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This is an awful article to have to write, but it is the truth we hear from the souls, and the truth needs to be told. We do not think it exaggerates the situation today. If anything, the true situation is worse.

The theme of the article is that planet earth has been under the control of the Rogues for thousands of years. A critical part of the way they control the planet is to make sure that most women on the planet are raped, especially in the developed nations.

A companion article to this one, Rape, discusses this crime in great detail. The present article focuses on the larger plan of the rogues for our planet, which involves raping the majority of women on the planet.

Professional. The rapes are carried out extremely professionally, usually starting around age 14 to 16, but sometimes earlier or later. All are carefully planned, although they may appear random.

The rapes. Most are very violent rapes designed to make sure women are terrified and will follow orders when told how to vote, for example, or when and where to show up for another rape. Usually, there is a series of rapes. It is “all business” with a checklist of usually about 20 items the rapist is to do during the rapes.

Extremely high-tech. The rapists have advanced electronic weapons that can paralyze a person, they can beam into a woman’s bedroom, they talk to women and men telepathically and place implants in the brains, and much more.

The rapists. Our forces find that many of them are not from this planet. We believe they are raised and bred in special breeding centers to be handsome, charming and totally psychopathic. This means they have no concern whatsoever for a woman’s well-being and strictly follow orders to harm her in dozens of ways.

Men are ignorant of the rape plan. A major reason for this article is that part of the rogue plan of rape is to force women to live a lie and a double life, and to keep the men on the planet totally ignorant of the situation. This damages all man-woman relationships, marriages and families.

Secret. Women are almost always told that if they tell anyone about the rapes, they will be killed, as will their family and even their friends. This keeps most women quiet about it, as does the horror and shame about it.

Children. If a woman’s children learn about it, they too are instructed by the rogues to keep quiet about it or they are threatened with rape or death.

The spotters. The rogues use thousands of people they call spotters to check every girl and woman they can find to make sure they have all “had the experience”. We have encountered this in numerous clients.

The souls tell us they spot young women in offices, while out shopping, and elsewhere. Often, the spotter takes the girl’s or woman’s photo secretly with a cell phone and sends it to his or her ‘superior’, who are rogue operators who then arrange a rape.

Women told it is their own fault. Often, women are told the rape is their own fault because they do not dress well, or have gone on a date with someone they don’t know well, or have attended a party that they should not have attended, and more excuses.

None of this is true, although we urge women to be careful. There is no excuse for a rape, which is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual assault of the worst kind. The phony reasons for the rapes are carefully crafted to further the goals of the rogues, with no regard for the truth.

High-tech, underground training bases. The rapists often live underground in rogue bases to escape detection. The forces defending the earth recently found thousands of small rooms scattered all over the planet underground. There the rapists – most not from this planet - are coached about their next “assignment” down to fine details.

They are instructed about what to say, how to behave, many details about the woman’s likes and dislikes, habits and more. The rapists are matched to the women by size, build, hair color and other things to make it easier to get a date with her or get her to go along with sex.

The rapists also have “support groups” on Facebook and other social media platforms. Here they exchange the latest news and tips for raping more successfully.


These include:

1. To infect all women with up to 100 sexually-transmitted diseases. While there are other ways to do this, rape is quick and easy. Most of the diseases are impossible to diagnose and difficult to cure. They are often painless, but they go to the organs and the brain and weaken the entire body.

The goals are to weaken the women, and to infect all of their future children and their husbands and boyfriends. This way they weaken everyone in society, which gives the rogues much more control over the society.

The Development Program can heal these diseases, but it is slow and takes at least five years of following the program closely. The vaginal coffee implants and vaginal peroxide implants help a lot to heal these conditions.

2. To instill fear and terror and to shame, humiliate, embarrass and generally upset women. The rogues feel they need to do this to control women. Men, we are told, are actually easier for them to control. Women need “special treatment”. Women’s fear usually lasts a lifetime and is extremely deep.

The goal is to weaken marriages and families, wreck the fabric of society, and cause women to obey any command the rogues may give them.

3. They want to “normalize” rape, and they want to set women against men and children against their parents. This is part of the rogue strategy of divide-and-conquer that they use to control a society.

Men, I am told, cannot comprehend all the effects of a rape upon a women. They range from extreme fear, shame and humiliation to deep anger, often at all men, horror at deep levels, extreme pain inflicted by beatings during rapes, and much more.

Very few women recover even partially from the rape trauma, even a mild “date rape”, which may seem mild but no rape is mild. The development program helps women with these effects of the trauma, but it takes some years and we don’t know how much of the trauma can be undone.

