By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is only the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


A few people have a constellation of health conditions that cause significant difficulty on a development program.  We will call these congested head syndrome.


- They experienced emotional, psychological and/or physical trauma, especially during childhood.

- Chronic infection in the ears, eyes, nose, sinuses, throat, tonsils, adenoids, mouth or another area of the head.  Mouth infections can include dental cavities, cavitations, root-canal filled teeth and/or gum disease.

 - The neck may be tight, twisted, subluxated or in some other way injured or not functioning correctly.

- The cranial bones may be jammed or not moving correctly due to birth trauma, injuries, accidents, or perhaps for nutritional reasons.

-The cranial/sacral fluid system not working correctly.

- Subtle energy problems.  These include:

1. Subtle energy stuck in the head.

2. Not much downward movement of subtle energy and perhaps upward movement of subtle energy. (#1 and 2 generally go together.)

3. Imbalances involving the sixth and/or seventh physical energy centers, both of which are located in the head.

4. Slow spinning of the upper dantien. 

- Problems with brain architecture.  This is the way the brain sits in the cranium.  Accidents, injuries, beatings and other trauma can shift this and cause problems in the brain and head.


The conditions discussed below tend to combine and reinforce one another.  Together, these can cause symptoms involving the ears, face, neck, mouth and other areas of the head that are extremely annoying and can cause a person to want to quit a development program.




            1. Remove all root-canal-filled teeth.  When beginning a development program, have root canal-filled teeth removed, even if they appear to cause no problems.  We know this is costly and somewhat drastic, but we find that these teeth all become infected.  They then spew deadly bacteria that gets in the way of all healing, especially of this area but also of healing of the entire body.  For details, read Dentistry.


            2. Learn and do the pulling down exercise every day.  This moves subtle energy downward and out of the head.  Many people skip this part of the development program.  However, it is really one of the most important parts of the program and is required for long-term development.  For details, read The Pulling Down Exercise.

For the best effect, while doing the pulling down exercise do the pops and twists discussed in the Spinal Twists article (see below).


3. Women with this syndrome need to do the vaginal coffee implant procedure.  Ideally, begin right from the start of their program.  They need to continue it daily, if possible, until their central channel  or conception vessel begins to open.  This helps move subtle energy downward from the head to the body.  For details, read The Vaginal Coffee Implant.


4. Eat plenty of well-cooked vegetables with each meal, every day.  We are not aware of any substitute for this diet!  It is the only way we have found to provide the body with the minerals and other nutrients it requires.  For details, read Food For Daily Use and other articles about diet on this website.


5. Do the genital bath at least several times daily, and ideally 7 or more times daily.  This is a deceptively simple procedure that greatly helps to move energy downward from the head to the feet.  For details, read The Genital Bath.


6. Do the spinal twist procedures several times daily.  For details, read Spinal Twists.  Together these are very powerful.  Many people ignore these procedures when they begin a development program.


7. If possible, find and utilize good quality chiropractic or osteopathic manipulative therapy.


8. Humor and positive thinking.  Read or watch humorous stories, movies, audio programs or other things.  For details, read Humor and Funny Movies. 

This is very helpful to reduce anxiety and shift one’s thinking from fear cycles to love cycles.  These are discussed in The Real Self, another excellent article for anyone with congested head syndrome.


            8. Other.  At times, shining a red heat lamp on the jaw area or perhaps the ear area can be most helpful.  For details, read Sauna Therapy and Single Lamp Therapy.

Also, regular foot reflexology can be very helpful.  For details, read Reflexology.

At times, the Oral Coffee Hold can be most helpful.


Coffee enemas.  The coffee enema procedure is not included in this article.  It is important, but we find it is not sufficient by itself, and too much without the other procedures discussed above may interfere with progress. 

            Doing the above will not automatically eliminate the entire head syndrome, but it will assist the body to correct it. 

We hope this article also illustrates how the detoxification procedures of a development program work together and can be vital for healing and development. 



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