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Welcome. This newsletter is unusual. In 2012, a group formed that consists of millions of beings who live on and around planet earth. We were told that we could help the planet and would receive protection if we follow certain rules.

The group has observed that if we follow the rules, we remain safer from a certain group of souls called the troph, the negs, the otros or the rogues. In the Bible, they are called Satan. They cause many problems on earth. For more details, read the Rogues.


THE COVENANT. I am told that these rules, taken together, form a new covenant with the Creator of all life. It is an agreement that applies to all the inhabitants of the earth and the rest of our solar system. The COVENANT is not a religion. It is a set of rules. If the people follow the rules below, they will receive the protection of their Creator.

 1. Obey the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai and the Golden Rule.  The latter can be stated as: Think and behave toward others as you would have them think and behave toward you.

Clarification. The people are to follow these rules strictly.  To clarify, the commandment “Do not to bear false witness” means do not lie or exaggerate.  The commandment “Do not steal” means do not rape. The commandment “Do not commit adultery” means do not have sexual intercourse unless there is a marriage contract. 

2. The people are to learn and behave with the understanding that all beings are loved equally by their Creator.  All beings are also needed, and all beings are to be respected equally.

However, this does not mean to avoid eating meat or vegetables, since these involves killing. Some animals and plants have as their role to be food for others.  Killing them for food and eating them in no way damages the souls inside of them.  In fact, it helps the souls mature.

Also, if a being physically attacks another, it is acceptable only in this instance to kill in self defense.  This applies personally and in a situation of war. 

3. All beings are to develop themselves.  This means to follow a specific program of mainly diet and lifestyle.  This, and this alone, causes the unfolding of the full potential of each being.

The purposes of development are for one’s safety and to fulfill one’s full potential and the full potential of the planets.

The development program.  The development program, as described only on this website and not others at this time, is a rapid method of development.  Those giving this information require this method due to its safety and because it works well and fast.  For more details, see below.

 4. All beings are to seek out, and love, and speak the truth.  The only exception is in rare situations in which speaking truthfully directly endangers one’s life or the life of another.

A very damaging and false teaching on earth at this time is that there is no truth.  This is a pernicious teaching that needs to be exposed and stopped.

The original covenant in the Bible also includes at least three more requirements:

5. Everyone needs to follow the kosher food laws. We like these, but we recommend a few changes and have added to them with the development diet. At this time, we do not believe one needs two sets of dishes for meat and dairy meals or that these two types of foods must be eaten at separate meals. The Bible does not specifically say this. We believe these rules are interpretations that came later. For more details, read The Biblical Food Laws.

6. All male children needed to be circumcised. This is for the protection of women because it reduces rape. It is also for cleanliness to reduce the spread of disease. For details, read Circumcision.

7. All men need to marry. This is for the protection of women. This requirement is now less important because today women can live and work fairly easily on their own.

8. We agree to help rid the entire universe of the plague of the Rogues.


More About Development. Development is a precise process that requires a particular diet and lifestyle, and is greatly aided by taking certain nutritional supplements and doing certain detoxification procedures. We call this the development program on this website.

Following this program only, and no other health program, grows the size and brightness of the energy field of the body and builds excellent health and longevity of the body.

Other healing methods - medical, holistic, naturopathic and others - may alleviate diseases and reduce symptoms. However, they do not cause development to nearly the same degree. For this reason, we recommend them only rarely. Otherwise, they are best avoided altogether. For details about development, read Introduction To Development. For details about the development program, read Introduction To The Development Program.

Those in charge of this newsletter, we are told, are a group of souls who have lived on earth a long time. These souls are now able to make themselves known more directly through this newsletter and website.

The author does his best to relay information from them through this website and newsletter because, at this time, they are not in charge of the mass media or many websites. In fact, this site is one of very few that they control. We hope this will soon change, but we don’t know when that will occur.

Disclaimer. All information on this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition.



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All information in this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

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2/8/23. For the past eight months or so, I am told the earth and the entire solar system are moving “upward” in space. Upward means toward the head of an enormous living fine matter being in space.

Most people cannot see fine matter beings. However, they are real and can live in the cold of outer space. Souls, angels and elves are examples of fine matter beings that are known on earth. For more details, read Bodies – Their Structure and Activities.

Homeward bound. The guidance is that this journey is taking our planet home. Thousands of years ago it was moved to its present location, but it belongs in a different area of space.

You won't become aware of the movement for some time by gazing into space. The reason is the light from the stars in space take years to reach us. Gazing into space we are always viewing the past, not the present.

Faster healing. I am told that as we journey “upward”, the quality of the energy or ether in space is improving. Some fine matter creatures monitor the ether very carefully.

One effect is that those who follow the development program are healing and developing faster. We are noticing this every day as we review hair mineral tests and set up development programs.

A larger group. In addition, in the past two weeks we have found several thousand smaller fine matter beings in space. We have rehabilitated them enough that they are now moving in space with us.

Some of these beings tell us they belong here on earth. We hope that their return will help restore and heal the planet, which needs it very much.

The crown. Very recently, we learned that the real name of our planet is not the earth, but rather the crown. This refers to its proper location and its role.

I am told our planet belongs inside the head of the enormous fine matter being, and that being lives fairly close to where we are in space at this time. The role of our planet has to do with communication and control of the large being.

It is a sacred role that will require that all the people of the earth live a spiritual and healthful lifestyle.


2/7/23. To receive protection from rogue attacks, every adult must use at least four tablespoons of coffee each day. We don't think there are exceptions to this rule. If one is sensitive to coffee, begin with less but work up quickly to four tablespoons per day.

Oral coffee. If one has difficulty with coffee enemas, a partial alternative is the oral coffee hold procedure. One puts some coffee in the mouth and holds it there for 15 minutes. Then spit it out.

This is not a substitute for coffee enemas, but it adds more coffee if one has difficulty with enemas. For details, read the newly updated article, The Oral Coffee Hold.

Children. We don't have enough experience to know if children have the same requirement for coffee enemas as adults. However, they are excellent for children and quite easy to do. The souls of most children we ask would like to do them, although the outer child might object.

We encourage parents to do coffee enemas with their children. Details about coffee enemas for children are in the Coffee Enema article.


2/7/23. An easy way to search this website is to type a keyword or article title into a search engine. Then type / (bold not needed) and hit Enter. Let us know if this does not work well.

The other way to search is to go to the Read Articles page. This page contains links to most articles on the website.


2/7/23. The website had one long article about trance states. We divided it into two articles and updated the articles. They are Trances Used With The Development Program and Harmful Trance States.


2/6/23. Yin disease is the condition in which the body is too cold or yin in macrobiotic terminology. The word yin also means expanded and with subtle energy moving upward.

Western medical care does not use this idea, but it is an extremely important health concern. For this reason, this is a core subject of this newsletter and website.

Excessive yin is known in a number of ancient medical sciences such as acupuncture. However, at times even they do not give it the attention it requires. Correcting it is essential for rapid development.

Most all of the bodies are too cold or yin for a number of reasons. These include being born to mothers with the condition, eating mineral-depleted food, eating junk food, use of medical drugs and vaccines, exposure to ionizing radiation, and exposure to harmful EMFs or electromagnetic fields from computers, cell phones, television sets and other electrical devices.

Bodies that are too yin are weak and prone to many health conditions. Among them are low blood sugar, yeast problems, infections, cancers, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

A very important goal of the development program, but not most other healing programs, is to correct the yin condition of almost everyone today. Even the traditional Oriental sciences of acupuncture and others are not healing this condition very well.

For details, read Yin Disease. This is an older article that has been recently updated. It is a core article that is essential to read in order to understand today's health situation and to appreciate the development program.


