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Many people have a combination of health conditions that affect the head.  This can slow progress on a development program.  We will call this head congestion syndrome.




These can include sinus problems, headaches, stiff neck, ringing in the ears, pain, dizziness, problems with the teeth or gums, hearing loss, swelling or other symptoms of the eyes, and more symptoms anywhere on the head.




Often a person has more than one of the following causes of head congestion syndrome.  The causes can reinforce one another.


Chronic infections.   These are very common in the ears, eyes, nose, sinuses, throat, tonsils, adenoids, mouth, teeth and even in the brain.

Mouth infections can include dental cavities, cavitations, root-canal filled teeth and/or gum disease.

These will slowly retrace and heal with a full development program.  The process can take a number of years because often many infections are present and some, such as chronic ear infections, are slow to heal.


Adhesions in the neck, face and scalp.  These are places in which the fascia layers that cover the muscles are stuck together.  This problem is common.  It can be due to nutritional deficiencies, copper toxicity, bad posture, fear and other reasons.

Adhesions cramp the tissues such as muscles.  They can restrict the blood and lymph flow, and they can restrict movement of the head.  They can also cause nerve impingement and subluxations or misalignment of the bones of the neck and head.  They can cause pain and may affect posture.  For details about what to do about them, read Adhesions.


Parasites in the head.  Common ones are trichina cysts and worms due to eating any pig products at all.  They can also be hookworm from walking barefoot, especially if you have pets such as dogs or cats.

A development program slowly gets rid of all parasites.  Also, it is best not to walk barefoot ever because hookworm is much more common than one may imagine.  For more details, read Parasites.


Jammed cranial bones.  This is very common.  It is often due to birth trauma.  However, it can be the result of falls or other accidents or due to adhesions in fascia of the scalp.  The cranial bones will slowly loosen with a development program.  At times, one may need to visit a chiropractor or osteopath who is trained be able to correct problems of the cranial bones.

After a birth, it is best to have a competent chiropractor or osteopath check the cranial bones and spine to get rid of birth trauma.  This is especially true if the birth was lengthy or difficult.  Although there are problems with caesarian section or C-section births, an advantage is the there is less chance of head trauma during the birth process.


Problems with “brain architecture”.  This word means the way the brain sits in the cranium.  Accidents, injuries, beatings and other trauma can shift the brain just a little so that it does not sit correctly within the head.  This can affect thinking, cause headaches and make a person dull and stupid.

The correction for this serious problem involves foot reflexology.  The correction procedure is found in the  Reflexology article.  After any accident, fall or other trauma to the head, we suggest everyone do this protocol in case the accident or trauma has affected the brain architecture.


Subtle energy moving upwards or not moving downward fast enough.  This is very common, especially among women. 

One’s energy is literally stuck in the head.  Some people feel this as a sense of congestion, heaviness or dull headache most of the time.

This is a direct cause of infections in the head and sluggish healing of all problems involving the head.

To correct this problem, one must do the Pulling Down Exercise for at least one hour every day.  Many people tell us they love this exercise once they get used to doing it. 

It clears the mind, calms one down, promotes development and has many other benefits.  Other mental or meditative exercises do not have the same effect and may make the problem worse.


A closed central channel.  This is the same as a blocked conception vessel in acupuncture or a blocked main central flow in the science of jin shin jyutsu.

This problem is extremely common and present in most people.  It blocks subtle energy from moving easily downward from the head to the feet.


Psychological or emotional trauma.  This is an important cause of head congestion syndrome.  The trauma results in upward movement of subtle energy, as explained above.  It may also cause adhesions, tension in the jaw and other imbalances affecting the head.

A development program is excellent to undo emotional and psychological trauma.  The process takes a number of years.


Bad posture.  This can result in adhesions and misalignment of the cervical vertebrae (subluxations).  Learning good posture is very helpful for head congestion syndrome.  For details, read Posture.


The cranio-sacral fluid is not flowing correctly.  This is usually secondary to impaired brain architecture, nutritional problems or traumas affecting the head.


Rogue equipment such as tiny electronic implants placed in the brain or elsewhere on or in the head.  For details, read Implants. 


Other.  Other possibly contributors to head congestion syndrome are vision problems and rarely other illnesses that affect the head.




            We have already mentioned above some specific measures to alleviate congested head syndrome.  Other general procedures that are very helpful are:


            1. Remove all root-canal-filled teeth.  When beginning a development program, have root canal-filled teeth removed, even if they appear to cause no problems.  We know this is costly and somewhat drastic, but we find that these teeth all become infected.  They then spew deadly bacteria that gets in the way of all healing, especially of this area but also of healing of the entire body.  For details, read Dentistry.


2. Do the neck pull many times each day.  For details, read The Neck Pull.


            3. Do the pulling down exercise every day.  This moves subtle energy downward and out of the head.  Many people skip this part of the development program.  However, it is really one of the most important parts of the program and is required for long-term development.  For details, read The Pulling Down Exercise.

For the best effect, while doing the pulling down exercise, do the pops and twists discussed in the Spinal Twists article (see below).


4. Women with this syndrome benefit a lot from the vaginal coffee implant procedure.  Ideally, begin right early during your development program.  Continue it daily, if possible, until the central channel or conception vessel begins to open. 

You will usually know when this occurs because you will feel more centered and grounded and less affected by the action or speech of others.  Some people also feel when subtle energy moves easily from the head all the way down to the feet.  For details, read The Vaginal Coffee Implant.


5. Eat plenty of well-cooked vegetables with each meal, every day.  Also, follow the rest of the development diet.

We are not aware of any substitute for this diet!  It is the only way we have found to provide the body with the minerals and other nutrients it requires.  For details, read Food For Daily Use and other articles about diet on this website.


6. Daily coffee enemas and daily genital baths at least several times daily can also be most helpful.   These are deceptively simple procedures that greatly helps to move energy downward from the head to the feet.  For details, read Coffee Enemas and The Genital Bath.


7. Do the spinal twist procedures several times daily.  For details, read Spinal Twists.  Together these are very powerful.  Many people ignore these procedures when they begin a development program.


8. If possible, find and utilize good quality chiropractic or osteopathic manipulative therapy.


9. Humor and positive thinking.  Read or watch humorous stories, movies, audio programs or other things.  For details, read Humor and Funny Movies. 

This is very helpful to reduce anxiety and shift one’s thinking from fear cycles to love cycles.  These are discussed in The Real Self, another excellent article for anyone with congested head syndrome.


            9. Other.  At times, shining a red heat lamp on the jaw area or perhaps the ear area can be most helpful.  For details, read Sauna Therapy and Single Lamp Therapy.

Also, regular foot reflexology can be very helpful.  For details, read Reflexology.

At times, the Oral Coffee Hold can be most helpful.


A newer, related article is Brain Therapy (2021).



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