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              The concept of vitality is a very important one, and somewhat complex.  I will define it as a measure of the life force energy that a person has.  In the stress theory of disease, it may be defined as the amount of adaptive energy that a person has.  This is not the same as the amount of total biochemical energy production, though it is related.

The concept of vitality or life force energy is ancient.  It was called chi, or qi in Chinese, and prana in Sanskrit in the Hindu culture of India.  In Western cultures, naturopathy, homeopathy and chiropractic sciences, it may be called life energy, life force, vital force, etheric, vital energy, orgone energy or zero-point energy.  Sadly, so-called modern medicine or allopathic medicine does not recognize it as an important factor in health and disease.  This is one reason their methods are becoming more and more costly and doing a worse and worse job of healing people.


The importance of vitality.  Vitality is a central concept in nutritional balancing science and in life.  In fact, it may be the most important concept of all.  Without it, or as it declines, we age and finally one’s physical body stops working and we die. 

We are all born with a certain quantity of it, and the more it can be conserved, nurtured and enhanced, the healthier and often the happier anyone will be.




1. We are all born with a fixed amount of a certain energy that may be called etheric or life force energy.  When it runs out, the body dies.  Some are born with more of it than others, for unknown reasons that may have to do with genetics, maternal nutrition or other factors.


2. Some people are born with more ability to absorb natural or life force energy from their surroundings than others. 

These people are often achievers, often happier, and often though not always less dependent upon others for nourishment and support, either physical or emotional.  This is one way to tell these individuals, who are often identifiable from birth or soon after.  They often have an important mission or work to perform and so they need more vitality to succeed.

This is an important concept, as it explains why some people eat poor quality food and yet at least appear to live quite well on it.  Others eat high-quality food, but are very ill.  Perhaps their life force absorption mechanism, which is related to their digestion, does not work as well.

This could also explain why some people can go with very little food or even water for days without perishing, while others may be very tired if they do not eat regular meals each day.


3. Anyone can learn how to conserve and enhance his or her vital energy or life force by living correctly, resting enough and by learning how to absorb more of it from the food, water ad the air we breathe.

This means that in addition to eating for the purpose of taking in various nutrients, eating, drinking and breathing properly also allow us to absorb subtle etheric energy. 

Another reason to eat correctly is to “tune up” the absorption mechanisms of the body and mind to allow the body to absorb more life force energy from its environment.


4. This rather mysterious life force or adaptive energy is a key to health and all healing.  It is a common denominator of health.  This energy is required for all body functions.  The converse of this is that any ailment or symptom can occur due to lowered vitality.


4. Any method that helps to conserve, nurture, enhance or create more vitality is therefore helpful for one’s healing.  This is where natural healing excels and conventional allopathic medicine, in particular, often fails miserably.  At best, medical drugs and over-the-counter drugs will not reduce vitality too much.  However, in most cases drugs, surgery and radiation therapies have a negative impact on vitality, even if they improve other outcomes.

The reason is that allopathy or drug medical care depends mainly on toxic substances to restore health.  The body must overcome the effects of the toxins in the drugs and radiation, in particular, and this uses up one’s vital energy.  Over time, this tends to shorten one’s life and limit life in some other ways as well.

Natural healing methods, by contrast, employ less toxic substances, in general, and tries to avoid giving poisons, wherever possible.  Thus there tend to be fewer “side effects”, “adverse effects”, “collateral problems”, or other fancy names given to describe the toxic effects of medications, surgery, radiation, and some other medical procedures.  Natural healing methods may have other advantages, of course, but this is the main one for the purpose of this discussion.

The reason why allopathic medical care uses toxic drugs, by the way, is mainly because only man-made compounds can be patented.  Those that control and operate the medical system do it for power and money in many cases, sadly, and they cannot make money selling natural products as well as they can selling cheap, patent medicines, also called pharmaceutical drugs.  This is not exactly true in all cases, since one can sell and mark up herbs, vitamins and other natural products, but overall it is true.


5. Vitality is not something to take lightly.  In other words, beware of any behavior, activity, habit or food item, for example, that lowers your vitality.  Pay attention and try to live in ways that can enhance vitality if you wish to have a long, healthy and happy life.  However, beware, because some behaviors and products that are sold with the guarantee that they enhance vitality do not perform well enough today.  This applies to concepts like raw food, vegetarian diets, most herbs, many vitamins and specialty products, structured drinking water, alkaline water, and hundreds of others.  See the section of this website on Warnings for more on this subject.


6. Here are some of the most important factors that can conserve and build vitality today:


a. Food and diet include eating habits such as food quantity, food habits, chewing and so forth.  See the articles on the fast oxidizer and slow oxidizer diets for more on this subject.


b. Drinking water is most important.  The best overall drinking water for most people is either steam distilled water for only up to about three to six months,  and for long-term use the best is a good quality spring water.  It does not matter if you must buy it in plastic jugs or bottles at the supermarket, although it can often be delivered to your home. 