2/5/23. Recently, I ate some rice for lunch. It was organically grown and appeared to be excellent basmati rice. However, it caused a headache that lasted all afternoon until I did a strong coffee enema to remove the poison in the rice.

Rice should be an excellent food. However, it picks up arsenic easily. The Rogues poison most rice on earth just as they poison most food to some degree.

This is a thoroughly disgusting aspect of the rogue presence on earth. Steering clear of toxic food, toxic household products, most medical drugs, all vaccines, and toxic nutritional products including most herbs and homeopathy is quite a challenge and a theme of this website.

Protected foods. We can only recommend eating what are called protected foods. These are foods that someone is protecting from poisoning.

They include blue corn chips, sardines, goat milk dairy products, eggs, certain vegetables, some meats such as chicken, turkey and lamb. We only recommend coffee that is non-organic because they poison organically grown coffee.

A section of articles on the Read Articles page called Warnings discusses the dangers of many common products.


2/4/23. The planners. Everyone has a group of souls whose job is to promote and direct healing within the body. They are called the planning souls or the planners.

The planners monitor the body's mineral levels and they know the mineral patterns. The development program is an attempt to help thesesouls to do their job better.

A new person. The planning souls of each person tell us when the person is making very good progress on the development program. They call this condition “a new person”.

In the last few months, for some reason the planners are reporting this situation more often. This is very good!

You may not feel this progress because the healing is often at a deep level. However, in reality health is much better, with less hidden illness such as hidden cancers, and improved digestion, elimination and other body activities. For details, read The Planning Souls.

Seven levels of the program. For the best results, work on all the seven levels of the development program – physical, emotional, ego, social, expression, intellectual and spiritual. Articles about this idea are The 7 Levels Of Life And The Basics Of the 7 System, The Seven Aspects of Following A Path – With A Focus On The Path Of Development, and an older article, The Seven Levels Of Living.


2/4/23. Tubing for enemas can be made of plastic, rubber (latex) or silicone. The standard red enema bags come with plastic tubing that is fine.

Silicone is a slightly sticky-feeling synthetic material. It is somewhat toxic so we would avoid its use.

Latex works fine, but is a little more costly so usually enema kits do not come with it. It is usually a brownish color and very flexible. 1/4” inside diameter latex tubing is sold at hardware stores and websites.

We added a short section to the coffee enema article about tubing, clamps, valves, and filters. For details, read Coffee Enemas.


2/3/23. In the past we recommended butter only for those in fast oxidation. However, butter also helps digestion. Those in slow oxidation can also benefit from a small amount of butter.

The Challenge brand of butter in the United States is a protected product. Other brands, while perhaps superior in some way, often don't test as well.


2/3/23. Blood can reveal many things about the body. However, having reviewed many people's blood tests I have found that for setting up development programs blood tests are rarely needed and often confusing. Reasons for this are:

- False positives. This means a blood test indicates a problem but it is not really a problem. For example, serum cholesterol readings that are elevated are not too important unless the reading is extreme. Another is if a blood test reveals high toxic metals. We know that everyone has too many toxic metals.

- False negatives. This occurs when a blood test indicates normalcy, but this is not really true. This occurs all the time with thyroid tests, liver tests and others. A person can be quite out of balance yet their blood test does not reveal it.

- Bad tests. Some blood tests are not accurate. An example is measuring toxic metals in the blood. Blood is not a good place to measure toxic metals because the body removes toxic metals from the blood rapidly.

- The paradigm problem. This is a more subtle problem with many blood tests. It means that the blood test tends to move a person into the diagnose-and-treat paradigm of healing. I also call this method remedy thinking. It is an older approach to healing that does not work well.

The development program is based upon whole system thinking, which is quite different. For details, read Interpretation Of Medical Tests During The Development Program, Paradigms Of Healing – The Old And The New and Healing Paradigms.


2/2/23. A deep spiritual truth is that one is never really in charge of one's own life. Each of us is always led by a greater force. Also, the brains of most people are quite damaged by the activities of the group we call the rogues.

The deepest solution is to turn one's life over to God. Deciding to do this is a scary proposition, but one that brings great rewards. For details, read the updated article, Becoming God's Slave To Oppose Brainwashing.


2/1/23. We updated the daily development diet to include three olives per week for adults and less for children.

Olives are fruits, and we don't recommend fruit as a general rule. In our experience, fruit is a very cooling or yin food that unbalances the body. It also contains the wrong balance of minerals, in most cases.

Fruit also picks up a lot of toxic potassium from superphosphate fertilizers used on most all fruit. For many more details, read Fruit-Eating – Its Benefits And Problems.

Recommended olives. However, a few properly prepared olives each week is an excellent food.

We only recommend black kalamata olives, preferably packed in red wine vinegar, or black Peruvian botija olives, which are available dried. Preferably mix them, eating one or the other three times a week.

Children need fewer olives, depending upon their weight. For details, read Food For Daily Use – The Diet For Rapid Development.


2/1/23. Prayer is a unique method of thinking that is critical for mental and physical health today. It is also protective and speeds up development.

Pray at least three times daily – when you get up in the morning, during the day, and when you go to bed at night.

Don't limit your prayers and don't pray selfishly, but rather ask for what is best for everyone. For details, we are updating the Prayer article.


1/31/23. We are experimenting using very finely ground coffee for enemas. So far, we think this is a good idea. It saves money and saves coffee because much less is needed.

Most coffee that is sold is not ground as finely as possible. This may be so that people can store it at room temperature. If you grind coffee finely to a powder, be sure to store it in the freezer.

Recommendations at this time:

- If you use the boil or pressure cooking methods to prepare coffee and use coffee ground basically to a powder, you will need only 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of coffee for an enema. If you use a coffee maker to make coffee, you will need about 2 tablespoons of finely ground coffee for an enema.

- You can buy coffee that is already ground and put it through a grinder again to grind it more finely.

- OR buy whole coffee beans and grind them yourself using a home grinder or the finest setting on the supermarket grinder, which is usually labeled “cappuccino”.

- A small home coffee grinder/nut and seed grinder often can grind coffee more finely than the large grinders found in some supermarkets and health food stores.

- If you grind coffee finely, store it in the freezer to prevent oxidation.


1/31/23. We did some experiments with the Cole's brand of trout and decided it is not clean enough to be eaten as part of the development program. We apologize for the previous recommendation in yesterday's newsletter.


1/30/23. Here is a guide to help prepare vegetables properly for cooking:

Slice as thin as you can: ginger, rutabaga, horseradish

Slice thin: daikon, cauliflower greens, golden beets

Slice medium: Brussels sprouts, celery

Cut every 1/2”: carrots. Carrots that are 1/2” thick or less, don't cut at all.

Don't cut any more than needed: onions and shallots (and cut with the natural lines or grain), chives, greens, garlic, leeks and green beans. Broccolini and garlic cook particularly easily and don't need cutting.


1/30/23. Due to attacks from the Rogues, today anyone who is a leader in society needs to do more coffee enemas. Leaders include business owners, parents, teachers, writers, pastors or other spiritual leaders, health practitioners and anyone else who influences others.

For these people, even two enemas per day is not enough to be safe. Leaders need to do at least three enemas daily and use six to twelve tablespoons of coffee daily.

We know this takes time and effort, and we hope this is temporary advice, but this is our experience at this time. A wonderful 'side effect' is that you will develop faster.


1/30/23. We are adding sherring as occasional foods on the development diet. This means you can eat one or two portions per week of one of them.

Herring is a small, tasty and nutritious fish. It can supply many nutrients and it is not too high in mercury.

Herring is also easy to eat because it usually comes properly cooked in a can. It may be available fresh in some locations, but we don't have it here. Canned herring from the supermarket works well.

