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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.















NOTE: We never suggest that you stop any medication or postpone any medical diagnostic test, treatment, procedure or intervention.

Also, this article does not seek to denigrate doctors, some of whom do a very good job.  However, as a patient you need to be aware of the problems within the health professions.


The principle of this article.  A simple, but critical principle is that anything that gets between the doctor and patient will interfere with the doctor-patient relationship and lower the quality of health care.

Stated as an economic principle, anything that gets between the buyer and the seller of services will reduce the quality of the service.


This article includes facts about the American and most other medical care systems that are not pleasant to discuss.  The goal is to assist you to make better choices about drugs, insurance, doctors and even going to the hospital, should you require a visit there.

It will also help you in dealing with holistic, chiropractic, naturopathic and other types of doctors.  At the end of each of the sections below, we discuss the impact of the problem area upon holistic and alternative doctors and healers.

The sad truth is that you and your health are no longer the first priority of your doctor.  Another way to say this is that blocks have been placed between the doctor and the patient in modern health care.  These are described below.






Your doctor’s first loyalty is to his state licensing board.  (There is also a national medical licensing board that controls the state boards, so they are not independent.)

 If any licensed doctor does not abide by the dictates of his licensing board, he or she will lose their license and will be unable to work.  So loyalty to this board always comes first, before any patient concerns.

This is a powerful argument against medical licensing, which I discuss at length in another article, entitled The Case Against Medical Licensing.

The state licensing boards are supposed to “protect you” by dictating to your doctor, and to your laboratory and hospital, exactly what they may and may not say and do.  Sadly, people vote for more licensing, thinking this protects them.

The truth is that occupational licensing mainly protects the status quo, including the drug medical cartel that is discussed in other articles on this website.  It does not protect the public, as evidenced by the statistics that show that modern medicine is a leading cause of disability and death wherever it is practiced.

Licensing not only damages the doctor-patient relationship.  It gives patients a false idea about the competence of the doctor and hospital.  It also stops doctors who want to innovate, and it protects outdated and often toxic or dangerous therapies and tests.  There are alternatives to licensing that would make doctors far more responsible to their patients.

Lies that one often hears are that unlicensed practitioners are “unregulated”.  This is not true at all.  Unlicensed practitioners are subject to all the criminal laws in society such as fraud, negligence and malpractice.

Unlicensed practitioners are also regulated by the laws of the marketplace.  This basically means if they don’t help people, they will be out of business quickly.  The same cannot be said of many licensed people.  Many hold their position because of their license, not because of their level of competence and how well they satisfy their patients.

Another lie is that medical boards are “unbiased” and have consumer input.  This is never true, in my experience.  They are mainly made up of the very professionals they are supposed to regulate.  They have clear conflicts of interest and the public is not the main priority.

The licensing system in medical care will not change, however, unless more people understand the problems with licensing, which I have touched upon.

Holistic and alternative practitioners have the same problems as those above if they are licensed.  For much more information about licensing, see the article entitled The Case Against Medical Licensing.


PRIORITY #2. HIPAA (in the United States).  HIPAA stands for the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.  This law is supposed to protect the privacy of your medical records.  In fact, it does the exact opposite!  It destroys the privacy of the doctor-patient relationship, which use to be sacred. 

It forces doctors to share patients’ records with up to 45 government agencies!  This has a devastating effect upon the doctor-patient relationship, perhaps the worst of all the problems in this article.  It is nothing but government snooping, is thoroughly unconstitutional and needs to be repealed.

For more on this topic, please read HIPAA, The Medical Privacy Scam, on this website.

Many licensed holistic and naturopathic doctors are subject to HIPAA, as well.  Unlicensed practitioners are not subject to it.




Your doctor’s next priority is often to satisfy attorneys, especially if your doctor works in a hospital. 

The attorneys’ first and often only concern is to avoid lawsuits against the doctors. So they suggest a number of rules that doctors often obey, and if the doctor works at a hospital or clinic or lab they must obey or be fired.

