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Hugs or hugging.  There are two main definitions of hugs or hugging:

1. To hug means to be, remain or stay close or nearby.  For example, one might say, “The boat hugged the shore”.  This means that the boat stayed close to the shore.

Another example is “The woman hugged her heavy grocery bag tightly so that she would not drop it.”

2. An embrace with the arms between two people.  This is done to make contact or for support, friendliness, affection, love, kindness, affirmation, acknowledgment or healing for oneself and/or for another.  Some websites list up to 11 types of hugs.

This article focuses on down hugging.  This is a mysterious and very powerful method of healing and development.




Development, as the word is used on this website, is a lengthy genetic process that causes the body to become much stronger and to have a longer life span.  One also develops unusual abilities.  Development is rarely taught on earth at this time.

In fact, this website is one of very few that teach it in a very systematic, practical and non-technical way.  For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.




Definition.  Down hugging is a mysterious and powerful healing and development method.  To do it in person requires two people of the opposite sex.  It does not work between two people of the same sex.

One can also visualize down hugging.  This can be done between two of the same sex.  However, it is best between two people of the opposite sex.

Down hugging is a process.  A complete session takes about two and one-half hours.  One can take breaks if one follows certain rules.  However, to experience the full benefits, the procedure requires a session that lasts for about two and one-half hours.




Down hugging is powerful because it combines a number of methods:

1. Empathic healing. Empathic healing means two people helping each other to heal and develop faster.  It is actually a very esoteric subject involving the very complex design of a human body. 

In essence, it concerns blending the physical, mental and spiritual “bodies” or energy fields of two people in specific ways that cause healing and development. 

In the language of physics, empathic healing depends upon the processes of induction, resonance and entrainment. These occur naturally between people, especially when they are in close proximity such as when hugging.

Knowing about these principles of physics is very important because blending your energy with that of others is not always healing or positive.  In fact, it can be quite destructive.  For details, read Empathic Blending.

Other examples of empathic healing methods include smiling at others, wishing people good luck, praying for others, Down Kissing and Down Hugs.


2. Sexual blending.  For some reason we don’t fully understand, when two people of the opposite sex come into close contact with each other, another type of blending occurs.  For lack of a better term, we call it sexual blending.

It is very powerful and is one of the main reasons human beings enter into intimate relationships with another of the opposite sex.  It is also the main reason we don’t recommend homosexual relationships.

Homosexuality.  There is nothing wrong with friendships between two people of the same sex or gender.  However, sexual blending does not occur in these friendships and relationships.  You can prove this to yourself easily by doing the down hugging procedure.

This is the major deficiency of homosexual relationships.  To teach that both types of intimate relationships are or equal value and deserve equal legal and moral standing is simply a lie.  This is not prejudice, bigotry or homophobia.  It is simply the truth.  For details, read Homosexuality.

Transgenders.  Down hugging depends only upon one’s biologically determined gender.  You can prove this to yourself by doing a down hugging session.  It is not affected at all by one’s feelings or beliefs about oneself in relation to gender or sexuality.

The teaching that gender is societally determined and should be up to the individual is a powerful lie that is mixing up millions of people today.  There are two genders and that is all.

If one is unhappy with one’s gender (gender dysphoria) this needs to be addressed with a development program.  The reason is it is usually due to toxicity of the body and nutritional deficiencies.  That is our experience - not “our opinion”.  For details, read Gender Dysphoria.


3. Downward moving energy. Our bodies are designed in a directional and polarized way.  The head has a positive electrical charge and the feet have a negative charge. 

Any method to increase the difference in voltage and amperage between the two poles of the body – the head and the feet - can cause healing and development.  In fact, this is a major key to development, along with one’s diet and a healthful lifestyle.

More specifically, pushing or pulling (drawing) subtle energy downward with the mind expands a person’s energy field and spins the 21 subtle energy centers faster and more correctly.

Standing, sitting or lying down next to another person while pushing or drawing energy downward from the head to the feet increases these effects.  For more details, please read  and Downward Moving Energy And Healing on this website.