Especially if you do not eat sardines, please eat some herring once or twice a week because fish is a very nutritious group of foods. Even if you eat sardines, herring is good to occasionally mix into your diet.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend any other fish or seafood at this time due to toxicity with mercury and other toxic metals.


1/29/23. This is an excellent product that will help speed up development. It is a bit costly, but is a very good product.

I am able to buy this product at Sprouts Food Market. It is also sold online at I don't know if they ship it to other nations.


1/29/23. We improved several articles:

- I added hair mineral patterns associated with forgiving parents to the article, Forgiving Parents.

- The Anchors and Pivots article was not quite right and is now better.

- The Biological Concept Of Space And Creation is an important article that is now easier to understand.


1/28/23. A very important spiritual concept and condition is to become and remain empty. The reason is this quality alone allows you to be filled with the holy spirit or with etheric energy that heals the body and mind.

Remaining empty inside needs to be a goal of everyone who embarks on the development program. One can empty out toxic metals, toxic chemicals, toxic emotions, too much ego, toxic social situations, toxic work situations, false ideas and beliefs, and false spiritual teachings.

The opposite. The opposite spiritual situation is to be full. This means “full of oneself” or full of one's thoughts. People who are like this have trouble changing and learning new things.

Interestingly, the word Satan can be translated as meaning full or a fullness. Similar words in our language are sated, satiation and satisfied.

How to empty oneself. The development program assists anyone to be in a more empty condition. For example, one effect of the pulling down procedure is to empty the mind. One can also think about emptying oneself at every level of existence so that one can be filled with something new.


1/28/23. We updated and improved three articles. For details, read Workaholic Pattern, Vaginal Peroxide Implants and Missions of Abraham and Sarah, and Yeshua (Jesus).


1/27/23. One of our clients was doing very well on the development program until she had an expensive food allergy test. The test indicated that she was allergic to the development diet and to coffee.

As a result, she stopped the development program. Now she feels much worse on the diet the test recommended.

We believe the food allergy test was completely inaccurate. It probably labeled anything the woman ate as allergic. Beware of these tests.


1/27/23. At this time, there is a lot of bad food around. 'Bad' can mean:

- it contains a lot of chemicals such as pesticides or other additives.

- the plant or animal the food is from was ill and infected with diseases.

- the food is too old, spoiled or improperly prepared.

In these instances, or just if you are not sure, it is better to throw away such food rather than eat it. For details, read The Food Story. We just updated and improved this article.


1/26/23. Our bodies use certain minerals and chemical compounds for cleansing. Having enough of these is critical for detoxification and for all healing. Here are the most important ones:

Minerals. Sodium and potassium (solvents), sulfur and some phosphorus compounds (fiery and burns things up), iodine (fiery and a powerful disinfectant), chlorine and boron. Oxygen is very important to oxidize and burn up toxins. Zinc and selenium are also cleansing, but at a different level.

Cleansing chemicals the body uses. Water, salt, vinegar, and soap. Yes, the body makes and uses soap. Soap changes fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble ones.

The body also uses detergents (mechanical action), hydrogen peroxide, and chelators. A very important cleansing method the body uses is methyl groups or CH3. These change toxins into forms that are easier to eliminate from the body.

Cleansing foods. These include onions, garlic, ginger, celery and many other cooked vegetables. These are high in sulfur and other minerals that are cleansers.

Meats and eggs are also high in cleansing sulfur compounds.

Cleansing organs. These are the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs and intestines.

Cleansing processes. Making the body warmer or more yang in macrobiotic terms has a subtle, but powerful cleansing effect. There are yin or cold methods of cleansing such as drinking a lot of juices, eating fruit, and 'flushing toxins' with frequent baths. In general, we don't recommend yin methods because they make the body more yin, which weakens and debilitates the body.

Making the body more parasympathetic is required for deep cleansing. Restoring the autonomic nervous system is required for deep cleansing. Moving subtle energy downward has a cleansing effect upon the subtle energy channels of the body.

Cleansing 1-7. Our bodies must cleanse at many levels to achieve and maintain health. These include the physical level, emotional level, ego level, social level, creative and work level, intellectual level and spiritual level.

Cleansing and development. Cleansing or detoxification of the body at deep levels is one of the main requirements for the genetic upgrade process called development on this website. Without it, development is very slow. Lack of cleansers, which is often part of faulty nutrition, is a major reason why most people do not develop much.

Cleansing procedures. All of the development procedures assist with cleansing. They assist the organs of elimination, balance the nervous system, and help with all of the cleansing processes discussed above.

Is it possible to overdo on cleansers? Yes, it is. This is like using too much soap on your body or dishes. One can waste cleansers and they can have toxic effects if the diet is unbalanced. For more details, read Detoxification.


1/26/23. We added a few items to the prayer article. These are 1) proper prayer can protect one from the visits of the rogues, and 2) a very helpful attitude is a prayerful attitude. For details, read Prayer.


1/26/23. I know it is confusing, but we are once again recommending the Pri – New Zealand salt but only occasionally and not for everyday use.


1/25/23. Prayer is the basic way to use your mind in a positive and productive way. It is also important in all religions, but it is far more than this. For details, read Prayer. We are updating and improving this core article.


1/24/23. I am told that today there was progress on earth and around the earth in ending the presence of the group that the Bible calls Satan and on this website is called the rogues. They are a criminal group that controls many people using some old-fashioned methods such as beatings, poisoning and rapes to instill fear.

They mix this with other unusual and high-tech methods. These range from witchcraft to psychotronics, which includes sending people message through cell phones. For details, read Psychotronic Warfare And Radionics and Witchcraft. We updated and improved the Psychotronics article.

I am told this group has been on earth for at least 20,000 years and is responsible for many, if not most problems of our planet. They don't want people to know about them, but it is important to know the truth and the cause of many events on earth.

I am further told that the earth is actually a spiritual or sacred planet, but that the rogues don't like that. They have encouraged a more secular lifestyle and have brought a lot of criminal activity to the planet.

This activity will end if the forces defending the earth continue to succeed in getting rid of the rogue forces. For details, read The Rogues and other articles on the website about them.


1/23/23. Today, burnout is one of the most common and important health conditions. It is the underlying cause of hundreds of common physical and mental conditions. It wrecks and wastes millions of lives all over the world.

However, burnout is not a standard medical diagnosis and very few physicians or others know how to identify it or heal it. We want to correct this situation.

In development science, burnout has a very precise definition. It is the presence of certain mineral patterns seen on mineral analyses of human beings, animals, fine matter beings and soil and leaf tests of plants. These patterns are associated with an exhaustion stage of stress and a lowered level of energy.

For accurate readings, mineral test must be performed properly. For accurate human and animal readings, the hair tissue must not be washed at all at the testing laboratory and the lab must have adequate quality control standards to assure excellent accuracy. Most mineral testing laboratories do not measure minerals accurately enough.

Other ways some define burnout are:

2. The body has seven energy generating system. Burnout is present when the body can only use the first three of these energy systems. For details, read The Energy Conversion Methods And Implications For Diet.

3. Burnout can be a general term used by some researchers and physicians to mean a state of exhaustion of the body.

4. Burnout can refer to a set of symptoms including low blood pressure, weakness, and fatigue that are not relieved by rest and sleep.

5. An older understanding is that burnout is chronic underactivity of the adrenal glands. We wrote that it involves depletion of nutrients required for proper adrenal activity. Also, toxic metals replace some of these nutrients, so that just eating correctly and/or taking supplements are not too effective in reversing the condition.

