By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. Examples Of Down Science In The Development Program

III. Examples Of Down Science As Applied To Relationships




The body is electrical and polarized. The two electrical poles or terminals are the top of the head and the bottoms of the feet. Maintaining the proper electrical potential or charge between these two poles is essential for excellent health and full expression of one's potential in every area of life.


Development is a theme of this website and a little known, but extremely important science of health. For details, read Introduction To Development.


The science of development and tan, the advanced science of man-woman relationships, involve seven basic movements. The third one is downward motion of subtle energy through the body.

All parts of the development program, from the diet and supplements to the procedures and thinking, move energy in one direction through the body – from the head to the feet or downward.

Older words for the development program – nutritional balancing. When one understands down motion, the words nutritional and balancing are inadequate to describe the healing program and path we teach. This is why we don't use them any more.



The down lifestyle includes plenty of rest and sleep, gentle exercise only, healthful attitudes and thinking, good quality relationships, and more.


Roots.  Down foods are those that grow under, upon or near the ground.  This means roots, stems leaves of plants, but not fruit, which usually grows up in the air.

Cooking.  Raw food is quite a bit more irritating to the digestive tract, and it is more yin.  Both of these are reasons to avoid most of it.  We include a little carrot juice because of certain nutrients it contains, but otherwise juices are too sugary and upsetting to the digestion to consume.

Calming foods.  Down foods are also those that are soothing and calming, and which are not toxic, even slightly.  For example, the nightshade vegetables, such as potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant all contain solanin, a toxin that makes these foods somewhat irritating to the body.

Wheat.  Wheat today has also become an irritating food thanks to N-P-K agriculture and inbreeding of wheat to produce higher yields.  Commercially grown food is also more toxic thanks to the use of thousands of tons of pesticides on it each year.

Chemical additives.  Food chemicals are almost all quite irritating to the body and move energy upward.  That is, they cause a fight-or-flight response of the body, even a mild one.  So it is best to avoid them. 


Zinc.  Zinc is deficient in nearly all the soils of the earth.  Hybridized crops, which today is all of them, also tend to be quite low in zinc.  As a result, zinc is supplemented in everyone on a development program in a carefully balanced way to correct the sodium/potassium ratio and the oxidation rate.  Too much zinc is harmful because it lowers copper and other trace minerals in the body.

Zinc also has a down effect upon the sodium level.  It is a down regulator of the sympathetic or fight-or-flight nervous system, which always gets in the way of healing and regeneration of the body.

Zinc is also a sedative neurotransmitter substance that counteracts the excitatory effects of copper and has a generally postitive effect upon the parasympathetic or calming or down branch of the autonomic nervous system.  As a result, it tends to calm down or settle down a person.

Calcium and magnesium.  These electrolyte minerals are also deficient in almost everyone today.  They are also much lower in hybridized and N-P-K fertilized food, which is most of it, even organically-grown food.

All development programs supplement these minerals.  they are also “sedative” minerals in their action upon the muscles, the heart and the nervous system.  This is why a shot of magnesium is one of the first therapies used for a heart attack.

Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.  These are two other very down nutrients that everyone is low in today due to modern agriculture and perhaps alterations in the quality of our sunlight today.  All we know is that people are not getting enough of either of these, and this has a powerful “up” effect upon the body. 

So we supplement them in everyone over about age 5.  The best way is with sardines – 3-4 cans weekly for adults and less for children.  If one does not want to eat sardines, which have many other benefits, then one can use pills instead.


The pulling down mental exercise.  This is direct mental efforting to move energy downward through the body from the head to the feet.  There is no substitute for it if one wishes to develop quickly and safely.

One’s attitude when doing the exercise should also be one of emptying the body and the brain, which is also a downward movement of subtle energy.

The spinal twist.  Twisting the hips, and releasing tension in the knees, ankles and feet tends to open up the flow of subtle energy from the trunk down into the feet.  This is a powerful downward flow of energy that is absent in most people.

Foot reflexology.  This draws one’s attention and energy downward into the feet.  Rubbing or pressing on the reflex points on the feet and toes also powerfully relaxes the nervous system, a powerful parasympathetic and “down” effect.  This technique does much more, but these are some of its general effects.

Coffee enemas.  Holding coffee in an enema forces a person to concentrate on the anal sphincter and the lower part of the body.  It cleans the colon, a lower body organ.  The coffee also travels to the liver, another lower body organ.  A coffee enema, unlike a colonic irrigation, does not involve much water.  Water tends to move energy upward in the body.

Vaginal coffee implants.  These also affect mainly the lower body organs and naturally moves one’s concentration downward to this area of the body.  For this reason, it is a superb procedure.

Red heat lamp therapy.  This moves energy downward in several ways.  The colors red, orange, yellow and near infrared have an affinity for and resonate with the lower (first, second and third) energy centers of a person located in the abdomen.

Heating the body also has a calming and generally “down” effect.  Sweating is a parasympathetic or “down” effect, as well.  Removing toxins through the skin also has a powerful down effect by calming the body.  Many people report falling asleep after a red lamp sauna for this reason.

Other types of saunas have less of this effect, either because they are too hot or the far infrared energy is irritating, even if it has healing effects. 


Some people object to the inclusion of political and economic articles on this website.  However, they are there because one’s thinking either tends to move subtle energy “down” or “up”.  Down thinking is vital to move along with development properly.

Individualism and self-reliance.  Examples of this are to be independent and not ask the government to take care of you, as if you are a helpless child in need of parenting.  This is fine when one is five or ten years old, but it is actually “up”setting and harmful for an adult.

Self-defense.  Another attitude that is helpful for healing is to be able to defend yourself with weapons.  Banning guns is a very bad idea for this reason. 

Liberty.  Another powerful “down” idea is freedom or liberty.  This is the power to open businesses and keep the profits, speak freely, associate with whomever you choose, write whatever you wish, and worship freely as long as you do not advocate denying the same freedom to others, as does Islam.



Sex can be of two basic types. Most sex moves subtle energy upward. This is standard sex with orgasm.

There is another type of sex that is much better than standard sex in many ways. It is called down sex or sometimes yang sex. For details, read Down Sex. This is one of the most important articles to read and an extremely important practice for healing.


Hugging is also of two basic types. Most hugs cause an upward movement of subtle energy through the body. However, there are also down hugs. For details, read Down Hugging.


We will expand this article to include many more aspects of down science in relationships and elsewhere.

The above are just a few examples of how development is all “down”, from start to finish.


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