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Development is nothing less than pursuing the full genetic potential for a human being.  It is beyond the comprehension of most people and not taught much in the Western world. 

It requires very excellent nutrition, lots of rest, sexual restraint although Down Sex is excellent, and a number of nutritional supplements and healing procedures for it to occur quickly.  For details, read Introduction To Development.

This article is about the Western tradition of development, which mostly comes from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. 




In addition to the diet, nutritional supplements and healing procedures, certain ideas also promote development.  These are found in a number of Bible verses.  Here are a few examples:


Be not deceived; God is not mocked:  For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. - Galatians 6,7.


This statement is a theme of development.  It is the idea that as you live, you shall either die or survive, to use modern language.  It is the concept that people make their own illnesses, most of the time.  It is also the idea that one need not necessarily die with a horrible cancer, heart disease and a frail, degenerated body. 

            ‘You sow as you reap’ applies to one’s thoughts as well as actions.  In terms of thinking, you are what you sow, eventually.  This means that if you sow love and joy, you will eventually reap these in some way, as well.

In fact, this can even change your past, in the sense that a person’s past is determined, in part, by what one believes about it.  If you change your belief by deciding, perhaps, that all was in divine order, even though it was difficult, this actually changes the past in a significant way, at times. 

For example, if you were beaten up by a neighbor child when you were young, you could hold the attitude that you are a victim of violence.  However, you could decide to take a different attitude.  You might decide (or realize) that the other child was ill, or overtired, or in trouble at home, or misunderstood something you said or did - and this caused the incident.

You were not a victim, but just happened to trigger the other child’s anger.  Your past now changes because you can view it from a happier perspective.  This may not seem important, but it can make the difference between a bitter and sad life and one full of joy and happiness.

One reason the medical system is failing is a clear lack of attention to how people live and what people do with their lives each day.  This is an important part of healing that is often ignored.



Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind – Deuteronomy, and in Luke 10,27


            This commandment tells us that 1) there is a higher power or God, and that 2) loving this God or Lord or Father energy will bring health, happiness and long life.

Some people interpret this commandment to mean that one must attend church or synagogue every week.  However, we don’t think that is its true meaning.  We think it is about one’s attitude internally, first and foremost.



You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free – John 8,32


            This famous verse is probably the greatest of them all.  It states the remarkable idea that learning truth, of itself, is freeing.

Many people seek for freedom rather than seeking for the truth about everyone and everything.  Truth and truth alone brings freedom.  Freedom without truth leads back to slavery in some way or another.

            This website concerns itself with truth, which is not always pleasant, convenient, or politically correct.  It can seem rather unusual.



Born of woman, one must be reborn of Spirit. - John 3, 1-16 


This verse expresses a spiritual truth of great importance.  One must be “reborn” or remade, or made over, as a spiritual being and stop living just as a physical being, in order to develop.

It is a simple idea, but not always easy to practice.  Some people think it means that one just goes to church and accepts Jesus as one’s savior, and that is all.

I think it means something a little different.  Yes, it means to change your thinking and your attitude.  However, I think it also means one must live differently each day.  I suggest following a development program on the physical level.  This will develop the body as a purer and better vehicle to be used by God for His purposes.



For, in fact, the kingdom of God is within you. – Luke 17, 21


This quote is important because the truth is with each of us, not out there somewhere needing to be researched or read about.  It is to be discovered and followed from within.  Most people, however, do not perceive it that way at all, in spite of 2000 years of teaching to the contrary.

In fact, the current politically correct textbooks the children are forced to use often don’t contain the truth and are not interested in telling the truth, but instead in revising history, called revisionist history.

This is an aspect of political correctness, not truth, that seeks to ‘clean up’ the mess mankind has made by somewhat pretending to the young that it never happened quite that way.  It soothes the souls of the adults who write the textbooks, but it is a lie and must not be allowed to continue, as it completely confuses the young people today all around the globe.  There is far too little truth in schools, and we are sorry to say the movement is continuing, instead of growing less so.



