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Article Summary

A Shock To The system

Why Has This Occurred?








N-P-K Or The Superphosphates

Chemical Pesticides And Insecticides

Yin Disease

Table Salt Versus Natural Sea Salt

Problems With Fruit

Fast Food And Chain Restaurants

Frozen and Canned

Special Diets

Intentional Failures

Other Evil-Doers



Step 1. No Sugar, No Wheat, and No Table Salt.  Eat natural sea salt with all meals.

Step 2. Add Many More Cooked Vegetables.

Step 3. No Fruit.





Definition.  There is a story that needs to be told about the food supply of planet earth.  It is a story of wholesale corruption and rape.

You won’t read about it much in the newspapers or hear about it on television because those who perpetrate the crime of ruining the food want it kept secret.  You also won’t read about it in the Bible because 2000 years ago current technologies used to ruin the food supply were not available. 




Eat only fresh, whole, natural foods.  Ideally, eat food grown without pesticides and insecticides and grown locally.

Try to find only grass-fed, organic or heirloom beef and free-range or organic chicken and eggs.  Try to find vegetables grown without superphosphate fertilizers (very difficult). 

Exceptions: Sardines are excellent in a can.  They are very delicate and when canned immediately after being caught they are preserved better than if they were transported thousands of miles and then cooked.  Ideally, check the expiration date.

Blue corn chips preserve certain nutrients in the blue corn better than any other way of preparing this special food.  We wish there were more foods with these chemicals so that we did not need to consume the oil and salt in the chips.  However, they are needed for rapid development and they work well for this purpose.

A few products need to be prepared properly.  These include roasted almond butter and roast sesame tahini.  It is fine to buy these in jars or plastic containers.  Check the expiration dates and try to get the freshest product possible.

Stay away from table salt, one of the worst junk foods. 

Stay away from most canned and frozen food whenever possible, as these are of inferior quality.  An exception is that meats can be purchased frozen, if needed.  Do not refreeze meat.

Stay away from white flour and white sugar in all forms and in all food products.  These are also among the worst junk foods.

Stay away from most packaged foods, especially those that contain added chemicals such as preservatives, stablizers, artificial color, artificial flavors, and many other chemicals that are today allowed in the food.  Note the exceptions above.

Stay away from all fast food and chain restaurants.  Eat only at Mom and Pop restaurants that serve fresh, cooked vegetables.

Avoid all salads and fruit.  Salads and fruit are too yin to eat today on a regular basis.  We find that the common advice to eat these foods is completely incorrect.




Doctors are not taught the truth about food at all.  The truth is that food is a living substance and it is the basis for health. 

The basis of health is NOT:

- Drugs, surgery or radiation therapy.

- ‘Health care delivery’ or health care ‘providers’.

- Cleanliness, rest  or sleep.  These are very important, but will not substitute for proper diet.

- Having a lot of money.  For example, America was formerly the healthiest nation on earth during the 1800s when most people were poor.  However, most lived on farms and ate fresh, natural, locally grown food.

Today, America is among the least healthy nations.  If you doubt this statement, look up International Infant Mortality rates.  The USA rates around number 35 in the world.

Also check life expectancy and you will see the USA rates 31st, right between Costa Rica and Cuba.

The US birth defect rate is also terrible, worse than other developed nations.  Look it up!  Babies are safer in a number of third world nations!

Americans have more money, more health care, and an abundance of what appears to be food (but it is really not food– it is mostly chemical junk.) 




The reasons are:

1. The so-called green revolution. This occurred about 100 years ago.  It consisted of the introduction of superphosphate fertilizers (really just growth stimulants).  This led to greater crop yields, but much weaker and less nutritional crops.

Growing more food on the same acreage means the nutrients in the soil must be distributed among many more plants.  This leads to mineral-depleted food in all cases.

Along with the superphosphates, also called N-P-K agriculture, came the newer chemical pesticides and insecticides.  These further poisoned the land, further destroyed the living organism in the soil, and caused more problems.

Among these were terrible soil erosion and the “dust bowls” of the 1900s.  This caused the loss of millions of tons of precious topsoil and a further worsening of the nutrition of the food crops.  For details, read Superphosphates and Organic Agriculture.

2. Starting around 1900, the governments of many nations grew much larger.  Departments of Agriculture were established that severely worsened the agriculture situation by encouraging and supporting the new chemical agriculture.

The government agencies were quickly infiltrated by chemical companies and other special interests.  This occurs with all government programs and is why small, limited government is always best and socialism is always worst for a nation.

For example, this is why government control of health care is a idea that ruins people’s health.

