by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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(NOTE: This article is in the process of being updated.)


Modern medical care is far better in some ways than it was 200 or even 150 years ago.  It is cleaner, some diseases are much better understood, most medical personnel are caring, and surgery, trauma care, childbirth and other situations are handled far better than they were in times past.

However, certain flaws in conventional and holistic care are now taking their toll on populations around the world.  As a result, modern health care has become a serious threat to health.

For example, recent statistics show that the average chance of being harmed by conventional medical care is about 9000 times greater than the chance of being harmed by gun violence in America.  This sounds absurd, but it is a true statistic, based on the number of problems that occur from allopathic medical care compared to the number of problems due to gun violence in the USA – where guns are legal in many homes.


The hazards of current health care include: medical disease, labeling disease, fragmentation disease, hospital-caused infections, drug poisoning, environmental pollution of all our water supplies, and too often disabling mistakes.  These problems occur all over the world, regardless of whether the medical system is a fee-for-service system or is government-run.

We believe that these problems, which most people just accept, are not necessary and would not occur if there were true medical freedom in America and in other nations.  America, in particular, had a free market medical care system until around 1910 that provided far better care without most of these problems.

Around 1910, the fraudulent Flexner Report On Medical Education was issued, and more medical licensing laws were imposed in America.  This shut out most of the competition to the drug system, or allopathic system of medical care.  Shut out were systems of healing such as chiropractic, nature cure, herbalism, and osteopathy that are much safer for the people and for the environment.  They are also often more effective, as well.  For details, read The Case Against Medical Licensing.




Before discussing the topics of this article, let us begin with our understanding of what is really going on in the health care field.  We apologize if it sounds like a rant and a rave.

We observe that so-called modern medical care is one of the most important causes of illness, disability and death today around the world.  This is not just our view.  Articles in several mainstream journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the AMA rank the medical system as the third leading causes of death and disability in America.  The reasons for this include:


Š           A very dysfunctional approach to disease based on diagnosing disease entities rather than prevention.  This approach is only one way to handle human illness, but very few people realize this.  For example, development science often does not require a diagnosis of disease.  If this is shocking, it is because you are brainwashed by drug companies, doctors and other public health officials who only know the diagnose-and-drug approach to healing.
            Most diagnoses are just names and do not tell the doctor enough about the problem.  Some of the names are scary and many are needlessly esoteric.  What is needed are simple explanations of the cause of a symptom, and this is provided often by the simple hair tissue mineral analysis, when one understands it.  For example, instead of a diagnosis of “arthritis”, a better description might be copper toxicity, as revealed on a hair mineral test.  This tells the practitioner what must be done to remove the cause.  One is no longer interested in treating a label with pain killers that do not address the cause.  One can address far deeper causes.

Š           Almost 100% control of the profession by a cartel.  A cartel is a relatively small number of individuals or groups that have control of an industry.  In this case, those in control include the drug companies, the hospital and insurance companies, and the AMA and its friends.  All support the diagnose-and-drug approach to health care exclusively.

Š           A dysfunctional and tyrannical legal approach to health care based on occupational licensing.  This is what keeps the diagnose-and-treat with drugs cartel in power.  Many brilliant authors such as Milton Friedman and Congressman Ron Paul have written that occupational licensing is what holds the “medical cartel” in power, and nothing else.  Otherwise, we would be years ahead in health care, as America once was over 100 years ago.  This topic is discussed in The Case Against Medical Licensing on this website.

Š           Gross ignorance by the public, and health professionals regarding the importance of a healthy lifestyle, one’s diet, and the need for basic food supplements for everyone.

Š           Often gross ignorance of the critical problem of toxic metals today and the need to test everyone for them.

Š           Corruption and spreading of misinformation at all levels.  For over 100 years, the medical cartel has engaged in a concerted effort to destroy their competition, which is the natural healing fields.  They regularly use propaganda, fear, phony studies, phony arrests, payoffs and bribes to officials and legislators, fake advertising of drugs that should be banned, fake educational materials for doctors, medical students and the public, and even sheer violence against those who oppose them worldwide.

            This is amply documented in a number of books that are readily available.  They have corrupted the FDA and FTC, which have just become tools used to stop those who oppose the drug medicine cartel, and they have thoroughly forgotten their role of protecting consumers.

