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I. Introduction

II. Jury Nullification

III. Other Problems With Our Juries

IV. More Details And Related Topics



A terrible blow to America has been the ruin of the jury system. American citizens have been tricked out of the major way they have to stop the passage of bad laws by allowing juries to nullify them. This means to make them null and void.


The destruction of the jury system began early in the 1800s and has only become worse in the past 50 years. It Is clearly a well-planned and well-organized attempt to destroy the nation that has worked very well. It has taken great power out of the hands of the citizens and given it to attorneys and government employees in the legislature and courts.

It is also of critical importance because a nation must block the passage of bad laws. Otherwise, bad laws tend to overwhelm good laws and cause chaos and disintegration of the nation.

This is very similar to having a strong immune response for a living creature. It is absolutely needed or the creature will die from infiltration of bad material into the body.

In the case of most nations today, the only other way to stop bad laws other than jury nullification is through the court system and the Supreme Court. The problems with this method are it is very slow and often Supreme Court decisions are too narrow.

This means they nullify laws just in a particular situation, place or with other limitations. Then other people must file lawsuits in other jurisdictions or in other circumstances and they must work their way through the court system in order to finally get rid of a law completely. This is completely unacceptable in a valid modern legal system.


Some of this article is taken from the book by this author, Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Practitioners (1995 - 2017).


The Magna Charta, in 1215, established a clear principle of English and American law. In all cases, it is the right and duty of the jury to judge not only the facts of a case, namely whether the accused broke the law.

They are also to judge the validity of the law itself. This means the jury may acquit the accused either because 1) he or she did not break the law or because 2) the law itself is unfair or otherwise faulty.

This dual role for the jury is sometimes called the power of jury nullification. That is, the jury has the power to nullify the law itself.  A little reflection will show this dual power of the jury is essential. Here are quotes on the subject from legal authorities:

"If the jury have no right to judge of the justice of a law of the government, then plainly, they can do nothing to protect the people against the oppressions of the government; for there are no oppressions which the government may not authorize by law." - from An Essay on the Trial by Jury (1852) by Lysander Spooner.

"It is presumed, that juries are the best judges of facts; it is, on the other hand, presumable, that the courts are the best judges of the law. But still both objects are within your power of decision. You have a right to take upon yourselves to judge both, and to determine the law as well as the facts in controversy." - Instructions to the jury given by John Jay, chief justice of the Supreme Court, in the first case tried before the Supreme Court of the United States, State of Georgia v. Brailsford, 3 Dall I, 1794.

"There is the existence of an unreviewable and irreversible power in the jury, to acquit, in disregard of the instructions on the law …" - U.S. v. Dougherty, 473 F2d 1113, pg.1132 (1972).

"The verdict, therefore, stands conclusive and unquestionable, in both law and fact ... it may be said that juries have a power and legal right to pass upon both the law and the fact." - Sparf v. U.S., 156 US 51, pg 80, 15 Sup. Ct. 273, pg 285.

In America, the jury was intended to be the final arbiter of the law. It matters not if the legislature passes laws. If a jury declares the law unjust or not in conformity with the Constitution, the law is of no effect. The intent was to give ultimate power to the CITIZENS, not to judges or legislators.

This job of the jury has been completely stopped, as far as I know. It is a terrible blow to a just society!


Not knowing that a jury can nullify or abolish a law that is unjust or unconstitutional is only part of the problem of juries today. Here are other important problems of juries today:

- Removing qualifications for jurors. Jurors should meet certain qualifications. Most of these have been removed. They formerly included that jurors must be men and must own property. They must also be of legal age and of good standing in the community.

Many believe that today citizens are so miseducated and, in some cases, unable to think well that tests should be required to serve on a jury. Ideally, there would a test of mental competence and a test regarding basic topics about the constitutions and the structure of the laws of the United States.

See below regarding women on juries.

- Withholding or disqualifying some evidence. Today, one often hears on the news that a judge refused to allow certain testimony, or refused to allow the jury to consider certain issues.

A judge often tells a jury exactly upon what they can and cannot base their decision of guilt versus innocence.  This is often done improperly and prevents justice from being done.

For the record, jurors may not be punished for anything they say in the sanctity of a deliberation room or for any decision they make.

- Disqualifying jurors.  Attorneys today are usually able to disqualify and thereby get rid of any juror who thinks independently or who might be a problem for him or her to convince (or brainwash/hypnotize).  This is an abomination and an abuse of the jury system.

- Sequestering juries and other breaches of transparency and safety for jurors. This is so important it is discussed in a separate section below.

- The deposition process. This is the practice of taking testimony of witnesses before a trial occurs and then handing the transcript or video of the interview or deposition to the jury at the trial. The correct practice is to have the witnesses present at the trial.

Problems of taking testimony in advance are 1) lying by those who write down the interview, 2) the jury cannot ask questions of the witnesses, 3) there can be no lie detector or other tests, 4) transcripts are often long and difficult to read, and 5) jurors can't see witnesses if only a written transcript is given to witnesses.

- Grand Jury ignorance. Not explaining the appeal process and the Grand Jury process to jurors.

- Need for much more jury participation in trials. The intent was that the jury would essential run the trial and the judge would simply help clarify the procedure. Trials should be short, to the point and over within one day. No delay tactics should be tolerated.

Juries today often do very little until it is time to decide the outcome of the case. This was not the case in earlier times. Juries could stop delay tactics, asked many questions, and participated much more actively in the court proceeding.