The next best choice of drinking water if spring water is too expensive or hard to find is usually carbon-only filtered tap water.  This surprises me, but it seems to be the case.  All other drinking water such as most well water, reverse osmosis water, alkaline water, structured waters and others do not seem to be as good and often end up diminishing vitality, even if you feel better drinking them.


c. Rest and sleep.  This includes going to bed by 9 PM, taking naps when needed, sleeping at least 8 or 9 hours daily, and to some extent factors such as having fresh air when sleeping.


d. Deep breathing.  This can do much for healing in some cases.  A simple practice is the circle breathing exercise.  Obtaining enough oxygen is also extremely helpful for health.  Ways to assist this are to live in a rural area with trees nearby, or use an ozonator/ionizer air filter in your bedroom, such as the Better Living or Eco-Quest units.


e. Avoiding all toxic exposures and detoxification or removing toxins from the body.  This is critical today thanks to the many toxic substances that everyone must contend with.  These include toxic metals, toxic chemicals, and even electromagnetic toxins found in cell phone emissions, computer emissions and others.


f. Sexual continence.  This can be another important factor in building vitality for everyone today.  Holding on to the sexual fluids, in both men and women, conserves vital force.  This is not a popular stance these days, but has been known for thousands of years.  It is especially important for men, as they cannot reabsorb their seminal fluid, but it is also important for women, as well.


g. Move subtle energy in a downward motion through the body. There are various ways I recommend doing this, including using the Roy Masters meditation exercise and no others, and the use of near infrared sauna therapy, coffee enemas and a few particular foods and food supplements.  Details about all of these and more are found in the article on this site entitled Downward Motion Of Energy And Healing.


h. Make the body more yang (in almost all cases).  This is an ancient Taoist concept of vitality that is extremely important today.  The bodies today are mainly all extremely yin due to radiation toxicity, a poor quality food supply, toxic chemicals and toxic metals in the environment and in the food and water, electromagnetic stress and a few other factors.  

This is one of the primary reasons fruit-eating, raw foods and vegetarianism are foolish practices today, even if they were wonderful 100 years or more ago.  They are just too yin today.  The same is true of fermented foods, eating nightshade vegetables and the use of most herbs and nutritional supplements in large doses.  For more on this, read Yin And Yang Healing and Yin Disease.


i. Activities.  Certain activities, notably walking, greatly enhance energy absorption.  Most other sports tend to deplete a person’s vitality, at times, if overdone.  However, breathing deeply that occurs during exercise is helpful.  Rest and activity alternating, however, is the best combination.


j. Mental Attitude, Thought Patterns and Emotional Control.  These two are very different.  However, I am listing them together to keep this article simpler.

Mental attitudes have to do with the person’s approach to life.  Are you a positive thinker or do you think negatively?  Do you like yourself or do you actually loathe yourself in some ways?  Do you enjoy life, or is life a drag, as they say?  Do you enjoy other people or do you prefer to be just by yourself.  Being alone is actually better in most cases for development, although it can lead easily to boredom, depression and negativity in most people.

Thought patterns are somewhat related but have more to do with your beliefs, your neuroses, and other thought patterns, some of which are helpful for health and vitality, while others, such as cynicism, negative thinking and victim thinking, tend to severely low one’s vitality, eventually.

Emotional control has to do with the ability to focus your mind and control the mind’s tendency to wander and become over-excited, at times.  For example, if you become upset over every little problem, this tends to use up your vital energy much more than keeping calm.




This means that forcing the body to adapting to cold, heat, noise, infection, lack of rest, improper food or other stressors of many types tends to use up the body’s energy faster. 

There are exceptions, but not too many.  For example, some temporary stress due to exercise is necessary for building and maintaining the bones and muscles.  This should be the function of exercise of activity.  I realize that this perspective differs from many others that encourage exercise for its own sake.

In the same way, some other types of stress can sometimes move the body in a direction that subtly builds health, although it can stress the body in outer ways.  Nutritional balancing science actually places certain stressors on the body, hopefully in just the right amounts and timing so that the body responds by becoming more balanced and healthful.  This is a subtle science, however.




Many people race around all day and even part of the night.  However, on hair mineral tests we find that many of them do not have a high vitality level.  I measure this using the hair mineral analysis criteria described below.

Many seemingly energetic people live on stimulants, for example, such as sugar, drugs, coffee or other caffeinated foods or drinks.  It is important to realize that vitality is not the same as being energetic, which is often just means one is stimulated or over-stimulated.   

Many things can stimulate a person, such as anger, fear, sexual drive, music on the radio, various foods such as sugars, drugs such as ADD drugs and more.  However, these destroy vitality, rather than enhance it.