4. Psychodrama.  Down hugging is superb as a psychodrama method for healing.  Psychodrama is the method of healing whereby one imitates an old traumatic situation in a safe and fun manner.  This allows the body and mind to re-experience and process the trauma in a safe way that is extremely healing.

Down hugging is excellent to retrace old traumas that involve intimate physical contact such as rapes, beatings, some molestation and perhaps other types of traumas, including birth traumas.  In fact, to retrace and clear some traumas may require this type of healing therapy.

Advantages are one can do it at home, at low cost.  It can be done safely and does not expose the body to much disease or other hazards.  For details, read Psychodrama.


5. Relaxation.  Down hugging is extremely relaxing providing the participants are comfortable.  Relaxation shuts down the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system and activates the parasympathetic branch.  This has a powerful healing effect on the body and brain.




With whom.  Down hugging requires a male and a female.  The full benefits do not occur if the hug is between two men or two women. 

The exception to this is if you do down hugging using visualization only.  Then the procedure, which is done long distance, can work somewhat with two men or two women.  However, it is still best between two of the opposite sex.  We discuss the visualization method near the end of this article.

Age and size.  You can do down hugging with anyone basically of any size and anyone over the age of 3.   For example, parents can do it with their children providing the child is over the age of 3.  We don’t have experience with this method for babies up to age 3.

Older children.  If one does down hugging with one’s child, problems can arise when the child reaches the age of about 7 or older.  This is because the child may become too interested in the sexual aspects of down hugging.

In this case, it is up to the parent to talk with the child and educate the child, and decide if down hugging can continue.

We know of a case in which two teenage children did down hugging with each other to clear a rape.  It worked well.  A parent supervised to make sure everything went well.  It probably would not work with every teen, however.  Some maturity and trust are required.

 Age difference.  The participants need not be the same age.  However, the procedure is often more effective with a person who is older than yourself because the body is more etheric.

Height.  Down hugging with a person close to your height is somewhat helpful, but not necessary.  In fact, it works very well between an adult and a child if this is the only way you have to do it.

How long is a session and the tingling.  A full down hugging session requires about two and one-half hours.  When one begins, in about 5 minutes one feels a slight tingling sensation.  This goes on for about two and one-half hours and then it stops.  This is the end of the full down hugging session.

How often?  Full down hug sessions can be done about three times a week.  One can hug more often, but the tingling sensation will not occur more than about three times a week or every other day.  We are not sure why this occurs.

Breaks.  During a down hugging session, the participants will need breaks to stretch, change positions, have some water or for other reasons.  This is fine as long as the participants remain within about 10 feet of each other. 

When they return to the session, it will continue where it left off.  However, if the participants move more than about 10 feet apart at any time, then the connection breaks and when they resume the session needs to start over.

Position and comfort.  Lie down or do the session sitting facing one another or one in front of the other.  During breaks you can change your positions.  Try to be comfortable using pillows and, if lying down, perhaps memory foam mattress toppers or other methods to be comfortable.

It is nice to brush your teeth before a session and make sure you smell okay.

Distractions.  Make sure that other distractions do not arise, such as phones ringing or children wanting help with their homework.

Pulling down.  For the most powerful effect, be sure to move energy downward as forcefully as possible from the head to the feet during the entire session.  It is a great time to practice this exercise.  For details how to do this, read The Pulling Down Procedure.

Clothing.  Comfortable, natural fiber clothing is best, since synthetic clothing tends to block more of the subtle energy exchanged during the hug.  Disrobing is okay between marriage partners, but not needed at all.

Other positions: Back hugs.  A back hug occurs when one person stands, sits or lies in front of the other, facing the same direction.  For example, a child (or your friend or partner) can sit on the couch in front of you or on your lap while you watch television, read, or talk.

It is less sexual, especially for the person in front, and that is an advantage.  Also, sitting this way on a couch, for example, can be quite comfortable and can allow down hugging while sitting.

Front hugging sitting down.  Two can do down hugging while sitting, facing one another.  It may be a little less comfortable, but some people like it.  In this position, one person, usually the lighter one, sits on the other person’s lap and wraps their legs and arms around the other.

To make this more comfortable, the person on top can sit on a little prayer bench or meditation bench.  These are sold on the internet or one can make one.