6. Some use the word burnout to mean certain imbalances in hormone levels as measured in the blood, urine or saliva. We don't use these methods because we don't believe they are as accurate as properly performed and properly interpreted hair mineral testing.

7. Other words. Older terms that some practitioners use that have a similar meaning to adrenal burnout are adrenal insufficiency, adrenal fatigue and adrenal exhaustion.

Correction is possible

Using the development program, burnout can be reversed without taking hormones or anti-depressants, and without chelation therapy. This is important because millions of people today are in burnout. They may visit many physicians looking for answers, often with little success.

The reason for this is that few understand enough about burnout to offer complete correction. For more details, read Burnout. We are currently updating this article. Also read Burnout Patterns On A Hair Mineral Test.


1/22/23. In Hebrew, the word commandment means a signpost. One can view the Ten Commandments given to Moses as signposts that point us in a good direction for living.

The Second Commandment is one of the most interesting and most difficult to follow. It can be summarized as “Have no other gods before me.” This commandment has to do with what one puts first in life.

Our dependence upon the one God. In truth, life is fully dependent upon the loving emanations of a creator being. The second commandment is a reminder of this fact. Because we are fully dependent upon this love, we are to put it first in our lives.

Thy Will be done. Another way to state the second commandment is found in the Lord's Prayer. We are to continuously ask for and put first in our lives the Will of the creator. We are not to put anything above this in priority.

This means that as much as we may want to put our work, our family, our friends, healing the earth, or anything else first in life, the correct way to live is to put the Will of the creator first. Then the rest will fall into place. For details, read the newly revised article, Thy Will Be Done.

The primary relationship. Another way to understand this commandment is that one's relationship with the creator being is always the primary relationship in one's life. If one maintains this relationship properly, all other relationships – to one's family, friends, to the planet, to one's work – will be in integrity and will work out well.

Focus on causes, not effects. Focusing on effects or events will keep you confused and unhappy. Focusing on causes helps understanding and enables one to change outcomes. The second commandment is about focusing on causes.

Lag time. If one follows the second commandment, one may not immediately feel better or prosper. This is because in the physical world, a certain amount of time is required to create a better life. However, this commandment is powerful as a way to live. For a general article about this topic, read the updated article, The Ten Commandments.


1/21/23. Correspondence is a physics principle that means that a part of a body of a larger being relates the same part of the body of a smaller being. It is based upon a similarity in the structure of all things, regardless of their size or scale.

The Greek philosopher, Hermes, is famous for having stated: “As above, so below”. This is another statement of the principle of correspondence.

Use of the principle. The principle of correspondence may not make sense, but it works and works well. For example, in the science of reflexology, one uses a map of the feet and the hands to figure out how to influence parts of the body at a distance.

In reflexology, the arch of the foot corresponds to the spinal column of the body. By rubbing the arch area of each foot, one can affect the health of the spine.

Also in this science, the fingers correspond to the brain. By interlocking the fingers and twisting them, one can influence the brain quite easily and powerfully. For more details, read Reflexology.


1/20/23. The use of daily coffee enemas continues to be extremely helpful for healing and for development. We don't know all the reasons for this.

We do know from experience that coffee in enemas has numerous cleansing and healing effects. It provides nutrients and helps the bodies eliminate many poisons. It also causes faster development, a wonderful and quite amazing genetic activation of the body.

At times, coffee does not come out of the body when one is finished with the enema. This is okay and not a cause for concern. Reasons for it are:

- The body is dehydrated and needs to retain the water from the enema. The way to avoid this problem is to be sure to drink water before the enema so that one is not dehydrated.

- The body may not be finished absorbing and utilizing the coffee. In this case, there may be a delay and then the coffee will be eliminated.

- The body needs the coffee, but not the water. In this case, one may not eliminate the coffee through the rectum. However, usually one will urinate to remove the water and toxins in the coffee.

This is called a kidney expel because toxins in the coffee are eliminated through the kidneys. This situation is fairly common and this is why we bring it to your attention. One reason the body may hold on to the coffee is the coffee provides a lot of protection against infiltration and other problems having to do with the alien group we call the rogues.


1/20/23. A growing problem is that more women are testing positive for pregnancy when they are not pregnant. In these cases, usually physicians tell the woman that she had a miscarriage even if she was unaware of it, and this is why she is not pregnant.

However, there is another more ominous reason for a false positive pregnancy test. The hormone that the test measures (human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG) is not only an indicator for pregnancy. It is also an indicator for cancer. For this reason, if one has a hidden cancer, the test may be positive.

We find that most all adults today have some cancer in the body. This is due to malnutrition, toxicity and other biochemical imbalances. To read more about this common condition, read Cancer And Alternative Therapies. We just updated and improved this article. Also read The Food Story.


1/19/23. Occasionally, a healing reaction is not over in a few hours or a few days. This can occur because significant rebuilding is needed that requires several weeks or even a few months or longer. I have had a few of these involving old ear infections and old lung and bronchial infections.

A mental or emotional healing reaction can also persist for a few weeks or months if a large correction is needed in the brain.

If a healing reaction persists, you can check with me to make sure it is a healing reaction and that it is proceeding well. For details, read Retracing.


1/18/23. I am told that the forces defending the earth have just found several million angels who were imprisoned and hidden deep inside the crust of the earth. They are being freed and rehabilitated.

I am told that angels are very important for the health of our planet. Finding so many of them is very positive for the future of the earth. Please read a new article about them: Angels.


1/17/23. We recently found another brand of sea salt that tests quite well and can be used as an alternative to Hawaiian Bamboo Jade salt and Hain sea salt. It is called PRI New Zealand Sea Salt. Their website is

It is good to have alternative brands of products and to rotate brands of products when possible. This applies to many food products.


1/17/23. There is a lot of misinformation floating around about electric cars. We reorganized and improved an article that explains a lot about them.

This is an important article because cars cost a lot of money and are a major source of pollution. This need not be the case. This article also explains how government regulations get in the way of a good product.

Note: Most government agencies and their thousands of regulations are technically illegal in America. However, the nation has lost its way and the legal profession and courts allow 99% of our laws to be in the form of these illegal regulations. For details, read Electric Cars and The Regulatory State.


1/16/23. Symptoms. Leonard is 40 years old. Several years ago he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The main symptom is an involuntary tremor or shaking of the body. The disease tends to progress and usually takes the person's life. According to medical sources, the cause is unknown.

Other symptoms were fatigue, general hyper-irritabiitly, sensitivity to foods and nutritional supplements, body pain, depression, anxiety, and muscle spasms on the right side of the body.

Our research. We have observed that the tremor that is called Parkinson's disease can be due to excessive toxic minerals in the brain. They include mercury and toxic forms of manganese, aluminum, nickel and lithium.

The development program. Leonard learned about the development program about eight years ago and began it slowly. Over time, he followed it better and better. Within the past few weeks, the shaking symptoms, which had increased, suddenly reduced dramatically and this has continued.

Most recent hair mineral test. This interesting mineral analysis revealed a number of healing patterns:

- All-out or everything coming out. A major pattern is that fourteen minerals increased on this retest. This indicates a significant detoxification effort of the body.

Minerals that increased were calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, chromium, phosphorus, mercury, aluminum, nickel, molybdenum and lithium. Iron, manganese, aluminum, nickel and lithium increased more than the others.

- Other joy or development patterns. This hair chart revealed many other positive patterns that we call the development patterns. To save space, I will just list them.

They were: leaving the cult, double goalpost, out of four lows, coming alive, rapid development, seven anchors, elimination of the 'amigos' – iron, manganese and aluminum, forward flip of the sodium/potassium ratio, and two right pivots or twist patterns.

Discussion. Just before improvement occurred there was a worsening of symptoms. This is common with the development program. In this case, it was due to a more active metabolism with an elimination of toxins from the body.

