by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© October 2018, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            This short article is a way to understand how love operates according to the 7 system.




Love at the most basic level means caring for your body and mind so that you continue to live.  This involves what you eat and drink, where you live, whom you associate with, and your lifestyle, in general.

            This is an area of self-love in which many people fall short.  Yet it is essential for all the other levels of love in action.  Many people ignore their diet, have a sloppy lifestyle with unclean habits, and do not pay enough attention to the care of their body and brain.

As a result, many do not survive well.  They sicken and die young, or have accidents and other unfortunate experience that discourage them and stop development.




The second energy center has to do with feeling and emotion.  This area of life is the one filled with emotions, an area of human life that is very powerful.

This is another area where many people have difficulty handling their feelings, or they become sloppy.  Some people suppress their feelings so much and won’t talk about it that they become severely depressed or ill.  Others give up their principles and their health for momentary pleasures such as alcohol, marijuana or too much or improper sex. 




This is an area of self-love that is difficult for some people.  Many people believe that loving and caring for oneself means that indulging in egotistical thought and behavior is good.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

            We need to accept ourselves FROM where we are.  It is not true that one needs to glorify the ego self.


            4. Love others, and love everyone equally.  This is the ideal way to conduct your social life, which is associated with the fourth energy center.  This does not mean you must associate with everyone, or even speak with everyone.  It is more an energetic attitude or feeling about others.

              This is also difficult for most people.  Most of us love those who love us.  Those who are different, unusual, difficult to get along with or mean in some way are much harder to love in this way.


5. Give service.  Love is happy to serve and assist in many ways.  This is what one’s work and creative life should be about.  This is difficult for some people to understand, but others grasp the idea intuitively.

It is fine to earn money and become famous, perhaps.  However, one’s career and working life should be about service first and always.  In fact, to really earn money, giving service is a great key.

Giving service is always unselfish because it is not about what you want to do or be.  Service is always about providing what others need, even if you don’t like providing it.  Capitalism or free market economics teaches this principle.


6. Think About Truth.  The sixth center is in the frontal area of the brain, where thinking occurs.  Real love is about seeking and living the truth at all times.  At times, this means practicing “tough love”, which is more difficult for most people.  It is doing the right thing for yourself and others, not what is convenient, popular or easy.


7. Integrity, and Being Truth And Love.  The seventh energy center connects one with the divine, or oversoul, or Holy Spirit.  It is a culmination of all of the other centers or ideas in this article.  This may be called integrity, which just means integrated, consistent and complete.

Cultivating and opening the seventh energy center is a focus of development programs.  One does it by opening the mind to higher thought and new ideas, and through service to others, truthful pursuits, proper relationships with others, minimizing the ego mind, controlling the emotions, and taking excellent care of the body and brain.



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