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Welcome. Those in charge of this newsletter, I am told, are a group of souls who have lived on earth a long time. These souls are able to make themselves known more directly through this newsletter and website.

The author does his best to relay information from them through this website and newsletter because, at this time, they are not in charge of the mass media or many websites. In fact, this site is one of very few that they control. I hope this will soon change, but I don’t know when that will occur.

Disclaimer. All information on this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition.

In 2012, a group formed that consisted of many beings who live on and around our planet. Some were human beings. Many were fine matter beings. Most people, including the author, cannot see these beings. Fine matter is much less dense than our bodies, but it is real. Well known beings of this type include angels, elves and souls.

We were told that we could help the planet if we follow certain rules. We were also told that if we follow the rules, we will be much safer from a group of invaders called the negs, the otros or on this website I call them the rogues.

Some people call them the creeps or the thugs. In the Bible, they are called Satan. They cause many problems on earth and particularly attack and terrorize all women on earth. For more details, read the Rogues.


THE COVENANT. I am told that these rules, taken together, form a new covenant with the Creator of all life. It is an agreement that applies to all the inhabitants of the earth and the rest of our solar system. The COVENANT is not a religion. It is a set of rules. If the people follow the rules below, they will receive the protection of their Creator.

1. Obey the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai and the Golden Rule. The latter can be stated as: Think and behave toward others as you would have them think and behave toward you.

Clarification. The people are to follow these rules strictly. To clarify, the commandment “Do not to bear false witness” means do not lie or exaggerate. The commandment “Do not steal” means do not rape. The commandment “Do not commit adultery” means do not have sexual intercourse unless there is a marriage contract.

2. The people are to understand that all beings are loved equally by their Creator. All beings are also needed, and all beings are to be respected equally.

However, this does not mean to avoid eating meat or vegetables, since these involves killing. Some animals and plants have as their role to be food for others. Killing them for food and eating them in no way damages the souls inside of them. In fact, it helps the souls mature.

Also, if a being physically attacks another, it is acceptable only in this instance to kill in self defense. This applies personally and in a situation of war.

3. All beings are to develop themselves. Development, as the word is used here, means to move through a genetic upgrade process. Eating certain foods and following a healthful lifestyle activates these genes. This causes the unfolding of the full potential of each being, which is far beyond that which most people believe or live.

The idea of development is very ancient, but is not well known on earth except among certain monks and a few others. Those who control the planet don't want it known because developed people are much more difficult to control.

However, stories about people who lived a long time and/or had special abilities are quite common. The Bible is the most common source of this information for Western people, and there are many other books about it, as well.

The development program. The development program described on this website and not others at this time, is a rapid and safe method of development. I am told this is the required method due to its safety and speed. It is not “my” method, but one I stumbled upon and nothing more.

4. All beings are to seek out, and love, and speak the truth. The only exception is in rare situations in which speaking truthfully directly endangers one’s life or the life of another.

A very damaging and false teaching on earth at this time is that there is no truth. This is a pernicious teaching that needs to be exposed and stopped.

The original covenant in the Bible also includes at least three more requirements:

5. Everyone needs to follow the Biblical food laws. We like these, but there are a few changes required. At this time, we do not believe one needs two sets of dishes for meat and dairy meals or that these two types of foods must be eaten at separate meals. The Bible does not specifically say this. We believe these rules are interpretations that came later. For more details, read The Biblical Food Laws.

6. All male children needed to be circumcised. This is for the protection of women because it reduces rape. It is also for cleanliness to reduce the spread of disease. For details, read Circumcision.

7. We agree to help rid the entire universe of the plague of the Rogues.


More About Development. Development is a precise process that requires a particular diet and lifestyle, and is greatly aided by taking certain nutritional supplements and doing certain detoxification procedures. We call this the development program on this website.

Following this program only, and no other health program, grows the size and brightness of the energy field of the body and builds excellent health and longevity of the body.

Other healing methods - medical, holistic, naturopathic and others - may alleviate diseases and reduce symptoms. However, they do not cause development to nearly the same degree. For this reason, we recommend them only rarely. Otherwise, they are best avoided altogether. For details about development, read Introduction To Development. For details about the development program, read Introduction To The Development Program.



A feature of

All information in this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

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9/29/23. Patricia is 72 years old. She has followed the development program for five years.
Symptoms. When she began the development program, Patricia was very moody and often unpleasant to be around. She was often somewhat depressed, anxious, distracted, and angry for no good reason. She would blame her children when this occurred, causing serious problems in the family.
Patricia's health and her mood have noticeably improved. She functions much better. She and her family are much happier.
Parallelling. Paralleling is when several people who usually must live in the same home or very close to one another keep their mineral levels and ratios more or less the same. When they do this, they all heal faster. This is a form of empathic blending that is very beneficial.
In this case, Patricia does not follow the entire development program. She only does the procedures about two or three times per week.
However, her entire family of six people – husband, two adult children and two young grandchildren – all mainly follow the development diet. They usually eat together and all of them take their supplements faithfully.
Paralleling can help explain why Patricia, her husband and her children are all developing rapidly and feeling much better.
Most recent hair mineral retest. Patricia's newest mineral analysis revealed the following:
- Back to life. This is present when the calcium/magnesium ratio and the sodium/potassium ratios or the iron/copper ratio and the manganese/zinc ratios are low on a retest AND the person is following the development program. These are called double low ratio patterns.
Usually, double low ratio patterns indicate double give up and a movement toward death. However, when they appear only on a retest when one follows the development program they mean the opposite – back to life.
- Out of four lows. This is also called out of the tunnel of death. Four lows pattern, when it appears on an initial mineral analysis, is not a good pattern. It indicates the body is in a shutdown sequence and not moving in a healthy direction. Getting out of this pattern is one of the most important ways that the development program assists health.
NOTE: Moving into a four lows pattern on a retest only when one follows the development program is not a negative pattern. Most often, it means one is forgiving one's parents or someone else for a trauma in the past.
- Rapid development. This is indicated by a phosphorus level greater than 16 mg% on a retest mineral analysis when one follows the development program. It indicates a rapid pace of tissue breakdown that is necessary for the process of development.
During development, certain tissues of the body including some of the glial or support cells of the brain need to break down and be replaced with neurons or thinking cells. While tissue breakdown is normally not thought of as helpful, this type of tissue breakdown is a very positive sign of progress on the path of development. For details, read, Introduction To Development.
- Perking up or on fire. This is an increase in the phosphorus level of two mg% or more. It indicates improved biosynthesis. This is the genetic process of building the body's thousands of chemicals. It is a vital bodily activity.
- Nine anchor patterns. Anchor patterns are mineral levels that change very little or not at all according to precise criteria. Anchors indicate a specific type of brain healing in which the sulci or ridges of the brain become deeper. This results in much better functioning of the brain.
- Settling down. This pattern is present when all of the first four minerals or all of the second four minerals decrease or remain the same. It indicates a general calming down of the entire body. This pattern is also called a 'coming home' pattern.
- Coming alive. This pattern is present when all of the first four minerals or all of the second four minerals increase or remain the same. The pattern is very positive and indicates an increase in vitality.
- Everything coming out or all out. This pattern is present when the levels of at least six of certain minerals increase on one retest. It indicates increased detoxification.
Although it is a measure of minerals, often there is also greater release of toxic chemicals from the body, as well. This is a very positive pattern.
- A left pivot or left twist. This is a somewhat unusual pattern. The appearance of the graphs of the first four or the second four minerals on an ARL mineral chart shift on a retest such that they appear to turn or twist counterclockwise or to the left.
I am told that the pattern indicates a change of mind and insight about someone other than oneself. If the twist is to the right, the insight and change of mind is about oneself.
The website has articles about many of these patterns.
9/28/23. A number of article have appeared on the internet in the past year claiming that everyone is deficient in copper. This is not true!
Please ignore this false “research”. It is a complete lie and I believe it is simply malicious and an attempt to confuse.
I am fortunate that Dr. Eck, one of my teachers, studied copper very carefully for years. It is not a simple subject!
Most people today have far too much copper in their bodies. Copper is common in foods, especially in vegetarian proteins such as nuts, seeds and beans.
Many water pipes are also made of copper. A little can leach out of the pipes and deposit in tap water. Copper compounds are also used as fungicides on many crops and often end up in food for this reason.
Copper can also substitute for zinc and other trace minerals in some enzyme reactions. Deficiencies of zinc and other trace minerals are very widespread.
So while copper is an essential nutrient and needed in some situations - fast oxidation and in those with a low sodium/potassium ratio – we find that most people do not need copper supplements and they can be quite dangerous.
Confusion. Confusion arises because measuring copper is not easy. Blood tests for copper and ceruloplasmin do not necessarily reflect the total body load of copper and do not distinguish between available and unavailable forms of copper.
Hair mineral testing is helpful to detect copper imbalance, but the assessment is not from the copper level. For details, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome and A Copper Case History.
9/28/23. At this time, it can be wise to buy food that is packaged in metal. The reason is that the negs, the rogues or Satan often ruin food by exposing it to harmful ionizing radiation and other weapons. Metal containers can help protect the food. Here are examples:
Challenge Butter. This is a supermarket brand of butter, but it tests better than others, including much fancier organic and free-range products. Perhaps the reason is that it is packaged in metal foil.
Joyva Sesame Tahini. This product is not organic, but it tests better than most other brands of tahini. It is packaged in a steel container, not glass or plastic.
Chock Full O Nuts Coffee. This product also tests well, although it is not organic and it is not a gourmet coffee. It comes in a steel can.
9/27/23. BEWARE. This message is very controversial and may be impossible to implement. Some think it is simply wrong.
BEWARE. I believe that one cannot simply tune in to God. I believe we still need the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, the development program as presented on this website, and other advices. However, this message presents another perspective.
I am told that God is real and communication with God is possible for everyone at this time. I am told that God is two large beings that live in space and work together. It is a couple – a male and a female.
I am further told that at this time everyone can and needs to tune in to God to obtain guidance. A special diet or special training is not needed.
In Christian terminology, the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is real. That is, there is a special connection that allows anyone to obtain guidance directly from God. The Christian group that most understands this is the Pentacostal group.
Advantages. It can save your life. It also reduces anxiety. Many people also say that it gives you a wonderful and amazing life.
Disadvantages. The advice may be unusual. It also may also be hard on the ego self or lower self. At times, it may require special effort or courage to follow.
Rules to follow.
- All decisions. Turn all decisions over to God. A mistake many people make is to ask God about certain matters, but not others.
- Asking Other Sources. Do not pray or ask anyone other than God. For example, do not ask a master, or Jesus, or an angel or a guide.
- Timing. Solutions to problems may take time. Therefore, be patient. For example, if you ask if it is the Will of God that you have a loving husband or wife, the answer may be yes. However, the outworking or result may take time.
- Following through. It is necessary to follow the advice you receive. This is not always easy!
If you often ask but do not follow advice, God may not give you as much advice in the future because He/She knows it is a waste of time.
Steps to tuning in.
1. Sit.
2. Relax. Saying a prayer such as the Lord's Prayer can assist. Breathing deeply can also help. I am told the Lord's Prayer from the New Testament of the Bible is the basic prayer for everyone at this time.
Relaxing is the hardest part and may be impossible for women and some men who are brainwashed, very sick and terrified.
3. Eat, drink or rest, if needed.
4. Be safe. It is important to be in a safe location.
5. Ask. Ask a short and preferably simple question.
6. Wait and you must listen for the answers. Often, the answer will take a moment. Often, it is a small or soft voice.
7. Repeat. Ask again to confirm the information. If you wish, ask many times over a period of at least a day to confirm.
- What if interference occurs? For example, what if I hear both “yes” and “no” at the same time when I ask a question. This occurs often, in my experience. In fact interference is the rule, not the exception.
In this case, check to be sure you are following all the steps above and ask again.
- What if stray, evil, selfish or contrary thoughts arise? This is normal. Such thoughts can arise from within the body or you may pick up thoughts of others around you. Just observe these thoughts. Do not react or blame yourself for them. Let them go.
- What if one is in an emergency? If following the steps above is not possible, such as during a rape or other attack, you will need to do your best.
I was once attacked and the attack halted when I said the Lord's Prayer. This was surprising to me. Saying the Lord's Prayer is a type of tuning in and asking for help.
- What if I am told I am not allowed to tune in to God? For example, some women are told by the aliens, Rogues or Satan that they will be beaten or killed if they tune in to God. God says to defy this order. We know this is difficult.
- Know that events are not just punishment. Instead, they are opportunities for the souls to learn lessons. They are also the way to remove 'blemishes' on the souls, and the souls very much want to do this.
BEWARE. This message may be impossible to implement. Some think it is simply wrong. They say they have tried to tune in and they are too sick or too nervous to do so.
9/26/23. A very old and very helpful teaching is that there are only two emotional states – love and fear. One is either 'in love' or 'in fear' at all times. All negative emotional states, such as anger, guilt, remorse and others are aspects of fear.
Another part of the teaching is that one always has a choice to be 'in love' or 'in fear'. It does not matter where one is or the circumstances.
The teaching is that only love is real. Love is the radiance of the Creator and responsible for all that exists, including us.
Fear is just an absence of love, just as darkness is nothing more than an absence of light. Fear is an aspect of the ego mind, which is also called the false self. In fact, living in fear is a type of insanity, although living in fear is very common.
What to do. If one finds oneself in fear, one says “I can choose again” and shifts one's attitude. This is not always easy, but it can be done. It is a mental practice that gets easier with practice.
Most people need to do this practice thousands of times. Slowly, the mind becomes trained to stay 'in love'.
This teaching is found in a number of books including the Bible. It is part of a larger teaching about the nature of reality. I wrote a small book, The Real Self, that discusses it.
9/25/23. We recommend organic food, as a general rule. It should have less pesticide residue and more nutrition. It should be better for you, better for farmers and better for the earth.
However, organic food is not always superior. Reasons are:
- The rogues poison organic food more than commercial food. This is to harm natural food people, whom they don't like.
- Some food producers lie about their food, calling it organic when it is not. This is true of large producers as well as small farms.
- At times, organically grown food is sold as commercial food, so it is just as good. One reason this is done is to avoid rogue tampering with the food.
For these reasons, it is best if you tune in or use other methods to test food before eating it. If you stay with the development program, you will, at some point, become sensitive enough to test food accurately. For many more details, read Organically Grown Food.
9/24/23. The water in which vegetables are cooked is truly an elixir and very important to drink.
In order to do this, either use a pressure cooker to cook vegetables or use a sauce pan or other pot with a little water in the bottom to cook your vegetables. Just cover the pot to keep in the steam.
These methods are much better than using a plastic steamer because steamers use so much water that one cannot drink it all.
9/24/23. We are excited to announce that a new healing and development procedure is to spend time in a nursery or garden center. Here are the details:
- It is usually safe, easy, inexpensive, enjoyable and powerful!
- Flowers, shrubs and trees do healing on people. I just visited a local garden center and it definitely solved some issues and sped up development.
- We recommend this procedure for everyone about once a week.
- Spend at least one hour walking slowly through the isles of plants. Stop and just stand still if you hear a whisper telling you to stop or that you need the energy or attention of a particular plant.
- With some practice, you will become more sensitive to the energies of the plants. Plants produce chemicals such as vitamins, they contain millions of advanced souls who do healing, and they heal in other ways, as well.
- The garden section of a large home store such as Home Depot or Lowe's is acceptable. Other nurseries are also excellent. Just sitting in your own small garden is not quite as good because there are not enough plants there.
- Take your walk at one of these garden centers, meet your friends there for conversation, eat lunch there and enjoy this simple yet powerful method of healing.
Live animal healing. This is a related therapy. For this, one needs to visit a zoo. Once again, walk slowly through the zoo and listen for any voice telling you to stop and just stand where you are for healing. You may then be told in a few minutes that that is enough and to walk on. I welcome feedback about these new procedures.
9/24/23. We re-organized an improved the article about the women masters. These are women who are highly developed and who help women and children, mainly, with healing and development. It is now an excellent article for both women and men. For details, read The Women Masters Of Earth.
9/23/23. Coffee is not just a beverage or an herb. Coffee has so many beneficial effects, especially when used in an enema, that they are literally too many to list. I will describe a few of them:
- Spiritual effects. Coffee is a sacred plant. This is known by many Native groups on earth. It is needed by everyone – fine matter and coarse matter – to move the bodies to a higher spiritual level.
This is partly a nutritional effect because coffee contains selenium and zinc compounds needed by the nervous system. However, coffee works at other levels to balance and stabilize subtle energies.
- Anti-parasitic. Coffee and few other methods can identify and eliminate several hundred types of human parasites. Parasites are small animals that are found in food, water and on all surfaces such as plates and silverware.
While some are fairly benign, others such as amoebas and giardia lamblia, cause intestinal upset, diarrhea and occasionally overwhelm the body and cause death.
- Anti-infective. Coffee is able to identify and remove hundreds of infections in the intestines and everywhere in the body. These may be viral, bacterial or fungal infections that most people have.
- Anti-witchcraft. Earth is plagued by witchcraft used mainly by the alien group we call the rogues, also called the negs or Satan in the Bible. It is one of their main weapons. While largely unseen, it is quite powerful to disable and sicken millions of people.
Coffee is one of the few methods to identify and remove curses, spells and other witchcraft weapons.
- Nutrition. The people and creatures of earth all need many nutrients that are in short supply. This is due to mineral-depleted soil, improper diet, weak digestion, improper lifestyles and infections that interfere with absorption of food from the intestines.
Coffee, when prepared properly by boiling or steeping, supplies several nutrients that are very difficult to obtain from other sources.
- Emotional benefits. Coffee is a very warm or yang herb in macrobiotic terminology. It has a soothing and balancing effect upon the emotions. This occurs just from drinking it, but much more so when used in an enema. This is an important benefit at this time because today stress damages the bodies in many ways.
Why do some experience headaches or other symptoms when doing coffee enemas? The reason is that the coffee alters the body, detoxifies the body and changes it in many ways. Some of these ways produce temporary symptoms. We assure you they are temporary and needed. For many more details, read Coffee Enemas.
9/22/23. I am told that all souls are born in pairs, one male and one female. These are called twins. The subject of twins is extremely important. Please read the introductory article, Soul Twins.
9/22/23. We worked a lot more on the article about the women masters. It is better organized and more correct.
9/21/23. We improved and updated a core article on the website about women, men and development. It is must reading because it is written by the largely hidden group that we call the women masters.
These women are thousands of years old and very developed. All of them look young, however, and they can blend into society if they wish. Very few talk about them correctly in any book or on the internet. Please read the updated The Women Masters Of The Earth.
9/20/23. One of the main goals of the development program is to make the body and this souls warmer, or in other languages, more yang. This is one of the most important topics, yet it is overlooked by more than 99% of health practitioners!
Everyone needs this, no matter how they look or what testing reveals. It is also a key to rapid development.
How to make the body more yang. The main method is with the diet. Food needs to be cooked, has to contain a lot of minerals (especially the alkaline reserve minerals), and the person must have good enough digestion to absorb the minerals.
The main mineral sources are cooked vegetables, meats, eggs, sea salt, good quality soy sauce, coffee used in coffee enemas and minerals found in the nutritional supplements such as kelp.
Foods to avoid because they make one more yin are raw food, fruit, sugar, frozen foods, juices, smoothies, too much fermented food or nuts and seeds, and all protein powders.
Junk or refined food, alcohol and drugs such as marijuana are also much more yin. Most herbs and vitamin products are also quite yin. For this reason we are very careful about using these products. More is not better!!!
Other methods to make the body more yang are to deeply detoxify the body, get plenty of rest, and hold on to as much of one's sexual fluid as possible. This means doing down sex, not ordinary sex. Doing the Blending Exercises in your relationship has very yang and helpful effects.
Coffee enemas help a lot. Coffee is a very yang herb.
Water is yin. To become more yang, limit baths to at most two per week. Living away from water and at a higher altitude helps one to become yang.
Moving energy inward, to the right and downward has a powerful yang effect. One does this with the Pulling Down Procedure.
All electrical devices tend to give off yin energies. Therefore, sit away from your computer, don't use wifi, and if possible live outside of large cities which have more electromagnetic “smog” than rural areas.
Rather than use a toxic spy and brainwashing device called a cell phone, use a land line or a Magicjack, which is also much cheaper. Also, whenever possible avoid x-rays and other sources of ionizing radiation such as living near nuclear power plants.
Exposure to toxins all tend to have a yin effect on the body. Therefore, do your best not to handle toxic substances or use them on your body. Reduce toxic exposures whenever possible.
Correcting any yin attitudes is also very needed. Attitudes to get rid of are victimhood, a desire to run away, fear, anger, guilt, and remorse. These feelings may still come up, but they should not be allowed to rule your life. Substitute thoughts of gratitude, hope, faith and love.
Problems becoming yang. These are:
- At times, there can be an overall uncomfortable feeling as one becomes yang. This is because yin is a type of escape from reality and you are no longer escaping with yin.
- As the body becomes more yang, chemical elements change their activity level. As a result, the oxidation rate, the sodium/potassium ratio and other mineral levels and ratios will change.
- Development occurs if one follows the development program. This can cause bouts of fatigue and can bring up many chronic illnesses and traumas that need healing.
- Becoming yang will bring up emotional traumas and issues.
For more details about this very important subject, read Yin Disease, Understanding Yang And Yin, and Yin And Yang Healing.
9/19/23. A problem that slows down all who begin the development program is that their digestion is weak. As a result, they do not absorb much nutrition from their food, even if the diet is ideal.
Restoring digestion requires following the development diet and other parts of the program for at least several years.
What to do. Taking a digestive enzyme can help. Eating slowly, relaxing at meals and chewing thoroughly also help. Doing the procedures definitely helps restore digestion faster.
Following the development diet carefully is also important, with no fruit, no salad, no smoothies and very little raw food. However, we don't know any instant way to restore digestion and it requires at least several years of following the program carefully.
9/18/23. To move through purification reactions easily during the development program, one needs a “toolbox”. This is a set of procedures that balance the body and assist it to move through the retracing process.
Essential items for your toolbox are:
- Rest more. This is complex because many people are so burned out that they run on stimulants all or most of the time.
Most people have severe energy problems. They can be fixed with the development program.
To keep going, millions of people are hyped up on coffee, tea, sugar, energy drinks, drugs, fear, worry or anger. Their nervous system is chronically out of balance, a condition called sympathetic dominance.
Stopping their activities for more rest may seem futile and just a waste of time. However, deep healing and development require loads of rest! For details, read Rest And Sleep.
- The pulling down procedure. This procedure is basic!!! It moves ether or energy correctly through the body. All the bodies need this exercise. It is down science, a thoroughly amazing idea.
Most often, if you do not feel well, energy is moving upward or not moving downward fast and evenly enough.
Most of our clients do not bother with the pulling down procedure – to their great detriment. I know it can be challenging at first, but it becomes easier and easier with practice until it becomes a habit.
The pulling down procedure is much easier to do while holding a coffee enema and while walking very slowly if you have a safe place to walk – including a treadmill. You cannot overdo on this procedure! For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.
- Extra coffee enemas. Coffee enemas quickly move a massive amount of toxins out of the body, provide nutrients, move the ether downward, and have many other wonderful effects. We cannot praise them enough!
Ignore those who discourage the use of coffee enemas. They are either very ignorant or very malicious, which is common on the internet.
We recommend two to four enemas daily on a regular basis, but during a purification reaction you can do more. For details, read Coffee Enemas.
- Foot and hand reflexology. Reflexology opens, clears and balances the energy channels of the body. It balances the body at deep levels and is quite amazing.
Get a chart or map of the feet and hands and study it. Click here to view a foot chart. You have to press hard, at times, to go deep into some areas. If you don't like touching your feet, wear a pair of socks.
You can do spot therapy, but always end your session by rubbing BOTH FEET or BOTH HANDS and THE ENTIRE FOOT or HAND. You can use a foot massage machine if you wish, but at times pressing with your hands is better and needed.
This method is so simple, yet so powerful and effective, we are surprised it is not taught more widely. I use this method often. It works!
It is also amazing for symptoms in babies and children, who absolutely love it!!! Some day I hope all babies and children will receive it. For details, read Reflexology.
- Pressing and/or pulling on your ears. This is reflexology using the ear reflex system. It is simple, fun and yet powerful and safe. Try it next time you don't feel well.
- The pops, pulls, twists and kicks. This is another very under-rated procedure. It is not simply useful to align your spine and neck. The pops, pulls and twists can balance and relax the entire body and brain!
This procedure works because moving energy through the joints of the body is one of the most difficult tasks of your body. Opening and aligning the joints using the pops, pulls, twists and kicks often gets things moving!
There are a number of exercises for different parts of the body. You may need some or all of them to relax the whole body. The hand twists, for example, are wonderful. For details, read The Pops, Pulls, Twists and Kicks.
- Red heat lamp therapy. This deceptively simple procedure greatly enhances circulation to an area of the body and provides energy frequencies that we seem to need today.
You can use a single reddish heat lamp on any part of the body except we don't recommend it for long on your brain.
A red lamp sauna (three or four heat lamps) is even more powerful for relaxation. However, it stirs up a lot of toxins!
Some clients tell us it may not be as good as a coffee enema during certain purification reactions when you just want to remove toxins, not stir up more of them. For details, read Single Lamp Therapy and Sauna Therapy. We also recommend the Sauna Therapy book and Audio Program about sauna therapy.
- Deep breathing. This oxygenates and balances the body, often quickly and easily. It is wonderful to do daily and more if you are moving through a reaction. For details, read Breathing.
- The genital bath. Sitting in the shower and running water just on the genital area is very safe and very powerful. It moves energy downward and affects the entire body.
If you are very sensitive in this area, begin gently by just splashing a little cool water on the area. If needed, wear underpants to reduce sensitivity although it is best not wear underwear. For details, read The Genital Bath.
- Other. The Accelerators and the Low Body Procedures discuss other procedures that can be most helpful during purification reactions.
Use your tools! Often the trick is to remember to quickly go to your toolbox whenever you don't feel right.
9/17/23. Self-love is essential for deep healing and development. It is particularly important to move through retracing.
Always include yourself in the circle of your love. This is a saying from the Jeshua material from Shanti Christo Foundation. Another statement is I am loved, I am loving and I am lovable forever.
It is necessary to love all of yourself, even the parts or aspects that are less than perfect. The teaching is that only love heals. So to heal anything, you must bring your love to it and not dislike or disown it. One must allow and embrace all parts of the self in order to heal and transcend. For more details, read Self-Love.
9/17/23. We greatly improved the article about miscarriages. It ties into other critical topics such as cancer, abortion, prenatal care and waiting to get pregnant until you are developed. For details, read Miscarriages.
9/16/23. When one begins doing the pulling down procedure, the “normal” feeling is that there is no movement of energy through the body in a downward direction from the head to the feet. In fact, there may be a tendency for upward movement of subtle energy from the feet toward the head. This is a tendency to want to run away from problems.
With practice, however, you will eventually have a new normal feeling. It is one of movement of energy downward from the head to the feet. This is the new normal of development.
The dantiens. In addition, as you develop you will feel a forward spinning of three “balls” of energy – one in the head, one in the chest and one in the abdomen.
This has to do with healing of three subtle energy vortices called the dantiens. Each one of these is a little larger than a bowling ball and should spin forward fast and evenly. However, in most people they spin slowly, are dull in color and brilliance and may spin unevenly and not straight ahead.
The upper dantien is in the middle of the head and is about the same size of your head. The middle dantien is in the lower chest. It is almost as wide as your chest. The lower dantien is centered in the abdomen a little below the navel. Spinning them all fast, evenly and straight forward is very important for one's health.
I once consulted a Korean chi kung master who spun the dantiens as a therapy or you can practice spinning these subtle energy vortices yourself. Doing this is one of the male-female blending exercises. For details, read Empathic Blending or Down Sex.
9/16/23. At a certain stage of development, one's toes tend to point automatically. Since this occurs in ballet dancing, this stage is called the ballet dancer.
I wonder if ballet dancing is supposed to be a viewing of developed beings. Not only are the toes pointed, but the dancers sort of fly across the stage.
I am told that with more advanced development, one can fly. This is demonstrated in the movie, The Wizard Of Oz, in which the good witches fly around in a bubble of light.
The bubble of light is called the merkaba. This word is mentioned in the Bible 44 times and means a vehicle. For more details, read The Merkaba.
NOTE: We don't recommend studying ballet dancing. It is very rough on the body and dangerous for women because it is quite sexy.
9/15/23. The war in Ukraine continues without ceasing. There is a news blackout, even the Reddit website, so it is very difficult to know what is going on. However, I am told it is disgusting.
I am told that Mr. Putin is trying to starve Europe. Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe and indeed of the world, to some degree. Mr. Putin has bombed the Ukrainian wheat fields, the trains used to transport the wheat and other crops, and the train stations throughout Ukraine. It is completely inhumane and genocidal.
Mr. Putin also wants to bankrupt the Western nations by forcing them to spend their money defending Ukraine against his relentless attacks. He is using very advanced weapons, in part not even from this planet, and in part supplied by his ally, communist China.
Meanwhile, Putin's propaganda machine is working overtime to convince America and other nations to stop helping Ukraine resist the aggression. I just read an issue of Imprimus, a publication I recommended, and it was disgusting.
It was a pro-Russian propaganda piece about imperialism that did not mention Mr. Putin as an aggressor. However, it clearly implied that the United States is the imperialist power, which is not true. I believe it was just dishonest editing of a decent speech someone gave.
9/15/23. I added a few items to the Ten Commandments article. It is one of the core articles on the website because I am told we are being asked to follow the Commandments. For details, read The Ten Commandments - Plus One.
9/15/23. I am finding that there is tampering with the newsletter email list. I am forced to use a computer program to send out the announcements of the newsletter that I don't control and they delete people from the email list as they wish.
If you have been deleted, I am sorry. Let me know and I will try to put you back on the list. I would like all our clients to be on the email list. Some people don't like to be on any lists and that is okay but the information is helpful and needs to be spread.
9/14/23. I am told that at this time the Will of the Creator is that women do daily coffee enemas, even if the rogues tell them they must not do them or they will be badly beaten. I am told, and our clients confirm, that when women do this, they will not be beaten. In fact, the rogues will leave them alone.
For this to work, one must do at least two coffee enemas daily, each with at least 2 tablespoons of coffee and about 2-3 cups of water prepared by boiling or pressure-cooking, not a coffee maker. If you use a coffee maker you must use more coffee. In addition, one needs to eat well and do most of the development program.
A test of faith. Doing this for many women is a test of faith that is going on at this time.
9/14/23. Several clients report that iron is being added to fast food at this time. This just makes this food even more harmful to eat. Please avoid it.
9/13/23. The word love is a fascinating and ancient word from the Ebre language. The letters and sound have a specific meaning that we explore in a newly updated and revised article. For details, read The Meaning Of the Letters L-O-V-E.
9/12/23. Butter is not just a food. It is an energy that is very healing and nourishing.
Technically, butter is cream that has been whipped or churned until it hardens into butter. A chemical process occurs in which the butter picks up certain souls and it hardens.
However, butter is also a high-level spiritual energy that human beings need, at least to some degree. Everyone should eat a little butter. If you are a fast oxidizer, you need more.
At this time, we only recommend Challenge brand of butter, an American standard brand found in the supermarkets. It is packed in metal foil, which helps keep it from getting irradiated and otherwise damaged by the rogues.
9/12/23. I fixed two problems on the website. Skidding pattern is another name for a deep bowl, not three lows.
Also, a double settling down pattern is due to doing down sex or down hugging and is a positive pattern. There is no 'better in bed' hair analysis pattern.
9/11/23. An event took place this evening in which some angels came forth so I was able to hear them. They say they are real angels, not the bad angels, which are also here. I cannot see them, so I don't know for sure.
One has to be careful about angels. This is in the Bible.
The angels say they have much to share with the people of our planet and surrounding planets. They say they are helpers to us and that there are millions of them. Some people can see them, although most cannot because the angels are made of fine matter. To read about fine matter, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.
The message of the angels tonight is a simple one. It is that earth is undergoing an upgrade and it is an upheaval of major proportions. It looks like things are falling apart, but that is not quite what is occurring, they say.
In fact, earth is a spiritual planet and will become much more spiritual in the future. The people of earth better learn this quickly, or they will sicken and die. Many are dying because they are not prepared to take their place as spiritual beings.
Spiritual does not refer to religion. This is difficult for some to understand. Religion can be spiritual. However, for many people religion is ideas and not that spiritual. You may not agree with this, but we tell you that many in your religions do not really practice what they say they know.
That is, they do not really trust in God. They trust in their own knowledge. Sadly, many put their trust in the group called Satan or the rogues, as we call them on this website. This is a problem!
So tonight's message is that earth is moving on, and you must move on. The development program is a wonderful start, but it must include turning your life over to God and letting go of your attachment to the material world. For more about angels, read Angels.
9/10/23. Bonnie is 40 years old and has followed the development program for about nine years. When she began the program, life was difficult. She is a mother and housewife and she was exhausted and depressed most of the time. Her life was just one chore after another with very little joy or relaxation. She had a number of physical complaints including shortness of breath, pain in many areas of the body and overall weakness.
At first, she did not follow the diet well and progress was slow. About five years into the program she realized she was much healthier and she became more serious about following the program.
Most recent hair mineral test. Bonnie's new mineral analysis revealed a number of excellent joy or development patterns.
- 11 Anchor patterns. Bonnie's most recent hair test is interesting because most of the mineral levels did not change much. One might guess that she did not follow the program well, but the opposite is true. She follows the program very well.
The reason for the lack of change of the mineral levels is that she had 11 anchor patterns. This indicates great improvement in the brain that is truly wonderful. It is a change in the physical architecture of the brain.
Beatings, rapes and other traumas flatten the ridges or sulci of the brain. I am told that anchor patterns indicate a reversal of this damage. This correction is difficult to achieve unless one follows the development program.
- Forward flip of the sodium/potassium ratio. This is an improvement in this ratio from too low up to normal or elevated. The sodium/potassium ratio is quite mysterious, but most important. Dr. Eck called it the life-death ratio. It is also called the vitality ratio. For details, read The Sodium/Potassium Ratio and other articles about this ratio.
- Hilling pattern on both the first four and the second four minerals. Hilling means moving toward a hill pattern.
This pattern is present on the first four minerals or first tetra when the calcium/magnesium ratio decreases while, on the same test, the sodium/potassium ratio increases.
It is present on the second tetra of minerals when the iron/copper ratio decreases and, on the same test, the manganese/zinc ratio increases. All four of these conditions were present on Bonnie's recent mineral test.
Hilling is a wonderful mineral pattern! A hill pattern is a celebration and an achievement pattern. It is one of the best patterns one can have.
Hilling, (as opposed to a hill pattern), indicates one is moving toward a hill pattern, although one has not yet arrived. Hilling is thus a direction pattern that anticipates an excellent change in the body and/or mind.
- On fire or perking up. Bonnie's phosphorus level increased by four mg%. This much of an increase is somewhat unusual and very positive. It indicates an increased rate and other improvements in the synthesis of chemicals in the body, also called increased biosynthesis. It is a type of genetic clearing or upgrade in the body.
What is genetics? Genetics is the production of all the thousands of chemical compounds that body requires. The word genetics is related to the verb to generate or make. It goes on 24 hours a day in every cell of the body.
In most people, the genetic or factory system of the body is a mess! And only with the process called development does it really improve.
Toxic metals, toxic chemicals and nutrient deficiencies all block the genetic processes of the body. This results in poor health and a short life. Perking up pattern indicates a correction of this serious condition.
The factory analogy. A low phosphorus level is like a factory where parts are scarce or missing, the factory is dirty, and the workers are sick and some are not there at all. You can imagine how the factory would operate under these conditions. This is the case with almost everyone today.
- Left and right pivots. Pivots are sort of twists in the pattern of minerals on the hair mineral chart. They are very positive patterns that indicate that one is more aware of the truth about oneself (right pivot) or someone else (left pivot).
Pivots are thus insight and awareness patterns. To become more aware is to be more alive and more present. This is extremely important for mental and emotional health.
To have both a left and a right pivot on one test is unusual and indicates a lot of mental healing and insights about oneself and others. Most likely, this pattern is related to the 11 anchor patterns that are also present on Bonnie's test. It is literally an increased ability to perceive the truth about oneself and others that is due to having a better brain.
I am told that pivots also represent healing at the soul level. As one heals the body, the souls that live in the body also heal. In this instance, the souls experienced a much greater level of healing than normally occurs.
Some call the pivot pattern a master pattern for this reason. It means one is figuratively waking up to the truth about life.
9/9/23. Souls are a topic that is rarely taught on earth, but is very important. We think the lack of knowledge and awareness about souls is a deliberate deception because if you understand souls you will understand your life a lot better.
At its most basic level, life is about souls. For example, I am told that the person you think you are is actually a group of souls who live in your head called the directors.
Other groups of souls operate parts of the body, while still others form minerals and all chemical compounds. Still others live in plants and animals and these souls build and operate the plant and animal bodies.
Qualities of souls. Souls have certain qualities that “flavor” life. For example, souls want to learn about many things. They set up situations so that they can learn.
These situations may be pleasant for the body. However, they can also be horrible such as beatings and rapes. These harm and may kill the bodies, but not the souls. The souls live on, I am told.
Souls also develop and they need healing. When one heals the body with the development program, one also helps heal the souls.
Live from the soul perspective. It is useful to view life from the perspective of the souls. Things will make more sense and we believe you can learn to communicate with the souls. For details, read Soul Science, Soul Rehabilitation And Development and other articles about souls on this website.
9/8/23. Cholu is 41 years old and has followed the development program for about five years. When he began he was exhausted all of the time and thought he would die any day.
His eyesight was very poor and, at times, he could not see well enough to drive. Life was miserable and very tentative and scary.
He was also terribly depressed and thought the world was a very bad place. His negative attitude just added to his other symptoms.
This symptom picture has completely turned around, much to his surprise. He read Dr. Wilson's website and began the development program (or slave of God program) about five years ago.
He began slowly, thinking it was a rather strange program with no fruit. He loves fruit. He is from Africa and people in Africa eat lots of fruit.
He also felt so negative about America because he had read that it was just a racist country. Now he realizes this is completely wrong and no nation is less racist than America. It is truly an amazing nation, unlike the many others where he has lived.
Also, he believed the lie that black people are so wonderful that they deserve reparations. This means money. This is a pernicious lie. Black people are no better than others. Some are wonderful. Others are selfish, lying, cheating and even killers. Dr. Wilson writes about this and he is so grateful!
Cholu just wrote to us about his health: “Less anxiety and less depression. Much more emotional control. Better ability to tolerate supplements. No more heart palpitations. No more dizziness when I stand up quickly from a lying down position. Slightly better digestion except I still cannot digest fats too well. Feeling stronger and more energy overall.”
Down hugs. One reason Cholu believes the program is working so well is that he and his wife do down sex or down hugging every single day. We believe this is the best way to do these amazing procedures that couples can do. The effects are so incredible we can only suggest you try it for at least a week. You do it with your partner or actually with anyone of the opposite gender.
Hair analysis patterns. Cholu thought his hair test was awful – still very slow oxidation and a worse sodium/potassium ratio. This is because he still learning how to interpret the test. In fact, he has several excellent joy or development patterns on his most recent test:
- Nine anchor patterns. These patterns are present when the levels of certain minerals change very little or not at all. Nine anchors on one test is called the wise person pattern because it indicates significant improvement in the depth of the sulci or ridges of the brain. One can think much better.
- Back to life. This is a double low ratio pattern that only appears on a retest. The double low ratio pattern is a death pattern. However, when it appears only on a retest and the person is following the development program it is called back to life – the opposite of death.
- Settling down. This is present when all of the first four or the second four minerals remain the same or decrease. It is an excellent pattern associated with relaxation of the nervous system.
- Rapid development. This is present when the phosphorus level is above 16 mg%. This indicates rapid breakdown of certain body proteins that must be removed as development proceeds. One cell type that decreases are some of the glial cells of the brain. These are support cells. With development they are replaced with neurons, which are “thinking cells” – giving you a much better brain.
- Toxic metal dump. The levels of potassium, chromium, mercury, aluminum and nickel all increased significantly. This is a large toxic metal elimination and very good.
You might think that eliminating potassium is not good, as Cholu thought. However, our bodies are full of toxic potassium thanks to the use of N-P-K or superphosphate fertilizers on many, if not all of our crops today. Everyone is toxic with this poison and it needs to come out for health to return.
Toxic potassium is not easy to eliminate and the development program is one of the very few ways to do it. Fruit picks up the most of this poison. This is just one of the problems with eating fruit.
The elimination of toxic potassium worsened Cholus' sodium/potassium ratio. He thought this was terrible. In fact, it was just an artifact caused by the toxic potassium elimination.
- Less calcium shell. Cholu had a 2X calcium shell. This is not a good pattern, often indicating the buildup of toxic compounds of calcium in the tissues – in places such as the arteries, the joints and the brain. It causes a number of serious diseases related to aging. At 41, Cholu was definitely aging!
The calcium shell decreased on this test from 237 mg% to 197 mg%. Cholu says he feels much younger.
- Zinc decreased dramatically. A decrease in the zinc level ONLY when one follows the development program usually indicates a retention of zinc. Some zinc replaces the toxic metals that were in Cholus' body so less zinc finds its way into the hair tissue.
In this case, zinc went from much too high (61 mg%) to slightly low (14 mg%). It was not only a retention, but also a normalization of zinc metabolism.
Zinc is one of the most important minerals in the body and low in everyone because the food is deficient in zinc. This has to do with the rogue invasion of the earth. The group called the rogues on this website and called Satan in the Bible remove vital minerals from the earth.
- Copper decreased by 50%. Copper toxicity is a very common mineral imbalance. Cholu's level was much too high at 7.6 mg% and he had a dozen symptoms of copper poisoning. For details, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome.
- Most mineral levels decreased. This is a large settling pattern associated with down sex and down hugging. It is another excellent pattern.
9/7/23. This is a restatement of yesterday's message because I think it is very important. The purpose of life in this conception is to learn lessons and work on removing your blemishes, also called karma.
Yesterday we said there are four stages of life. These are 1) planning your life, 2) living out your life, 3) four lows, which is an end stage or shutting down, and 4) dying and death of the body.
During one's life, one learns various lessons and helps others learn lessons. However, this takes its toll on the body and it is one reason the body eventually sickens and dies.
Development. Development, as we use the word on this website, is an extra stage of life. It is a slow but thorough genetic upgrade process that occurs when one eats correctly, rests enough and holds on to most of your sexual fluid.
Also needed is the pulling down procedure, a fairly simple mental exercise that is totally profound in what it does. Coffee enemas, the development supplement program and the other procedures also help a lot.
As one chooses development, one still has to work and learn lessons. However, it differs from the standard life in that the lessons don't kill you as much or perhaps not at all.
The lessons come in the form of life experiences, but one tends to handle them differently because one is healthier and one learns forgiveness, emotional detachment and other better methods to deal with problems.
Also, many lessons arise as a form of inflammation called retracing. While this curious phenomenon causes symptoms, retracing does not destroy the body – it heals it. Some call this creative karma because it heals rather than kills.
The development life stage can go on for many, many years. This means one learns many more lessons when one adopts the development lifestyle, diet and program.
One begins to think, feel and act differently from others more and more. Eventually, special abilities are opened up in a person and one realizes that standard life stages are a mere shadow of what life can be like.

