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            A diet that is very high in the preferred, cooked vegetables (not salads) is the basis for every development program that we set up.  It is critical for health and for success with development!  Other people’s healing programs do not achieve the same results.






1. High in calcium and magnesium.  I find that everyone needs more calcium and more magnesium in their diet.  This diet provides a lot of these essential minerals.  They help rebuild the bones, and activate thousands of enzymes in the body.  Calcium and magnesium are also vital for the health of the heart and the arteries.


2. High in fiber.  Even though the vegetables are cooked, they still contain a lot of fiber that most people need today.  It helps with constipation, toxic metal removal, toxic chemical removal, and restoration of the intestinal tract. 

Plenty of fiber is also essential for the functioning of the Peyer’s patches, which are important lymph glands located along the small intestine.  Read Peyer’s Paches for more on this important subject.


3. High in folate and TMG for methyl groups.  This is a more technical subject.  However, the cooked vegetable diet is very high in methyl groups that are critical for the removal of toxins by the liver.  Methyl groups are also essential for brain activity, health of the DNA, protein synthesis, and much more.  For more on this topic, read Methylation on this website.


4. High in bioavailable iron.  Cooked dark greens, in particular, but also many other vegetables, contain a special form of iron.  It can replace a toxic form of iron that many people have in their bodies that I call “amigo iron”, which is an iron oxide.  To read more about this important subject, read The Amigos- Iron, Manganese And Aluminum.


5. Low in ferments.  Fermented foods are all the rage today.  However, many of them are not healthful foods.  Particularly avoid kombucha tea and fermented grains.  These contain aldehydes that are toxic for the liver.

While some miso, sauerkraut, yogurt and kefir are allowed on the diet, do not eat too much of these foods.  For more on this subject, read Fermented Foods.


6. Moderate in protein.  Protein is a building food, but it is also a more acid-forming food and it can be a “clogging” food.  This diet contains animal protein, which is very important to eat, I find. 

Vegetable proteins are not as high quality.  Animal foods are also more yang in macrobiotic terminology, and this is very desirable.  The diet is moderate in protein, but not high and not too low.


7. Very low in sugars or simple carbohydrates.  This is important today for many reasons.  Sugars are too yin.  They also upset the blood sugar and promote yeast overgrowth in the intestines and elsewhere. 

Most people do not handle sugars well, and eat too many of them.  Read Sugar Addiction and the three other articles about sugar on this site for much more on the effects of sweets, sugary diets or fruity diets.


8. A flavorful diet.  Vegetables are among the most varied foods in terms of flavors, although some are subtle.  In part, this is due to their phyto-chemicals such as DIM, I3C, TMG and hundreds of others.

If you are one who “does not like vegetables” it is usually because your taste buds are desensitized by eating too much salt or sweets.  As you remove the sweets from your diet, you will come to appreciate the varied flavors of the vegetable kingdom.


9. Extremely high in trace minerals.  This is probably the most important reason for this diet.  Most people are mineral-starved today!  It is one of the most common problems on our planet.  It is due to our agricultural methods, eating refined foods, stress and other factors.

Vegetables must be cooked well to obtain all the minerals that are locked inside the tough vegetable fibers.  This is why the diet does not include raw salads.


10. Moderate in copper and zinc.  These minerals, in bioavailable forms, are very needed by most people.  This diet provides excellent forms of them, better than one can get from mineral supplements and other sources.


11. Low in phytates and phosphorus.  Phosphorus is a fiery and stimulating mineral.  This diet is low in phosphorus compounds purposely, as it is designed to be a non-stimulating diet.  A diet high in phosphorus is one with a lot of meat and perhaps a lot of dairy products such as eggs and cheese.


12. High in bioavailable sulfur.  The diet is rich in sulfury vegetables, which includes cabbage , broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, radishes, turnips and some other vegetables.  This is helpful for heavy metal detoxification in the liver, and for cleansing and supporting the body, in general.  Sulfur also antagonizes copper and is needed for the health of all connective tissue.


13. Moderate in amino acids (nitrogen foods).  Amino acids are very important, but too much is stimulating, once again.  Animal proteins such as meat and eggs provide an excellent balance of the amino acids.


14. High in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.  This is found in this diet in the sardines, grass-fed or pasture-raised meats, a little raw dairy, and even in some green vegetables.  If one chooses not to eat sardines, then one must  supplement the omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D for optimum health.


15. Very high in chlorophyll and several other important plant phytochemicals.  These substances help prevent most diseases, and can also help balance the body chemistry, restore the gut, improve the immune response and much more.


16. Low in toxic chemicals and in toxic potassium found in all fruits today.  Much of our food supply is laced with over 3000 chemicals, many of which are of questionable safety. 