As the body mobilizes toxic metals and chemicals, they enter the bloodstream and cause a flare-up of symptoms. This phenomenon is known as a purification or healing reaction. It is part of a deeper healing process called retracing. For details, read Retracing And Healing Reactions and Parkinson's Disease.


1/15/23. Following are themes of this newsletter and website. Some of the ideas are not well known, but all are very important. Together they form a context for understanding life and our world. These ideas are:

- Love. We teach that there is a kind of love that is not often discussed which is the radiance of the Creator. This love is an energy that animates and brings about all of creation. It is not a feeling or a preference. For details, read Love As Radiance.

- The body is the temple of the living God. This idea comes from the Bible and is a particular way of viewing our bodies. (see Corinthians 3:16 and 6:19. The idea actually comes from the Old Testament.)

- Souls. Souls are real and are the animating force in all living bodies. They are composed of a spark of life and a number of bodies that surround the spark. The souls are what is most important about a body, not its appearance, race, gender or any other quality.

Our guidance is that there is not one soul per body. Each human body is born with about 100 trillion of them and they operate all body systems.

The concept of souls comes from the Bible. However, it contains few details about them. We contend that the understanding of souls in our religions is not quite correct.

We also teach that all or most all souls are quite damaged. Most are missing some of their bodies and have been tortured by the group we call the rogues. This is the cause of many problems in people and on our planet, in general. For details, read Soul Science and Soul Upgrade.

- Who is God? Part of the understanding of souls is that the one God, or Father, or Radiant One, or Source divided itself into the souls.

- Two types of living matter. Living beings are made of either coarse matter or fine matter. Fine matter is of a much lower density than coarse matter. As a result, most people cannot see it. However, it is real.

Examples of coarse matter bodies are those of human beings and earth animals. Examples of fine matter bodies are souls, elves and angels. For details, read Bodies – Their Structure And Functions.

- The biological concept of creation. This is the idea that outer space is not empty. In truth, it is composed of large and small fine matter beings.

Most people cannot see them because their flesh is of a lower density than ours. However, they are real and they create the stars, the planets and all life upon them. More and more astronomers are coming to believe in this understanding of life and planetary origins. For details, read The Biological Concept Of Creation.

- Earth is a spiritual planet. Life is not mainly physical. We are also mental and spiritual beings. Most people today live a secular life that is fundamentally incorrect. This leads to a multitude of problems. For an introduction to this topic, read The Seven Levels Of Life And IntroductionTo the 7 System.

- The rogues. We contend that yourself, or history or current events unless you realize that there is a 'hidden hand' in the events on earth. It is an alien group that has invaded and thoroughly infiltrated our planet for the past 20,000 years or more. The Bible calls them Satan, but offers few details about them. For details, read The Rogues and other articles about this group on this website.

- Understanding the plight of women. We teach that women are communicators and in order to control our planet the rogues rape and beat all women. Women are not allowed to talk about this and many are not aware of what has been done to them. The men of earth are even less aware of this problem. For details, read Rape and The Rape Planet.

- Development. Most human beings and other living creatures use only about 3% of their DNA. Most of the rest of the DNA, which is arrogantly called “junk DNA”, has to do with a genetic upgrade of the body called development.

This should be common knowledge, but it has not been allowed to be taught widely on earth. As a result, few people know about it. Development requires excellent nutrition and deep detoxification of the body. For details, read Introduction To Development.

- The importance of nutrition. A terrible failing of the medical and even many natural healing professionals is they do not understand or teach the critical importance of proper nutrition.

Many of them also teach faulty nutritional concepts such as recommending salads, fruit and too much raw food. This is an important reason why most people's health is very poor. For details, read The Food Story and Food For Daily Use.

- Toxicity And The Need For Detoxification. All the bodies today contain too many toxic metals and toxic chemicals. This is due to contaminated food, water and air. The bodies are born this way and becomes worse with age.

The use of most medical drugs, vaccines, herbs and other health and consumer products is an important part of the problem. This is the truth about the bodies today. For details, read Everyone Is Toxic And Depleted, Toxic Metals and Chemical Toxicity And Its Correction.

- Down sex. Ordinary sex depletes the body. However, sex can be used in an amazing way for healing, but this knowledge is not widely known. For details, read Down Sex and Down Hugging.


1/14/23. Paul is 36 years old. About ten years ago, he developed brain fog, mental confusion, anger, anxiety, irritability, depression, mind racing, suicidal thoughts, schizophrenia and trouble sleeping. He had such extreme anxiety and fears that he required constant tranquilizer drugs in order to function. He also had joint pain, stomach pain, headaches and fatigue.

The development program. About three years ago Paul found the development program and began it. His diet has never been perfect. However, his diet is much better than before and he takes the supplements and does coffee enemas.

He just reported that he has been reducing his psychiatric medication and now he is off all medication. This was something he had thought was impossible just a few years ago. He says he is much happier and able to handle life much better.

Most recent hair mineral test. Paul's most recent hair mineral test reveals the following joy or development patterns:

- Double full coming alive pattern. Coming alive pattern is present when all four of the first four or second four mineral levels either increase or stay the same. This pattern is very positive and indicates increased vitality and life in the body.

Double coming alive pattern is when the pattern is present on both the first four minerals and the second four minerals on an ARL hair mineral graph. In this case, all four of the first and second four minerals increased. This is sometimes called a full or the most extreme type of coming alive pattern. For details, read Coming Alive. (We improved this article.)

- All-out or everything coming out pattern All-out or everything coming out pattern is present when six or more of most of the mineral levels increase on a retest mineral analysis. On Paul's retest, 14 mineral levels increased.

This indicates a powerful detoxification of the body. Often, when this pattern is present, the body is not only eliminating toxic metals, but also eliminating toxic chemicals including medical drugs.

- Three amigo elimination. This pattern is present when the levels of iron, manganese and aluminum all increase on a retest mineral analysis. This is another excellent joy pattern that often causes one to feel much happier and stronger. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese, Aluminum And Pothers.

- Goalpost pattern. This is primarily a visual pattern in which two or more non-consecutive mineral levels rise at least about 25% on a retest mineral analysis. The appearance of the pattern is similar to the goalposts on an American football field. Hence the name.

In this instance, two sets of non-consecutive minerals increased, which is a double goalpost pattern.

This is another excellent pattern associated with accomplishment. It indicates that one has reached a goal that one set for oneself. This pattern is also called the window pattern. For details, read The Goalpost Pattern.


1/14/23. I am told there is a cleanup of the earth underway at this time. However, don't expect immediate changes because there are layers upon layers of poisons and other problems that need cleaning up on earth.

One of the worst problems is rather unusual. I am told that the earth is full of gold that does not belong here. It belongs mainly on other planets in our solar system.

I am told that gold is not just a mineral. It is an essential balancing substance needed for the health of a planet. However, having a lot of gold that does not belong to our planet actually weakens our planet.

The rogues deliberately brought this incorrect gold to the earth over a period of at least 20,000 years in order to help control events on our planet. Returning this gold to its rightful place is a massive job that will require some years.

Other very serious cleanup needs are the mercury and other toxic metals in the oceans and on the land and electromagnetic pollution from cell phones, cell phone towers, computers, wifi, and other electronic devices. You can help with your prayers for the health and cleanup of our planet!


1/13/23. At this time, some are recommending the use of Lifewave 39X patches. We checked on some people who are using these patches. According to their planning souls, these patches contain cadmium, lead, arsenic and aluminum. They may make one feel better for a while, but they filth up the body terribly. Stay away from these patches.