9/6/23. This post has to do with the purpose of life. It is a basic teaching and we expand the teaching at the end of the post.
A way to understand development is that it is an extra stage of life. It offers an opportunity to work through one's problems or blemishes (also called karma in the Sanskrit language) in a creative manner that does not destroy the body. This is quite wonderful. Here are details:
The four stages. In terms of the law of cause and effect, which many believe is the basic law of life, there are four stages of life. They are:
- 1. Planning one's life. Before one is born the main soul decides upon a general plan for one's life. Decisions are made such as where one will live, who will be one's parents, one's siblings, one's friends, and more.
- 2. Being born and living the life. For many people, this is the main stage of life in which one works through karmic situations or in which the law of cause and effect operates.
The teaching is that work of many types and suffering such as illness, injury, and traumas such as rape and beatings help get rid of blemishes on the soul. However, they have a destructive effect on the body.
- 3. The ending stage. This is four lows on a hair mineral analysis. It is a stage at which one can no longer live fully due to nutritional or other problems. We also say it is when the shut down sequence begins. It can go on for some years.
- 4. Death. This is a relatively short stage in which the body winds down and life ends. It occurs within a few days to no more than a year.
Where does development fit in? Development is an optional life stage that can occur during one's lifetime if one eats and lives properly. It is not well known in the Western world, but it is real.
Development allows one to keep working through life situations in a way that is not destructive to the body. Because of this, development extends the life of the body, perhaps by many years.
The main method of working through one's problems in a non-destructive manner is Retracing. This is a feature of development and is a deep cleanup of past events including illnesses and emotional traumas.
Retracing often causes symptoms. However, retracing does not destroy the body, as does disease and trauma. Retracing is thus a wonderful way to work through one's problems and, at the same time, to heal the body rather than destroy it. For more details, read The Law Of Cause And Effect. (We are currently updating the Retracing article, so it is a not in finished form but it is readable.)
An expanded understanding. Here one understands that the purpose of life is to extend the Love of the creator into this world of form. However, this kind of love is not just hugs and kisses.
This love takes many forms, including helping oneself and others to learn lessons and have various experiences. This process can be quite destructive for the body.
9/5/23. A common theme today among magazines are stories of women's businesses and other accomplishments. The trouble is that none that I have read, so far, adequately warn girls and women that going outside is very dangerous!
Our world is still full of rapists and others who attack women. As a result, activities in the world are all very hazardous for women. Women are much safer remaining at home. For details, read Captures, Rape, The Rape Planet, Beatings, and Healing Rape.

