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Definition.  Implants, as the word is used in this article, refer to tiny, at times even microscopic objects placed inside of a human or animal body in order to monitor, sicken and/or control the person in some way.  This is a standard method used by the alien group we call the Rogues or the Bible calls Satan to control the people of the earth and the planet itself.

This article is not about breast implants, for example, which are placed for cosmetic reasons only.

Implant technology is very well developed.  Implants can turn a good person into a hypnotized zombie-like person, or a maniac or a serial killer.  This article is an introduction to this huge subject. 


These include:

1. Biological material. Some are hormone-producing tissues, organs such as pancreas used to make insulin, and other body tissues although most are glandular.  Other biological implants are bacteria, yeasts, and even tiny creatures that are often inserted inside a person, almost always to harm the person.

2. Hard materials such as tiny circuit boards, or balls of toxic metals, or balls of toxic chemicals, or materials used to block electrical impulses or to amplify them such as crystals.

A common one, we are finding, are called Disease Boxes.  These are tiny metal frame structures that weaken the tissue around them in order to cause disease or other distress.

3. Infectious organisms. Viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites can be injected and placed in vaccines, usually, or placed inside the body by other means.

4. Soft materials.  These might be flexible circuit boards, plastics or other materials that must withstand flexing of certain parts of the body such as the penis or vagina, perhaps, or others.

5. Souls. Souls are the basic units of consciousness found in all beings.  At times, these are inserted into a person and can change a person’s personality.  For details, read Soul Attachment And Release and other articles on this site about souls such as Soul Science.


Size.  Newer technology allows implants to be as small as a dot at the end of this sentence, or smaller.  This type are called dots or specks.  Older ones are larger, about the size of a grain of rice.  The dots are much better as they can be inserted easily into vaccines, mainly, or other types of injections of drugs.  They also fit nicely into foods and beverages that people swallow, city water supplies, and elsewhere without detection.

Some of the biologicals must be much larger, but they are not detectable in most cases because they are just human tissue taken from another person, usually, and it blends with the subject’s tissues and looks like any other part of the body.  These can also be injected or surgically implanted.

Location.  Implants can be placed anywhere in the body or brain.  Some of them will also work if they are close to the body in the energy field.  The sexual organs are used if one wants to stimulate them, for example.  Acupuncture points can be used to affect body systems easily.  Structural implants are placed where they do the most damage.  The liver is a common site, as are the kidneys, in order to shorten a life.  Implanting in the brain is more difficult, but not too hard using beaming technology or etheric transport, as it is also called.


Implants are used for many purposes.  Among them are:

1. Tracking.  They work just like GPS devices for this purpose and are used by rogue operatives to monitor our location and movements. Government people even today to track certain workers such as border patrols.

They are also sold today to track dogs and cats so they won’t be lost, and even to track your children.  In the future, this seemingly legal industry will grow much larger unless it is stopped.

2. Other monitoring. They can be used to monitor one’s vital signs, or body motion, or sexual feelings, or anything you can imagine. They just need to be hooked up to the right part of the body or the brain to do this.  The monitoring capabilities are large if one knows where to place the device.

3. Transducers. This means they convert signals in some way.  They might convert electrical impulses into sounds or voice.  They might convert electrical signals into hormones to make a person nervous or sexy.

They might just broadcast suggestions to a person including hypnotic suggestions to kill someone. Implants can be used to turn a person into a spy and they don’t even realize it. In other words, the implant can function as a microphone to record conversations, and may even record pictures or video information.

4. Blockers, stimulators, smoothers, killers and rapers.  These are just special functions of some implants. Included in this are what can be called psychic, virtual or electronic rapes. We mention them in the large Rape article.

Others can be used to sicken or kill a person, for example, if the person does not cooperate with his or her rogue operative or handler. This is not difficult. An implant may release a poison in the right part of the brain or body upon receiving the signal to do so. The person then has a heart attack or a stroke. It would take a trained professional to figure out what really happened.

5. Other.  Implants may have other exotic functions.  For example, implants can make people yin, punch holes in the aura or energy field, help attach discarnates, other entities and extra souls that are full of hatred and anger, and do structural damage to cause arthritis, scoliosis or kyphosis. They can do much more than this, in fact.


Implants are used commonly with our political leaders, especially those on the Left or Left-leaning.  They can make these people seem normal when they are really hideous killers, and don’t even realize it.  They lie and they steal because they are commanded to do so, and given shocks through other implants if they do not comply with their orders.


First, most people are implanted today. At times, you can often identify those who are very implanted because:

1. They don’t make sense with their words and actions.

2. They often seem disconnected from reality and act as though guided or directed by someone, even though no one is actually present.

3. They may exhibit a certain clumsiness, at times.  This is not necessarily due to implants, but to brainwashing, which is different.  For more, read Brainwashing and Hypnosis on this site.

4. Other strange behavior that does not really “add up” or make perfect sense.  This can be due to various kinds of implants such as entities.  Please read Entity Attachment And Release on this site for more on this important topic.


Implants can be placed surgically.  However, they may placed inside a person in other ways.  They can be given in shots such as vaccines, given in food or drinks, or by other methods such as beaming them inside people.  Do not think this technology is not available.  It is not just found in Star Trek episodes.  It is here, but is a military secret at this time.

