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This is a philosophy article that may seem somewhat unusual. It is designed to make you think differently.


Sex is much more than groping of bodies. It is the interaction of forces in the physical world.

For example, sex is the wind caressing the leaves of the trees. Sex is the sunshine caressing the blades of grass. Sex is the ocean waves caressing the sand on the beach.

If you limit your understanding of sex to the interaction of bodies, you are missing the big picture.

There is much more to say about sex and it is in a number of articles on this website.


This is a philosophical relationship concept that one may find useful. There are two basic types of human relationships – special relationships and holy relationships. Let us explore them in more detail.

Special relationships. These are the most common type of relationship. Special relationships are those in which two or more people come together in order to get something from each other.

For example, the two may want friendship, or love, or escape from fear or boredom. They might want sex or touching, or intellectual stimulation, or to laugh and relax.

Roles. Such relationship are often exclusive, meaning they are about one person and not others. Also, they are about roles. A person's role is to be an employee, or my friend, or my sex partner, or something else.

If that person stops playing the role correctly, then usually the relationship ends. The employee is fired, and the friend is no longer a friend.

Holy relationships. These are not as common. They are when two or more people come together and there is no lack. There is only the desire to radiate love, to be of service and to help the other(s).

The idea of holy relationship is that one treats everyone alike with love. This is different from special relationships in which one treats one person in a different way than others.

Marriage. Does this mean one cannot marry in a holy relationship? No. It is possible. However, the marriage is not based upon lack and upon “getting something” from the other. It is based upon giving forth love and the marriage is just one type of outward expression that society understands.

Is sex always within a special relationship? Usually it is - for various reasons. These include safety, and personal preferences and privacy. However, one could hug everyone and more.

However, it is a tricky area because with sexual matters there is personal danger, spreading illness, mixing one's energy with that of others, pregnancy, rape and perhaps other concerns.

Fear of loss. In a holy relationship, there is no fear of loss of the relationship. There is only the desire to radiate the love of the Creator. This is another big difference between a special relationship and a holy relationship.

Giving from fullness versus emptiness. For a holy relationship to succeed, one must be full with God's love. One must choose to receive it. Then that love overflows on to the other person(s).

Some people are born with a better connection to God, or it can be developed during one's life.

In a special relationship, the people are not filled with God's love, so they are empty in some way and needy. The idea is that one should give from fullness. If one gives from emptiness, which some people try to do, one 'burns out' and the relationship does not succeed.

The development program. I believe in order to receive enough of God's love to be in holy relationship, it is not absolutely necessary but it helps a lot to do the development program. Otherwise, with today's damaged and malnourished bodies, it is not easy to receive enough of God's love to be so filled with that love that it overflows onto others.


Most of the material in this article is from controversial sources – A Course In Miracles, The Jeshua tapes by Marc Hammer and The Other Voice by Brent Haskell.

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