If it is the right size, it will fit over the legs of the person on the bottom so that the full weight of the person on top is not resting on one’s legs.  This can work well if the prayer bench is the right size.




Several of our clients have told us about the following effects of down hugging.  They had previously experienced multiple rapes:


- Less promiscuous

- Less angry and resentful

- Able to cry

- Softer (rapes harden the body)

- Able to talk about their rapes freely

- Able to relax

- Able to eat normally again

- Less third center pain, less liver pain and less heart pain.  For details, read The Four Pains.

- Much better sleep

- Become a better mother, wife or just a better person

- Less frightened and more able to defend oneself

- Able to think and remember once again

- Much better self-esteem

- A way to reduce karma or the curse

- More free, in general.

- Able to function better in many ways such as more coordinated and happier

- Much more in touch with body sensations.

- Able to retrace aspects of rapes and other traumas.








The following exercises done during down sex or down hugging will greatly enhance the healing and development effects.  They can also have many other interesting and exciting effects for blending couples:


- Join the energy centers.  There are seven major subtle energy centers on the body.  Above these are many other subtle energy centers.

Visualize lining up the first energy center of both partners. When you feel this occurring, then line up the second energy center. When you feel this occurring, then line up the third energy center, and so on. Keep doing this for all seven of the energy centers that are on the body.

Then do the next set of energy centers (8 through 14).  Then do even higher energy centers 15 through 21 and beyond. If you are sensitive, you will feel it when you and your partner’s centers line up together.

This exercise is easier if the partners do a back hug (one partner sitting or lying behind the other).  For details about the centers, read The Energy Centers.


- Spin your energy centers and that of your partner to the right. This requires a back hug, usually with the man sitting behind the woman. This way the energy centers will spin in the same direction.

Begin by spinning the seven main energy centers of the partners together very powerfully to the right.  The centers should look bright and of a vibrant color.

Then do the same for other, smaller energy centers such as in the breasts, shoulders, head, elbows, knees, feet, toes and more.


- Move subtle energy around the bodies from the left to the right.  This exercise is sometimes called the robe because you can imagine a robe around both people that is spinning to the right.  It is a very powerful healing exercise that is highly recommended when you do down sex or down hugging.

Visualize subtle energy moving around both bodies from the left to the right.  Imagine the energy moving as fast as you can.


- Visualize and spin the orbits of the partners together. There are two so-called orbits.  They are pathways of subtle energy through the body.  Both are in the shape of a bicycle chain.

The microcosmic orbit goes down the front of the body from the head.  It turns around at the pelvic area and then goes up the back all the way to the top of the head and starts over going down the front of the body.

The macrocosmic orbit also goes down the body from the head. However, it continues to the bottom of the feet. Then it turns around and goes up the back of the legs, and up the back to the top of the head.

Visualize subtle energy in these two orbits spinning forward very fast.


- Connect other parts of the bodies. Visualize various body parts of the partners lying close to one another.  Then imagine subtle energy swirling to the right around a body part such as the legs, arms, feet, neck and head.  The swirling energy joins the body part of the two people.

To do this exercise, one needs to decide with one’s partner which body part you will visualize spinning together.  You can just keep adding body parts.  This is a very powerful blending exercise.


- Visualize the three dantiens spinning together. The dantiens are three balls of subtle energy on all bodies.  Each is about the size of a large grapefruit.

One is in the head, one is in the chest and one is in the abdomen.  In most people, they spin slowly and are of a dull color.

Visualize them spinning in a forward direction, spinning very fast and very brightly.  For details, read The Dantiens.


- Kissing.  All of the above blending exercises will work a little better if the couple holds their mouths together.  This is not necessary but it is helpful.




During down sex or down hugging there is a tendency for the woman to fall asleep. Several women noted that this occurs even if one does it early in the morning when one is not tired.

The reason this occurs is that it is not a normal sleep. We have learned that during down sex or down hugging, if the woman relaxes, she will often quickly and easily move into a special state of consciousness that is a light trance state.

In this ‘sleep’, she will heal and develop very rapidly, much faster than her husband. Then she will help him heal and develop much faster. Both participants benefit greatly! Even better, the procedure can be done as often and for as long a time as you wish.