All fruit today is high in a toxic form of potassium.  It is absorbed from the N-P-K or superphosphate fertilizers used on most fruit orchards, even organic fruit orchards.

Eating a diet free of toxic chemicals is an important topic in development science. 


17. Very high in the ultra trace minerals.  An ultra-trace mineral is one that is vital for our bodies, but needed in only very small amounts.  This diet of cooked vegetables is high in these vital minerals that are missing from many refined foods today.


18. A weight loss diet.  This is very helpful for millions of people.   One will feel very full on the diet due to all the fiber and all the nutrients it contains. 

Everyone who follows it sooner or later reports weight loss, without a need for exercise or cutting back on the quantity of food.  In fact, eating at least three meals daily is important to obtain enough nutrition, we find.  If you want more than three meals, have another meal rather than snack all day.


19. No liquids with meals.  Beverages mixed with food dilutes the digestive juices and seriously compromises digestion.  This diet suggests having your water up to ten minutes before a meal, or at least one hour after meals.

Also, do not eat a lot of soup.  It mixes too much water with the food. You can puree the vegetables, however, using a hand blender, as this does not require adding more water.


20. A low to moderate combustion diet.  This simply means that the diet is high in mineral foods such as vegetables.  It is also somewhat lower in the fuel foods such as grains, beans, and even fat, although the fast oxidizer version is higher in fats and oil.

This is somewhat like running an engine lean, meaning using less fuel and more air in the engine.  It forces the engine to run more efficiently, there is more complete burning of the fuel, and it actually cleans up the engine to some degree.


21. Not a “solar diet”.  Solar foods are those that are most exposed to the sun.  These include fruits, first, and animal foods such as meats, eggs and dairy. 

Vegetable leaves and stems are in the sun, but they are next to the earth and often partly shaded.  Roots, of course, receive no sunlight.  The sun may impart to foods certain etheric energies that are not as desirable today as they are upward-moving currents of energy.


22. A very “colorful” diet.  This means that the cooked vegetables provide a lot of the colorful and wonderful phytochemicals such as the carotenoids, lycopene, lutein, zeoanthin and many others.

These amazing chemicals are what give vegetables their bright colors – reds, oranges, yellows, blues, and greens.  Besides being anti-oxidants, they are often powerful anti-inflammatory substances and assist detoxification of heavy metals and toxic chemicals.


23. Low in estrogens.  This is very important today, since we are besieged with estrogen-mimicking toxins and foods that raise or contain estrogens, leading to cancers and other problems.  An example of such a food, and one to avoid, are the soy foods.  For much more on this, read Estrogens As Yin Toxins on this site.


24. High in anti-oxidants.  According to Susan Southon, PhD, head of the micronutrient section, Institute of Food Research, Norwich, England: “Cooking breaks up plant vegetable cells, allowing a greater release of carotenoids and possibly other antioxidants, sometimes as much as five times more than if eaten raw.” – reported in Bottom Line Personal, Vol. 8, #1, January, 2000.




1. It is a non-stimulating, parasympathetic diet.  This is important for healing and for balancing the autonomic nervous system.  The diet tends to move subtle energy downward through the body, a very important aspect of healing.  For more on this topic, please read Down Energy And Healing on this site.


2. It is a face-your-issues and face-your-traumas diet. By moving energy downward and deeply nourishing the body, this diet helps bring up mental and emotional issues that need healing.  This may sound unusual, but feedback from our clients supports this idea.

The opposite would be more of an “escapist” diet.  This usually means a diet with a lot of stimulants or a lot of meat or sugar.


3. It is a temperate climate diet.  Some diets are difficult to follow for people living in certain climates.  Eating a lot of fruit, for example, can make one cold.  Eating too much meat can overheat the body.  The cooked vegetable diet is somewhere in the middle.


4. It is a very cleansing diet.  Many people today want to go on a “cleanse” or a detoxification program.  I tell them that the cooked vegetable diet is absolutely the best for this purpose.  It contains many foods and nutrients that assist all of the elimination or detoxification organs of the body such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin.

The problem with most all so-called cleansing diets or detox diets is they are incomplete and deficient in nutrients.  They are okay for a week, but deep cleansing of the body takes much longer.  One must avoid deficient diets if you will stay with it more than a week or two.  

Cooked vegetables, in particular, help oxygenate the body, and help it burn off toxins.


5. A grounding and centering diet.  Vegetables grow on or near the ground.  While it may seem odd, this causes the vegetables to contain certain energies that tend to relate to grounded electrical energy and grounded thinking and functioning.


6. It is a conserving diet, not a weaning diet (a lot of dairy) or an ethereal diet (fruit).  These are more subtle qualities about foods that are interesting and sometimes helpful to know.


