by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. “Social justice” Is Not Justice

III. The Only Solution To The Social Justice Scam



Justice is a very important legal and even spiritual idea. Justice has to do with finding the truth in a situation and treating people accordingly.  The people involved do not matter, only the legality and right or wrong of an action.

Lady Justice”, as portrayed in some statues, is blindfolded.  This is to symbolize that justice is not about superficial qualities like skin color or gender.  Justice is just about finding the truth.  However, today justice is being perverted totally by an idea that is spreading called social justice.

Social justice. The phrase “social justice” was coined over 100 years ago by the Marxists and socialists who did not like the idea of American justice, which is the real thing.  So they used the word justice in their version of it, but it is not about justice at all.

Justice is about finding the truth.  Social justice is just doublespeak that means basically that those in charge may do exactly as they please. 

This is somehow pawned off as a “new” idea, but it is the oldest idea around.  Those who wish to take America back to a monarchy, an oligarchy or a dictatorship, as exists in many nations around the globe, want their power back and they don’t like the idea of justice standing in the way.  So they invented a different lingo that sounds great to fool the people.  They have been extremely successful at it, too.  This is all there is to social justice, at its root.  Now, America has a sitting president who favors this kind of scam. 


The key is that social justice is not about justice.  Social justice is about bending the laws to reward or benefit certain favored individuals or groups at the expense of other individuals or groups that are out of favor.  For example, if one feels that women deserve more jobs, then the laws are bent in their favor, often to make up for past injustices or perceived injustices, even though they happened to women who are long dead and were perpetrated by men who are long dead, and the present generation of men and women had nothing to do with it.

If you favor gay people, then the laws should be bent in their favor, and so it goes.  These are examples of social justice.

The same people now employ other words that are really about the same thing.  You will hear people speak of economic justice, political justice and even environmental justice.  These are basically all subsets of social justice.  They mean the same type of corruption of justice, which is not justice at all.  It is just pushing particular agendas that happen to be mostly Marxist in nature.  So economic justice is usually about taking money from the productive members of society, who often have more of it, and giving it to the poor, the lazy or particular groups that the rulers believe ‘deserve’ more of it, even though they often don’t work for it and if they do work for it, they don’t handle it well or save it well.

Political justice has to do with punishing innocent people and letting criminals go free, often, or giving them light sentences if they agree with the ruler’s agenda.  Environmental justice has to do with bending the laws if the rulers think that it serves their agenda in regard to environmental matters.  In all cases it is about bending the laws, not giving equal justice for all, as America was founded upon, and about substituting Marxist theology and theory for the constitutional guarantees of liberty and equal justice for all that was the hallmark of America for the past 200 years.


Those who want to control others have been with humanity forever.  Their plans have ruined civilizations dating back before history was written, up through the Roman empire, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and presently nations like Communist China.  In all these cases and others, there were people who believed in freedom and liberty and justice.  Justice here means that laws should serve everyone and no matter who you are, if you break the law, you should pay the same price or have the same punishment as anyone else.

In all cases, the despots and totalitarians or elites had to stop these people and their laws.  They have used many methods of doings so.  The most obvious is simply to kill them.  This is no longer acceptable, however, although they still do it, at times, and they certain practice character assassination.  However, they need to fool the people and take control in that way.  Hitler did this, the Roman emperors did this and this is what is happening in America today.  It is done by lying to the people that the rulers love the people and are doing everything for the people or, today, “to save the earth”.  This lie is working quite well, indeed.  So the main tactic used today is lying, along with the older technique of spending billions of dollars on propaganda of all types.


The best way to counter the lies and propaganda is that each person must learn the truth and must stand up to the lies.  Each person must learn that social justice has nothing at all to do with justice, but has to do with power and control.  Also, if you are threatened by anyone if you speak up, you must not go into fear, but must instead speak up even louder and expose anyone who threatens you.  This is the only way to deal with what is happening in America today.

At the same time, one must be on guard because you never know who is your friend and who has been paid off or threatened by the same old people who have tried to ruin every great nation in history for their own gain.  So it is a battle for the future of the nation, and of the world, in fact.  America is a beacon of freedom, and if she goes down, which she is at this time in 2010, the entire world will suffer even more.  So it is not just about America, but about the cause of freedom and real justice everywhere.

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