by Glenda Green

Book review

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Mrs. Green is a Christian.  However, some say that this book is New Age and to stay away.  The book sounds somewhat psychological and new age in its tone.  We can see that this might upset some Christians.

However, we believe it does not contradict, oppose or put down the basic teachings of the Hebrew or Christian Bibles.  For this reason, we include it on this website.




            It was not channeled.  Glenda Green is a professional artist.  She joked with her husband that she wished Jesus would appear in her art studio so she could paint his portrait.  According to her book, that is exactly what occurred between November 23, 1991 and March 12, 1992.  The portrait she painted of him is in color on the back cover of her book.

Mrs. Green was able to speak freely with the apparition, asking questions and receiving answers.  Mrs. Green could see a man sitting in the studio, and others could see him as well.

She also literally heard a voice in an auditory manner that answered her questions.  They spoke back and forth, almost as friends.

During the brief appearance, she asked dozens of questions about life, love, the Bible, and even about physics.  She took notes and wrote the book in a question-and-answer format.




Yes.  The book focuses on love.  This is the reason for the title of the work, Love Without End - Jesus Speaks.  The apparition offered the title as he wished it to be.

There are many questions and answers about Bible passages.  The book also includes some information about physics and other “modern” subjects.  This is what some people do not like about it.




Teachings About Love


1. Love is all there is, and love is the great power in the universe. 

2. You are loved by your Creator or God more than you will ever know.  This is the truth, no matter what you have experienced or witnessed.

3. Love is much more than what humans think it is.  It is far beyond our understanding.

4. Most people do not understand Love correctly.  Love is not an emotion.  It is a force to be reckoned with, and more than this, it is the driving force of the world we can see, and of the one which we cannot see, as well.

5. Love is not something to fool around with or to become cynical about.  This may be difficult to understand for those who have been harmed in some way by others, or even just harmed by life itself, such as by a birth defect, perhaps, or other hardship.


Other Topics


Vegetarianism.  Mrs. Green asks if we should be vegetarians.  The apparition answers that eating meat is necessary at this time, and some animal species are happy to serve as food.  There is no reason to deny them this service that they lovingly provide.

However, there is a problem with the food on planet earth.  The problem is that food is grown and prepared without enough love.  That is our problem!  (We could not agree more.)


The adamantine particles.  A very unusual part of the book is a discussion adamantine particles.  These are described as the basic substance of all things, and are smaller than atoms.  They are also alive.   They have awareness and they come together to form atoms, molecules and everything else in our world. 

The implication is that all matter is made of souls.  This is one of the more mysterious parts of the book.


The real self and the false self.  Parts of the book sound like our book, The Real Self.  For example, the book talks a lot about the lower ego self or false self that is the problem for many people.

The book states that prayers from the Loving Self are always answered.  However, The Father will not answer the prayers of the ego self which does not really believe in God.


Structure Versus Love.  A theme of the book that we like is that the opposite of Love is not hate, but rather structure.  By structure, the author means the psychological construct known as the ego that makes up its own reality and its own rules, instead of allowing and flowing with the true reality of God and Love.




Much of the book is an explanation and comments on Bible passages.  It can sound like a guide for living and rather ‘scientific’, at times.  This may be difficult for some readers, although others will love it.

Here is a quote from the book that was given when the apparition first appeared that may help answer the question above:


“Open your eyes that you may see and open your ears that you may hear.  For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret that it should not come to light”.


We believe what is meant here is that the truth is always the truth, regardless of how it is presented.  Therefore, be open to the truth as you read this book, and you will know if it is the truth.  If it is not the truth, you will know this, as well.




Mrs. Green wrote several other books that elaborate on the material in Love Without End.  They are Study Guide For Love Without End, The Teachings Of Jeshua, When Heaven Touches Earth, and The Way To A Greater Life.  There are also study groups that meet to discuss and learn more about Love Without End.


To be continued …



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