9/4/23. A most important principle for living is honesty.
The word honesty is related to the word honoring. Honesty above all is about honoring others. It is related to caring.
A communication principle. Honesty is also about giving true communication to others. Honesty is a cybernetic or communication principle that is absolutely essential for life.
For example, if you touch a hot stove element and your finger lied to you and told you it is not hot, you would likely not live very long. That is how important honesty is in communication. As an aside, leprosy is a most interesting disease in which your sensory nerves lie to you.
The golden rule. Most everyone, when asked if they would like to be treated honestly, say yes. Therefore, if one lies, one is violating the golden rule, which is to treat others as you wish to be treated.
Honesty is also about living one's principles, since most people, when asked, say they are basically honest.
The Ten Commandments. To be dishonest is a great sin. It is a violation of one of the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai.
What about exaggeration? That is a somewhat less extreme form of dishonesty, but it is still dishonest. Make an effort not to exaggerate.
The rogues and dishonesty. Today, dishonesty is common on earth. A major reason is the presence of the rogues, also called Satan in the Bible. Lying is one of their major weapons used against the people and creatures of the earth. It has a powerful yin or weakening effect upon everyone. It is a 6-level or mental-level weapon of the worst kind.
The rapes and beatings. A powerful way the rogues promote dishonesty is they rape all girls and young women. At this time, we don't believe there are any exceptions. They also beat all girls and boys, some more than others. They are brilliant brainwashers, so most people are unaware of their conditioning and programming.
When this occurs, many of the more advanced souls leave the body. The rogues then replace them with brainwashed and beaten souls who have been taught to lie if it serves their rogue masters.
The rogues also threaten women with painful torture such as violent headaches, and more rapes and beatings, if they do not lie almost on a daily basis.
Almost all women go along. Even worse, they teach the habit of lying to their friends, husbands and children.
Honesty and truth. Honesty is about telling the truth. The concept of truth is most important. The rogues falsely teach that there is no such thing as the truth.
This is a false doctrine called moral relativism. They say you have your truth and I have my truth. Sadly, this horrendous lie is taught in schools today.
For this reason, learning and practicing honesty is a life-long challenge for all of us.
The exception. The only exception to the principle of telling the truth is when speaking honestly directly threatens your life or that of another. I hope this is the only reason that women go along with the rogue demand that they act dishonestly.
Protection from the rogues. I am told that telling the truth is protective against the rogues. Lying may cause you pain, but it weakens you and turns you into prey. For more details, read Integrity.
9/3/23. We speak with the souls of many babies and children. A consistent finding is they want to be put on the development program.
Why? Children today are generally very unhealthy. Also, they all want to develop and this requires this program. The children say they need the nutrition very badly just to function. Otherwise, they are tired and their brains work too slowly.
The problem is that most parents have never heard of the development program. Even worse, most nutrition education of parents is seriously lacking or totally wrong. They think feeding their babies and children tacos and pizza is just fine.
So please help the children. Encourage all parents to put their babies and children on the development program - and not other programs. The children of earth thank you in advance.
9/2/23. A continuing problem on earth is the spraying of toxic metals into the air from aircraft, supposedly to stop global warming. A film called The Dimming by Dane Wigington discusses what is being sprayed on our heads and the toxic effects.
Toxic metals. The main chemical used in the spray is a form of aluminum. Others are barium, strontium, and perhaps nickel. All of these are toxic metals.
Nano-partcles. The metal particles are extremely small. This greatly increases their toxicity. The toxins easily enter the cells of humans, animals and plants.
What to do – development and avoid fruit. The article I read about this topic noted that “organic acids, as in orange juice and lemon juice (and many other fruits) drastically increase aluminum absorption”.
This is just one reason not to eat fruit at this time. For more details, read Fruit-Eating.
Also, the development program is the best program I know of to remove ALL toxic metals from the body. It is much better than Chelation Therapy and other methods.
The article I read was in Health Freedom News, summer 2023, Vol 41, #2. To watch the film, The Dimming, go to It is also available at
9/1/23. The basic social interaction in life is between men and women in the sexual and related areas. For many people, this interaction is limited and often not even very enjoyable.
We want everyone to know about an answer to this problem. It is to do the tan blending exercises. They can be done in person or by oneself if one does not have a partner.
Our clients who do these exercises love them and their hair tests show the deepest healing. We cannot recommend them enough.
They not only heal the bodies at the deepest levels. They also help our planet.
We are told the planet is moving on in its development and the Tan male-female blending is required for this. So please do the blending exercises in your personal relationships. For details, read the improved article, Male-Female Blending Or "Tan" Science.
9/1/23. The rogue or Satan horror on earth is largely hidden, but very real. Millions of souls cry out for help. Please pray every day to end the occupation of our planet and that our planet may go home to where it belongs. Also, develop yourself so that you are more and more a force for good on the planet.
8/31/23. I am sorry this newsletter is a little late - too busy. I also don't like to sound negative but this message is needed.
While there is progress on earth, there is also extreme danger at this time. The Rogues or Satans are being challenged, so they are acting more vicious than ever.
Some clients have a relaxed attitude about the development program and this attitude won't work at this time. You will end up with cancer or some other disease that will end your life. The rogues don't want healthy, happy people on earth and they secretly attack everyone of every age, gender, etc.
We do not recommend foods or procedures that are not needed or not important. If we suggest it, it is for a very good reason.
So please do not pick and choose foods, procedures or any other part of the program. Do the program as recommended for safety, for health and development, and for happiness.
8/30/23. Here are some excellent goat cheeses and yogurts. I hope they are not too difficult to find or too expensive.
The products below are all from America, but I hope there are similar quality products in Europe, Australia and everywhere.
We recommend these for everyone. They are better than cow cheeses and yogurts, as a general rule, because the cows are so hybridized.
1. Bella Capra Goat Cheese, Raw Milk, Monterrey Jacques, Aged 60 Days, Net Weight 8oz (225 grams).
2. Laura Chenel Spreadable Goat Cheese, Creamy Original, Net Weight 7oz(198 grams),
3. Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt, Plain, Net Weight 6oz (170 grams) or 32oz(907 grams).
8/29/23. The pull down procedure works the best for me when I follow a specific procedure. First I close the eyes. Then I move my attention to just below or beyond the feet.
Then I turn around and face the body. This is a step that I have not mentioned or written about, but it is important. The final step is to apply a pull on the body toward the feet.
8/29/23. Retracing can occur at the level of the soul or the level of the body. Apparently, the souls may comes in with certain defects or illnesses or they can be injured or traumatized during this lifetime.
When one follows the program faithfully, one can experience purification reactions coming from the body, but also reactions coming from the level of the souls. With soul retracing, symptoms can be anything at all. However, often there is anxiety and/or depression.
A very unusual type of soul retracing often occurs in babies who follow the development program. The soul may retrace a trauma that occurred before the soul occupied its present body.
I know this contradicts Christian doctrine that asserts that the soul is not “old”. However, the souls tell us they are very old and have occupied many human and animal bodies. Hebrew doctrine seems less clear about whether the souls are old and have occupied numerous bodies.
8/28/23. Sickle cell disease is a dreadful and supposedly incurable genetic disease that officially affects several million people worldwide. Our information is that it really affects at least 45 million people or more.
Those with sickle cell disease suffer very painful attacks that occur at any time and often require hospitalization. The people are also weak, often with impaired eyesight and other problems, and they live about half as long as everyone else.
Sickle-cell disease affects mostly black and Hispanic people. It is called the scourge of Africa, although it is found in every nation.
Help. The development program is greatly helping a young man with sickle cell disease. Here is an update.
Daniel. Daniel is 11 years old. He lives with his father in Texas. He began the development program at age 2 and has followed the program fairly well and consistently for nine years.
Within a few months of beginning the program, Daniel's painful attacks diminished. I am told they are not occurring at all at this time. Other symptoms have subsided and I am told that Daniel functions as well or better than any other 11-year-old child. This is most unusual and amazing!
Most recent mineral test of August 4, 2023. Daniel's new mineral analysis reveals the following patterns.
NOTE: The patterns are valid only if the person is following the development program as presented on this website and not other programs, even if some call it development. Also, hair must not be washed at all at the mineral testing laboratory for accurate readings:
Big coming alive. Coming alive pattern is present when the levels of the first or second tetra of minerals all increase or remain the same. In this instance, the levels of the calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium (the first tetra of minerals) all increased.
When all four of the numbers increase, it is called a big coming alive pattern. It is an an excellent joy or development pattern that indicates increased vitality.
Big settling down pattern. Settling down pattern is present when the levels of the first or the second tetra of minerals all decrease or remain the same. In this instance, the levels of iron, copper, manganese and zinc (the second tetra) all decreased.
When all four of the numbers decrease, it is called a big settling down pattern. It is another excellent joy or development pattern that indicates better stability of the nervous system.
A standard surge. This is a significant increase in the levels of sodium and potassium on a retest mineral analysis. In this instance, both sodium and potassium increased about 60%. This indicates an elimination of toxic compounds of sodium and potassium and an increase in the activity of the adrenal and thyroid glands.
Doubling of the magnesium level. In this instance, the increase in magnesium indicates an elimination of poor quality magnesium and its replacement by better quality magnesium compounds.
These are found only in food and this is one reason eating a lot of vegetables is required on the development program. Foods such as kelp, unrefined sea salt, blue corn, sardines, sesame tahini and almond butter also contain some of these mineral compounds. Magnesium is a very essential mineral needed for thousands of enzyme reactions in the body.
Rapid development. This is present when the phosphorus level is 17 mg% or greater. This pattern was present on the previous mineral analysis and the phosphorus level increased on this test from 17 mg% to 18 mg%.
Development is a very deep healing process that causes genetic improvement in the body. It involves the non-coding or “junk” DNA, which constitutes 97.5% of our DNA. For details, read Introduction To Development.
Seven anchor patterns. Anchor patterns are present when the level of certain minerals do not change or change very little according to precise criteria. On Daniel's retest, seven minerals show anchor patterns.
This situation is called a new brain. It is associated with deepening of the sulci or ridges of the brain, which improves the activity of the central nervous system.
Cleaning up pattern. The levels of most of the toxic metals decreased on this mineral test including lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and nickel. The previous test also revealed toxic levels of iron and manganese. These levels are also lower on the new test. Sickle cell disease most likely has to do with metal toxicity. We need more cases to confirm this.
Discussion. Daniel believes that black people have more delicate bodies than others. They are excellent bodies, but they require the development program to be healthy. Otherwise, they are more prone than others to high blood pressure, heart disease and some have the genetic condition of sickle cell disease.
We want the world to know about this case, so we ask that you circulate this post widely. We would like to help many more children and adults with this condition. Please tell everyone you know about this amazing case.
8/27/23. The following will help relax the body and brain for better sleep. Do the procedure as the last thing you do before going to sleep.
This procedure involves several twists and 'pops'. If you are not in the habit of doing these, begin gently. With practice, you can do them more vigorously.
- Prepare the room. Make sure the temperature is comfortable. Turn off lights and turn off electrical equipment. Keep electrical devices away from your body. I prefer having a battery-powered clock near my head rather than a plug-in clock.
- Bed position. It is best to have your feet facing more or less in the direction of the equator of the earth. For example, in the Northern hemisphere, your feet would face South. This way you are aligned with the natural etheric flow of the earth.
- Move the bed clothes away from the front of your neck. To do this, sit on the side of the bed with the bed clothes loose. Now pull your bed clothes upward at the back of the neck. This will cause them to be loose in the front of the neck. Clothing that is tight in the front of the neck could wake you up or prevent sleep.
- Assume the resting position. Lie down on your back, on top of the bed covers, with legs together and straight, and no pillow under your neck.
- Do a spinal twist. Lift one leg until it is straight up in the air with the knee as extended as you can. Swing the raised leg across and over the other leg and move it all the way to the bed or even to the floor. This will often cause popping in the spine.
Bring the body back to the resting position. Then repeat the twist using the other leg.
- Pop the knees. Begin in the resting position. Bend one knee enough so that you can grab the ankle area with both hands.
Now pull the ankle firmly toward yourself. This bends the knee more and moves the foot on that side into your buttocks.
Often, you will hear a pop in the knee. Do this a few times. There are two possible 'pops' doing this. Then repeat the knee pull using the other leg.
- Pop the toes. Return to the resting position. Then bend one leg and move it so you can grab all the toes on one foot with one hand. Push the toes downward, toward the floor. This often causes a popping sound as it releases tension in the toes.
- Pop the fingers. Go back to the resting position. Put the backs of the hands together and interlock the fingers in this position. Now bend the palms of the hands toward each other. This often causes popping of the finger joints.
Now put the palms of the hands together. Interlock the fingers of both hands. Firmly squeeze the hands together. This may cause a popping sound.
You can interlock the fingers at their base and then at intermediate points along the fingers. This simple procedure is excellent for the brain as well as for the fingers.
- Do a neck pull. Return to the resting position. (Lie flat on your back with no pillow and legs straight and extended).
Take a deep breath in. At the same time, extend and stretch your neck, also pushing the neck into the bed sheets. If you do this correctly, there will suddenly be a popping sound in the neck. This releases tension in the neck. This is a bit involved, at first. For more details, read The Neck Pull.
- Final steps. Now get under the covers. Pull the bed sheet and blankets, if needed, up toward your head. It is best if the sheet covers your shoulders.
Bring the sheet up to your neck but do not let it touch your neck. If it touches the neck when you sleep, it often tickles and may wake you up. Now bring your arms to your sides and relax.
- End with prayer. I end the procedure by saying “Thank you, Father, for this day.” Then I say the Lord's Prayer.
About pillows. My guidance is to sleep on my back and to not use a pillow. This keeps the back straight and flat. It took a few months to adjust, but it is now very comfortable.
8/26/23. Some are aware that our entire planet is very low in zinc. I read this many years ago in the book, Mental And Elemental Nutrients by Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD.
This causes physical diseases including all infections, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and many others. It also causes a lot of mental illness, especially anxiety, fears and phobias, bipolar disorder (manic-depression) and schizophrenia.
Getting enough zinc is very difficult! There are two main ways to do this. These are 1) the diet, and 2) nutritional supplements. It may also be possible to rub it on the skin, but I am not sure.
The development diet is the zinc diet. Most of the foods on the development diet are there, at least in part, to provide special zinc compounds our bodies require. Foods that are not recommended, such as bread, fruit, potatoes, peppers, sweets, fruit juices and refined foods do not have enough zinc, so it is best not to eat them. For details, read Food For Daily Use.
Supplements. Everyone following the development program receives extra zinc in a pill, and these pills help a lot. However, the main problem with this method is that the form or compound of zinc is not correct in any pill. There are about 100 zinc compounds that our bodies need and they are found only in food.
Placeholders. Zinc pills function more as placeholders. This means they are like putting up a scaffolding on a building you are repairing. It helps the repairs.
Eventually, however, the scaffolding needs to come down and be replaced by the real bricks of the building. The real “bricks” to build our bodies are the complex zinc compounds found in food. For details, read a very important article, Placeholders And The Placeholder Concept.
8/25/23. Remember to love. First love yourself at all times. Only a person who loves himself or herself can truly love others. Love yourself even when you are ill, depressed, angry, or upset. This is a challenge, but most important.
Always love yourself. If you are upset, love yourself for being able to be SO upset. It all comes from YOUR POWER and your love.
Then say “I can choose again” and make a new choice not to be upset, but to turn everything over to the Father In Heaven or God or however you phrase it. It is a method and it works to slowly recondition the mind away from anxiety, upset and toward love and peace.
Do the pulling down procedure! It helps because it is the anti-UPset, the anti-UPtight, and the anti-mixed UP. It alone works, and it will slowly carry you to much greater things. I assure you of that.
Pull down is difficult at first because your energy is chaotic, too much UP, and very stuck or moving too slowly. As you do it more, it becomes easier and easier until it is a breeze.
Doing a coffee enema at the same time helps because the coffee in an enema is a big DOWN. Putting it in the rectum also moves your attention DOWNWARD toward your feet, which is the correct direction of subtle energy flow.
8/25/23. You are lying down and two powerful dogs are at your feet, trying to drag you out of bed by your feet. They are hungry and need you to feed them.
They are pulling on your feet as hard as they can, one on each foot – and they pull hard. The dogs are older and have lost their teeth, so their bite doesn't hurt. It is just slimy and it tickles your feet. They just keep pulling hard on your feet, trying to drag out of bed by your feet. (Let me know if you like this visualization.)
8/24/23. An unusual type of retracing that may occur during the development program is a feeling that one is falling. It can feel as though one is sliding down a children's slide at a playground and one is out of control.
A feature of this purification reaction is that when one tries to stop the feeling by doing more therapy such as more coffee enemas, foot rubs or visiting a chiropractor, at first the feeling becomes worse or at least it does not go away immediately.
However, after a few hours to a day or so, the whole reaction passes.
Ego death. Our understanding is that this reaction is an ego death. This means that some part of the false self falls away. The ego is not your real self.
The problem is that one has identified with this aspect of self, often for many years. As a result, when it falls away you feel like you are dying. Actually, it is just the dropping away of a false part of yourself and you are fine – much better, in fact!
The only death. A teaching is that this sensation is the only “death” the souls will ever experience. I am told that death of the body does not kill the souls. They just move on to their next assignment.
However, the ego death I am describing is truly a loss of part of the self, albeit a false part that is excellent to get rid of. For more details read The Real Self or listen to the audio version of this book.
8/23/23. Cooking turkey, especially ground turkey, is a challenge because it cooks so fast and is thus easy to overcook. Overcooking meat is a bad idea!
Ground meat recipe. We recommend making ground turkey, and any ground meat, into a hamburger patty that is about 1 cm or ½ inch thick. Then put just a little water in the bottom of a pot or sauce pan. Just cover the bottom of the pot with water. Don't use a lot of water.
Add the ground turkey patties and allow to cook for about 10 seconds and no longer. Then turn it over and cook the other side the same way. The inside of the patty will be pink or basically uncooked and I am told this is safe to eat as long as the meat is fresh and decent quality.
Chicken or turkey thigh or legs recipe. I first slice up a chicken thigh into think slices. Then I put some water in a pot – no more than ½ a centimeter or about 14 inch. More is not needed. Then add the sliced meat. Allow to cook for about 8 seconds. Then turn the meat slices over. Cook the meat just until the meat is no longer pink.
8/23/23. Pearl onions are a superb food. Look for them and ask your supermarkets to carry them. They powerfully stop cancer growth in the body and have many other benefits.
Pearl onion types. Pearl onions are very small onions. They come in different colors – red, white, gold, boiler onions and cipolline onions. Each of these are a little different, and all are very good!
Cooking pearl onions. I clean the onions and remove the dead skin on them. Then I pressure cook them with my other vegetables for about two minutes. You may have to vary that a little due to your altitude.
8/22/23. We were given information about a most interesting development topic. As far as I know, the information is quite unknown in the Western nations, but is known in some other cultures. It is important because it is about development and about love.
One of the most interesting aspects is the similarity between the word criste and the words Christ and Christian. At this time, I don't know if this is accidental, but I am told it is not accidental. For details, read The Christe.
8/21/23. At this time, our solar system is moving “upwards” in space at high speed. This is excellent and should help the recovery of our planet.
However, there is a great need for coffee enemas for everyone. If you have stopped doing the coffee enemas, or have not yet begun them, please do them now and don't stop.
If you are already doing coffee enemas, add more coffee to your enema. Most people will be able to tolerate it. This is because this area of space needs it badly and your coffee will be shared. For details, read Coffee Enemas.
8/20/23. Progress on the development program can seem very slow, at times. One of our clients just reported that it seems like the downward movement of subtle energy from head to feet is now his “norm”.
He has opened enough subtle energy channels that the pulling down procedure is easier to do and seems like the normal state. That is where we are all headed. It is as though the body is in motion, with a downward flow of energy at all times healing and cleansing the body and mind.
8/19/23. I am told that many more creatures are returning to the earth from prisons in space. I hope this will help our situation on earth.
8/19/23. We corrected the queen article. Couples that do down hugging or down sex who are at any stage of development, not just advanced ones, assist in healing the planet.
When women become more advanced, they can help a lot more. However, all women and men, at all stages of development, help heal the planet. This is especially true if they will do down hugging or down sex and follow the development program.
8/19/23. We encourage everyone to do down hugging or down sex. These procedures are extremely healing for you, and greatly assist our planet at this time. If you don't have a partner, ask for one in prayer.
I am told that taking breaks every 20 minutes is essential when one does down hugging or down sex. During the break, the couple must remain within ten feet of each other at all times. The tingling sensation continues if you do this.
Breaks are needed to stretch, use the bathroom, drink some water or eat something, and perhaps to change position of the partners. For details, read Down Hugging and Down Sex.
8/18/23. We wrote a new short article about the spiritual effects on the body of each of the main development foods. We hope the information it contains helps people to eat more of these foods. For details, read The Food Chart.
8/17/23. In the post of 8/15/23, we discussed a new finding. When a woman develops to an advanced stage, she undergoes changes in her body and is given an exciting new role in life. For details, read the new article, The Queens.
8/17/23. The health of the earth requires couples to practice down hugging or down sex. There is no substitute for this. Please do this!
You may not be married and not have a partner. In this case, ask in prayer that a partner be found. It does not have to be a marriage partner, although this is best.
If you are married and not doing down hugging or down sex, those in charge of the earth ask that you begin this practice. We know it is time-consuming. However, the health of the earth depends upon it.
If you are in a family, you can include children in down hugging. The main requirement is that one partner be male and one be female. For details, read Down Hugging and Down Sex.
8/16/23. A client just wrote to me that he has stopped doing the pulling down procedure and instead prefers a more relaxing meditation that causes him to be in “no mind”.
I wrote back that his meditation is fake and please stop it. It will not cause development or much healing and is falsely promoted.
Two important notes about the pulling down procedure are:
1. The pulling down procedure is not relaxing immediately. One must forcefully pull subtle energy downward from the head to the feet. The more forcefully one does it, the better it will work.
However, the pulling down procedure eventually causes great relaxation because it heals the body and mind and causes rapid development. Development relaxes the nervous system. No other mental exercise will cause this deep healing.
This exercise and this one alone clears, heals and opens subtle energy channels throughout the body. This causes many remarkable changes in the body, of which deep relaxation is just one. For details, read Channel Therapy.
In contrast, “relaxing” or “space-out” meditation cause immediate relaxation but they do not move energy properly through the body and they do not cause development. So they are of limited value.
When to use relaxing meditations. I was once on an airplane flying through a terrible storm. Through the window I could see the wings of the plane flapping up and down like a bird's wings. The plane was blowing all around and it was frightening. I was also very nauseous.
I closed my eyes and visualized that I was sitting on a very calm beach and totally relaxed. It was a remedy and it worked! I calmed down enough that the nausea stopped and when the plane landed I came back to this reality. But relaxation is not the same as healing and development!
2. The pulling down procedure automatically causes men and women to be more able to retain sexual fluid. This is very important for doing down sex, which I am told is critical for healing the earth. For more details, see yesterday's post directly below this one.
3. Only the pulling down procedure brings many Avura into the body. These are very advanced souls that assist with healing and development. For details, read The Avura or Helper Souls.
4. The pulling down procedure has hundreds of other benefits. Do not confuse it with other meditations, prayers or other spiritual practices.
8/15/23. This is breaking news. We learned from a very old being that, in fact, women can and must live two lives. The first is the familiar life of a householder and bearer of children. Today this life often ends in cancer and death.
The queen. The second role is not known much. It is to help rejuvenate and heal the earth. She does this with the help of her husband.
To do it her body must change. The changes may sound bad, but they are not and the woman actually becomes even more beautiful.
The changeover begins with a woman's desire to move on from her child-bearing role. It must include the development program, the science we teach on this website.
She becomes much happier. She sparkles and smells much better. Her estrogen and copper levels decrease. She becomes less sexy, but more beautiful. She stops cycling and her breasts, hips and vagina become smaller. Then she and her husband begin to engage in a special ritual.
The ritual. We have touched upon it in several recent articles including Down Hugging, Down Sex and Tan Science. It is pleasurable and powerful, and together they heal and rejuvenate the planet. Hopefully we will write much more about this subject as we learn more.
8/14/23. One of our clients took too much vitamin B6 over a period of time and developed B6 toxicity. This is a serious condition that is not easy to overcome. However, he reports that he is improving, whereas people who do not follow the development program tend not to get better.
Most recent hair mineral test. Our client's recent mineral analysis revealed the following patterns:
Detoxification pattern, with nine mineral levels increasing. When six or more mineral levels increase on a retest it indicates a powerful effort of the body to detoxify. Although the pattern measures minerals, this is a general pattern of detoxification. For this reason, it often includes detoxification of toxic chemicals such as vitamin B6, and not just minerals.
Settling down pattern. This pattern is present when all four of the first four (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) OR of the second four mineral levels (iron, copper, manganese and zinc) either decrease or remain the same. It indicates a general restoration of the body with relaxation of the nervous system.
In this case, the levels of all four of the first four minerals decreased. That is, none remained the same. This is called a big settling pattern and is even more positive.
Rising pattern. This is a more recently identified pattern. It is present when the calcium/magnesium and sodium/potassium ratios increase on the first four minerals OR when the iron/copper and manganese/zinc ratios increase on the second four minerals. It is a positive pattern associated with greater vitality. Some call it an emerging pattern.
Seven anchor patterns. Anchor patterns are present when the levels of minerals do not change or change very little within certain criteria. This pattern is associated with deepening of the sulci or ridges on the surface of the brain.
The pattern indicates one type of brain healing that occurs often during the development program. It results in improvements in brain activity and is very positive.
NOTE: These patterns are only valid when a person is following the development program carefully.
The principle of overall health restoration. Notice that all of the patterns above are of a general nature. This is common with the development program, which causes a large overall improvement in health.
As this improvement occurs, many diseases and symptoms improve. This is very different from the approach used by most all other healing systems, which focus upon specific symptoms and their correction. I call these “remedy methods”.
In contrast, with the development program, specific symptoms and disease are much less important. I call this a “bio-energetic approach” to healing because it focuses on vitality and improving adaptive energy.
This is difficult for some physicians to understand because this is not their training. To restate the principle, the program causes a vast improvement in overall health. As a result, most all symptoms and diseases lessen and disappear. It is one of the secrets of success of the development approach to healing.
8/13/23. A serious problem for babies today is that most women's breasts have some cancer and this causes a number of problems for babies:
- The breasts smell foul and the baby must be very close to them in order to nurse.
- The milk smells and tastes foul.
- The milk is not as nutritious. The cancer eats the woman's food, leaving her malnourished and the milk deficient in nutrients.
- The babies worry terribly about their mothers' health and whether they will survive long enough to raise the baby.
- The babies worry that the family will fall apart and they will be left homeless if mother dies.
- The babies worry that father will then be so sad that he will die. Then no one will be left to care for and raise the baby.
Please help the babies. Teach all girls and women how to eat, especially the young ones - pregnant women and the mothers-to-be, which means all of the teens and girls.
We, the babies and children of earth, who have enough problems just arriving in one piece, plead with you to become more active and talk to girls, teenagers, young newly-weds and mothers.
Tell them they must stop eating fruit and sugar in all forms. They must eat cooked vegetables, not raw salads, and never eat junk food such as refined while flour, white rice, refined table salt, and sugars of any kind.
We beg all of you to do more in this area. Anyone who reads this newsletter knows enough to teach the truth. Spread the word that sugar feeds yeast, which is a close cousin to cancer, and this is killing our women more and more.
We realize that women (and men) crave the sugar and fruit. This is because their bodies are so out of balance.
They need the entire development program to restore balance. But, at least, they need to know that fruit and all sweets are very harmful to the body.
They also need to know that their babies are suffering, no matter how good they look.
The physicians. All girls and women also need to know that their physicians are, at best, misinformed about nutrition. Most are brainwashed – beaten and raped so their brains do not function well.
Tell all girls and women you must not listen to their nutritional advice. It is often worse than if they said nothing. This is our plea – please listen and act today.
8/12/23. An extremely important development concept related to yesterday's post about crutches is energy locks. These are certain ways our bodies compensate and adapt to weakness, toxicity and nutritional depletion.
These methods keep us going, but they reduce the complexity and wholeness of our bodies. By doing so, they limit our functioning and “lock up” the body or brain in various ways that damage health and development. For details, read the newly improved and revised article, Energy Locks.
8/11/23. A very basic and critical concept in development science is crutches and their removal. It is also a deeply spiritual subject because people have a fundamental misperception about who they are, and it is related to their crutches.
You are the presence of love in this world of form, but your crutches prevent you from feeling this truth. We want this changed and understanding crutches can help.
We improved the article on this subject. For details, read Crutches And Crutch Removal – Essential Aspects Of Development Science.
8/10/23. We added to the development chart a column about the energy systems of the body. This is vital and basic information about health.
Our bodies have seven energy systems and energy production is a common denominator of health. Most people are using only the first two energy systems, so they are tired.
We also improved and added to the description of the chart that precedes the chart itself. For details, read the updated version of The Development Chart.
8/9/23. We are excited about a new, somewhat unusual healing procedure. It consists of sitting or standing in front of certain plants and allowing special souls in the plants to move nutrients and other chemicals from the plant into your body. For details, read the new article, The Garden Center Procedure.
8/9/23. The best grain food for a person who is not too developed is blue corn tortilla chips. Please eat some each day even if you don't like them. Some brands are less salty and less greasy.
Another excellent grain food is millet. Millet is a cereal grain - the seed of a type of grass that is eaten mainly in Africa and Asia. 97% of world production is grown in Africa and Asia. However, its use is spreading to the Western nations.
It is not as good as blue corn chips for development. However, it is a close second. Millet is very nourishing and fairly warm or yang in macrobiotics terms.
Nutrition. Millet is very high in B vitamins and is a very a good source of many minerals including zinc, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. It is also high in fiber, protein and fat compared with other grains.
Cooking. Millet must be cooked. I pressure cook it for 8.5 minutes with two parts water to one part millet. It can also be boiled until the seeds burst open – usually half an hour or so. For details, read Millet.
8/8/23. Moving energy downward is extremely important and can be done in four ways:
1. One can do it alone.
2. One can do it alone and visualize being with another of the opposite sex. This is the visualization of down hugging or down sex. It is often more powerful than just doing the exercise alone.
The other person can be someone you know, someone you don't know, or it can be a fictitious person. A very powerful method is to visualize being with an advanced master who will move the energy downward very forcefully and do the tan exercises with you.
3. One can do it alone and visualize being with a group of people who are sitting or lying down together with their bodies all aligned so the heads are facing the same direction. Within the group, you can visualize being with a partner or not having a partner.
4. One can do it with another person of the opposite sex. This is down sex or down hugging.
Doing a coffee enema while pulling down. This is more powerful. The coffee helps you focus, keeps your attention downward, and actually helps pull you downward.
Using a massager on the genital area while pulling down. This is a newer addition to the pulling down procedure. It definitely seems to enhance the pull down procedure and speeds up development. Reasons for using the massager are:
- It is fun – a tickle.
- The gentle massaging action is healing for the area.
- One can learn how to retain one's sexual fluid. This is helpful preparation for having a partner and marriage. We do not recommend standard orgasms.
- It helps move subtle energy downward.
- It can help with visualizing being with another.
- It helps anyone who is visualizing with you.
- Placed correctly, it can help move the coffee within the colon.
- Placed near the ovaries or testicles, it moves enema coffee around the body better because the genital area is rich in lymphatic tissue.
- It is excellent to use as a form of psychodrama. This means it can be part of duplicating a trauma. This helps one process and release old traumas.
A new visualization to use with the pulling down procedure. This may sound unusual, but a visualization that is working well for me is to imagine I am very small and am inside one of the plastic cylinders of the type found at drive-through banks.
I am pulled feet first very forcefully and fast on a long journey around the world through a long plastic tube just like the one used at the drive-in banks. The vacuum force pulling me is so powerful it feels like it is pulling the skin off the bottom of my feet.
I may imagine that the main bank branch is in Hawaii or maybe Bali so I am going on a beach vacation through one of these vacuum-powered plastic bank tubes. After that, I may visit friends in Europe. Again I travel the world in one of the plastic vacuum-powered bank tubes that pulls me so hard by the feet it almost pulls off my toes.
This visualization can be done alone, or it is more powerful to imagine doing it with a partner of the opposite sex, or in person with someone of the opposite sex.
How the tube works. In case you are not familiar with this system of moving things in a plastic tube, here is how it works at the drive-in bank. You put your bank deposit in a foot-long plastic cylinder. Then you put the cylinder in a holder and push a button.
The cylinder is pulled very fast from your car to the bank. When the bank clerk finishes crediting the deposit, he or she puts the receipt in the same plastic cylinder and sends it back very fast to you.
Parts of the tube visualization with another are:
1) Visualize pulling your partner in very close to you. It can be a hug or down sex.
2. Imagine an energy spinning both of you to the right. This is the robe tan exercise.
3. Then imagine moving down the plastic tube together at high speed, pulled by a powerful vacuum system.
8/7/23. We wrote a short new article about the stages of development. It is mainly a chart that simplifies the stages of development to make it easy to figure out where you are and where you are headed. For details, read The Development Chart.
8/6/23. Recently, one of our clients retested her hair. The new test revealed a number of mineral patterns.
However, when I tuned into her planning souls, they said most of those patterns were not valid. The reason is that she stopped following the development program. This reminded me that many of the mineral patterns are only valid if one is progressing on the development program.
It also illustrates a most important principle of interpreting all types of health tests: One must take into account a person's path to properly interpret the test. Let us explore this in more detail.
Test results and symptoms are stress patterns. The patterns on a tissue mineral test or other tests such as blood tests are stress patterns. They indicate how the body is responding to stress.
Two basic types of stress. What is not obvious is that there are two basic types of stress in life:
1. The more common type is the stress of time and its destructive effect upon the body. It is due to the fact that over time human bodies tend to age, lose energy, become diseased and finally die.
2. The stress of healing and development. There is a second type of stress that occurs only if one is healing. This is stress due to healing and development. In some other languages, it is called the stress of the golden path.
You might say, this is nonsense! But it is not. In fact, you can find it in medical text books under the titles of Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions and IRIS (immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome). One medical website describes it as follows:
The Herxheimer reaction – Feeling Worse Before Feeling Better. The Herxheimer reaction is a short term (days to a few weeks) detoxification reaction of the body. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms”.
However, most people are on the death path, so 99% of the time their symptoms are due to the stress of time, not the stress of healing and development. In part for this reason, most physicians have never even heard of IRIS or Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions.
Psychology and chiropractic. The stress of healing is also known in Freudian psychology, where it is called the catharsis. Chiropractic theory calls the same thing aggravations, flare-ups or retracing.
We call it retracing or purification reactions. I also call it spiritual stress. It is the stress of doing the right thing! For details, read Stress.
Big confusion! A problem we often encounter is that the two types of stress can look exactly the same on blood tests, hair mineral tests, x-rays or other tests. This is very confusing and is one reason I don't use computers to interpret hair or other tests!
Example #1 - shoulder. After being on the development program for a few years, one of our clients woke up one day with a frozen shoulder. He could not lift his left arm.