This is called defensive medicine.  This is “politically correct” medical care, and not done in the interest of the patient.  It may involve:

a. Running unnecessary tests to satisfy lawyers rather than for the patient’s good.

b. Doing unnecessary procedures and surgeries to satisfy attorneys, not patients.

c. Lying to patients if the attorneys suggest or demand it.  The lies are of two kinds, at least: 1) Medical lies. He or she may withhold or change medical information to protect himself from a lawsuit.  The doctor may say, “you may have cancer”, when he is quite sure that you do not, but he does not want to say this - just in case.  He may also say “You need chemotherapy and radiation”, when he knows you most likely do not need it.

The other type of lie is to withhold the fact that he is acting to satisfy his attorney, and not from his own judgment or intuition.  At least if he said, “I would not do surgery, but my attorney insists that I suggest it, anyway”, this would not be so bad, but doctors do not do this.

d. Giving unnecessary treatments just to satisfy attorneys.

e. All this can add greatly to the cost of medical care.

f. All of the above also adds stress and fear for patients, plus the toxicity and possible adverse effects, including death, from all the unnecessary tests, procedures and treatments.


This is a legal protection racket, to be blunt.  It greatly increases medical costs and subjects you to tests and even operations that can be unnecessary and dangerous.  You may be placed on a medication, for example, just so that no lawyer could even claim the doctor “failed to treat” a problem, even if the doctor really does not believe you need the drug. 

This is so prevalent it is taken for granted in our medical system.  People are often guinea pigs for tests, drugs and even operations that are hardly needed, or should be used as a last resort.  Hospitals are by far the worst places where defensive medicine is used.

Holistic and alternative practitioners have less of these problems because their methods are safer, and sometimes because they charge less money.




Another common priority and loyalty of your doctor, hospital or other medical facility is to insurers, both government and private.  There is a way around this, which is to pay cash.  Most people, however, don’t know this or are stuck with some kind of insurance from work or the government.

Insurance often dictates which tests will be run, which drugs will be used, and which procedures are done.  Those healing methods, remedies and procedures that are not covered by insurance are often simply ignored, I am sorry to say.  The doctor would rather not face the embarrassment of telling you that there are other options, but your insurance won’t cover them.

For example, if insurance will not pay for your doctor to discuss your diet or lifestyle, this is often overlooked because there would be no reimbursement for it for the doctor or hospital.  If, by chance, your doctor recommends a method or even a drug that is not covered, he is afraid you will be angry with him and go elsewhere.  After all, who wants to pay out of pocket if one has already paid for insurance or is on the government dole, as they call it in Great Britain?

A very good doctor may bring up alternative methods that are not covered by insurance.  However, he or she may be censured or lose their job for doing so.

Once again, you are not the main focus.  Instead, your doctor follows a set of guidelines set up often far away by people who know you only as a numbered statistic in their insurance calculations.

Holistic and alternative practitioners do not have these problems if they do not accept insurance.  If they do accept insurance payments, the same issues and problems tend to occur.


PRIORITY #5.  NEGATIVE PERSPECTIVE.  Our clients run into this issue often.  Doctors mainly see clients who are quite ill and getting worse.  This colors their thinking, both consciously and unconsciously.  As a result, when a patient presents a symptom, they are more likely to come up with a serious diagnosis.

However, our clients are usually not as ill, nor are they getting worse.  Usually, they are just retracing an old problem when they visit the doctor.  However, they can end up needlessly frightened and some end up in surgery or drug therapy when it is rarely needed.

This problem is different from defensive medicine, which is done at the insistence of attorneys.  This is simply a perspective that most doctors have based upon their experience.






            This is a serious problem for some, or perhaps many doctors.  Arrogance means one thinks one knows a lot, when, in fact, one does not know that much.  A number of factors can combine to cause arrogance in a doctor.  They can be divided into factors that affect all professions and professionals, and those specific to health care:

General factors:

- Earning a lot of money.

- Having power over others.

- Having a lot of knowledge, especially about matters such as how the body works.

- Having government subsidies, licenses and other perks.

- Being in a profession for which people have a lot of respect and need.