Comfort. The main problem is keeping the woman comfortable enough to remain asleep. Some women can lie on top of their husband and remain asleep. Others prefer to lie on their side. Some prefer to lie on their back. One will need to experiment to find the best position.

Breaks. If the husband wants to take a break, the woman will easily wake up. Then, she can usually fall asleep easily again when the break is over.

Harder on men. The only difficulty with this procedure is that while the woman is asleep, the couple so far cannot speak to each other or interact in other ways. For example, she cannot help him maintain his erection without ejaculating. This is a little more stressful for the husband.

Cautions. So far, the procedure is completely safe. One of our clients has done it every day or even more often for the past six months.

Important! We consider this enhanced procedure a critical breakthrough in development science. It greatly speeds up development, and this is very important today. Please consider doing this procedure. If you are not married, please consider marriage just so that you can do this procedure.




1. Be careful whom you hug. Some people hug everyone.  This is a mistake.  For example, hugging can easily send a message to a man or woman that you are attracted to him or her and you want to have sex.  This can cause a rape, in fact.  We suggest not to give hugs unless you know a person quite well.

A handshake or just a nod or a smile is much better if you don’t know the person well.  Even a handshake or a smile is occasionally misinterpreted as a sexual gesture.

2. Be careful how you hug.  Unless you know the person well as a friend, a powerful hug can easily be misinterpreted as a sexual advance, whether it is by a man or by a woman. 

3. It is possible to pick up diseases from hugs.  This may sound paranoid, but it is true.  So once again, be careful whom you hug and how you hug.

A reason that disease transmission is possible is that hugging puts your face in close proximity to that of another person.  The other person may give you a kiss, even a simple one, and this definitely can transmit disease.

Sexually-transmitted diseases are extremely common today, and many people have herpes sores and others in the mouth and on the lips.

4. Acting too warm and cuddly with children.  Children are very sensitive to all touch.  Being too cuddly with children easily arouses sexual feelings in a child.

Children handled this way often grow up into sensually-oriented teenagers and adults.  This easily gets teenagers and young adults into unhealthy sexual relationships.  Too much touch can also lead to masturbation, in a few cases.

A similar effect occurs if parents do a lot of massage on their children.  Foot reflexology, however, feels good, is very therapeutic, and is quite non-sexual.  In fact, it teaches a skill that is quite invaluable for any child.

5. Overdoing hugs.  It is possible that too many hugs give a person too much “across energy” – person to person contact.  This tends to interfere with the connection between yourself and the divine – also called  “up and down” energy.

Unfortunately, this is a problem with all human relationships.  They tend to substitute more “across energy” for the “up and down energy”, and this is actually a detriment for development.  A balance is required.






            If one does not have a partner for down hugging or if one’s partner is busy and does not have time for down hugging, it can be done through visualization.  This method is not as powerful, but has a number of advantages:

- It does not require a partner to be present.  However, it works best if one

is partner is close by, such as in the same home or general location.

- It is more private and less embarrassing for some people.

- It is much safer if one wants to do down hugging but does not have someone to do it with whom one trusts.

- It can be done with a person of the same sex.  This does not work as well as doing it with someone of the opposite sex, but it is still helpful.

- It may be more comfortable and does not require following a schedule with another.


            The procedure.  Set aside about two and one half hours for a full session.  Choose the person you will visualize hugging.  It is best if he or she lives or works close to you – no more than 100 miles away and preferably much closer.  If possible, use a person in your own home.

Now lie down or sit comfortably.  Close the eyes and imagine hugging the other person while you do the pulling down procedure.

Make sure your head and your feet are aligned with the other person’s head and feet.  We believe the best position is to pretend you are lying down and facing the other person.

If you are much shorter or much taller than the other person, visualize making your body larger or smaller so you are about the same size as your partner.

You probably will not feel the tingling sensation, although some people report they do feel the tingling.





- Ask if another person wants a hug, unless you know the person very well.

 - Fathers, please hug your daughters PROPERLY.  Always ask and if someone does not want a hug, it is okay and not a rejection.  No sexual hugs, though!