He visited a physician who took an x-ray of his shoulder. It showed extreme inflammation. The physician told our client the shoulder was in bad shape and he would need a prosthesis, or replacement for his shoulder to fix it.
Upon hearing this story, I said I doubted the physician's diagnosis because I knew the man was on the path of development. He was eating properly, taking the proper supplements and doing coffee enemas, spinal twists, red heat lamp therapy.
I recommended that he continue with his development program and visit an excellent chiropractor who lived nearby. Within two weeks, the entire problem went away. He has had no further problems with his shoulder in twenty years.
Example #2 - teeth. The same man one day developed extreme pain and swelling of his jaw. He went to the dentist who took x-rays of his teeth. The exam showed extreme inflammation. The dentist told him he had two abscessed teeth that needed to come out immediately.
Upon hearing this, I told the man I doubted the medical diagnosis because I knew this man was on the healing and development path. I suggested he remain on his program and firmly press on the teeth reflex points on his toes several times each day.
Three days later, as he was brushing his teeth, a large swelling or boil in his mouth opened. His mouth filled with pus and blood, and the pain went away. He has had no further problems with the teeth in over twenty years.
8/5/23. In regard to the message of 8/4/23, the earth has found a large fine matter being with whom we think we belong. However, she now tells us she does not think she is where she belongs in space.
As a result, the earth and solar system are moving once again, with her, going even “higher up” in space. The beings in space use that term because it means toward the head of an even much larger fine matter being.
They say that space is a series of these beings, one nested inside another. The larger beings are older. As they age, they grow in size.
8/5/23. Avoid using organic coffee for enemas. The group called the Rogues on this website and Satan in the Bible poison most all organic coffee. This is also true of some, but not all other organically grown food on earth.
8/5/23. This message is related to the one above. Sadly, a large amount of the food today is also sprayed with poison, no matter what the label says. Here are some suggestions:
- If you don't feel well after eating any food, organic or commercially grown, throw it away.
- Loose produce is usually better than produce packed in plastic bags.
- Shrink-wrapped meat is often not as good as fresh meats.
- Processed foods are often not as good. An exception is blue corn tortilla chips, which are usually fine.
- Other safe grain foods are oats, rye and millet. Wheat is usually not good.
8/4/23. We have written that I am told the earth was being moved in space to what is hopefully a safer area of space. I am told that today earth and the solar system reached its destination.
The new earth. I am told that the earth is in a very spiritual position in the seventh energy center of a large female fine matter being in space. I am told that outer space is not empty. It contains many small and large living beings.
They are made of a type of matter called fine matter that can tolerate the heat and cold of space and require relatively litter air to breathe and little food to eat. Angels, elves and souls are made of the same fine matter.
These beings cannot be seen by most people because their flesh is of a very low density. Young girls can see them most often, but even they see them only rarely.
Within the body of the large female being, the earth serves as a communication center. It is strictly a spiritual planet and I am told there will be large changes on earth because the secular life will not be allowed. For details, read The Biological Concept Of Space And Creation.
8/3/23. This is an addition to the message of 7/31/23 about the genital bath, a wonderful development procedure. We strongly encourage everyone to do the genital bath every day.
The easiest and most effective way to do it is while sitting in the shower. If this is too sexually stimulating, wear underpants or lightly cover the genitals in some way to reduce stimulation.
8/3/23. For adults, if possible, use three tablespoons of coffee and about two cups of water for each coffee enema. Boil the coffee for 13 minutes or pressure cook the coffee for 14 seconds. Coffee makers and the newer Keurig or spray method make weak coffee and are best avoided.
Once the coffee is made, let it sit and steep with the grounds for at least five minutes. Then strain or filter it and use it.
I pressure cook the coffee using only one cup or less of water. Once it is cooked, I pour it into a large glass measuring cup and add another cup of water. Then I let it steep for about five minutes while it cools. Then I filter or strain it and it is ready.
8/3/23. Try clicking on the link at the top of this page again. I updated it.
8/2/23. One of the basic military tactics of the Rogues, also called Satan in the Bible, is to divide and conquer. In other words, they don't want us to work together and help each other.
They do this by interfering with our communication at the level of the souls, between people, and among the creatures. They also spread lies that divide us such as critical race theory, fake gender theories, and more. They also turn men against women, women against men, and turn children against their parents.
Hundreds of methods are in use to jam our communication and to disrupt our lives in ways that cause alienation, discouragement and other negative emotional states.
To succeed in ridding our planet and space of them, we need to counter this tactic. We must work together at every level and in every endeavor.
Loving God and loving each other. A key idea in both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible is to love God and to love others.
How to work together. 1. Always remember their tactic of divide and conquer.
2. Know that we all want the same thing. We all want to be left alone and to be rid of the scourge of the rogues. We all want there to be real law and order, and real love between all.
3. To the greatest degree possible, ignore differences between us and focus on what he have and need in common.
4. Understand that love is real. Love is the attractive force or the glue that keeps everything together and working together. Our enemy does like love so we will talk about it endlessly!
5. Be like the sun – shine on everyone without ceasing. This is also the basic idea of broadcasting, a basic spiritual practice. For details read Broadcasting and Women And Broadcasting.
8/1/23. This is a more technical message for those ready to hear it. We have written about the tan (pronounced like dahn) maneuvers that heal the bodies at deep levels. The tan exercises were recently added to both the Empathic Blending and Down Sex articles.
They are much better understood, however, from the perspective of the Seven Movements Of Development Science, a topic found in the article of the same title. This post will unite these two concepts.
MOVEMENT #1 – INWARD. One visualizes a point near the middle of the bodies that draws the bodies toward each other. This step is a joining of the male and female bodies. It causes all parts and aspects of the two people to approach each other more and more, and to visually superimpose themselves upon one another.
Visualization actions. For successful tan, the most important of these aspects that need to be brought together are the subtle energy channels or meridians, the dantiens and the energy centers. It also brings together the parts of the two bodies, especially the brains and also the feet, legs, pelvis, chests, backs, arms, and necks.
Cake baking analogy. Step 1 can be thought of as bringing together the ingredients to bake a cake.
MOVEMENT #2 – SPIN TO THE RIGHT. Once together, the aspects need to mix properly to form a more blended or homogenous mixture. One way to do this quickly is to imagine a vortex of spinning energy around and through the bodies, moving to the right. It looks like a cocoon from the outside and feels like a wind or breeze throughout and around the body.
I am told the reason to visualize blending the bodies in this way is somewhat esoteric and beyond my understanding. However, this method of blending the bodies works well. For example, spinning the bodies to the left or just “melting” the bodies together does not work nearly as well. In fact, such methods can be harmful.
Visualization actions. Spinning to the right very forcefully sort of magnetizes the bodies or glues the body parts together. It also brings the bodies even closer together.
Also, some subtle energy moves from the left side of the body to the right side. So the right spin helps move this subtle energy properly through the bodies.
Cake baking analogy. The second step is like stirring the ingredients together to form a homogenous mixture or whole.
MOVEMENT #3. - DOWNWARD. In this step, one visualizes a current of subtle energy moving through and around the two people's bodies from their heads to their feet and below the feet. The direction is downward if one is standing or sitting. The direction is away from the head and toward the feet if the bodies are lying down.
Visualization actions. This movement of subtle energy is very special. In truth, all living bodies are polarized and have an electrical potential or voltage that can be measured by placing one electrode on the head and the other one on the feet. Pulling down or pushing down increases this voltage.
Pulling down or pushing down also brings in more etheric energy into the body. This energy is required for life and heals the bodies at the deepest levels.
Moving subtle energy downward through the bodies also powerfully energizes the bodies and aligns the matter in the bodies properly. It is like magnetizing a screwdriver by moving a magnet along its length in only one direction.
Cake baking analogy. This step is like pouring the blended ingredients into a mold or baking pan.
To be continued ...
7/31/23. The genital bath procedure consists of splashing tepid, cool or cold water on just the genital area of the body. It is a very old hydrotherapy procedure that I first discovered in an older book about natural healing. The genital bath is a very powerful and very under-appreciated method to help speed up healing and development.
Why it works. The genital bath is one of the low body procedures. These are healing procedures that particularly target the pelvic area of the body. They are needed because most everyone has tension, congestion, twists, infection, malnutrition and/or trauma in this area of the body. We find this to be true even if one has few symptoms or diseases in the pelvis.
Circulation. The genital bath improves blood circulation to the pelvic area and improves lymph circulation. There are many lymph nodes in the groin and genital area. This helps decongest all the organs and tissues of the pelvis and genital area.
Infections. The genital bath can help heal many infections of the bladder, vagina, uterus, penis, and testicles, both inside and outside of the body. For example, it is an excellent, non-drug solution for many women's bladder infections. It can also help with infections and other problems of the upper thighs.
Menstrual symptoms. This simple bath can help with some menstrual symptoms such as pain and cramping.
A down procedure. The genital bath powerfully helps move subtle energy in a downward direction. This can help relieve headaches, back tension, and all congestion of blood or subtle energy in the upper body.
Other down procedures are coffee enemas, the bidet procedure, vaginal coffee implants for women or the penis coffee procedure for men, and the peroxide implant or peroxide application for men. Others are foot and hand reflexology, the spinal twists, and popping the knees and toes.
Development. The genital bath is also extremely helpful for development, a deep very healing process that requires moving subtle energy downward from the head to the feet. Doing “down” procedures every day is one of the secrets of success with the development program.
A powerful and easy “spin therapy”. Spin therapy means it helps spin the energy centers and move subtle energy properly through the body. This helps balance, cleanse, align and increase the brightness and spin of the lower dantien and the first and second energy centers of the body.
Opening the central channel or conception vessel. Channel therapy is another secret of the development program. The genital bath helps open the central channel as well as the side channels.
A happiness procedure. Our clients report that doing the genital bath gives them a happy feeling. This is a nice way to start or finish the day and can have many psychological, personal and social benefits.
Retracing. Most of our clients who follow the development program will, at times, retrace old traumas and infections in the pelvic area. When this occurs, the genital bath can be very helpful to relieve symptoms and move one through the purification reaction faster and more easily.
Where to do the genital bath. It can be done sitting on the edge of a bathtub or basin and splashing cold water on the genital area with a wash rag. Another easy way to do it is to sit in the shower and position yourself so that the water sprays the genital area. Doing this every day for ten minutes or more when you take a shower is quite wonderful.
Also read Pelvic Syndrome, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and The Genital Bath.
7/30/23. What you put out comes back to you. This is a spiritual principle. If you want lots of love in your life, then act in a loving way toward others.
The Bible expresses this as “As you sow, so shall you reap.” It is the same principle.
7/29/23. John, age 58, was almost 100 pounds overweight, had almost daily headaches, and had a lot of bloating and intestinal gas. He had been to a medical clinic where they diagnosed him with SIBO. This stands for small intestine bacterial overgrowth. It is very common, although most physicians do not know what it is and don't diagnose it.
John did therapy for SIBO that included antibiotics and a special diet low in foods that supposedly irritate the intestines. This helped a little, but most of this symptoms persisted.
The development program. John read about the development program and began the program about a year ago. A major help was eliminating all fruit from his diet. The bloating quickly decreased.
John's headaches began to subside after a few months on the development and they have gone away completely. Headaches are often due to toxins in the intestines.
He also lost over 50 pounds, has more energy and feels a lot better.
Antibiotic elimination. John had to eliminate from his body the antibiotics he took from the other doctor. This required almost a year and is a serious problem with all antibiotic therapy. For details, read Beyond Antibiotics.
Most recent hair mineral test. John's latest hair mineral retest revealed an unusual pattern called double settling down pattern. This is present when the levels of all of the first eight minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese and zinc) either decrease or remain the same.
Down sex and down hugging. Double settling down pattern is one of the mineral patterns associated with perhaps the most powerful therapy on the development program. This is the practice of down hugging or down sex with someone of the opposite gender.
John read about this and he and his wife decided to try it. They say it is so wonderful they will never stop. For details, read Down Hugging and Down Sex.
Fruit problems. We find that fruit is loaded with problems today:
- It contains a lot of sugars that easily ferment in the intestines causing gas and bloating.
- The mineral balance of fruit is very poor with too much potassium and not enough of many other trace minerals.
- Most fruit is sprayed with chemicals even if it is labeled organic.
- Fruit picks up chemicals more easily than most other foods.
- A particularly bad chemical that is everywhere that fruit picks up is toxic potassium. For details, read Toxic Potassium.
- Fruit is often unclean, even if washed well. Its high sugar content attracts bugs and many disease organisms.
- Fruit is often eaten raw. As a result of contamination and eating raw, it easily infects the body with bacteria.
- Yin disease. Fruit is also very cold or yin in macrobiotic terminology. Yin, pronounced like een, is an ancient word in the universal language or Ebre spoken throughout the cosmos. It is a very important physics imbalance that affects most all bodies today.
The bodies tend to be cold, expanded, overweight, with bloating and mineral imbalances that include copper toxicity.
It is a very serious and common problem today for most everyone, yet very few physicians understand it. All bodies today tend to be too yin.
This is due to poisons in the food and the environment, use of computers and particularly cell phones, use of medical drugs and too much radiation exposure. For details, read Yin Disease.
Eating any fruit at all makes yin disease much worse. This includes eating vegetables that are really fruits. These are vegetables with seeds and include tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, squashes and cucumbers. Eating anything raw or only lightly cooked such as salads also makes yin disease much worse!
Fruits versus vegetables. Many people think that fruits and vegetables are basically the same. This is the opposite of the truth. Vegetables are leaves, stems and roots of plants. These are the vital parts of a plant. Vegetables grow on the ground or underground.
Fruits are plant throwaway. Yes, they contain anti-oxidants and some nutrients. However, they are mainly sugar-coated garbage designed for one purpose - to spread plant seeds. They do this by enticing or seducing animals to eat them. Then the animals roam around and spread the seeds when they poop.
The mineral balance of vegetables is excellent, especially when cooked until soft. The mineral balance of fruit is terrible, especially if grown in depleted soil, which is most all of it today.
The forbidden fruit story in the Bible is one of the most important stories of the Bible. Yet most Bible teachers, including many priests, pastors and rabbis, dismiss it, laugh about it and are even embarrassed about it.
Fruit is the death food. If you want to die, eat it. Plants produce it when they are dying and it is loaded with a toxic form of potassium, which we call the death mineral.
The old word for potassium is kallium. That is why the symbol for potassium on the periodic table of the elements is K. It is named after Kali, a very ancient goddess or ruler of death and destruction.
Some clients love the entire development program, except for the recommendation to avoid fruit. One reason is they are addicted to sugar. Some are also too lazy to cook and fruit is “fast food”. For more details, read Fruit-Eating.
7/28/23. When doing the pulling down procedure, there are three, not two ways to do it. The third method is best.
One method is to push subtle energy down from your head to your feet. This does not work too well and can easily cause a headache.
The second method is to pull energy from the head to the feet. For this method, one first puts one's attention at or a little below or beyond the feet if you are lying down. Then one pulls the subtle energy toward oneself, pretending there is a magnet or perhaps a large vacuum cleaner below the feet.
The third method is to place your attention much further below the feet or much further beyond the feet if you are lying down. Then create a huge vacuum or emptiness below or beyond the feet. Then allow the subtle energy to fill the vacuum.
There is a distinct feeling of emptiness below or beyond the feet when one does it this way. That is how you know you are doing it correctly. Once you feel this feeling you can increase the empty feeling and the subtle energy will move even more powerfully from the head to the feet. You could say it is a “negative” or empty method.
For many details about the pulling down procedure, read The Pulling Down Procedure. For a more theoretical article, read Downward Moving Energy And Healing.
7/27/23. Souls are born in pairs – a male and a female. These are called twins or genetic twin souls. In other words, twin souls are souls that were born at the same time from the same egg.
This evening the forces defending the earth found more of these twins. This is wonderful because twins usually love each other and work together very well. They also communicate quite well and this is very needed. So this was a good day on earth.
Something else wonderful occurred this evening. We found several fine matter creatures who are essential for our planet. Their names may seem odd, but they are very important and they were missing. They are the queens, god and a set of administrators who go by the name of Ya and Yav.
The queens. These are special fine matter beings who live inside the earth. They act as leaders and help the planet in many ways. We have found four of them and perhaps there are more.
God. The word god, as used here, means an advanced being. It does not mean the Supreme Being or the Diety.
The god that was found tonight is actually a pair of special fine matter beings – one male and one female. They are very large, beautiful beings who live inside the earth. They help operate the planet.
Ya and Yav. These are proper names for two more large fine matter beings who were found tonight. They are also leaders who help maintain our planet.
You may notice that their names are somewhat similar to the Hebrew Bible names for God – Yaweh and Jehovah. We are still learning about them, but we suspect their names and the connection with the Bible is no accident.
We hope to write more about these topics as we learn more.
7/26/23. Energy production is one of the great common denominators of health. We want to teach this to the world and especially to the healing professions. They waste your time and money identifying thousands of 'diseases' when the basic disease is fatigue or low energy. It, in turn, gives rise to literally hundreds of symptoms and diseases.
The car analogy. Our bodies are like modern cars that have a lot of 'power' options. These include power-assisted brakes and steering, power windows, power door locks, power seats, even powered mirrors and powered sun roofs. This is nice except that if anything goes wrong with the power system, one loses all these functions.
The body is similar. Everything is power-assisted - the immune response, the cardiovascular system, the digestive system and so on. Any problem with 'power' or energy will affect all these systems.
Our bodies have seven energy production systems. Each one produces more energy. Most people are using two or three of them. The others are poisoned by toxic metals and chemicals, or they don't work because you are missing vital nutrients. For details, read The Body's Seven Energy Systems.
The rogues. A theme of this newsletter and website is that there is a secret war with an alien group for control of our planet. It has been going on for thousands of years.
The alien group, called the Rogues on this website or Satan in the Bible, understand energy production extremely well! Their fighters are always very well-nourished and full of energy. Meanwhile, they make sure that everyone on earth is low in energy so we cannot resist them well. It is a nutrition war!
The rogues are responsible for most rapes and beatings. These deplete nutrients and introduce toxic substances into the body that ruin the energy systems. They are also responsible for poisoning our food in a hundred ways to reduce its nutritional value and introduce more poisons into our bodies.
The development program slowly reverses the damage. It is not an easy task and it requires some years on the program, but I assure you it can be done. For more details, read the newly revised article, Restoring The Body's Energy.
7/25/23. One of the most important whole system behaviors of every living being is the ratio of sodium to potassium in the body tissues. This is not known in medical or natural health care. We think this is deliberate and that the truth is kept from physicians and from the public.
I originally learned about this ratio from Dr. Paul Eck. I believe he was able to tune into Planning Souls. They now guide me and are assisting in writing this message.
They tell us that working with the sodium/potassium ratio is essential to produce health. It is also essential if one wishes to cause rapid development of the body. Development is a very deep genetic healing process that greatly strengthens the body and extends life. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs.
The ideal sodium/potassium ratio. In human beings, this ratio should be between 2.5 and about 4 for optimum health. In animals, it should be about 0.5. In plants, it should be about 0.1. In fine matter beings, it is between 5 and 15. For details, read The Life Chart.
Measuring the sodium/potassium ratio. For accurate readings, the sodium/potassium ratio must be measured in the tissues, not the blood or elsewhere. We measure it in the hair, a body tissue that is easy to sample and transport, and which works well.
Mineral levels in the blood and urine are too influenced by one's last meal and many other factors to be accurate. So one cannot use blood or urine tests to measure it.
Also, most mineral testing laboratories wash the hair at the laboratory. This wrecks the sodium/potassium ratio. Sodium and potassium are water-soluble minerals that are easily removed with washing. For details, read Effect Of Washing On The Trace Element Content Of Human Hair.
Symptoms of imbalance. When the ratio is higher, it indicates inflammation, acute stress and/or anger. When it is lower, it indicates weakness, fatigue, excessive tissue breakdown, and is associated with feelings of frustration, resentment and hostility.
An electrical indicator. The ratio of sodium to potassium in the tissues has to do with the electrical potential across cell membranes. A healthy body pumps sodium out of the cells. This causes a voltage or electrical charge across the cell membranes. This is essential for health.
Diet and the sodium/potassium ratio. To maintain the tissue sodium/potassium ratio one must eat properly. The most important food group needed to maintain this ratio are cooked vegetables. Most people do not eat enough of these, and this upsets the sodium/potassium ratio. For many more details, read The Sodium/Potassium Ratio and A High Sodium/Potassium Ratio.
7/24/23. I am told that master is a word in the ancient Ebre
hatred, burnout babies, earth update, Na/K
language that is spoken throughout the cosmos. Ebre is a language of love and power. Some languages on earth contain some of the same words.
In Ebre, the definition of a master is a person who has 1) strong moral values, 2) high integrity and 3) who is developed to a certain level. Let us examine this in more detail:
1. What are strong moral values? The word moral is related to our word more. It means the highest and the greatest.
An excellent summary of strong moral values is to follow the Ten Commandments given to Moses, the Golden Rule, and to understand and practice the Law Of Cause And Effect (as you sow, so shall you reap. Therefore, to be healthy and happy, wish everyone well and act accordingly).
2. What is high integrity? Integrity is another word in the ancient Ebre language. It means integrated, whole, and a oneness of the personality. A related word in English is integer, which means a whole number, not a fraction or not fractured or split.
3. What is development? Development is also a word in the ancient Ebre language. It refers to a very precise process of change and healing in the body that drastically improves health and extends life.
Development is not taught widely today. In fact it is not allowed to be taught much, but it is the truth. Hints about it are found in many holy texts such as the Bible and others.
It requires special nutrition, lots of rest, and holding on to most of one's sexual fluid. Down sex and Down Hugging, however, are acceptable and excellent for healing and development.
In addition, one must do the Pulling Down Procedure for at least an hour daily and preferably more to cause rapid development.
The challenge. Living as a master is a challenge today, especially for women. The alien group we call the rogues on this website and which the Bible calls Satan tell women, in particular, that they must lie, steal and disobey the Commandments. If they don't, they are told they will be beaten, raped and perhaps killed.
A remedy. Our clients tell us that a remedy for this is to do at least two coffee enemas daily. They must contain two tablespoons or more of coffee in each one if you boil the coffee or three tablespoons or more if you use a coffee maker.
One must also safeguard the coffee. One does this by informing one's security team that the aliens may try to steal the coffee from the body and to please safeguard it. One should check this often by asking and listening for a response.
This will not stop the threats, which one hears in one's head. However, it will stop the rapes and beatings.
In addition, our clients tell us one must pray often and pray unselfishly, such as the Lord's Prayer or the 23rd Psalm of David. The voices in the head may tell you not to do coffee enemas and not to pray, but one must do them anyway. It will not cause more beatings, rapes or death.
Note: To become a master it is not enough to just be a good person, although this is part of it. One must also follow the path of development. This is much more than just eating a healthy diet and having a healthy lifestyle.
7/23/23. There is a great need to return the United States and some other nations to constitutional rule. This means the rule of the national and state constitutions. They are supposed to be the highest law of the land.
The constitutions have been violated for 150 years, in some cases, with many more violations in the past 50 years. Here are just a few glaring examples:
- The 47 government agencies are all illegal. They include the FDA (Food And Drug Administration), IRS (Internal Revenue Service), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), FTC (Federal Trade Commission), FCC (Federal Communications Commission), ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco And Firearms) and the rest.
Together, they make over 99% of our laws, yet they are not law-making bodies.
- Government research institutes are unconstitutional. This includes the 27 or so National Institutes Of Health.
- The money is unconstitutional. Gold and silver are the only legal money. The Federal Reserve banks and system is also wholly unconstitutional and has bankrupted the United States. Congress is supposed to control the money, not a private group of bankers.
- Elections are completely unconstitutional. There is a system of electors, not voters, that has been abandoned.
- The national citizenship of the United States is unconstitutional. You are a citizen first of your state, not of the nation.
- Occupational licensing is unconstitutional. It is based on a phony legal doctrine called the police powers. There is no such thing in the Constitutions.
- All Emergency Powers acts violate the constitution and are also based on the phony police powers doctrine.
- The income tax is unconstitutional, as are many taxes. They just bleed away the wealth of the people and waste trillions of dollars forcing people to fill out mountains of paperwork and hire accountants and attorneys just to survive the system.
- The cell phone system is unconstitutional because it spies on you. Same with the way the internet is set up, the computers and much more. They violate the Fourth Amendment in a most egregious way.
- The welfare state (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and more) are unconstitutional. These programs are extremely corrupt and there are much better ways to take care of the poor and disabled people in society using private welfare.
A number of articles discuss these horrors, and they are horrors. They include The Regulatory State, The Federal Reserve, The FDA Menace, Socialism and others.
7/22/23. Daikon is one of the most important foods for health and development. Do not skip it! Eat it every day and preferably a slice with every meal.
It is widely available in stores and it is easy to cook and eat. Just cut off a thin slice and steam or pressure cook it.
Radishes are among the most nutritionally loaded low-calorie vegetables. They provide high levels of vitamin C and folate. They also contain the active enzyme myrosinase. Daikon has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and diuretic properties. It also contains digestive enzymes that help the body process proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
The many health benefits of daikon include strengthening the immune system, bone health, boosting respiratory health, helping weight loss, improving digestion and detoxifying the body.
7/21/23. We completely revised and updated the article about the three subtle energy centers called the dantiens. We will be talking more about these very important energy centers because they have a lot to do with the development program. For details, read The Dantiens.
7/21/23. We updated the article about the very powerful peroxide implant healing procedure. Some clients tell us that if one continues the procedure, even more interesting effects will occur!
We also reorganized the articles and made other improvements. For details, read The Vaginal Peroxide Procedure and The Penis Peroxide Procedure.
7/19/23. Fast oxidation is a common condition of body chemistry that is revealed on hair tissue mineral tests. It is particularly common in babies and young children. It is associated with overactivity of the thyroid and adrenal glands.
When one is in fast oxidation, it is imperative to eat extra fat with each meal. Eating more fats or oils slows the oxidation rate. This was the research of Dr. George Watson, a pioneer of the modern development program.
It is also critical to avoid sugar and all sweets when one is in fast oxidation. This includes all types of sugar, fruit, fruit juices and any sweet food or drink.
The reason is that sweets further speed up the oxidation rate. This further unbalances the body and leads to many health conditions.
If more parents understood this fact about body chemistry, millions of babies and children would be much healthier. For details read Fast Oxidation, The Oxidation Types – Fast, Slow, Mixed And Four Lows, and The Baby Manual.
7/18/23. There is no substitute for a caring, loving attitude toward all beings. Check yourself often for other attitudes such as fear, anger, resentment, self-pity or lack of caring. If you find them, say “I can choose again” and change the attitude quickly in yourself. This is an ongoing task for everyone.
Never make excuses for an uncaring attitude. This is also very important. It is easy to make excuses such as that I am too busy to care, or it does not matter, or something else. Don't make excuses. Just change your attitude.
Do not fall into self-pity. This is the “poor me” attitude or victim thinking. Never go here, no matter what happened. This can be challenging when you do not feel well, have no money or no friends, and life seems hopeless.
Life is never hopeless. That is not a characteristic of life. In fact, whatever is your situation, it could be worse and usually much worse.
So stay with gratitude! That is the proper attitude and is related to caring for others. There is always plenty for which to be grateful.
Make a list of that for which you are grateful and add to it each day. This is a wonderful mental exercise – as important as any other part of the development program! For details, read Happiness, Happiness Training and Gratitude.
7/17/23. Shallots are a member of the onion family. They are an excellent food for development and healing, and one of the finest vegetables to eat every day.
Shallots contain a wide variety of nutrients, especially vitamin B6, manganese and vitamin C. They are also one of the warmest or most yang of vegetables in macrobiotic terminology.
To eat shallots, peel off the brown outer leaves. Then slice lengthwise into bite-sized pieces. Then pressure-cook for about two minutes or steam for about 20-25 minutes.
Shallots are not as they appear to be. They look like just another onion. However, I am told they are quite a special food for digestion, for the immune response, and for the nervous system of our bodies.
For all these reasons, ideally eat some shallots with every meal and at least once or twice daily.
7/16/23. The worst dietary problem of most of our clients is not eating enough vegetables. This post explains why eating loads of cooked vegetables is worth the cost and effort.
The needless emergency room visit. One of our clients ended up in the emergency room the other evening because her blood pressure went up. Her son is in the hospital and had a bad day. However, she also did not retest her hair within six months and was on the wrong nutritional program. Even worse, she was not eating lots of cooked vegetables.
Her body is detoxifying and getting healthier. However, without enough cooked vegetables, detoxification is near impossible!
So the poisons built up in her blood and caused a rise in blood pressure. The whole episode was needless and just caused fear and wasted time and money.
Deep detoxification. The nutrients in some cooked vegetables have a most unusual effect upon the body. It is a type of detoxification effect. It calms the body and permits deep detoxification to proceed easily.
A love energy. I call this effect a love energy because it truly has a deep loving effect upon the body. This is an effect that everyone needs and that cannot be obtained from other foods, herbs or food supplements.
The incredible onions. Onions alone are just amazing foods to eat, so we suggest every meal contain at least three kinds of onions. Onions should be firm and the rings if you slice one open should be close together.
An excellent type of onion is the shallots. It does not look like much, but it is a nutrition powerhouse. Eat some with each meal! Another amazing onion are the green onions, also called scallions. These also are rather humble looking but contain a wide variety of nutrients not available in other foods.Ask in the market for them! They are widely available.
The friendly carrot. Carrots are another amazing vegetable. Look for carrots at a farmer's market, if possible, because many supermarket carrots are of a low quality today.
Rutabaga – the kicker. Finally, we will mention eating one or two thin slices of cooked rutabaga with each meal. It is another nutritional powerhouse that will get you through the day and more. It must be sliced thinly to it cooks, which makes it turn sweet and delicious.
In summary, please, do not make the mistake the woman above made. Be sure to eat loads of cooked, preferred vegetables with each meal. Preferably, pressure cook them. This way you can drink the outstanding water in which the vegetables cooked – truly a health secret. For details, read All About Vegetables and Pressure-Cooking.
7/15/23. Grinding one's coffee finely before cooking it for an enema will reduce the amount of coffee needed for an enema by up to half!
Warning: If you grind your coffee finely, use it immediately afterwards. Do not grind it and leave it – it is more likely to go rancid. Grind up only one dose of coffee and boil the coffee immediately after grinding. Always store coffee in the refrigerator.
7/14/23. Coffee enemas are very helpful for children and teenagers. Our clients tell us they protect against visits by the rogue rapists and thugs.
Coffee enemas also help a lot with healing and to speed up the deep healing process called development. Children need less coffee depending upon their weight. Slightly smaller enema tips are available for children, but the adult size tip works fine.
So far, I have not heard of problems with coffee enemas for children, and especially for teens. Please teach the use of coffee enemas to your children and assist your children with them.
7/13/23. I am revising the section of the website that deals with sex. I eliminated an article that was not very good and I revised and improved the philosophical article called Two Types Of Relationships.
7/12/23. Past messages in this newsletter have referred to the very unusual phenomenon called rewind. It is an alteration of time that can be done using machines and other methods. The effect is to undo some events.
The battle to free the earth from the rogue presence has recently escalated. Part of it is an attempt to literally undo and reverse some of the damage to our planet and everything upon it. Rewind technology is being used to accomplish this.
We bring it to your attention because you may witness it in yourself or around you.
Rewind feelings. Usually, when an event rewinds, there is little sensation except you might suddenly feel better. Once rewound, memories of traumas and other events are usually lost. It is as if the event never occurred.
In some cases, only partial rewind is possible. The exact reasons for this are complex and have to do with the law of cause and effect. For details, read Rewind and The Law Of Cause And Effect.
7/11/23. Goat yogurt and goat cheese are foods for rapid development. I am told that one reason is they contain more advanced souls that people need in order for development to occur quickly.
Goat yogurt and cheese also contain a number of nutrients that are most helpful for healing and development. Goats are fairly healthy animals that have not been hybridized as much as cows.
Cow milk, yogurt, kefir and cheese seem to be less helpful, so we don't recommend them. Goat milk is not as good, so we do not recommend goat milk.
7/10/23. Tan is the ancient name for special male-female blending that causes rapid development and deep healing. We highly recommend it for everyone.
I added to the new article about it and clarified some issues. For details, read Tan Science.
7/10/23. The pull down procedure consists of focusing your attention on your feet, and then moving subtle energy downward from the head to the feet with your mind. It is a basic procedure of the development program and is extremely powerful.
It is also “acting out” the Lord's Prayer, which states that 'Thy Will be done down here on earth, as it is already done above”. With this procedure, you llierally pull in more and more of God to the earth.
This procedure should cause a tickle as the energy moves through your first energy center. The tickle will keep many people doing the procedure.
However, especially for women, it can take a year or more of practice before one feels the tickle. This causes many women and men to not bother with this important procedure.
What to do. Some people just know that the pull down procedure is wonderful for healing and development. They will stay with it even if they don't feel the tickle, at first.
If you don't feel the effects of the procedure at first, just persist with it. Another idea is to do some down hugging with someone to move you along faster, especially when beginning the procedure. This way you will feel the tickle sooner and this encourages you to continue the exercise.
7/10/23. Sympathetic dominance is a very important mineral pattern found in at least half our clients. It is an imbalance involving the autonomic nervous system.
The article was old and has now been updated and improved. For details, read Sympathetic Dominance.
7/9/23. I realized this article is missing some vital information. I added two paragraphs. They may sound harsh and offensive to women, but some women appreciate that we are exposing the truth:
Men need to know that ALL women have been severely beaten and raped and ALL women have sexual diseases as a result. Also, very few, if any, women will tell you the truth about this. They all lie. The rogues force all women to lie to men.
Men also need to know that ALL women have been conditioned by the rogues to want sex. This easily causes problems in relationships because the women want more sex than a man can provide without hurting himself by losing sexual fluid. Men need to hold on to their sexual fluid and only do down sex. We discuss this later in this article.
7/8/23. Tahini is ground, toasted sesame seeds. It is an ancient food and very important for healing and development.
Tahini is very rich in a special form of calcium, and high in many other minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, selenium and others. It also contains many vitamins that are difficult to find in other foods.
Tahini must be ground up. Whole sesame seeds usually pass right through the digestive tract undigested. Therefore, one must eat sesame ground up into a paste. Just eating whole sesame seeds won't work.
Storage. Tahini is an oily product and it will go rancid. So be sure to store it in the refrigerator at all times. Also, I would not eat it after it has been open for more than six months. Better to get a new container.
How much tahini to eat. Most adults need about two tablespoons of tahini daily. If you are having problems with tooth sensitivity or any tooth problems, eat a little more.
Babies and children also need some tahini every day. They need less than adults, according to their weight. For example, a child who weighs 75 pounds, about half the weight of an adult, usually needs about one tablespoon of tahini daily because that is half of the adult dosage.
How to eat tahini. You can eat it plain. I sometimes dip blue corn chips in it and then eat the corn chip. Another method is to use it as a topping for vegetables, meat, or other food.
There is also a Middle Eastern way of eating it by mixing it with ground up chick peas or garbanzo beans, often with a little garlic and lemon. This is called hommos or hummos. This preparation is tasty and is sold in many stores. However, we would not eat it this way all the time because it is more yin.
Dosage of hommos. Adults need to eat four tablespoons of hommos daily because this preparation contains less tahini.
7/7/23. Clint is 31 years old. He has been carefully following the development program for about five years. He has experienced a lot of healing.
Most recent hair mineral test. His new mineral test reveals a number of excellent patterns.