Factors specific to doctors:

- Spending time training and working in facilities such as hospitals that are full of fancy, expensive equipment.

            - Brainwashing, which takes place in all medical schools.  For more details, read Brainwashing.

- Learning and speaking a “foreign language” of medicine, which is somewhat mystical because most people don’t understand it.




Doctors, hospitals, and even laboratories are often given incentives, which are really bribes, to use particular drugs, particular procedures, and particular medical devices.

Drug makers are required to report how much they spend on “advertising” or “promotion”.  It is an enormous amount of money, at least $10,000 annually per doctor.

Drug manufacturers, or the government, offers these bribes to promote new or cheaper drugs, or to promote certain operations and devices, and to get doctors used to “the system”, as they call it, whereby doctors are the tools of the drug makers and device makers.  This is a sad fact about modern conventional medical care, even if you choose not to believe it.

I have read account after account of doctors being paid hundreds of dollars to prescribe one brand or one particular type of drug.  They will never tell you this, but it is true.  Once again, it is bad medicine, it damages the doctor-patient relationship, and almost always adds more cost to disease care.  It happens with both private and government-run health care systems around the world.

Holistic and alternative practitioners have less of these problems because they are less targeted by drug companies.  They may be targeted by other special interests, however, such as supplement companies and device makers, but the “bribes” are usually not as much.




              This problem is particularly sad.  It is well known, and has been written about in medical journals.  Some researchers say that over 50% of the medical studies written today are biased, poor quality and some are outright phony.

Many of these studies are paid for by drug companies or device makers who desire certain outcomes.  There are literally dozens of ways to alter statistics, ignore your own findings, draw opposite conclusions from your findings, cherry pick your study subjects to create a particular outcome, or otherwise rig a study so it shows what you want it to show.

Your doctor reads these “studies” in the New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, JAMA and other supposedly first rate medical journals.  Even the editors of these journals complain about this problem.  However, drug ads support the journal, so the problem continues.  The result is that patients end up receiving drugs or procedures that don’t work, cost a lot, and may be dangerous.

Most doctors do not have the time or ability to really check this research.  Some also are not aware of the amount of fraud and phoniness that goes on in this area.




Slick advertising by drug companies and medical device makers is everywhere.  Also, the medical cartel issues exciting “press releases” at least monthly about the latest new drug or operation.

Many of these “announcements” amount to little more than advertising.  The truth is that most new drugs that are announced are later found to have serious side effects.  Many never make it to the marketplace, and of those that are approved for sale, many are withdrawn from the market within a few years after killing hundreds or thousands of people.  This is the truth about drug medicine, even if you don’t believe it.

The goal of all this is to cause patients to call on doctors and demand the latest drug, operation or other item shown on television.  Sadly, most doctors go along and try the drug on the patient.  This is because they know that if they say it is a waste of money, or it is toxic, or it is new and untried, or they haven’t studied it enough, the patient may just find a new doctor who will give him the advertised drug.

The doctor excuses his lax attitude by figuring that it is probably safe, so why not give it a try.  If it were unsafe, the FDA would not have approved it, right?  WRONG!  This is another integrity issue with doctors and the FDA that, once again, can severely impact your health.

If possible, we would avoid new drugs until they have been proven safe for at least 10 years.  Even that is not long enough for some of them, as the problems take time to identify clearly, in many instances.

At times, we learn that the drug company knew about the problem from their early rat studies.  This is a story about the lack of integrity of many pharmaceutical companies today. 

For example, a recent news headline was that Paxil, a commonly used anti-depressant, causes increased violence and an eight-fold increase in suicide among teenagers.  The article stated that the manufacturer knew about the problems for 15 years and didn’t tell anyone.  They are now under investigation and it will take another few years to get the drug off the market.

It will, however, be just in time for the drug patent to expire.  Then the drug company will be much less interested in Paxil anyway.  They will pay a fine and move on to the next horror.

Sadly, this is how most large drug companies routinely operate.  One must understand this.  It is not intended as a blanket attack on all drugs and all drug companies.  However, too often profits and patents drive the industry. Many doctors act as the dupes who serve as the drug pushers.