Š           As a result of all the above, medical care is top-heavy and lopsided, with extreme dependency upon the use of toxic, patented drug remedies and surgery.  Doctors are actually indoctrinated to believe that diet, lifestyle, and simple, natural, non-patentable and therefore far less costly but less profitable products do not work.  This is nothing short of insane.

Š           A supreme arrogance in some cases that blocks many doctors and public health officials from learning about nutrition, lifestyle and other topics of which they know very little.

Š           A slavish attitude on the part of the public that does not challenge the medical profession’s dangerous and often outrageously costly interventions.  Instead, people just demand that the government or insurance pay for it.  They do not realize that for many conditions, far cheaper and better alternatives are readily available such as development science.

Š           Recently, we are aware of malicious behavior on the part of some health care practitioners of all kinds.  This is related to the presence of the group called the Rogues on this website. 




These are the root causes of our health care system’s problems, not the need for more money, more doctors, more nurses, more research, more drugs or more “care”.  As a result of the causes above, the problems manifest in the following ways:


Š           Hospital and clinic infections.  These are often the result of the overuse of antibiotics.  Other reasons are the use of more and more high-tech and costly machinery that is hard to keep clean, and gross ignorance of basic hygienic principles taught by pioneers such as Florence Nightingale.  She taught of the importance in hospitals of the best quality food, windows that are large and open, fresh air, sunlight, ultraviolet and infrared to help kill germs, and even certain aspects of cleanliness that are ignored in so-called modern hospitals for various reasons.

Š           Overprescribing of drugs and drug toxicity with often disastrous consequences.  While it is rarely reported in the media because drug advertising pays for so much of it, roughly 100,00 people die annually just from NSAIDS, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, for example.  Doctors know that adverse drug reactions are widely underreported and the cause of death is often given as something else.  Other classes of drugs also cause tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and disability each year in all Western nations that use them.  Those that do not die are made more toxic and sick by the use of most drugs.

Š           Horrendous prenatal and post-natal care of children.  This causes thousands of unnecessary birth defects, complications of pregnancy, and worst of all, disease and nutritional disaster in the babies and children who then grow up to be even more unhealthy.

Š           Vaccine damage – among the worst features of “modern” allopathic medicine.  This is discussed in separate articles on this website.  It is such a horror I am amazed the public does not rebel against it more.  The worst, by far, are multiple vaccines either in one injection or in separate injections given at the same time.  These easily overwhelm the immune and other systems of the bodies of young children, in particular, and are causing a virtual epidemic of autism and many other childhood conditions today.  They also introduce many more toxins such as aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and others into the most vulnerable members of society, our children.

Š           Errors, mainly in hospitals but also in doctors’ offices and clinics.  These can cost one a life, or a kidney, or cause some other disability.  Some of this is inevitable in a large institution.  However, much of it is not inevitable.  It is due to sloppiness, the use of many dangerous drugs and procedures, fatigue of nurses, doctors and interns who are sometimes on a 12-hour shift, cost-cutting because the whole system is collapsing, and often brain fog or spaciness of doctors and nurses because they are so ill.  The cause is not a need for electronic medical records, as the government contends.  Nor is the cause a need for more licensing, which is the other solution proposed by the establishment.  Licensing, we observe, is a root cause of the problem because it control the doctors effectively preventing new methods of care from being introduced that are cheaper and better.

Š           Toxic effects of surgeries, many of which are unnecessary to begin with, and most of which would be unnecessary if natural methods were used first.  All surgery is quite toxic due to the use of anesthetic drugs, antibiotics, and more.  If surgeons would only insist that patients take vitamins for a week before surgery, the infection and complication rates would diminish significantly.  This has been shown in a few studies.  That they do not do this routinely is so insane to anyone who understands even basic nutrition that it is appalling.

Š           The toxicity or invasiveness of some tests and procedures. This is a less severe problem, but affects thousands of people each year nevertheless.  Toxic or dangerous tests or procedures include angiograms, mammography, other x-rays such as CAT scans, the use of contrast media in some cases, liver biopsies, spinal punctures, and even toxicity from repeated MRIs.