1/13/23. We recently found that grinding coffee finely to make coffee for enemas works better. Finely ground coffee makes a stronger coffee. A fine grind also releases beneficial chemicals from the coffee that are not released if one uses a coarse ground coffee.

You can either buy coffee that is already finely ground or you can grind it finely yourself. Grinding it yourself using an electric coffee grinder is best, , although it is a little more work.


1/12/23. A few of our clients want to take supplements that we don't recommend. Usually, someone else has recommended them. When they ask us about them, the answer is usually, NO, don't take them.

When I began offering this program, this was somewhat of a mystery to me. The development program does not require most supplements and most of them get in the way of the program. Here are some reasons for this:

- Yin. Most supplements are quite cold or yin in macrobiotic terminology. This is because supplements are often isolated extracts and often are powders. Both these qualities make a substance more yin, compared to foods.

The quality of cold or yin is our enemy because the bodies are already too yin today. Adding more of this energy is harmful, even if the supplement has beneficial effects.

- A focus on diet. We focus a lot on diet and this supplies hundreds of nutrients.

- Whole system focus. Many supplements act as remedies. The development program is not a remedy program, but rather a whole system program. This is a different approach, though it may look similar to other nutrition or healing programs. It is somewhat unusual and requires fewer supplements.

- Transmutation. A whole system aspect is that the development program enhances biological transmutation within the body. As a result, the body produces many chemicals it needs inside the body. As a result, it is less necessary to take substances from outside.

- Parasympathetic. The development program focuses on making the body more parasympathetic. When one does this, digestion improves a lot and one absorbs many more nutrients from one's food. As a result, fewer supplements are needed.

- Downward focus. This is one of the primary directions for healing and developing the body. The diet, supplements, lifestyle and healing procedures we recommend all have this effect. One of the results is it causes deep healing without needing many supplements.

- Genetic therapy. The development program turns on genes that are not normally activated. In this regard, the program is a genetic therapy. This is quite unusual and not easy to see, but it is true.

The result is that the body is able to make many more chemicals that it needs compared to other therapies. This means that fewer chemicals need to be added in the form of supplements. For more details, read Supplement Tips.


1/12/23. The development program often alters blood test results, causing some of them to be out of the normal range. I have observed this many, many times.

This occurs because the program changes body chemistry very rapidly and at deep levels. It is not a problem! However, it causes much confusion and worry by both physicians and our clients.

When clients ask about it, we usually say to wait at least one month and better yet, two months. Then repeat the blood test and often it will become normal on its own. The tests normalize because the shift in body chemistry that caused the abnormal result have been completed.

Different interpretation. The planning souls tell us that blood, urine and other medical tests must be interpreted differently when one is on the development program. Very few physicians of all kinds know how to do this.

The interpretation method they know we call the method for the sick and dying. That way of interpreting blood tests does not apply to those who follow the development program faithfully.


1//11/23. Most people decide to do coffee enemas for basic healing of the body. However, I am told that longer-term use of coffee enemas has the following mental and spiritual effects:

- Helps one develop a kind, smart and mature wisdom.

- Helps one tune in, develop and become close to God.

- Helps promote the healing intent of the body.

- Helps one become a willing person, not a stubborn one.

For more details, read Coffee Enemas.


1/11/23. Dairy products are all quite cold or yin in macrobiotic terminology. To help balance these products, it is helpful to put a little salt on them. Cheese often contains salt, but not yogurt so it is best to add a little before eating it.


1/11/23. An advanced legal concept that many people take for granted, but which is under attack, is the concept of the rule of law. This means rule by a set of written laws that apply to everyone.

Its opposite is an older system called the rule of men. This is basically dictatorship or monarchy in which there are no set laws and the ruler makes the rules as he or she sees fit. They may change from day to day and are totally arbitrary.

The rule of law also involves some other modern legal concepts:

- Due process. This means that if one violates the law, there is a set procedure for handling the situation. For example, in America and many nations, the accused has a right to a speedy trial, has a right to face his accuser, has a right to legal representation, has a right to call witnesses in his defense, is not required to testify against oneself, cannot be tried twice for the same crime, has a right to appeal the court decision to a higher court, is innocent until proven guilty, and has a right to appropriate and not cruel and unusual punishment.

- Subject to judicial review to see if the law is in accordance with a constitution or other higher law. This is a vital legal concept. It is called the doctrine of separation of powers. It means that one branch of the government makes the laws while another set of people reviews the laws. This spreads out government power among more people.

- Subject to review by juries. In America, a jury has the power not only to decide innocence or guilt, but also has the power to nullify or throw out laws they feel are unfair or bad in some other way. This is no longer taught to juries so they rarely nullify laws, but jury nullification is part of the original legal system of the United States.

- Laws should be made by a legislature that is composed of representatives of the people. This is another basic idea of the rule of law in a free society.

These basic legal concepts are no longer true in most nations. For example, in America today 99% of “laws” are just regulations made by 47 government agencies. These agencies were established in the past 100 years or so. They are well-known such as the FDA, FTC, FCC, IRS, and others.

Agency regulations do not fulfill the requirements of laws and in fact violate the Constitution in a number of ways:

- They violate the doctrine of separation of powers.

- They presume guilt until proven innocent

- They need not be in accordance with the Constitution of the United States.

- They are not made by representatives of the people.

- There is inadequate due process if one violates an agency rule.

- The national Congress of the United States does not have the power to regulate to this degree within the 50 American states. The Congress only has this power over the territories and possessions of the United States. The Food And Drug Administration or FDA law, for example, uses deceptive definitions to get around this problem.

Agency rules are really 'decrees', a throwback to the older legal system of the rule of men. A decree cannot easily be challenged and is just the arbitrary rule of men. This is a terrible failing of the legal profession and is due to a corrupt legal system. For details, read a most important article, The Regulatory State.


1/10/23. It is most helpful to learn about the idea of healing intent and how it works in your body. It is a key to understanding the development program and it is a key to survival today. We upgraded and worked a lot on the article on this subject. For details, read Healing Intent.


1/9/23. Blue corn is a very unusual food. It is very rich in certain souls and nutrients needed for development. At this time, we don't have a substitute for it, so we recommend eating some at the end of each meal.

Preparation. This is important. Ideally, the corn should be ground fresh. As soon as it is ground, it should be made into a thin cracker and then quickly fried in oil.

Usually, the oil is sprayed onto the chip, which then goes into an oven for just a minute or two. This quick method of cooking preserves nutrients that otherwise would oxidize and be quickly destroyed by grinding the corn.

Salt. Adding salt to the chips is not necessary for our purposes. A little salt may help digestion, but that is all. So if you want to eat a low-salt or no-salt-added chip that is fine.

The oil. Normally, we don't recommend eating any vegetable oils. However, some is needed to preserve very special nutrients found in blue corn. As long as you eat sardines or take an omega-3 supplement, you will balance out the omega-6 fatty acids in the oil used to make the blue corn chips.

If the chips smell of rancid oil, which occurs if they pass their expiration date, I throw them away or return them to the supermarket if they sell chips that have passed their expiration date.

Summary. Do not fear or shun the lowly blue corn chip. It definitely helps move us along the path of development. Try different brands to find one that is not too greasy or salty. At this time in the United States, we like the Garden Of Eatin' brand No Salt Added chips, and several others.


1/9/23. The pulling down procedure is very important for healing. It is a unique exercise that moves subtle energy properly through the body.

Pull versus push. The procedure can be done two ways – to visualize a push downward from your head or a pull downward from your feet or from below your feet. Both methods are okay and you can combine the two.

However, pulling down from the feet is more powerful. So it is worth using a visualization in which you feel a pull downward from your feet.