Large, powerful governments is nothing less than an aspect of satanic control of the planet.  It is important to understand this or you won’t understand the food situation on earth.  For details, read The World Socialists or Rogues and other articles on this website about politics.

People complain to me that articles about politics have no place on a website about health.  The opposite is true.  One must understand that government power and government policies have a great effect upon our health.




This means that from the moment it is raised or picked or slaughtered, it needs to get to your table and in your body as fast as possible, with as little damage as possible.

The problem is that the incentive for food producers is different than this.  They want to maximize ‘shelf life’, profits, ease of transportation, and avoidance of bugs and other things that damage food.

This is the essential conflict in the food industry!  Society must learn this so that steps can be taken to correct the food supply or the health will continue to worsen.  Here are details:




Food should not be transported long distances.  It should be grown and consumed as close to the source as possible.  This minimizes many problems such as spoilage, contamination with bacteria, parasites and more, and other types of damage such as bruising.




Food should be minimally processed unless the processing improves the quality and nutrition of the food, or preserves the food, as explained below. 




Preserving food is a large and important industry because much of it is wasted.  Waste occurs because today food:

- Is grown far from where it is consumed.

- Sits on docks and in warehouses and spoils or is eaten by bugs.  It also becomes contaminated with bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

- Restaurants waste a lot of food because people do not finish their meals.  Some of the leftover and partially eaten food is fed to animals, but most is thrown away.

Restaurant leftovers should be composted immediately and the compost returned to the farms.  It would be much better than using sewage sludge on crops.  The latter contains human excrement mixed with detergent residues, soap, shampoo, and other somewhat toxic products.




N-P-K AGRICULTURE (the use of superphosphates)


Superphosphates are toxic chemical growth stimulants.  They are permitted to be used on most all commercial crops today, including organically grown food.

They increase crop yield somewhat, but they reduce nutrition and damage food in other ways.  In short they are poisons.  It takes about 100 years of eating food grown with these chemicals to completely ruin the health of the people.

The development program we recommend is one of the very few ways to remove these toxins from our bodies.  For more details, read Toxic Potassium,  Superphosphates, and Introduction To The Development Program.




Most food today is sprayed with a variety of toxic chemicals that damage the food, damage the soil, and worsen human and animal health.  They also pollute the entire planet.

Some of the chemicals are allowed to be used on ”government-approved” organically grown food, which is another horror because it means the standards have been lowered.  This is a serious problem worldwide.

Some say these chemicals are needed or we would all starve.  We disagree.  However, agriculture would need to be done very differently to produce enough excellent quality food.  There is progress in this area, and the development program is part of this effort.  For details, read Regeneration Of The Soil With Development Science.




This is a somewhat esoteric subject, but a very important one.  Yin in macrobiotic terminology means expanded, cold and today it means harmful.

Today all the bodies are too yin due to a mineral-depleted food supply, the use of superphosphates, and hundreds of other chemical toxins in the environment.  These include toxic metals, and thousands of toxic chemicals in our water, air, soil and food. 

Radiation.  Ionizing radiation from A-bombs, nuclear power plants, x-rays and irradiated food also makes the bodis much more yin today.

Electromagnetic toxins.  This is also a terrible problem today that few speak about.  Electromagnetic toxins come from cell phones, cell phone towers, wifi, computer monitors, television sets and other sources of electromagnetic pollution.

            Yin food makes bodies much sicker, no matter how much nutrition it contains.  The worst offenders are:


All refined grains and refined salt

All fruit

All fermented foods

Most raw food

All food containing chemical additives, which includes most frozen and canned foods.

All old food such as canned and frozen foods.

Food grown with toxic chemicals such as superphosphates, most pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics and hormones added for fattening or to control livestock diseases

Pasteurized milk products


            For many more details, read Yin Disease.




Natural sea salt is an important and nutritious food item that provides the body with many essential trace minerals such as iodine, magnesium, calcium, zinc, chromium and others.  It is a basic source of minerals.

In contrast, table salt is one of worst junk foods.  Most of the vital trace minerals found in salt have been stripped away.

Added aluminum.  In addition, aluminum, a powerful neurotoxin and bone toxin, is often added to table salt as a flowing agent.  Other toxic ingredients may also be added without your knowledge and without being listed on the label.

Aluminum is also found in:

- ALL anti-perspirants

- anti-acid over-the-counter remedies  such as Maalox, Mylanta and Gaviscon

- some women’s makeup

- most municipal tap water

- cookware

- foil wrapping for hundreds of products

- aluminum beverage cans, although many of these are coated to prevent the aluminum from contaminating the food.

Aluminum is a highly toxic metal that is known to contribute to dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, brain fog and other serious health conditions.  It is one of the favorite poisons used on the people of the earth because it is tasteless and odorless.