7. It is a labor-involving diet.  That is, it requires cooking or food preparation, compared with a diet or more fruit, more dairy or more bread, which do not require as much preparation.

Some do not like this aspect of the diet, saying they do not have time to buy and cook their vegetables.  However, one effect of this diet is to stop binge eating, impulsive eating, and overeating by forcing one to plan meals and cook their food.  This may help a person to stabilize the mind and organize one’s life better.


8. It is a chewing diet.  That is, one must chew the food.  This tends to slow eating, relax a person, and avoid bingeing, impulse eating and over-eating.


9. A subtle flavors diet.  Vegetables are probably the most flavorful foods, but the flavors are subtle. The diet avoids foods that overwhelm the senses such as sugars and hot spices.  The delicate flavors then tend to come through.


10. A very easily digested diet.  This is important because most people have very weak digestion.  Unlike what many people think, a diet with smoothies, for example, is not easy to handle as it has too much water and often very poor food combinations.




1. The diet tends to raise the hair sodium and potassium levels, and the sodium/potassium ratio somewhat.  This is an excellent effect of the diet.  In contrast, raw food and fruit-based diets lower the sodium/potassium ratio.

Raising the sodium/potassium ratio allows the body to remove more toxic metals and to replace them with the vital alkaline reserve minerals.


2. It is a stay-out-of-four lows-diet.  Four lows is an exhaustion hair mineral pattern.  This diet does not contain stimulants or irritants that can push a person into a four lows hair analysis pattern.  Instead, it is extremely nourishing and gentle on the body.




In terms of fighting disease, this diet is helpful for many common health conditions:


1. It is an anti-yeast diet.  The reason is it is very low in sugars and low in fermented foods.


2. It is an anti-osteoporosis diet.  It is rich in bioavailable calcium and other minerals needed for the bones.  This is especially important for women who are in or who are approaching menopause.


3. It is an anti-diabetic diet.  This is due to its low sugar content and high trace element content.


4. It is an anti-heart disease diet.  It is a low-stress, low-stimulant and very nourishing diet.  It also contains a lot of the minerals and phyto-nutrients needed for the heart such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and anti-oxidants.


5. It is an anti-parasitic diet.  This is because of its high fiber content and the phyto-nutrients it contains.  Parasites thrive on high-sugar diets and junk food diets.


6. It is an anti-obesity diet.  Everyone loses weight if they follow this diet properly.  Vigorous exercise is not required, and just tends to slow down one’s progress.  One can also eat plenty and not feel hungry.


7. It is an anti-infective diet.  Bacteria and viruses thrive on higher-sugar diets and higher-protein diets.  The minerals in the diet also strengthen the immune response and help the body fight off all infections.  Cooking also kills most bacteria and parasites that can live on food. 


8. It is an anti-cancer diet.  Its high content of green and cruciferous vegetables contain dozens of nutrients that assist the immune response and may have other anti-cancer effects.


9. Helpful for many organs and systems.  The diet is definitely helpful for the digestive organs, the pancreas, the liver, the skin, the cardiovascular system, the reproductive system, and the nervous system.




1. It tends to move subtle energy downward from the head to the feet.  This is due to its high cooked vegetable content, and its lack of stimulants and irritants.


2. It promotes development.  This is a fabulous benefit of this diet, and this diet alone, to the best of my knowledge.  Development is a unique process by which a person’s body becomes healthier, extending life and leading to a more disease-free life.

Reasons why this diet promotes development are its high content of selenium in foods such as blue corn, sardines, kelp, sea salt, and lamb.  These foods promote development.  It is also due to its ability to move energy downward through the body.


3. It is low in toxic products that would impede development.  Eating too much meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products slows development.  This diet contains the proper amount of these animal-based products.


4. It is a detoxifying diet. This also promotes development and is absolutely required today for most people.




1. The diet is extremely alkaline-forming.  The reason is it is rich in the alkaline reserve minerals.  These include zinc, manganese, selenium, silicon, chromium and others.  Most people’s bodies are too acidic at the tissue level, no matter what their urine and saliva pH reads.

Replenishing the alkaline reserve minerals is the true way to alkalinize the body at the deepest level.  Alkaline water, sodium bicarbonate therapy and other superficial means are temporary only.  Also, it is not true that a diet rich in fruit is more alkaline forming than a cooked vegetable-based diet because the vegetable-based diet contains much more of the alkaline reserve minerals.




The good digestion diet.  The diet can also be called the good digestion diet because, when followed properly, it is very easy on digestion and will slowly rebuild the intestinal tract and get rid of leaky gut syndrome.  Once rebuilt, you will absorb many more nutrients from your food, which is another great benefit.


For all the details about the preferred, cooked vegetable diet, read:


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