By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Many people suffer from fear.  This article explains that fear can be viewed as a dimension of existence, or one could say that fear is a “dwelling place” or resting place of the body and soul. 

Once you realize this, you will see that you have a choice either to remain in the unpleasant “fear place”, or you can move into a different and much happier place that some call “being in Love with a capital L”, or “dwelling in God’s house”.




This theme of fear as a dwelling place of the soul appears in many famous books.  Here are some examples:


The Bible.  Jesus taught “Be Not Anxious”.  This phrase occurs at least 70 times in the New Testament of the Bible. 

He did not mean that we should suppress our fear and anxiety.  He meant that dwelling in fear is a choice that some people make. 

He urges us to make a new choice, and he says this is always possible, no matter what is going around us.  This is a key principle in both the Old And New Testaments Of The Bible.


C.S. Lewis in The Great Divorse.  In one chapter of this little book, a man visits heaven and encounters his former wife.  He asks her if she is sad because she is not with him.  She answers honestly that actually she is quite happy. 

He becomes very upset and asks if she has found a new husband in heaven.  She says no, but she has learned to live “in Love with a capital L”.  She explains that it is not a romantic love, but rather a dwelling place or attitude. 

He does not understand what she is talking about!  So she explains what it means to just be “in Love” instead “in fear”.


The 23rd Psalm Of David in the Old Testament.  This powerful prayer ends with: “And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord, forever.”

One wonders - what in the world does this statement mean.  I say it means to choose to live “in Love with a capital L”, rather than in fear.  For much more about the 23rd Psalm, which is also the prayer of retracing, read The 23rd Psalm.


J. Krishnamurti.  In his books, Krishnamurti says that there really is no such thing as “fear of” this or that.  People just suffer from fear.

He says that I you live in the place called fear, you will find an object for your fear.  Examples are fear of illness, fear of accidents, fear of old age and death, and so on.  But really, it is all just fear.

We have a choice, he says, to decide to let go of all fear – not just fear of old age or something else.  Krishnumurti is teaching the same idea – that fear is dwelling place of the mind and we do not need to live there, no matter our outer circumstances.


Fear versus faith.  Some say that a person’s only choice I life is to live either in fear or in faith.  This is the same idea, and something to ponder deeply.


The Jeshua material.  A famous book that supposedly came from Jesus states the exact same idea.  It says that there are only two emotions or attitudes – fear or love.

The writing says there is no middle ground.  In every moment of the day, you are always either in Love or in Fear.

Try to become aware of where you dwell.  Only then can you make the conscious decision to always live in Love.



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