- Procedures have become too complex.

- The rogue presence. Until the group called the rogues are gone or much less influential on earth, the jury system will be in serious jeopardy. For details, read The Rogues.

- No jury at all. Finally, in many cases in our courts today, there is no jury at all and judges alone try the case.  This also goes against the founding principle of the nation - that everyone is entitled to a trial by a jury of one’s peers provided it is an important matter.

The result of the above corruption is the jury system, a potent safeguard of our liberty, is in serious disarray.



No. Four reasons are:

1. The jury's actions must meet the test of conforming to the national and state constitutions.

2. There is an appeal process that will review the actions of the jury.

3. Restoring jury nullification needs to be combined with fixing the other problems of juries discussed above.

4. The validity of all laws needs to be questioned more, and restoring jury nullification would help people do this. It would also help the schools and even the media to be more careful about educating the people about legal matters.


Jury nullification means that a jury could nullify a good law if they don’t understand the law or just do not agree with it for some reason. This is a potential difficulty with jury nullification.

In this case, the prosecutors or opposition could file an appeal. Below we discuss the Grand Jury system, which is part of the jury appeals system. The jury could also ask that the law be rewritten so as to be constitutional or more reasonable.

One can say that appeals and rewriting laws takes time, during which a dangerous or objectionable behavior would be allowed. Clearly, no system is perfect. However, a judge can issue a stay or injunction against the person until the next jury trial.

One can and must argue, however, that this is far preferable to convicting a person of a crime because the jury is not allowed to judge the validity of a bad law. Some would argue that in this case (an unfair conviction), the person can appeal the decision.

However, this is costly and often the person loses his home, his business and perhaps more than this for several years until the appeal occurs.

The founders of America, and indeed those who wrote the Magna Charta, thought of this objection and decided to err on the side of the citizens and against the government, which has far more power and financial means at their disposal. In most cases, this is undoubtedly best.


This is very recent information. As of about April 2022, we have become aware that all women on our planet are systematically beaten, poisoned, tortured, brainwashed and often raped.

The perpetrators are the group that on this website are called the Rogues. The Bible calls them Satan. We have written about this in the articles Rape, The Rape Planet and in the New Earth Newsletter.

As a result, until this group is removed from the earth, and until women can be certified as properly balanced or “free”, women cannot be allowed to serve on juries. They are simply too vulnerable to blackmail and other influencing.

We know this is controversial. However, it is quite important and definitely does not mean that men are superior to women. Often, women are smarter. However, they are more prone to mental influencing. It is a central theme in how the rogues control our planet.

On a related subject, women also cannot be allowed to vote, hold public office or teach children for the same reason. The author does not hate women – quite the contrary. This website is dedicated to women and their healing. It is just a practical matter that was understood when America was founded, but has been largely forgotten and suppressed today.


Juries must be transparent. Otherwise they are terribly prone to tampering. This is a fancy word for influencing or corruption. This is a very serious problem with juries today.

Sequestering. One of the worst practices is sequestering. Sequestering a jury means sending the jury off to a locked room to deliberate and reach their verdict. This is a terrible idea. It is too easy for a rogue operative to be hiding in the room and to appear to the sequestered jurors with a gun and literally force the jury to vote the way he wishes.

Visibility. The jury must be plainly visible to everyone in the courtroom at all times. Older courtrooms were designed properly with the jury somewhat higher than the rest of the room for easy observation. Newer courtrooms often don't bother with this feature – a bad idea done on purpose.

Bathrooms. The jury should not be allowed to leave the courtroom for any reason, even going to the bathroom. There should be a portable toilet available in the courtroom for the jurors to use if they need it during the trial. There should also be food and water available to them.

Overnight stays. If a trial continues for more than one day, which should be rare, (but is not rare today), a special hotel room should be available for the jury. Going home should not be allowed and the jury must be under surveillance at all times.

Cell phones, computers, tablets and similar devices. These must not be allowed in a courtroom. People do not realize they are weapons through which rogue operatives can listen, watch, otherwise monitor and communicate with everyone in the room. In fact, they should not be allowed anywhere near a courtroom. This is very important.


This is the final jury, similar to the Supreme Court Of The United States. Its role has been completely corrupted today. It needs to be restored to its rightful place as the final layer of appeal to which one can take a jury vote for re-examination.


To serve on a jury is a high calling. Originally, those on a jury needed to be full state Citizens (of the United States). This would disqualify almost everyone, but would help wake people up regarding the dual citizenship in the United States.

Most people do not even realize that America has a dual system of citizenship. The older and true Citizenship is through one's state such as Pennsylvania or Colorado. The newer, illegal and far inferior citizenship is through the national government It is a thoroughly unconstitutional citizenship that needs to be abolished, at once.

This was added after the Civil War. It greatly limits one's rights.


The Fully Informed Jury Association is an organization seeking to restore the fully informed jury. They have an excellent website that explains the rights of jurors.

They have proposed an Amendment to the US national Constitution entitled The Fully Informed Jury Amendment. It would require judges to inform juries that they are empowered to judge not only the facts of their case, but also the law itself. It would return power to the citizens and reduce the tyranny of judges and lawyers.

We recommend this organization very strongly. Their website is also excellent to check if you are called for jury duty. For more information, call 1-800-835-5879 and visit www.fija.org.

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