            At times, these tests are lifesaving, so we do not opposing testing.  However, many would be totally unnecessary if natural healing methods were used and lifestyles were improved.  Also, the public does not realize that doctors and especially hospitals routinely practice “defensive medicine” which is hardly medicine at all.  It is the unnecessary use of tests and procedures to satisfy attorneys and little else.  This adds cost, inconvenience and occasionally disability and death for no good reason.

Š           Environmental degradation due to the presence of allopathic drugs in every water supply in America and Europe.  Whenever you take a drink of tap water, you ingest residues of birth control pills, heart drugs, blood pressure drugs, anti-depressants, and much more.  Few people want to talk about this problem, but it is real.  Once in a while it is discussed on the television news.  Usually it is just suppressed.






            This is the name I give to a common phenomenon, especially among those over about age 50 today.  It is a perception that one has done all one can do to overcome a health problem by visiting often a dozen or more doctors, specialists, psychotherapists and perhaps other members of the medical cartel, all to no avail or at least with very little help.

The result is a kind of depression or despair.  This is very common today.  I call it medical disease because it is a product of the standard health care that is limited in its range of diagnostic and treatment methods. 

Most people with medical disease can be helped with the development system of healing.  However, the public does not understand this, so they become dejected and often even suicidal or least quite despairing.




            The outcome of all the points above is that many people, by age 50 or even younger, have decided that they have done all they can and basically there is no hope and they might as well just accept their illness and their drugs and live a life of quiet despair.  This is what is meant by medical disease.

            It is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual phenomenon, all wrapped up together.  In total, one might call it a depression syndrome, for which of course the medical profession has a drug such as Prozac.  But no drug and no surgery will cure the disease. 




            Those who offer development spend hours on the telephone and emails attempting to reverse medical disease.  It is not an easy process.  The standard way that doctors and hospitals operate will usually not work.  Here are a few ideas that may help:


Š           Stay in close touch with clients.  This means make friendly calls or send an email at least once a month or even more.  Most people like this very much.  If they do not, they will usually tell you.  Many clients tend to just drift away, or become fearful for silly reasons, such as a news bulletin or something else that is not even closely related to their program.  Most people need this kind of contact to stay with a new type of healing regimen.


Š           Inform your clients.  Education is the name of the game.  You must become the teacher or counselor.  Most clients need a lot of truth.  I call them affectionately “kindergarteners” because there is so much for them to learn that I consider basic but it is not taught in school or by their doctors.  That is the goal of this website, more than anything else.
            The truth will set a lot of people free.  So share educational materials freely such as articles, audio clips, video clips, newsletters, and more.  It is easier and less expensive today than ever before.  Remember, you must overcome a ferocious propaganda machine that controls the radio and TV news, the FDA, the mainstream medical journals and popular magazines, most politicians and public health officials, the “consumer protection agencies”, and more.


Š           Learn patience and love with people.  This is often the way to break through their depression and despondency, which are so common that they think it is “normal”.  This is not easy for some practitioners, especially the healthy ones who don’t relate to people who are quite ill, even if they don’t look ill.  This may be one reason why the best natural healing practitioners are those who have been quite ill and depressed.  They simply relate better or understand medical disease better than the others.


Š           Realize what you are up against and do your best to relax with it.  This may sound strange, but it means that a natural healing practitioner must expect more resistance, perhaps more legal and financial scrutiny, and other inconveniences that mainstream medical people do not suffer.
            So settle in for the long haul and try to resist becoming despondent or angry yourself.  Knowledge of the truth, or awareness, and being a leader, is never easy and can be lonely and scary, at times.  If it is not, you are probably not actually on the front lines doing your job.


Š           Take excellent care of yourself, and move ahead using the development program yourself as much as you possibly can.  This is the remedy for the problem above.
            I sometimes comfort myself by imagining what leaders and revolutionaries like Jesus or Moses endured.  In many ways, natural healing is a movement that can change the world, but it is in its infancy, resistance is still fierce and most of the people are still in bondage, as in Egypt (the word means bondage in Hebrew).


Š           Love yourself above all else.  This is difficult one for some practitioners and clients, but I think it is absolutely necessary, especially at this time.  It is also excellent to teach to your clients.  It is necessary for all to do this, but especially practitioners in order to stay the course and to deter efforts by friends, family members and other perhaps well-meaning souls who want to derail your efforts, perhaps even “for your own good”.