Holistic and alternative practitioners usually have less media-related problems, simply because there is less interest in the media about their work.  It is possible, however, that these doctors also may respond to news flashes and fads instead of having your best interests in mind.

If one follows a development program, most drugs are never needed.




              This is a potential problem among all professionals, licensed and unlicensed, in all fields, whether they work in a private health care system or a socialized system.  Therefore, I will not dwell on it much.  However, it is something to always keep in mind.  Hospitals, in particular, have large overhead costs and must keep their beds full to make money or make ends meet, so they have an incentive to recommend drugs, surgeries and other procedures that benefit them.  You must keep this fact in mind.

            Government-run health care systems can be worse.  Here the doctors are not paid very much.  Their only recourse if they want to make more money, is to see more patients and do more surgeries or procedures.  So the idea that turning health care over to the government will solve the problem of financial conflicts of interest is false!

Doctors, in particular, are prone to financial conflicts of interest for several reasons today.  These are:

a) Many doctors go deeply into debt to pay for the very high costs of college and medical education.  Some enter medical practice with up to $300,000.00 in student loans.  These have to be paid.  So the doctor is greatly tempted to run more tests, do more procedures, or overcharge for services to help pay off student loans.

b) Paperwork.  Today doctors in America, in particular, but elsewhere, too, are greatly burdened by more and more paperwork such as reporting to the government, submitting insurance claims, and more.  This takes their time, and they are not reimbursed for this time.  The only answer is to get more money from the patients.

c) Frustration.  Doctors in America, and some elsewhere, are used to being a highly paid profession.  Many entered medicine for that reason.  Some of these doctors figure they are owed a great living, so they cheat a little, or do other things to increase their income.

d) Arrogance.  This is discussed above, but it tends to worsen the problem of financial self-interest.


We have described our nutritional approach to some medical colleagues.  Those willing to confide sometimes say that it sounds good, but it would be bad for business.  What would happen to their repeat business, they ask, if people actually become well?

We tell them there are plenty of ill people who need this work.  Also, if one wishes to develop quickly, one needs to stay on a development program for many years, even if one feels well.

A hundred years ago, medical care was given for very little money, and most doctors were not rich.  Medicine was considered among the most honored professions.  A large income was not the doctor’s priority.  This has changed, unfortunately, in too many cases.

You - the client - must be aware of this when you work with those in the medical system.

Holistic and alternative practitioners can certainly have financial conflicts of interest.  Please be careful in your dealings with them in this area, as well.




So summarize the above, the four areas of dysfunction in today’s health care are:


1. Medical education and the remedy model of diagnosis and treatment are inadequate to handle most of today’s pressing health problems.  The current system places little emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle.  Nutritional supplements are hardly used, while toxic and costly drugs dominate the system.

2. Bad health care laws.  For example, in America these include:

- The State Medical Practice Acts.  These stifle competition, protect outdated and dangerous practices, reduce access to care and raise the cost of health care.  They are also unconstitutional in the United States, in our view.  For details, read The Case Against Medical Licensing.

- Early 20th century laws that outlawed Community Health Organizations.  The American Medical Association did not like this excellent way of delivering health care because these organizations hired doctors and paid them a salary instead of fees for services.

- The HMO Act of 1974.  This law allowed companies to pay doctors to deny health care.

- HIPAA.  This act destroyed the privacy of medical records, and by so doing did a lot of damage to the doctor-patient relationship.  

- In many nations, only licensed doctors may order laboratory tests.  This just adds a lot of cost to medical care.

- In many nations, laboratory test results may only be sent to doctors, not to the person who paid for the test.  This also just adds cost to medical care.

- Government medical care agencies such as Medicare and Medicaid in the United States will only pay for services from licensed doctors, meaning that although one is forced to pay into the system, there is little choice when one receives benefits.

- Only licensed doctors can work in clinics, hospitals and in some important research jobs. 

These laws deny people care from other types of healers, stifle competition, stop innovation and perpetuate dangerous and outdated practices such as vaccination.

