by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            As part of a plan called total control, the rogues rape or beat or threaten many or most women, and some men.  When this occurs, they may be told they must eat a certain diet - or next time it will be worse.  The diet is designed to keep them weak, out of balance, and often to maintain programming or brainwashing that is done to the person.

            The cult or rape diet usually includes some or all of the following:


- avoiding red meat and, in some cases, avoiding all meat

- eating tunafish and fruit every day

- drinking protein smoothies daily

- eating salads and not many cooked vegetables

- drinking rooibos or red tea every day

- drinking kombucha tea daily (a stimulant)

- drinking coconut water (a stimulant)

drinking coffee is often allowed, but not coffee enemas

- drinking celery juice

- avoiding kelp tablets


            The person is often told that if he or she tells anyone about the reason for the diet, there will be serious consequences, or even death.  So, in general, if a person is on this diet, she or he will not tell you about it.   Let us discuss the specifics.






            A person may be required to do all or parts of the following diet and lifestyle:


1. No red meat. Avoiding red meat makes the body more yin, reduces one’s zinc intake, and causes the body to become malnourished in other ways, as well.  Red meat, especially lamb, is excellent twice a week for most people.  Vegetarian diets are not good today, I find, so please be careful with this.  Please read Vegetarian Diets for more on this topic.

2. Eat some fruit every day. Eating fruit every day makes the body much too yin.  This is very bad today, I find, no matter what anyone says about the nutritional benefits of fruit.  Many people eat fruit, of course, not just those on the cult diet.

Fruit causes yin disease, upsets blood sugar, upsets digestion in some cases, contains Toxic Potassium, and always seriously weakens the body in my experience.  For more on this topic, please read Yin Disease and Fruit-Eating on this website. 

3. Eat tunafish, usually every day.  Eating tunafish provides too much mercury, which negatively affects brain chemistry.  Even eating just other fish such as salmon, swordfish, sushi, halibut, or others puts too much mercury in the body.  It causes confusion, foggy thinking and may cause many other symptoms.  For much more on the horrible effects of mercury, please read Mercury on this website.

4. At times, avoid all salt. This may not sound important, but it is important.  Sea salt, in particular, is very important as a source of minerals for our health.

5. Often, drink rooibos, also called rui tea or red tea, every day. Drinking even one cup of rooibos tea daily provides too much nickel and lead.  In addition, there seem to be four kinds of red tea used.  One has no additives, and the others contain extra nickel, lead or chromium.

Nickel is a toxic metal that contributes to anger and depression.  It can also cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

Nickel toxicity has the peculiar property of keeping a person emotionally attached to others in unhealthy ways.  To read more, please read Nickel and Lead Toxicity on this website.  A short article also discusses Rooibos Tea on this website.

6. Drink a protein smoothie or even two every day.  This upsets digestion, is yin, and often contains toxic ingredients.

7. Drink kombucha tea.  This is a toxic stimulant that moves people into a four lows mineral pattern. For details, read Kombucha Tea.

8. Eat salads, but not many cooked vegetables.  Salads are yin and also provide very little nutrition.  For details, read Raw Food.

9. Coffee is often allowed as a drink, but not in enemas.  This is because coffee enemas detoxify the body and can break brainwashing and other programming.  For details, read Coffee Enemas.

10. Powdered soups.  These are sometimes recommended.  They are of low nutritional quality.

11. Celery juice.  This is toxic, although one feels better on it at first.




In addition to the above dietary “suggestions”, they may be told:


Use an aluminum-containing anti-perspirant daily.  Using this increases aluminum in the body, which damages the brain.  Common symptoms are forgetfulness, some degree of brain fog and perhaps early dementia.  Aluminum can also accumulate in other organs.  For more on this topic, read Aluminum on this website.

Some people meet with ‘supervisors’, have sex, and have gasoline poured over themselves.  The meetings are used for various purposes.  The gasoline contains a toxic form of manganese.

