis should be inserted fully, behind the cervix.  If a woman is having difficulty conceiving, a development program is very helpful to achieve pregnancy.




            Many women have problems with their menstruation.  For details about some of them, read Premenstrual Syndrome.




Babies and children.  Dangers are inappropriate touching during diaper changes and bathing of babies.  Babies are extremely sensitive in this area and some mothers and father may tickle the baby to stop her from crying.

            Baby sitters are also a serious problem today because some are rogues who beat the babies.  This sounds awful and it is, but our clients sometimes remember these incidents.  Be extremely careful with baby sitters.

            The takings or baby rapes are another danger.  For details, read the Baby Rapes or Takings.

            Another danger is doctorÕs offices and hospital visits.  Offices are usually filthy and filled with sick babies and children.  Children are given vaccines and drugs when they are often not needed if one follows the development program.  There is also the chance of molestation and rape in these places.

            Schools today are also not safe for girls.  Educate your girls at home.   Rapes are carried out there or after school.  We know this sounds awful, but that is the feedback we receive from clients.  For more details, read Raising Girls.


Teenagers and young adults.  Here the dangers are dating, girlsÕ sports teams, schools, and outings of any kind.  Parents must stay with their daughters at all times.  That includes dance or piano lessons, concerts and all gatherings.

            Parties are almost all very bad and can turn very nasty quickly.  It is very easy to poison a girl at a party and she wakes up hours later raped and beaten.


Married women.  Regular sex, if rough, irritates and traumatizes the vagina.  See the section about marriage for alternatives such as down sex and a marriage of friends.


Post-menopause.  The vaginal mucosa tends to dry out and become thin.  Old diseases can flare up, making things worse.  The development program will help restore normal hormone levels and improve this situation.

We do not recommend replacement hormones.  In our experience, they increase cancer in the body, a common problem.



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