“Set your mind on God’s kingdom and his justice before everything else, and all the rest will come to you as well”

– Matthew 6, 33


            Sometimes this verse is translated as “Seek first the kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added thereto”.  This is also an excellent translation. 

It means that once again, focus on God and God’s love, not on money, fame, fortune, or even just your health, and the rest will come to you.  This is not exactly true, as one must focus on earthly matters enough to survive.  But beyond the basics of living, the statement is very true and will avoid most problems of development. 



“What then of the man who hears these words of mine and acts upon them?  He is like a man who had the sense to build his house on rock.  The rain came down, the floods rose, the wind blew and beat upon that house, but it did not fall because its foundations were on rock.”

 – Matthew, 7, 24-25


            Like the phrase from the bible to be “vigilant for the kingdom”, this quote tells us to stick to the basics and keep building a solid foundation.  This is also the importance of nutrition, clean water, fresh air to breathe, plenty of rest and sleep, and other aspects of healthful living.



“In a word, there are three things that last forever: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of them all is love.”

– 1 Corinthians, 13:13


This short verse, read at most Christian wedding ceremonies, offers hope to many who are alone, lonely, suffering and ill.  It is the truest of statements, but not exactly as it is interpreted generally.

What it means is that faith, hope and love spring eternal in the human heart.  They are the eternal signs of life.  When they leave, life leaves the body as a shadow melts in the sunlight.

Of these, the greatest is love.  Not human love, as the preachers teach, but the love of the body and the self.  This is the most important thing to cultivate.  All are born with it in great amount.  By the end of the life, it is gone and with it goes the body.  If it can be rekindled, then life has a chance.

Development gives that hope to many, and, in fact, to all who follow it faithfully.  It does this by rejuvenating the cells of the body, removing the toxins and replacing trace minerals that are lost over time and due to trauma.

It will not save everyone, as various types of illnesses may intervene.  But it brings back faith, hope and love to all who will do it faithfully to some degree, at least, even if death does intervene.



“Then God said, Let us make man in our image and likeness.” – Genesis 1,26


            Too many people, for many reasons, see themselves as “slobs”, destitute and deficient in every conceivable way, ugly not only in body, but in spirit.  This makes them turn away from deep spiritual seeking because they fear what they will discover about themselves.

Many people also believe that they will be “punished for their sins” by a wrathful God who knows all their secret horrible or lowly thoughts and deeds.  This is a shame and probably holds humanity back more than any other imbalance of the mind and spirit. 

Once again, all babies are born with knowledge that they are made in the image of the Creator of all life.  Yet, by the time many enter school, and the rest soon after, they have forgotten their heritage and join the sad masses of humanity who only live for fleeting pleasures.  This saddens the wise spirits of your planet earth more than anything else.

So always remember this verse.  It keeps one balanced and sane, and keeps the spirit growing toward its ultimate source, the God who made all things in his image and likeness.



Let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and Spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.” - 2 Corinthians 7:1.

This is one of the best, short statements of what development is about.  



“For my part, my brothers, I could not speak to you as I should speak to people who have the Spirit.  I had to deal with you on the merely natural plane, as infants in Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 3,1


This is the final statement of this short article.  It means that spiritual growth is real.  It is not arrogant, it is not blasphemy, and it is not a false teaching, as so many Christians take it to be.  It is not visible, so it is easy to ignore, and one must not judge others on their journey to Christ, but it is real.

Growing in Christ, as some call it, is absolutely real and is the same a what this website calls development.  To speed the process along, I suggest the pushing down exercise described on this website.




The Bible was written at a time when the food on earth was 100% natural, organically grown and whole foods only.  Also, it was mostly cooked fresh and eaten fresh because there was no refrigeration, no canning and no freezing of food.  There were also very few, if any, chemical additives in the food and there was no food irradiation.

Unfortunately, things have changed drastically in the food arena!  The Bible does not deal with the problem of depleted and toxic food because it was not an issue several thousand years ago.  Today, however, it is a critical issue for anyone interested in development.  This is a major reason for this website!




Another book from the Western tradition of development is newer and titled, Miracles of the Saints by Rodney Charles.



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