Some are told to take a vitamin B12 tablet daily.  This poisons a person with a somewhat toxic form cobalt called on this website an amigo mineral form.

Many are told to smoke marijuana, or use CBD, or less commonly to use other drugs.  Using marijuana raises the hair cadmium level, a potent poison.  For more on this topic, please read Cadmium and Marijuana – A Bad Drug.

Arsenic may be given in salt or other ways.  For more on this toxic metal, please read Arsenic on this site.

Some are also told to use Selsun Blue shampoo.  This poisons a person with a somewhat toxic form of selenium.

Some are also given other toxic substances to eat or drink.  These may include chromium, iron, manganese or others.

Some are told to use a product on their hair that makes the hair shiny.

Most are told they must vote Democratic Party or Liberal in Europe and other nations.

Some are told they need to have sex at least once a week or even twice a week.  They send someone around and they don’t want you having a boyfriend or husband unless the approve it.





Some of the poisons used by rapists and others the child minerals.  The so-called child minerals include a toxic form of potassium, copper, mercury, aluminum and nickel.

The child minerals keep a person immature, somewhat angry, and attached to authority figures.  This may be one of the goals of the cult diet.  For more on this topic, please read Child Minerals on this website.




Usually, the person is told not to take kelp or selenium, perhaps because these supplements can break their programming.




Usually, the person is not permitted to do the development program procedures such as coffee enemas, red heat lamp saunas, foot reflexology, the spinal twist, structural alignment, and the pushing down mental exercise.  Perhaps the reason is that these procedures can also break one’s brainwashing or programming.

Kelp.  They are often also told they may not take kelp and perhaps other supplements that are part of this program.




Parts of the cult diet show up on hair mineral tests.  The mineral levels can occur due to other causes.  However, if any of the following mineral levels occur, one may suspect that the person is on the cult or rape diet:


1. Lead > 0.06  - from rooibos tea.

2. Mercury > 0.035  - from tuna in the diet, or a lot of other fish.

3. Cadmium > 0.008  - smoking marijuana or perhaps tobacco.

4. Arsenic > 0.01 – from arsenic in salt or other sources.

5. Aluminum > 0.04  - from the use of aluminum-containing anti-perspirants.

6. Nickel > 0.019 - use of rooibos or rui tea.  NOTE: Some people who do not want others to know they are drinking rooibos tea stop drinking the tea for a week or two, and then cut their hair for a hair mineral analysis.  In these cases, the nickel level will usually drop down to normal, but the lead level may remain elevated.

7. Manganese > 0.04.  This is possibly from doing the gasoline treatments.  Manganese toxicity also occurs naturally in parts of the East coast of the United States, and a few other areas.

8. Other abuse patterns.  These include a calcium level greater than 165 mg%, a calcium/magnesium ratio greater than 13.5, victim patterns (sodium of 1 mg% and potassium of 1 or 2 mg%), an Na/K ratio less than 1, or a double low ratio pattern on the first or second four minerals on an ARL hair mineral chart.   For more on this, please read Abuse Patterns on this site.


The calcium/magnesium ratio.  An interesting finding on a hair mineral analysis when one is on the cult diet, at times, is a calcium/magnesium ratio greater than 13.5.  This is called “an  ending pattern”.  This means that it is time to let go of something in your life.  It also means that, in general, the letting go will work out in your favor.  For more on this topic, please read Spiritual Defensiveness Pattern on this website.


The patterns above can be due to various causes, so each case must be handled individually.

Some people continue with the cult diet for years.  Please do not continue this diet and lifestyle if you can muster the courage to stop it.  It is not good for your health. 




One way to be left alone by the thugs is to write their names, addresses and phone numbers on twenty pieces of paper.  Place the papers in envelopes and give them to 20 people who know you. 

Tell these 20 people if anything happens to you, please immediately give these names and numbers to the police.  They must give them to the local, county, and state police, as well as the federal marshals.  Then stop the diet and tell the thugs you are no longer working with them.  I know this takes courage.



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