This is the product of the diagnose-and-treat method of health care in which a critical step in handling illness is to label or give a name to your problem.  Medical texts are loaded with thousands of diagnoses, diseases and syndromes, most with complex Latin names. 

This is fine as far as it goes.  In fact, giving groups of symptoms a name and piecing together the cause is a vital step, at times, to identify and correct the cause of illnesses.

However, many of the newer medical labels, and even many of the older ones such as arthritis and even cancer, set up a psychological dynamic that is highly destructive.  It is this psychological and spiritual dynamic that I am calling labeling disease. 

Millions of people today literally give up their old identities and gain a new identity based on some disease label.  As the label gains strength, the true identity of the person can become submerged, and this can seriously impair healing.




The internet is the most fabulous information resource ever devised by mankind.  I would never want to go backwards and live without it.  It is the common man’s library, lawyer, accountant, doctor, and so much more.

However, with the advent of the internet, labeling disease has become far worse.  Before the internet, one had to pour through medical books at a library to learn about one’s label or disease.  Today, a few mouse clicks and one finds mounds of facts and figures to strengthen the new false identity created by the disease label.  Besides this, one can visit hundreds of website, join chat groups, make “friends” who have the same label, and much more that can also strengthen your new identity based on a medical diagnosis.

Older physicians and health practitioners may not realize the power of the internet in this regard.  While it can be used for good, and I hope I am doing this, it can also deepen the false identity that I call labeling disease.  For more on this topic, please read Internet Research And Its Problems on this site.




The worst labels I have encountered include autism, multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, yeast or candida albicans infection, depression, anxiety and perhaps a few others.  When I say the worst, I mean those labels that seem to cause people to become most stuck with their label, and thus unable to move out of the labeled identify or disease.




The main effect is to slow or stop healing.  This happens because:


Š           Stuck in a rut and afraid to come out.  Clients can become locked into the new identity.  In other words, one can actually become comfortable with the new identity.  It can become an excuse, for example, as to why one can’t work much, cannot be social, cannot do things, and so on.  Giving it up actually becomes stressful and unpleasant for some people.  This causes fear of changing the identity.

Š           Fear of natural healing. The support groups and websites often induce fear of diets, supplements, or other procedures that are outside of the prescribed methods for this label.

Š           Wrecking a specific program.  The support groups and blogs can also cause the client to abandon the program or add other foods, supplements, or procedures that wreck it, even when he or she is specifically warned against this practice.

Š           Skepticism. The client often will not follow lifestyle directions that are not “prescribed” for his label.

Š           Secret despair.  Often, the client secretly does not believe a cure is possible, since that is the thrust of many of the websites and blogs, I have found.  This can block healing in many subtle ways.

Š           Wasting of time and money. The client often wastes money on new tests, drugs, vitamins, procedures and therapies recommended on the label websites.

Š           Reinforcing negative feelings and ideas. The client becomes depressed reading the horror stories on the website and from the support groups.  Often they just reinforce one’s anger, fear, and other negative feelings that need to be healed, not reinforced.

Š           Spiritually, the client falls into a trap.  Instead of knowing and feeling that one’s true identity is the holy and beloved child of god, the client believes he is just “autistic”, a “yeast problem”, a “chronic fatigue case”, or something else like this.  All these are physical identities, not spiritual ones, and they are all false at the deepest level.  We are each the amazing and incredible child of god and nothing else.  All is possible to those who ask.  Any other identity is deadly, at one level, and definitely can cripple the healing process.  Spiritually, we must let go of all physical identities, even identities such as someone’s child, wife, husband or parent.

Š           Intellectual confusion.  Clients who are stuck with a label can become extremely confused, so much so that working with them becomes difficult or impossible.  They are always checking the websites, trying the newest cure, and getting bored with a simple program such as development.




            How hair analysis helps.  Hair analysis helps greatly.  We intentionally shift the person’s focus from his disease to items such as toxic metal poisoning, fast or slow oxidation, a low sodium/potassium ratio, a calcium shell, or a low phosphorus level.