Health food stores sell deodorants that do not contain aluminum, but read labels carefully because some “natural” deodorants also contain aluminum such as deodorant stone products.

Also, ideally, do not drink from aluminum cans and avoid aluminum-containing anti-acids.  TumsŮ does not contain aluminum.

Do not use cookware if its aluminum touches the food.  An aluminum base on cookware is okay.

Use aluminum foil sparingly because aluminum easily rubs off onto your hands and onto your food.  If one wishes to use makeup, look for some that is aluminum-free.

Aluminum in tap water is difficult to avoid unless the water is filtered with reverse osmosis or distillation, neither of which we recommend because these methods produce a very low-mineral water and because reverse osmosis treated water often does not hydrate the body well.

We only recommend carbon filtration of water, but this does not remove aluminum.  The only alternative we suggest is to drink spring water.  For more details, read Aluminum, The Soft-In-the-Head Mineral.

Iodine.  Iodine is one of the most vital of the trace minerals.  It helps prevent cancer and is required for breast health, thyroid health and many other bodily functions.

The natural iodine in sea salt has been removed.  In its place, the government requires salt companies to add a somewhat toxic form of iodine to table salt that does not work as well as the natural form.  For details, read Salt and Iodine, The Breast Cancer Preventive Mineral.




One may ask why would we discuss raw food in the section of this article about food horrors.  The answer is that human beings cannot extract many nutrients from raw vegetables, in particular.

As a result, we find that salads and other raw food is largely wasted in our bodies and provides very little nutrition.  We know this goes against what most physicians and nutritionists teach.  However, we have proven it to ourselves over and over again.  We think it is a subtle way that the adversary or hidden ones damage the human bodies on earth.

We are not ruminant animals, which are animals adapted to eating raw vegetable matter.  They usually have multiple stomachs and many of them “chew the cud”, which means they throw up their food and chew it some more.  

We also do not recommend moast stir-frying, sautéing, or other methods of cooking that leave vegetables crunchy or al dente.  These methods also do not cook the food enough and it is largely wasted, except to provide plenty of fiber.

One can easily obtain enough fiber from properly-cooked vegetables, which provide a lot more nutrients.

Even worse, eating a lot of raw vegetables fills up the stomach so that a person does not eat enough of the food needed to nourish the body.




We find that eating fruit always causes health problems.  The problems are:

- Fruit picks up a lot of toxic potassium in the superphosphate fertilizers used in almost all orchards today.  This applies to organically grown fruit, as well as regular fruit.

Vegetables, beans and grains do not absorb nearly as much of this toxic potassium.  As a result, the balance of the minerals in fruit today is not good.

- Most fruit is too sweet and upsets the blood sugar level.

- Fruit is a very cooling food, also called yin in macrobiotic terminology.  All bodies are too cold or yin already, so eating fruit aggravates this imbalance.

- Fruit is also often eaten raw, and we find this is often unclean and very yin, making the problem of fruit-eating worse.

The only exception is that eating one or two dried botija olives per week is fine.  Also, olive oil is okay in moderation.  However, do not heat it.  Heating it causes it to become toxic.  For more details, read Fruit-Eating.




We find there is something wrong with most food at all of the chain fast food restaurants.  We believe that these chain restaurants start out with food of poor quality and then damage it further.

At times, they partially cook certain items and then often freeze the food so it can be stored in warehouses until it is needed.  Fast food often contains plenty of chemical additives to preserve the food in their warehouses and to make people want to eat more of it.  They often add MSG, an excitotoxin, and other chemicals to the food.

The Food And Drug Administration of the United States and most other nations allow this horror.  It is either pure nutritional ignorance, or more likely, corruption of this thoroughly unconstitutional government regulatory agency.

This is why we teach that the people of all nations must not give control of their food and their health to any government at this time on earth.

Our clients report that once they improve their health with a development program, they become quite ill if they eat at a fast food restaurant.  Avoid all fast food and all chain restaurants if you want to live a long and healthy life.




            Freezing and canning food can be helpful.  However, we find that frozen food stops development, except for eating meat that is flash frozen at the farm.  We don’t know all the reasons for this.

We do know that most frozen and canned food has added chemicals such as EDTA, colors, and flavors.  Most are not listed on the label and they help wreck the food.

 Once again, corrupt government food agencies allow these foods, which is why they are not helpful and need to be disbanded.




            Many ‘diets’ are offered today to help people lose weight and to regain and maintain their health.  Our clients are often following these diets when they consult us.  This gives us an excellent opportunity to evaluate them.  Most are very nutritionally inadequate.

The worst problem of most of them is they do not include enough cooked vegetables to provide enough of the alkaline reserve minerals and other nutrients found in properly-cooked vegetables.