4. To turn women into prostitutes, sex slaves, and other uses rogues have for them. Rogue operatives need something called yin energy in order to function on earth. They obtain this mainly by raping women. This is all quite secret, but we have written about it in the articles: Yin Energy and Rape.

5. To remove the most intelligent souls from women. This is done by the rape itself and also by beating the woman’s head, breasts and at times the entire rest of her body during the rape.

The woman comes home afterwards and literally cannot think clearly ever again. We hear this over and over from hundreds of women.

6. To deplete a woman’s vital minerals and replace them with toxic metals other chemical toxins. This is easy to do during a rape and, to a degree, occurs automatically.

The rape causes a powerful fight-or-flight reaction. This quickly depletes vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. Contact with the filthy body of the rapist then transmits to her dozens of toxic metals.

Sweat, semen, spit and other fluids that contact her during the rape all contribute to the poisoning. She may also be forced to drink a vial of toxic metals, bacteria or more. One rape is enough to ruin a woman’s health. Repeat rapes and gang rapes, which are also common, are much worse.

7. To place tiny electric circuits inside the heads and bodies of many women. These implants are then used to monitor the women’s movements and activities. They are also used to communicate and signal to women whatever the rapists want them to do.

For example, they often want women voting for liberals or in America for Democrats. They may want the women to come to a location for another rape, or may want them to do almost anything imaginable. The rogues call this system “total control”.


It is difficult to tell exactly because women rarely talk about it. We think about 80-90% of women experience rape today. We think the number has increased over the past 50 years or so for various reasons.

The rogues are very efficient and very brutal. If they cannot approach a women directly, they will give her rape dreams that some women say are almost as bad as the real thing. These ‘virtual rapes’ effectively accomplish many of the goals of rape. The rest of their goals they accomplish other ways.


For men. Men need to know that most women don’t tell men the whole truth about their lives out of fear and shame. Most women live a double life and live a lie, to some degree. It is a horrible way to live, but they are told to “just get used to it”.

Counselors today are often trained to tell women to just do their best to forget it and move on. This works, to a degree, but is not really best. The best answer would be to expose the entire horror and end it.

For women. Women need to know they are not alone, they are not to blame, and the entire horror must be totally exposed in order to help stop it.


Healing. The development program described on this website only is the best program of which we are aware to help undo the damage to the body and brain due to rape. (There are plenty of imitators whose programs don’t work as well, some of which are purposely set up not to work.)

Release from bondage. A technique that surprisingly works many times is to write at least 10 letters and preferably more detailing what happened and who is responsible – with names, addresses, emails, websites and phone numbers. Mail a copy of the letter to all the police agencies in your nation, and to your friends and family.

In the letter, inform the police and others that you have been threatened for speaking up and for writing the letters. If anything happens to you, these are the people who are most likely responsible. Then walk away from any situation that they control.

This takes courage, and we believe that women need to learn courage these days. Often, we hear that if one does this the rapists leave you alone because they want easy targets, not women who object and are willing to talk about it.

The fine matter forces on earth say they are also working to stop the rapes, along with the other horrors of the rogues. They say there is some progress, but we don’t know for sure. To learn about fine matter beings, read Bodies In Space.

Get rid of the rogues. There are efforts underway to end the rogue domination of our planet. This will likely takes years, however.

Prevention. Devout Christian and orthodox Jewish women are raped less often because rapists know that these women tend to discuss it all openly with their families, friends, pastors, rabbis, police and others. Rapists don’t like this!

The rape laws in most nations are far too lax and need to be very harsh. In the Bible, rape is punishable by death!

To change the lax laws, we believe women need to come forward and talk about the situation much more openly. We understand that most are terrified of doing so. There must be a determined effort to stop it, whatever that requires. We have spoken with several counselors who tell us the professional rapes are extremely common, but no one is willing to talk about it.

In the meantime, the only other solution is for girls and women to be extremely careful. Parents need to do everything with their daughters and not let them just go with friends or go on dates and to parties in high school or even college. Husbands need to accompany their wives most of the time for protection. This is not the same as just wanting to control another person.

Places such as concerts, parties, other gatherings, health spas, athletic clubs, hotels, motels, and even doctor’s and dentist’s offices are more dangerous. A section of the Rape article discusses rape prevention. The precautions are difficult to swallow for many women, but we think they are the only way to live safely and wisely today.


The world is not the way it seems. Women are not “liberated”. Most live in a kind of kind of horrible bondage that they can’t talk about. This affects every area of society, from marriage and parenting to politics, economics, education, the law and more.

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