Other common places or ways to place implants are in hospitals, or anywhere that people are drinking alcohol or doing drugs like marijuana.  The reason these work well is the person often passes out and surgery can be performed and the person has no idea that a needle has been injected into her, usually, and she now carries an implant.  For this reason, do your best to avoid hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental offices, bars, parties with a lot of alcohol or drugs, and do not use marijuana if you want to be safe.

Animals can be used to implant devices.  It can be placed by a bee sting, a dog bite, an eel bite or something else.  Even benign animals such as cats and dogs can spread them on their body.

Rape.  One of the best delivery methods is rape.  Rape allows the rapist to implant material in about five ways – through the sperm, the other sexual fluids, by rubbing against the subject’s body parts and causing small cuts and wounds, or the subject is often forced to drink a liquid.

At times, the rapist touches the subject’s body with his finger dipped in poison or just touching his infected body and then he touches the subject’s eyes, for example, to infect the eyes.  For details, read Rape.


Most people have implants.  We know this sounds very unusual and perhaps outrageous.  However, the rogues like them and use them widely.  They are difficult to detect, easy to place, and they are part of a kind of electronic warfare that is going on everywhere on planet earth.

Many are placed shortly after birth in hospitals, believe it or not.  They are used to control people in very subtle ways and they will rarely be detectable, even with x-rays, MRI or PET or CT scans.


You might wonder how a piece of electronics can work in the human body.  It is quite easy.  Some use tiny lithium batteries.   Others use body heat in ingenious ways.  Some also use biologicals, similar to the fuel cells now used to generate electricity for electric cars.  Certain organisms can generate tiny currents and that is all that is needed. 

This is similar to how an electric eel generates huge amounts of electrical power.  Very little power is needed for a tiny radio transmitter.  Often these tiny implants are linked to larger radio relay systems that are innocuous-looking boxes placed on telephone poles or cell phone towers.  Some implants tie in to cell phone towers to provide power and communication.  These are weaponized cell phone towers and America is full of them right now.


This is difficult.  Definitely avoid all vaccines and all shots, if possible, even the use of needles to take blood, for example.  Also avoid “natural” shots like intravenous vitamins, homeopathic injections, allergy shots, etc.  This is one reason development programs do not make use of shots of any kind, even intravenous hydrogen peroxide and some other interesting natural healing methods.  They are not all bad, by any means, but they are more invasive and thus a more dangerous.

Medical and naturopathic personnel are being used today as spies and as operators to implant people, even without their knowledge.  They do not realize their needles, syringes, drugs, vaccines and IV bottles may be very contaminated by others who mean us no good.  For much more on vaccination, please read Vaccination – A Medical Abomination, on this website.

Keep your body and your home clean, though you need not become fanatic and compulsive about it.  Bathing frequently is helpful.  Stay out of bars and hospitals and never use drugs, especially drugs that are shot into the body in some ways, but also marijuana and others that weaken the body or mind in any way to give you a ‘high’.

Sexual hygiene is helpful.  Too much sex or kinky sex weakens the body and mind so beware of your “fun”.  Down sex is good, however.

One method to reduce the effects of implants is to move energy forcefully downward through the body from head to feet and to develop yourself.  Read about the exercise at Meditation on this site.  This works by inducing a more powerful electrical current through the body that helps to disables some implants.

Keeping yourself grounded and centered also stops some implants that depend on a chaotic energy field.  Keeping yourself very well nourished with a development diet (no raw food and few juices and no fruit or sweets and no vegetarian diets) is also helpful.  Keeping your body more yang in macrobiotic terminology using a development program is also helpful.

Care with supplements.  All nutritional supplements are somewhat yin, including herbs, vitamins, minerals and the others. Homeopathic remedies are the worst in this regard, and are very subtle poisons.

For this reason, we recommend as few supplements as possible to achieve better health.

Gentle exercise is good, but vigorous exercise is not helpful.  Oxygenating and hydrating the body properly is good, but can be done in other ways.  Vigorous exercise just wears out the body and depletes the glands too much.

Fake implant removal.  Beware of psychics and others who claim they can remove your implants.  This is not always legitimate, although they might remove one or two.

The redundancy problem.  Beware that those who implant us often use multiple implants so that if, by some slim chance, you discover your implants and have them surgically removed, others will remain so you can be controlled.

Vanishing implants hard to detect.  An unusual kind of implant is one that vanishes or seems to go away after a while.  It might be used on a child, and then disappear when the child grows up.  Or it might be used for one mission and then abandoned so the enemy won’t detect it.

Beware that when people are released from foreign prisons, for example, some have been implanted and are now spies, dupes and assassins.  This is real.  Some of the illegal immigrants entering the US and European nations are implanted spies.


Forging is the making of human beings that the rogues want for various purposes.  This sounds a bit scary, but is an important part of implant science.  To read about it, please go to Forging on this website.


Because of the presence of implants in almost all people, most people are not as in control of their lives today as it may seem. This explains many strange occurrences at this time.

It is also one of the main reasons why we all need to turn our lives firmly over to God and to be very careful with guidance. For many more details, please read Guidance, Turning Your Life Over To God and Thy Will Be Done.

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