'Marlin' problems. Two clients have written that they don't like the 'Marlin' visualization (you are being pulled through the water by a large fighting fish such as a marlin) because they feel the water running the wrong way along their body - from the feet up to the head.

I am able to do this visualization focusing on the fishing line only. However, use a different visualization if you prefer.

Pull with a thin wire or beam. Another aspect of the exercise that increases its power is to pull downward using an extremely thin wire. That is one reason I like the 'Marlin' visualization in which you get tangled up in a very thin fishing line that is being pulled by a large fish.


1/8/23. Love can be thought of as an emotion or an attraction to a person or thing. However, there is also a love that is a radiation, emanation or a brightness that comes from the brain of a person and spreads out all around oneself.

It is not possessive or narrow-minded. Instead, it is a universal giving process. One can say that one's cup runneth over with love and it spills out onto everyone.

It is the ether. Another name for this type of love is the ether. It is an energy that permeates all of space and gives life to trillions of beings on and around our planet and all others.

Your true purpose. A spiritual teaching is that your true purpose in living is to radiate lots of this type of love to everyone around you and to the entire world and beyond.

Happiness. The more you do it, the happier you will become. It is fine to work in an office or work in a store, but in reality your true work is to radiate love into a world that needs it. You can do this from anywhere and at all times.

Broadcasting and the open position. A way to understand this deeply is to understand broadcasting. For details, read Broadcasting and Maturity For Women.

There is also a position of the body that helps one broadcast or radiate more of this love. For details, read The Open Position Procedure.

Healing. This love heals everything. Spreading it is healing and receiving it is healing.

An expression is that only this love heals. All healing methods can be viewed as ways to use radiant love to heal the body and brain.

Love versus fear. Another spiritual teaching is that the world is steeped in fear. The reason is there is not enough of the radiant kind of love.

Receive in order to give. A key to this love is that one needs to receive it from God or the creator in order to give it to others and to the whole world.

Blocks to loving this way. Some people do not love themselves enough so they don't receive enough radiant love from God. Therefore they can't radiate love.

To receive love, do the following: Open your seventh energy center by visualizing it very large. It is funnel-shaped and extends upward from the crown of your head.

Also, do the pulling down procedure each day. This moves subtle energy correctly through your body and causes rapid development. If at first you find it difficult, that is okay. Just keep practicing it and it becomes much easier.

Daily coffee enemas also help one to receive and send out to others radiant love.

Also, let go of all anger and hatred. It serves no good purpose and it stops the radiant love. Read Letting Go.

Also, work on moving your subtle energy in a downward direction all the time – from the head to the feet. This is the proper direction of flow of subtle energy through the body. For details, read Downward-Moving Energy And Healing. The radiant love, however, flows out in all directions from the body.

Love and development. As one heals and develops, one automatically radiates more of this kind of love into the world. It is a wonderful benefit of development. For more details, read Love As Radiance.


1/8/23. Butter is a tasty food. However, I am told that butter is not the best food early in the development program. This is because it is most helpful for advanced development, not early development.

As you develop, a day will come when butter is very necessary. This will require at least 20 years on the development program. Until then, don't eat too much butter. If you want to skip it altogether, that is fine. For details, read Butter.

Other foods used in advanced development. Other foods that are better to eat later in the development program are broccoli and nuts. Nuts are somewhat difficult to digest so it is best to wait, rather than eat them early in the program. This is also why we recommend toasted almond butter – it is easier to digest than whole nuts.


1/7/23. This post begins a series of lessons about the Ten Commandments that were given to Moses, plus one additional commandment needed today. Learning and practicing the Ten Commandments, The Golden Rule and The Law Of Cause And Effect is central for the mental part of the development program.

The First Commandment given to Moses states, “I am the Lord, your God who brought you out of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me”.

Meaning: This commandment introduces us to God and sets things up for the other nine commandments.

The commandment first tells us that God is one, not many. This was a new idea at the time it was given. Most religions of the time such as the Greek religion had many gods – often several dozen up to one hundred of them. So this was a great simplification of religion.

Also, the word Lord means an owner or someone in charge. The commandment then tells us that the one being is the owner of everything or in charge of everything. Again, this was a new idea at a time when other religions had multiple gods who sort of shared control of life on earth.

The words your God are also interesting. They indicate a close personal connection between oneself and the one God.

In other places, the Bible calls God Aba or Father. This is a very personal name and implies that one has a direct personal relationship with God.

This was also a new idea. Other religions required priests through whom one contacted the gods. The Hebrew religion originally did not have a priesthood of this kind. The priesthood, called the Pharisees, arose much later. According to many scholars, the priesthood was an aberration or corruption of the original teaching.

The commandment goes on to say one must not worship other “gods”. This is a large topic that we will address in the next commandment lesson about the second commandment.

We did a major upgrade on the article, The Ten Commandments (plus one more).


1/6/23. Nutritional supplements are a very important part of the modern development program. People are often impressed with how well the nutritional supplements work. The reason has to do with how we use them and how we combine them properly so they don't interfere with each other.

Controversy. The use of nutritional supplements is an area of controversy for several reasons:

1. Physicians are taught that most of them are not needed. This is one of the biggest lies taught to health professionals and to the public, as well.

2. Health practitioners who use supplements generally use them as remedies for symptoms. However, this is not the main way we use them in the development program.

3. There are problems with supplements. We discuss these later in this post.

A toxic and nutritionally depleted planet. The modern development program uses supplements for at least ten reasons. A most important reason is that the nutritional content of all food is low, particularly in certain minerals. Also, we live on a very polluted planet. For details, read Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic.

Faulty agriculture. Another reason is that modern industrial agriculture produces a lot of food, but much of it is somewhat toxic, nutritionally imbalanced and deficient. For details, read The Food Story, Organic Agriculture and Superphosphates.

Compensating for improper diet and faulty living habits. Supplements can help offset the negative effects of a hurried, stressed or otherwise unhealthful lifestyles and improper diets.

Metabolic typing. The development program use supplements to balance the oxidation rate and the sodium/potassium ratio (the metabolic packs, glandular products, zinc and Limcomin). This has to do with a little known, but very important physiological concept called metabolic typing.

Organ and system support. We also use supplements to assist many body organs and activities such as digestion (GB-3), the nervous system (lecithin, calcium, magnesium), circulation, oxygenation and detoxification (TMG, Renamide).

Hormones. Supplements can help normalize hormone levels without the need to use drugs or hormone replacement therapy (adrenal and thyroid glandular products).

Parasympathetic. For details, read Balancing The Autonomic Nervous System.

Improve energy production. Supplements can also help activate a higher level energy production system. For details, read The body's Seven Energy Systems and Restoring The Body's Energy.

Breaking mineral patterns. Supplements can help break through certain mineral patterns that arise during the development program. Nutritional deficiencies, traumas and other factors reduce the body's ability to break through some patterns such as four lows.

Trauma release. Supplements can help release and undo physical, emotional and mental traumas. For details, read Trauma Release.

Cognitive activity. Supplements are excellent to assist mental functioning. This helps everything else.

The energy centers. Supplements can help open and heal the seven physical energy centers of the body. For details, read The Energy Centers and Raising Girls.

The dantiens. Supplements can improve the speed and other qualities of the spin of the three subtle energy centers called the dantiens. For details, read The Dantiens.

Improve all the movements of development science. For example, the development program also uses supplements to help move subtle energy downward through the body (many of the supplements we use do this). For details about this vital concept, read Downward Motion Of Energy And Healing and for all the movements, read The Seven Movements Of Development Science.

Transmutation. Supplements can allow and promote biological transmutation of the elements. Transmutation is another poorly known but very important nutritional concept. All living bodies transmute elements. For details, read Biological Transmutation Of The Elements.

