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A development relationship or development marriage is one in which the focus is upon the mutual desire of the partners to develop. To understand development, read Introduction To Development.


This is a research topic. So far, the requirements are:

- Love. It is most helpful if the couple is in love. If not, they usually won't be willing to do the procedure often enough.

- Down procedures. The couple must do Down Hugging or Down Sex often, preferably three times a week or more.

- Sleep. For the fastest development, the woman needs to fall asleep during down hugging or down sex.

- Just doing down hugging or down sex without falling asleep is helpful, but not nearly as good as if the woman falls asleep during the procedure.

- Woman on top. To fall asleep, we believe the woman must lie on top of the man. Lying on one's side is not working for falling asleep.

- Less clothing. So far, it is best if the couple does the procedure unclothed.

- Few breaks. It is best if the couple does not take many breaks during the 2-3 hour down hug or down sex session.

- Agreeable odors. We believe that agreeable body odors helps.

- Size. If the couple wants to do down sex, the length of the penis and vagina should match quite well. This makes the procedure more enjoyable.

- Height. Some people believe that it works best if the couple is fairly similar in height.

- Following the development program. While not absolutely required, if both partners follow the development diet, supplement and procedure program, they will move much faster and will usually be happier together.

- Other factors matter much less. Other common relationship factors matter much less or not at all, such as age differences, weight differences, and appearance.


This is the most difficult part of the development relationship, in most instances. The reason is that few people know about development and how to achieve it.

If you meet someone you like, most often you will have to explain everything. This article and others on this website can help, but the idea won't appeal to everyone.

We hope to be able to assist with meeting others interested in a development relationship.

(We plan to expand this article as we learn more.)

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