            This may sound corny or even false, but it is a step in the right direction.  First, these are not diseases.  Second, they are not all over the internet.  Third, they are temporary states of body chemistry that we explain are often easy to change and fix.  Fourth, they are really far more true on a physical plane level, at least, than fancy Latin words like arthritis, or English words like Hashimoto’s disease that have a scary ring about them when, in fact, this condition is relatively simple to correct in our experience with development science. 




            Some labeling is common and hard to avoid.  Ideally, realize that labels are only helpful to a degree, in almost all cases. Your true identity is not found in any book or on any website.  Watch our for fear that results from labeling and reject it consciously.

            Even positive-sounding labels can be dangerous, in fact.  Calling someone beautiful or brilliant can also be very false and misleading.  I find it helpful to try to transcend all physical-plane labels, in my opinion, so as to be able to focus on moving ahead to develop one’s potential, which is quite unknown to all of us.




            This is the situation in which patients who see three or four doctors for various problems are given drugs by each one of them, but no one coordinates the care and checks the drugs carefully for hidden side effects or interactions.  The problem is extremely widespread, especially in the elderly on Medicare.  This problem of allopathic care is familiar to most doctors, yet it continues unabated.


Causes.  These include:


Š           The system of specialization that rules the medical system at this time.  Most doctors prefer to be specialists and the insurance and hospital systems support the idea. 

Š           Sloppiness and carelessness on the part of many medical specialists who fail to take the time to read through all a patient’s conditions and particularly all of a patient’s medications.

Š           Ignorance on the part of most doctors of drug side effects, especially the adverse effects of combinations of drugs.

Š           Insurance, especially government-supported insurance such as Medicare, that is rigged or “legislated” to pay for all the drugs.  If the patients had to pay out of their pockets, the problem would likely vanish overnight.

Š           Lack of a coherent view of life and health in allopathic medical care.  Doctors are not taught about health and wholeness.  They are taught mainly about diseases and drugs for them.  So this is how they approach their patients, too often.  Patients are viewed as a “stomach ulcer” or a “high blood pressure case”.  If one has four or five conditions, as many older people do, the doctors pile on the drugs instead of looking for a common thread such as a poor diet or lifestyle that would address many of them.


Results of fragmentation disease.  These include:


Š           Too many drugs, with complex side effects of not only individual drugs but their combinations.

Š           Extreme cost of health care.

Š           Toxic side effects of all the drugs.

Š           Plainly stupid medical care that ignores the patient and just treats diseases.

Š           Ultimately, a poorer quality of life and a shorter lifespan for millions of people in Western nations, in particular.


The cure for fragmentation disease.  There are several steps anyone can take:


Š           Shift your thinking and hopefully your approach to health to a unified system of healing such as development science, which is described on this website.  I find most symptoms are due to a few conditions such as a sluggish oxidation rate, copper toxicity, inflammation, toxic metals, nutrient deficiencies, yeast in the intestines from eating sugars and too many carbohydrates, mainly, and perhaps a few other imbalances that are more complex such as a four lows pattern.

Š           If you prefer an allopathic approach, find a doctor who is not quick with the prescribing pad, and who always reviews all of your health conditions and drugs on every visit.  Be sure to do this with nurse practitioners, surgeons, natural doctors, and even dentists and other disease professionals, since today the laws extend prescribing privileges to many types of practitioners.




We just learned of a new medical hazard in Canada.  Hospitals in Canada are paid for each operation they perform, and paid quite well for them.  This has given rise to a type of corruption in which medical practitioners receive kickbacks from hospitals if they refer people for surgeries of any kind.

What occurs is if a person goes to one of these “doctors” for any reason (and there are many of them), the doctor may recommend surgery for questionable conditions in order to receive a payoff.




Interestingly, this type of corruption is worse in Canada, which has socialized medical care, than in the USA, which has a more private health care system.  The reason is that in the USA, insurance companies pay for the surgery and they have a strong incentive to check every surgery to make sure it is needed.

In Canada, the government pays for the surgery and government bureaucrats have little or no incentive to check up on the hospitals and doctors to see if the surgeries are really needed.  When the government pays, if costs become too high, the government just raises taxes on the citizens.  Some government workers also may receive kickbacks so they will not investigate the questionable surgeries.



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