However, also do not listen to “authorities” who say fathers are not important to their daughter’s well-being.  Hugging your daughters properly can be one of the best protections against your daughter going astray with teenage boys.

- When hugging, plant your feet close to the other person, stand up tall and straight, and face the other person.

 - Ideally, move so that your heart sits right next to the heart of the other person.  It means that your head and neck will be to the right of the head and neck of the other person.  Energetically, this is a little better, though not too important.

- Smile, think happy thoughts, and relax when giving or receiving a hug.




 - Do not lean in against the other person when hugging.  This is uncomfortable for the other person and could even cause him or her to fall backwards.

 - Ideally, do not just turn one shoulder to the other person.  The exception is if you do not want a sensual hug at all.   Women sometimes do this to protect their breasts from more contact.

- Try not to hunch over when giving or receiving a hug.  This can be difficult if the other person is much shorter than you are.

- Do not stare at the other person if your heights are similar.  It is better to move your head and neck so that it is off to one side of the head of the other person.

- Do not give “bear hugs”, which are tight squeezes by usually strong men.  They may include maneuvers such as lifting the other person off the ground, squashing a woman’s breasts, or rubbing your body parts into the other person’s body. 

Other rude and disgusting hug behaviors are fondling with the hands or rubbing the bodies together in any way.  This applies to both the fronts of the bodies and the back.  Go easy and be gentle.

- Do not squeeze the other person so hard that he or she cannot breathe.  Some people love a little squeeze, however.

- Never kiss unless you know the person well and that he or she wants it.  This is much more invasive and more sexual.




Shorter hugs are okay to let someone know you care about them or just to show affection or support.

Tuning in hugs.  Some empathic effects of hugs such as resonance and entrainment require that the hug last for at least 30 seconds.  Some people understand or feel this very acutely.  They wrap their arms around you and just hold on until they feel in rapport or “at one” with you.

Other people do not understand or feel this way with hugs.  In fact, some are quite uncomfortable with longer hugs.  They consider a long hug a sexual advance.  As a result, it is best to tell the other person that you like long hugs before giving one.




Hugs are helpful for:


1. Physical touch.  This is helpful for most people.  Many people do not experience enough physical contact with others, and crave it.  Hugging is a simple and usually non-threatening way to receive and give touch to another person.


2. Emotional and mental support.  Hugs usually feel good.  They remind a person that someone else cares about them enough to approach them in this way.


3. A spiritual connection. Hugs help remind people that God or the Creator loves them, no matter how they feel inside, and no matter what is going on in their lives.  This is a kind of touch that is quite effective and simple, once again.


4. Subtle energy blending.  Hugs blend the energy fields and energy centers of two people in very beneficial ways.

This includes not only the energy field or aura of the physical body.  It also includes the energy fields of the upper bodies. This is very important and not well understood.

Every human being has at least seven “bodies” or energy fields, even though most people can only see the physical body.  The others consist of a fine matter creature and an energy field.  Everyone is born with at least six of them, but most people do not fill them with energy and they don’t function much.  Only people who develop activate these upper bodies and receive great benefits from them.  This is one of the main reasons we teach development science.

The upper bodies are known by a few scientists, but not many.  They have names such as the emotional body, etheric body, blue tube, two spheres, the mental body and the whole body.  For details, read The Energy Bodies.

When two people do down hugging or down sex, for some mysterious reason it heals defects or deficiencies in both participant’s energy bodies.


5. Therapy. 

A. For sexual abuse.  The reason for this is that hugs are a way to stay in touch with others, yet they are surprisingly non-threatening.  It is surprising because most hugs involve touching the more yin or more delicate side of the human body.

B. Healing.  This occurs due to relaxation and a circular motion of subtle energy from left to right.  Other reasons include the blending of the energy fields and the energy centers.  Feelings of peace and acceptance may also cause some healing.

C. Development.  This refers to down hugging, mentioned above.  Anything that helps move more energy downward causes more development.




This is a more intimate healing method closely related to down hugging.  It is very important and needs to be taught on earth, so we mention it here.

Down sex works for many of the same reasons as down hugging and offers many of the same benefits.  For details, read Down Sex.



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