Other people who run around a lot are just out of touch with their bodies, or they are “running away” from something and this keeps them moving, even though if they were to face their problem and resolve it, they would often collapse with fatigue.  A nutritional balancing program is often helpful to identify these instances, and help people slow down and live from true energy, and not from stress or just stimulation, which damages their health severely.




The importance of building adaptive energy or vitality in the body in order to restore and maintain health is a central concept in nutritional balancing science.  We approach this directly by paying far more attention to lifestyle, diet, rest and sleep and the other factors listed above.

In addition, however, Dr. Paul Eck, its founder, figured out that one can enhance vitality or adaptive energy by balancing certain mineral ratios on a properly performed and properly interpreted hair mineral analysis.  In fact, this single intervention can be quite powerful when applied in a holistic fashion.  Read The Oxidation Types and books by Dr. George Watson for more information about how powerful balancing the oxidation rate can be.


Nutritional supplements.  Properly targeted, good quality nutritional supplements that are recommended based upon a hair mineral test can also greatly enhance vitality.  They provide nutrients the body needs, they help remove toxic substances, and they help balance the critical mineral ratios, among other functions.  All of these can greatly enhance one’s vitality.

Other techniques that have been found extremely helpful in nutritional balancing science are the use of a near infrared sauna, coffee enemas and the Roy Masters meditation.  These are better than most other detoxification and meditation techniques, in our experience.  This is why the are highly recommended, while most others are not recommended.  Some of the others are toxic, and many are just not as powerful.

Nutritional balancing also has a central focus making the body much more yang, for which reason only certain foods and supplements are suggested and one must avoid the others, no matter how wonderful they sound.  Nutriitonal balancing also uses various methods to move energy downward from the head to the feet, as this is also a secret to better energy and safe healing.  Sadly, methods such as yoga, and even most acupuncture unless done in a certain way, tend to move energy upward in the body, causing subtle damage.  This is described in several articles such as Yoga and Acupuncture.




Below are simple low vitality indicators on a hair analysis that can be very helpful to assess how well or ill a person is at deep levels.  Here are a few cautions when evaluating vitality using hair tissue mineral testing:


1. Hair must not be washed at all at the laboratory for some of these indicators, especially the sodium and potassium readings.

2. Initial mineral analyses are more indicative. All these patterns are more important on initial hair tissue mineral analyses.  If a pattern persists on retests, this is important, as well.  However, retests are more complex to interpret.

For example, if one follows a properly designed nutritional balancing program, a low vitality pattern on a retest often just means one is retracing an old tendency or illness.  This is not an indicator of low vitality, but rather just indicating a healing reaction or retracing in progress.

3. The more extreme the mineral readings, ratios or pattern, the lower the vitality, as a general rule.

4. The more low vitality indicators that are present, the lower the vitality, as a general rule.


            Here are the most important lowered vitality indicators I have found so far:


1. A sodium/potassium ratio less than 2.5:1.

2. Sodium less than about 10 mg% or above about 100 mg%.

3. Potassium less than about 5 mg% or above about 40 mg%.

4. Very slow or very fast oxidation rate.

5. Calcium and magnesium more than about double or less than half their ideal values of 40 mg% for calcium and 6 mg% for magnesium.

6. Zinc less than about 10 mg% or greater than about 50 mg%.

7. Four lows pattern, but only on an initial hair analysis.  The lower the readings, the worse the vitality, in general.  This is not the case on most retests, however.

8. Four highs/three highs pattern, if extreme.

9. High levels of toxic metals may indicate a lower vitality level.  However, in fast oxidizers this may not be true.  The higher level in the hair occurs simply because the person is more able to eliminate toxic metals, and not necessarily because he is more toxic.

10. A phosphorus reading of less than 13 mg% is an indicator of lowered vitality.  A phosphorus level less than 10 mg% is a decidedly worse indicator of vitality in most cases.

11. Poor eliminator pattern.  This is a newer pattern I have noticed on many hair mineral analyses.  It consists of extremely low levels of any of the toxic metals, along with low levels of iron, copper, manganese and perhaps a few other nutrient minerals as well.  The reasoning behind this pattern is that everyone is toxic in all of the toxic metals do some degree.  If they do not show up on a hair analysis at all, or very little, most likely it is because one is unable to remove them very well, indicating reduced vitality.

12. Yin indicators.  This includes several of the parameters above such as the oxidation rate, the sodium/potassium ratio, four lows, four highs, and the poor eliminator pattern.  Taken together, these offer even more information about one’s yin-yang balance.


            These indicators, taken together, give us a fairly accurate picture of a person’s vitality in many, but not all cases.  Sometimes other factors can skew the mineral readings, but not too often.  Vitality is a very subtle quality to measure in some cases.  Research on this topic is ongoing, as vitality is such an important indicator of health and disease.


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