- A large detoxification with 10 minerals coming out.

- 8 anchors, indicating significant healing in the brain.

- Right and left pivots. This indicates excellent insights and changes of mind about oneself and others.

- Big maturing pattern. This is indicated by a large elimination of toxic potassium.

- Multiple goalpost pattern. This is the appearance of a number of much higher levels that are called goalposts.

- Big wave. Connecting the tops of the graphs forms what looks like a large wave pattern. It is another positive pattern indicating that Clint is “riding a rapid wave” into his future.

- A balanced, flared, five hill. This is very unusual. A balanced hill means it is quite symmetrical. This indicates good changes inside and outside. A five hill means it involves five minerals rather than the usual four. This indicates it is a larger pattern. The flared look on either side of the hill adds emphasis to the hill pattern.

Symptoms. Overall health is much better. Clint reports better stamina, better mood, more self-confidence, more determination, and that he is wiser.

Clint had testicle pain, anger, emotional ups and downs, and spleen and liver pain. This was due to rapid detoxification and I am told it is now better.


7/7/23. We updated, expanded and improved the Beating article. For details, read Beatings.
I believe that more of our clients are going through trauma retracing at this time. This may be due to the new position of the earth in space – at a higher level.
This retracing is very good, although it may cause temporary unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Everyone reports feeling better when a retracing is over.
7/6/23. Love is the nature of our universe. All matter is made of souls who form configurations that are called the elements – calcium, magnesium and so on. These souls are loving and do a job to create matter.
The souls also think and with their thoughts they create in a loving way. So all is love, in this regard.
The human beings, in particular, on our planet don't understand this. Sadly, the religions of the world have been corrupted by the ones called the rogues on this website and the love element has been reduced.
So we seek to bring it back in many ways so that it once again will be in the forefront of everyone's mind at all times.
What to do. Do everything with love and always think lovng thoughts. Among these are an attitude of gratitude for what you have, rather than anger at what you don't have.
From the moment you awaken to the moment you go to sleep at night do everything with love and think loving thoughts. Do all things with an awareness of the souls and the love that is the basis for life and creation.
When you meet others, always wish them love. This does not mean you must hug them or do anything at all. However, you can think loving thoughts about others at all times and it will benefit you and them.
When you work, think loving thoughts about your work. Don't focus on the money you are earning or just the task at hand. Think loving thoughts at all times.
When you don't feel well, continue to think loving thoughts. This is also most important.
7/5/23. One of the best healing procedures is the Pops, pulls, twists and kicks. We also just call it the spinal twists. It is important because this procedure aligns the spine and other joints. It also helps subtle energy flow through the joints of the body.
1. Relax. To do the procedure best, it is important to relax. One way to relax the spine is to do foot reflexology. To relax the spine, rub the entire arch of the foot from the tip of the big toe all the way to the heel. Do this on both feet.
One can also do hand reflexology by pressing and rubbing all over the thumb and down into the base of the thumb. Once again, do both hands.
Shining a red heat lamp on the body and perhaps using a red heat lamp sauna is another way to relax.
2. Do the major spinal twist. One lies on one's back with feet together. Then raise one leg straight up. Then twist the raised leg over the other leg and move it all the way down to the bed or couch. Often, there will be a few pops as one does this as vertebrae align themselves properly.
Then repeat the procedure - raising the other leg and twisting in the opposite direction.
3. I often continue by popping the knees. One lies comfortably on one's back. Bend one knee. Put both hands around the lower leg, just above the ankle. Then move the foot of the bent leg as close as you can to your butt.
When you have done this, pull fast on the bent leg. You may hear a popping sound in the knee of the bent leg. In fact, there may be two pops coming from each knee. Then repeat the procedure on the other side. For many more details, read The Pops, Pulls, Twists and Kicks.
7/4/23. July Fourth celebrates the independence of America from Great Britain and the birth of the American nation. This event took place 247 years ago in 1776.
However, Fourth of July is really a worldwide holiday! It celebrates the triumph of the individual and individual rights, also called human rights, over dictatorship and thug rulership of the planet.
Until 1776, all major governments were based on the principle that might-makes-right. Thugs ran most all nations and were called kings, queens, despots, war lords, monarchs, and dictators. They fought among themselves for power and had little regard for their 'subjects', the people. Individuals had very few rights or control over their governments.
The divine right of kings. The major political doctrine on earth was called the divine right of kings. This doctrine teaches that God mainly loves the kings and queens, but not the people of earth.
Human rights. The American Revolution changed this. The American Declaration Of Independence declares that “all men (and women) are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable (meaning irrevocable) rights, including the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
The important points are:
1. All people have rights.
2. The rights come from God or the Creator, not from any government. These are called in law natural rights. Rights that come from a government are called civil rights.
3. These rights are inalienable. This means they cannot be taken away.
4. The Declaration Of Independence goes on to say that to protect these natural rights is the sole purpose of the government.
5. These rights include the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness:
The right to life means the government may not kill people for any reason unless there is a trial and proof that the person committed a terrible crime.
Liberty means shared sovereignty. This is the ability of the people to do as one wishes, provided one respects the rights of everyone else to do as they wish. Liberty is not the same as license, which is the freedom to do as one wishes without regard for the rights of others.
The pursuit of happiness is a fascinating phrase. At one level, it means that governments may not dictate how people must live their lives.
However, it is rooted in deep philosophical thought. To understand it, visit Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness (Wikipedia). Start reading from the beginning, but particularly the sections entitled Lockean Roots Hypothesis, Virginia Declaration Of Rights, and Alternative Hypotheses. In the latter section, most important is the long quote from Adam Ferguson (1723-1816), a brilliant Scottish philosopher and religious historian.
7/4/23. I added a section to the new relationships article. For details, read Tan Science.
7/3/23. We wrote a short commentary on the famous Bible story about Queen Esther. Be warned that this article includes disgusting information about the treatment of women.
However, it is an important story, especially for women today. For details, read The Story Of Queen Esther.
7/2/23. I put up a new article about male-female blending. The ancient word for this science is tan, pronounced like the word don. It is not currently taught much on earth, but everyone needs to know about it, so please read this article. For details, read Tan Science. A related article is Empathic Blending.
7/1/23. Souls all have a flying organ in the middle of the chest. This organ sets up an electromagnetic field around the soul. The field interacts with the energy field of space and the soul is able to move about for this reason.
Human beings can develop a similar organ if they develop. This requires The Development Program. In the human being, the organ is called the merkaba. For details, read The Merkaba.
7/1/23. The souls want everyone to know what occurs when a human, animal or plant dies. It may not be what you thought.
At death, the 100 trillion or so souls that are needed to operate the human body become free and leave the body. Some travel into space, while others remain near the body for up to several weeks or longer.
New assignments. Many of the souls in our bodies upon our death receive a new assignment. They may be told to get inside a new developing body. They may be told to help out a plants rather than another human being.
Some are told to do something completely different that has nothing to do with a body. It might be to clean up the planet or to travel through space.
NOTE: I am told that death and aging are not necessary. There are many stories about people who do not age and who live on.
To avoid death, one needs the development program. Then the tissues of the body change and much more life energy is made available to the body. This can keep a body alive for hundreds or even thousands of years.
6/30/23. Earlier tonight my internet connection was not working. I felt frustrated and a little paranoid that an evil force did not want me to use the internet.
Fortunately, I opened an electrical box in the garage and found that the cable was not hooked up properly. Upon correcting the problem, the internet worked fine. The lesson is – don't give up easily! It can be tempting.
Health. The same principle applies to your health. Many people quit the development program because they are retracing. In almost all cases, those who follow the development program do not get sick, they retrace. It can look and feel the same, but it is very different! For details, read Retracing.
6/30/23. A confusing idea found in the New Testament of the Bible is the advice to “love your enemies” (Matthew 5:44 and Luke 6:27-28). What might this mean?
I would say, it does not mean to excuse bad behavior or to go along with those who are doing harm. It means to honor enemies and as the Bible suggests, pray for them, since they need it. Hating them does not work because at some level we are all related, so hating anyone is not wise.
6/29/23. At this time, there is a great need for love directed toward our planet. As we have written here, the earth is in a cleanup and is throwing off the group we call the rogues. They have made a total mess of our planet and it needs to be cleaned up.
The love we are talking about is not a romantic love, but rather a healing energy directed to the earth. You can do this yourself.
Down hugs and down sex. However, a more powerful way to direct love to the planet is by doing down hugging or down sex. At the same time as you are doing one of these procedures, you can visualize sending love and light to the interior of our planet.
Another way to send love and light to the planet at this time is to visualize the planet very clean and bright. Visualize the air very clean, even in cities. Visualize everything clean – the streets, the oceans and rivers, and all else.
6/28/23. In order for two people to be compatible in a man-woman relationship, they need to think and act similarly on at least a number of levels. The following is a way to organize these levels according to the seven system.
1. Physical aspects. These includes all the physical aspects of life, such as how and where one likes to live and how one conducts one's life.
2. Emotional aspects. These include a person's emotional makeup – how happy he or she is. It also includes what a person likes in the area of sexual contact. We highly recommend down sex, down hugging, Down Kissing and all of the male-female blending exercises. These will heal any couple and are very beneficial for the planet, as well.
3. Simple mental aspects. This is mainly how two people interact on a level of empowerment, sovereignty and/or codependency.
4. Social aspects. This includes how a couple interacts with others such as family, friends, and colleagues at work.
5. Work and creativity aspects. These include working together, arrangements such as formal marriage, and artistic and other types of expression done together.
6. Intellectual and wisdom aspects. This includes how well two people understand each other and understand their relationship at an intellectual level.
7. Spiritual and divine levels. These include how well connected both partners are with the higher levels of life, sometimes also called God, the One, or the Creator.
At all these levels, a couple can be more or less compatible. The goal of matchmaking is to try to find two who think alike at all or most of these levels. This usually results in a happy relationship.
6/28/23. There has been some very positive news in the situation on earth.
Several days ago the forces defending the earth discovered a very large prison in the Southwest of the United States. Inside were several thousand human beings who apparently have very advanced souls and they are very needed on earth.
They have been freed from the prison and are now helping to restore the earth. We feel hopeful that they will help us to restore the earth – a huge job!
6/27/23. A very serious problem on earth at this time is that millions of women are in slavery relationships. This means they are not free to leave the relationship. It is a capture situation.
Many of these situations are made to look like friendships, family, marriages, and “love”. However, there is no love or friendship. And there is no marriage because marriage must be voluntary.
A male rapist thug (I won't call them men) simply controls a woman. They use threats, beatings, rapes, and very high-tech electronic implants and other weapons to force her to obey his orders.
Secret. A prominent feature of this modern slavery is that the woman is not allowed to tell anyone about the truth of her life. Those in charge, whom we call the rogues or Satan in the Bible, make sure most of these relationships look voluntary when, in fact, they are the opposite.
They enforce this with intense beatings if one says a word to anyone about the slavery situation. The rogue perpetrators are excellent at hiding the scars, broken bones and other damage they do to women's bodies. A woman who disobeys more than once or twice is often murdered – a troublemaker.
Reasons. Among the reasons for enslavement are forced sex, to take care of a home, perhaps to have a home by stealing hers, or to bear and raise his children. Other reasons include to force her into some kind of work, often of a criminal nature such as prostitution, stealing, or to harm others in some way. They also use women for massive voting fraud by forcing them to vote liberal or Democrat.
Preparation. We learned just in the past year that all women on earth are conditioned to slavery very early in their lives. They are taught from birth that they are stupid, inferior, trash, bitches, whores, and must serve the new rulers of earth – the rogues.
This is taught through a very thorough combination of beatings, rapes, poisoning, hypnosis, other brainwashing, nutritional deprivation and electronic implants. It begins when a woman is still inside her mother and it continues for years. Most women are quite unaware of their extent of their programming.
In addition, the rogues murder thousands of babies and children, both men and women, whom they believe they won't be able to control.
Goals of this post. One goal of this post is to expose what is going on. Women we speak with desperately want everyone to know their situation. Another goal is to offer solutions.
Solutions. The development program helps some women become free, though some tell us they are not allowed to read this website or to follow the program.
NOTE: Two or more coffee enemas daily are absolutely required for freedom, along with a better diet and the rest of the basic program. We encourage women to do this no matter what they are threatened with. The program is, in fact, a kind of antidote and method to reverse many aspects of the programming and slavery.
Prayer. Intense, focused, continuous, unselfish prayer is also excellent. Some women report they are not allowed to pray, but we suggest doing it anyway, secretly, if needed.
Attitude. One can hold an attitude at all times that “I do not go along and you don't own me”. I think to do this correctly one must also add that “I belong to God, not you.” “Do whatever you want – it won't matter”.
6/26/23. The souls are extremely sick! This is most critical for everyone to know. We are mere shadows of the way we are supposed to be.
The sickness of the souls is due to the ones we call the Rogues. That is a most fearsome enemy that comes from space. They make sure all of the souls are born improperly, raped badly, beaten terribly, poisoned, starved, thirsted and tortured in many ways. The Bible calls this group Satan, which means full of themselves.
An apology. The souls want to apologize to the human bodies for the terrible state of the souls. The souls control the bodies and some of the diseases, traumas, and other problems of human bodies are due to the sickness of all of the souls.
Hope. We believe that someone, somewhere, has decided that we have had enough of the rogues or Satan. We believe that they are keeping many of us alive and that we are part of an effort and a movement to restore the universe.
6/25/23. A theme of this newsletter and website is the central importance of souls. Most people know about souls because they are mentioned in the Bible. However, the Bible gives few details about them.
Souls are in charge. Souls run every human body. The body does not run on its own. Millions of souls are needed to animate and operate each human. In fact, each human body contains about 100 trillion souls.
Souls are many. As you can imagine, there are many souls! They fly around in space or they are locked into the bodies of all humans, animals and plants.
Souls are tiny! Millions can fit on the head of a pin. They are so small that they are difficult to see. Also, the rogues do not want us to know about souls because they we would know we are all related to each other and we are all related to God.
Each soul has a tiny wire connecting the souls to a small fine matter creature. These are called Father.
Souls are ill. All souls today are somewhat sick, spiked and beaten. This affects everyone to some degree. The development program not only heals the body; it also heals the souls. To be continued ...
6/24/23. Here are some essentials for men:
- Honesty and high integrity. Honors and respects his partner and all women at all times. Gentle and kind. Not lazy. Safety conscious at all times in all areas.
- Knows the development program, and willing and committed to doing it all, including coffee enemas.
- Helps out with all jobs in the home
- Neat and clean
- Knows about and only wants down sex and tan blending. Not interested in ordinary or up sex.
- Sits on the toilet for urination, knows how to wipe after urinating, and always does it. The steps are 1) hold toilet paper to head of the penis, 2) make sure penis is aimed downward, 3) count to ten before removing the paper.
- Shaves his face and his groin. In the groin, the area above the penis is most important.
- No staring at women, and of course, no fooling around with anyone but his wife.
- Has some money. This is not quite as important if a woman has money and does not mind sharing it.
- Knows how to hold his sexual fluid. This means he can have sex longer, and it is safer for the woman. It also means he can do down sex. Good sexual fluid control takes some years of doing the pulling down procedure. Then it develops automatically.
- Honesty and high integrity. Not lazy. Careful with money.
- Neat and clean.
- Safety conscious at all times.
- Modest with her dress, speech and all other aspects of life.
- Knows the development program, and willing and committed to doing it all, including coffee enemas.
- Helps out with all jobs in the home.
- Cleaned up in the vaginal area. It may not be perfect because this is difficult until one is quite developed, but anyone can clean up using the vaginal peroxide procedure daily.
- Honors and respects her partner and all men at all times. Gentle and kind.
- No staring or flirting with men, and of course, no fooling around with anyone other than her husband.
- Knows and willing to do down sex and tan blending on a daily basis.
For details, read Intimacy Talk For Men and Intimacy Talk For Women.
6/23/23. There is a cleanup of the earth underway. You may notice some odd changes, such as the rebuilding of a building that was already complete. This occurs if the rebuild was not done right and it won't be allowed. There could be phone interruption or other problems.
6/23/23. Often, women who are more religious, develop more slowly. They seem to be more tense. Here are suggestions to offset this:
- psychodrama. This is acting or pretending and it can be done in many ways. One simply pretends that one is relaxed and developing quickly.
- Red heat lamp therapy. This is quite relaxing for some people.
- The sexual therapies - down hugs or down sex. Many women find these to be relaxing.
- Plenty of rest and sleep.
- The spinal twists are excellent
- Rolling or similar deep bodywork. Massage does not work well in most cases.
6/22/23. This is a most exciting medical and spiritual breakthrough. I am told that the human, animal and fine-matter pancreas should be shaped like a flattened diamond and should extend to both sides of the abdomen.
A universal organ. The pancreas is a very unusual organ with special functions related to power and control – aspects of the third energy center. It is a universal organ, a concept we will explain. This is why it is named pan-creas. The word pan means ALL.
However, most people's pancreas is not diamond-shaped and is a much smaller organ located only on the left side of the abdomen.
Rogue destruction. The pancreas is small on everyone because before birth, the Rogues send a team of souls into every pregnant mother and they destroy about half of every baby's pancreas.
One way we know this is true is that when a person develops to a certain degree, the pancreas begins to grow back on the other side.
The criste. Production of trypsin and chymotrypsin by the pancreas is well known. They are important protein-digesting enzymes that help prevent and heal cancer and many other health problems.
What is not well known is that the other, missing side of the pancreas produces a lot of another chemical called criste. Its functions are similar to chymotrypsin except it is an even more potent enzyme and powerfully destroys rogues.
Cristed. Among the souls, if a person is developed and growing back their pancreas, they are called cristed. Among other benefits they have a much stronger immune system.
I am told that Jesus of Nazareth was a developed man and had a lot of his pancreas. This may be why he was called christed.
On a set of tapes that I have, the speaker says we need a million “christs” walking the earth. Is it possible the author is saying we need a million highly developed people?
NOTE: Restoration of the pancreas is always well-cloaked. This is for safety because the rogues do not like it and will attack anyone who has some pancreas restoration. For this reason, if you can see the energy field of a person, you will not see the right side of the pancreas even if it is present.

