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At this time in history, we are at the end of the Sixth Day Of Creation. This article discusses what this means.


The book of Genesis of the Bible states that God created our present world in six days. On the seventh day He rested.

According to Bible scholars, each “day” is about 1000 years. At this time in history (2022 AD), we are in the year 5783. This means that according to this calendar, we are nearing the year 6000, which is the end of the sixth day.


According to the Bible, the Seventh Day is a type of resting period, sometimes called a golden age lasting about 1000 years.  This is in accordance with the Biblical idea that God rested on the seventh day.

It is also a time when more people will develop. This is a fairly unknown concept on earth at this time. It is taught in some monasteries and convents, but those are about the only places it is taught. We are honored to be able to spread this ancient knowledge and wisdom through the internet.


Development is a deep healing process of the human and animal body that requires superior nutrition, lots of rest, some sexual restraint, and a simple mental exercise that we call the pulling down procedure.

Doing these activities properly results in clearing thousands of energy channels in the body. This, in turn, activates certain genes that are inactive in most people. As a result, one begins to activate all of one’s genetic potential.

You might say, well I have already done that. No – 99.9% of people have not done that. In truth, most people have activated about 2.5% of their genetic potential.

Today’s physicians and scientists have only decoded a fraction of the genetic code.  The reason is that the rest is all coiled up and hard to reach for them.  This is because it is not activated.  

The scientists arrogantly call this junk DNA or non-coding DNA because they don’t know what it is for.  If you want to read about this, look up the words “junk DNA” or “non-coding DNA” on the internet.

In fact, today we are all born with a type of birth defect in that we are only using a small fraction of our genetic heritage and genetic potential.  It is time to use all of it!

To read much more about development and what will happen to you when you activate more of your DNA, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.


Near the change of the cycle, there is often much chaos.  That would describe events over the past 100 years or so on earth, which have included:


1914 – World War I. One-quarter of a billion people lost their lives.

1917 - The communist takeover of Russia. Another bloody battle.

1933 - The takeover of Germany by the Nazis.

1938 – World War II. Half a billion people lost their lives.

1949 - The takeover of mainland China by the communists.  The communists and socialists slaughtered at least 70 million innocent Chinese people who objected to the communist takeover.

Also, more than two dozen monarchies ended in Europe and Asia during this time.

The result of the changes was massive loss of life and massive change in the world. 

NOTE: The communists murdered many more people than the Nazis ever did.  Stalin and Mao Tse Tung were the worst mass murderers, by far.

America. The twentieth century also saw the rise of America as the world’s leading economic power, replacing Great Britain as the leading world power.

America also changed from a nation with a small central government and lots of personal liberty to one with a large central government and much less freedom.

Here are some of the important ways this occurred:

1913 – Establishment of the Federal Reserve central banking system.  This is completely illegal and unconstitutional.  It was a quiet takeover of America's money system by a small group of bankers who now run the nation’s money system for their own profit.

For details, read The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin or watch the video, Jekyll Island, The Truth Behind The Federal Reserve (

1910 – The ruin of the American health care system.  The publication of The Flexner Report On Medical Education led directly to medical licensing.  This rigged report asserted that most healing and medical schools in America were “substandard” except those that taught drug medicine. It also taught falsely that the answer was to license doctors.

At this time, America was among the healthiest nations on earth. The reason was there were many competing health care systems such as nutrition, herbs, hydrotherapy and others. This gave the people choices and they used all the systems as they chose. To allow this, medical licencing was not permitted in most states.

The Flexner report was the effort to change all this. It was phony but sounded convincing. It was given to state legislators, and they were lobbied heavily to pass medical licensing laws.

This was an effort change health care in America from a free market system to a monopoly or cartel system (a system run by a small group).

It succeeded very well!  Within 20 years, all American states had passed medical licensing laws.  The result was that over half the healing schools in America shut down because their graduates could not get a license. Only the drug medicine schools were allowed to give out licenses. Most natural healing schools closed.

All schools that educated black people and women were also shut down, and the health of Americans went from first in the world to today it is about 29th among the nations – and worse than that in some areas.

1909 – The income tax. This is a communist tax that forces everyone to disclose everything about their money to the government. It was specifically prohibited by the founders of America. In truth, the 16th Amendment – the income tax law - was never properly ratified and today is still technically illegal in America! The government does not have the power to impose such a burden on the people.

The income tax tremendously increased the power of the government over the people of the United States.

1900-1930 – The ruin of agriculture.  The so-called Green Revolution was the introduction of superphosphate fertilizers, toxic chemical pesticides, and hybrid crops into agriculture.  This increased crop yields, but has resulted in food that is up to 100 times lower in mineral and vitamin content. It is the thorough ruin of our agriculture. Make no mistake about this. For details, read Superphosphates and Organic Agriculture.

1906 – Establishment of the Bureau of Chemistry, which became the Food And Drug Administration.  This thoroughly illegal agency has tremendous unconstitutional power to regulate food and drugs. It has literally given us junk food and toxic drugs.

It is one of the most powerful government agencies in America and influences food and drug policy around the world.  This agency is responsible for more deaths than any other government agency in history. For details, read The FDA Menace.

1934 – Founding of the Social Security Retirement System. This is another unconstitutional law that greatly increased the power of the national government.

1919. Women were given the right to vote. The founders of America were not anti-women. However, they knew that all women are beaten and raped early in life and told to vote liberal or Democrat or face more torture.

For this reason alone, women were not allowed to vote. This helped to preserve the American way of life. This changed in 1919 and has helped cause the ruin of the nation.

100 years of scientific progress. The past 100 years has also been a time of amazing scientific advancement, led by scientists such as Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla and hundreds of others.  Inventions include the telephone, radio, television, radar, transistors, computers and hundreds of other inventions we use daily.  For details about life of Nicola Tesla, read Tesla.

The twentieth century was also one of great progress in the field of nutrition.  For example, most of the vitamins were discovered early in the twentieth century. 

Today there is much less physical fighting on earth, but there is an intense war going on for control of the planet, particularly in America, Canada, Australia and Europe. For details, read The Rape Planet and The Rogues.


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