            Separate article on this website discuss the following diets:



Weston Price




Low oxalate, low-histame and low-salicylate

Body Ecology







Raw Food

Blood Type Diets

Ayurvedic Diets



The Four Food Groups

The US Government Food Pyramid


Click here to find links to all these articles.




Some of the above diets and some health legislation such as The Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Obamacare) are calculated to fail.

You may say, that is not possible.  However, it is absolutely true.  One might say that Satan is very active in the food area.  Here are a few of these groups:

Socialistic government bureaucrats.  Lest you believe that the profit motive is the real problem, the worst problem is often government bureaucrats.  They naturally want to protect their positions, their power and influence, and have better job security.

The only way to do this is to have millions of people dependent upon them for services, grant money and government programs and benefits of various kinds.

The only solution, and we repeat, the only solution to this terrible problem is a very small government.  When the United States had a small government, which was the case until around 1900, this problem was minimal.

Today it is huge because government is huge, with hundreds of programs for the poor, the sick, the disabled, the elderly, children, widows, orphans, and more!  It is an evil thing, not a good thing. 

Charity through private means – churches, synagogues, and private community groups such as the Lions Club and the Rotary Club - have much better incentives and work far better.  These have been abandoned or driven out of business in America and around the world as socialistic or communistic government welfare programs have multiplied.  This must be reversed or the health problems everywhere will worsen even more.




Doctors and dentists.  Unfortunately, most medical personnel do not help people to eat better.  A number of them have told the author that they know about proper nutrition (to a degree), but telling patients would reduce their business so they do not do it.  This includes naturopaths and even some nutritionists!

They would rather sell pills and other therapies to sick, dependent people than tell them the truth about their food.

Drug companies.  These companies, too often, just want to sell products and make people dependent upon their products.  Good food, as well as nutritional supplements, are their competition.  Make no mistake about it.

These corrupt companies support the medical schools that teach medical students the lie that diet is not very important.  They also spend billions of dollars to brainwash doctors and the public about the need for drugs and that nutrition is a minor factor in health.  The opposite is the truth!

Medical device makers.  Some of these companies are also quite evil.  They manufacture x-ray machines, scanners, operating room equipment, hospital beds and thousands of other items used by the sick and the dying.  They also view healthy food and nutritional supplements as their competition.






Eliminating sweeteners.  Sweeteners can be natural or artificial.

Natural sweeteners are sugar, honey, molasses, maple syrup, agave syrup, corn syrup, rice syrup, glucose, fructose, dextrose or other sugars.

Eliminating possibly hundreds of mostly prepared foods that contain sweeteners.  They range from breads to candy, ketchup, salad dressings, ice cream, soda pop, lemonade, most desserts, and hundreds of other prepared food items.  You will need to read labels.

Artificial or chemical sweeteners.  These include Aspartame, also called Equal and Splenda.  Another that is not as bad is xylitol or mannitol, but it is best to eliminate that as well.  To find these, you will need to read food labels.

Common foods that contain these sweeteners are all “diet foods” such as diet soda pop, and many other diet drinks, protein drinks and other weight loss products.


Eliminating wheat.  This includes getting rid of all white flour and all whole wheat flour products such as breads, pastries, pasta, muffins, cakes, cookies, and all other products made with wheat flour.




This is an important transition that will seem unusual to many people.  Why, they ask, must we eat so many vegetables.  It is work to buy them, store them and cook them.

The reason is they are the only way to obtain a large amount of alkaline reserve minerals, as well as hundreds of other nutrients that are difficult to obtain otherwise.  Vitamin pills cannot do the same thing, and neither can smoothies, juices, green superfood drinks or anything else we know about. 




This is a still more difficult step for some people who just adore fruit.  They feel they will miss it terribly if they don’t eat it.  Some people also believe that fruit is “necessary” for health and without it they will suffer nutritionally.  This is not true and the opposite is true today.

Among the most important special foods for development are:

- 2 tablespoons daily of roasted almond butter.  Organically grown almond is best, but is about twice the cost of regular almond butter.

- 2 tablespoons daily of toasted sesame tahini.  Organically grown is beter.

- About 8 to 10 blue corn tortilla chips with each meal.  This replaces other grain foods such as rice, oatmeal, quinoa, millet or other grains.

- 3 to 4 cans per week of sardines.  This is an excellent food.  We do not recommend eating any other fish or shellfish except occasional use of other tiny fish because all of them are contaminated with mercury and other toxic metals.

- Lamb twice or three times a week.  Lamb is another excellent food for development.

- Replace regular beef with grass-fed or organic beef.  We do not recommend regular beef at all.



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