When beginning coffee enemas, it is necessary to saturate the body with coffee. This is extremely important and can take a week or longer.

To speed up this process, do up to six coffee enemas each day for about one week. Use two tablespoons of coffee in each enema if you boil the coffee and use three tablespoons of coffee in each enema if you use a coffee maker. Use about 1.5 to 2 cups of water.

Most people will be able to tolerate this amount of coffee for at least a few days to a week. Then reduce the number of enemas to 2-4 per day, as a general rule.

You may have healing reactions with the coffee quick start, and these generally pass quickly. The most common is a headache. Usually, doing another enema will take away the headache. These reactions are due to stirring up layers of poisons that are in everyone's body. As the toxins are removed, the symptoms go away.


This is the vital concept that one must keep a certain amount of coffee inside the body at all times for a number of reasons. These include:

- Protection from visits, rapes, beatings and more from the alien group we call the Rogues.

- Healing of the body at many levels. This includes healing infections, tumors, parasites, witchcraft, implants, and much more.

- General cleansing of all the body tissues.

- A very high level spiritual effect of coffee. The use of daily coffee enemas quickly moves a person ahead with deep healing and development. To understand development, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.
6/20/23. Walking can be a wonderful exercise and opportunity to practice the pulling down procedure, deep breathing and broadcasting. It is often best to use a treadmill unless you have a safe place to walk. Large stores such as Walmart are not too bad, either.
However, some people like walking fast or even at a moderate pace. This is no good for healing and development! The reason is it turns on the sympathetic nervous system and this slows or stops healing and development.
The only way to walk is extremely slowly. You will still get some exercise. Also, very slow walking makes it much easier to do the pull down procedure, deep breathing and radiating or broadcasting
6/20/23. Learning and practicing broadcasting is extremely important, especially for women but for both women and men. I want to add an important improvement to the article.
To broadcast properly not only requires the light bulb exercise. This is visualizing a bright light bulb in the middle of your chest that is shining light outward in all directions.
Broadcasting also requires a focus on love. The reason for this is that when you broadcast, you have a choice what to broadcast. Love is what you want to broadcast and nothing else.
You might say, but what if I broadcast to some criminals? Do I want to send them love? Yes. They need it, too.
It will not cause the criminals to harm more people. In fact, it might cause them to be caught by the police. It is “goodwill to all men” and the proper way to “love your enemies”.
For more details, read Broadcasting and Maturity For Women.
6/18/23. I am told there is a great need right now for couples who will do down hugging or down sex. When a couple does this, they send out an energy that forms a shield of love around the earth. It works best if, at the same time as they hug, the couple visualizes energy spinning to the right around the couple and moving downward.
This is extremely important at this time because the earth is under attack by the group we call the Rogues. Please consider adding this practice to your daily routine.
If you don't have a partner, ask sincerely in prayer each day to find one. There is an effort to find people a partner. For more details, read Down Hugging and Down Sex.
6/18/23. I updated and re-organized the bidet article. This is a development procedure that is extremely easy and pleasant, yet very powerful. For details, read The Bidet Healing Procedure.
6/17/23. Iron poisoning is an enormous and widespread health problem that does not receive the attention it deserves. At least half the people of the developed world have the problem to some degree. It shortens life and contributes to basic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and others.
Confusion. Iron is confusing because it is an essential mineral. However, in the wrong form such as oxides, it becomes very toxic. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese And Aluminum And Others.
Diet. Iron toxicity is diet-related to some degree, since a poor quality iron is added to most flour today. This is an outrage that needs to stop. The rogues are also adding iron to restaurant food more and more, making this food much less healthful.
Emotional connection. Holding on to anger tends to cause the body to hold on to iron. If you want to remove iron, let go of all anger, grudges and resentments. Remember that all anger is fear that one projects. Stay with the fear rather than move to anger.
Assessment. One problem is that iron toxicity is difficult to diagnose until it is quite advanced. Even then, it requires a liver biopsy that many doctors are hesitant to perform because it is somewhat involved and invasive.
Healing. Another problem is that medical methods to heal it, such as giving blood, are crude, only moderately effective and cause nutritional depletion. In contrast, the development program will remove iron easily and thoroughly without needing chelators or giving blood. For many more details, read Acquired Iron Toxicity.
6/17/23. It is most important to understand that we are at a stage in the war against the rogues in which there is a great need for cleanup. We could call the rogues the “filths” because they thrive on filth.
Cleansers. Among the most important elements are sulfur, iodine, sodium and boron. The best sources for these elements are cooked vegetables. Meats and a few eggs, especially chicken, is also a good source of sulfur. Sea salt is also very good. Kelp is an excellent source of non-toxic iodine. It is essential to eat a lot of these foods today!
Filth. Rogue filth includes:
- Chemical filth. These are toxic metals, toxic chemicals, and venoms. The rogues bring these to the earth by the ton and dump them in our oceans and on the land. Clearing these from the bodies is more than a full-time job and one reason for the coffee enemas and the rest of the development program.
- Biological filth. This include spreading bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, and parasites. The rogues also damage all soap and products like vinegar that kill germs. They also changed the washing machine designs so they don't clean the clothes well. Use an old washer with an agitator if you can find one.
- Witchcraft poisons. These include spreading millions of spells and curses. These are shape poisons that may not seem important, but they are. Do not dabble in witchcraft and firmly say no to it.
- Electronic filth. These are electrical implants, radio jammers, cell phones, cell phone and other towers, dirty electronic devices everywhere, and more. Keep the amount of electronics minimal in your life as best you can. Older equipment and methods tend to be much better.
- Emotional filth. These are negative emotions such as fear, anger, depression, discouragement, grief and more that they spread through the media and in other ways.
Realize this is filth and nothing more. Read The Real Self. It is about love and you must stay focused there, not on fear! One reason I don't listen to NPR radio is a lot of it is depressing.
- Social filth. This includes teaching critical race theory, systemic racism, gender-based identity, homosexual marriage and more. This is all garbage, but it is taught in the schools and needs to stop. Instead, learn about Empathic Blending, Down Sex, Down Hugging and Down Kissing. These are powerful social healing methods that are mostly completely unknown.
- Intellectual filth. This includes false idea such as climate change and Marxism, socialism and communism. The latter are just fancy words for total government control. A lot of medical ideas are also wrong, such as that nutrition doesn't matter much.
Limited government, self-government, constitutional rule, separation of powers and the importance of the rule of law are hardly taught any more, though they represent a much more advanced political and legal system.
- Spiritual filth. This one is controversial but I am told our religions are not what they started out to be. We have a number of articles about this, such as The Two Branches Of Christianity and The Biological Concept of Creation.
Also, spiritual ideas such as development are basically banned and not taught at all. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.
6/16/23. I am switching web hosts because GoDaddy, the current host, suddenly, without warning, stopped supporting my older Apple Mail program. They say I need to buy a new computer to use their email.
I like my 8-year-old computer. It works well. I am told the new computers have more electromagnetic emissions and perhaps other problems.
I also don't like their Microsoft email because a few years ago, without warning, they completely shut down my email for several days when I sent out an email to about 100 of our clients.
They said I was a “spammer” (not true) and they had to investigate me before they would restore my email. I guess they never heard of freedom of speech or freedom of the press. A spammer is someone who sends out a lot of emails, usually to sell something.
These days, if you want to send out an email newsletter, I have to pay at least $200.00 a year and go through a third party. I believe they read and censor the messages if they don't like them, so I'm careful what I say. I would guess it costs them $1.00 or so to run the simple program for a year.
6/16/23. The healing program we now offer is most similar to an ancient life path that in some languages is called the golden or glorious path.
The path is called golden because after a time, one's energy field or aura turns a beautiful golden color. It remains that way for the rest of your life.
Living on. I am told that if you get far enough on this path, life continues long after it should have ended. This is scientific, but it is not well understood so it seems like a great mystery.
It occurs because our bodies require certain foods and certain energies or vibrations to live on. Most people do not get the right food and energy, so their bodies age and die.
Proper food. However, life will continue when you provide the right food and enough life energy. The proper diet is the one we recommend.
Healing energy. This is also required to live on. One brings in the healing energy with the pulling down procedure and the other healing procedures of the program. The coffee enemas contain special nutrients that move one along this path quickly and easily.
De-aging. Not only does life continue, but the body slowly de-ages. This is even more amazing. However, I am told it is true. A person who is 100 years old can look 50 or 60 years old. Eventually, women get their period back and they can have more children for years upon years, if they wish.
Abilities. Another feature of the golden path is that it awakens latent abilities in everyone. One slowly develops the ability to see at a distance, to hear the angels sing, to tune in and speak with the souls of the animals and plants, and more. This is also remarkable, but true.
Guidance. Another feature of the golden path is that at a certain point you will begin to receive personal guidance from more advanced beings. This is quite remarkable. However, beware that at this time, getting good guidance is not easy because there is much interference from the group we call the rogues. However, the guidance does begin.
A personal note: I am early on this path, having done it for about 42 years. I have one or two abilities. For example, a few years ago, I found I could tune in to a group of souls inside a person who can tell me the person's health status and what they need.
I use this ability to help others. It is very important to use all your abilities to help others and never use them selfishly. Selfish use of abilities tends to cause the abilities to go away.
6/15/23. I am told that the earth is a sacred planet. I am also told that the science of Development is basic information. However, it is forbidden knowledge at this time so very few teach it openly.
Many wondered, if this is true, where are the developed people on earth? We have checked the monasteries, convents and other spiritual and sacred places, and very few are to be found.
Mystery solved! The remains of about 35 million developed men and women were found today, most inside the earth. They are of all nationalities and races. Some are younger people, but many are over the age of 1000.
Most were killed over the past half a million years by the group called the Rogues on this website, or called Satan in the Bible. However, a curious fact about development is that one becomes more difficult to kill in a permanent way.
Rewinding. I am told that using the advanced time technology of Rewinding, perhaps many of these people will be revived. This is wonderful news for our planet.
The coffee connection. In speaking with these advanced people, many were told years ago that as leaders on earth they must do coffee enemas every day. However, few followed this advice.
Most thought is was strange, time consuming and unpleasant, so they did not bother. These are the people who were killed. A few of them did do coffee enemas and they survived.
The developed people we are finding on earth are teaching us a great amount about the true history of our planet, the role of our planet, the proper location of our planet, and much more. I hope to be able to share all of this in future newsletters.
6/15/23. I am still having problems with email and am far behind answering email. I hope this will be solved soon.
6/14/23. Over the past two days, five of our clients reported that they do down hugging or down sex. All of them have had absolutely amazing results upon their health and well-being! We recommend this procedure very highly.
When you do down hugging or down sex, be sure to do the blending or tan exercises. They make it much more powerful. These are:
- swirl the bodies to the right (also called the robe)
- spin the energy centers to the right (this requires a back hug, usually with the man sitting behind the woman).
- line up the two people's energy centers, starting with the first one and moving upward as high as you can go.
- spin the dantiens together.
- spin various body parts together such as the legs, arms, neck and head.
- spin the orbits – the macrocosmic orbit and the macrocosmic orbit.
For details about how to do this, read Empathic Blending or Down Sex or Down Hugging. I also improved the Empathic Blending article.
6/13/23. We are extensions of the love of the Creator being. Our true work is to be the extension of God's love into this world of form.
We can do this while we do any job or work in the world, even while sleeping. This is an attitude of service, gratitude and love that heals everyone and everything. For details, read The Real Self.
6/12/23. We are finding more and more that women's long hair is almost always infested with rogue equipment. This makes it more difficult for the woman to move energy properly through her body.
The proper movement of subtle energy is a downward movement of energy from the head to the feet. The rogue bases and devices may also slow development in other ways. Long hair is one of the reasons women develop so slowly. Please keep hair very short and consider shaving pubic hair as well.
6/12/23. Most of our clients feel at least a little better within a few weeks of beginning the development program. However, deep healing and development take some years of following the program.
Several reasons for this are:
- Digestion is weak. As a result, renourishing the body is slow, especially at first, even if you eat perfectly. And most people do not enough cooked vegetables and their diets are improper in other ways.
- The organs of elimination don't work well. As a result, removing toxic metals, toxic chemicals and other types of toxins takes much longer, especially at first. This is one reason for using coffee enemas, the red lamp sauna and the other procedures.
- Development is a special healing process that requires excellent nutrition, and lots of rest. Some people do not rest enough.
- Traumas. Healing often requires releasing old traumas. This can be difficult because they may need to be brought to consciousness and this can be very unpleasant.
- Other. Healing may be needed at other levels such as emotional, social, and spiritual levels. Until this occurs, overall healing may be slow.
6/12/23. I don't believe yesterday's post about curses and spells was incorrect. However, over 99% of the small creatures are beaten and raped. As a result, almost all curses and spells are harmful – and many are very harmful. Therefore, the Biblical advice to stay away from this science is wise.
6/11/23. I just learned that what are called curses and spells are not what is commonly taught. We are told they are always harmful and to be avoided. However, in truth they are the names of fine matter creatures. They can be helpful if they are healthy, which they are often not.
Curses. This is a small fine matter creature that, when placed near a person, alters one's energy field in a way that causes a twist or curve. The word curse in the ancient Ebre language is related to our words curve and cursive (scrip handwriting).
These creatures should be very beneficial. The problem is that the Rogues beat and rape the curse creatures. Then their effects can turn negative.
For example, the correct information about love can bring to oneself a small creature called a love curse. It helps one to see the love in everyone and in all situation. It also spins one's energy centers to the right.
This is quite wonderful and much needed today. In fact, the development movement of all of one's energy centers is a right spin or twist.
Spells. A spell is the name of small fine matter creatures that align themselves around everyone's body. This creature teaches, heals, encourages and conditions the body.
They are absolutely wonderful and much needed by everyone. The problem occurs when the rogues beat and rape the creatures. Then they turn negative and hurt people.
For example, the rather amazing and wise guide creatures are a type of spell. They arrange themselves around each body and they assist one's health and well-being in dozens of ways.
When a person follows the development program, one receives many more guide creatures. This makes one smarter, happier and leads to much better decisions and better health. For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures. I improved and updated this article.
6/10/23. The reason is that it is the only way to accurately assess the oxidation rate, the sodium/potassium ratio and many other mineral levels, ratios and mineral patterns.
So far, blood tests, urine tests, saliva tests or other methods of testing the body do not work well at all for this purpose. They are excellent for other types of assessment, but not for the assessment we need to set up development programs.
A biopsy. The hair mineral test is a biopsy type of test. This means it is a tissue test. This seems to be needed to set up a development program. Blood, urine, saliva and other methods are not biopsies. For details, read Hair Mineral Analysis – An Introduction.
6/9/23. Soul Groups. To better understand twins, one needs to know that souls are always part of a group. Soul groups often contain one trillion or more souls.
Often, they have shared life in a physical body such as a human or animal. At times, they have shared life in a large fine-matter body such as that of an angel.
Other reasons for soul groups is that a set of souls has:
- served together at a particular task or type of work.
- live or lived on one planet such as the earth.
- all are connected to one Father creature or one oversoul.
Fathers is the name of given to fairly small fine-matter creatures that are quite special. Each one has a set of “hairs” or very fine wires that emanate from its skin all over its body.
These wires are electrified. The other end of the wire forms the 'spark' that gives life to a soul. The birthing process for a soul is that one of these 'sparks' is joined to at least five and preferably up to 42 tiny 'bodies' inside the body of a mother or generative soul. Then the soul is placed inside an egg and birth occurs in this form.
Oversouls are more advanced supervisory souls. Each one works with at least 1000 souls and often many more. The 'spark' or wire from every soul passes through the body of an oversoul and this is how the oversoul is able to communicate with the souls it supervises.
Group twins. Due to some common experience such as working or living together, the souls in a group know each other, at least to a degree. They often like each other and want to spend more time together. Hence they become friends or twins.
Non-group twins. Another type of twin is a soul that is not in one's group. However, the friend or twin shares something such as an interest, an ability, an experience, a trauma, a location, or something else.
Often, the non-soul group twins are “newer”. This means they are more recent. The soul group twins tend to be ”older”, meaning they are from the past.
Summary – types of soul twins. The above means there are at least three types of soul twins:
- 1) Genetic twins are two souls of the opposite gender who were born at the same time to the same mother. They share the same genetic material. They are always connected by a very fine silver wire through which they communicate fairly easily. They are so connected that if one dies, the other dies, as well.
- 2) Soul group twins are any two souls who know and like each other because they are both in the same soul group.
- 3) Non-soul group twins are any two souls who share some interest, ability or experience, but they have not been part of the same soul group. They may join your soul group, in which case they become soul group twins.
The twin project. At this time, a group of advanced, developed beings on earth are busy connecting millions of human beings with another person of the opposite gender and roughly the same age. The key feature of the connection is that the main soul or a number of their director souls are soul twins of some type.
The goal of the project is to have many more people practice Down Hugging and/or Down Sex. These are extremely healing activities. One is much more likely to do them with another person whom one feels is a soul twin or soul friend.
The Soul Twins article is now more complete. For details, read Soul Twins And Their Importance.
6/8/23. I am told that coffee via enema is now being used to help find a person's twin. This is a type of close soul friend.
Finding one of these people is a wonderful experience that we want to help everyone to have. We believe that many people have such friends or twins somewhere in the universe. Finding them is not always easy, but the coffee in enema form is now helping to find them.
We also updated and greatly improved the article about twins. For details, read Twins.
6/7/23. I am very aware that many people try to call me on the telephone, email me, or send me mail and it is blocked. This is pure censorship and very illegal. However, it is warfare by the Rogues.
They control our society and want to keep our website and program unknown and keep our newsletter list small. I hope and pray every day that it stops.
6/7/23. Psychodrama, which some just call drama, is a psychological and spiritual method of healing that is very helpful to resolve traumas. The traumas can include accidents, beatings, rapes and other types of traumas.
We would like everyone to know about this method. It is not used much by psychologists due to cost and other reasons. However, you can often do it yourself, perhaps with a friend, at home if you understand what to do.
How it works. The method is to duplicate some aspects of a trauma. However, it must be done in a special way - deliberate, slow, gentle, controlled and happy. When done this way, the souls are able to recall and then process the event and release it.
A soul method. The souls love this healing method and will assist you to do it if you can tune into them. Here are the essentials of psychodrama:
- No surprises. Carefully plan what will occur.
- Always begin slowly and gently.
- Set up a signal to stop the action if it becomes too intense. It can just be saying the word stop or raising your hand. This is to prevent re-traumatizing.
- Repeat the scene a number of times, as needed.
- After running a scene, discuss with your helper how it went and what you will do differently next time.
- Always keep it fun and happy. Stop the session if it becomes serious.
- Always keep a loving focus.
- It works best if it is made somewhat silly.
- When possible, keep in mind a larger focus of healing not only the participants, but the entire planet, as well.
Psychodrama can be used for many other purposes besides healing traumas. It can be used to work out a karmic situation, to handle a fear, for learning, to act out a fantasy, for dating, or just for entertainment and fun. For details, read Psychodrama and Development And Psychodrama and Psychodrama – A Low Body Method.
6/6/23. We introduced this subject in two posts on 5/21/23 and 5/22/23. This message continues an introduction to this large and important topic.
Blending the energies of male and female is critical at this time for the health of our planet. This is the main message.
Why blending? The answer is complex. Male and female are not what they appear to be. They are much more than differences in the bodies. They are forces in the universe.
Blending them properly unites their energies and “feeds” or nourishes our planet in a way it desperately needs.
How to blend properly. To blend correctly, a man and a woman need to hug or have sex in a special way:
1. The bodies need to line up with the heads together and the feet together.
2. The bodies can face each other or one can be in front of the other. The latter is sometimes called a back hug. Either of these positions work well.
3. The couple needs to pull or push downward. How to do this is described in the article called The Pulling Down Procedure.
4. The couple can wear clothing if they prefer.
5. Just a brief hug or quick sex session is not enough. The hug or sexual connection needs to continue ideally for about two and a half hours. Shorter sessions are also helpful, but not as much as a long session.
Soon after beginning a session, the couple will feel a slight tingling sensation. After about two and a half to three hours, it will suddenly stop. This is the end of a complete down session.
6. The couple can take breaks during a session. They are best if they are less than about ten minutes and if the couple stays within 10 feet of each other at all times, even to go to the bathroom. For example, one can be inside a small bathroom and the other right on the other side of the door. If the bathroom is large, it is best if both people are inside.
7. The couple may kiss if they want, but it is not necessary.
8. The couple need not be married. However, it is helpful if one likes the other person.
9. Differences in age, height, weight, health status, ethnicity, race and religion do not matter. However, two of the same gender does not work. The blending requires a man and a woman.
10. One can do this with a child or even two children.
11. Sessions can be done daily and at least three times weekly. However, any blending is better than nothing. The tingling sensation will only occur about three times a week, but all blending is helpful. For more details, read Down Sex and Down Hugging.
6/5/23. Recently, several Helpers have not been following the rules. We know this is caused by the Rogues who want the program to end.
Rules we are having some trouble with are:
- Helpers must send in their own hair and must follow the entire program themselves.
- Helpers need to administer the programs exactly as I recommend them.
- Helpers may not work with people whom we say don't work with because they are criminals.
- Helper websites need to mention me, talk about development, and have a link to our website and newsletter.
- Helpers need to have people fill out the Private Member Association application.
6/4/23. This is an unusual, but important message. We are finding that more and more products that one buys in stores contain electronic or witchcraft tags that are used to spy on people and even to bring fine matter creatures into your home or business.
This is part of the rogue “total control” program on earth and it is thoroughly disgusting. I hope there are efforts to stop it, but I am not sure!
I am more aware of this than most people because my guides try to maintain my home with very clean energy and no intruders – a difficult task these days.
For example, a few days ago I bought a towing strap to have in my car. I also bought a bar of goat milk soap to try. Both of them were tagged.
What to do. Here are some suggestions that may help:
- Buy fewer things. Buy only what you most need.
- Buy products used (pre-owned) as much as possible. Used products, especially much older products, are often 'cleaner' in terms of tags and witchcraft.
- If you must buy something new, when you get it home spray it thoroughly with full strength vinegar and leave the vinegar on the product.
- Another idea is that if you buy any new object, don't immediately bring it into your home. Leave it outside in the sunshine for at least a few days. I plan to update this message as we learn more about this problem.
6/3/23. The presence in the body of certain toxic metals or toxic forms of nutrient minerals damages the brain in special ways. This slows normal maturing of one's personality. This is a very basic nutritional concept, but one that is very rarely taught.
Everyone needs to know about this very serious problem. It affects all human beings today. It also affects dogs and cats, all of whose prepared foods are very high in mercury and aluminum regardless of the label.
The 'child minerals' include toxic potassium, nickel, mercury, copper, aluminum, some forms of iron and manganese, and perhaps a few others. Most food today is intentionally high in these minerals, including organically grown food.
The reason is that the alien group we call the Rogues on this website, also called Satan in the Bible, make sure it is so. This makes people more dependent and less intelligent, and thus easier to control. It is ruinous to society but is so subtle that very few people understand it.
What to do. Removing the child minerals can be done but is not easy. The development program that we offer will slowly remove them if you follow it faithfully.
The development diet is extremely important, so please follow it carefully. For example, eat sardines, but do not eat any larger fish, even salmon or cod. Definitely avoid tunafish, a food that should be outlawed due to its mercury content. For details, read The Child Minerals, Toxic Potassium, Aluminum, Mercury and Nickel.
6/2/23. Doing the will of God is not so simple in several ways.
1. God is a radiance or energy that is Love. God is not a person on a throne who judges you. God is an intelligent love energy and you can tune into it and receive your orders. There is much work to do for everyone on planet earth at this time!
2. Tuning in is not easy. To tune in, you need to relax, uncross your legs, sit up straight or stand straight, and take a few deep breathes. Then put your attention on or just below your feet. Once you feel this, move subtle energy straight downward from the head to the feet with your mind. When you feel the energy is moving downward, you are ready for the next stage.
Now, do not roll your eyes up in your head. Just face straight ahead and ask a question. Then relax and wait for an answer. You will often hear something.
Then repeat the pulling down and the asking process to confirm the answer.
3. You have to ask “Father, what would you have me do?” all day long. It is not okay to just ask the question five times a day, or even ten times a day.
For example, if you are speaking on the phone, you need ask every minute or more: “Shall I stay on the phone?”, “Am I talking about the right subject?”, “Am I giving correct information?”, “Is my tone of voice correct?” any maybe more.
4. You have to follow through. God might say “I need you to go here or there right now. It is not okay to say, Well, I would like to help out, but I'm busy. If you think you cannot comply with what you hear, then ask more questions.
5. God's instructions may be unusual. For example, you might complain to God that your brain doesn't work well and that you need your brain. But you might hear that for some work on the planet you don't need a good brain. You might even hear that if you had a good brain, you would waste more time.
This is because you don't understand that the only purpose of your brain is to carry out God's orders. So until you learn to tune in and ask what to do many times all day long every day, it is okay to not have a good brain. For details, read Turning Your Life Over To God, Becoming God's Servant, Thy Will Be Done, Guidance and How God Works.
6/1/23. I am told our planet and the entire solar system are moving fast toward an area of space where there is more ether or energy in space. This is causing symptoms for some people such as fatigue, anxiety and others. It is all good, however, so do not panic. In fact, the symptoms are often due to healing.
6/1/23. When you eat sardines, slice open the sardine along the spine and remove the spine and the organs such as the liver and intestines if you can recognize them. The liver is darker, almost black in color.
The reason for this is these contain most of the mercury in the sardine. Some sardines are sold boneless and skinless. This is okay, although the skin is very nutritious.
6/1/23. Two of our Helpers are no longer working with us. If you are a client of Doreen McCafferty or Alexandru Dragan, please find a new Helper from the list on the Find A Helper page of the website.
5/31/23. Earlier I put up a message that we would completely change the way we do things. This was a reaction to some problems that to be responsible we need to correct. We will correct some problems. However, we are not changing the existing system. I am sorry for the confusion.
5/30/23. The development program is not just a diet and supplements. This just isn't enough help for most people!
The program is a life path or life style. This means it is very comprehensive and inclusive.
Correct understanding. The program is on seven levels all at once. It is 1) physical, 2) emotional/sexual, 3) about power, 4) social, 5) about work and partnerships, 6) mental, and 7) spiritual.
Think about all these levels and read articles on the website about each of them. Also, know that the diet, supplements and healing procedures we suggest have been well-tested and work on ALL these levels, so don't skip them or change them. Other foods, supplements or procedures may work a little, but are not as good or we would recommend them.
And remember who you are. The body is just a shell or a DNA configuration. But you are the souls – connected directly to Source or One or God, and therefore always an expression of the Love of God, no matter what you have been through. If you think any problem you have is too big for healing, you are wrong.
5/29/23. A number of clients are going through what feels like death. One is usually in pain, nauseous, tired, frightened and does not know what is going on. Sleep is usually disturbed. A common feeling is that one is falling and cannot stop it.
The symptoms force one to live in the present moment and it feels very scary, like real death of the body. However, it is not.
What is going on? It is the death of a false part of the self with which one is identified. One can say it is a partial ego death – death of a part of the ego self or lower self.
Why experience death? Most everyone has been spiritually “killed” and has then come alive in a false way. Once this occurs, you are not really living. You are just existing.
Qualities of being the living dead. No longer in the present. Part of the false self is living in the past or living in the future because the present has been made unpleasant and usually frightening.
Other qualities are you are not as aware of your surroundings and your thinking is of poorer quality – narrower and more superficial. Fear, rather than love, is always lurking in the background and colors all of your decisions.
The cause. Life itself has a hypnotic and deadening effect upon the spiritual aspect of oneself. Life on earth for most people is much too physically-oriented and not nearly spiritually oriented enough.
Parents. Part of the cause of the spiritual death is often your parents. Having a truly alive child is quite a challenge. They ask questions continuously, they don't necessarily behave well, they want all sorts of experiences, and they point out little lies and other negative things their parents do.
The parents, meanwhile, have already been “killed” earlier in their lives. Their tendency is to inflict the same “fatal wound” onto their children in order to keep them quiet. This is done in many ways that are often just viewed as “necessary discipline” and “standard punishments” such as sending a child to his or her room for misbehaving.
Teachers. If the parents don't finish the job, teachers in school often do. Standard education is not education at all. It is often a type of training, conditioning and brainwashing of children so that they will do as they are told and become good “dead” members of society.
Others. Material children view on television and the internet often reinforce the same programming, conditioning or spiritual death.
Nutrition. Weakening of the body and brain due to malnutrition is the rule, not the exception. This contributes to the spiritual death because the child becomes less and less able to fight back.
Trauma from the rogues just makes it much worse and most, if not all children experience the baby rapes, the babysitter beatings and other childhood traumas of which most people know little because they are kept secret., trauma, sadness, anger, loss of love such as death of a pet, or something else.
Change in the body chemistry. One result is that the oxidation rate slows. One moves from a fight-or-flight, higher energy state to a much lower state of functioning called slow oxidation or yin functioning.
Some books describe this process as the rise of the ego self or false self. For details, read The Real Self or listen to the Real Self Audio Program.
On the Jeshua tapes, Jesh says this is the only true death. From a soul perspective, the souls do not die when the physical body dies, so that is not really a death for them. When there is ego death, however, the souls feel it as a loss or death.
Reversal. The entire development program is designed to undo and reverse spiritual death. This is required for excellent health and for advanced development.
As a result, during the development program one will often retrace, at least in part, the “killing” of oneself that occurred earlier in life. It is a type of spiritual retracing. For details, read Retracing and Life Support And the Walking Dead. The latter article is not perfectly organized, but discusses a lot about what happens when one is spiritually dead.
5/28/23. One of our clients recently had a mineral retest that demonstrates many excellent joy or development patterns. She is also feeling much better. Here are her patterns:
- Coming alive. This is present when the levels of the first four or second four minerals all increase or remain the same. It indicates a general increase in vitality. On this retest, coming alive was present on both the first four and the second four minerals, and this is even better.
- Forward flip of the sodium/potassium ratio. Improvement in the sodium/potassium ratio is often an indicator of improvement in general health.
- Out of a bowl. A bowl pattern indicates one is feeling stuck. When the pattern no longer appears, one is often moving ahead faster with one's life and feeling better about it.
- Hill. This is an achievement and celebration pattern. The graphs of the first four or second four minerals forms what looks like a hill or mountain.
- Anchor patterns. These indicate a particular type of healing of the brain that is extremely positive in which the sulci or ridges of the surface of the brain become deeper. The brain functions much better. Nine of these occurred on this retest, indicating significant brain healing and a wiser person.
- Big wave. This is rare pattern in which the tops of all the graphs on the top level of the hair mineral chart form what look like an ocean wave.
This chart had a big wave, which is very positive. It indicates one is “riding a wave” like a surfer – moving quickly in one's life. There is another type of wave pattern that is more mild that is not positive. It is associated with marijuana use.
- All-out or everything coming out (6 or more mineral levels increased). This indicates much detoxification at this time. Toxin removal is needed in everyone, so this is an excellent pattern. Twelve mineral levels were higher on this retest!
- Getting ready. This is short for getting ready to leave the cult pattern. It is an increase in the levels of certain minerals that are associated with poisoning by the group we call the Rogues, also called Satan in the Bible. The pattern indicates an elimination of these poisons. This usually causes improvement in one's happiness, health and functioning.
5/27/23. This is an unusual case, although a number of our clients have had similar experiences.
Isabel is 44 years old. She has followed the development program for at least 6 years. She had been feeling very unhappy lately.
One day recently, she suddenly became aware of a powerful spinning motion to the right. It became quite intense and made her dizzy. She had to lie down.
The right spinning feeling lasted almost three hours. When it ended, Isabel felt much happier and stronger.
Retracing rape. The spinning was undoing a large number of orgasms that occurred during a long and violent rape. When the orgasms occur originally, it feels like the body is spinning to the left. When one retraces a violent rape, often one will often feel a spin to the right of the entire body.
Jolts. Occasionally, another event occurs during retracing called a down orgasm or jolt. It is a sudden tremor or shaking of the body that begins in the head and moves downward to the feet. It is not painful or dangerous. This is also usually a reversal of standard orgasms that occur during a rape. For details, read The Jolt.
Normally, One does not retrace rapes in this way because during professional rapes the rogues 'lock in' the trauma using tiny electronic devices implanted in the brain. They also use poisons, beatings and other methods to make the trauma permanent.
In this case, the development program removed layers of poison from the body. Coffee enemas removed some implants from the brain and body. Together they undid enough of the method used to hold the trauma inside the body. As a result, Isabel suddenly retraced the rape, including reversing the spinning feeling associated with orgasms.
Changes in hair mineral patterns. About a week prior to the retracing, Isabel's oxidation rate changed from slow to fast. This is associated with inflammation and a change in a chronic condition in which it becomes acute.
After the retracing, the oxidation rate slowed down again. This is called a forward flip of the oxidation rate. It is an excellent mineral pattern.
Also, about two weeks before the retracing Isabel's sodium/potassium ratio increased. This is also associated with inflammation. After the retracing, her sodium/potassium ratio decreased dramatically. This is associated with re-experiencing a trauma. The pattern is called “into your issues”.
5/27/23. I recently had a poisoning from some contaminated coffee used in an enema. A combination of the development methods is helping undo it. This post illustrates how the program helps with poisoning, acute and chronic.
- General support: more coffee enemas, more pulling down procedure and a lot more reflexology.
- Kidney support: Renamide and for a few days drink some distilled water. Note: you must make your own distilled water. That sold in markets is contaminated.
- Liver support: more GB-3
- Balance: Metabolic pak for one's oxidation type.
- Methyl groups: more trimethylglycine
5/27/23. Rubbing and pressing on the feet and hands is a superb method of healing. It is simple and safe, yet very powerful. It is one of the basic development procedures and is excellent to do for at least 15 minutes every day. Reflexology is actually a very extensive healing method.
How it works. Many of the tiny energy channels that run from the head to the feet are clogged and damaged. This is due to malnutrition, lack of development and attacks by the rogues, also called Satan in the Bible.
Reflexology opens these channels. This can easily save a life or drastically improve health.
A basic reflexology routine. Begin by rubbing all over one foot. Wear a sock if needed for cleanliness. Be sure to press hard on the entire arch, which is the spine. Also, be sure to press on the areas of the liver, spleen and kidneys.
Then do the hands. Interlock your fingers forward and backward. Move the fingers back and forth in a circular motion, and also up and down. Then press on the palms of the hands, all over. For details, read Reflexology.
5/26/23. This is an unusual message. I am told that outer space is actually a group of creatures. It is not one large creature, as I formerly believed.
I am also told that these creatures are having to change in the same way as the people of the earth. They are needing to do the pulling down procedure and they are needing to pray in a certain way that is basically the same as the pulling down procedure.
Prayer. They are having to say the Lord's prayer and at the same time one must put one's attention just below one's feet and one must produce a vacuum or pull downward by pretending one has a magnet or vacuum cleaner under one's feet. When one does this, one will feel it as a pull on the bottom of your feet.
You will think you are pulling the skin off the bottoms of your feet. You will also believe that you are pulling the skin off the bottom of your hands, your nose, your mouth, your chin, and all the rest of the body. This is the procedure and it move subtle energy properly though the body.
Coffee. The creatures that are space also must do coffee enemas and some don't want to. The coffee is the most spiritual herb imaginable and it cleans the bodies and minds and it heals the bodies and minds at very deep levels. This is another change they must do.
Food. They must also eat correctly. This means no fruit, no bread, no refined food and vegetables must be certain ones and must be cooked – not raw. This is also difficult for some who like salads, fruit, bread, and junk food.
Down hugs. The creatures must also do down hugging. They can do down sex if they wish. A down hug is a hug with another person of the opposite gender only. The bodies must line up correctly – head to head. It can be a child and a child or a child and an adult.
At the same time you do the hug, you pull the energy downward from your heads to your feet if standing. If lying down, you do the same – move the energy from your heads to your feet and below or beyond them. This is also required and it heals the bodies and the minds.
The same procedure can and should be done if you kiss, dance, walk together or have sex together with your husband or wife only, not with just anyone.
So the creatures on earth including the humans and the creatures in space are learning all of this and it is disruptive until they all learn it and do it. This may cause some disruption but it will be temporary. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure, Downward Movement Of Energy And Healing, Down Hugging, Down Sex and The Science Of 'Down'.
5/25/23. I am told that the integrity level of everyone on earth will rise or one will not survive. I don't know if this is true and we will see, but I am told it is already beginning.
I am told that everyone on earth will be required to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This includes the media, men and women, marriage partners, children, teachers, contractors, attorneys, doctors, business people and everyone else.
So if you are living out of integrity, it is time to change. That is the message. If someone is forcing you to lie, cheat, steal, murder or act out of integrity in some way, things should get better.
5/25/23. Yesterday we wrote that tan science, an advanced science of man-woman relationships, is only for developed people and not for everyone. Now I am told this is not true and that the original message about tan science is the truth.
I apologize for any confusion. I will remove the correction from yesterday from the archived newsletter.
5/25/23. The development method can be applied to assessing and improving interpersonal relationships. To do this you first do two assessments:
A. Assess the speed. The “speed” of a relationship means the intensity of the relationship. To do this, ask the following questions:
1. Do you live with the other person?
2. Do you talk each day?
3. Do you have sex with the other person?
4. Do you spend a lot of time with the other person?
The more of these you do with another, the “faster” the relationship.
B. Assess the Na/K. This is about integrity. The questions to ask are:
1. Do you always tell the other person the truth about everything?
2. Do you never withhold information from the other person?
3. Do you always want the best for the other person?
4. Do you share everything with the other person?
The answer to all of these should be yes. Then the integrity is excellent. If the answer is no, then the Na/K is lower and this damages any relationship.
We will discuss this in more detail in the future.
5/24/23. This is another of our love messages. Healing always requires a lot of love. It does not matter how the healing occurs or who does it. This is a principle of life and how life works.
Therefore, to receive or do healing, always think loving thoughts. Always wish the best for others. Always seek to be of service and to serve others and serve God.
5/24/23. I am told that the journey through space of our planet and many others is soon coming to an end. I realize that most people, including this author, could not feel the journey and were and are not sure it is real.
However, I am told that something occurred and it is coming to its close. I am told that the earth and solar system are in a different location in space and that their new location is better for all the inhabitants of the planets.
5/23/23. Some clients do coffee enemas for a year or several years and then tire of them. This will not work!! The reasons everyone needs ongoing coffee enemas at this time are:
- Protection. Doing enough coffee enemas seems to stop the visits, beatings and rapes by the rogue “men”. This is a great help for women and men, as well.
- Detoxification. Toxic food and water keeps contaminating the bodies and needs to be cleaned up and eliminated continuously.
- Development. The coffee enema is a powerful development method that is simple and fast.
- Trauma release. Most everyone has been traumatized, beaten and more by the rogues. The coffee enemas slowly release these traumas by a number of methods.
- Low body procedure. Coffee enemas are our main low body procedure – an area of the body that needs a lot of cleanup on everyone.
- Down. Coffee enemas move subtle energy through the body in the proper way – downward. This is extremely important for health.
- Witchcraft removal. Our planet is plagued with witchcraft – spells, curses and more. These are put on everyone and are not easy to remove. They cause a lot of disease and death.
Coffee enemas are one of the only methods we know of to remove them. The enemas must be continued at this time because new curses are placed on people all the time. Until the rogues are cleared from the earth, this is a terrible problem, but one we can handle with the coffee enemas.
Love and spirituality. Coffee enemas move one ahead spiritually. We don't fully understand how this works, but we know it is the truth. It is probably a nutrient in the coffee. It is very important at this time in history to do this for yourself, perhaps needed to stay alive and for the survival of our planet.
5/22/23. Tan is an older word to describe the process of male-female blending discussed in yesterday's post about male-female empathic blending.
Pronunciation. The T in tan is a soft sound and the A is pronounced like ah. Combining these, the word tan is pronounced somewhat like the word don, as in “She donned her best clothing for the occasion.”
Meaning. The meaning of the word tan is not unlike the meaning of the word don in the sentence above. It means to adorn or add something wonderful to your life. It is also a science of man-woman relationship that is the most powerful of healing sciences.
Other English words that have the same root as tan are donate, dance (with the British pronunciation), and the names Daniel and Danielle.
Danielle. Danielle, pronounced slowly as Dan-i-elle, is a particularly lovely name of a powerful angel. She has been with our planet for thousands of years. She regulates the climate of the earth, among other activities.
Most people do not realize that the earth's climate is carefully regulated for the benefit of trillions of plants, animals and human beings. The climate is never under human control and it is always in perfect harmony with our deepest needs.
Danielle also is a leader in the amazing science of tan or man-woman relationships of which very few are aware. It is a new theme of this website and newsletter because this science is much needed today.
This newsletter and website have already begun teaching Tan with the articles, Balancing Couples, Empathic Blending, Down Hugging, Down Sex, The Down Sex/Down Hugging Contract, The Marriage Contract, The Science Of "Down", Homosexuality, and articles about marriage. Danielle is guiding us.
5/22/23. We added a very unusual section to the end of the Open Position Procedure article. It has to do with subtle anatomy of the genital organs.
The new section is about opening the genital area of the body when one does the open position procedure. It includes why do this, how to do it, and some of the healing and relationship effects.