Another bad law is one in New York State that requires essentially a bribe to the state if a company wishes to offer hair mineral testing.  New York is the only state with such a corrupt law.

The causes for these bad laws are mainly corruption and self-serving groups that influenced state and national legislatures.


3. Excessive and bad quality regulations.  These are rules established by unelected bureaucrats who work at the Food And Drug Administration and other health-related government agencies such as the Center For Disease Control, Health and Human Services, or elsewhere.

For example, the Food And Drug Administration of the United States allows the sale of many food items that contain cancer-causing chemicals and other unsafe chemicals such as aspartame, food coloring, food preservatives, refined sugar, refined flour and more.

The causes for these bad regulations is a combination of ignorance, corruption, and overreach of government power.


4. Corruption.  This includes phony or biased studies, payoffs, fraud, lying and other abuse in various parts of the health care system.




Many doctors, in interviews, have told reporters and others that they would never undergo the drug or other therapy they prescribe for their patients.  Then why do these doctors keep recommending such procedures for others?

The reason is they are often essentially forced to do so by licensing boards, insurers, malpractice attorneys, government regulations, and perhaps the censure of their colleagues.  This harms the patients and today it severely diminishes the quality of health care.

Our advice to people who complain about doctors and hospitals is to follow a development program and, in most cases, you will not need doctors very often.


 To check the safety of your hospital, go to HealthGrades Web site.




            The trend toward wrecking the health of people with toxic medicines began years ago.  Here is a rough time line of the process:


* 1787 - Benjamin Rush, MD, a physician and signer of the American Declaration Of Independence, wrote that:


 Laws restricting the practice of the healing art to one class of physicians and denying equal privileges to others, constitutes the Bastille of Medicine, for they prevent progress.  They are relics of (the) Monarchy, and therefore have no place in a Republic.”

- quote as cited in the Youngstown Vindicator (1911) 


The same man wrote:


“The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic. √Č Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people who wish doctors and treatment of their own choice to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.”


* 1847 - Formation of the America Medical Association.  One of their stated goals was to oppose natural methods of healing, which was their competition.  They eventually were able to impose a drug medicine monopoly or cartel in America. 


* 1906 – Formation of the Bureau of Chemistry (now called the Food And Drug Administration).  Supposedly, the mission of the FDA was to protect the American people from adulterated foods and drugs. 

However, its first director, Harvey Wiley, MD, resigned within six years because he said the agency had become infiltrated by food and drug special interests and he could no longer protect the people’s food.  He wrote about his experience in an excellent book, The History Of A Crime Against the Food Law by Harvey W. Wiley, MD.

Over 100 years later, the FDA is still totally corrupt.  It allows and defends the sale of bleached white flour, white sugar, Coca Cola and thousands of other adulterated and harmful products.  Most other nations have copied the model of the American Food And Drug Administration, multiplying the evil.


* 1910 – Publication of the famous Flexner Report On Medical Education.  This was a “hatchet job” written by the brother of the president of the American Medical Association. 

Mr. Flexner was not a physician.  However, his “report” showed that all healing schools in America except the drug medicine schools were inadequate and should be shut down.

The report was taken to every state legislature in America and used to pass unconstitutional medical licensing laws in all states in America. 

We believe the state occupational licensing laws are unconstitutional because they:

- Interfere with the right of the people to contract for health services.

- Prevent thousands of people from working.  These are violations of the intent of Article I, section 10.

The licensing laws were and are nothing more than a power grab to eliminate the competition by the drug doctors.  As a result, the number of healing schools in America was reduced by over 50%, including all schools that taught women and blacks, which the AMA also did not like.  The laws got rid of the nutritionists, chiropractors, osteopaths, hydrotherapists, natural healers and others.   It forced the people to patronize only the drug and surgery doctors.  It signaled the end of an excellent free market health care system that had made America one of the healthiest nations for 120 years.

Since then, some healing professions have “fought back” by joining the licensing bandwagon.  These include chiropractors, some naturopaths, acupuncturists and others.  However, the medical monopoly is still very powerful in America and in other nations that did the same thing.  A once-healthy population is no more.



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