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The wands, as defined on this website and in this article, are a set of unusual small metal tubes found around each person's body. Each one contains a special fine matter creature. To read about fine matter, read Bodies In Space.

Everyone has some wands around the body, even newborn infants. However, one cannot see them because they are cloaked or hidden electronically.

The purpose of the wands is to give a person a degree of protection against the treacherous and murderous group we call the Rogues. The Bible calls this group Satan.

One must still be very careful of the way one lives. However, having many wands is one of the best defenses one can have against attack by the rogues.



Everyone is given a small set of wands at birth. However, this is not enough. Newborn babies are told about the wand system very early in life and are encouraged to work hard to get more of them.

One obtains more wands mainly by being of service to the planet. However, certain activities are much better than others. There is a list of these ways that is shown to all newborn infants and to adults, as well.


The list of ways to obtain wands is long. We don't have time to put the whole list in this article at this time.

However, five activities are most important on the list. They are:

1. Care for yourself as best you can to preserve and heal the body.

2. Develop the body. This refers to the development program and we discuss it in more detail below.

3. Be a leader – with much courage, integrity and wisdom.

4. Care for the planet and all of her needs. The main needs are to clean up pollution and contamination of the planet with toxic metals and chemicals and promote awareness of the polluted nature of our food, our water, our air and more.

NOTE: Stopping the use of fossil fuels is NOT on the list of helpful activities. The issue of climate change or global warming is completely phony. It is just a ploy to scare people and destroy the economies of the Western nations.

The climate is carefully regulated by angelic beings and has nothing to do with driving cars or any other human activities. For details, read Climate Change.

5. Work. Meaningful occupations and working at jobs are also usually good if the work is honest and your motives are pure – to be of service to others and to the planet.

The more of the above that you do in your life, the better!


These include laziness, selfishness, greed, and sexy dress and behavior. Lack of caring for others and wasting time in idle pursuits also diminish the number of wands around a person.

Sadly, participating in many standard activities is also not helpful to obtain wands. These include almost all travel, most eating out, most socializing with friends, watching most television, using cell phones at all, and most shopping excursions.

The reason is that the above really do not help our planet much, if at all. They may be fun, but they do little to uplift and heal the planet.


One of the best ways to obtain more wands is to develop yourself. This is a specific genetic change that can come to any body. It is a very deep healing process that we teach on this website in a number of articles.

It requires following the development diet carefully, taking a few nutritional supplements, and living a healthful lifestyle. It also helps a lot to do the healing procedures that are part of all development programs we offer.

Development strengthens the body and lengthens one's lifespan. It also 'turns on' genes that cause one to be able to communicate telepathically and to have other abilities. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

to be continued.

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