The genital area is almost always damaged on everyone, so this is much needed and quite fascinating. For details, read The Open Position Procedure.
5/21/23. I am told that a new requirement that will cause faster development is when a man and a woman do the male-female blending procedures.
The main procedure is down hugging or down sex. This needs to be done at least three times per week. One can do it daily.
For more details, read Empathic Blending. This is healing that involves a partner. Here are some questions and answers:
What if one does not have a partner? Ask in prayer to have a partner be brought to you.
Does this apply to children? It applies to adults only, age about 25 or older.
Does one need to be married? The proper way to live is that sex always requires a contract. Marriage is a contract. Hugs do not require a blending contract or marriage.
Can Blending Be Combined? To save time, one can combine a coffee enema with a down hugging or down sex session.
5/21/23. While walking through our local farmers market today, there was a sign that said that gun violence is the leading cause of children's death. THIS IS A COMPLETE, TOTAL LIE!!!
You can look up children's mortality on the internet. The main causes of death of children are infections, undernutrition and bIrth complications. Many children also die of cancer. The truth is that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens save thousands of lives each year.
5/20/23. The basic development breath is the toe breath. It is very powerful as a healing and development method.
Toe breathing is mentioned in the breathing article, but it has not been correct. This post is the correction.
Procedure. The easiest way to learn it is to lie down comfortably on your back. Later, you can do it sitting, standing or in any position.
The inhale. Place your attention on or preferably about 24 inches below your feet. Then you have to split your attention.
Your main attention remains on your toes or just below the feet. However, on the inhale, breathe in from the top of the head and move the air downward. This will fill your upper and lower chest with air.
Do this very forcefully. The air will go about half way down the body.
The exhale. On the exhale, pull and push the air the rest of the way down the body all the way to the toes and below or beyond the feet. Do it very forcefully. You will feel it mostly in your abdomen and legs.
The total effect is a pumping action that moves a lot of subtle energy from your head downward to your feet and below the feet. It becomes easier with practice.
When done correctly, you will feel as though with each full breath you move a basket ball-sized wad of energy forcefully downward from your head to below your feet.
A little sexy. Men will feel a slight tickle in the testicles when they do this breath. Women may feel something in the vaginal area or ovaries. I assume this is an effect of moving a lot of subtle energy through the lower energy centers of the body.
A partner exercise. For even more effect, hug someone and do the toe breath at the same time. Each person will help the other to move even more subtle energy downward from the head to the feet.
IMPORTANT WARNING: This exercise will assist health and development. However, it does not help your maturity and integrity. These are just as important as development or more so. For details, read How To Mature Faster, Maturity For Women and Integrity.
5/19/23. Some of our clients don't bother with the pull down procedure or they do it incorrectly. It is very important to do it for your health, for development and for protection against the Rogues. So do it each day and do it correctly.
The improper way. The wrong way to do it is to do it gently or slowly or in a mild way. This won't work.
The correct procedure. Doing it correctly requires doing it as hard as you can in a sustained way. You literally pull subtle energy as hard as you can through thousands of tiny energy channels that run from the head to the feet.
You must create a vacuum or emptiness just below your feet and the ether or subtle energy moves downward to fill the vacuum. You can pretend there is a very powerful magnet under your feet or a very powerful vacuum cleaner below your feet creating the vacuum.
At first, the procedure is more difficult because many of the energy channels are clogged up or damaged. However, doing it every day, for at least one hour and preferably two hours each day, the channels slowly unclog, heal and open. You may feel it when a channel opens.
Over time, the process becomes easier, more fun and more rewarding. Everything in the body heals, you become happier and you become a light being. Doing the procedure while holding a coffee enema makes it much easier.
The procedure is also practice for focusing and directing your mind. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.
5/18/23. Recently, several more clients freed themselves from the visits by the rogue “men” who rape and beat women, girls, boys and some men. They did it by doing at least two and preferably three coffee enemas daily with two tablespoons of coffee each or three tablespoons of coffee each if you use a coffee maker to make it.
They also prayed a lot in an unselfish way and they follow the development program as taught on this website. The rogues sometimes tell them not to do coffee enemas, not to pray, and not to follow the development program.
However, these clients chose to do it anyway. When they did, the rogues told them they smell bad and they left them alone.
5/17/23. Development is not the practice of medicine because in the state licensing laws they define the practice of medicine very precisely. They say it is diagnosing, prescribing, treating and curing diseases.
We don't diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure disease. If someone wants to tell us their diagnoses, that is fine. However, our paradigm or method does not require it.
We reduce stress on the body through diet, lifestyle, supplements and healing procedures. When one does this, many symptoms go away.
Some will say it is just a matter of words. For example, they say we “diagnose” a copper imbalance, and then we “treat it”. Let us respond.
First, tissue mineral testing is not a standard diagnostic method. Medical and other doctors use blood, urine, or saliva tests, but not hair testing. We tell people that hair testing does not measure total body load of a mineral. We use the test to identify patterns of stress.
Secondly, we never focus on one mineral. We focus on the healing path and balancing the body. For many more details, read Paradigms Of Healing – The Old And The New.
5/16/23. In the message of 5/13/23 about the basic truth of life, we said that life depends not only on food, but even more so on having enough etheric energy flowing through the body.
This energy flows through millions of tiny channels or tubes that run from the head to the feet. More of them are open at birth and with age they clog up and close. When enough of them close, one ages and dies.
Deep healing and development consist of reversing the process of the closing of the energy channels. All aspects of the program help with this – the development diet, the development supplements, the development lifestyle and the healing and development procedures.
The twists. One of the most difficult areas for the etheric energy to move through is the joints of the body. The energy frequently gets stuck here. Chiropractors know about this, but most other people do not realize it.
The twists, pops, pulls and kicks are designed to move etheric energy better through the joints. Please do at least the basics at least twice a day. It only takes a few minutes.
I do a basic routine whenever I wake up or lie down. It consists of lying on my back, lifting one leg and swinging it over the other leg until it hits the bed. Then I repeat this on the other side with the other leg.
Then I pop the knees by lying on my back, bending the knees, and then grabbing one foot at a time and pulling the foot toward the butt. Then I push down the toes on both feet. Occasionally, there is loud popping sound.
Then I relax and work on the fingers and hands. I interlock the fingers first from behind. Then I twist the fingers back and forth, up and down and in and out. There is often a popping sound again. Then I interlock the fingers with the hands facing each other and again twist the fingers. Then I do the neck pull.
This is a basic routine. It takes less than five minutes and keeps etheric energy flowing through the joints and it opens the joints so more energy can flow through. It also helps my sleep. For details, read The Twists, Pops, Pulls And Kicks.
5/15/23. I am learning that down sex and down hugging are not what they seem. They are basic ways that men and women can interact together for healing and they are just the beginning of a whole science of male-female healing that is quite remarkable.
I will be updating the Down Sex and Down Hugging articles to reflect this new understanding. If you are in a relationship, please do these practices. They work!
5/14/23. I wrote a new, short and rather discouraging article about an important subject – communicating with souls. It is important because this type of communication goes on all the time and is quite natural.
However, if one is not developed, soul communication is almost impossible to do well. Also, even if one is developed, there are serious problems with soul communication.
If you know about the problems of soul communication, you can do better. For details, read Soul Communication and Guidance.
5/13/23. Medical and natural health care is unaware of the basic truth of how life works. Life is not sustained primarily by our food and our nutrition. These are needed, but there is something far more important that creates and maintains our bodies. It is called etheric energy. Some older languages call it chi or qi.
All living bodies our born with a supply of this energy. With time, it decreases and this causes aging. When it declines enough, life ends. This is the most important truth about life.
Why doesn't everyone know about it? This truth is not taught much on earth because the group we call the Rogues and the Bible calls Satan does not want it taught. It would heal and empower people and they do not want this. For details, read Etheric Energy.
Development is the name of a nutritional, genetic and spiritual process by which one can bring much more etheric energy into the body. When one does this, deep healing occurs, abilities develop and the body lasts much longer. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.
5/13/23. During the development program, ear aches, dizziness, ear pain and occasionally hearing loss occur in some people. The reason is that most people have old chronic ear infections that retrace during the program.
Retracing means the old health condition becomes acute or flare ups as it heals. It is a good sign, but it can cause temporary symptoms. To help handle these symptoms, read Ear Conditions.
5/12/23. A very important problem at this time is that the Rogues poison our food. This applies to many fresh foods. Of course, refined, packaged, chemicalized food is already poisoned with chemicals.
Organically grown food can also be poisoned and at times is worse than commercial food.
A problem is that a food may only be slightly poisoned, often with added arsenic. So it may test as okay. However, when combined with five or ten other slightly poisoned foods, the combination is not good.
What to do.
1. Having plenty of coffee in your body due to the use of daily coffee enemas is most helpful to collect and remove toxins in foods.
2. When I go shopping, I relax, pull down and at the same time ask each food before I buy it if it is safe to eat. Then I listen for an answer. I often get a yes or a no answer This is a type of soul communication.
It is also necessary to ask, “Does anyone disagree?” This is because the rogues may bring in thugs called “enforcers” who force the souls to lie. If you hear a yes to the question about disagreement, ask to speak with a path soul. This is a more advanced soul that more often tells the truth. Soul communication can be confusing.
3. Another method I have learned is to stop eating any food that does not taste right and spit out whatever is in your mouth.
We have no other simple answers for this problem except to get rid of the rogues on earth. As a result, when I shop for food these days I feel I am dodging poison. For details, read The Food Story.
5/12/23. We teach that men need to sit down when they urinate and that they need to wipe the head of the penis to prevent drips. This must be done in a special way to be effective. There are two steps:
1. One must hold the paper to the tip of the penis for at least 15 seconds. In other words, one cannot simply wipe.
2. The new information is that one must also aim the penis downward. This is so that the residual urine can flow out of the urethra, the tube through which urine passes out of the body. If the penis is not aimed downward, some urine remains in the urethra. For details, read Sex Talk For Men.
5/12/23. I updated and improved the cat article. For details, read Cats.
5/11/23. At times, the coffee used in a coffee enema remains inside the colon. Some people believe this is harmful, but this is not true. There are several reasons it occurs:
- The coffee is needed inside for healing.
- The coffee is needed inside the body to help protect against the group called the rogues.
- The coffee is used for development and/or to speed up maturing of the person. This is very important.
- The coffee is sent elsewhere. This is called coffee broadcasting.
- Occasionally, the coffee is used in other ways.
5/10/23. We are learning about a failure-to-thrive syndrome in cats. The cause is a sudden pituitary failure. It occurs in previously healthy cats who have been fed better quality food. Many come from rescue operations.
We suspect the cats are murdered in a high-tech fashion that involves damaging the pituitary gland. Someone does not want cats around who are healthy because they eat excellent food.
Symptoms. The symptoms are extremely low blood sugar (in the 30s mg/dl, normal is 80-120 mg/dl)), often with tremor as a result. Blood pressure is also low. Temperature is also low. The cat stops eating and there is vomiting.
Testing. Blood tests reveal moderate elevation of liver enzymes, some kidney dysfunction, and a moderately elevated white blood cell count.
Death is certain and occurs within about 5 days of the onset of symptoms. We believe the same method is being used to murder other animals, both domesticated and wild animals.
5/9/23. Love is not primarily an emotion. Love is a radiance or force that creates life and binds us together.
We believe this energy or force is gaining strength on earth at this time. One evidence of this is an increase in the price of gold, which is a universal accounting system.
Keep love foremost and central in your thoughts at this time to assist our planet. Think loving thoughts about everyone and everything. Don't be tempted to be negative or discouraged, though there is plenty to be upset about. For details, read Love As Radiance and other articles about love on this website.
5/8/23. I am told that a deeper cleanup of the earth has begun. It may cause some disruption of services and you may feel unusual in some way. I am experiencing a lot of hunger and seem to need to eat more, including a lot of cooked vegetables and almond butter or almonds.
Many people, animals and plants on earth are starving because vital minerals were removed from the planet years ago, so the food and even drinking water are low in minerals. Many people are helping out by feeding others using a method of correspondence or induction that is basically a form of love.
I am told this is occurring, at least in part, because our planet has moved to a different area of space and perhaps has joined with a larger fine matter being with whom we belong. If true, this would be wonderful for our planet.
5/7/23. Daikon, also called white radish, is a whitish root vegetable that is commonly found in supermarkets around the world. It looks similar to a carrot, but it is white.
Daikon is one of the most important of the special foods for healing and development. It has a slightly sweet and clean taste. Here are the daikon rules:
- Buy the thinnest daikon you can find that is healthy looking. This will be more yang or warmer and this is desirable. If possible, do not buy a very thick daikon because these are more yin and not as healthful.
- Eat some daikon every day, and preferably a slice with every meal.
- To prepare daikon, cut off a medium-thin slice. This means it is not paper thin, but is about one-half a centimeter or one-half and inch in thickness.
- Cook daikon until it softens to get the most good from it. You can cook it along with other vegetables.
- Don't eat daikon alone. Mix it with other vegetables and with some protein and blue corn chips.
5/6/23. This is a really important topic today! Suicidal thoughts have various causes.
Adrift and on a bad path. A critical cause is that many young people are adrift. This means they don't have a good philosophy and understanding of life. They are taught wrong in school, at home and on social media.
Life is not about your gender identity, racism or climate change!
Nutrition and body chemistry. Another important cause of suicidal thinking that almost all doctors, psychologists and social workers overlook has to do with nutrition and biochemical imbalances.
- Most health professionals don't know nearly enough about nutrition and biochemistry. They often give out bad information such as telling people to eat fruit and salads, and that vegetarian is not that bad. We call this the killer diet and it is evil!
- Even if a health practitioner knows this, some keep quiet because they say they are not “licensed” to talk about it. This is pure garbage.
- Some practitioners say that people won't follow diets, so why bother talking about it. This is total negativity and not true, either.
- Some practitioners are too busy or just lazy, so they do not take the time to discuss diet and lifestyle enough.
- It can be deceptive because you can't tell a person's nutrition and body chemistry from appearance. So sometimes the practitioners are fooled.
- Some practitioners today are malicious. Beware! They want people sick, depressed and dependent upon them and the drugs and therapy. So they don't talk about what is important – nutrition and body chemistry.
The development program is wonderful to help. It helps on all levels – physical, emotional, ego, social, work, mental and spiritual. I am improving the article about suicide, Suicidal Thoughts And What To Do About Them.
5/5/23. In addition to fast mixed oxidation, the hair mineral chart revealed the following tissue mineral patterns. They are among the most common and important basic tissue mineral patterns:
Spiritual defensive. This is present when the calcium/magnesium ratio is elevated beyond about twice its ideal. The pattern indicates a lifestyle imbalance in which a lifestyle factor such as one's environment or lack of sleep is interfering with development. For details, read Spiritual Defensive Pattern.
Four highs. This pattern is present when the levels of the first four minerals are all above their ideal level. This indicates inflammation and a secondary alarm reaction in the stress theory of disease. For details, read Three High And Four High Electrolyte Pattern.
Double high ratio. This pattern is present when the calcium/magnesium ratio AND the sodium/potassium ratio are both elevated. This pattern indicates inflammation, acute stress, and/or anger. For details, read Double High Ratio pattern On A Hair Mineral Analysis.
Hard driver. This is a combination pattern that is present when there is a four highs pattern AND a double high ratio pattern. It is associated with a personality tendency to push oneself hard. For details, read Hard Driver Patter On A Tissue Mineral Analysis.
Hardening. This pattern is present when the levels of iron, chromium, cadmium and/or nickel are elevated. These minerals are very hard. For example, they are used in industry as plating to protect softer metals.
A high issue level of any of them indicates the body is using them to protect itself. This is a very common way that humans, animals and plants protect a nutritionally-depleted body.
Unfortunately, high levels of the hardeners cause hardening of the tissues of the body such as hardened arteries and hardened joints. This pattern is also associated with a hardening of one's personality. This is also common today. For details, read Plating, Hardening, Tempering And Lubficants.
Maturing. This pattern is present whenever the body is eliminating the “child minerals”. These are minerals that tend to keep one immature. They include toxic forms of potassium, copper, iron, mercury, aluminum and nickel. For details, read How To Mature Faster, Maturity For Women and The Child Minerals.
This post continues tomorrow.
5/4/23. This post is in two parts. The first is an introduction to tissue mineral test interpretation. The second part discusses a recent mineral test I received.
I. INTRODUCTION: A tissue mineral test reveals three categories of information:
First category of test information: The mineral levels. All living bodies contain 96 minerals, so all bodies have 96 mineral levels. These are constantly changing as conditions inside and around the body change.
However, the mineral levels tend to remain in a fairly close range until EITHER a large stress occurs OR until one begins the development program. Other healing programs, medical programs, natural healing programs and other interventions tend to have much less effect on the mineral levels.
Simplification. For reasons of cost, time and effort, the testing lab we use only tests 20 of the most important mineral levels.
Then we further simplify things so as not to overwhelm our brain AND to focus on the mineral levels that are almost always most important.
As a result, we begin by checking just four mineral levels – calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. These are sometimes called electrolytes or macro-minerals because they are present in larger quantities than most of the other minerals.
Second category of test information: The mineral ratios. A ratio in mathematics is a fraction. It is one mineral level divided by a second mineral level.
All living beings have about 1,000,000 mineral ratios. If we just check the ratios of the minerals the testing lab reports, there would be about 400 mineral ratios.
Simplification. However, so as not to overwhelm our brain AND to focus on those that are almost always most important, we first look at just three mineral ratios. These are the calcium/potassium ratio, the sodium/magnesium ratio and the sodium/potassium ratio.
Third category of test information: The mineral patterns. A mineral pattern is defined as a combination of one or more mineral levels and/or one or more mineral ratios. All living beings have at least 1,000,000,000 tissue mineral patterns. If this sounds like an exaggeration, it is not! It is a conservative estimate.
Simplification. So as not to overwhelm our brain AND to focus on mineral patterns that are almost always most important, we begin by checking just two patterns. One of these is called the oxidation rate or speed. It is a combination of two ratios – the calcium/potassium ratio and the sodium/magnesium ratio.
The other pattern we check is just a ratio, but with a much expanded understanding of what it indicates. It is the sodium/potassium ratio.
Why this introduction? This long-winded explanation of how one should begin to interpret a mineral analysis is needed because almost all doctors and others who look at and review mineral tests do it wrong! They usually begin by looking at a number of mineral levels rather than the correct patterns. This causes hopeless confusion and misinterpretation. It is a great temptation, however!
You might ask, how do I know that our method of interpretation is best? The answer is lots of experience AND I am able to tune into a group of souls called the planners or planning souls. I realize that most people don't believe in souls because they can't see them AND the knowledge of them is suppressed. However, they are real and they are in charge of our bodies. To understand them, read The Planning Souls.
This system of mineral test interpretation is theirs! They teach it to a few nutritionists and other scientists on earth, and I am one of them.
They say everyone should be able to talk to them, but the group called the Rogues or Satan in the Bible does not want this knowledge known. It would cause widespread healing and development of the people, animals and plants. This would make the people and the planet much more difficult to control.
So they jam all communication between the planning souls and the brain. Jamming is a term in radio that means to send out a loud competing radio signal on the same frequency as an original signal. This makes it difficult or impossible to hear the intended radio message. This is exactly our situation today.
You might then ask, from whom did they learn the interpretation system? They say they learn it from their supervisors, who are more advanced souls. I asked, from whom did they learn it? I was told they learn it from a higher level of supervisors called The Fathers. These are small fine matter creatures that live in space.
I then asked, from whom do the Fathers learn it? They say from God. I tell the planners can't say that because it sounds unscientific and many people don't even believe in God. They say that is unfortunate because it is the truth.
Then I ask, who is God? They say it is a wisdom level that is everywhere.
You might also ask, if their signals are jammed, how can I hear them? I'm not sure. However, I have lived a clean life. In addition, I did not begin to hear them until I had followed what we now call the development program for 32 years.
II. AN EXAMPLE OF A RECENT MINERAL TEST (it happens to be an animal test)
I received a mineral test on a 7-month-old female cat. The cat had been rescued from living and starving on the streets. At the time of testing, the cat had spent several months at a rescue center, and had then spent 1.5 weeks on a much higher quality diet with nutritional supplements.
Fast mixed oxidation. On the cat's mineral test, one of the ratios used to determine the oxidation rate, the Na/Mg ratio or adrenal ratio, was 5.2 (ideal is about 0.5). In other words, it was about ten time the ideal ratio. When this ratio is elevated, it is an indicator of fast oxidation.
The other ration used to determine the oxidation rate, the Ca/K ratio, was 6.5 (ideal is about 3.2). In other words, it was about two times the ideal ratio. When this ratio is high, it is an indicator of slow oxidation.
Mixed oxidation. When one ratio indicates fast oxidation and the other indicates slow oxidation, the pattern is called a mixed oxidation rate.
Fast mixed oxidation. The ratio indicating fast oxidation was more out of balance or further away from the ideal than the ratio indicating slow oxidation. This means the cat was much closer to fast oxidation. The overall pattern is therefore called a fast mixed oxidation rate.
High Na/K ratio and inflammation. The sodium/potassium ratio was 3.96 (ideal is about 0.5). This means the sodium/potassium ratio was about eight times the ideal. This is associated with inflammation, acute stress, anger and more.
The combination of a fast oxidation rate and a high sodium/potassium ratio is a more complex mineral pattern that is very common in cats and other domesticated animals. It is often quite a severe imbalance that the planners say is mainly due to bad food – both the wet and dry cat food.
Due to time constraints, we will continue this discussion tomorrow.
5/3/23. One of the problems in learning and teaching development science and the development program is that it is based upon a number of poorly known concepts.
A central concept in development science is the need to balance a basic physics quality of all matter. This quality is often referred to as warm versus cold. It is extremely important for healing today!!
Other names. In Oriental languages, it is called the balance between yang and yin. Some call it the balance between the forces of contraction and expansion. Others call it the balance between complementary opposite forces.
While not well known in the modern world, this is a very important quality of all life!
Biblical reference. This concept is very old and found in the first chapter of the Book Of Genesis of the Bible. We are told that God created the heavens and the earth, the land and the sea, night and day, male and female.
Applying the concept. Most important for one's health, we find that today all the bodies are all too cold or expanded. This is mainly due to radiation poisoning, electromagnetic stress from cell phones, computers and other devices, low levels of minerals in the food, and toxins in the food, air and water.
For deep healing and rapid development, this imbalance needs to be corrected as fast as possible. The lifestyle, diet, nutritional supplements and healing procedures used in the development program all help achieve this. In contrast, the methods used in most other healing programs do not pay attention to this quality of matter.
This is one of the major differences between the development program and most medical and holistic healing programs. For details, read Yin Disease and Yang And Yin Healing.
5/2/23. In the past, we recommended canned cat food for some cats. We are updating this. At this time, we cannot recommend any standard canned cat food.
So far, they all contain a stimulant drug that we believe powerfully stops development! We believe this chemical is completely unnecessary. Also, it is not on the label of the food, which is deceptive and dishonest.
At this time, we suggest that all cats be fed human food for fast oxidizers with a high sodium/potassium ratio. Excellent foods at this time that promote development are
- Proteins: lamb (loin chops or ground lamb), chicken, turkey, herring and sardines. So far, we have used fresh lamb, chicken and turkey and canned herring and sardines. We will experiment with canned chicken and beef in the future and report upon it here.
- Extra fat: An excellent fat seems to be sour cream.
- Cooked, preferred vegetables. Chop finely and add to protein or cream.
- A little blue or yellow corn chips.
- Gravy. To help a cat eat vegetables and corn chips, you can add a little of the water used to cook lamb (by braising) as a gravy.
Supplements. To this food we are adding a little of three yeasts: brewer's yeast, nutritional yeast and a very small amount of red rice yeast. We are also adding a small amount of a combination capsule of bee pollen, bee propolis and royal jelly.
We are also giving a little Joyva brand sesame tahini, a little cod liver oil and a little kelp.
We are also adding a little bit of zinc, calcium, magnesium, and Stress Pak from Endomet Laboratories. In case you cannot get this product, its main ingredients are copper, zinc, selenium, choline and inositol.
So far, this is nourishing a 7-month-old kitten very well and causing rapid development. For more details, read Cats.
5/1/23. We continue to receive reports from clients about problems with the medical system. More than ever, it seems like a very wise idea is to care for your health carefully – stay away from toxic chemicals and all toxins and eat correctly so that you don't need the medical system.
4/30/23. I call vegetarian, raw food, steak and salad, and junk food diets killer diets because they shorten life and destroy health. Anyone who promotes them I consider evil. The worst of the vegetarian diets is vegan (no eggs or dairy products).
Someone may say “but I am feeling okay or perhaps even well on one of those diets”. So the question is, how is this possible if it is a killer diet?
The answer is artificial life support. While it is not known by many people, the alien group we call the Rogues can place electronic implants in a person's body that will mask disease and degeneration for a while.
It is a truly amazing technology. A person can appear and act healthy when in fact the person is very ill. The way it works is that the implants hold open certain energy channels that permit life to continue even when the person is seriously malnourished, beaten, raped or injured in some other way.
The rogues use this technology with their own operatives. They are all beaten, raped and brainwashed but appear “normal”.
The rogues also use this technology on millions of earth people whom they want to control and slowly murder. It kills because one slowly loses one's health although one does not notice it. When the rogues finally turn off the life support, life ends quickly and there is no hope of recovery.
They also use life support implants to control people's behavior. If one does not obey their commands, they simply turn down the amount of life support and the person starts to die within minutes or hours. It is a very effective control method! For details, read IntroductionTo Life Support Methods.
How the rogues starve people. In some cases, they literally tie them up or deprive them of proper food. In other cases, they teach false doctrines such as the value of vegetarian and raw food diets.
In other cases, such as pet food and some human food, they put chemicals in the food that either diminish appetite, or impair digestion and absorption, or in some other way damage nutrition. Another method is to teach people to overcook meats and some other foods. This also ruins its nutrition.
4/29/23. A process. I am realizing that the pulling down procedure is not just an exercise. It is a process that slowly transforms the body into a light being.
The idea is simple – to move subtle energy as forcefully as you can from your head to your feet and below your feet. It seems almost trivial.
Rejuvenation. However, this movement of subtle energy slowly clears and opens subtle energy channels or meridians and enables more ether to flow through the body. This enlivens the body and eventually rejuvenates it. It is a slow process so it is best to get going with it.
You may ask, “If this is so wonderful, why doesn't everyone know about it?” My understanding is that it is suppressed on earth by the group we call the rogues or thugs – an invading group that has been here for at least 10,000 years and causes many problems on earth. They don't want it known because it makes people much more difficult to control. I stumbled on it and so far I am able to share it publicly.
For women. Today, women move more slowly with the pulling down process than men because women have more trauma and more fear. However, women can move very quickly when they use certain methods that some call male-female blending or “love methods”. The basic ones are Down Hugging and Down Sex.
Very few of our clients do the pulling down procedure or use the love methods. Please don't be one of the ones who misses out on your full potential by ignoring these words.
4/28/23. The development science concept of alloys is that each person's body contains a mixture of minerals. They combine with each other, just as occurs with metal alloys such as brass, bronze or stainless steel.
This mixture influences every aspect of a person's life. It causes health or disease and influences appearance, emotions, ego qualities, social life, work life, thinking and personality.
In fact, some people are “brassy”, or “galvanized”, while others have a personality that is like “steel” - very tough and strong but not flexible.
To heal the body, the development program alters a person's mixture of minerals to produce healthier alloys. This is an excellent way to understand the development program.
For example, well-developed people have eliminated their iron alloys almost completely and the body contains many more gold alloys. As a result, one is no longer “rusty” or “oxidized”.
Copper alloys also are eliminated. As a result, the body is no longer “moldy” or “'yeasty” because a good copper imbalance prevents this. Health becomes superior and the body lasts much longer. For details, read Alloys.
4/27/23. We are realizing that all cat food is drugged. This is disgusting!! We have not done exhaustive research, but so far all wet cat food has a stimulant in it that is not good for cats. The amount seems to vary depending on the brand of food, but we think they all contain some.
So far, the stimulant is not on the label. Without the stimulant drug, we guess that cats probably would not eat most cat food.
This just leaves human food as the best to feed to cats. This includes human style chicken, lamb, turkey (not cat food versions of this), Polar brand smoked herring fillets, and sardines. We will keep you informed as we do more research.
4/27/23. We updated the main diet article to include mizuna as a recommended vegetable. We also added Polar brand smoked herring fillets as a development food.
4/27/23. An important spiritual principle that many people do not follow is to serve the Creator, not other levels of reality that we call 1-6. These are:
1. The physical level. People who serve this level of reality have as their god money, objects or other physical items.
2. Emotional/sexual level. People who serve this level build their life about having sex or feeling good in some other way.
3. Ego or power and control level. People who serve this level of reality spend their time feeding their ego or controlling others.
4. Social level. Fixation at this level means one serves other people. This can seem very good, but it is fraught with danger and is not correct.
5. Work level. Fixation here means worshipping one's job, career or other work-related area. This is another incorrect way to live that can seem very good and proper.
6. Ideology or mental level. Many people worship an ideology. This can seem very good, such as believing in environmental safety or wanting to help poor people. However, it is not correct.
4/26/23. Coffee enemas are one of the only ways to get rid of curses. Curses are a type of toxin that are all over our planet and attached to most people. They are tiny shapes that alter consciousness.
Curses are part of witchcraft. The Rogues put them on everyone, everywhere on our planet and beyond.
The souls in coffee are trained to see curses and they have weapons and other methods they use to destroy them. For this reason, many people feel lighter and happier after doing a coffee enema.
Drinking coffee works a little, but not nearly as well as using coffee in an enema. At this time, we find everyone needs them every day, preferably twice each day.
Unfortunately, each time one leaves one's home, and even at home, one gets more curses. That is the nature of our world at this time. As a result, one needs to continue coffee enemas. For details, read Curses.
4/25/23. This post may sound controversial. However, in our experience, if one follows the development program, not only does it improve health. It also converts homosexuals into heterosexuals.
The implication. If a nutritional program can change one's sexual orientation, it means that sexual orientation is not genetic or environmentally-caused. Instead, it is a biochemical imbalance.
Gender Dysphoria. We have less experience with transgender people or those with gender dysphoria. These are people who do not believe that their true gender lines up with their biological or genetic gender.
I am told by others who offer the development program that it tends to heal gender dysphoria by converting trans, nonbinary and agender people into cis or some would say normal people. For details, read Homosexuality and Gender Dysphoria.
4/25/23. We are not sure why, but as one develops, these machines and therapy seem to be harmful. One of our clients developed high blood pressure from it and possibly other symptoms.
In general, it is best to avoid any therapy, method or the use of products that we don't recommend. We know this may sound restrictive or arrogant. However, many of these methods are at best symptomatic and possibly harmful.
4/24/23. I am told that the forces defending the earth have located a large headquarters of the alien group called The Rogues on this website. This group is called Satan in the Bible.
Satan. The word Satan is related to our words sated and satiated. It means full of oneself.
We are supposed to be empty of self and filled with the Love and Will of God. Satan or sated is the opposite and means one who is filled with one's own ideas and feelings, rather than those of the Creator or God.
Outnumbered. Our forces are greatly outnumbered. Planet earth and many other planets remain heavily infiltrated and to a large degree controlled by the rogues.
The covenant. In spite of being outnumbered, I am told the number of creatures in space that are ours is increasing. As long as our forces follow certain rules we seem to be protected from harm.
This arrangement is called a covenant. This word is related to our word cover and it means a protective agreement. The main use of the word covenant is from the Bible, which says there is a covenant between the Creator and the people of earth. For more details, read The Covenant.
4/23/23. For ideal health and development, most nutritional advice is awful, no matter how scientific it sounds! Common bad advice includes to eat fruit, salad or raw vegetables, smoothies and shakes, too much juice, overcooking meats, eating most fish, and vegetarian regimens.
Some of the bad advice is just ignorance. However, some of it is definitely malicious lying. So beware.
This is a large subject. Our website has a number of articles that explain in detail about this topic.
4/22/23. We believe there has been a speeding up of the healing of our planet and of the entire solar system. This may cause some disruption, although so far we don't notice it.
This speeding up is due to an unusual process of healing that is going on. It is a time process that involves rewinding or undoing certain events that were traumatic for the planet and her people.
These events included a large explosion that shook the planet and may have done other damage. The events may also have included damage to our sun, which we believe is now better.
The events may also have included movement of our planet through space to a region that was not correct. We believe we are now closer to where the planet belongs in space.
Those who read this newsletter will recall that our understanding is that space is not “empty”. It is, in fact, an enormous living being, of which we are a part. This being loves us endlessly and completely. For details, read The Biological Concept Of Creation.
4/21/23. The animals are very important at this time for the health of our planet. We are interested in the health and the rapid development of animals.
We are finding that cats like and benefit from sour cream and perhaps from somewhat fewer vegetables. We will continue to report on this.
If you have a cat, please add a little sour cream to their food at least once a day and twice if the cat wants it. Also, please let me know if you think this is helping your cat.
4/20/23. A great mystery is that in our experience doing two coffee enemas daily is very protective against visits, rapes, beatings and other attacks by the alien group we call the rogues, or which the Bible calls Satan. Here are details:
The enemas must each contain about two tablespoons of regular coffee and about two cups of water or a little more. If you cannot tolerate this much coffee, begin with less. Also, try different brands of coffee because some people tolerate one brand better than another.
Tap water or spring water are fine. Do not use distilled water, which we recommended at one time in the past. The reason is that distilled water is low in minerals and the bodies need minerals.
We formerly recommended a medium roast or dark roast South American or Columbian coffee. However, recently we modified this because at times other sources for coffee may work better for some people.
DO NOT USE A LIGHT ROAST OR “GOLD ROAST” COFFEE. These are toxic and don't work. Also, do not use a decaf coffee or instant coffee. Regular supermarket coffee is fine. Organic coffee is usually poisoned these days and best avoided.
Also, you need to hold each enema for 20 minutes.
Reasons for trouble holding a coffee enema are:
1. NOT RELAXING. Lie down while doing your enemas. Don't walk around.
2. A LOT OF FECAL MATERIAL IN THE COLON. This can get in the way. To get this out, you can do a quick water enema before you do your coffee enema. This will often expel any fecal material in the colon.
To do this, just put about a cup or two of tap or other water in an enema. Put it in and then quickly expel it. Some people find that using a bidet sprayer attachment on their toilet will expel fecal material before doing a coffee enema.
3. INTESTINAL GAS. Try to expel gas before doing the enema. You can bend forward or tap your abdomen. Doing a quick water enema first may also help.
HINT: If you have a lot of intestinal gas, leave the enema tip inside you all the time during the enema and use an open enema bucket or open enema bag. If you position your body so that the anal opening is higher than the rest of your colon, intestinal gas will go out of the body through the enema tube and you will have no trouble holding the enema.
4. OCCASIONALLY, THE BODY WILL WANT TO EXPEL THE ENEMA SOONER THAN 20 MINUTES BECAUSE IT WILL CONTAIN TOXINS. In this case, there will be a lot of pressure to expel the coffee and it is best to do so. If you just held it a few minutes, it is best to make more coffee and do another coffee enema.
Another idea if you are having trouble holding the coffee enema for 20 minutes is to use less coffee and do several coffee enemas one after another until you have used the correct amount – about two tablespoons of coffee and two cups of water.
With time and practice, thees problems tend to go away. For details, read Coffee Enemas.
NOTE: I am updating the coffee enema article with the some of the details above, so the article may not yet contain all the above information.
4/19/23. This is the basic message of this newsletter and website. We repeat it often because it is core message.
Love is the answer - never doubt this! This does not mean sex, but rather caring and taking the trouble to reach out and “show up” in a way you find safe and enjoyable, as well.
It can be to reach out to another person, to many others, to an organization to help them in some way, to a family, to an animal or plant, or to something else. This is the love we mean.
If you have money, or a skill, or time to help out, it means using these to help the world. Hoarding them is no good and only hurts you and the world, so stop the selfishness!
More advanced – develop yourself and broadcast. Reaching out with love can mean to develop yourself and spend time each day broadcasting. This is direct energetic reaching out in love. It helps you and it helps everyone else unto all creation. For details, read The Warrior's Creed - Rules Of The Secret Society Of Loving, Light-Hearted Warriors, Introduction To The Development Program, Broadcasting and Maturity For Women.
4/18/23. A bidet is a spray system that can attach to most toilets. It is used to clean your bottom instead of using toilet paper. Once you try it, you are not likely to want to use toilet paper because the bidet is gentler, faster, cleaner and acts as a mild and safe laxative.
Oddly, however, we found that a bidet sprayer can also be a superb way to speed up healing and development.
How it works. It works for several reasons. There is a reflexology system in the anal sphincter muscle that one stimulates when one uses a bidet. Also, the first energy center is in the same general area and can also be stimulated by using a bidet. The use of a bidet is also one of the low-body procedures that helps move subtle energy downward from the head to the feet.
I revised and improved the bidet article. For details, read The Bidet Healing And Development Procedures.
4/17/23. Mizuna is an ancient green leafy vegetable that we find will assist rapid development. It has thin, green serrated leaves and lighter-colored stems. It looks delicate and has a delicate, mild flavor.
Names. Mizuna is a member of the Brassica family of vegetables. Other names for it are kyona, Japanese mustard greens, and spider mustard. So far, sixteen varieties have been identified.
Mizuna is grown in at least 30 nations around the world. However, 70% of it is grown in Japan, China, Korea, India and the United States. In 2019, it was grown on the International Space Station.
While growing in popularity, we have not yet found it in supermarkets at this time. We found it at a farmer's market. However, you can ask for it at your supermarket.
Cooking. One cooks mizuna until soft, just as one cooks other green leafy vegetables.
4/17/23. Wet wipes are disposable wipes that are supposedly flushable down the toilet. People use them to wash babies and also use them instead of toilet paper.
Health damage. New research is showing that wet wipes are dramatically increasing allergies in babies. The chemicals they contain damage the skin and the chemicals are also toxic in other ways.
Environmental damage. Wet wipes also do not biodegrade fast enough like toilet paper. Most contain some plastic that does not break down as does pure paper.
As a result, they are clogging sewer systems and costing cities millions of dollars to get rid of them. In addition, they are showing up on beaches because they do not degrade fast enough. DO NOT USE WET WIPES.
Bidet toilet attachments. Instead of wet wipes, we recommend a bidet toilet attachment. This is an excellent device and basic ones are quite inexpensive!
A bidet toilet attachment can also be used as a healing and development procedure. For details, read Bidets.
4/16/23. This post will seem unusual, but I am told it is all true. The earth and the solar system, along with surrounding planets and stars, continue to move “upward” through space.
Those who know me know that I am interested in the truth, and not in sounding positive. However, I am told this journey through space is one of hope and future healing for our planet.
What is “upward”?Upward” means toward the head of an enormous living being in space. The idea that space contains and actually is an extremely large living being is called the Biological Concept Of Creation And Space. This idea is a central truth about life that I am told has been suppressed.
Fine matter. The beings in space are made of fine matter. This is a much less dense form of matter that can survive in the cold and low air pressure of space. Few people on earth ca see beings made of fine matter, but they are present here in large numbers and include angels, elves and others. For details, read Bodies – Their Structure and Activities.
The ether. Moving “upward” through space is not related to gravity because there is very little of this in outer space. It is related to the ether or subtle energy that fills space.
Created by thought. Ether emanates from the head of the big being and increases when the being thinks. Then it decreases somewhat when he/she stops thinking and rests, for example.When this occurs, the planets and stars feel it as a shift in the ether.
Waking up other large beings. Along our journey we have encountered trillions of smaller creatures. They range in size from microscopic to larger than the earth or the entire solar system. Some are angels, but there are many body forms and shapes. Many are plants and look somewhat like plants on earth.
Imprisoned. Most of these beings, large and small, are tied up in areas set aside by the invading group we call the Rogues as prisons. The Bible calls this group Satan.
Fine matter bodies live a long time and most in space have been tied up for thousands of years. They have very little food or water and have been beaten, raped, poisoned and tortured in other ways to keep them from escaping.
The Father in Heaven. For some reason, we are being helped by a being called The Father In Heaven to free and rehabilitate these creatures and space plants. We are told this is part of a gigantic restoration process that needs to occur.
Captures. Earth is also affected by the rogue takeover needs lots of rehabilitation. Besides poisoning the air, water and food and corrupting our institutions, we estimate that at least half of the young women in America, are what we call captures.
They are basically slaves of rogue men who look and speak like humans but do not act human. They grab a woman, and beat and rape her until she agrees to do as he says. Often she must live with him and even have children with him.
She is told she must tell her friends that he is her boyfriend or husband, in some cases. It is thoroughly filthy, illegal and disgusting, but the police have become corrupt and at this time rarely are able to stop it. For details, read Captures. be continued.
4/15/23. The tuning procedure is a truly wonderful healing and development procedure that is simple, yet very powerful and helpful. I have done it each day for many years.
The procedure consists of lying down comfortably on your back on a bed or other surface for at least half an hour daily. In this position, one tunes into the body, feeling the organs, the bones and spine, the position of the neck, the head and more.
Uses for the tuning procedure:
- Physical reasons to do the tuneup are as a daily physical check up, to allow hidden helpers to work on the body, and for grounding and centering. It is also excellent to assess the cause of symptoms one may be experiencing. These may be structural, organ-related or others.
- Emotional reasons are to relax the body and to feel better about being inside the body. The procedure may also bring up old feelings related to traumas of other events that need to surface so they can be processed and released.
- Ego reasons are to feel more in control of the body.
- Social reasons are to improve the health and appearance of the body to assist one's social life.
- Expressive reasons are that one has creative thoughts when one does this procedure. These will often help solve problems at one's work or job.
- Intellectual reasons are that this position is excellent for learning, such as by listening to the radio or to a compact disc program or audio book. The procedure also often brings up memories that need to surface so that one can process them properly.
- Spiritual reasons for doing it are to better tune into God and to do the pulling down procedure for rapid development. One can also do an advanced exercise in which one focuses on identifying not as the body, but as the subtle energy flowing from the head to the feet.
