by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© October 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            Hospitals in America (and other nations) are now more like prisons.  Unlike in the past, one are not free to leave the hospital.  We donŐt know how they get away with it, but hospital personnel are telling people they may not leave without permission.


Radio locator Bracelets.  Hospitals are also putting a radio-controlled identification bracelet on patients that signals someone if the person leaves a certain area of the hospital.  If one cuts off the bracelet, it alerts hospital personnel.  Tracking people this way would also seem to be totally unconstitutional in America.  

            We believe this new policy in America is part of the 2000+-page Obamacare law that passed in America in 2010.  There was not a single Republican vote.  The law is thoroughly unconstitutional (see A Sad Day For America and The Affordable Care Act Of 2010).  Donald Trump vowed to repeal it, but so far has not done so.  The requirement to pay a penalty for not having health insurance was removed from the law.




            In America (we donŐt know about other nations) we are told that you can leave a hospital if you just repeat the phrase, ŇI am dischargedÓ as you walk out of the hospital.

It is a sort-of loophole in the law, and an important one to know about should you end up in the hospital.



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