Warmer. We also are careful to use supplements to make the body warmer or more yang in macrobiotic terminology. This is another little known but extremely important physics and physiology concept. For details, read Yin And Yang Healing.

Altering the stage of stress. This is another poor known physiological principle that is part of the stress theory of disease proposed by Hans Selye, MD. For details, read The Stress Theory of Disease.

Channel therapy. Supplements can help open and heal thousands of tiny energy channels that run vertically through the body. These are sometimes called the energy meridians. Kelp is one of these supplements. For details, read Channel Therapy.

Retracing. At times, supplements are also helpful, at times, to move easily through a purification reaction, also called retracing.

Development. We also use certain supplements to promote development. This is a deep healing process involving activation of certain genes that usually remain dormant. The concept is not well known, but is very powerful and wonderful. For details, read Introduction To Development.

Problems with supplements. The development program also takes into account a number of problems with supplements. These are their yin quality, toxicity in some cases, a tendency to interfere with each other, harmful effects upon digestion, stress on organs such as the liver, kidneys and lymph system, their cost, and convenience.

For this reason, it is just as important NOT to take most nutritional supplements. Also important is to retest the hair tissue minerals every six months or occasionally more often to keep the program correct.

By using and combining supplements this way, they are a powerful method to move the body toward better health. The website has a number of articles about supplements such as Why Use Supplements? and Supplement Tips.


1/5/23. We have been researching how much coffee is acceptable to use each day for enemas so that one does not become toxic with coffee. It is still a research project because it is a subtle issue.

At this time we recommend a maximum of eight tablespoons of coffee daily in coffee enemas. We don't recommend drinking any coffee, although drinking one cup of coffee daily is acceptable.


1/5/23. I am told that at about 1 AM on January 5, 2023 the earth entered a somewhat safer area of space. I hope this is correct.

It sounds very unusual but I am told that outer space is actually a huge fine matter being within whom we live. He or She is our creator. For details, read The Biological Concept Of Creation and Outer Space.

I am also told that the earth has been moving “upward” through this being (toward the head) for the past few months and that this is where we belong.

I am also told that this knowledge about space has been carefully kept from us because it is very positive and would help us to know that all is well with our planet.


1/4/23. We corrected and updated the basic article about the development or joy patterns that are revealed on hair tissue mineral tests.

A core article. When one follows a properly designed development program, the hair mineral biopsy reveals numerous patterns that indicate different types of progress in one's healing and development. It is a fascinating and remarkable use of the mineral analysis.

Some of the patterns are simple and easy to identify. Others are more complex. Study of the development patterns is very worthwhile. For details, read The Development Or Joy Patterns.


1/3/22. A group of fine matter creatures called the mothers and the fathers has been found on earth. They have a human-looking shape but are only between one and two feet tall. Thousands of them exist, but only about 600 have been found.

They say they help run our planet, including helping to coordinate the movement of the earth through space. They also help regulate the force of gravity on our planet.

About fine matter. Fine matter is a type of flesh that weighs much less than our bodies. Our bodies are made of coarse matter. Fine matter is very difficult to see because the flesh is of a very low density. Examples of well known fine matter creatures are souls, elves and angels.

A spiritual planet. The mothers and fathers say that the earth is supposed to be a holy place. This means that the human beings and animals on the planet are supposed to communicate easily with higher levels of creation. The human beings on earth are supposed to send and receive messages from these high levels and pass them on to others in our universe.

To do this work requires a very healthy body. They say that, sadly, all the human bodies they have observed are quite sick. This is due to a medical and even natural healing professions that are of poor quality.

They very much like the development program as a means to regain and maintain health. They say this program will be a key to restoring the true purpose of our planet. For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.


1/3/23. A large group of extremely high-tech alien beings have been infiltrating America and other nations for a number of years. They look perfectly human and speak perfect English or other languages.

They often, but not always, have an Oriental or Chinese look. However, most of them are not from the nation of China. They use the people of China, who hate them just as much as do others.

You may see them on the streets. In Europe, they began in Italy about ten years ago. They all have fake names and fake identities. They are very skilled at infiltrating our societies.

They often look normal, but they are total criminals and thugs. They lie, they steal, they murder and they rape. Do not talk to them! They are infiltrating and taking over hospitals, colleges, education systems, the police, judges, the mass media, businesses, the government and more.

Their weapons are very advanced, so fighting them is not easy. Their presence is becoming more obvious and I am told some action is being taken to stop them.


1/3/23. We shortened, improved and reorganized one of the core articles and themes of this website. For details, read Introduction To Development.


1/2/23. The thoroughly disgusting war in Ukraine continues into its 12th month. It is a very serious problem on earth and it is receiving much too little attention.

Mr. Putin is slowly destroying Ukraine. He is moving slowly because he knows that if he moves fast other nations will become more upset and may oppose him more.

However, he is every bit as evil as Adolf Hitler or Mao Tse Tung! He has big plans and lots of Rogue help.

Requires a strong response. Russia is a powerful nation. Stopping the Russian attack requires that the United States, another powerful nation, intervene very forcefully. My guidance is that the failure of the United States to do this is shameful and a failure of this nation.

American and British behavior thoroughly disgusting. America, Great Britain and Russia signed a treaty with Ukraine called the Budapest Memorandum On Security Assurances For Ukraine (1994). It promised military protection for Ukraine. In return, Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons.

The treasonous and illegal American president, Mr. Biden, is a Russian sympathizer. He brings great shame on America by not honoring the Budapest Memorandum.

Some Republicans in the US Congress also don't want to support Ukraine. They are equally shameful! In fact, the United States army should be in Ukraine and should wage a full scale war with Russia, if needed, to stop the conflict. Mr. Putin has forces all over the world to escalate the conflict and this is his intent.

Please write, call or email your representatives in America and Great Britain urging them to stop the Ukraine war, and keep doing it until it is done.


1/2/23. I corrected the message from yesterday about a more intense coffee enema procedure. The correction is that the clients do use more coffee with the more intense coffee enema procedure. I rewrote the message below with the correction.


1/1/23. A few of our clients report that they feel better and develop faster when they do more coffee enemas each day, up to eight per day. Here are details:

- They use more coffee – up to about 10 tablespoons if you boil or pressure cook the coffee and up to 15 or so if you use a coffee maker.

- They spread out the coffee enemas all day. Obviously, one must be at home all day to do this.

- They use about 1.5 or 1.6 tablespoon of coffee in each enema a they pressure cook it. Often they make coffee once a day to save time.

- They may do two enemas back-to-back enemas at around 6:30 AM. After breakfast, they do two more at 10 AM. Then they eat an early lunch at about 11:30 AM. Then they do two more back-to-back enemas at about 2:00 PM and two more at about 5:30 PM before eating supper.

- They report that they cook lots of vegetables once or perhaps twice daily and eat about 2 cups of them at each meal.

- Advantages the clients report are more opportunity to do the pulling down procedure, faster development, more physical healing, more rest since one lies down for the enemas, and they say it is a more spiritual lifestyle.

- Also, women feel much safer from rapes by Rogue men because they stay full of coffee all day. Coffee enemas protect women from rapes, but one must do at least two per day if one uses two tablespoons of coffee per enema or more enemas if one uses less coffee per enema.


1/1/23. We posted a new article. For details, read Prejudice Or Bigotry.


1/1/23. This newsletter usually does not give investment advice. However, the price of gold has risen about $150. per ounce over the past few weeks and I am told it will go higher. So it may be a good time to buy some.

I am told that gold is not just a metal. It is a spiritual principle that acts as a type of accounting system. It reflects the performance of the governments of the earth. Recently, the major governments have been spending loads of money that they don't have, and this should cause a higher gold price.

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