Combining. One can easily combine the tuning procedure with many of the other healing and development procedures. These include deep breathing, the pulling down procedure, twisting the spine, doing the hand pulls, pops and twists, doing the leg pops, pulls and kicks, the neck pull (very good) and turning the neck to relax it, a coffee enema, vaginal or penis coffee, vaginal peroxide procedure, or doing the open position procedure.
When. The tuning procedure can be done at any time. It is excellent to begin your day combined with a coffee enema. It is also excellent as a rest period during the day. It can be done as a way to relax before bed, or if you wake up at night and have difficulty falling back asleep.
How often. One can do the tuning procedure as often as one wishes. One cannot overdo it. We strongly suggest doing it at least once a day and preferably twice daily or even more, in some instances if you are not feeling well.
A recommended combination procedure. We suggest doing the tuning procedure each day and each time you do a coffee enema. At the same time, do the pulling down procedure, breathe deeply, and twist the spine to align your structure. Then do an organ and structural checkup, relax, and feel the presence of God and of unseen helpers assisting you in many ways.
4/14/23. The Wuhan flu virus is weak and no one should worry about it who follows the development program. It is a simple influenza. Like all the others before it, it will kill some weak bodies, so don't let your body become weak! It never was a “pandemic”, (meaning everyone gets it). That was just a lie.
A much worse problem is the “vaccines”. I know someone who has lost four friends – not to the virus, but to the “vaccines”!! In each case, the friend was fine until they took the shot. Then, within a few weeks they became ill and died.
The Wuhan “vaccines” are not vaccines. They are simply drugs.
To clarify vaccination: With a vaccine, one injects some weakened or killed germs into a person. If it works, (which it often does not), the person's body then makes antibodies to the weakened germs and this protects the person if he or she is exposed to the real germs.
Problems with these vaccines are:
1. The shots always contain chemical additives and preservatives that are toxic metals such as mercury, aluminum and others. Children today are very toxic with these from all the vaccines. The results are autism, attention deficit disorder, cancers, and more.
2. Injecting disease germs into people bypasses the body's normal defense systems. This is inherently dangerous! Much better to strengthen the body and it will resist all infections quite well.
3. The group called the rogues control the health care system. They are easily capable of putting tiny electronic implants and other devices in a shot.
What are the mRNA shots? We believe the mRNA fake “vaccines” are either just toxic chemicals, and/or they are tiny chemical factories. They float around the body making chemicals until the body eliminates them.
The healthier you are, the faster you will get rid of the chemicals and the tiny chemical factories. They do not alter your DNA.
Reports say that they are now being used in our livestock, especially pigs. For more details, read Vaccination – A Medical Abomination, a true story, A Vaccine Horror Story and Mandatory Vaccination Is Medical Genocide and Vaccine Refusal Form, Covid Vaccine Article 8/29/21.
4/13/23. An earlier recommendation was to use a medium or dark roast Columbian coffee. We are finding that, at times, another type of coffee is needed – from Africa or Asia, perhaps.
A way to tell if your coffee is correct for you is that if you have trouble holding the enema, try another brand of coffee. Also, if you have any strong symptoms with the enema, try a different coffee.
We still recommend avoiding light roast or “gold roast” coffee.
4/12/23. WARNING #1. This article sounds very anti-physician. This is not the belief or policy of this newsletter! We never tell people not to visit physicians. However, visiting doctors of any kind today is hazardous to your health.
WARNING #2. I attempted to lighten up this message by making it a little humorous. But the subject is not really funny. The humor is mainly to offset my deep sadness and disappointment with the medical and natural healing professions.
WARNING #3. This message is really not about the health care system. Most health problems are just a part or subset of the rogue agenda to weaken and kill off the people of our planet. Other ways they do it are with beatings, rapes, poisoning everything we eat, breath and touch, teaching lies such as climate change and systemic racism, and discouraging people with all the above.
This truth is heavily censored today. If you don't believe me, type into Twitter as I did yesterday the words Satan and Bible in the same tweet. It will not allow you to send out the tweet.
Here are hazards of visiting physicians:
1. Death disease. This is the real pandemic! It especially occurs if you are older and you visit physicians. Physicians of all kinds usually subtly tell you that you will soon die, and there is nothing you can do about it.
The trouble is they are wrong if you follow the development program. It can help people live on.
2. Labeling disease. This is a change of identity that occurs if you visit physicians. Instead of being Patty Jones or Mark Dewitt, you become “diabetic”, “hypertensive”, “lyme disease” or one of thousands of other labels physicians use. From then on forever, your troubles are said to be due to your label.
The trouble is this is not the truth. With the development program, these labels can go away permanently.
3. Medical elephant disease. This is form of blindness that affects most people. It is failure to see that lifestyle, diet, toxicity and spinal misalignments are the main causes of most health problems. I had this disease for at least 20 years!
4. Too much insurance disease. This is common among wealthy people who buy fancy health insurance. It is also common in nations with socialized medicine. This includes The United States if you are over about age 65 and on Medicare.
It is based upon a false premise – that delivery of medical care is a “right” and should not require any expense on your part.
The result one often gets vaccines, radioactive scans, drugs and operations that you don't really need.
You also get plenty of misdiagnoses, especially if you are following the development program and happen to have a purification reaction. In almost every case, physicians consider these healing symptoms “disease” when they are the opposite. They are evidence of deep healing.
You also get the two diseases listed before this one – death disease and labeling disease.
You are also told a lie the doctor visits are “free” or close to it. So you figure you might as well take advantage of that fact. In truth, they are not “free”. Someone pays for everything medical – most likely you pay with high gasoline taxes, or other hidden taxes such as inflation of the money. This means ruin of the value of money.
5. Holistic disease. This is common among intelligent people who are readers of the internet and health books. They come to believe that holistic, naturopathic, natural or nutritional approaches to health are good.
The trouble is this is often not true. I used to be one of these people. However, I have learned that many holistic therapies are not good. These include eating salads and fruit, intermittent fasting, homeopathy, most herbs, most acupuncture, chelation therapy, most vitamin regimens, “cleansing diets” and most “parasite cleanses”.
6. One foot disease. This is common among our development clients. They have one foot in the immortal world of development science and the other foot in the mortal world.
As a result, they do okay on the development program until they retrace or develop symptoms for any reason (usually because they don't follow the program well enough). Then they visit physicians of all kinds who tell them they are “sick and dying”, when it is not true. Eventually, we often lose these clients. They believe the “conventional wisdom”, which we find is not that wise.
7. MD Syndrome. This is common among physicians, both conventional ones and holistic and natural ones. They have studied the body for years. As a result, they become arrogant and think they know what is wrong with people.
The trouble is, their education is quite faulty and, as a result, they do not know that much. I definitely had this disease and I still have to work on it.
8. Remedy disease. This is extremely common today. Some call it the runaround. It consists of being given one remedy after another for years that mainly suppress symptoms. However, the real cause of your health problems is you are not on the golden path of development.
For more details, read Hazards of Visiting Physicians, Medical Disease, Your Doctor's Priorities and The Medical/Naturopathic Runaround and Hospital Horror.
4/11/23. This is a warning message about life on earth at this time. I hope it does not sound too negative.
Our planet is not safe these days. The group we call the rogues, which the Bible calls Satan, is very active at this time and particularly murderous. The reason is a happy one – they are being challenged like never before.
However, they are quickly killing off good people all over the earth. Their main targets are anyone who who opposes their agenda of totalitarian control, anyone who cares a lot for their health, all women, all angelic types, and those who want a better life for all people. Anyone reading this message is definitely in this group!
The Conservation program. To counter this, we recommend a conservation program. It is a special effort at this time to keep yourself safe.
Physically, this means to set up your life so you can and do follow the entire development program. This includes the diet and supplements, a healthy lifestyle, and doing the healing procedures daily such as the coffee enemas and the pulling down procedure. We know, they can be tedious and time-consuming, but they are helpful at this time.
Emotionally, this means to do your best to remain happy. This is not always easy, and there are tricks to it. Read yesterday's post and the Happiness article many times.
In terms of power and control, it means to set up your life so you are empowered and always in control of your life. For example, it is excellent to assist others. However, do not help others in ways that upset you or compromise you.
Socially, it means to maintain friendships and keep relationships healthy, not co-dependent.
In terms of work, it means to always have positive, uplifting work to do that helps others, but also is fulfilling for you. This means don't just work for money. This is depressing. Find work that is meaningful and fun for you.
Intellectually, it means to always seek to know and live the truth. Also, seek to understand how to live in a wholesome, integrated and spiritual way.
Spiritually, it means to develop yourself, to think unlimitedness, and to stay close to God at all times.
4/10/23. Yesterday's message – the importance of doing Thy Will - can sound very harsh. For example, what is God wants me to ill?
Today's message is even more important. It is to remember at all times that the Will Of The Creator of all life is that you be happy. What does this mean?
1. We are inside of and part of an enormous living being in space who gave birth to our planet and to us. The being is both male and female (a hermaphrodite) and is our Creator.
I am told this is the absolute truth, but it has been suppressed on our planet for thousands of years! This does not negate any religion. It just clarifies our origin and who we really are in a scientific way. For details, read the Biological Concept Of Creation.
Some call this being The Father In Heaven. Others call it Grandfather/Grandmother, or Source or The One, or Radiant One, or Father/Mother God, or The All or The Creator.
This being wants all of its body parts to be happy, healthy and doing what it is meant to do, as explained in the next paragraph.
2. The basic spiritual teaching is that we are here on earth to be the presence of the Love of God on this planet. This means we are here to bring the energy, the radiance and presence of God to the world of form and physicality. (It has nothing to do with sex). For many more details, read Happiness.
4/9/23. Some people believe that doing Thy Will means praying the Lord's Prayer or some other prayer, or perhaps attending worship services, or doing a religious ritual. I am told this is not true.
Doing Thy Will is much more involved. There is a specific process whereby each person can and does receive orders as to what to do, where to go and how to live in each moment. It is very specific and precise. The steps are:
- One needs to ask many times, “Father in Heaven, what would you have me do at this time?”
- When one hears what is one's assignment or orders, one needs to carry out the orders.
- Then one needs to ask the same question again to get new orders so that one knows what to do in the next block of time.
- This becomes your new lifestyle or way of living – from moment to moment, remaining always in the present. The Jeshua material says you become like the wind. It just seems to arise and then move on, impossible to predict or track.
For more details, read Thy Will Be Done and Turning Your Life Over To God.
4/8/23. Down hugging and Down sex are methods of empathic blending that are very powerful for healing and development. While hugging, the basic idea is for both partners to move subtle energy downward from the head to the feet. Each helps the other and you will feel it.
In addition to this, here are other ways to enhance the healing effects of these procedures:
- Join the energy centers. Imagine lining up the first energy centers of both partners. When you feel this occurring, then line up the second energy centers. When you feel this occurring, then line up the third energy centers, and so on. Keep doing this for all seven of the energy centers that are on the body – and them do the higher centers. For details about the centers, read The Energy Centers.
- Move subtle energy to the right. Move subtle energy around the bodies from the left to the right. It forms a tube around both bodies.
- Visualize the orbits. These have the shape of a bicycle chain. The microcosmic orbit goes down the front of the body from the head. It turns around at the pelvic area and then goes up the back all the way to the top of the head.
The macrocosmic orbit also goes down the body from the head. However, it continues to the bottom of the feet. Then it turns around and goes up the back of the legs, and up the back to the top of the head.
- Connect other parts of the bodies. Visualize subtle energy swirling to the right around the partners' legs, arms, neck and head.
- Visualize the three dantiens spinning together. The dantiens are three balls of subtle energy that spin forward. One is in the head, one is in the chest and one is in the abdomen. For details, read The Dantiens.
For more details, read Male-Female Blending.
4/7/23. We are each born with a certain amount of a special energy sometimes called etheric energy. It is required to keep the body alive. As time passes, this energy is used up. When there is not much left, aging and disease occur and finally death comes.
The Pulling Down Procedure brings more of this life energy into the body. This will extend your life and improve your health. That is why we recommend it.
One needs to do the procedure with force and do it every day. Make it an important part of your lifestyle. It is active prayer that brings “Heaven to earth”. It is a gateway exercise that not only heals and extends life, but will bring you new abilities, as well.
During a Coffee Enema is an excellent time to do it because focusing on keeping the coffee inside forces you to move your attention downward toward your feet.
Also, the development diet, the supplements on this program only, and some of the healing procedures we suggest also move energy in a downward direction, helping to extend your life. The healing procedures include Down Hugging, Down Sex, Down Walking, Reflexology, the Genital Bath and others.
4/7/23. I have been smelling better lately. Yesterday, I was in a food store and a person commented that I “had a nice deodorant”. I did not say anything, but I thought – You can smell nice, too. Just follow the development program.
The program will slowly get rid of your yeast (sour smell), cancer (foul smell), putrefaction (rotten smell), and various liver poisons such as aldehydes (different bad odors). The program also helps with odors associated with negative emotions. For example, people who are very angry have a bitter odor. For details, read Odors And Your Health.
4/6/23. Cats are wonderful, amazing animals. They are healers and they help save the earth. Please help out animals!!!
Contribute money and time, and shop at thrift stores that support animals. Many animals are not treated well, most are fed badly, and some are abused, which is a shame.
We cleaned up, improved and updated the article about the care of cats. For details, read Care Of Cats With The Development Program.
4/5/23. Outer space. I am told that outer space is not dead or empty, but rather is teeming with life. It contains trillions of tiny and larger beings who are intelligent and who, in fact, control life on our planet and all other planets. I am told this is the truth, but the truth is suppressed on earth and not allowed to be taught. So far, I am able to teach this truth, so please listen.
The journey through space. I am told the earth and the entire solar system are now much further along in their journey through space to their true home. This is having effects on earth, including a subtle improvement in the situation with the Rogues, also called Satan in the Bible. To learn about this truth, read The Rogues and Satan.
It is becoming more difficult for them to take over control of our planet. You might notice the improvement, but it is still early in the journey and in our retaking of our planet.
The wakeup. I am also told that we are being joined in our journey by trillions of small and medium-sized fine matter creatures whom we are waking up from imprisonment in space. We and helping to rehabilitate them so they can do their part in the grand scheme of life.
The Creator family. I am told we are living within an enormous Creator being. It is both male and female (a hermaphrodite) and it gives birth to other beings of the same type. They, in turn, give birth to many others. This group forms a family unit that is our Creator.
The family. About twenty of these enormous beings are our close family. They work together to bring into existence and to maintain our planet and many other worlds. They love us unconditionally! God does truly love you, although you might not know it by the way you feel and what has happened to our planet. As we rehabilitate these beings, I am told things will improve here.
What the earth does. I am told our planet belongs in the head of one of these enormous beings. In that location, we are a communication center that can communicate extremely long distances with ease. This is the unique ability of our planet. In the future, this is what the people of earth will do using their minds.
Planetary damage. I am told that both the outer layer and the inside of the earth are in terrible condition. The rogues or Satan has put electronic weapons and other alien equipment everywhere. This is slowly being cleared.
Gold. They have also brought in many tons of gold to the planet that does not belong here. This is an important problem because gold is not what it appears to be. Gold is an accounting system that reports about the use of resources on the planet. It is currently expensive because resources have been misused and not allocated properly.
Gold is also a powerful nutrient for the planet. Bringing in gold from other worlds is a trick the rogues have used to damage our planet and it is being stopped at this time.
The price of gold has increased recently as we remove the bad gold that does not belong here. We expect this will continue.
Other damage. The earth also has damage to its air, land and water. For example, the food has been poisoned and this is still getting worse. It is causing a lot of misery and disease for millions of people and animals. The rogues do this to weaken our people.
The development program can help, but is limited because the food is not very good. It is the reason we tell everyone to eat many cooked vegetables with every meal because they help heal the bodies. But even they are not as pure as they need to be. We have a project to purify the earth, but it is not far along.
The oceans and the air. The oceans and the air quality are also being cleaned up. As part of this, gas-powered vehicles will not be allowed in the future. They are not needed and they are filthy. The oil they burn is actually the food of certain fine matter creatures that live inside the earth and they need their food.
Leadership. The earth also needs new leadership and this will be coming. Most political leaders are rogues today. That is, they are not from here and they don't love our planet and her people. The new leaders will be our own. Democracy may have to yield for a while to get the right leaders in place. Don't worry about this, however.
The earth also needs new leaders in industry, education, entertainment, music, arts, and more. Once again, the current leaders are mainly rogues not from our planet, although they look and speak just like everyone else.
Women of earth. Women on earth live in extreme fear thanks to the beatings and rapes that are one of the hallmarks of the rogue infiltration of our planet. This will stop because women cannot do their job of communicating when their bodies are wrecked by rapes and beatings. So far, however, this is not far along so the earth is still very dangerous for all women.
It is also very dangerous for men, who are also beaten into submission by the rogue invaders. We hope this will change soon as we gain more power over the planet.
STEEPED IN F-E-A-R – False Evidence Appearing Real
4/4/23. What is fear? Fear is a chronic, paralyzing, negative attitude or perspective. It is a habit of thinking negatively about people and situations and a negative judgment. Fear is a hellish dwelling place of the mind - living in either an unhappy past or an unhappy future.
Fear is a neurosis or negative fixation of the mind. It is thus a type of mental illness.
A choice. Fear is always a choice one makes in every moment. It is always a wrong choice because one is not in the present, and because one is judging rather than discerning the truth about everything.
Fear is nothing but lack of love. Here is an analogy to understand this better:
The darkness analogy. Darkness is like fear. It is not “an energy” in itself. It is simply a lack of light. If you are in a dark place, you don't need to “wallow in the darkness”. All you need do is turn on a light and the darkness vanishes! That is it.
Any time you find yourself in fear, sayI can choose again and I choose to be in Love. I choose to dwell in the House Of The Lord.”
You may need to say this thousands of times, but eventually the mind will be trained to stay out of fear. For details, read the newly updated articles, Fear, Fear Of Death and Women's Fears Of Men.
4/3/23. Today I read a newsletter from my Congressman that was so disturbing that I don't believe he wrote it or believes it. Instead, I believe he was forced to write it.
It concerned the war in Ukraine. When asked why he does not support aiding Ukraine, the Congressman just repeated Russian propaganda.
He stated falsely that Ukraine is a dictatorship, that they banned Christianity, that it is full of Nazis, that Russia is our friend, and that anyone who supports Ukraine supports killing people. This is all lies and the opposite of the truth.
I don't believe our Congressman believes a word of this. I think he has been beaten or somehow forced to say it. Do not doubt that this is very possible to accomplish with well-known brainwashing techniques.
NOTE: Even if the propaganda were true, Russia still is clearly a military aggressor destroying a much smaller and weaker nation. They should be strongly condemned and stopped.
The Congressman, Dr. Gosar, needs to be removed at once from the US Congress for lying, violating his oath of office, and making treasonous remarks such as that Russia is our friend.
To understand this, read Brainwashing and Stockholm Syndrome.
4/2/23. Annette is 57 years old. She has followed the development program for about eight years.
Symptoms. When she began the development program her symptoms were constant fatigue, often feeling cold, dry skin, arteriosclerosis, joint pain, uterine fibroid tumors, brain fog, sweet cravings, and a poor memory. She also had a rapid heart rate and occasional heart arrhythmias. Emotional symptoms were anger and mood swings.
Recent progress – healing reactions. Annette reported that she went through a number of purification reactions in the past several months. They included a flare-up of heart arrHythmias, palpitations, joint pain, some hot flashes, fatigue and malaise. These started suddenly and then all of them ended just as quickly as they began.
She thought of submitting a question about what to do, but she was quite sure they were retracing and they would pass. One reason she knew this is she had been feeling quite well just before they began. This is common with retracing.
What is retracing? The development program is one of very few healing programs that dramatically improves adaptive energy of the body. As this occurs, the body is much more able to heal many problems.
Healing or purification reactions are just increased inflammation and other bodily activities associated with this healing. The entire process of accumulating adaptive energy and then using it to remove imbalances and health conditions is called retracing.
Common types of purification reactions are:
- Toxin removal. The body may remove one or more toxic metals, toxic chemicals, toxic thoughts or toxic emotions. Old medical drugs, over-the-counter remedies, vaccine toxins, and old anesthesia.
Biological toxins may also be removed. These are chemicals produced by infecting organisms such as yeasts, bacteria and parasites that were living in the body.
Some of these are called auto-toxins. These can include aldehydes and even alcohol from chronic yeast infections. They also include toxic end products of impaired digestion of protein and starches. For details, read Autointoxication.
More unusual toxins that may leave the body include witchcraft toxins that some refer to as curses or spells. These are tiny chemicals that are actually very common on earth.
- Shifts in the oxidation rate or sodium/potassium ratio. These are common during purification reactions and cause fatigue, in ability to sleep or other symptoms.
- Healing of chronic infections. Most people have several dozen chronic infections. Many are from childhood and were acquired during birth from one's mother. As these heal, they first become acute. This can cause temporary symptoms such as pain, fever, swelling, foul odors and discharges.
- Letting go of crutches. Some purification reactions are a result of letting go of compensations and adaptations that were keeping a person going. A common example are toxic oxide forms of common minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, iron, manganese and others.
These irritating and alkaline compounds act as stimulants for tired, and overly acidic bodies. Toxic metals such as cadmium, lead and nickel can be stimulants.
As on progresses on the development program, the body eliminates these “crutches” because they are no longer needed. However, when this occurs, it can feel like you just threw away your 'support crutches' and one can feel tired or weak for a few hours or days. For details, read Crutches.
- Resolving old traumas. These are very unusual healing reactions in which one revisits a prior trauma, processes the situation or event, and then lets it go. Symptoms are usually a confusing mess of fear, anger, depression, feeling like one will die, and sleep disturbance. Often unpleasant memories surface and one may experience physical aches and pains. Then it all goes away and one feels happier and calmer.
Most recent mineral analysis. The following are only valid when a person follows the development program. Annette's most recent mineral analysis revealed:
- Settling down pattern. This is present when all four of the first tetra of minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) or the second tetra of minerals (iron, copper, manganese and zinc) decrease or remain the same. It is an excellent pattern associated with deep healing.
- Hilling. Hilling is present when the direction of change of the first or second tetra of minerals is in the direction of forming a hill pattern. This is associated with excitement, celebration and overcoming.
The changes on the first tetra are a decrease in calcium and potassium and an increase in magnesium and sodium. The changes on the second tetra are a decrease in iron and zinc and an increase in copper and manganese.
A hill is usually a visual pattern. As a result, it is easiest to see on a calibrated hair mineral chart from ARL mineral testing laboratory.
- Forward flip of the oxidation rate. This is a change from fast to slow oxidation in an adult. This is more normal for an adult and is a relaxation pattern.
- Nine anchor patterns. Anchors are mineral levels that do not change or change very little according to certain criteria. They indicate deep healing of the ridges or sulci of the brain. Rapes and beatings that most people experience damage the sulci.
- A large elimination of arsenic. Arsenic is a death mineral. It was often used to poison people in the past. Today the Rogues still use it to poison our food and our entire planet.
4/1/23. A powerful, pleasant and easy way to heal yourself is to do foot reflexology in the shower. It requires no effort, and you can relax at the same time.
Shower massager. If possible, use a shower massager with a powerful pulse spray position. Many shower massagers offer this option.
Sit. You can stand up, but it is better to sit down. Look for a small bench or chair you can bring into the shower even if your shower is very small. I use a plastic chair from Walmart. If your shower is very small, perhaps a child's plastic chair would fit.
The toes. Be sure to run plenty of water on the toes. These contain the reflexes to your brain and spinal cord.
The energy channels or meridians. Be sure to run water on the reflex points for the main energy channels or meridians. The reflexes are in the webbing between your toes and they run back from the toes toward the heels.
The liver meridian reflex. A very important spot is the liver meridian reflex point. It is located in the webbing between the big toe and the second toe.
The energy centers. Be sure to run water on the energy center reflexes. The most important one in many people is the seventh energy center. The reflex point is the tip of the fourth toe (the one next to the smallest toe).
The sixth energy center reflex is at the base of the fourth toe. The fifth, fourth, third, second and first energy center reflex points are behind the sixth on the side of the foot as one moves back toward the heel.
The knees. At the same time that I run water on the toes, I can run the water on my knees. This is also excellent therapy.
In particular, there are two very important reflex points on the inside of each leg just above the knees. If you press on this area, you will often feel them as slightly painful spots.
Genital bath. At the same time as the water runs on the toes, if your shower is small, the water will run on the genitals. This is the genital bath, another very powerful healing procedure. For details, read The Genital Bath. This article recommends using cool water, which is more powerful. However, the procedure works with warm water, as well.
If your genitals are too sensitive to have the water run on them, cover them up with your hands, or with a wash cloth, or by wearing a pair of underpants.
POWERFUL. If you do the above every day, you will definitely heal and develop much faster. For general information, read Reflexology. I will add this post to that article.
3/31/23. This is an addition to the message of March 29, 2023. It concerns visiting holistic physicians and other healing practitioners.
The great majority of these healers are “remedy people”. However, in addition, today there are at least two groups of them.
One group means well and you will get the best they have to offer. Others, however, are malicious. They work with the Rogues and they follow rogue orders. As a result, visiting them is extremely dangerous and hazardous.
If you visit a physician of any kind, we suggest bringing a friend with you who does not let you out of their sight. And if anything does not feel right, be prepared to leave at once. Other articles about this subject are Hospital Horror and Hazards Of Visiting Physicians.
3/30/23. Many people ask me, What percentage of people are helped by the development program? It is not a simple question to answer because the development path is not like other healing methods. The answer is it helps everyone. I will explain:
An unusual feature of the development path is that it is automatic. This means that if you follow it, you will get results. For various reasons, you may not become well all at once, but the program will work.
This is unusual because it is not true of other nutritional and medical healing methods. They are mainly symptomatic corrections that help a certain percentage of people. Physicians know this and can tell people more or less how many are helped by their remedies.
The path of development is an advanced genetic activation. It also includes every level of human functioning – physical, emotional, mental, social, work-related, intellectual and spiritual.
For this reason, it is most accurate to call it a path, not just a program. And because it does all this, it helps everyone.
Case History - AMY. We have many wonderful cases to report and little time to write them up. Here is one in a very brief form:
Amy is 68 years old. She was tired, achy and had numerous other symptoms when she began the development program about six years ago. She just wrote to me: “I am continuing to feel strong … I traveled this year … I am joyous and happy most days.”
Most recent mineral patterns. Amy's new hair tissue mineral retest revealed the following joy/development patterns:
- Settling down. This is when all the first four or second four mineral levels decrease or remain the same.
- Right pivot or right twist. This is a visual pattern in which if you compare the tops of the new and the previous test graphs on an ARL chart, it looks like the graph twists to the right. This pattern indicates an insight and change of mind about oneself and is excellent for healing.
- Nine anchor patterns. This is called the “wise person” pattern. It indicates important healing in the brain with deepening of the ridges or sulci of the brain. The pattern consists of minerals that change little or not at all according to certain criteria.
- All-out or everything coming out. This is present when six or more mineral levels increase, but it does not include zinc and phosphorus. It indicates an important detoxification effort is underway.
- More balanced oxidation rate. The oxidation rate or 'speed' of a person is a very important whole system behavior. When balanced, a person has much more energy and all chemical reactions proceed more normally, so it is an excellent change on this new retest.
3/29/23. I don't enjoy criticizing other healing practitioners. However, be extremely careful about visiting holistic, natural, naturopathic, functional medicine or other physicians or practitioners. We receive feedback about them from our clients and almost all of it is not good, including two people just today.
The problem is that they are what I call “remedy people”. They focus on a symptom or perhaps a test result and they attempt to correct it with one or more remedies. This always tends to unbalance the whole body system. It is completely different from the development program, although it might look similar.
The development program always focuses on the whole system. That is how we are built – ONE WHOLE SYSTEM, not a cholesterol level or a mineral level.
Whole system balancing requires repeat hair tissue mineral testing and balancing the oxidation rate, the sodium/potassium ratio and other tissue ratios. Why this is so, I don't know. It just works.
A life path. The development program is a life path. When one follows it, symptoms and medical tests correct themselves, although it may take some time. The reason for the delay, at times, is that when one focuses on the whole system, the planning souls first correct that which is most out of balance. It is usually something of which one is not aware.
I wish it did not work this way because people become upset when symptoms don't correct quickly or when purification reactions occur. However, in my experience of 42 years in the healing field, the development method is more responsible, more preventive, more predictive and thus much safer and better. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.
3/29/23. I forgot to mention leeks on the list of types of onions. Leek are a member of the onion family and are excellent to eat. Some people ask if one can eat the whole leek. The answer is yes!
3/28/23. Many people do not eat enough onions. We recommend eating at least three kinds of onions with every meal, and eat three meals a day.
Onions are not what they seem. They are one of the most interesting plants on earth! They possess special souls and special chemicals that are healers, builders and detoxifiers all at the same time.
- Builders. Onions contain excellent quality proteins that our bodies require to build new tissue.
- Healers. Onions are balancers. This means that they have the ability to normalize or correct many imbalances in the body. This is due to their content of certain minerals, especially zinc and selenium. Onions are also rich in silicon, another mineral needed for healing.
- Detoxifiers. Onions are high in certain compounds of sulfur, chlorine and boron. These are the cleansing minerals.
Safety of onions. Today, many foods are somewhat contaminated with pesticides, insecticides, and more. An important advantage of onions is that they are usually safe to eat.
Structure of onions. The structure of onions in layers is a protective mechanism. It protects delicate nutrients. Ideally, the layers should be close to each other and tight, somewhat difficult to separate.
Growing onions. Onions are very easy to grow. They need very good soil such as potting soil. They also need plenty of sunshine and water. We recommend that everyone grow some in your garden or in pots.
Types of onions. I will divide these into four groups:
- Shallots are very important to eat every day and preferably some with each meal. They are a little more costly, but well worth the money!
- Small onions are also important to have each day and preferably each meal. These are called boiler onions and pearl onions. They can be white, red or gold in color.
- Regular onions. These are also good to have with each meal and include standard red, white, brown, sweet and vidalia onions. They also include leeks.
- Garlic is also a member of the onion family. However, it is slightly toxic, so only eat about two small cloves per week. Many people overeat on garlic.
Shopping for onions. Look for smaller, firm onions. These are the warmest or most yang in macrobiotic terminology.
Steam or pressure cook all onions. Our bodies cannot extract enough nutrients from raw onions, so it is always best to cook them. Excellent methods are steaming and pressure-cooking.
Problems eating onions. Some people get some intestinal gas from eating onions. This is often due to their sulfur content. The gas is often a detoxification reaction. If you continue eating onions, usually the gas will diminish.
3/27/23. This topic may seem unusual for a health newsletter. However, maintaining a sane and free society is a key to healthy living.
Booker Washington. A fabulous little book is Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington. It is one of the finest books there is, and is essential reading for everyone. The author was born a slave in America at the end of the Civil War. He went on to establish Tuskegee University, a leading college in America.
He wrote that there will always be some discrimination. The best idea is not to limit everyone's freedom. Instead, be a good person and perfect your skills. Then you will be appreciated by good people everywhere.
However, starting with the 13th Amendment after the Civil War, America began passing laws that made discrimination illegal. This may seem like a good idea, but it is not. Here is why:
- Unconstitutional. All anti-discrimination laws violate the American Constitution. This document gives people the right to make their own decisions in their own way. This includes decisions of who to hire in your business or who to accept into a school or college.
Anti-discrimination laws stop this and force people to make decisions based upon race or other superficial qualities such as gender or nation of origin.
- Limiting liberty. Liberty or freedom are basic values of a free society. Anti-discrimination laws limit everyone's freedom in a big way. This is very harmful.
- Impossible to judge. The “crime” of discriminating is a thought crime. Judges and juries have to read a person's mind to tell if one “discriminated” or whether their decision was based upon other factors. This is quite impossible to do. The person may have “discriminated” simply to make the best decision.
For example, if an employer hires a white-skinned person instead of a dark-skinned person, one could say the employer discriminated. However, there could be other reasons for the choice such as job qualifications, experience, personality, manners, or something else. It is impossible to read a person's mind to know the truth.
- Negative social effects. Anti-discrimination laws separate people – labeling them according to superficial qualities that have little to do with their character, integrity or intrinsic worth. This has a a divisive and very damaging effect upon society.
- End of the merit system. The merit system is basic to the success of a society. It simply means that people are allowed to hire others or admit others into their school based upon merit. Anti-discrimination laws prevent this. This is extremely harmful for businesses, educational institutions and more.
- The definition of “discrimination” tends to expand to include other groups, and this has occurred. Now it includes women, homosexuals, Hispanics, transdressers, transgender people, and more. There is no end to this. Maybe next it will include overweight people, short people, people with long noses, and more.
- Anti-discrimination laws easily lead to quotas. A quota law says that one must hire 15% black-skinned people because this is how many blacks there are in society. Or one must hire 50% women because this is now many women there are in society.
Quotas impose further restrictions on everyone's liberty, and further violate basic rights. They also further wreck the merit system of hiring, which is most important for a society to use as a basis for making decisions.
- Negative economic effects. Anti-discrimination laws have a chilling effect on all economic activity. Also, removing the merit system damages production, sales and distribution of all goods and services.
- Turning people into victims. One is not a victim just because one is turned down for a job or one did not get into a college. However, anti-discrimination laws tend to make many people feel like victims. This is a terrible psychological effect of these laws.
- Reducing self-esteem. One should feel good if one is hired for a job or gets into a school based upon merit. However, when one is hired due to an anti-discrimination law, one knows that he or she may not have deserved the job. This lowers self-esteem and is harmful for a person.
- Anti-spiritual effects. Anti-discrimination laws teach lies. At a spiritual level, identifying and judging people by their skin color, sexual orientation, gender or other superficial characteristics is completely false. We are all children of a Creator being and all of us are fully dependent upon that Creator for our lives. That is our true identity.
- Anti-soul. This may sound unusual. However, souls run our bodies and minds. They are learning to make decisions and that learning is important. Anti-discrimination laws take away the ability of the souls to make their own decisions, and this is harmful.
3/26/23. A simple, yet powerful healing procedure is to pull, squeeze, rub, twist, or massage the ears. It works because:
- The ear has a reflex system, somewhat like the feet or the hands. The top of the ear corresponds or reflexes to the head. The bottom of the ear lobe reflexes to the lower body.
- In some ways, the ear lobes are part of the brain. Rubbing or pressing on the ear lobes directly influences the brain.
For us, this is a new research topic. There are websites about ear reflexology and ear acupuncture, but we are not sure they are accurate. For details, read the new article The Ear Healing And Development Procedure.
3/25/23. A few people experience quite unusual pains during the development program. They are all benign and not a cause for concern. However, it is very good to know about them to avoid fear.
All of them are due to rapid healing. We updated and improved the article about them. For details, read Four Pains That May Occur During The Development Program.
3/24/23. Healing takes place in precise stages when one follows the development program. I am told the stages do not occur when one follows other programs. This is why we don't suggest altering your development program unless you send in a question about it.
We know that to say our program is more effective than others may sound extremely arrogant. You will have to decide if it is true.
Occasionally someone complains that the development program is good for some people, but others need a different program. We don't agree. The development program is a life path that will take you where the souls want to go faster than any other program of which we are aware.
It is true that some people have an easier time with our program than with other programs. Other people have more difficulty with the path of development.
This occurs, in part, because some people are already somewhat on the development path. Other people are further away from this path, so the development program seems quite difficult or unusual.
Another reason some have more trouble with the development path is they have physical or mental health conditions that need correcting. As these correct, symptoms arise that can be annoying and/or scary. Let us now discuss the stages of healing.
First stage – assessment. This takes at least one month or somewhat longer. It only occurs if one adds a lot of cooked, preferred vegetables to one's diet.
One must also stop eating most salads, most raw food, fruit, sugars such as honey and maple syrup, most grain foods, and all refined and white flour, white rice, and white table salt. In other words, one must eat properly to get results.
The first healing stage is taking inventory. The Planning Souls conduct an examination to find out what your body needs and how much of each nutrient you need.
This is a very important stage of healing. Many people report feeling better, although usually their symptoms do not go away completely. They just improve to some degree. This is good because it helps a person stay with the development program the development path.
Occasionally, one feels worse at this stage because the old diet was compensating. When this stops, one might feel more tired, depressed, anxious or something else.
Also, a few people go through a purification reaction or healing crisis at this time. This may not feel good and is caused by an increase in adaptive energy due to the new diet. An infection may become acute, for example, and then it is healed. When the reaction is over, however, one is healthier even if one does not realize it.
Second stage – General cleaning. This is a rough clean-up of the body. All the organs, arteries, veins, tissues and especially the brain are cleansed of some toxic metals, some toxic chemicals, and some witchcraft. The latter is important and includes curses, spells and other weapons the group we call the Rogues or the bible calls Satan use to control us.
One must remain on the development program for about two years or longer to complete this stage of healing. It absolutely will not occur if one does not follow the development diet. Do not compromise!
If you cannot tolerate a part of the diet, begin with a very small amount of it and work up slowly to more of it. For example, the blue corn chips are needed, even thought they are a processed food. Some people do not tolerate them at first. Just begin with very little and increase the amount as you can. For more details, read Introduction To The Development Program.
to be continued.
3/23/23. This is a very unusual post. We have reported that our planet has been moving to a different area of space for at least six months. I am told that today we reached a group of beings in space with whom we belong and of which we are a part.
It is an enormous group of fine matter beings, some of whom are small and others who are very large. They include ancient ones spoken of in Greek mythology, the Bible and elsewhere. Future posts will discuss these amazing beings in more detail.
The fine matter beings of earth who can see what is taking place are extremely happy about reconnecting with friends and family. Also, I am told this new situation is assisting the much-needed cleanup of the earth. To read about fine matter beings, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities. To read about the reality of beings who live in outer space, read The Biological Theory Of Creation.
3/22/23. I am told that each person, from the time of birth and for as long as one lives, has a set or group of small creatures around oneself who live with and help you. They call themselves the Amru, a beautiful word in the ancient Ebre language that means the primary ones.
Helpers. The Amru are a type of creature called a helper creature. This means their primary role is to assist another creature, in this case human beings.
Made of fine matter. The Amru are fine matter creatures. This means their bodies are of a much lower density than ours. For this reason, they are very difficult for human beings to see.
Warning of danger is one of the primary jobs and roles of the Amru. Most likely, you have heard them speaking in your ear if you are in danger of if you want to do something that is harmful to yourself.
A special friend. The Amru are your friends at all times and no matter what happens. They never leave, as do some of the Guide Creatures. The Amru stay around even after a giant trauma and help you rebuild and restore yourself.
Suicide. The Amru want everyone to know that suicide is never a good idea. You should never even think about it or consider it, no matter what! It short-circuits a life plan – you – and wrecks everything designed for your life and your experiences.
God. The Amru also want you to know that there is a God and God loves you more than you will ever know. If you think your problem is bigger than God's love and ability to help you heal, you are wrong!
We will be discussing more about God, a large physical being who lives in space and with whom you can speak. If that sounds odd, it is okay. Just keep an open mind.
The development program. This website and the development program can help heal most any problem. That is a broad statement, but fairly true. So get started, particularly with coffee enemas, a very special procedure.
Coffee enemas have a spiritual effects which can lift you above your problems in a beautiful way. Don't be put off that they are a little dirty or smelly. They work well to heal everything in the body.
To repeat, the Amru are special unseen friends. They are loving, sweet creatures that adore you and are here to help you today and forever.
3/21/23. Did you know that there is a mineral which, when you have too much, causes you to want to end your life? It is true. The mineral is a form of rubidium.
The group we call the rogues are busy spreading this mineral, especially in the United States. The goal is to disrupt society as much as possible. For details, read Suicide.
3/20/23. This legislation violates the state and national constitutions and illegally increases government power. It is pure socialism or communism, which are unAmerican doctrines that have been tried many times in history and don't work well.
Violating limitations on government power. America has a legal doctrine called limited government. Most power is retained by the Citizens and only limited power is delegated by the Citizens to the government.
The powers delegated to the government are spelled out in the State Constitution and in Article I, Section 8 of the national Constitution. Feeding children is not on the list of government powers! Therefore, the national Congress and state legislatures do not have the authority to impose this law and tax people to pay for it.
If this new law is okay, why not just give everyone free houses, free cars, and free everything else. That is socialism. It does not work and is pure tyranny and slavery! People become like caged animals – fed and cared for by their government as the government so chooses.
The proper role of government. The proper role of government in America is to protect your rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
There is an important reason for this. In a free society, government must not do anything that people can do for themselves. Putting food in one's mouth one can do oneself. If one does not have food, private charities can help out. Of course, in Minnesota most children have food, so the law is not needed.
Corrupt courts. Sadly, the courts in America are so corrupt today they will likely allow this unconstitutional law to remain.
Other problems with this law. These are:
- The program is not “free food”. That is simply a lie. The program must be paid for and Citizens will be forced to pay for it at gunpoint. This means if you don't want to pay your taxes, you go to jail.
- The program sounds caring and charitable, but that is another lie. Government programs are never charity.
Charity is wonde