by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Hospitals in America and in other nations have changed a lot. Today they are not as safe places as they were previously. In fact, some of them have been taken over by the group we call The Rogues.

As a result, we recommend avoiding hospitals as much as you possibly can. One way to do this is to follow the development program. This program can take care of many problems that might otherwise require medical care.

This article discusses some of the feedback we receive from people who go to the hospital for surgery or other procedures.


1. Not free to leave. Two clients who visited hospital emergency rooms were told they were not free to leave and were forced to spend a night in the hospital. This is the same as being put under arrest. However, legally, only a police officer has the power to arrest people, so this is quite outrageous.

2. Radio locator bracelets. Many hospitals are also putting a radio-controlled identification bracelet on patients that signals if the person leaves a certain area of the hospital. If one cuts off the bracelet, it alerts hospital personnel and they put a new one on. Tracking people this way is totally unconstitutional in America.

We believe these new policies in America are part of the 2000+-page Affordable Care Act of 2010, also called Obamacare. There was not a single Republican vote for this law and it is thoroughly unconstitutional (see A Sad Day For America and The Affordable Care Act Of 2010).

President Donald Trump vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but he did not do it and the law remains. He signed a bill to remove the penalty for not having health insurance, but otherwise the law remains in force.


In America (we don’t know about other nations) we are told that you can leave a hospital if you just repeat the phrase, “I am discharged” as you walk out of the hospital.

It is a sort-of loophole in the law, and an important one to know about should you end up in the hospital.



Hospitals are being sold, illegally we think, or just being taken over by Chinese companies. In fact, the companies are fronts for the rogues. Hospitals are then being used for rogue experiments including converting people into sats or satans. For more on this, read The Sats.


Unfortunately, there are many problems with the naturopaths in America, at least. They seem very holistic, but in fact they are heavily controlled by their licensing board and must follow orders or they are beaten or worse. We would definitely avoid them. For details, read The Naturopaths.

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